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UV Printing Machine[INQ. NO. 2009M04] The UV printing machine (model: UVP-120), manufactured by Changsung Softgel System Ltd., provides 120,000 capsule printing per hour. This printer can be used whether the capsule is dry or not.
This printer can print out without restriction by the size and shape of its capsule without additional tools or zig changes. It can print out any movable types or logos.
Since it does not use ink containing raw animal by-products, it is suitable for customers who do not use such ingredients for moral or religious reasons.
Since its foundation in 1972, Changsung Softgel System Ltd. has been the No. 1 manufacturer and supplier of softgel manufacturing machines in Korea, and globally as well, continuously bringing innovative solutions to the market.

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GRAVURE Printing Machines[INQ. NO. 1910M36] The Gravure Printing Machine (REX) series from S.O.P Co., Ltd. is a machine for the packaging industry. It prints daily necessities and electronic products by printing letters on OPP, PET, nylon, Al, paper, etc.
S.O.P manufactures the coating machine MAK Series, the dry laminating machine BON Series and the extrusion laminating machine MOL series, all of which are post-processing equipment and the slitter laminating machine SL Series apart from the Gravure printing machine REX series.
Products that can be manufactured with this equipment include home containers, electronic envelopes or sheets for electronic products, and various tinting films.
Users can automatically controls tensions with all of the equipment. Electronic touch control makes operations as easy and convenient as possible.
Moreover, another advantage is that S.O.P provides very convenient repair and maintenance services for the product via telephone or the Internet for users around the world.
Last but not least, the CEO of S.O.P is a former production engineer who worked on all of these machines. Therefore, unlike other companies, S.O.P serves corporate customers better as the CEO can accurately understand technological matters, and so helps the corporate customers reduce defects and boost productivity, providing training services for them.
S.O.P steadily maintains amicable relationships with its corporate customers by offering technological services as well as simply making products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Specialization in manufacturing high-quality digital and screen printing machines
[INQ. NO. 1610M01] DYSS has, since its establishment in 1989, been an innovative and specialized manufacturer of high-quality digital and screen printing machines, along with other related equipment. It has been dedicating its eff orts to expanding into overseas markets since 1996. DYSS succeeded in developing a digital DV printer in 2007 and a digital die cutt er in 2008.201610m_page_013_03 Since then, it has been exporting its equipment to more than 20 countries. Representative printing solutions by DYSS DYSS has developed its GM Small Flatbed UV Printer series to meet increasing market demand for small-size and small-quantity printing with various designs. DYSS also developed its Apollo Hybrid Series machine providing wide capability on a range of materials, from fl ex to rigid. DYSS Apollo Flatbed series has been born to provide perfect quality basement for printing on wide and heavy materials, which could not be handled on hybrid printers. These machines are designed specially to handle all the proto-typing, sample-making and short/medium production needs of packaging and point-of-sale display companies. Options include sheet feeder, conveyor system, roll off unit, back blowing function, and front & rear extension tables.

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One Stop Solution of Digital Printing in Signage, Textile and Package industry

[INQ. NO. 1608M18] VALLOY Inc. is Korean company established in July, 2004. The company has founded by internaotinal marketing professionals and digital imaging professionals who have tens-of-year experience in development and marketing for digital
software, imaging devices, inkjetting middle ware and assemblies, next dimension of light source in Visual Industry.
VALLOY aims to provide innovative and remarkable things in Visual industry. What VALLOY provides should be the most user-friendly and acceptable product and solution, breathing together with their customers. VALLOY helps their customer and their customer’s customer use the most advanced technology in the easiest and the most cost-effective way.
Untitled-58.jpgVALLOY will provide most demanding products in the market based on in-depth market research that they are conducting in the worldwide market through the vast network of experienced and prestigious partners, to grow together with their customers.
At first, VALLOY supplies one-stop total solution in Digital Printing market. There’re 4 kinds of digital printing solutions for each industry – digital signage printing, digital textile printing, digital package printing, and digital industrial printing. TOPAZ Signage solution suite includes TOPAZ RIP software which is nominated as world top 10 rip software, and inkjet media and signage ink.
And TOPAZ Textile solution suite includes disperse dye ink, transfer paper and TOPAZ heat press cylinder machines for traditional dye-sublimation, and new innovative textile ink (UDS ink) to directly print on uncoated natural/blended textiles like cotton, silk and linen. VALLOY has also TOPAZET textile printer and TEXCOOKER fixation units.
In digital package printing market, VALLOY has ANYTRON label printing & finishing solution, including NEW ANY002 printer, DUOBLADE digital knife die-cutter and ANYCUT CO2 laser die-cutter. They also have innovative UV inkjet narrow web printer – TOPAZET UV 13R for flexible package printing as well as label printing.
With utilizing their inherent unique technologies covering software, firmware, hardware, mechanics and electronics, VALLOY can provide adequate customized digital printing solution for different industries, like printed electronics, enzyme printing, specially thick fluid printing, industrial decoration substrates with semi-3D texture and etc.
“VALLOY adds fuel for the continued evolution in the ever-changing wide-format inkjet industry”

The Latest Products to Hit the Market 

TOPAZET 6045F and 6090H are all in one printing, which includes UV color and white, varnish and primer, embossingprinting with special solid UV link. Highquality printing is possible with precise media height sensor and printing table is driven by industrial ball screw axis to minimize media turbulence.
They feature incredible solid printing with industrial embed system using EPSON or RICOH
head. Varnish ink is available for both models with flexible LED UV ink, which is optimized for flexible substrates like synthetic leather. Two-layer or three-layer simultaneous printing is available for high speed and accuracy. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Azimuth Thruster

Anticipated to replace the existing ship’s propellers
[INQ. NO. 2105M15] Founded in 2017 to present a new paradigm in the shipbuilding industry, Woohyun Ship Design Technology Co., Ltd. has grown and developed into a leading ship design company based on trust and cooperation with its customers.
Based upon ship design services, Woohyun Ship Design Technology is ceaselessly taking on new challenges through research & development (R&D), in order to elevate its technology in various related areas including production of ship components utilizing 3D-printing, development of shipbuilding methods, and ship inspection that applies new technologies.
Woohyun Ship Design Technology has recently developed and released a thruster with no wings, which is anticipated to replace existing ships’ propellers.
Woohyun Ship Design Technology came to develop this cutting-edge device – given the frequent occurrence of accidents in which marine animals and marine wastes including waste fishing nets and ropes are entangled – caused by various types of ships’ propellers.

Azimuth Thruster

The thrust is created by injecting the flowed water – from the outside of the conduct pipe caused by an engine or a motor in the inside of a ship – into the outside through a micro hole in the inside space of the duct body.
This product is a kind of water injection delivering device by utilizing hose like water-jet flyboard, instead of the existing power transfer device (shaft) and enables 360-degree (right & left and top & bottom) thrust.
Various thrust types of manufacturing including circular, polycircular, square, triangle, etc., depending on certain operating environment, are absolutely possible. The thrust can be made regardless of water depth.
Moreover, Woohyun Ship Design Technology strives to supply products that meet the needs of its customers through communication and exchanges with them – based on the best-quality ship design and 3D-modeling technology of its own.

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Water Chiller

[INQ. NO. 2011M01] After it started a freezer equipment business in 1985, DAEHO COOLER Co., Ltd. became a professional refrigerator manufacturing company in 1993. Since its transformation, the company has been accumulating a vast amount of experience in providing excellent service and gathering many references for installing refrigerators.
DAEHO COOLER offers various refrigerator models, and all of them are highly durable, can precisely control the temperature and are highly efficient.

The products of DAEHO COOLER guarantee energy reduction and low electricity consumption through optimized quality, and demonstrate optimized cooling capacity in various industrial areas.
Because the refrigerators of DAEHO COOLER come in compact exterior design and with casters, they can be easily moved to their locations for installation.
Customers can easily and conveniently use the refrigerators of DAEHO COOLER because these refrigerators feature a simple control method and safety alert function.
Because DAEHO COOLER can manufacture and supply refrigerators that satisfy any specification required by customers, its refrigerators can be applied to the following industrial areas:

The refrigerators of DAEHO COOLER are used for general manufacturing plants that manufacture materials for medicine and cosmetics; automotive parts; semiconductors; display; paper; plastics; textiles; ascon; chemical agents; food; printing; and photographs.
The refrigerators of DAEHO COOLER are widely used by the general machine manufacturing industry, such as CNC lathes; machining centers; cutters; benders; injection molding machines/extruders; vacuum/rubber molding machines; press; laser machines; packaging; semiconductors; medical equipment; mixers; oil pressure machines and machining tools.
They are preferred even by aquariums, swimming pools, and saunas. They can be custom-manufactured and are currently adopted by various industries for their cooling systems. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Electronic & Industrial Scales, Packing Machines and PVC Wrap Film

[INQ. NO. 2010M11] Glo-Lee Vinci Corporation specializes in manufacturing electronic & industrial scales, packing machines and PVC wrap fi lm. Since starting its business in 1996, Glo- Lee Vinci has been exporting these products to more than 45countries.
Glo-Lee Vinci can offer the most competitive prices, and thus can satisfy its customers’ demands and needs. It is determined to continue meeting all its customers’ requirements and be a sincere partner with potential customers, both in local and overseas markets.

Hand Wrapper

Hand wrapper is among the company’s most representative items that can potentially lead its overseas drive for this year. It is highly suitable for wrapping food, fruits, etc. and has a strong body and long durability. Certified with CE, it ensures good quality of processed products. The body of this wrapping machine is made of stainless steel for cleanliness. Combined operation of adhesion and cutting film is possible. The temperature of heating plate can be adjusted easily by one touch of the electronic control box.

PVC Wrap Film

PVC wrap from the company prevents moisture from food evaporation and keeps fish, vegetables, fruits and meats as fresh as possible with excellent oxygen permeability.
In addition , its perfect sanitation management system facilitates automatic packing for your safe use.

Label printing scale

It is easy to use and saves time a lot of product information using a management program and entering every menu mode using a cut key. Users can save PLU data on up to 150 commodities into direct PLU keys and it can store up to 9,000 PLUs, 600 diff erent ingredients, and 210 advertising messages using the standard memory.
Users can also design 100 different label formats and sizes with the user label program, as well as select from the nine pre-stored label formats and sizes.

Wire & Wireless Axle scale

Industrial weighing is divided into wire / wireless axle, and the company’s axle has been approved for use in industrial environments that needed strong durability and high precision. Users can opt to select the weighing-in-motion, and reduce errors in weighing by lowering the height of axle pad. It comes with waterproof/dustproof of IP67/IP68 class, and it can be used repeatedly for one month after one-time charging.
It offers the option to weigh in motion without stopping and it has been approved by waterproof/dustproof IP67/IP68 certification. It can be used repeatedly after one-time charging. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Optical Capsule Screening Machine[INQ. NO. 2009M05] The optical capsule screening machine (model: VIM-100), manufactured by Changsung Softgel System Ltd., provides 100,000 capsule screenings (assuming less than 5 movable types & single layer printing) per hour.
This optical capsule screening machine screens out distorted appearance, different size, bubble, print error, smear, color difference, and damage. It can make 360-degree capsule verification by itself. Condition verification of print-outs is available through this optical capsule screening machine. This product features low noise operation.
Thanks to rigidly controlled manufacturing, this optical capsule screening machine can be used in narrower spaces compared to similar products of other manufacturers.
Being the leader in the manufacture of soft capsule encapsulation machines, accessory units, and other related support equipment, Changsung Softgel System Ltd. will continue to develop state-of-the-art softgel encapsulation machines, and to provide viable technical solutions that will lead to the best performance at clients’ manufacturing sites.

For supplier information, please contact: Tel: (82-2)558-5608 

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Aluminum Circles, Sheets & Coils[INQ. NO. 2008M12] The aluminum sheet produced by Saint Enterprise Co., Ltd. can be used for manufacturing all kinds of aluminum cookware, parts of electronic goods such as back panels of LCDs, LED PDP, cases for mobile devices and mobile phone batteries, auto parts such as EV battery cases, ECU cases, engine covers, heatproof plate of mufflers, and various other industrial uses.
The aluminum extrusions including profiles and tubes are used in the fields of electronics, construction, transportation, automotive parts, plant conveyor and equipment, heat exchangers, solar energy industry, etc. In particular, they provide excellent capability and competitiveness for machining extrusion parts such as CNC milling.
The 1000 Series, applicable to utensils, decoration, reflecting plates, printing plates, and heatproof plates, is easy to process and weld, resistant to rust with high conductibility of electricity, heat, and low strength.
The 3000 Series is applicable to utensils (F/P, inside of rice cooker), aluminum cans, materials for interiors and exteriors of buildings, and mobile phones.
The 5000 Series, applicable to soundproof walls, materials for interiors and exteriors of buildings, and parts of electronic tools, is easy to process and weld and offers superior soundproofing.
The 6000 Series, applicable to IT equipment & facilities, motor materials, and automatic equipment, is easy to process, resistant to rust, featuring superior surface treatment.
The 9000 Series, applicable to kitchen utensils, features milky surface after anodizing and improved the strength.
Saint Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a joint venture of DaeHo AL, a company famous for superior aluminum circles, sheets, coils and aluminum extrusions at home and abroad. The company exports to Panasonic, Hitachi, Sumitomo, Toyota, etc. in Japan and other countries including China, Taiwan, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Myanmar, Australia, Columbia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Canada, Thailand, Iran, and Ethiopia.
Total annual sales are over US$170 mil.with a total area of the property about 20,000 sq-meters with 220 employees. Many overseas enterprises have already been appreciating the superior quality of the company’s aluminum products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Innovative Drying System[INQ. NO. 1912M26] Since 1983, Boosung Engineering Co., Ltd. has been developing and supplying various drying systems for flexible packaging printing machines.
After accumulating know-how related to flexible packaging for a long time, finally Boosung Engineering developed and commercialized E-SAVER in 2010 for the first time in the world as an innovative drying system which recovers the waste heat generated when operating the rotogravure, flexography, dry lamination, extrusion, T-die, coating machines. E-Saver reuses it as secondary heat.
Boosung exports E-Saver which can recover the waste heat up to 200˚C to Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and India.
E-SAVER can save energy costs by up to 60% ~ 80%. You can immediately see more direct and visible effects than other saving cost methods.
The operating time of the flexible packaging printing machine also comprises high production costs.
Evaluation from customers who use E-SAVER directly at the work places adds to the reputation and reliability of this product.
Most of the sites using the flexible packaging printing machines such as gravure printing, dry laminating, coating machines, etc. have difficulties in systematic management and process improvement after initial installation of the machine. They manufacture their products only based on the intuition of the workers having long-time experience with no exact figures on how the air actually flows into the chamber during the drying process and whether the balance between exhaust and intake is properly maintained.
E-SAVER is designed to automatically control the air volume and temperature and digitalize the numeric figures by monitoring the entire drying process in real time. Alongside such digital data, E-SAVER’s advanced technology provides optimized consulting for drying efficiency and production cost saving. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods