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Industrial Package Freezers KOREA Co., Ltd. is a company that is actively engaged in the field of industrial refrigerator. Now two models – MC-500R and MC-500F − are expected to lead the company’s overseas drive for advancing into potential markets. The MC-500 shows its superior capability in terms of energy-saving, eco-friendly, and safety. It reduces the overall power consumption of the cooling facility, saving up to 30 percent of the electricity bill compared to the Freon system. By reducing the refrigerant charge by 85 percent (0.5kg/1kW) compared to other existing products, the risk of leakage of the refrigerant is greatly reduced, thus ensuring safe operation.
And in a situation where regulation of Freon refrigerant is accelerating, the MC-500 is a 100% guaranteed solution for future use in the context of natural refrigerant ammonia and CO2.
Established in 1973, MYCOM KOREA is one of local branches of MAYEKAWA MFG Co., Ltd., and manages an independent manufacturing line. It is in the total engineering area for thermal energy as industrial refrigerator and cooler manufacturing, consulting, system design, construction and engineering.

Since its founding, MYCOM KOREA has researched not only industrial refrigeration, food, and chemical fields, but also cryogenics fields like superconductivity cable cooling equipment, fusion reactor cooler, energy saving by using high efficiency system, global warming preventing technology by natural refrigerant cooling system, and so forth, with the pride of a leading company in the industrial refrigerator area, and expanding in both domestic and global markets.
MAYEKAWA MFG Co., Ltd., which was established in 1924, began as a manufacturer of industrial refrigerators and grew to become a total engineering company today by expanding the business areas broadly into a diverse range of fields. Currently, MAYEKAWA provides its products and technics with three shops for compressor units and mechanical, a robot manufacturing line, and 70 branches in Japan, plus 90 branches in 35 nations worldwide.
To grow a company sustainably, social responsibility is the most important. MYCOM Korea seeks to recruit talented workers by providing scholarships at universities in Korea, and supports research on refrigeration technology as a leading member of the International Institute of Refrigeration and SAREK. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Automatic Machine for Checking the Weight of Packaged Commodities[INQ. NO. 1705M14] Founded in 1989, Fine Mechatronics now owns the largest share in Korea in the measuring and weighing automation field, especially weight automatic check weigher, metal detector, indicator field based on its excellent technology and field experiences and is favored by consumers and dealers for its outstanding after service.
A checkweigher is an automatic machine for checking the weight of packaged commodities. A 10-inch color TFT LCD touch controller is attached. Automatic speed change depending on the size of production can monitor real-time using smartphone application. The current target markets for the company include China, the United States, Turkey, Russia, India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia, Western Europe, Northern Africa, Canada, etc. For this year’s participation in overseas fairs, Fine Mechatronics sets its goal of attracting customers, maintaining links with customers, and acquiring agents. Annually, the company accomplishes income of US$10 million. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

One Stop Solution of Digital Printing in Signage, Textile and Package industry

[INQ. NO. 1608M18] VALLOY Inc. is Korean company established in July, 2004. The company has founded by internaotinal marketing professionals and digital imaging professionals who have tens-of-year experience in development and marketing for digital
software, imaging devices, inkjetting middle ware and assemblies, next dimension of light source in Visual Industry.
VALLOY aims to provide innovative and remarkable things in Visual industry. What VALLOY provides should be the most user-friendly and acceptable product and solution, breathing together with their customers. VALLOY helps their customer and their customer’s customer use the most advanced technology in the easiest and the most cost-effective way.
Untitled-58.jpgVALLOY will provide most demanding products in the market based on in-depth market research that they are conducting in the worldwide market through the vast network of experienced and prestigious partners, to grow together with their customers.
At first, VALLOY supplies one-stop total solution in Digital Printing market. There’re 4 kinds of digital printing solutions for each industry – digital signage printing, digital textile printing, digital package printing, and digital industrial printing. TOPAZ Signage solution suite includes TOPAZ RIP software which is nominated as world top 10 rip software, and inkjet media and signage ink.
And TOPAZ Textile solution suite includes disperse dye ink, transfer paper and TOPAZ heat press cylinder machines for traditional dye-sublimation, and new innovative textile ink (UDS ink) to directly print on uncoated natural/blended textiles like cotton, silk and linen. VALLOY has also TOPAZET textile printer and TEXCOOKER fixation units.
In digital package printing market, VALLOY has ANYTRON label printing & finishing solution, including NEW ANY002 printer, DUOBLADE digital knife die-cutter and ANYCUT CO2 laser die-cutter. They also have innovative UV inkjet narrow web printer – TOPAZET UV 13R for flexible package printing as well as label printing.
With utilizing their inherent unique technologies covering software, firmware, hardware, mechanics and electronics, VALLOY can provide adequate customized digital printing solution for different industries, like printed electronics, enzyme printing, specially thick fluid printing, industrial decoration substrates with semi-3D texture and etc.
“VALLOY adds fuel for the continued evolution in the ever-changing wide-format inkjet industry”

The Latest Products to Hit the Market 

TOPAZET 6045F and 6090H are all in one printing, which includes UV color and white, varnish and primer, embossingprinting with special solid UV link. Highquality printing is possible with precise media height sensor and printing table is driven by industrial ball screw axis to minimize media turbulence.
They feature incredible solid printing with industrial embed system using EPSON or RICOH
head. Varnish ink is available for both models with flexible LED UV ink, which is optimized for flexible substrates like synthetic leather. Two-layer or three-layer simultaneous printing is available for high speed and accuracy. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Disinfecting Sanitizer Dispenser

For door knobs/handles, elevator buttons, etc.

[INQ. NO. 2112M17] KHY Global’s TOUCH CLEAN is a disinfecting sanitizer dispenser for surfaces. It sprays nano particles of disinfectant sanitizer on door handles/elevator buttons/or any other surface, according to where it is installed.
Common hand sanitizer dispensers on the markets are for disinfection only at the entrances of buildings (to ensure visitors get their hands sanitized before entering the building)
However, no matter how well one keeps one’s hands clean, touching an object that has been touched by an infected person can expose one to a high possibility of getting infected (which is known as cross-infection)
Therefore, by first sanitizing/disinfecting such objects can reduce the chances of cross-infection dramatically.

Disinfecting Sanitizer Dispenser

The features of TOUCH CLEAN are: wireless (lithium battery installed); est. 900 times dispensing with single refill of only 60ml (2.03 oz); more than 300 hours stand-by mode when fully charged; three-step dispensing (1.2 / 2.2 / 3.2 seconds dispensing); IR sensor; nano size particle dispensing (the object does not get wet/moisturized); FCC and CE certified; made in Korea; and one-year warranty.
The product includes the main device, an adjustable angle holder/cradle, USB cable, liquid supplying bottle, and manual.

Disinfecting Sanitizer Dispenser

Depending on the order size, the company can customize the logo, manual and package (PB/Private Brand is possible).
As the company’s product is something new on the market, various buyers have purchased the product and the company is in discussion with various interested parties, such as PPE distributors, medical device distributors, promotional items distributors, digital door lock companies, safe related product distributors, hotel supply item distributors, etc.

Disinfecting Sanitizer Dispenser

If a buyer would like to have a video meeting, the company’s sales representatives can demonstrate the product and show its facilities. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Car Wash Bucket Kit

[INQ. NO. 2112M07] Since its establishment in 1993, BIOLIGHT Co., Ltd. has been producing and selling items and light bulbs used for vehicles, and strives to provide pleasant and comfortable driving conditions for drivers.
BIOLIGHT has recently launched BUTONE, a car wash bucket kit. With one BUTONE bucket package, you can completely wash and polish your car with ease. You need not even purchase additional items, as the package comes with a car wash shampoo, an iron remover, an all-purpose cleaner, a glass cleaner, a quick detailer and towels in four types.

Car Wash Bucket Kit

This product helps you to completely wash your car with convenience as it perfectly takes care of customers’ needs. It is thus a perfect item for those who wash their cars for the first time, and those who wash their vehicles regularly.
Meaning ‘luxury blue light,’ BUTONE expresses fancy images to target the younger generation. Along with the eye-catching design, the car shampoo that hands come into contact with uses ph7 neutrality for users’ safety.
As the quick detailer contains 10% more Sio2 (silicon dioxide) compared with competitors’ products, the luster lasts for about a month with just a single spraying. And the glass cleaner is very useful to secure a clear view when it rains as it helps you clean the glass perfectly and make it water-repellent. As it dries out within 30 seconds after being sprayed, it does not leave stains and keeps the surface of the glass clear.

Car Wash Bucket Kit

The streak-free, incredible gloss, quick detailer is guaranteed to outshine the competition providing high gloss and deep shine.
Since its establishment in 1993, BIOLIGHT has been manufacturing and selling automobile headlight bulbs. The company is mainly supplying halogen, HID, LED, and general bulbs. Since the establishment of halogen and LED production lines, all the bulbs are manufactured domestically. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Smart EV

[INQ. NO. 2102M25] The nation’s only two-seater mini electric vehicle EV Z by Semisysco Co., Ltd. features a light and rigid body structure with smart design.
With such features, the EV is capable of safety and performance while providing a unique sensation that drivers have never experienced before.
The EV Z allows no restriction of driving both on highways and motorways. The driver-friendly charging options – fast and slow charging, home charging – and compact size, make it possible for drivers to easily and conveniently charge and park.
The owner of EV Z can receive various kinds of premium cutting-edge safety devices and convenience functions such as the new concept of digital key suitable for the ‘untact’ era, smart airbag, rear safety system, TPMS, ESC, ABS, etc., – along with maintenance benefits as a compact car and an EV.
The EV Z deserves to be considered the standard of mini EVs in Korea by delivering customer satisfaction beyond expectations – based on the capability it performs.

Smart EV

Micro-Electric Cargo Truck (D2C)
Semisysco’s latest micro electric cargo truck called D2C is recognized as one of the most reliable business partners – especially among those who seek to start a package delivery business.
As a front-runner of eco-friendly electric cargo trucks in urban areas, the D2C is a source of new engines optimized for SMEs – with the help of its unrivaled performance and superior practicality.
The D2C performs the best-in-class mileage of up to 107km with only one charging needed. This EV, having 100kg of large loading capacity, can deliver almost any necessities, and approach any destination the driver wants to deliver and access, respectively.
This deserves to be accepted as the most attractive microelectric cargo truck in the nation, considering that it is equipped with various types of advanced digital technologies – from heating and cooling air conditioning system, to rigid and unshakable monocoque body, HAC (Hill-start Assist Control), and rear detection camera.
Thus, the D2C is a smart, eco-friendly delivery solution that ensures four major factors – that potential new delivery business startups prefer – such as affordability, convenience, safety, and eco-friendly.

Smart EV | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Inspection Systems[INQ. NO. 2004M05] INSPECSEAL is a seal inspection system for seal integrity testing and seal-quality analysis. COUNTEC has introduced INSPECSEAL that inspects and analyzes container or package seals using a non-destructive/non-invasive method of thermal vision system. It is the most advanced container seal inspection technology in the world today.
A thermal imaging scan analysis of the seal area through the cap can be produced instantly, detecting common seal defects including underheated or overheated seals, incomplete and missing seals immediately after the package has been sealed by means of a cooled thermal imaging camera. With no effects on the quality of products, it can be added to or integrated with the current packaging lines.
COVISS is a tablet/capsule vision inspection system that has been developed for higher regulatory standards of the user’s vision inspection needs. COVISS detects major defects in the products including broken, dented capsules, or black spots in soft capsules on a tablet counter while they are moving on the vibratory trays.
Upon detection, the bottle containing any defective product is removed from the conveyor belt.
With a surprisingly easy setup method and its ability to integrate into the existing tablet counter of any brand, COVISS is an essential inspection system for all tablet/capsule packaging operations.
COUNTEC is a world-class packaging machine manufacturer offering a wide range of tablet counting, bottle packaging, and inspection solutions for global pharmaceutical companies. COUNTEC was among the first companies in the world to introduce electronic tablet counting solutions. At the innovation center, the company encourages engineers to push the boundaries of current technologies beyond the limits. COUNTEC grows together with customers by constantly delivering superior value. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Fuel Cell Analysis System[INQ. NO. 2004M01] Fuel cell analysis system is a comprehensive system aimed to evaluate power generation capability of PEFC and DMFC.
The system can comprehensively control software for the purpose of measuring various electric properties ranging from automatic measurement of electric currents and electric potential – and analysis of alternating current impedance to measurement of resistance, in addition to gas supply, humidification, moisturization, heat, separation of gas from liquid, and backing pressure.
Moreover, measurement of alternating current impedance through the use of FRA automatically analyzes equivalent circuits with high credibility.
The system is an evaluator used in conducting element analysis on electrolytes, catalysts, electrodes and divider plates, and developing fuel cell modules.
At the time of development of fuel cells, emphasis was placed on a technology aimed to evaluate properties, but it was developed to analyze the power-generation characteristics of PEFC or direct methanol fuel cells.
The system is a hardware-software package that integrates capabilities of controlling flow of fuel gas, temperature, humidity and pressure and measuring electric properties, which includes an analyzer required to evaluate power generation characteristics of fuel cells and an alternating current impedance gauge.
The system can control and measure the power-generation characteristics of fuel gas simultaneously and consecutively, as well as regulating supply, temperature, humidification and pressure of fuel gas and conduct measurement of properties of electric currents and voltage with regard to a certain rate of fuel use and internal resistance based on a current breaker.
In addition, it is possible to conduct automatic testing according to pre-designated sequence. It is also possible to evaluate deterioration of fuel cells, and high measurement accuracy and reenactment have been acquired with regard to measurement of internal resistance. In particular, the company offers accurate measurement of alternating current impedance. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Induction Cap Sealer for Packaging[INQ. NO. 1912M01] Trueseal Corporation is a leading manufacturer of induction cap sealers for packaging using a high-frequency induction heating method. Before the company developed induction cap sealers, Korea had to import them from abroad. The company is supplying water-cooled and air-cooled automatic equipment to leading companies in the fields of food, milk, cosmetics, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil refining and packaging.
Trueseal has developed customized equipment for Korea’s production environment that focuses on small quantity production of many kinds and is continuously developing products to reduce users’ costs by minimizing the number of equipment types.
Trueseal produces, supplies and takes care of production facilities for customers so that they can use them in producing a wide array of products such as induction cap sealers for cups and yogurt bottles, in addition to general containers.
The induction cap sealer attaches aluminum foil on containers through high frequency induction heating. After sealing, the contents are completely sealed against contamination from the external environment, thus extending the safety and preservation of the product.
The product can be applied to all kinds of products packaged in containers. In particular, it is applied to products where it is necessary to prevent leakage of their contents and the dehumidification of pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, cosmetics, oil, etc.
The induction cap sealer is compact, so it can be installed on a narrow production line. Its simple method of use allows anyone to use it.
In particular, its sealing method is non-contact and does not require any structural change in existing production lines. Regardless of various cap sizes (5mm-150mm), only one sealing head can be used to seal products.
Trueseal’s main products include Passive Model OSTS1000, Automatic Water Cooled Model OSTS3000W, Automatic Air-Cooled Model OSTS3000A, and Induction No Cap Sealer Model TOD-1000CLM, among others. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Wing Vans[INQ. NO. 1911M27] Logistics acts as a key industry in each country and region like a blood vessel that supplies the human body with oxygen and blood.
A logistics innovation solution developed by Hansung Special Equipment is wing-body trucks (wing vans).
There are three types of wing-body trucks — general dry wing vans, insulated wing vans and soft top wing vans. The three types maximize logistics efficiency by dramatically reducing cargo loading and unloading time. A cut in cargo loading and unloading time from general delivery volume to vegetables, frozen & cold items allows each logistics company to maximize the turnover rate of transportation trucks.
In addition, the Korean-Type Soft Top Wing Van developed by Hansung Special Equipment in co-operation with Europe uses loading and unloading space as efficiently as possible and lowered the weight of its body, thereby maximizing its payload and pruning fuel costs.
In addition, a rapid freezing solution developed by Hansung Special Equipment maintains minus 25 degrees C temerature within two hours as an optimized frozen solution for Korea and other regions, and in particular, Southeast Asia.
Hansung Special Equipment’s wing van which has dramatically lowered logistics loading and unloading and maintenance costs, and the Cold Chain Optimization Solution through quick freezing technology create value optimized for the domestic and overseas logistics markets.
Hansung Special Equipment has built a good reputation in the specialty vehicle industry over a period of 20 years while maximizing customer satisfaction by manufacturing various special vehicles.
By operating three plants, the company offers a wide range of products including variable shafts, wing bodies, small package delivery trucks and trailers, and are expanding sales in overseas markets such as Vietnam and Japan. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods