Cross-roller rotation bearing that has rotation precision of 5㎛(outer rim) 3㎛(inner rim), endurance time with more than one million rotations, and diameter of 150nm and 250nm

Technology overview: Heavy-duty cross-roller rotation bearings are mainly composed of outer rim, inner rim, roller, retainer and seal. Outer rim and inner rim are made with bearing steel (SUJ2) with high abrasion resistance and rigidity. Since rotation is conducted by roller as a medium, low friction resistance, stable rotary motion and high rotation precision can be realized. For smooth circulation of roller, skew (misalignment of roller) is prevented by space retainer, and side seal is attached in order to block penetration of external, foreign substances. The developed product selects a structure equipped with space retainer, which reduces noises in rotary movement and enables precise rotation.

Industrialization: There has been dramatic increase of demand in the field of machine tool and industrial automation such as turning joint area of robot, rotation table in machining center, precision rotation stage, and medical equipment. In addition, the export to Southeast Asia, Europe and the USA is expected to grow. Therefore, more investments need to be recruited to maximize production and train technicians, thereby improving competitiveness through high-quality, rapid delivery, and cost reduction.

Problem-solving in industrialization: Domestic production of heavyweight cross roller circular bearing is still in early stage, and in fact, products made by Japan THK have dominated the Korean market. Technology in cross roller guide by MID, which can be considered as directly related technology, is the most advanced in Korea, and development of gonio cross roller guide was completed as the first in Korea and is now being marketed. Currently, MID mostly manufactures precision guide; however, endurance time and productivity have been improved to be competitive against advanced, foreign companies. In addition, test equipment for self-evaluation of durability have been established, authorized by national certification organization. Based on this, industrialization has become successful through mass- production.


Technology developer: MID / +82-31-998-9581 / | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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