Valves & Strainers Co., Ltd. has been supplying valves and strainers, pipes and fittings related to oil & gas, petrochemical, power plants and shipbuilding industries since 2007. LB&PCK Co., Ltd. actively keeps itself updated on new product developments and ideas across different markets and is recommended to advance customers’ project-cost effectiveness.



LB&PCK’s forged and casting valves met international standards such as ANSI, DIN, API 6D and ASME B16.34.
They reliably control the flow of fluid in tough environments such as oil & gas, petrochemical, water treatment, mining and shipbuilding industries, maintaining a safe plant environment and extending service life. LB&PCK has supplied from the smallest size valves from ½” (DN15) up to 80” (DN2000) with pressure class ASME Class 150 ~ 2500. It provides various materials for valves for example casting steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, duplex steel and bronze with special service such as cryogenic based on required specifications.



Strainers are devices which arrest these solids in flowing liquids or gases, and protect equipment from their harmful effects, thus reducing downtime and maintenance.
First, the company has simplex basket strainers, duplex basket strainers and Y-strainers for industrial strainers. Strainers are used to protect valuable or sensitive equipment in systems that are meant to be shut down temporarily.
They meet the international standards, ANSI and DIN, and are qualified for the use of the product design, meeting EN 10204 3.1 or 3.2 performance. T-strainer for angle flow type is installed at 90 degrees. The cylindrical element housed in the body can be taken out to the horizontal center line by removing the cover.


Fittings and Pipes

LB&PCK Co., Ltd. utilizes both the spiral weld and rolled and welded methods of manufacturing for large diameter double-submerged arc-welded pipes. The spiral weld pipe is manufactured in sizes of 12-inch through 156-inch OD and wall thickness of 0.105-inch through 1.00- inch.
LB&PCK Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s leading companies manufacturing butt weld pipe fitting for oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical, power plant and shipbuilding business. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Construction Heavy Equipment Heavy Industries, which has been an integral part of the construction machinery industry of Korea since its establishment in 1984, is a representative enterprise that made its mark internationally with its hydraulic breaker brand ranked in the global top 5. SOOSAN Heavy Industries, a name that is trusted by the world, is a representative enterprise of construction heavy equipment driving the industry forward throughout the world.


Hydraulic Breaker

Based on its leading-edge technological process, SOOSAN hydraulic breaker boasts a strong hitting power with the highest power-toweight ratio in its class, guarantees the durability by installing a built-in valve, and saves the maintenance cost with composition of parts of about 80% level compared with other companies.
In addition, SOOSAN Heavy Industries has become a global top-5 hydraulic breaker brand by grafting the modernization of production facilities, such as the super grinding technology, robot welding technology, its own heat treatment technology of 30 years, etc., onto such technologies.



SOOSAN crane dominates domestic market share of the truck-mounted crane regardless of the type of domestic and overseas commercial trucks with excellent mounting performance and the largest product lineup in Korea. SOOSAN crane, which guarantees excellent lifting capacity and durability with convenience capable of lifting work only with easy operation, crane boom design technology of the minimum weight in the same class, and selection of high-tensile-strength boom, minimizes shaking of the boom while in operation through the technology of minimizing the gap between booms.
In addition, SOOSAN crane maximizes the user’s work effi ciency as it facilitates double operation work that occurs frequently during crane work and also makes the operation more efficient with Korea’s first hydraulic balance optimization technology. Also, SOOSAN crane reduces maintenance costs by providing optimal fuel effi ciency with introduction of the eco system and load sensing system uniquely in South Korea.


Hydraulic Drill

SOOSAN hydraulic drill is equipped with a drilling capacity and control system that can optimally respond to various qualities of rocks or changes of working conditions with its independently developed drifter technology by utilizing the core technology of SOOSAN Breaker accumulated over the past 30 years. Like this, SOOSAN hydraulic drill with excellent drilling efficiency has better fuel consumption rates than other domestic and foreign competitors, has outstanding work capacity even in the environments of bare ground, tunnel and special work environment.
Moreover, it off ers a maximum working range compared with the same class of up and down 60/40 degrees and left and right 45 degrees, respectively. In addition, SOOSAN is improving its product competitiveness through the ergonomic design optimized for the operating environment and the structural design convenient for customers’ maintenance. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

BBQ Grill, a BBQ grill for camping, is easy to carry and assemble. It can be installed over a campfire on which to place or hang cooking utensils. It features a new type of rack shelf that enables one to adjust the height freely according to the position desired by the user, and it also can be used as a simple burner. Designed to offer excellent space utilization, durability, and mobility, it is a unique product not only domestically but in the global market.
Made entirely of stainless steel SUS304 , it is harmless to the human body. In addition, it can be easily and conveniently installed in any place, as well as in narrow spaces, and is lightweight yet strong. With proper weight distribution, it can hold heavy camping gear when hung or placed on a wooden plate. If the weight is rested on the shelf or grill shelf, the curvature of the main rod prevents it from falling off even by slight shaking or bumping.
The outdoor hanger set is composed of a two-or threelayered plate, so can be used for various purposes including as a lantern hanger, a mini table, and a water jug stand, as well as for barbecue.
Beyond the conventional type, this product makes it possible to cook on the ground by connecting the grill and the fire pit. In addition, it is also possible to ignite easily, circulate air excellently and control fire at one time by using the torch hole on the side.
You can cook simultaneously with the height-adjustable grill that can rotate a full 360 degrees and can be connected additionally, and the grill can be used as a table.


You need not purchase a storage box separately as there is a separate storage space in the conventional bag that can be quickly installed and disassembled, thereby facilitating portability. This product can even be used as a fishing rod rack after being installed on the waterfront. Using this product, you can cook various foods even in a narrow space.
Due to the powder coating on the shaft and support frame and electrolytic polishing of SUS304 for all the other parts, this product is not harmful to the human body and rust is not generated at all. As it is completely produced in Korea and has a patented and innovative design, this product provides campers with convenience and sensibility. The total weight of the product is less than 10 kilograms and the grill can bear a load of 15 kilograms or more. Due to special welding applied to the product, there is no breakage risk. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Innovative Drying System 1983, Boosung Engineering Co., Ltd. has been developing and supplying various drying systems for fl exible packaging printing machines.
After accumulating know-how related to flexible packaging for a long time, finally Boosung Engineering developed and commercialized E-SAVER in 2010 for the first time in the world as an innovative drying system which recovers the waste heat generated when operating the rotogravure, flexography, dry lamination, extrusion, T-die, coating machines. E-Saver reuses it as secondary heat.
Boosung exports E-Saver which can recover the waste heat up to 200˚C to Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and India.
E-SAVER can save energy costs by up to 60% ~ 80%. You can immediately see more direct and visible effects than other saving cost methods.
The operating time of the flexible packaging printing machine also comprises high production costs.
Evaluation from customers who use E-SAVER directly at the work places adds to the reputation and reliability of this product.
Most of the sites using the flexible packaging printing machines such as gravure printing, dry laminating, coating machines, etc. have difficulties in systematic management and process improvement after initial installation of the machine. They manufacture their products only based on the intuition of the workers having long-time experience with no exact figures on how the air actually flows into the chamber during the drying process and whether the balance between exhaust and intake is properly maintained.
E-SAVER is designed to automatically control the air volume and temperature and digitalize the numeric figures by monitoring the entire drying process in real time. Alongside such digital data, its E-SAVER’s know-how provides optimized consulting for drying efficiency and production cost saving. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial Valves its establishment in 1984, DR Valve Co., Ltd. has developed valves for power plants, valves for ultralow temperature, and valves for high temperature and high pressure through ceaseless R&D and standardized qualitycontrol systems, exporting to over 10 countries around the world, as well as selling in the domestic market. DR Valve supplies the best products to various industrial sites, such as refining and petroleum, chemicals, power plants, gas and LNG industry, desalination plants, ocean industry, environmental plants, etc.


Triple Offset Butterfly Valve (Butterfly Valve)

Butterfly valve has a simple structure, is easy to operate and widely used for flow path blocking and flow/pressure control. However, the disk surface of the valve is wider than that of other valves, and deflection of the disk is generated due to the working pressure. At this time, the disk is press-fitted into the seat ring like a wedge and, as a result, the operating torque is very high, causing a large impact sound and vibration when the valve is opened and closed.
In severe cases, the rotation axis of the valve may be distorted. In order to solve these problems, this product has a triple offset structure in which the shape of the disk is asymmetrical, so that when the valve is closed, the disk and seat ring is of the structure in line contact at the endpoint. Therefore, the airtight performance is excellent and there is hardly abrasion of the seat ring, which is a chronic problem of conventional products. The triple offset structure has drastically reduced noise and vibration resulting from high operating torque, which had been a problem in the conventional products, by dispersing the surface pressure acting on the disk surface in the system requiring high pressure (differential pressure) to the disk.


Easy V-Notch Ball Valve (V-Ball Valve)

The characteristics of the product are the flow control capability, which is an advantage of globe valves, and a simple structure that is a merit of ball valves. This product has solved the shortcomings of globe valves, which are expensive, relatively low flow rate, the cavitation phenomenon caused by the bent pipe and generation of noise and vibration, and the disadvantages of ball valves including sludge inflow between ball and body and seat ring breakage in the fluids containing fiber (paper pulp)-like sludge at the time of valve locking.
The Easy V-Notch Ball Valve has a seat ring installed on one side only, and the ball has a “V”-shaped notch to control the fluid to the EQ%. The shape of the “V” notch is designed to fit for the characteristics of fluids so that the control capacity can be changed according to such characteristics. In addition, due to the offset structure, the seat ring and the ball are in line contact at the closed end. Thus, the airtight performance is excellent and there is almost no abrasion of seat ring. As it is like a sharp cutter, “V” notch displays very favorable performance for use in fibrous piping lines like paper (pulp) line. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Automotive Halogen Bulb, established in 1993, is a manufacturer specialized in production of automotive halogen bulbs. Produced bulbs are the headlamp and fog lights for vehicles and the products are exported worldwide and the OEM products are also delivered to Hyundai Kia Motors.
Since 2009, BIOLIGHT has been delivering various OEM products to Hyundai Motor Company, Kia Motors Corporation and Ssangyong Motor Company. The company understands that Hyundai-Kia Motors has also acknowledged the quality-level and mass-production ability of the Korean bio-light bulb. In addition, GM Korea Company has utilized its products since 2017.
In addition, it is delivering its products to after-service markets throughout the world including Europe, Asia and Middle East. For example, it has been delivering the products to Bosch since 2009, to Hella since 2015 and to Pia from 2016. In addition, it has been doing business with many global customers based on their belief in the quality of its products.
The entire production & assembly lines are controlled automatically with its own technology, and defective products are also automatically selected by vision. The company also possesses the vibration and shock test equipment required by the OEM customers additionally as well as geometry, photometry, life test equipment and temperature measurement equipment, thereby strictly checking the bulb quality against the damage that may occur when the bulb is mounted on the vehicle.
As a result, based on the ISO/TS certifications that auto parts factories should have, the company possess E-marks on all items for light bulbs. Particularly, it possess E1 issued by Germany. The company also has DOT grade together with additional certifications acquired in India, Taiwan and Brazil for major light bulbs. BIOLIGHT welcomes all inquiries as it produces and deal with all kinds of halogen bulbs. BIOLIGHT can supply bio-light products of the OEM quality level stably at competitive prices. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Cold-Forged Products for the Automotive Industry Co., Ltd., was established in 1986 as Sindo Industry, incorporating Sindo High Tech Co., Ltd. in 2004, and then obtained ISO14001 and ISO/TS16949 certifications respectively in September 2005. In February of the following year, the company obtained the SQ certification from Hyundai – KIA Motors.
From 2006 to 2016, Sindo strived to develop and commercialize a number of new technologies ranging from the acquisition of excellent technology recognized by the Trade Ministry to certification of a company-affiliated research institute by the Korea Industrial Technology Association and designation of the Advanced Technology Center by the Trade Ministry. In June 2017, Sindo changed its company name to Sindo Co., Ltd., and in October of the same year, Sindo moved to the Daegu National Industrial Complex.
As shown in the image, Sindo is a company specialized in manufacturing cold forging products. In order to satisfy the diverse needs of its customers, Sindo has more than 20 former facilities ranging from 80 tons to 2,220 tons, In particular, 2,200 ton former facility it possess is a facility uniquely owned by itself among global cold forging companies. In addition, as its strength, Sindo has 13 knuckle press facilities ranging from 150ton to 1,500ton that can meet the size and specifications required by the customers by 99% or higher.
In addition, as Sindo is operating a fully automated mold warehouse in connection with ERP, the accurate molds of facilities and products required by itself are always supplied and, for the products exported overseas, 100% inspection is carried out by automatic inspection machine.
The Inner Rod product, which is the flagship product of Sindo, is an item connecting the suspension and control arm of the automobile and it can be produced in various grades ranging from steel to aluminum. In addition, the Inner Bush Rod is assembled with rubber, absorbing the vibration coming from the vehicle. Besides, Sindo produces diverse lightweight products, such as various shafts, housings, ball studs and nipples. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Automobile Air Conditioning System Parts INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. is a trading company specializing in exporting and manufacturing the parts for automobile air conditioning systems. Its main export destinations are located in Europe including Italy, Germany, Spain and Poland, as well as Asian countries such as Singapore, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan.
KOR.E INTERNATIONAL also exports its products to the Middle East (Saudi Arabia), Africa (Egypt, Algeria), Latin America (Brazil, Columbia, Panama, Chile), etc. The company’s exports are finished products and discrete parts comprising an air conditioning system and auto spare parts out of the automobile parts. It is exporting brazing equipment which is a production facility of A/C condensers, evaporators and radiators out of the air conditioning parts. There are Doowon Corporation, KB Auto- Tech, Daihan Calsonic Co., Ltd. and MACS (Mobile Air Conditioning Society) members in the USA as dealer contractors and export license agreement businesses for purchased products. Its main exports are condensers, compressors, evaporators, hoses & pipes, and filters for the automobile air conditioner, radiators for the automobile engine, and auto spare parts.
The A/C condenser is located in the very front of the automobile engine room and serves to cool the high-temperature, high-pressure air-conditioner refrigerant delivered from the compressor and to convert it into the liquid- state refrigerant.
The compressor is powered by the engine of the automobile and repeats the process of sucking, compressing and circulating the refrigerant. The compressor compresses the refrigerant in the low-pressure gas state, changes it into the high-temperature, high-pressure gas state, sends it to the condenser, sucks the refrigerant in the evaporator and evaporates it to perform a cooling function.
The evaporator changes the low-temperature, low-pressure refrigerant in the wet saturated steam state into gas (superheated steam) by heat exchange with indoor and outdoor air of the automobile. The air that has lost its heat is changed into a low-temperature, low-humidity condition, and this air is discharged to the inside of the vehicle by a blower to keep the indoor environment of the car comfortable.
Hose & pipe play a role of the passageway conveying the refrigerant of the air conditioning system. As the radiator absorbs the heat generated by the car engine, the temperature of the warmed coolant gets lowered while it passes through the radiator. The cooled coolant then flows back into the engine and cools the engine. And this process is repeated. The radiator is a heat exchanger which functions to make the car engine maintain a reasonable temperature by cooling the warmed coolant. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Exhaust Gas Reduction Device for Vehicles Co., Ltd is a company that manufactures and supplies ceramic honeycomb based substrate, catalyst and exhaust gas reduction systems for vehicles. It acquired ISO 9000/14000 certification and TS 16949.
Ceracomb participated in a project conducted by the Ministry of Environment to improve air quality in Seoul by installing catalyst converter to operating vehicles that do not meet the emission standards. By this project, Ceracomb was able to supply DOC converters that reduce hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and SOF (Soluble Organic Fraction of Diesel Particulates) among the PM portion to about 50,000 vehicles in the Korean market.
In 2008, the government implemented stronger restrictions requiring higher PM reduction. This prompted Ceracomb to develop and supply a partial DPF system that guarantees more than 50% PM reduction. Restrictions on PM emissions were strengthened in 2011, so Ceracomb developed its Active –Passive (Hybrid) DPF system that guarantees more than 80% of PM reduction, which is certified by the Korean government.
Ceracomb’s catalyst substrate is a material with high temperature durability and high thermal shock resistance and provides structurally high geometric surfaces. Due to its characteristics of excellent permeability, porousness and well-adjusted porosity, it is used as a catalyst substrate for automobiles coating much more quantity of the catalyst evenly.
Cordierite DPF filter is one of the major products for the automotive OEM market. The DPF filter has blocked cells that give it a different structure to other ceramic honeycomb products. Every channel of DPF is blocked on either side to trap PM inside the DPF filter while letting the exhaust gas to pass through walls due to its porous characteristics.
The three-way catalyst converts HC, CO, NOx, etc., among the exhaust gases generated from the gasoline engine to harmless gases such as CO2, H2O, etc., at the same time.
Exhaust reduction systems are categorized according to the DPF regenerating method, and the Active type regenerates through burning PM by installed burner, while the Passive type eliminates PM by a catalytic reaction, and the Hybrid type uses both the active and passive method to regenerate DPF. Ceracomb participated in an exhaust gas reduction project in China and started supplying the DPF system to more than 5,000 vehicles.

The company also developed the Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalyst, a technology that removes nitrogen oxides emitted by diesel automobiles, and it is a catalyst which converts NOx into N2 and H2O by reacting the ammonia sprayed from SCR catalyst shear with NOx.
In 2012, Ceracomb achieved Q-level quality certification from Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd, and was selected as a PAR (Passive Autocatalytic Recombiner) supplier, supplying 18 nuclear power plants in Korea. In 2015, Ceracomb acquired the certification of simultaneous PMNOx reduction apparatus for the Air Quality Improvement Project of the Seoul metropolitan area. Currently, the company is proceeding with the OEM of the automobile exhaust gas reduction apparatus in Iran. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Gear Cutting Tools Corporation, established in 1976, is a company manufacturing and selling cutting tools, such as hob cutters, shaper cutters, broach cutters, etc., which operate the transmission gears for automobiles; and the gear which is a core mechanical element for the power transmission and is essentially installed in various industries including the shipbuilding, heavy industry, wind power generation, agricultural machines and aviation industries.
DTR has localized the gear cutting hob, which had depended entirely on imports, for the first time in Korea and has steadily been investing in facilities and R&D for the past 40 years and, as a result, occupies more than around 80% of the market share in Korea. DTR has been exporting to more than 30 countries including Japan, the USA, European nations, and China and is expanding its global marketsteadily while standing side by side with its advanced competitors. The company aims to be a world-class company leading the industry as well as meet the latest needs of its customers.
Hob Cutter, a flagship product of DTR, is a gear cutting tool that machines the outer gear and is a generating tool of which the cutting edge is made on the flute cut on the worm, which requires the high-precision technology of micron level. It is an optimal tool for mass-producing precision gears and is used in all the industrial fields requiring power transmission. Through ceaseless research and development of new material and new coating for cycle-time shortening by high-speed machining and for eco-friendly machining by oil reduction
Shaper Cutter is a gear cutting tool which machines shoulder or inner gear, and DTR produces cutters for dry cut besides wet cut and various special type of cutters for combined gears etc.
Broach Cutter is a cutting tool which can produce components in a short time at high speed and mass production regardless of the workers’ skill. DTR produces various type of broaches for internal & surface broaching. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods