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Refrigeration Units for Vehicles

[INQ. NO. 2109M03] Since its establishment in 1989, DONGIN THERMO Co., Ltd., as a company specialized in manufacturing refrigerators, has been professionally developing and producing refrigeration units for special transport vehicles.
As an increasing number of customers require electric freezers following the growth of transportation logistics and EV industries, DONGIN THERMO has been working hard to meet such demands by manufacturing electric refrigerators to meet the changing needs of the automobile industry.
As part of such endeavors, the company has started to release its independently developed electric freezers to the domestic market from 2021.
While providing maximum cooling effect, these freezing units use minimum power. They are considered to be optimized freezers as they are able to freeze products up to minus 25 degrees Celsius, freezing enough for such food items as ice cream that should be kept at ultra-low temperature.

Refrigeration Units for Vehicles

As these units use supplementary batteries produced by local battery manufacturers in cooperation with the company and do not adversely affect the vehicle operation, drivers do not need to care about charging them.
The company is also producing main type freezers that are powered by vehicle engines, ESC type freezers that can continue operating even while vehicles are parked, and sub-type freezers that are powered by sub engines.
The freezer manufacturer has secured technical expertise that has enabled it to play a vital role in the automobile industry, and its cutting-edge technology is ensuring that it can take the lead in the global market.
DONGIN THERMO maintains its customer care at the highest level and is committed to growing further based on its accumulated experience, and verified technical expertise.

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Demolition and Rescue Firefighting (DRFF) Vehicles

[INQ. NO. 2108M19] Jinwoo SMC Co. Ltd. was established in 2007, as a professional manufacturer for aerial access elevating work platforms and Demolition and Rescue Firefighting (DRFF) vehicles. The company has established a customized production system through continuous R&D and technical investment, such as new product development to meet the needs of the changing business and work environments.
Jinwoo SMC is thus widely recognized as a professional special vehicle manufacturing company with high-level technology both in Korea and abroad, growing to be a global company exporting to 24 countries.

JWF 210A
In the event of unexpected fires in a special zone with highly inflammable structures like in chemical/cement plants, oil and natural gas reserves etc., first response is always key to controlling the fire. In such situations, its specially research-developed wireless remote controlled DRFF will first penetrate the structure through a special demolisher, and then auto-spray the mixture of chemical foam with water through a nozzle by an auto-controlled Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS).
Threats to the safety of firefighters and the public, as well as damage to property can be highly minimized due to rapid reaction in using DRFF.

Demolition and Rescue Firefighting (DRFF) Vehicles

This is a multipurpose firefighting vehicle equipped with water pump and tank to simultaneously extinguish fires and perform rescue operations. It has excellent mobility in cases of complex multi-floor buildings located in downtown areas with narrow constrained passages. The multipurpose lifesaving firefighting vehicle with enhanced rescue operations is perfect for enhancing firefighting efficiency.
Jinwoo SMC developed the special firefighting truck in 2018. It is remote-controlled with a strong steel demolition attachment and water cannon, and is the exclusive supplier to the Korean headquarters of safety & disaster protection and the provincial firefighting departments.

Demolition and Rescue Firefighting (DRFF) Vehicles

Jinwoo SMC completed development of its standardization and mass-production system, and also acquired various certifications. Jinwoo SMC promoted domestic sales in 2018 and increased sales more every year, because it has more competitive prices compared with other similar imported models.
Also, Jinwoo SMC has reliable order-fulfillment capacity, and is ready to export the firefighting truck worldwide in the near future.

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Independent Power-generation Vehicle & Electric-vehicle

[INQ. NO. 2012M22] Total Emission Solution Korea Co., Ltd. (TESK) developed Power Take-Off (PTO) for automatic transmission and applies various application technologies to PTO to manufacture special purpose vehicles. TESK manufactures and supplies an independent power generation system by working together with SsangYong Motor.
TESK developed an independent power generation vehicle by installing a power generator to SsangYong Motor’s REXTON SPORTS/KHAN pick-up truck, which made it safer and more convenient for consumers to use electricity than they would with a portable or the ordinary power generator.
Previously, if someone wanted a power generator that could supply 40 ~ 50kW of electricity, a power generator so large would need to be used that it had to be transported by a truck that can carry up to 2.5 tons of load. The independent power-generation vehicle of TESK comes in the form of a pick-up truck that can carry up to five passengers, which can move quickly to different locations.

It is highly efficient because it can generate 40kW of electricity while making a level of noise equivalent to that of the vehicle’s engine. It can be used as a pick-up truck during an ordinary day and as a power-generation vehicle during an emergency, to operate a water lift pump to supply or drain water or power a welding machine.
Accordingly, the product was supplied for a pilot operation to the facility maintenance crews of Korean mobile telecommunication companies that are in charge of maintaining the antennas, and the users have evaluated the product to be exceptionally useful and cost-effective.
It can be used to provide various services, such as charging, emergency dispatch, simple repair, towing, etc., for electric vehicles, as the electronic controller has been improved, and more stable power generation became possible. Because it can generate power independently, it can supply an unlimited amount of electricity and charge two vehicles at the same time.
Other electric vehicle charging service vehicles charge the electric vehicles using the B2B (battery-to-battery) method, which limited the amount of charge to 30kW per charge, or to an amount that allows the charged vehicle to travel for 30 minutes.
However, the independent power generation vehicle of Total Emission Solution Korea can travel a long distance to charge the electric vehicle, because it can generate power independently using ESS & PTO. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Exhaust Gas Reduction Device for Vehicles[INQ. NO. 1912M29] Ceracomb Co., Ltd is a company that manufactures and supplies ceramic honeycomb based substrate, catalyst and exhaust gas reduction systems for vehicles. It acquired ISO 9000/14000 certification and TS 16949.
Ceracomb participated in a project conducted by the Ministry of Environment to improve air quality in Seoul by installing catalyst converter to operating vehicles that do not meet the emission standards. By this project, Ceracomb was able to supply DOC converters that reduce hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and SOF (Soluble Organic Fraction of Diesel Particulates) among the PM portion to about 50,000 vehicles in the Korean market.
In 2008, the government implemented stronger restrictions requiring higher PM reduction. This prompted Ceracomb to develop and supply a partial DPF system that guarantees more than 50% PM reduction. Restrictions on PM emissions were strengthened in 2011, so Ceracomb developed its Active –Passive (Hybrid) DPF system that guarantees more than 80% of PM reduction, which is certified by the Korean government.
Ceracomb’s catalyst substrate is a material with high temperature durability and high thermal shock resistance and provides structurally high geometric surfaces. Due to its characteristics of excellent permeability, porousness and well-adjusted porosity, it is used as a catalyst substrate for automobiles coating much more quantity of the catalyst evenly.
Cordierite DPF filter is one of the major products for the automotive OEM market. The DPF filter has blocked cells that give it a different structure to other ceramic honeycomb products. Every channel of DPF is blocked on either side to trap PM inside the DPF filter while letting the exhaust gas to pass through walls due to its porous characteristics.
The three-way catalyst converts HC, CO, NOx, etc., among the exhaust gases generated from the gasoline engine to harmless gases such as CO2, H2O, etc., at the same time.
Exhaust reduction systems are categorized according to the DPF regenerating method, and the Active type regenerates through burning PM by installed burner, while the Passive type eliminates PM by a catalytic reaction, and the Hybrid type uses both the active and passive method to regenerate DPF. Ceracomb participated in an exhaust gas reduction project in China and started supplying the DPF system to more than 5,000 vehicles.
The company also developed the Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalyst, a technology that removes nitrogen oxides emitted by diesel automobiles, and it is a catalyst which converts NOx into N2 and H2O by reacting the ammonia sprayed from SCR catalyst shear with NOx.
In 2012, Ceracomb achieved Q-level quality certification from Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd, and was selected as a PAR (Passive Autocatalytic Recombiner) supplier, supplying 18 nuclear power plants in Korea. In 2015, Ceracomb acquired the certification of simultaneous PM-NOx reduction apparatus for the Air Quality Improvement Project of the Seoul metropolitan area. Currently, the company is proceeding with the OEM of the automobile exhaust gas reduction apparatus in Iran. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

24V Heavy Commercial Vehicles Navigation[INQ. NO. 1910M33] Won Motors Korea has supplied car AV, AVN, car electronics like DVR, head up display to Asia, and Middle East region, Hyundai, Kia, and Nissan dealers for many years and mostly offers 3-year warranties for its OE quality electronics product.
Won Motors Korea has developed 12V~24V navigation for heavy commercial vehicles. It has Apple CarPlay and Android auto function and its target market is N. America, Australia and the Middle East market.
The OS is Linux which most car OE factories prefer to use. Its main function is that it supports DAB, DAB+, steering wheel remote control, parking sensor, static guideline, warning message, and vehicle date.
Bluetooth 4.1 supports HFP, PBAP, A2DP and AVRCP along with DAB.
The strongest point is that the company can connect max 8 pcs cameras (4 split screen) and max 16 pcs TPMS, so a driver can check the truck’s condition as soon as starting the engine and thus ensure all functions are working properly and that it is safe to drive.
Also customers can easily use map software like Google map, Waze map for free via CarPlay, and Android function. It also offers a voice command function using AI technology, so drivers can get the information that they require during driving without touching a mobile phone. By using CarPlay functions, customers can use Spotify, Podcasts, Google, and Waze map for free.
If its partners require offline map software, then the company adds the HERE map engine which support route calculation, quick search, multi-language, dual-language, keyword fuzzy search and POI search by phone number, etc.
This unit can be installed for Iveco Daily, Isuzu Dmax, Renault Traffice, Mitsubishi Fuso, Isuzu, Mitsubishi fighter, Hino 300, etc.
The company offers a warranty of 3 years or 60,000 km, which is the same as the OEM warranty conditions.
Won Motors Korea always believes in assuring the partner’s satisfaction, and mutual trust is the reason for its success. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Autonomous Vehicle Contents Platform[INQ. NO. 1909M17] Due to the rapid changes in the IT environment, various technologies can converge and various solutions can emerge based on transparent OLED, 4D hologram, and 5G communication.
MAIN INFO is an autonomous vehicle contents/platform company that rapidly adopts these new technologies and integrates new technologies in the product to launch new products every two years.
HOLO NAVI 1.0 is a HUD navigation for vehicles applying hologram technology; HOLO NAVI 2.0 is a vehicle driving assistance device using motion sensor technology; HOLO NAVI 3.0 implements C-ITS equipment communication between HOLO NAVI products; and HOLO NAVI 4.0 is a solution for the control of automotive electronic platform (AUTO-SAR) using HOLO NAVI products. Accordingly, MAIN INFO is striving for research and development step-by-step based on its long-term roadmap.
Up to now, HOLO NAVI 2.0 has been launched, which is a product that defines where the driver in the vehicle should place the mobile device and pursues two goals: driving stability (compliance with road traffic regulations); and driving efficiency (preventing negligence in keeping eyes on the road ahead).
This product is a driving assistance device using motion sensor technology, enabling the driver to receive phone calls and respond to texts (rejection message) using the motion sensor while driving. Also, it is possible to operate Melon Players by applying the motion recognition function.
Using the smartphone (application + motion sensor), with the left/right sensor mounted, if the hand gesture is recognized as from left to right, it is recognized as a YES response, enabling you to receive the phone call. However, when the hand gesture is recognized as from right to left, it is recognized as NO, resulting in refusal of the phone call.
This product helps in preventing drowsy driving by realizing the fun of driving with the operation of mobile application due to the motion while driving.
While the recognition rate of gestures mounted on high-end cars of other companies is 60%, its product has the strength of 90% of recognition rate. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

2019 ICAT to Promote Global Status of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Removal of Vehicle Fine Dust 2019 International Conference on Advanced Automotive Technology(ICAT) will be held at the Kimdaejung Convention Center in Gwangju from June 20 to 22, introducing industry and technology status of electric vehicle(EV) and fine dust in the world.
ICAT is a conference that was expanded from the previous “International Symposium for Next-Generation Automobile Technology”, held by the Automobile Research Center at Chonnam National University since 1995, into a specialized convention in Gwangju from 2015. The event is co-hosted by the Automobile Research Center in Chonnam National University, BK21+(National Research Foundation of Korea), University of Honam, University of Ulsan, Korea Automotive Technology Institute(KATECH), Gwangju Institute of Green-Car Advancement, Kimdaejung Convention Center, and Gwangju Convention & Visitor Bureau, and sponsored by the Gwangju Metropolitan City, Korea Tourism Organization(KTO), and the Korea Society of Automotive Engineers(KSAE).
This year, 8 electric automobile and environmental experts from the automobile research center in universities, research institutes, automobile manufacturers and automobile parts suppliers from eight countries including Korea, USA, Austria, Japan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Italy will be invited to give lectures under the theme “Advanced Vehicles Technologies for the World without Fine Dust”. They will give presentation on the key technologies for EV and find dust as well as market status and propose future prospects.
A junior session is also prepared to present twelve oral-presentation and sixteen poster-presentation from researchers in industries and institutes, and graduate students who are the heroes of the future automobile industry. This conference will provide English for the professional.
During the conference, the 12th International Green Car Exhibition Korea, the first green car exhibition of the country, will be held at the same venue. This event will offer multiple benefits with the opportunities for education, attraction, and entertainment through conferences where various cultural performances to enhance the satisfaction of participants and tours around Gwangju will be offered free of charge.
“2019 ICAT is a platform that enables research on EV and environmental area of vehicles and allows industry experts to understand the development and flow of advanced technologies and to predict the future. In particular, Gwangju Metropolitan City has a plan to make the eco-friendly automobile factory for applying Gwangju-type of jobs. Critical tasks of this big project are given such as the local parts makers’ own development for its techniques, improving its researching skills, and globalization. We hope that it will bring more vitality to the eco-friendly automobile parts industries in Gwangju area by co-hosting the event with the International Green Car Korea.” explained chairman of Prof. Byungchul Choi, who is also director of the Automobile Research Center in Chonnam National University.
2019 ICAT is open to members of the public who are interested in the EV industry and environmental problems of automobile area can be accessed via the official web-site of ICAT: A general registration fee of USD 200 or KRW 200,000 will be offered for early registration until June 7. For registration and on-site registration after June 8, it will be USD 250 or KRW 250,000. We will offer a special discount of registration fee for group participants(more than 30 persons) of automobile industry side. For further information, please contact the PCO MIZCOM (Tel:82-62-431-9500). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Electric Vehicles Motors Korea was established in 2016 as the South Korean Branch of Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd., acquiring exclusive rights for distributing its electric vehicles in Korea.
Beijing Motors Korea has plans to produce Korean-made EVs with its own technology within three to four years by establishing its own manufacturing factories in South Korea.
In the preliminary stages, Beijing Motors Korea is currently involved in various activities that are expected to help its business positioning from current importer into net exporter in global markets.
In 2019, Beijing Motors Korea has a plan to first release electric low floor buses in the nation’s medium-sized bus market, and then it will introduce the electric passenger car EU5 and the highperformance electric car SUV EX5. Those cars have the world’s highest level performance, showing mileage of over 500 kilometers with only a single charging.
Beijing Motors Korea was determined to expand the supply of commercial trucks which are in relatively short supply in South Korea, targeting independent businessmen and company customers. With comparatively lower maintenance costs than internal combustion engines, they are expected to be popular among customers.
Beijing Automotive Group’s electric trucks features high competitiveness in price compared to those of EVs in the nation, with a little gap in quality. Beijing Motors Korea will target the medium- and small-sized truck market. These electric trucks deliver superior stability and performance. These trucks are expected to be impressive electric trucks popular among the nation’s buyers, especially the growing number of small businesses affected by the economic slowdown.
In fact, as of 2016, there were 140,000 units of these trucks sold. They are suitable for short-distance driving, and they can be developed into more optimized and functional types. Beijing Motors Korea plans to supply optimized trucks depending on each purpose in use.
Beijing Motors Korea had the electric bus FOTON AUV to be first sold in Gangneung City among the brands of Beijing Automotive Group, which made a trial run during the PyeongChang Olympics. Persistent efforts are now being made to advance into the South Korean market.
Beijing Automotive Group is a company that established Beijing Hyundai in China in collaboration with Hyundai Motors. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

‘Kinergy AS ev,’ a Tire Exclusively for First-Generation Electric Vehicles[INQ. NO. 1811M07] It is reported that Kinergy AS ev, a new product of Hankook Tire released at this time, has remedied various defects of the tire exclusively for firstgeneration electric vehicles, thereby realizing an ultra-low noise environment and providing a comfort similar to that provided by the tire for supercars.
The Sound Absorber Technology has been realized by applying polyurethane sound-absorbing foam to the inner lining of the tire. Here, the sound-absorbing foam disperses the external pressure evenly as well as effectively absorbs the road noise coming into the car.
As a test result of actually applying the Sound Absorber Technology, it was confirmed that the technology reduced the road noise (resonance) by 9.2dB to the maximum, enhancing the quietness of the electric car.
While existing electric car tires have shown poor performance at high speeds or driving abilities, Kinergy AS ev applies the Aqua Pine compound with resin and vegetable oil extracted from conifers. Characteristically, Hankook Tire’s unique technology of applying high silica content ensures agile handling and braking performance in all driving environments.
One strong point of the product is that application of the aramid reinforcement belt suppresses increase of the tire’s diameter caused by the centrifugal force while driving and shows the best handling and kinetic performance in various driving environments. Kinergy AS ev has applied the Extra Load (XL) by increasing the allowable load of the tire.
By applying an extra load, Kinergy AS ev has secured the load-bearing capacity enhanced by 75KG compared with the load index of standard tires and maintains the optimal supporting pressure in any driving environment such as during acceleration, turning, and braking.
As the large-capacity battery is applicable to the electric car instead of fuel, static electricity occurs frequently. However, Kinergy AS ev has applied the chimney rubber structure in the tire for discharging the static electricity flowing through the electric car to the ground surface so that the driver can enjoy comfortable and safe driving.
Wide and strong rib-typed shoulder blocks enhance the handling performance and prevent abrasion of tires, and the crossarrayed edges minimize the block strain and improve torsion. The dimple cooling system effectively dissipates the heat that is condensed in the tire tread due to high-speed driving. When the car is braked, this product minimizes the deformation of the block and maintains the ground plane to provide the best braking force. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Vehicle Care Items Co., Ltd. is Korea’s No. 1 manufacturer of vehicle care items. Now various kinds of vehicle care items produced by the company are emerging as hot items both domestically and in several overseas markets.
RainOk Speed Spray is an essential item for a rainy day. When it rains (pours) and even the wiper is out of control, the driver is able to have a clear view while driving without any help from an expert. A fine rain-repellent layer is created after just three seconds from spraying this product onto windshield which ensures enhanced visibility in the rainy day. Thanks to this coating layer, raindrops fly off the windshield and allow the driver to have a clear view when driving at a speed of over 60km/h. Not only on a rainy day but also on a normal day, driver can have a clear view by spraying onto the windshield, side mirror and back window. This coating layer lasts up to two weeks.
RainOk Speed Spray can provide maximum pleasantness when the following three products are used together : RainOk Ultimate Glass Clean, RainOk Rain Repellent Extreme and RainOk Speed Spray for Side Mirror.
RainOk Speed for Side Mirror is optimized for a side mirror. It creates a coating layer like RainOk Speed Spray. But, its rain repellent effect activates even when the car stops and prevents the side mirror from getting dirty. This coating layer lasts up to 10 days.
If RainOK Speed Spray & RainOK Speed Spray for Side Mirror are focusing on ‘easy to use’ and ‘portability,’ RainOK Ultimate Glass Clean & RainOk Rain Repellent Extreme are focusing on cleaning glass and maintaining glass in good condition. RainOK Ultimate Glass Clean removes oil film, wax grime. water stains and any contaminants that cannot be eliminated by normal cleaners on the glass surface. And it also creates a rain-repellent coating layer which lasts up to three months. But, in case RainOk Rain Repellent Extreme is applied after cleaning glass by RainOk Ultimate Glass Clean, rain-repellent effect lasts up to six months.

By using this set of RainOK, driver can have clear visibility whether on a normal day or a rainy day. Plus, car glass can be maintained like a new car for a longer time.
As its most famous item, Bullsoneshot™ has captured over 90% of market share for fuel additives in Korea. Furthermore, SKU over 100 has met customers’ various needs and have taken over 60% of market share for total car care products in Korea. Its brand value and products competence is highly recognized in Korea along with its marketing campaign under the slogan, ‘Love my Car.’
Based on success in the domestic market, Bullsone has been trying to tap into overseas markets.
From 2017, it has been dealing with clients from over 50 countries. In order to take more opportunities to communicate with more clients, Bullsone has regularly taken part in world famous exhibitions such as Automechanika, Arab Health, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods