Strong and Reliable Saws with Excellent Cutting Ability Metal is a manufacturer and exporter of variouskinds of hand saws. It has been 30 years since the company started exporting its goods. Based on accumulated knowhow, Jerim Metal currently exports products to lots of countries in the world including the U.S., Italy, the UK, Canada and Spain. Its main products are fold-away pruning saws, straight pruning saws, curved saws and pole tree saws.

201611mm_page_32_03Especially as for the fold-away pruning saws, they possess the widest array of models. Jerim Metal produces hand saws used as garden tools, which are classifi ed into four types ? a fold-away saw, a straight pruning saw, a curved pruning saw and a carpentry saw.

The fold-away saw’s blades can be folded into the handle and unfolded out of it with ease. The saw is very effi cient for pruning small branches and twigs.

Its compact size off ers high portability since it can be easily put into the pocket.

The handle has various designs and colors, which off ers beautiful appearance as well as convenience and safety. This product is designed to relieve your hand fatigue to a maximum degree when used for a long time.

The blade of this straight pruning saw is made in a straight line with the handle. Unlike the foldaway pruning straw, the straight pruning saw can cut thick branches without diffi culty. This product is easy to keep in any place thanks to the case protecting the blade. The case enables you to keep the saw or even carry it by your side easily.

The curved saw is perfect for pruning live branches.Unlike the straight pruning saw, its blade is not straight but a litt le curved and conveniently used to cut the tree without applying much force. Meanwhile, like the straight pruning saw, it is composed of a wide variety of kinds, one of which is a multi-type saw used with telescopic pole to cut branches in the upper part of a tree.

Increasing Competitiveness by Improving Quality

Such tremendous R&D eff orts enabled Jerim Metal to be designated as a model venture 201611mm_page_32_06business on August 31, 1998. In spite of the high quality of products made in Korea, their brand-value is less acknowledged and less powerful than those made in Japan.

Likewise, Chinese and Taiwanese products entice customers with lower prices than Jerim Metal’s products.

Therefore, Jerim Metal strives to increase its competitiveness by improving quality and design and adjusting prices. They are convinced that it almost came true. Customers recognize Jerim’s steady eff orts to improve its product quality, workability and price competitiveness when using its products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Commitment to Providing Advanced Engineering Solutions in Industrial Automation its establishment in 1993, Sejin-iGB has progressed and expanded its business to keep pace with engineering innovations in advanced transmission technology. Through the manufacture and sales of high-precision linear and rotary transmissions, Sejin-iGB is committ ed to providing advanced engineering solutions in industrial automation.

With 20 years of high-precision transmission research, Sejin-iGB contributes to high-quality and optimized solutions for customers who need more sophisticated and higher accuracy in the industry.

Sejin iGB always endeavors to provide high-precision reducers with the best technology, products and service to its customers. A reducer is a kind of power transmission system and is a core component used in industrial automation machinery. This equipment generates large torque, instead of reducing the speed. Sejin iGB has been producing high-precision reducers for more than 20 years, and it has focused on technologies that everybody strives for, but nobody has achieved yet.

Producing the Best High-Precision Reducers in Terms of Performance

High-precision reducers contain fused technologies, such as mechanical, control, materials, electrical and electronic engineering. Sejin iGB consistently off ers creative and innovative products of its own brand to customers, and all products are based on systematic technology roadmap. The original and new Sejin iGB reducers are extending their usability in the domestic market that used to import mainly foreign products. However, Sejin iGB is now improving its competence of the company by maintaining the highest standard in terms of performance.

By developing high-precision reducers for industrial robots, the defense sector, rack and pinion fusion modules, semiconductors and medical equipment, sales in the overseas market are likely to increase. High-precision position control modules are fused with deceleration, high-speed gear ratio, compact and lightweight and lownoise equipment. Thus, the reducers for robots and automation equipment will be greatly improved in terms of performance and reliability.

As for high-precision reducers that represent product lines of the company, there are CRP, XQ Power, RPM and SS series. The CRP (Clean Rack Pinion) series features clean installation, various selections, integer movement, multiple tooth contact, generated tooth profi le, high acceleration and high effi ciency without noise. They are highly dynamic and simple to use. The SS (Space Saver) series feature space saving right angle, universal installation, full protection and high tilting rigidity. They are also quiet and highly dynamic.
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Specialization in Industrial Furniture as well as Laboratory Furniture ENG was launched in 1999 as a specialized industrial furniture maker, composing clamping tools for fi xing molds, toolboxes, and work benches. Now it has become a leader in the industry peer group despite its short history. Also, since 2007, it entered the business of materials handling equipment, advancing into not only domestic but also international markets and gaining a favorable reception, by developing and launching about 50 models such as forklifts, under the ‘TOVICA’ brand.
In 2010, based on production know-how accumulated so far, it expanded it business into the laboratory furniture fi eld. In 2015, it launched an integrated brand, TJEN, consolidating industrial furniture and laboratory furniture to advance into the global market.

Representative Products of Taejin ENG, Forklift and Laboratory Furniture

Taejin ENG developed material handling equipment with various functions with its own technologies such as electric forklift trucks, electric pallet trucks, stackers, equipment dealing with drums and table lifts, etc. And it supplies them under the TOVICA brand to overseas users as well as domestically with the best quality ensured. For example, the Electric Walkie Stacker – Reach Type-ensures smooth and silent driving with easy control AC motor without vibration and noise. It has a highly effi cient AC control system, so low power-consumption allows for economical use of batt ery.

Taejin laboratory furniture features innovative designs and safety as its top priorities and is comprised of an experiment table to store various kinds of experimental apparatus and a shelf-typed experiment table equipped with two-layer shelves to make use of space effi ciently, an outlet type on which large experimental equipment can be placed and used and a basic experiment table, etc.

Structural safety was improved by making its frame with aluminum and steel.

The laminated phenol made of Formica which has excellent chemical resistance is basically used for the top plate and effi cient experimental environment is made by systematic layout of utilities such as electricity, gas and water supply and drainage, etc. In addition, convenient and safe experiments can be conducted since there are safety cabinets and closet for reagent, etc. that can store fl ammable materials.

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Advanced Saw Blades Ready for the Global Market blades are the most traditional and essential tools for cutt ing materials to required dimensions. In particular, Tungsten Carbide-Tipped (TCT) circular saw blades are capable of operating at much higher temperatures (Max. 400 째C) and cutt ing at a much higher surface speed (max. 350 M/min).

201610mm_page_034_03These blades are commonly used for cutt ing non-ferrous alloys, but have gained signifi cant popularity for ferrous metal cutt ing applications in the past 20 years.

Since its establishment in 1999, Power Saw has supplied quality cutt ing tools to local and overseas markets. In 2005, the company developed high-quality TCT saw blades. They made a foray into the saw blade market. In the same year, Power Saw localized high-quality saw blades and began to export them to advanced countries in 2012.

201610mm_page_034_10The company is putt ing its utmost eff orts into satisfying its customers with bett er products by enhancing product quality. Tube Top and Solid Top are TCT saw blades. The Top Series is a group of newly developed products to meet global customers’ needs. Their remarkable chip removal eff ects enable clean cuts, fast cuts and longer blade life. AlTiN coating increases wear resistance.

Cutt ing edge materials have carbide tips and cermet tips. Tube Top Saw Blades are used to cut steel tubes while Solid Top Saw Blades are a right choice for cutt ing solid bars. Orbital Top Saw Blades cut large OD ERW pipes and tubes.

Their optimal tooth geometry improves chip removal, enhances cutt ing surface quality and extends the durability of tools. Non-Ferrous TCT Saw Blades cut aluminum, copper, brass and bronze materials. The product applies positive and negative hook angles.

Cutting Better and Lasting Longer


Power Saw always focuses on technology development.

The company began to develop high-quality TCT circular saw blades in June 2008. In March 2013, Power Saw set up the Power Saw R&D Laboratory. In February 2015, the Korean government designated Power Saw as a promising venture company in recognition of its technological prowess.

In April, the company took part in the Wire and Tube 2016 exhibition held biannually in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Visitors to the trade show showed much interest in Power Saw products. In the next month of May, the company exported its products to Germany for the fi rst time after three years of eff orts to develop overseas markets. Power Saw is now taking off with strong and reliable saw blades which cut bett er and last longer than any other products in the world. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Specialization in the Export of OEM and Quality Aftermarket A/C Parts since its foundation in 2002, KOR.E International has been specializing in the export of OEM and quality aftermarket A/C parts. It started out with just one loyal overseas customer, but through its strength and perseverance to advance into overseas markets, KOR.E has continued to grow successfully as a global export company by earning trust from customers.


KOR.E focuses on supplying the A/C auto parts industry with condensers, radiators, compressors, evaporators, HVAC units, complete A/C systems, and other spare parts.

KOR.E has been able to set itself apart from other trading companies with its commitment to customer service. It takes pride in having close relationships with all of its customers and being able to understand and predict their needs.

Functions of Major Components of Car Air-Conditioning Systems
201610mm_page_033_14A condenser is required to cool down the hot refrigerant coming from a compressor, so it is located at the front of a car where it can be exposed to the maximum amount of air. As the hot refrigerant fl ows into the condenser, it dissipates heat by fl owing through a system of ultra-thin tubes that are held together by fi ns.

KOR.E manufactures Parallel Flow (PF) condensers that have been proven more eff ective and reliable than serpentine or plate and fi n-type condensers. It carries over 1,000 models of condensers and has the ability to customize a condenser as customers want. All the processes are in accordance with ISO9001, TS16949 and ISO14001.

201610mm_page_033_03A compressor is a key part of a car’s airconditioning system and is usually driven by the engine via a V-belt or ribbed V-belt.

As low-pressure liquid refrigerant from the evaporator fl ows into the compressor, the liquid is compressed into high pressure gas and sent to the condenser. These units compress liquid refrigerant into gas while keeping the refrigerant fl owing through the airconditioning system. Compressors are also fi lled with special lubricating oil, and some of this oil circulates with the refrigerant through the air-conditioning system, keeping all of the parts lubricated.

201610mm_page_033_11A radiator is located at the front of a car’s engine, just behind the condenser, and is the most important component of the cooling module because it keeps the engine from overheating.

201610mm_page_033_13The radiator is made up of a radiator core, along with two plastic side tanks, and all the necessary connections and att achments. The radiator core is made up of a network of fi ns and tubes that run either horizontally or vertically, depending on the application. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Actively Exploring Global Markets with Patented Parking Systems and Construction Equipment on technology accumulated over the past 20 years, HONGBO Co. has solidifi ed its domestically leading position in the export of automated parking systems, asphalt mixing plants, concrete batching plants and crushing plants.

201610mm_page_032_03With ISO 9001 international certifi cation, the company has acquired foreign standards such as GOST and several new invention and utility model patents. It has originally concentrated on markets in Russia and former CIS countries. But, eff orts are being made to diversify its foreign outlets into other countries such as Indonesia.

The maker’s automated parking systems automatically transfer vehicles into the open parking slot by employing special compact lifting equipment. Capable of parking various types of cars ranging from mini cars to large sport utility vehicles, they are equipped with reliable safe devices and user-friendly interface in control device. The company can meet any intricate requirements from overseas customers.


Asphalt mixing plants from the maker are indispensible for ASCON (Asphalt Concrete) and REMICON (Ready- Mixed Concrete) manufacturing companies. They are specially designed to overcome severe heat in the Middle East, sandstorms in the desert, and severely cold weather in areas like Siberia.

Equipped with a high-performance mixer, the company’s concrete batching plants can produce high-strength concrete and various other kinds of special concrete. The maker can off er customized plants for various work environments, including public works and house construction sites in the city.

Armed with long experiences of producing a wide range of crushing and screening equipment for domestic mining companies, the fi rm has supplied environment-protecting crushing plants featuring optimized construction waste refi ning processes. Its crushing plants are ideal for producing crushed gravel-sand mixtures, helping prevent environmental destruction and achieve smooth recycling of natural resources.
Ready to Meet Changing Market Demand Abroad

201610mm_page_032_07“We at HONGBO Co. have provided our customers with a broad range of services from development and designing to manufacturing and installation. To meet rapidly changing demands from overseas markets, we are actively cooperating with advanced European and Korean specialists in the fi eld. We are thus ready to off er high-quality service, punctual delivery and acceptable prices,” said the company’s president Kim Sung-han. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

A Leading Manufacturer of Precision Components and Assemblies for the Aerospace and Defense Fields Jig & Fixture is a leading manufacturer of precision components and assemblies for the aerospace and defense markets.

201610mm_page_031_03“We diff erentiate ourselves by providing superior solutions to our customers needs and off er a true lower cost and high quality products through our lean culture, innovation and collaboration. We provide world class metrics for delivery and quality along with New Product Introduction and Supply Chain Management. Competencies include 5 axis machining of aluminum, titanium, high temperature alloys and stainless steel, and design/manufacture of large complex contoured toolings for aerospace and defense applications.”

Aerospace Tooling

201610mm_page_031_13Korea Jig & Fixture has been supplying costcompetitive and quality toolings to aerospace and defense industry since 1984.

Aerospace toolings include integrated assembly line, assembly jig, test fi xture, holding fi xture, ground support equipment, MRO tooling, workstand, ancillary equipment and layup tools, but not limited to.
Aerostructure & Structural Part

201610mm_page_031_05Comprehensive structural assemblies are driven by proven processes, capabilities, and management systems.

State-of-the-art CNC machining centers are capable of handling parts up to 13 feet in length. Korea Jig & Fixture has gone through extensive experience in supplying highquality precision machined parts and assemblies to the aerospace industry.

Customers include Northrop Grumman, Triumph Aerostructures – VAD, Elbit systems, KAI, KAL, FACC and so on.

Defense Structure

Korea Jig & Fixture has been participating to develop Korean main batt le tank and radar program since 1986.

Thanks to its successful delivery, programs participated are continuously expaneded. Customers include Hanwha Thales and Hyundai Rotem.
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Bringing the World Excellent Couplings Machinery. Co., Ltd has localized various kinds of high-precision couplings for the fi rst time in Korea.

Currently, its share of the Korean coupling market is over 60 percent. Sungil’s couplings have been exported to 25 countries worldwide. Support units, power locks and other factory automation parts, other main items of Sungil, are manufactured and off ered to the domestic and oversea markets based on the top-tier precise quality.
The company has continuously aimed for new product development to meet its customers’ diverse needs and will strive to be a global top-tier parts manufacturer in the factory automation industries.

Couplings are core parts to transfer motion and power that can absorb misalignments and vibration for accurate rotation. The SRB Series are radial beam-type fl exible couplings that are made of high-strength aluminum alloy in one-piece structures. Sungil Machinery has maximized the advantages of the German VMT type and made up for weak points.

The product features high torsional stiff ness, a highly permissible torgue and stability in high rotational speed and a low moment of inertia. A major characteristic of the Oldham Coupling is its excellent fl exibility and a wide range of parallel misalignment acceptability. No restoring force leads to a litt le weight (load) on the bearing and shaft.

Ball screw support units are excellently standardized and have very precise straightness, squareness and concentricity for ball-screw support. Power locks clamp a shaft with a hub very precisely and strongly. Their uniform material property makes the power locks easy to dissemble and reuse.
Expanding Overseas Markets

As a leading coupling manufacturing company in Korea, Sungil Machinery has supplied world-class products to companies manufacturing display, mobile device, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and industrial robots.
The company has been focused on boosting the competitiveness of the FA components market in Korea.

They are now exporting small precise couplings, support units and FA components to Japan, Germany and 20 other nations.
Its branch was opened in China and its sales corporation was established in Japan. Sungil Machinery also set up sales agencies in Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East to expand its overseas markets. The company is increasing its exports based on excellent quality and competitive prices. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

A Leader of the Bicycle Culture in Korea story of Alton Sports is a story of a pioneer, braving the turbulence of the market and forging a new path to become the one and only self-producing bicycle brand in Korea.

201610mm_page_029_03Alton Sports is now preparing for an entirely new revolution with its affi liation with INNOX in 2016.

While the market conditions remain murky as ever with a low growth structure, unclear policy directions and sharp changes in trends, it will continue its journey to become a world-class bicycle manufacturer with an unwavering faith and leadership toward achieving its future vision.

With its goal to become a world-class market leader, Alton Sports has identifi ed management visions along with the goal of KRW 200 billion in sales. First, from manufacturing to logistics, sales and follow-up management, it will approach the entire process systematically to enhance the results. It will off er a diverse range of line-ups and models for the convenience and freedom of choice of customers.

201610mm_page_029_11By increasing its export capabilities, it will showcase the brand value of its name to the rest of the world. Lastly, it will off er not only highquality, but also a wider and more meaningful customer service.

Three Major Products that Represent Alton Sports and its Brands
201610mm_page_029_06Roadmaster, a hybrid bike and road bike brand that emphasizes speed and style, is built to dominate the road with fast and powerful riding.

This brand’s most representative model, Tochka, is a premier Fixie model that off ers streamlined aesthetics with its aero-type frame and 50mm high rim. The frame is made of Aluminum Fixie with 700 x 520 mm. Its crank set consists of Prowheel 46T Aluminum Chainwheel and Fixie Crank Arm. It weighs around 10.3kg and comes in black/red, black/yellow, yellow and navy.

Infi za’s road cycle product line maximizes the fun in riding with its unique composite material, which was based on the harmony of rigidity and elasticity. Infi za’s roda cycle product line was built with the dimensions of the average Korean in mind. Also, it is tailored to the terrain of the Korean Peninsula. Thus, Infi za’s road cycle model can provide unparalleled stability and comfort in riding.

Alton’s e-bikes utilize its patented internal batt ery design to minimize safety issues with regard to external factors such as rain or physical shock. E. Novatus 26 is made with a 26 x 457 internal batt ery smooth welding aluminum frame.

It is capable of being ridden over uneven terrain and in all road conditions. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Korea’s HVAC Leader to Expand World Market with Unique Boilers and Gas Water Heaters Korea, KITURAMI Co.

has been synonymous with home boilers for the past 54 years. By taking over domestically leading makers of air conditioners, cooling towers and refrigerating machines in the mid-2000s, the company has emerged as a substantial powerhouse of the domestic HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning) industry.

201610mm_page_028_03201610mm_page_028_09With ISO 9001 international certifi cation, the manufacturer currently supplies a full spectrum of HAVC products, including gas boilers, oil boilers, medium-size boilers, solid fuel boilers, water heaters, fan coil units, ventilation systems, burners and pumps. Having actively explored foreign markets, it has obtained a variety of foreign certifi cations such as ETL (North America), TRCU(Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus), CCC (China), TSE (Turkey), CSA (Canada), UL (the US), and CE (the EU).
Cutting-Edge Boilers and Gas Water Heaters to Attract Overseas Popularity

201610mm_page_028_15Among the company’s popular export items are premium-type instantaneous gas water heaters, hot water storage type combi boilers and pellet boilers.

Equipped with special stainless steel heat exchanger for both sensible and latent heat, the maker’s premium type instantaneous gas water heater helps the user to achieve high-effi ciency operation with up to 0.96 energy factor. By employing oval-type smoke tubes, it sharply increases the heat effi ciency. Its special stainless steel smoke tubes provide excellent anticorrosive eff ect, thus supplying clean hot water.

201610mm_page_028_06By realizing a 10:1 turndown ratio, it enables the user to control the temperature with the unit of 1C. It is designed to prevent the generation of adverse wind and protect itself from being frozen to burst. Operating silently, it guarantees stable combustion through proportional air controlling.

201610mm_page_028_12The maker’s hot water storage type combi boiler is also equipped with a heat exchanger for both sensible and latent heat.

Incorporating oval type smoke tubes, it off ers increased effi ciency. Using stainless steel (STS316L) for its body, it is free from corrosion and provides superior durability. For the supply of clean hot water, it employs corrosion-resistant special stainless steel smoke tubes.

Compact, the company’s pallet boiler has an automatic smoke tube-cleaning function. By using an 8m-long pleated coil, it provides clean, hot water. Its cast-iron burner provides excellent durability. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods