Total Solution for Aluminum Access Floor System its beginning in the mold business, the business scope of Kwangnam GSK has expanded to include aluminum die-casting, high-pressure die-casting, escalator steps, moving walk pallets, semiconductors, displays and clean room access floors. It is contributing to the economic development of Korea as a supplier of construction materials, automotive parts, electronics, escalators, moving walk parts, mechanical parts and military supplies.
The strength of Kwangnam GSK lies in its integrated system, which encompasses all processes, from design to mass production. The resulting cost reduction and quality consistency, along with its exclusive 2,800tons full size die-casting equipment, make Kwangnam GSK one of Korea’s very best in the fields of die-casting and aluminum access floors. It is the developer of the world’s lightest aluminum access floor and the world’s first integrated aluminum access floor.


Aluminum Access Floor

Access floor refers to floors that are installed 10-30 cm above the existing floors of electric, machine, semiconductor handling rooms and offices. Due to its height, various electric and communication wires may be installed in-between the floors without extra installation of pipes and wire trays. Also, for rooms that are highly sensitive to temperature- and humidity-change such as rooms handling electric equipment and semiconductor equipment, air conditioning systems may be easily installed in-between the floors with installation of additional ducts.
Aluminum access floors, despite their superior rigidity and product merits, were limited to ultra-high-end offices and high-tech buildings where advanced load management, dust prevention, soundproofing and antistatic property are required (e.g. semiconductor plants) due to their price, which is three to five times higher than that of access floors made from steel, wood, and plastic. The design of the panel bottom effectively disperses load concentrations. Increased load resistance from weight and impact distribution gives the product a semi-permanent lifespan.


Used Diecasting Machinery

Kwangnam GSK now sells such competitive used diecasting machinery as second-hand cold chambers, and high pressure casting m/c. These products having 1,250tons in pressure capacity are manufactured by Japan-based UBE. These products ware overhauled in 2008 in South Korea and can be automatically operated. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Electric Actuators Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of electric actuators in Korea. Since its establishment in 1987, it has been specializing in developing, producing and selling only one item, electric actuators. Not only being the foremost company within the domestic market for electric actuators, it also has many references in power plant fields and waterworks in Asia as well as the Middle East and the United States.
Through the years of accumulated technical skills, knowhow, variety in products and the differentiated customer service, the company will support clients’ cost-reduction and effective operation. It has acquired ISO9001 and CE, which are essential qualifications for manufacturers. It also has acquired FM, ATEX, TR-CU and PESO for explosion proofing as well as SIL certification for stability of its products. Its strengths lie in low cost, strong reliability and customized service for users.


TM-series, TQ-series and MW-series

TM-series are for multi-turn valves such as globe, gate valves, penstock and also for large quarter turn valves like butterfly, ball valves with 2nd worm reducer. Their major parts and components are easy to replace for troubleshooting and maintenance purposes. A wide range of voltages for motors (220-460VAC, 3-Phase, 50/60Hz) are ready for your selection. All the compartments of the TM-series are double-sealed with a pair of V-shaped rings & O-rings and have the flame path according to IEC standards to ensure complete protection from dust, moisture and flame.

TQ-series are for small quarter turn applications such as ball, butterfly, plug valves, dampers and similar usage. They feature light, compact and corrosion resistant aluminum alloy enclosure. They are doublesealed with V-shade ring and gasket to ensure waterproofing. They are smart type with non-intrusive setting tools.
MW-series are worm gearboxes used for butterfly, ball, plug valves and dampers. They feature high efficiency and long lifespan. They have adopted the international flange standard, EN ISO 5211. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Solenoid Valve & Limit Switch Precision Co., Ltd. has grown through consistent management innovation and technology development since its establishment in 1979, as a pioneer leading the precision-machinery processing industry. Furthermore, based on its experience and technical capability accumulated to date in the precision-machinery processing business, the company is pursuing the business expansion in the fields of compact service robot driving components, unmanned aircraft business and heavy duty hydraulic products as new growth engine, taking off to an integrated solution provider creating the highest added value in technology, beyond being a standalone machinery processing component manufacturer.
Major products include hydraulic solenoid valve, limit switch and belt conveyor switch. And its clients come from various fields such construction, shipbuilding, electronics, automobile, defense and generation industries.
The company has acquired various certificates and patents such as ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. It has also been active in overseas marketing such as participating in international expositions. Currently, its products receive praise for their resistance to high temperature and erosion, especially countries of the Southeast Asian region, such as Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.


HLS Limit Switch and Belt Conveyor Switch

The HLS series are switches that change the electric contact when mechanical devices reach a certain limit of consistent motion. They are used to detect mechanical status and changes for control in large cranes, marine plants and thermoelectric power plants. They feature heavy duty vibration and temperature resistance, excellent anti-rust performance, and are dustproof and waterproof.
The HPC series belt conveyor switches include various switches that are used in conveyor operation for emergency situations including pull cord switches, roller lever switches, speed control switches and belt alignment. They are usually used in plants, coal feeders and woodchip feeders. They feature heavy-duty, high-temperature resistance, excellent anti-rust performance, and are dustproof and waterproof. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Steel Grating its founding in 2001, Wonjae Industrial Co., Ltd. has been producing steel-grating products, and has supplied its products to many sites. However, after having realized the insufficiency and limitations of existing steel grating, it has put a lot of efforts into producing the best grating through a lot of tests and improvements.
As a result, Wonjae Industrial Co., Ltd. has developed innovative products such as its Style Safety Grating and I-Beam Heavy-duty Grating and had them patented. These products illustrate Wonjae Industrial’s will to relentlessly develop and innovate its products.
Wonjae Industrial is leading the grating industry based on continuous innovation and R&D for users’ convenience with development of new technologies and products adopting environment-friendly plating. Moreover, it is eager to expand abroad through continuous employee training for the overseas market.


I-Beam Heavy-duty Grating and Style Safety Grating

I-Beam Heavy-duty grating, the D-shape steel is integrated into I-beam shape, maximizing durability and preventing noise, robbery and breakaway. As heavy-duty grating, the weak rear section is easily attached and can be constructed alone. Regular grating always makes noise, resulting in complaint from neighbors. However, this product uses connectable heavy-duty grating to solve such problems and assures safety. Its lengths are 250 units and 350 units to disperse the force of compression to decrease noise.
The top part of style safety grating is flat, accessible for both pedestrians and cars with good drainage. The product is ideal for stadiums, public offices, parks, etc. Especially, it provides convenience for the handicapped as it plays a pivotal role as a safe grating. It features 1,000 hours of safety guaranteed and fine bonding power with top coating. Various metallic colors can be expressed and scratches are also protected effectively. Mixed coating on metal provides excellent non-slip feature. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Automatic Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine Co., Ltd. was established in 1984, and has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a professional manufacturer of vacuum sealing & rollstock packaging machines. Market demands have pushed the company toward an international- and technology-driven strategy. To date, it has developed more than ten different kinds of specific machines for application in factories ranging from small shops to large-scale production. In particular, it is known for its auto thermoforming vacuum packaging machine, an industrial packaging machine with wide applications in food, medicine and electronics.
Regardless of the specification of the cast parts and modules, its machinery allows for manufacturing standardization. This allows the parts produced to be applied to a wide range of machinery. It continually works to improve precision, lower maintenance requirements and increase the machines’ working life. Starting with wellknown companies such as CJ, Sajo and Halim, Komas has delivered packaging machines to various others and is preparing for advancement into the global market with aggressive marketing.



SANVAC is a brand name for the Automatic Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine that Komas produces.
It is an industrial packaging machine that performs vacuum packaging automatically in large scale and at high speed, utilizing two layers of hygienic film by each unit of product made in a factory. It can implement additional functions with various options such as sealer for marking manufacture and expiration date and multi-labeler that attaches stickers according to the speed of the main body.
The machine is applicable to various industries such as medical equipment and cutt ing-edge material, in addition to food and food materials processing industries, as vacuum packaging improves hygienic trust and expiration date. It can implement both fl exible and rigid types of packaging. Depending on the characteristics of products to be packaged, the machine can adjust vacuum-level or insert gases such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Marine Engines and Shipbuilding Parts – Overseas Trading Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in November 2012, in Ulsan City, Korea. Global Engineering is an overseas trading company that specializes in selling marine engines and industrial parts such as bimetal thermometers, pressure gauges, sensors, anti-flammable and non-flammable tapes, electrical parts, automatic control systems, pipe fittings, control valves, eco-friendly fuel oil, and recycling refined fuel oil.
Global Engineering is also specialized in repairing service for marine engines and industrial parts, in addition to ballast water treatment system commissioning and BWTS retrofitting work with total solutions for design, installation and commissioning. It achieved the 750 million won mark in 2015 and 1.25 million units in sales in 2016. It is aiming for 2 billion won in 2017 by securing more overseas clients through various efforts, such as participating in exhibitions.


Bimetal Thermometer, Pressure Gauge, Non-flammable Tape, Pipe fittings and Control valves.

Sinwoo has been developed as the world’s first bimetallic thermometer. This is a very powerful vibration-resistant thermometer that is suitable for marine diesels engines, power plants, ships off shore plants, and so forth. These thermometers are developed to build temperature-sensitive bimetallic measuring devices.
Sinwoo vibration-resistant pressure gauges are designed to withstand the shock and vibration of marine diesel engines. They are simply the best anti-vibration pressure gauge for marine engine. Non-flammable tape is applied to various areas such as shipbuilding and marine engines. It is used to prevent fire in case of oil and fuel leak in the connection parts of pipes and various auxiliary machineries according to the Solas rule. As it is mandatory to use nonflammable tape, the tape is expected to be exported significantly in line with increasing demand.
Global engineering is exported to overseas customers such as control valves, globe and ball valves, pipe fittings(hose, connector, o-rings , gasket, pipes, flange and reducer), Electrical parts and Automatic equippments for crane and sound alarm for forklift truck. So, exports are growing steadily in favor of customers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Plant Total Solution Provider Co., Ltd. is a general trading company that was established for the shared growth of SMEs and the development of plant industries in Korea by the public enterprise, Korea South-East Power (KOEN) and 16 SMEs.
G-TOPS Co., Ltd. will conduct a leading role in energy field businesses, such as export agency selling excellent products of Korea’s small businesses to the overseas market, import agencies supplying foreign excellent equipment to plant industries in Korea, plant renovation & modernization (R&M), and foreign resource development.
G-TOPS Co., Ltd. creates value based on the challenge of innovation to realize its dream. It will continue to contribute to society with top-quality products and services. It will make every endeavor to achieve its mission to become one of the top-10 general trading companies.


Cooperative Companies Including More than 300 Manufacturers

G-TOPS trades and deals with businesses in various fields such as machineries, electronic, I&C, software, environment, and renewable energy. In the machineries field, the company trades in pumps, valves, ST/GT component, pipes, actuators, intake facilities, bearings, rollers, GT inlet filters, expansion joints, CSUs and stackers & reclaimers, heat exchangers & pressure vessels. In the electronics field, it deals in motors, switchgear, MCC, load centers, transformers, UPS & battery chargers, exciters, digital fault recorders, ignitor systems and PD systems. As for I&C, the company is involved with trading optical fiber temp. systems, transmitters, fittings, control valves, boiler tube leak detectors, valve leak monitoring systems, gas metering systems, gauges and fire detectors.
G-TOPS also deals in the software field, especially plant real-time information systems, plant 3D contents and intelligent management systems. And for the environment, it trades in precipitators, dust collectors, clearing systems, water/waste water treatment systems, and GFF & PCF filter. Finally, the company also is involved in the renewable field for solar power, wind power, solar inverters and ESS. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Hydraulic Tube Fittings, Adapters and Fluid Connectors its founding in 1989, its high-quality products, competitive pricing and technical support have made SamHo M-Tech Inc. a leader in the engineering and manufacturer of hydraulic tube fittings, adapters and fluid connectors.
SamHo produces and exports a wide range of tube assemblies and other connector components for automotive manufacturers worldwide. SamHo utilizes the latest CAD, CNC and high-tech manufacturing technologies to provide the highest-quality fittings at the most competitive prices. SamHo offers clients timely delivery and one-stop service with guaranteed quality according to customers’ requests worldwide.
Its global capabilities to supply numerous customer production sites with quality components are a key factor in many areas of its business.


Automotive Fluid Connectors & Machining Parts and Oil Hydraulic Fittings

These parts, automotive fluid connectors, made by high-precision work and machines are typically used in fuel injection systems, fuel management controls and oil & water fluctuation controls in power train (truck engines) in the USA.
SamHo offers a complete line of SAE standard fi tt ing styles as well as the industry’s widest selection of nonstandard configurations. Fitt ing styles include 37° flare, O-Ring Face Seal, NPTF pipe, adapter union and brazed tube fittings. It also provides various kinds of Vibra seal work for brass fittings. SamHo has so many special customized fittings and machined parts for industrial use such as gas hose assembly and lubricant connection. It also specializes in jump size and “special” fittings, maintaining a full line of machining capabilities. It reduces lead times for the design and fabrication of fittings adapted to clients’ special needs. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Precise Gear Reducers and High-precision Gears Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (KIP) was founded in 1967, with the purpose of manufacturing precise gear reducers for the industry. It has been building large reducers and high-precision gears for various purposes such as steel industries, industrial machinery, power plants, cement plants, cranes, etc. The company is a specialist able to build customized gear boxes for customers with more than 40 years of accumulated technical skill and know-how. KIP not only contributes to the progress of the nation’s industry by manufacturing “localized”reducers and high-precision gears, which are essential to the nation’s industry, but also blazes trails globally by exporting to the international market.
Despite obstacles that KIP has faced since its foundation, KIP could continue to prosper for the past 40 years thanks to continuous and loyal support of customers. The ideology of KIP is that only topnotch products can earn the ardent backing of customers so KIP has strived for manufacturing only trustworthy products since its foundation. KIP manages the quality of its products and service to satisfy its customers’ requirements with more than 40 years of accumulated technical skills and experience, cutting-edge production facilities and highly precise testing equipment.


KIP’s Customized Gear and Gear Box

Kyung-in Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the leading gear manufacturers in South Korea. It is an industrial gearbox manufacturer of innovative gearboxes and related products, being able to satisfy power transmission needs in selected industries. In addition to its wide standard product range, it can offer customized industrial gearboxes and drives.
When clients’ requirements go beyond its customized products, the company’s engineering team will develop together in close cooperation with customers to ensure optimized products custom-made to specific applications. Its experienced and qualified engineers make certain that the product will fulfill the requirements of even the most demanding applications. Experience gathered from numerous deliveries to process industry helps KIP to ensure the high availability and trouble-free operation of gearboxes from standard to specially made products.

The company’s major business fields include iron works, steel processing mills, cement mills, container cranes, conveyer systems, mining mills, oil and gas, chemical and rubber machines, sugar mills, palm oil mills, paper mills, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Auto Parts and Industrial Bearings Bearing Co., Ltd. was established in March 1975, as a company specializing in production of auto parts and industrial bearings. Manufacturing industrial special bearings with high technology has enabled the company to initiate a new start. This company focuses on making quality products through technical cooperation with sophisticated foreign companies with emphasis on the continuous development of required technologies and innovation of management through the integrated efforts of the company’s entire workforce, in order to expand into advanced technology fields of auto parts and special bearing industries.
Techniques and experience accumulated by the company will help maintain the perfect quality of its products and enhance the quality through consolidated connection system and various test instruments. Also, the company’s excellent specialists exert their total and endless efforts in research and development.



Forklift Truck Bearings for Mast, Angular Contact Ball Bearings and Agricultural Machinery Bearings

The mast roller bearings are used in heavy duty and shock loading of the guide roller during the vertical movement. It is designed to be a suitable structure for forklift masts. Deep groove ball bearings are made for special applications. The load capacity is 0.5 ton (1100 lb) to over 25 tons (55,110 lb) for forklift masts.
Angular contact ball bearing is developed to be used in the travel device (driving motor). The travel device is designed for crawler machines such as excavators, drilling machines, cranes, etc. This bearing is characterized by its capacity of high load, moment, low rotating speed and oil lubrication.
Agricultural machinery bearings are used widely on light disk harrow, medium disk harrow and heavy duty disk harrow, digger, press wheel of seeder, combine, etc. As the bearings are used in the earth, they require very good sealing. The company’s excellent triple lip seals allow the bearings to work freely. ST series bearings are incorporated into one piece such as triple lip seal bearing, two O-rings and high-strength zinc plated steel plate. One piece design makes this unit convenient to be used and maintained. Good dynamic alignment protects the harrow from potential damage in difficult environments and extends its lifespan. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods