Hot Water Production Equipment[INQ. NO. 1909M33] INKOBIO is a company producing and selling emulsifier, which contributes to solution of the environmental and energy issues beginning with “Green Energy Plant ELUS,” which is a plant for energy saving and eco-friendly energy.
All kinds of boilers on the market at present produce hot water using the fuel (oil, gas or electric energy). However, INKOBIO’s “Heating Plant ELUS” is an innovative hot water making equipment (boiler) which can provide the hot water of required temperature without using any fuel except for the minimal electricity needed for operating the product itself.
The basic principle of the product is to change the kinetic energy into the thermal energy of high-temperature by pulverizing the thermal medium oil at ultrahigh speed with the power mill. This product can supply hot water of up to 99 degrees through the heat exchanger with the heat generated at this time (Patent No. 1863099).
In changing the concept of the conventional hot water boiler and heating boiler, Heating Plant ELUS has lots of differences and advantages compared with all kinds of existing boiler equipment.
First, it is a groundbreaking equipment in saving of the heating cost. You can save the heating cost by more than 60% ~ 70% compared with the gas, electric or oil boilers. Second, Heating Plant ELUS can be used semi-permanently while the existing industrial boilers have less than 10 years of useful life. Third, Heating Plant ELUS, manufactured in subminiature size, has a very high use of space. Fourth, Heating Plant ELUS is an eco-friendly product discharging no pollutants and the safest hot water providing equipment.
As an official member company of KOTRA, INKOBIO has participated in many export conferences and related projects for many years. Recently, INKOBIO joined the economic delegation at the presidential summit and many foreign buyers recognized its technical superiority in related field.
Based on the experience of core technology and accumulated know-how, INKOBIO recently developed “Heating Plant ELUS,” and, due to this, has changed the concept of conventional hot water boiler and heating boiler completely, thereby extending its territory in both domestic and overseas markets. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Hydraulic Cylinder & Valve[INQ. NO. 1909M32] The hydraulic cylinder of Hipower Hydraulic Co., Ltd. can be applied to a wide range of uses such as machine tools, general industrial machines, agricultural machines, etc.
With SRB 303000 inner tube polishing, Hipower Hydraulic Co., Ltd. manufactures cylinders with enhanced airtightness and roughness. By acquiring the patent for the hybrid main drive cylinder, its durability can be completely verified. As an ISO 9001 certified company, Hipower provides the cylinders meeting official standards.
In addition, as the make-to-order type, it can manufacture the products in accordance with the customers’ requests starting from the cylinder design. Therefore, the company can provide hydraulic cylinders suitable for the field environment and having high safety and work efficiency. Hipower Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is committed to providing optimal hydraulic cylinders based on the hydraulic know-how accumulated over 25 years.

Hydraulic Control Valves and Level Meters
This product enables the set flow rate to be adjusted regardless of the change of pressure and temperature. It is used for controlling both the flow rate of the hydraulic circuit and the precise speed of the actuator. The product with embedded check valve is capable of control flow and free reverse flow. It can safely control the flow rate. Hipower Hydraulic was granted a patent for the poppet valve and currently has many domestic and foreign customers.
Also, the company produces hydraulic valves, oil level meter that shows the amount of oil, solenoid valves, switches, and other hydraulic components by OEM & ODM. It can supply products that meet customer’s requirements such as pressure setting and valve material, and fully customized hydraulic services are available.
Hipower Hydraulic Co., Ltd. plans to become a business partner growing together with customers through continuous development of both new products, and as a company with customer value as the top priority. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

PE Ball Valves[INQ. NO. 1909M31] Polytec Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, has been pursuing its way to be the global leader for PE ball valves and fittings. Polytec is a leading PE valve manufacturer in the global low pressure pipe networking society.
Polytec’s PE ball valves [ASTM size: ½” CTS through 16” IPS/ ISO size: 20mm through 400mm] serve for such various applications as natural gas distribution systems, coal bed methane, industrial plants, water distribution systems, and wastewater & sewage systems.
Polytec’s Polyethylene (PE) ball valve is mainly used as a flow control fitting in low pressure gas distribution network. It opens/closes the gas flow at the time of emergency, maintenance and piping replacement, etc.
Many merits of the PE ball valves are of factors that fully meet its customers’ higher requirements. All plastic design of the valves allows longer lifetime than steel valves.
The plastic bodies of the valves are free from the erosion caused by chemical substances in gas or electrical contact (LPG, LNG and other gas fuels). The full bore design and smooth PE wall allow the maximum flow capacity for the gas transportation. Integral purge connection is available for compact and cost-effective installation. The massive designed body is resistant to all piping loads both in mechanical and thermal load. The specially compounded seats show excellent elasticity and toughness over the valves’ entire life.
And Polytec’s PE ball valves also show good performance in water and chemical application due to no erosion by chemical and water, good flow capacity by lower friction coefficient than steel valves, easy in installation, wide range of product size (20~400 mm, 1/2~16 inch), longer lifetime than steel valves, and environment-friendly material (Polyethylene is safe for the human body).
Since its first export of PE gas ball valves in 1996, Polytec has been loved by its customers in more than 25 countries in six continents. Polytec has been building up its global service network through long-term partnerships with local industry leaders.
Under the company motto ‘Safety is Our Business,’ Polytec supplies PE gas ball valve to many pipeline fields around the world and enjoys a reputation as a quality valve maker. Beyond the gas application, Polytec has also supplied its valves to industry, water and waste water market and has received positive responses from its customers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Amphibious Dredger[INQ. NO. 1909M30] Baekkun Dredging, Co., Ltd is a professional company specialized in dredging products manufacturing, dredging construction, and everything related to dredging.
Established in 2009, Baekkun Dredging, Co., Ltd has boosted the domestic market of Korea with brand new-technology of dredgers and dredging construction methods such as Eco-Friendly Dredgers, Amphibious Dredgers, Eco-friendly Underwater Dredging Machines and Methods, Eco-Friendly Machines and Method for Soil Separation, etc.
Complying with regulations like ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO3834, Baekkun Dredging, Co., Ltd has cooperated with local governments, and public institutions as well as private companies.
Thus, Baekkun Dredging, Co., Ltd can offer high-quality one-stop service, from manufacturing to construction.
Also, Baekkun Dredging, Co., Ltd owns proprietary technologies and has patents as well which means that never before seen services and products are now available.
Main Product of Baekkun Dredging, Co., Ltd is Multi-purpose Amphibious Dredger.
This is a brand-new type of dredger that suggests a whole new type of dredging construction and makes dredging construction much simpler and easier with lower costs than normal dredging construction.
A self-propulsion and track system is installed in the vessel, which means it can literally move by itself on land with the track and on water-sites with the propeller as well. The Amphibious Dredger can move on the water with a speed of 4 Knots.
With spuds, stable operating is possible by fixing the spuds on the underwater bed. Also, it helps the Amphibious Dredger load/unload itself onto/from the trailer which means transportation costs can be reduced. Thus, on the water-site, Spuds installed vertically and on transporting or when the Amphibious Dredger is not being utilized, the spuds are folded horizontally.
With side pontoons, the Amphibious Dredger can get additional buoyancy and working space on deck. Arriving at a worksite, side pontoons get assembled on the main body of the vessel and stabilize the main body, which means stable operation is possible.
Depending on the worksite, many attachments such as buckets, wide buckets, hydraulic cutters, suction hoods, clamshells, and rakes are attachable, which can increase the efficiency of work. For example, if a bunch of branches and weeds gets stuck in the worksite and disturbs the flow of the water, you can use the rake as the attachment. In this way, you can choose the best attachment depending on the worksite. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Pipe/Tank Insulation & Cold Provision Stores[INQ. NO. 1909M29] Kangrim Insulation Co., Ltd., located in Busan, Korea, is specialized in shipbuilding and onshore/offshore insulation production and election work on site. Kangrim Insulation is attracting very favorable attention all over the world, from shipowners, shipyards, companies for our manufacturing and installation of products.
Kangrim have own factories with a total area as large as 349,800m2. In particular, the Pohang factory(168,300m2) is a specialized factory for manufacturing huge products. Normally huge products are difficult to be transported due to the heavy weight and volume, but since the Pohang factory is located very near a jetty (about 900m), direct shipping is very convenient for huge products with insulation.
Kangrim’s one-stop service, which is Kangrim Heavy Industries (a subsidiary) makes huge products, and Kangrim Insulation promptly does insulation in the same place, receiving excellent evaluation from its customers (a unique strength).
Kangrim Insulation’s products have been the preference compared with the best in the world from ship owners, shipyards and customers. The reason is the best technique and quality competitiveness that were developed through long experience & know-how over 40 years (the first Marine Cryogenic Insulation Company in Korea).
Through continuous R&D investments amounting to over 5% of sales for 40 years, Kangrim Insulation developed LNG/LEG/LPG pipe insulation, GTT MarkIII type R-PUF in Korea’s first, and it developed and produced GTT NO 96-LO3 Panel, KOGAS KC-1 Panel, as the world’s first.
Kangrim Insulation manufactured and constructed vessel/tank/pipe insulation of FLNG as the world’s first; and construction of LPG spray that has high resistance to flame is also a world-first experience. And also, in case of LNG/LEG/LPG pipe insulation, cold provision stores and FLNG vessel/tank/pipe insulation are the No.1 in the world in the marine insulation and offshore insulation field.
You can find more detailed information such as factory and product pictures and catalogs via Kangrim’s web site. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Freezing & Refrigerating Showcases[INQ. NO. 1909M28] SEKWANG C&H LTD., as a company specialized in manufacturing freezer & refrigerator showcases, has been supplying its products to local ice cream producers, food companies, and others for the past 27 years under the slogan of ‘simple and beautiful exterior and high-quality delivery.’
As many of its products are easily seen at large-sized marts, department stores, supermarkets, coffee shops, and so forth. SEKWANG C&H is currently leading the industry and is winning trust in terms of design and quality through deals with large-sized companies for many years.
It possesses unsurpassed technical prowess even compared with that of large-sized companies. And, our status has grown to the extent that we can advance into overseas markets.
Freezing & refrigerating showcases manufactured by SEKWANG C&H have attractive, luxurious, and creative designs enough to easily motivate customers to purchase. Furthermore, their internal spaces are designed to efficiently keep and display more products. In addition, they have low fraction defects and are reliable enough for customers to use as their main components (compressors, thermostats, etc.) are from renowned foreign companies.
SEKWANG C&H has established A/S centers nationwide to address customers’ complaints anywhere 24 hours per day and to maintain trust with its customers. By estimating the market and finding out customers’ needs, we are developing and selling new products.
And, it is also planning to win the hearts of customers and to lead the future as an all-round maker related to freezer & refrigerator showcases by continuing to carry out researches and technical development.
SEKWANG C&H will continue striving to make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today by continuing to achieve customer satisfaction. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Air-conditioning Systems & Heater Systems[INQ. NO. 1909M27] DongHwan Ind. Corp. was established in 1979 as a manufacturer and suppliers of vehicle heating and A/C systems, and pioneered the technological development for Korean production of HVAC systems.
The company has grown into a leading company in Korea that continuously invests in research and development of cutting-edge technology, and high product performance and quality.

Bus Air-conditioning Systems
A feature of the on-roof-type of bus cooler is classified with 1 Piece (Couch Bus) and 2 Pieces (Intra-City Bus) and is much easier to set up and repair as necessary due to coming in simple shapes.
The aerodynamically designed slim exterior (190-210 mm) reduces vehicle height and fuel consumption while driving. The cooler’s casing has excellent corrosion resistance and is designed based on high temperature of 45 ~ 55°C to guarantee performance even in harsh environments and climates.

HVAC Unit (Air-conditioning Systems)
HVAC stands for Heater, Ventilation and Air Conditioner, and is a single unit called integrated air conditioning that combines heater and ventilation devices.
The air-conditioning system, which is linked to the engine cooling system to control the heating, cooling, and dehumidification system, keeps the interior of the vehicle pleasant. It provides an optimal indoor environment for drivers who spend their time in the driver’s seat, thus improving safe driving and work efficiency. In particular, it guarantees a pleasant working environment even in the harsh summer season.

Pre-heater systems (Parking Heater)
When it comes to Pre-Heaters, two types of this product are classified with DHP-150 and 180 which adds devices called “Water Pump” and “Pre-Heater” to the basic line of hot water heaters for vehicles.
These supplementary heating systems can be heated quickly even in cold winter temperatures without heating by the engine, and can increase engine durability by reducing engine oil and cylinder wear. This product is applied to special vehicles such as military trucks, tanks and armored vehicles, and is also used for the purpose of engine practicality and heating in cold weather.

Automobile Heater
The heater system of various models includes the Centralized Heater and Deluxe Heater mounted in the bus passenger compartment, the HVAC of the driver’s seat of the bus and the driver’s Heater mounted on special vehicles (SUVs, Vans), special vehicles and agricultural machinery. In addition, excellent heating capacity and comfort make the in-vehicle environment more comfortable. Heater Core made of aluminum improves and lightens the heat exchange function and is also eco-friendly. It is easy to maintain and repair compared to complex system configurations. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Special Bolts[INQ. NO. 1909M26] Since founded in 1965, HWASHIBOLT IND.CO.,LTD. has focused on special bolts as a leading company in the special bolts industry.
Recognized for its world-class technical ability and superiority in the special and engineered bolts industry, HWASHIBOLT IND. has participated in large-scale global energy projects including combined cycle power plants, nuclear power plants, and offshore plants in 22 countries over five continents, and enhanced the reputation of Korean bolts.
Based on its accumulated skills, HWASHIBOLT IND. is soaring as a global company. Currently, this company is supplying fastener products to domestic and foreign power plants (GE Power, Siemens, and Doosan Heavy Industries), three major shipbuilding companies (Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, Samsung, and Hyundai), and major oil companies including Shell, BP, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, and Total. In addition, HWASHIBOLT IND. is producing and supplying products tailored to meet the needs of its clients in compliance with various standards including ANSI, ASTM, ASME, GE, SIEMENS, DIN, KS, BS, and ISO.

Turbine Casing Bolts
These are supplied to many power plants in the country. Turbines are divided into two parts and connected with bolts. Many turbines require accommodating to high temperature and high pressures, and using the bolts produced by this company. The supplied items include THRU STUD, TAP STUD, COUPLING SET, DOWEL PIN, SLOTTED NUT, COVERED NUT, and ROUND NUT.
The major customers for these products include GE, SIEMENS, and MITSUBISHI.

Gas Turbine Rotor Bolt
This bolt is used to penetrate into and fasten the compressor discs of turbines rotating in high temperatures and high speed. It has the highest difficulty level amongst all turbine fasteners, so product safety and quality are very important.

Piping Bolt
This bolt is mainly used in the marine plant industry. As a close partner with leading heavy industries in the country, it has supplied many bolt products for a long time including FPSO, SUBMARINE, F-LNG, Jack-up rig, Drill Ship, and (semisubmersible drilling rigs). The supplied products include stud bolt, hex bolt, hex nut, washer, and U-bolt.

12-Point Screw
12-Point Screw has similar threaded configuration to hex bolts except the head unit. Depending on its service environment, it is designed to be used in higher loading applications by providing a larger contact area in the head unit. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial Scissors & Saws[INQ. NO. 1909M25] Since its founding in 1983, HWASHIN METAL IND. CO.,LTD. has manufactured various types of cutting tools from multi-purpose scissors, pruners to garden shears, lopping shears and horticultural flower thinning shears. It has grown steadily in Korea with raising competitiveness, and now it is commonly acknowledged that it is at the top position in Korea as a scissors company with its technology and productivity.
HWASHIN METAL has signed an agreement with Agricultural Research & Extension Services, which is a Korean government-affiliated organization. Through cooperating with the organization, HWASHIN METAL developed various kinds of farm-work purpose scissors, non-slip pruners, grape thinning scissors and girdling machine, and supplied these items to many farms throughout Korea.
HWASHIN METAL also started to produce several kinds of saws such as carpenter saws, folding saws and pruning saws since 2017. To fully apply its technology to saws, HWASHIN METAL moved to a larger factory in April 2017 and brought in many new facilities, so it can produce a whole range of saws independently.

The company is ranked No. 1 in the sales of hand scissors in Korea, producing many kinds of scissors including multi-purpose scissors, fruit shears, pruning shears, hedge shears, and lopping shears. The blade of all scissors are made of top class steel material (carbon tool steel), and the hardness and the cutting force of the blade are excellent by applying optimized heat treatment.
Multi-purpose scissors are commonly used not only for farm work but also for industrial purposes in manufacturing plants and construction sites.
Fruit shears which are for thinning fruits have not only straight blades, but also curved blades (P-100C model).Pruning shears are bypass pruners, and have aluminiumdie-casted handles (S-880 model).
Hedge shears have telescopic handles (K-5000, K-5100 model), also aluminium handles and wood handles. Lopping shears are possible to cut a green wood less than 45mm thick branch (K-630 model).

The company is producing many kinds of saws including carpenter saws, folding saws, pruning saws, pruning saws for cutting fruit tree, and pipe saws.
All of the saw blades are made of carbon tool steel; the saw-tooth has excellent strength and cutting power by applying impulse hardening and economic use is possible as they are exchangeable.Folding saws are of the portable folding style, having various blade lengths (140, 180, 210, 250, 270, 300 mm), with glossy and hard chrome plating, and showing excellent durability.

Pruning saws are mainly used in pruning, with various blade lengths (270, 300, 330, 350, 380 mm), with glossy and hard chrome plating, and showing excellent durability.
Pruning saws for cutting fruit tree are specialized for pruing fruit tree, with various blade lengths (270, 300, 335, 365 mm), and eco-friendly electroless nickel plated. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Engine Mounts[INQ. NO. 1909M24] The engine mount effectively supports the engine between the vehicle body and the engine, and simultaneously reduces vibration and noise transmitted from the engine. Therefore, this is a part of which the vibration isolation performance is required to be essential for quiet driving of the car.
The engine mount supports the engine effectively when its stiffness and attenuation is large, but the riding quality deteriorates due to increased transmission force to the body through the mount. In contrast, when the stiffness and attenuation is small, the reduced transmission force decreases the vibration and noise but fails to support the engine effectively, thereby having the conflicting design condition.

The inner plate supports the link bearings of the axle and the wheel axle and, simultaneously, effectively cushioning the friction between the tires and road surface, thereby having a profound effect on the vehicle’s comfortable ride while driving on the road. In addition, the inner plate is a part having a dustproof effect, which protects the bearings against the fine dust generated in the place between the bearing and the axle, and between the road surface and the tires.
As shown below, the inner plate is a part requiring multiple press moldings such as blanking, piercing and drawing.
HAEUN TECH Co., Ltd., since its establishment in 2004, has been diligently pursuing its goals as a professional manufacturer of mechanical parts with a motto of “If you are diligent, there is nothing to be afraid of.”
HAEUN TECH is striving to make the best products in the industry owing to its skilled workers with many years of experience and know-how and the creative technology accumulated until now.
HAEUBN TECH puts the company’s growth first through customer satisfaction, and all of the employees devote themselves to the goal of realizing a company to which they want to report for duty when getting up in the morning, and are proud of when leaving work in the evening. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods