Gangwon-do Announces its Plans to Promote the Hydrogen Industry 2019 International Hydrogen Forum is to be held between May 9 and 10 in the 2018 Winter Olympics resort of Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do, composed of three sections, with participation by leading best hydrogen experts from home and abroad.

Mun-sun Choi, Governor of the Province, stressed, “We will discuss the value chain of the hydrogen industry, focused on liquefied hydrogen.”

The first international forum is to be held for building infrastructure and accelerating industrialization for hydrogen energy, tailored to Gangwon-do. This forum is planned to take place annually with the name of ‘International Hydrogen Forum.’
The 2019 International Hydrogen Forum, hosted by Gangwon-do Province and also under the auspices of Gangwon Techno Park and Gangwon Convention & Visitors Bureau, is to be held between May 9 and 10 at Alpensia Resort, Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do.
In particular, this forum is to be held concurrently with the Advanced Fuel Cells Meeting of the International Energy Agency and also the 2019 Spring Conference of the Korean Hydrogen & New Energy Society (Chairman: Jung-hui Lee, Professor of Chonbuk National University).
IEA’s Advanced Fuel Cells Meeting will be held at the Intercontinental Pyeongchang over a three-day period from May 7 to 9, and will be attended by nearly 25 members of the international fuel cell subcommittee.
The spring conference of the Korean hydrogen & new energy society is to be held over a two-day period from May 9 to 10 at the convention center of Alpensia Resort, and is expected to feature 21 oral presentations and 60 poster presentations, and will be attended by nearly 300 experts from the industry and academia.
The primary objectives of the 1st International Hydrogen Forum are to vitalize the hydrogen industry in Gangwon-do Province, to activate exchanges of information within the hydrogen industry, and to grow into a major forum for the hydrogen energy field.
Gangwon-do plans to make this forum a sustainable and representative one, in which seeking ways in order to transform Gangwon-do into a hydrogenbased area could be fully discussable.
Gangwon-do is planning to transform Samcheok, where a nuclear facility is located, into a hydrogenbased
energy hub upon cancellation of the nuclear power plant designation. To that end, the Province is developing master plans for a series of related projects.
As a hydrogen-powered city pursuing a ‘hydrogen society,’ where hydrogen energy is consumed as a primary energy source through liquefied hydrogen storage and utilization, Gangwon-do is clearly signaling its strong commitment to becoming a hydrogen-based society and economy through the Forum.
The 2019 International Hydrogen Forum is composed of three sections: ‘Hydrogen Production and Liquefaction Technology’ (May 9); ‘Water Electrolysis Technology and P2G Demonstration’ (May 9); and ‘Future Hydrogen Technology’ (May 10).
During section 1, ‘Hydrogen Production and Liquefaction Technology’, Detlef Stolten, Director of IEK3 at the Juelich Research Center, Germany, and also Chairman of IEA’s Advanced Fuel Cells, will deliver a keynote address on ‘Global Trends in Hydrogen Energy and Prospects’ ; this will be followed by ‘Liquefied Hydrogen Supply Chain Solutions,’ an address delivered by Peter Gerstl, Head of Product Management, Linde Group; and ‘Liquefied Hydrogen Infrastructure Development in Korea,’ delivered by Byeong-il Choi, Researcher-In-Charge, the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials; and also ‘Nano Engineering for High-Efficiency Energy Conversion Systems,’ delivered by Gi-seok Nam, Professor of Chonbuk National University.
During section 2, ‘Water Electrolysis Technology and P2G Demonstration,’ Amgad Elgowainy, Team Leader/Principal Energy Systems Analyst, Argonne National Laboratory, USA, will deliver a keynote speech on ‘Water Electrolysis Prospects and P2G Energy Storage Technology’; this will be followed by ‘Renewable Energy in Europe and Studies on P2G Cases and Mobility’ delivered by Albert Van Den Noot, Senior Consultant of DNV GL, Norway; and ‘Mass-Production of Hydrogen through Water Electrolysis for Carbon Phase-Out,’ delivered by Everett Anders from Nel, a global water electrolysis expert from Norway.
Section 3 will focus on future technologies being developed in Korea. In particular, the progress of four major projects in a city, vessel, train, and P2G will be introduced in detail by the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (hydrogen city), Pusan National University (hydrogen powered vessel), Korea Railroad Research Institute (hydrogen powered train), and Korea Institute of Energy Research (P2G).
Moreover, a preliminary event on the theme of ‘Safe Hydrogen Society’ will be held on May 9 especially for the residents and students in Gangwon-do, together with additional events such as hydrogen industry public information, industrial tour, business agreement, and many more.
In particular, Gangwon-do will conclude three business agreements on May 9, including development of the hydrogen city, development of the hydrogen industry, and development of industry, and hydrogenpowered vessels ― in an effort to nurture the future drivers for growth in relation to the hydrogen industry.
“Recently, Korean President Moon Jae-in visited Gangwon-do and promised continued support for and attention to Samcheok’s transformation into a hydrogen city,” explained Mun-sun Choi, Governor of the Province. “Through the international Forum we will widely publicize our strong determination to promote hydrogen projects and gather valuable inputs from experts in the field.”
And he expressed his wishes as follows: “Especially we’d like to discuss various aspects of this initiative, ranging from hydrogen production to storage, transport, and utilization, in order to identify an optimized value chain for the industry.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

International Hydrogen Forum 2019

Highlighting Issues of Hydrogen Economy, Liquefaction
Date: 2019.5.9(Thu.) – 10(Fri.)
Place: Alpensia Resort Convention Center in Pyeong Chang | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Global Electric Power Tech 2019 forthcoming Global Electric Power Tech 2019 will be held from May 29 to 31 at COEX, Seoul. This year’s exhibition will be composed of four major areas – electric power facility tech, LED light tech, electric power generation plant tech, and smart grid tech.
Driven by facing the fourth industrial revolution, we need to assess the demand for change for the future society. To efficiently and safely deliver electricity, in an environmentally friendly manner, we need to build an infrastructure and develop technology and create such market ecosystems as big data, IoT, ESS, ICT, AI, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, and so forth.
As the world is focusing on using energy more efficiently, “electric power industry” is becoming the hottest trend. With this energy trend, “Global Electric Power Tech 2019” is expected to represent a new trend for electricity and the electric power industry featuring the “International Energy New Biz & ESS Exhibition” and “International Hydrogen Industry Exhibition.”
“Global Electric Power Tech 2019”, the representative exhibition of the Korea electric power industry, is looking forward to your great interest and participation.
In the last year of the exhibition, 396 companies, with 598 booths including overseas buyers’ booths, from 16 nations participated. The exhibition was visited by a total of 36, 168 visitors from 24 countries. Among them, 1,853 came from overseas. For overseas buyers, a total of 44 companies from 19 nations achieved successful business results, playing a leading role in making the exhibition a more productive venue than ever before. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

KOFAS 2018

The International Factory Automation System Show 2018 Korea (KOFAS), the biggest festival of automated precise equipment in Korea, ended this year with abundant achievements.

KOFAS 2018 hosted by Korea Association of Machinery Industry (hereinafter referred to as KOAMI, CEO Dong-Youn Sohn) and sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy was visited by 24,000 persons while 259 companies from 13 countries participated.
This exhibition held under the slogan of ‘Digital Manufacturing Innovation’ was a venue for directly identifying the automation technologies converged with the core technologies of the 4th industrial revolution, such as the digital industry, IT convergence, 3D printing, automated instrument, control and measuring instrument, metal working machines, etc.
A spokesperson for I.K. Mirae Co., Ltd. among the participants remarked, “This exhibition has become a useful venue for technology exchanges as various automation companies exhibited excellent new products. In particular, as the proportion of real buyers was high, lots of contract performances are expected.”

A buyer who visited the exhibition said, “It was nice that I was able to get various products and useful information, and there were many booths where I could experience the products directly, helping me make purchasing decisions. As the booth arrangement and guidance were excellent compared with other exhibitions, viewing was convenient.”
In particular, this exhibition provided visitors with valuable information as various accompanying events were held together, such as the invitation meeting of export for the people in charge of overseas vendor registration, export meeting for the overseas buyers invited by LPR Global, the 1st design/manufacturing solution seminar, machinery & technology seminar, etc.
During the exhibition period, in order to focus intensely on the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, India and Japan, countries that demand lots of plant equipment, exhibition organizer invited buyers of 17 overseas EPC companies and arranged matching consultations with more than 70 domestic companies on a one-on-one basis.
In the LPR Global export meeting held by inviting global enterprises that meet the recent industrial trends called ‘Digital Manufacturing Innovation,’ exhibition organizer invited global buyers like Whirlpool, JBM Group, and Aethra Group and proceeded with the purchase consultation with more than 30 domestic companies, thereby concluding consultations of about US$15 million.
KOAMI said that both parties were highly satisfied with the results of the export meeting as the preliminary matching rate exceeded 80%.
Meanwhile, KOAMI expects to continue identifying domestic and overseas new products & new technologies so that they can vividly contain the sites of cutting-edge technologies leading the machinery industry in next year’s exhibition, and also plans to focus on attracting potential buyers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

The 1st Vietnam International Machinery Fair

The 1st VIMAF is anticipated to play a role as a strategic marketing platform to lead diversification of the general machinery export markets.


The 1st Vietnam International Machinery Fair (VIMAF) will be held at the SECC Exhibition Center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from December 12 (Wed.) to 14 (Fri.). It is expected to act as a strategic marketing platform to lead diversification of the general machinery export markets. Three hundred booths (4,400m²) of a total of 100 companies worldwide will be installed and manned.
Domestic and overseas exhibitors will display metal working and mold related equipment, automated instruments, construction and mining machinery, plant apparatus, textile machinery, farming machinery, rubber plastic, tools, hydropneumatic equipment, general industrial machinery, parts, materials, etc. in this fair.
This fair is hosted by the Korea Association of Machinery Industry (KOAMI) and COEX and supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and KOTRA in Korea and by the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade and Vietnamese Association of Machinery Industry in Vietnam.
In this fair, export consultation meetings will be held in the seminar room of the exhibition center from December 13 (Thu.) to 14 (Fri.) for Korean participants and Vietnamese buyers/agencies. In these export consultation meetings, 1:1 consultations will take place. Furthermore, a specialized conference hosted by the Ho Chi Minh City Office of the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology will be held from December 12 (Wed.) to 13 (Thu.).
There are many driving forces behind this 1st VIMAF. It is being promoted amidst Vietnam’s rise as the most powerful alternative to post-China since China has become a less attractive destination for investment due to high wages and costs and declining economic growth. While foreign investment enterprises keep investing more in the Vietnamese manufacturing industry, their parts and materials procurement rate is under 30%. They are desperately in need of higher-value added by attracting investment in the entire manufacturing industry. Therefore, the Vietnamese government is taking active steps for development of the parts/materials industry to improve the nation’s industrial competitiveness. Vietnamese government’s policy to develop the parts/materials industry works as a green light for Korean manufacturing companies including the machinery industry and the electricity/electronics industry to enter the Vietnam market.

Currently, general machinery export of South Korea is heavily weighted toward China and the United States. So, there is an urgent need to diversify export markets and to establish a strategic marketing platform in new machinery markets in Southeast Asia. Accordingly, the timing of this fair is very opportune. The machinery industry is the basis of national competitiveness and a core industry of the manufacturing industry which has a significant front and back relating effect.
For these reasons, it is expected that dominating promising new markets, such as Vietnam for instance, in advance will surely help expand the basis for Korean small-and medium-sized enterprises’ advances into foreign markets.
While South Korean companies are losing ground in the global markets due to China and America’s protectionism and strengthened support for their own companies, this fair will not only be a proper response to this challenging environment, but also give them added impetus to conquer other markets.
VIMAF will assist Korean companies to combat this recently hardening commercial pressure by the G2 and to maximize export potential by expanding the Korean machinery export market to ASEAN ― with Vietnam as a base ― in the long-term. Thus, this fair is expected to raise Korea’s economic growth and global competitiveness. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Korea Material & Components – Ppuri Industry Week 2018

Expected to become a one-stop marketing platform for material & components companies

‘Korea Material & Components – Ppuri Industry Week 2018’ where you can see the latest trends in the field of material & components and ppuri industry will be held at the Exhibition Hall of KINTEX for three days from October 23 to 25.
Hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and jointly conducted by the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT), the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH), the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology (KEIT), the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), the Korea Core Industrial Technology Investment Association (KITIA), and KINTEX (Korea’s biggest exhibition place and professional exhibition agency) ― this event is expected to offer a venue for business exchange gathering together stakeholders of industry, academia, and research, such as enterprises of the related industrial fields, domestic and overseas buyers, investors, etc.
Particularly, in this event, enterprises related to material & elements ― ppuri industry will introduce their own excellent products and technologies and pioneer new export markets, focusing on five new industrial fields including electric & autonomous vehicles, IoT-based consumer electronics, energy industry, bio and semiconductor.
Over 40 global enterprises carefully selected by KOTRA will participate in the event as genuine buyers and carry out 1:1 export conferences, and also this event is expected to provide a one-stop marketing platform to participants by organizing an investment fair to which loan officers of the venture capital will be invited from about 26 companies.
Besides, the participating enterprises will be supported in various ways such as technology / enterprise consulting programs, and a job fair through matching of job seekers and job offering companies, etc., and discuss the industry trends on various topics, such as the latest technology, governmental policy, investment attraction, etc. and organize a venue for exchanging technology information by inviting major domestic and overseas speakers.
Exhibition organizer will also award prizes to meritorious persons who have contributed to the technological development of material and components and the development of ppuri industry in order to form a national consensus on the importance of the material and components industry, boost the morale of related workers, and inspire their motivation for technological innovation. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

The 11th International Green Car Korea Closed in Great Success with more than 17,000 Domestic and Foreign Visitors

The Largest in Scale Ever with over 480 Booths and 236 Exhibitors from 22 Countries

This exhibition, which introduced cutting-edge products such as autonomous vehicles, IoT, smart appliances, etc. targeting the 4th industrial revolution era, including ecofriendly cars for the future, was held on the largest scale ever with more than 480 booths with 236 exhibitors from 22 countries.
Particularly, in the business talk with buyers invited by KOTRA, a total of 573 cases of consultation were held, worth US$2,486million (equivalent to KRW2,754billion) and it was estimated that contracts worth about US$70 million (about KRW80 billion) will be realized in the future.
In particular, during the period of business talks, MOUs between overseas buyers and domestic companies have been actively promoted. You Friend, Ltd. signed an MOU with A.J-Rubber Trading Co., Ltd. of Japan for technical cooperation and joint marketing in the development of waterproof buckled safety belts.
MOUs for job creation as well as product export were prominent. Koam Innovation concluded a strategic MOU with Honam University for job creation and agreed to implement the Airport Operation Project together, of which the main contents include training airport operation experts of parts, batteries, machines, etc. related to special vehicles including the electric forklifts used at airports and help them into jobs.
Various exhibits helping people predict the future trends were evaluated as a big achievement of this exhibition. Spring Cloud of Korea showed the future technology by providing the driving service with ARMA, a self-driving bus exclusively developed by themselves; and Navya, which is a French autonomous car manufacturing company. Meanwhile, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Seonam Regional Division exhibited the smart car, an integration of EV-based smart mobility element technology. Like these, the future autonomous smart car based on the eco-friendly automobile such as EV, parts and articles of eco-friendly automobile and eco-friendly electronic parts were exhibited, attracting the keen attention of visitors.



Successful hosting of International Conference on Advanced Automotive Technology (ICAT)

In addition, the International Conference on Advanced Automotive Technology (ICAT) was successfully held under the theme of “EVer Green! (EV: Electric Vehicles)” at the Kimdaejung Convention Center from July 5 to 6 during the period of the 2018 International Green Car Exhibition.
ICAT 2018 was co-hosted by the Automobile Research Center of Chonnam National University, BK21, Honam University, University of Ulsan, Korea Automotive Technology Institute, Gwangju Institute of Green-Car Advancement, Kimdaejung Convention Center and Gwangju Convention & Visitors Bureau and sponsored by Gwangju Metropolitan City, the Korea Tourism Organization and the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers. ICAT is a conference that has come to be expanded and held as a specialized convention of the Gwangju region since 2015 from the previous “International Symposium for Next-generation Automobile Technology” held by the Automobile Research Center of Chonnam National University since 1995.
Lectures were delivered by 13 electric vehicle experts of automobile research centers of universities, research centers, and automobile manufacturers; and auto parts suppliers from seven countries including Korea, the USA, France, Poland, the UK, Japan and Thailand. Following the keynote speech by Mr. Jean-Marc Desvaux, Executive Vice President of Easy Mile, a developer of autonomous bus named EZ10, 13 speakers from Korea and abroad gave various lectures on policies and technologies related to the present and future of electric cars and autonomous cars, including “The Future of Electric Energy and Automobiles” (by Director Choi Tae-il of the Korea Electric Power Corporation), “Hyundai Motor’s Electric Vehicle Development Status and Strategy” (by Parts Head Kim Chung of Hyundai Motor Company), and “Electric Vehicles in the Logistics Industry” (by CEO Hong Yo-seop of Koam Innovation).
In addition, a junior session was prepared where rising professors, researchers and graduate students, who are the heroes of the local business and the future automobile industry, presented papers including 10 oral presentations and 41 posters.
Mr. Choi Byeong-cheol, President of the Automobile Research Center in Chonnam National University, remarked, “ICAT 2018 is a venue of information exchange for experts of electric car research and industry to understand the development and flow of the cutting-edge technology and predict the future. Especially, through co-hosting with International Green Car Korea, I expect ICAT 2018 will bring more vitality to “the Eco-friendly Auto Parts Cluster Development Project” of Gwangju City.”
This Exhibition is evaluated to have had positive ripple effects on Gwangju City for starting in earnest the Eco-friendly Auto Parts Cluster Project, and transforming the local enterprises from the traditional industries to the knowledge-based high-value industries in accordance with the recent trend where the auto industry is changing from internal combustion engine cars to electric cars. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

International Conference on Advanced Automotive Technology

To be held July 5 to 7 at the Kimdaejung Convention Center in Gwangju, displaying EVs for the first time


The 2018 International Conference on Advanced Automotive Technology (ICAT) will be held at the Kimdaejung Convention Center in Gwangju from July 5 to 7, introducing the Korean and overseas electric vehicle (EV) industry and technology status.
ICAT is a conference that was expanded from the previous “International Symposium for Next-generation Automobile Technology”, held by the Automobile Research Center at Chonnam National University since 1995, into a specialized convention in Gwangju from 2015. The event is co-conducted by the Automobile Research Center in Chonnam National University, BK21+ (National Research Foundation of Korea), University of Honam, University of Ulsan, Korea Automotive Technology Institute (KATECH), Gwangju Institute of Green-Car Advancement, Kimdaejung Convention Center, and Gwangju Convention & Visitor Bureau and sponsored by the Gwangju Metropolitan City, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), and the Korea Society of Automotive Engineers (KSAE).
This year, 13 electric automobile experts from auto research centers in universities, research centers, automobile manufacturers and auto parts suppliers from seven countries including Korea, the USA, Poland, Japan, China, Germany, and Italy will be invited to give lectures under the theme “EVergreen.” They will give presentations on the key parts technology for electric vehicles and market status and propose future prospects.
A junior session is also prepared to present six posters from industries in Gwangju, six oral – and twenty-five posterpresentations from professors, researchers, and graduate students who are the heroes of the future automobile industry. In particular, this conference will provide two-way simultaneous interpretation between Korean and English for the professionals from the local SMEs, thereby eliminating the inconvenience and language barriers.
During the conference, the 11th International Green Car Korea, the first green car exhibition of the country, will be held at the same venue. This event will offer multiple benefits with the opportunities for education, attraction, and entertainment through conferences where various cultural performances to enhance the satisfaction of participants and tours around Gwangju will be offered free of charge.

“ICAT 2018 is a platform that enables research on electric vehicles and allows industry experts to understand the development and flow of advanced technologies and to predict the future. In particular, I hope that it will bring more vitality to the Eco-friendly Auto Parts Cluster Development Project for Gwangju City by co-hosting the event with the International Green Car Korea,” explained Choi Byeong-cheol, president of the Automobile Research Center in Chonnam National University.
ICAT 2018 is open to members of the public who are interested in the electric vehicle industry and can be accessed via the official website of ICAT: A special discount of US$ 150 or KRW 150,000 will be offered for early registration until June 20, and free beverage coupons will be given to the first 100 arrivals. For registration and on-site registration after June 20, a registration fee of US$ 200 or KRW 200,000 is applied. For further information, please contact the Gwangju Convention & Visitor Bureau (Tel: 82-62-611-3641). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

The 11th International Green Car Korea

Everything about green cars from finished cars to parts and services is set be displayed.

The 11th International Green Car Korea will be held from July 5 to 7 at the Kim Daejung Convention Center in Gwangju. Hosted by the Gwangju Metropolitan City and co-conducted by the Kim Daejung Convention Center, Gwangju Green Car Promotion Center, Korea Trade- Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), and Korea Auto Parts Association, the International Green Car Korea is Korea’s representative event leading the development of the eco-friendly automobile industry and the 4th Industrial Revolution. Everything about eco-friendly automobiles from finished cars to auto parts, automotive application components, infrastructure, and services, will be on display in the exhibition.
International Green Car Korea, Korea’s first green car exhibition, has introduced the theme “Green Car” for the first time in Korea. It is the only one among the automobilerelated exhibitions in Korea that has acquired the official label “UFI Approved Event” from the Union Des Foires Internationales (UFI), a global association of the exhibition industry, and certified as an international exhibition by Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE). Accordingly, it has been selected as a promising exhibition that will lead the Korean automobile industry this year.
The eco-friendly green car industry has now moved beyond optional to essential. This is supported by the fact that the number of cars, which had been less than 1 million units 10 years ago, is now rapidly growing to 2.62 million units, in line with COP(Conference of the Parties)21 and the environmental policies of each nation. The International Green Car Korea will give a powerful glimpse of the present state of Korean and overseas technology trends, environmental regulations, and eco-friendly vehicles.
This year, the International Green Car Korea will see participation by the UK’s Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), along with its member companies as well as eco-friendly vehicles and parts makers such as KOMEL, an electric motor manufacturer from Poland, as well as the Flying Car Association, which will showcase manned drones, a future transportation, and the member companies; the Gwangju Aftermarket Auto Parts Council and member companies that manufacture and supply automobile parts to the market to provide performance enhancement and stability of auto parts; MPS Korea specializing in electric commercial vehicles; APRO that specializes in the production of automotive parts and lamps; Earthtech, a battery recycling company that recycles energy storage system (ESS) for waste batteries from electric vehicles; Protec EMS, an electric charger supplier; and AutoLine, which produces and distributes eco-friendly automobile products.
In addition, it will draw participation by research centers in domestic universities as well as companies. In addition to those companies, the research centers in Korean universities including KAIST’s Wireless Power Transfer Research Center, Eco- Friendly Vehicle Human Resources Development Project based on ICT Convergence in Chonnam National University, Linc Plus Project in Chosun University, Environment-friendly Energy Car Research Society in Konkuk University will present new ideas to lead the future automotive industry.
In addition, the newly introduced “EV Trend Zone” will show the trend of eco-friendly finished cars, displaying Hyundai Motor’s hydrogen car Nexo and Kona EV, an electric vehicle, Kia Motors’ 2018 Kia Soul EV and Niro EV, GM’s Chevy Bolt EV, 2018 Toyota Prius c, and BMW i3 will be on display. This will be a meaningful opportunity to meet and compare various eco-friendly vehicles such as electric cars, hybrid cars, and hydrogen cars at the same time.
In particular, thanks to the reputation of the exhibition, which has been growing year after year, there will be various business, academic, and other events including B2B meetings with about 100 leading foreign buyers invited by KOTRA, a co-organizer, and Korea Auto Parts Association as well as the International Conference on Advanced Automotive Technology (ICAT 2018), a conference focused on electric vehicles that will provide a glimpse of trends in relevant academic and industrial circles around the world under the theme “EVer Green,” and the Hyundai Motor Hydrogen Electric House, where visitors can experience everything about environment-friendly alternative energy of the future.
You can get a glimpse of the global trend of the green automobile industry at the 11th International Green Car Korea that will lead the city development project of eco-friendly car parts, which is the national industry promoted by the Gwangju Metropolitan City. For participation, please contact Kim Dae-jung Convention Center’s Event Planning Team on 82-62-611-2211.



  • Finished Vehicles (Eco-friendly Vehicles)
    • Electric cars, hybrid cars, clean diesel cars,
      specially equipped cars, tuning cars, etc.
  • Auto Parts
    • Smart auto parts, rechargeable batteries
      and batteries, motors and reducers,
      clean diesel parts, etc.
  • Auto Accessories
    • Fuel-saving devices, exhaust reduction
      device, eco-friendly tuning goods, etc.
  • Infrastructure and Services
    • Green car sharing, fast and slow chargers,
      technical certification, etc.
  • Automotive electric parts
    • ECU system, software, image sensors for
      autonomous vehicles, automobile
      semiconductors, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Busan International Motor Show 2018 Busan International Motor Show 2018, based on the theme of “Beyond Innovation, Into the Future,” will be held over a period of 11 days, from June 7 (Thursday) to June 17 (Sunday), at BEXCO, Busan, Korea, starting with the press day on June 7 followed by the opening ceremony on June 8.
This year’s Busan International Motor Show 2018 will be held as a new type of motor show, demonstrating the development of information technology, which can be easily enjoyed by anyone.
Currently, 19 brands from both Korea and overseas completed vehicles have finished applications, ranging from the domestic complete vehicle brands, such as Hyundai Motor Company (including Genesis), Kia Motors Corporation, GM Korea Company’s Chevrolet, Renault Samsung Motors, etc. to Audi Korea, Toyota Motor Korea Co., Ltd., Lexus, Nissan Korea, Mercedes-Benz Korea, BMW, Mini, Jaguar, Land Rover Korea, Infiniti, MAN Truck & Bus Korea, Edison Motors, etc.
Next Mobility. So, in what form will the futuristic automobile of the next generation emerge? Reflecting the current trend that electronic vehicles and autonomous driving technology equipped with cutting-edge innovation are made public in full force and changes of the future automobile industry are suggested, the Busan International Motor Show 2018 plans to consider the future market and technology and keep pace with the tide of change, departing from the previous approach that focused on getting large and splendid.
The best feature of this year’s Motor Show is that it will be a diversified motor show revealing the extensive spectrum of the life with cars. In this context, besides car display of complete vehicle brands, various events will be held on the 3rd floor of the Second Exhibition Hall, such as Automotive Manufacturing Expo Korea 2018 for expanding the association effect of the car industry, and the Camping Car Show, for spreading the car-related leisure culture, The Special Room of the Future Automobiles for viewing the future of the car industry, and Personal Mobility Show and The Room of Car Life encompassing our life with cars. The KSAE (The Korean Society of Automotive Engineers) 2018 Annual Spring Conference, which will be held simultaneously from June 7 (Thursday) to June 9 (Saturday), will include paper presentations of studies covering the whole field of automobiles and will be the venue for exchanging updated information on automobiles. Especially, it is expected that important people will attend in full force this year in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the KSAE. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods