Independent Power-generation Vehicle & Electric-vehicle

[INQ. NO. 2012M22] Total Emission Solution Korea Co., Ltd. (TESK) developed Power Take-Off (PTO) for automatic transmission and applies various application technologies to PTO to manufacture special purpose vehicles. TESK manufactures and supplies an independent power generation system by working together with SsangYong Motor.
TESK developed an independent power generation vehicle by installing a power generator to SsangYong Motor’s REXTON SPORTS/KHAN pick-up truck, which made it safer and more convenient for consumers to use electricity than they would with a portable or the ordinary power generator.
Previously, if someone wanted a power generator that could supply 40 ~ 50kW of electricity, a power generator so large would need to be used that it had to be transported by a truck that can carry up to 2.5 tons of load. The independent power-generation vehicle of TESK comes in the form of a pick-up truck that can carry up to five passengers, which can move quickly to different locations.

It is highly efficient because it can generate 40kW of electricity while making a level of noise equivalent to that of the vehicle’s engine. It can be used as a pick-up truck during an ordinary day and as a power-generation vehicle during an emergency, to operate a water lift pump to supply or drain water or power a welding machine.
Accordingly, the product was supplied for a pilot operation to the facility maintenance crews of Korean mobile telecommunication companies that are in charge of maintaining the antennas, and the users have evaluated the product to be exceptionally useful and cost-effective.
It can be used to provide various services, such as charging, emergency dispatch, simple repair, towing, etc., for electric vehicles, as the electronic controller has been improved, and more stable power generation became possible. Because it can generate power independently, it can supply an unlimited amount of electricity and charge two vehicles at the same time.
Other electric vehicle charging service vehicles charge the electric vehicles using the B2B (battery-to-battery) method, which limited the amount of charge to 30kW per charge, or to an amount that allows the charged vehicle to travel for 30 minutes.
However, the independent power generation vehicle of Total Emission Solution Korea can travel a long distance to charge the electric vehicle, because it can generate power independently using ESS & PTO. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Hydraulic Cylinders

[INQ. NO. 2012M20] SHINMYONG Hydraulic Cylinders Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and supplying hydraulic cylinders customized to the customers’ needs. Since its founding in 1995, the company has been constantly developing technologies to achieve the highest-quality products.
SHINMYONG Hydraulic Cylinders expanded its headquarters and factory to Siwha Industrial Complex in 2008 thanks to the support from its customers – and the relocation became a foundation for the company to advance the quality of its products a step further.
The company’s hydraulic cylinders are manufactured in the latest, automated facilities based on rich experience and know-how, and strong technological capability. They were exported to the USA for the first time in 2002, and are now being supplied to customers in other countries, including Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, for a variety of purposes, such as agriculture, general industry and special-purpose vehicles.

SHINMYONG Hydraulic Cylinders specializes in OEM manufacturing and has a total service system that can effectively respond to the customers’ requirements. The company strictly manages the quality of its products and manufactures its products according to a stable manufacturing system.
The company’s hydraulic cylinders can be installed in various kinds of equipment of the customers, such as frontloaders, skidloaders, backhoes, harvester roll balers, hydraulic cranes, lift, and quick couplers, and help them safely and perfectly operate their equipment with strong and precise movement.

For Agricultural Equipment and Construction & Industrial Equipment
Its major products are largely divided into cylinders for agricultural equipment and cylinders for construction and industrial equipment.
For agricultural equipment, such various hydraulic cylinders as front loaders, skid loaders, backhoes, harvesters, roll balers, etc. are manufactured and used frequently.
Various other types of hydraulic cylinders are widely applied for construction & industrial equipment,such as for hydraulic cranes, scissor lifts, quick couplers, high lift loaders, railway repair vehicles, etc.
The company’s president emphasized that the company will ceaselessly adopt innovation, develop new technology and expedite the introduction of the latest facilities, and ensure that the company will deliver on time, offer reasonable prices, and provide thorough after-sales management. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Temporary Materials

For Construction

[INQ. NO. 2012M19] Hory Korea Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing temporary materials for construction since 2000, including system scaffolding, system support, Euroform, pipe support, table form, plastic form, clamp accessory, and so on.

System scaffolding (steel, STK700, Ø48.6*2.0thk)
System scaffolding is a temporary structure installed to provide a foothold for the construction workers. It consists of vertical and horizontal pieces. Its parts are standardized, so it is easy to assemble and disassemble. It is structurally safer than the general tube and coupler scaffolding. Hory Korea’s system scaffolding increases work efficiency because it is stronger (it is made of high-strength STK700 steel) and lighter (the thickness of the pipe wall is thinner).

System support (steel, STK500, Ø60.5*2.6thk)
System support is a construction material used to support the slab mold when building a concrete structure. It consists of vertical and horizontal standardized pieces, like the system scaffolding does, so it is easy and safe to assemble and disassemble.

Euroform, pipe support and system form
Hory Korea also manufactures Euroform and pipe support that can be useful for various construction purposes. Hory Korea developed the system form that adopted plastic panels for the first time in Korea to satisfy its customers.
Currently, Hory Korea is actively exporting its products to the USA, Russia, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Hory Korea strives to help its customers successfully complete their projects by providing installation drawings and technical support in addition to high-quality products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Rotating Parts of Steam Turbines & Gas Turbines

[INQ. NO. 2012M18] FLOWDY is a manufacturer specializing in exporting the rotating parts of steam turbines and gas turbines.
The company carries out the entire manufacturing process, including centrifugal casting, forge welding and heat treatment, to manufacture the parts made of special alloy.
Currently, the company is localizing the core parts of rotating equipment that used to be imported by using its 3D scanning technology and the reverse engineering technique.
The company manufactures core parts of steam and gas turbines used for nuclear, hydro, thermal and combined heat and power generation plants.
As the steam or the gas passes through the blades inside the turbine under high temperature and high pressure, it delivers a force that rotates the turbine at a high speed, and the turbine rotates the power generator to generate electricity.

This is a modular part where the fixed-wing combined with the rotor is assembled to the ring. It controls the direction and the speed of steam so that the force can be effectively delivered to the rotating wing.
It is a device that rotates the central axis connected to the generator by increasing the speed energy inside the turbine.
Even a company that has advanced technology in the area of machinery cannot easily develop a diaphragm, since its manufacturing process is complicated.

Labyrinth seal
This is a sealing device installed between the fixed and the rotating parts inside a turbine, which prevents steam from leaking. FLOWDY was able to develop technology that maximizes the sealing effect by changing the shape of the packing ring or applying a special material. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Water-soluble Antirust Coating Agent

[INQ. NO. 2012M17] GEOPERT is a water-soluble anti-rust silver coating agent and high corrosion resistance rust inhibitor that can prevent red rust for 1,500 hours or longer in salt spray test (SST) despite the 5-8µm of film thickness.
Since this product is water-soluble, there is no fire risk, and little or no VOC, so the work environment is pleasant. It is an innovative product with superior productivity, especially, because it has low viscosity.
Moreover, it solves some issues that are problematic in existing products from other companies, such as adherence between products, liquid pooling trouble in +Screw or wrench bolt, and shows very small defect rate.

Differentiated from oily products of other companies, BLACKPERT is a water-soluble liquid type 1 coating agent, and does not cause adherence between products or liquid pooling with lower viscosity compared to other products.
In particular, customer satisfaction is high with a very beautiful coating surface as this product has glossy, semi-matt and matt types and can implement various black colors.
TORCA is a colorless, odorless, soluble friction coefficient conditioning agent (torque coefficient control), and this soluble coating agent can be applied to fastener components to deliver the friction (torque) coefficient the customer wants. In particular, one of the advantages of this product is that it does not affect the base coating color, different from regular products of other companies.
Established in 2002, Zincotec Co., Ltd. manufactures water-soluble antirust coatings under the brand names GEOPERT, BLACKPERT that are zinc flake coating chemicals.
In partnership with Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, etc., the company exports patented products developed by pure domestic technology to China, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, and other countries. In addition, Zincotec has been designated as a promising small and medium export enterprise. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Steel Pipes

For Headrests, Airbags, Gas Pipes, etc.

Establishing a Consistent Production System in the Automotive Industry
[INQ. NO. 2012M16] Since its foundation in 1976, JESCO Co., Ltd. has been responsible for providing one of the automotive industry’s axes to establish a consistent production system (slitter + Jo Hall (Hall) + cutting, etc.) with a sense of duty.
Currently, JESCO is recognized as a manufacturer of ERW small diameter pipes with high tensile strength and high Mn. Under the company’s motto, “Let’s become more accurate, more modest, and more honest,” JESCO has been striving to secure the best quality in local as well as overseas markets.
JESCO is now devoting itself to establishing a global infrastructure to provide clients with the best products such as refrigerant small diameter steel pipes (Φ 4.0 m/m) for electronics and aluminum header pipes for the automotive and electronic fields.
JESCO seeks to communicate with its customers for its development on the basis of challenge, innovation and creative mindset.

Producing Steel Pipes for Headrests, Steering Wheels, Gas Pipes, etc.
JESCO produces steel pipes that support headrests and seat frames in automobiles mainly, such as seat handles and power steering, along with airbags, fuel and gas pipes. The products meet the needs of its customers in various sizes of pipe production.
Based on computer-controlled systems, their minimum tolerance control is adjusted, according to customers’ requests. The company uses a nipple filter to minimize inner bead and warrants its products with two-colored thermometer based on high reliability for welding abilities.
Including low and high hardness, a wide range of production line is available. With constant tests using the Eddy-Current tester, quality criteria are continuously increasing along with maintenance management to produce high-quality products.

JESCO leads small diameter automotive pipe fields with its know-how and technical skills proven and demonstrated over 37 years in the market.
Its R&D staffs comprise 10% of the workforce, while the company invests more than 2% of the annual turnover in research and development. The R&D team is involved in research planning, management, product design, mill tubing technology, reliability estimation, and verification. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

ERV, HRV & Low Profile Duct System

[INQ. NO. 2012M15] JungSang E&T is specialized in ERV, HRV and low profile duct systems for air movement components of HVAC, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Its products will appeal to many customers who need a high air-quality HVAC system.

JungSang E&T acquired its first CE certification related to Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) in Korea since the act on obligatory ERV installation in 2006. As we spend most of our time indoors, it is very important to have good indoor air quality with the ERV system.
The stale air flows through a duct and transfers its heat to the plates above and below.

Unused fresh air streams in through separate ducts on the other side of the plates. It takes up the heat and is available as warm air supply.
Saving energy by using energy recovery is not only cost-effective and environmentally friendly, but also healthy fresh air is provided constantly without having to keep opening windows. Stale air with humidity, toxins and odors is extracted from the kitchen, bathroom and toilets via design valves to the heat exchanger in the ventilation unit.
JungSang E&T’s air-to-air heat exchangers, made of corrosion resistant aluminum, are installed within the air-handling units and ventilators to recover heat energy.
Its airtight structure prevents cross-contamination of air, making it ideal for providing clean and safe HVAC in buildings such as medical facilities, laboratories, clean rooms and swimming pools.
All models are made in Korea. The plate heat exchanger consists of an exchanger housing and recovery cube that is made of aluminum foil fins for heat transfer, corner sections, a bottom and a cover made of galvanized painted or stainless steel.
In addition, JungSang E&T carries various product sizes for low-profile ducts, and is praised for its high quality. They maximize fan performance, and are available in three sizes to suit a large quantity of air with low resistance at a low noise level. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Plastic Injection Molds

[INQ. NO. 2012M14] WON PRECISION Co., whose main items are plastic injection molds throughout the automobile and home appliance industries, is professionally manufacturing small precision plastic products less than 20020050(T)mm in size.
WON PRECISIOIN is mainly producing these car interior material molds as a Tier 2 supplier for Hyundai Motor group,
WON PRECISION is currently professionally producing main handling items such as switches, gear knobs, multi functions and EV connectors (steering system switches, window switches, Inhibitor switches, room lamps, etc.)
For the major facilities − most of which are automation system − the company has seven CNC high-speed machines, seven CNC electric discharge machines, two NC electric discharge machines, eight grinding machines.
Mold manufacturing is aimed at completing its development within T3, and common products take 45 days to T0 after starting its designing.

WON PRECISION was founded in September 1995 based on technical expertise specializing in connector molds. For many years since its founding, all executives and employees have been practicing “customer satisfaction management” to become the cornerstone of the mold industry.
WON PRECISON implements development, mold making, and ultra-precision molded parts in automation system processing facilities to realize customer satisfaction with the best quality and quick delivery.
A spokesperson of the company noted, “Even if we make a small thing, we do our best without losing its original intention. To help drive your company’s breakthroughs, we provide complete tooling parts automation system equipment and the best technology available. With a thorough quality management system and adapted manufacturing process on environmental standards, we are going to continue to develop forward-looking products based on trust and become a company that can always grow with our customers.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Custom-built Special Containers

[INQ. NO. 2012M13] Ace Engineering Co., Ltd. is a turnkey solution provider of diverse containerized solutions.
Beyond container manufacturing, Ace Engineering is leading the global market as a turnkey solution provider that provides a one-stop total service for all processes ranging from design, to electricity, air conditioning and firefighting equipment.
Established as the first specialized container manufacturer in Korea, with more than 30 years of research and development, Ace Engineering has been manufacturing custom-built special containers to numerous industry sectors such as energy, cold chain, offshore, aerospace, electric, and the military.

Ace Engineering is the largest ESS manufacturer in Korea. Maintaining high customer satisfaction, it continues to supply its flagship product, ESS containers, to leading domestic companies such as Samsung SDI, LG Chem, Hyosung, and SK D&D and to overseas companies such as ABB, Burns & McDonnell, AES, Siemens, and Duke Energy, etc.
Ace Engineering is currently engaged in manufacturing various types of advanced products, mainly for containers.
The company’s ultra-freezer is able to transport and store cargos to -60C. Presently, it is developing upgraded product to preserve -75C. This product is used for special medical products, high grade groceries such as tuna.
For ESS (Energy Storage Solutions), Ace Engineering is showing its excellency in manufacturing of lithium ion and flow batteries storages for renewable energy, enhancing electricity quality with frequency regulations usage. The company is holding an accumulated reference of around 4GWh worth projects.

For securing lives and property from major rifles and bombs, Ace Engineering is producing bullet- and explosion-proof containers. Aerospace containers are also where the company shows specialty, which provides special containers to transport aircraft components, satellites, etc.
Ace Engineering has reference with AIRBUS A320 / A350 wing panels. The offshore containers from the company are used in offshore drilling platforms to meet DNV2.7.1 requirement. Ace Engineering is the first Asian company to be certified by DNV-GL.
Moreover, Ace Engineering holds a total of 18 domestic and overseas certifications and patents, and is determined to develop and research containers that meet UL, IEC and NFPA regulations for safe ESS production. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Hydraulic Parts

[INQ. NO. 2012M12] ALFA TECH Co., Ltd. specializes in hydraulic parts for earth moving machines. Its headquarters are located in Seoul and it mainly supplies hydraulic parts to equipment manufacturers and the after service market. ALFA TECH has grown significantly over the years and continues to improve and expand.
ALFA TECH has been a reliable and professional supplier to Doosan, Hyundai & Volvo for a long time. Currently it supplies parts for not only equipment produced in Korea, but also for international companies such as Hitachi, Komatsu, Caterpillar, JCB, Kobelco, Liebherr, etc.
In 2019, ALFA TECH successfully launched its own brand ‘MOTROS’ in order to trade its hydraulic technology in the international market. Motros has the meaning of ‘Motion + Control + System’. In other words, motros covers the entire hydraulics system that controls machines by hydraulics.
Its parts are widely used in various industries such as earth moving machineries, vessels, industrial equipment, agricultural machines, etc. The company believes that these hydraulic parts produced under the name of motros can make your machines and life work more efficiently.
Its manufactured main products are final drives, slewing motors, reduction gears, & main pumps. They are presented as below:

Final drive
ALFA TECH’s final drive is compact with integrated reduction gear and multi-functioning valves. Advanced technology reduces power loss and ensures smooth start & stop. Also, the company has improved its overall mechanical efficiency for the best operation. It is now growing in popularity as the best OEM final drive in the world.

Slewing Motor
ALFA TECH’s slewing motors are fixed displacement axial piston motors for slewing applications. Integrated reduction gears and multi functioning valves can absorb pressure and shocks when the motor stops. This high technology ensures the machine works with high performance.

Main Pump
ALFA TECH’s main pump is designed to satisfy the marine, mobile and industrial markets where a medium/high pressure variable displacement pump is required. The company’s main pump has been selected as an OEM pump for world machinery proven for its high quality.

Reduction gears
High-quality reduction gears can improve motor’s performance. ALFA TECH’s reduction gears guarantee precise operation and full performance of machines. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods