International Conference on Advanced Automotive Technology

To be held July 5 to 7 at the Kimdaejung Convention Center in Gwangju, displaying EVs for the first time


The 2018 International Conference on Advanced Automotive Technology (ICAT) will be held at the Kimdaejung Convention Center in Gwangju from July 5 to 7, introducing the Korean and overseas electric vehicle (EV) industry and technology status.
ICAT is a conference that was expanded from the previous “International Symposium for Next-generation Automobile Technology”, held by the Automobile Research Center at Chonnam National University since 1995, into a specialized convention in Gwangju from 2015. The event is co-conducted by the Automobile Research Center in Chonnam National University, BK21+ (National Research Foundation of Korea), University of Honam, University of Ulsan, Korea Automotive Technology Institute (KATECH), Gwangju Institute of Green-Car Advancement, Kimdaejung Convention Center, and Gwangju Convention & Visitor Bureau and sponsored by the Gwangju Metropolitan City, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), and the Korea Society of Automotive Engineers (KSAE).
This year, 13 electric automobile experts from auto research centers in universities, research centers, automobile manufacturers and auto parts suppliers from seven countries including Korea, the USA, Poland, Japan, China, Germany, and Italy will be invited to give lectures under the theme “EVergreen.” They will give presentations on the key parts technology for electric vehicles and market status and propose future prospects.
A junior session is also prepared to present six posters from industries in Gwangju, six oral – and twenty-five posterpresentations from professors, researchers, and graduate students who are the heroes of the future automobile industry. In particular, this conference will provide two-way simultaneous interpretation between Korean and English for the professionals from the local SMEs, thereby eliminating the inconvenience and language barriers.
During the conference, the 11th International Green Car Korea, the first green car exhibition of the country, will be held at the same venue. This event will offer multiple benefits with the opportunities for education, attraction, and entertainment through conferences where various cultural performances to enhance the satisfaction of participants and tours around Gwangju will be offered free of charge.
“ICAT 2018 is a platform that enables research on electric vehicles and allows industry experts to understand the development and flow of advanced technologies and to predict the future. In particular, I hope that it will bring more vitality to the Eco-friendly Auto Parts Cluster Development Project for Gwangju City by co-hosting the event with the International Green Car Korea,” explained Choi Byeong-cheol, president of the Automobile Research Center in Chonnam National University.
ICAT 2018 is open to members of the public who are interested in the electric vehicle industry and can be accessed via the official website of ICAT: A special discount of US$ 150 or KRW 150,000 will be offered for early registration until June 20, and free beverage coupons will be given to the first 100 arrivals. For registration and on-site registration after June 20, a registration fee of US$ 200 or KRW 200,000 is applied. For further information, please contact the Gwangju Convention & Visitor Bureau (Tel: 82-62-611-3641). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

The 11th International Green Car Korea

Everything about green cars from finished cars to parts and services is set be displayed.


The 11th International Green Car Korea will be held from July 5 to 7 at the Kim Daejung Convention Center in Gwangju. Hosted by the Gwangju Metropolitan City and co-conducted by the Kim Daejung Convention Center, Gwangju Green Car Promotion Center, Korea Trade- Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), and Korea Auto Parts Association, the International Green Car Korea is Korea’s representative event leading the development of the eco-friendly automobile industry and the 4th Industrial Revolution. Everything about eco-friendly automobiles from finished cars to auto parts, automotive application components, infrastructure, and services, will be on display in the exhibition.
International Green Car Korea, Korea’s first green car exhibition, has introduced the theme “Green Car” for the first time in Korea. It is the only one among the automobilerelated exhibitions in Korea that has acquired the official label “UFI Approved Event” from the Union Des Foires Internationales (UFI), a global association of the exhibition industry, and certified as an international exhibition by Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE). Accordingly, it has been selected as a promising exhibition that will lead the Korean automobile industry this year.
The eco-friendly green car industry has now moved beyond optional to essential. This is supported by the fact that the number of cars, which had been less than 1 million units 10 years ago, is now rapidly growing to 2.62 million units, in line with COP(Conference of the Parties)21 and the environmental policies of each nation. The International Green Car Korea will give a powerful glimpse of the present state of Korean and overseas technology trends, environmental regulations, and eco-friendly vehicles.
This year, the International Green Car Korea will see participation by the UK’s Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), along with its member companies as well as eco-friendly vehicles and parts makers such as KOMEL, an electric motor manufacturer from Poland, as well as the Flying Car Association, which will showcase manned drones, a future transportation, and the member companies; the Gwangju Aftermarket Auto Parts Council and member companies that manufacture and supply automobile parts to the market to provide performance enhancement and stability of auto parts; MPS Korea specializing in electric commercial vehicles; APRO that specializes in the production of automotive parts and lamps; Earthtech, a battery recycling company that recycles energy storage system (ESS) for waste batteries from electric vehicles; Protec EMS, an electric charger supplier; and AutoLine, which produces and distributes eco-friendly automobile products.
In addition, it will draw participation by research centers in domestic universities as well as companies. In addition to those companies, the research centers in Korean universities including KAIST’s Wireless Power Transfer Research Center, Eco- Friendly Vehicle Human Resources Development Project based on ICT Convergence in Chonnam National University, Linc Plus Project in Chosun University, Environment-friendly Energy Car Research Society in Konkuk University will present new ideas to lead the future automotive industry.

In addition, the newly introduced “EV Trend Zone” will show the trend of eco-friendly finished cars, displaying Hyundai Motor’s hydrogen car Nexo and Kona EV, an electric vehicle, Kia Motors’ 2018 Kia Soul EV and Niro EV, GM’s Chevy Bolt EV, 2018 Toyota Prius c, and BMW i3 will be on display. This will be a meaningful opportunity to meet and compare various eco-friendly vehicles such as electric cars, hybrid cars, and hydrogen cars at the same time.
In particular, thanks to the reputation of the exhibition, which has been growing year after year, there will be various business, academic, and other events including B2B meetings with about 100 leading foreign buyers invited by KOTRA, a co-organizer, and Korea Auto Parts Association as well as the International Conference on Advanced Automotive Technology (ICAT 2018), a conference focused on electric vehicles that will provide a glimpse of trends in relevant academic and industrial circles around the world under the theme “EVer Green,” and the Hyundai Motor Hydrogen Electric House, where visitors can experience everything about environment-friendly alternative energy of the future.
You can get a glimpse of the global trend of the green automobile industry at the 11th International Green Car Korea that will lead the city development project of eco-friendly car parts, which is the national industry promoted by the Gwangju Metropolitan City. For participation, please contact Kim Dae-jung Convention Center’s Event Planning Team on 82-62-611-2211.




  • Finished Vehicles (Eco-friendly Vehicles)
    – Electric cars, hybrid cars, clean diesel cars, specially equipped cars, tuning cars, etc.
  • Auto Parts
    – Smart auto parts, rechargeable batteries and batteries, motors and reducers, clean diesel parts, etc.
  • Auto Accessories
    – Fuel-saving devices, exhaust reduction device, eco-friendly tuning goods, etc.
  • Infrastructure and Services
    – Green car sharing, fast and slow chargers, technical certification, etc.
  • Automotive electric parts
    – ECU system, software, image sensors for autonomous vehicles, automobile semiconductors, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods


As many as 1,222 companies from 35 countries have showcased products keeping pace with the rapidly changing manufacturing environment.

This year’s exhibition was meaningful as the numbers of visitors that had been sluggish due to the recession in the manufacturing industry in recent years has turned into a recovery and the exhibition regained its stature of accommodating 100,000 visitors again in four years. SIMTOS 2018 was attended by approximately 103,000 visitors, which was an increase of 5.4% compared to last year.
Prominent visitors to SIMTOS 2018 included buyers from those emerging demand regions such as Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe whose markets are difficult for Korean companies to access. A buyer from Oman remarked, “Since we have used Korean machine tools, I have high confidence in Korean products. I believe that they are price-competitive and the quality is as high as any machine tools from advanced countries. Through this visit to SIMTOS, we hope to supply excellent Korean products to the Oman market.”
Behind such active participation of foreign buyers with high purchasing-power lies the effort of the Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (KOMMA), the organizer of SIMTOS, to invite buyers from months before the exhibition. Through Matchmaking4U, a matching program between participating suppliers and buyers that has been verified over a long time, KOMMA managed the targeted foreign buyers from the time of the exhibition to on-site consultation during the fair. A large number of buyers’ conferences held in SIMTOS has led to actual contracts, thus directly contributing to the profit generation of exhibitors.

The exhibition concept of many companies participating in this event held in the winds of change of the “4th Industrial Revolution” featured primarily the 4th Industrial Revolution and Smart Factory. Exhibits varied from equipment integrated with ICT technology to automation parts, measurement systems, and tool management systems.
In particular, the Special Exhibition Hall for the 4th Industrial Revolution, opened for the first time this year, attracting attention by demonstrating trial performances centered on processing equipment and suggested ways to build more realistic smart factories. One visitor remarked, “Although the smart factory has been controversial for a long time, I still consider that most talks are not beyond conceptualization. Taking a look around at this exhibition, however, it dawned on me how SMEs need to approach smart factory construction.”
While SMEs’ interest in factory automation is increasing more sharply than ever before in line with the policy issues such as rising minimum wages and shortening working hours, the global equipment manufacturers participating in SIMTOS 2018 largely showcased compact automation and complex solutions. Major machine tool manufacturers such as Doosan Machine Tools, DMG Mori, Yamazaki Mazak, Hyundai Wia, and Hwacheon have exhibited a large number of products using automation applications such as Gantry robots and multi-pallet systems, attracting keen attention from the visitors.
Suppliers of automated cutting equipment such as Bystronic, AMADA Korea, H. K., J. Trump GmbH Korea introduced automation and complex solutions including folding machine automation models for removable robot system and modular multifunction equipment that can implement various functions by attaching a module to a punching machine.
Other exhibits included numerous products released in response to the increased demand for processing equipment for difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium, carbon fiber composite materials, and nickel alloys. In addition, considerable attention was paid to highperformance and high-stiffness equipment as well as machining simulation software to prevent unnecessary cost and reduce time wastage by minimizing errors while processing high-cost difficult-to-cut materials.
SIMTOS 2018 has provided more than 30 events such as the 4th Industrial Revolution Conference and the CAD/ CAM Conference and a variety of accompanying events including a photo zone, stamp tour, and technical tour, offering abundant attractions and entertainment. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods


The Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show 2018 (SIMTOS 2018) has become even more special thanks to the operation of more special pavilions by various countries.

SIMTOS has presented new forms of industry exhibitions to visitors and exhibitors every year. This fact was enough to entice many visitors and exhibitors, which inspire other industry exhibitions. SIMTOS 2018 to be held this time resolutely veered away from a practice where industry exhibitions are held by items and enhanced the convenience of visitors and exhibitors by arranging exhibition spaces by continents.
“There are three reasons why this year the organizers decided to run SIMTOS as special halls by continents,” commented an official of SIMTOS. “The three reasons are the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution, the characteristics of exhibition items, and the safety and capacities to supply affiliated facilities of the Second Exhibition Hall at KINTEX.”
According to the official, the characteristics of the fourth industrial revolution are the convergence of industries, products, and technologies, and a collaborative system. Therefore, it is necessary to move its focus to complex solutions that are characterized by the convergence, intellectualizing and collaboration of processes from products. Therefore, the SIMTOS organizers have pursued such changes to show the convergence of solutions by continents in existing exhibitions of certain items.
This year’s SIMTOS will offer an opportunity for visitors and exhibitors to understand how manufacturing powerhouses in the world are preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution via the Special Fourth Industrial Revolution Pavilion, which will enable visitors to grasp the flow of the global Fourth Industrial Revolution at a glance.
The SIMTOS organizers launched the Special Smart Factory Pavilion in the exhibition in 2016, which was introduced at the previous exhibition as a special project planned as a pilot project. As the Special Smart Factory Pavilion was attempted for the first time it was not quite perfect, but there were many people who praised the new attempt,” explained an official of the SIMTOS Organizing Committee. “The Special Fourth Industrial Revolution Pavilion at the Second Exhibition Hall will consist of eight sectors such as cooperative robots, engineering software, networks, IoT, and complex solutions, which are important components of the fourth industrial revolution under the theme of smart factories, digital and connection by expanding the scope of Smart Factory. More than 40 companies and consortiums have already completed their applications.”


Making SIMTOS 2018 Win Hearts of Visitors

SIMTOS has been using the MM4U (Match-Making for You) System to match exhibitors and companies before the start of the exhibition. From the previous exhibition, SIMTOS organizers made the system more convenient by putting the system online.
“MM4U, which was offered online during SIMTOS 2016, lacked the management of effective support for business meetings as exhibitors increased 168% and buyers more than doubled from the previous exhibition,” said an official of SIMTOS. He added, “We will improve the MM4U matching system by way of voluntary decision-making between exhibitors and buyers and implement services to enhance satisfaction through the operation of paid premium services in addition to general services.”
The Premium service provide services differentiated from general services in terms of inviting buyers, the number of matching applications that can be allowed and alarm functions. In addition, in order to invite big overseas buyers, the SIMTOS organizers dispatched market survey teams to five major emerging markets (South Africa, Iran, the UAE, India and Vietnam) in 2017, visited local companies and related organizations and held import and export fairs there.
The Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (KOMMA) identified 50 dealers and buyers and conducted 200 preconsultations for them and will invite them to SIMTOS this year. “Our association has 20 agents who attract buyers composed of demand industries and dealer organizations in 10 countries including Turkey, Thailand and Brazil,” commented a representative of SIMTOS.


SIMTOS 2018 Expects More Than 100,000 Visitors

“I think that SIMTOS is a good venue, and it is an exhibition that strives to be the best,” said an official of the SIMTOS. “The association also supports other exhibitions and productions. However, in order to understand industrial trends in manufacturing and manufacturing technology and build networks, it is necessary to visit SIMTOS.”
The first goal is to get visitors to agree on this idea and the second is to strengthen and expand direct invitations to those in demand industries such as the automobile, machinery, electronics, electricity, IT, semiconductor, display, metal, steel, renewable energy, space and aviation, and medical industries.


Demand for Machine Tools Increases in Various Industries

“The slogan of SIMTOS 2018 exhibition is Capture the Future: the 4th manufacturing and manufacturing technologies connected with the 4th industrial revolution at SIMTOS 2018. Now is an era when industrial boundaries are falling down. We expect a rise in the participation of various industries that want to connect the fourth industrial revolution with their production and manufacturing technology,” the official explained.
“SIMTOS is already the largest production and manufacturing technology exhibition in Korea,” the official remarked. “It is difficult to mention a certain number, but the goal of the SIMTOS is always to be the most satisfying production and manufacturing technology exhibition.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial Induction Motors[INQ. NO. 1803M08] Jungwoo Motor is aimed at a customized motor market that can meet the various needs of customers rather than standard motors in which large companies are already engaged. CEO Kim Shin-ho explained the advantages of customized motors, saying that customized motors can be tailored to their needs by taking customer needs into consideration.
Based on steady technological development, Jungwoo Motor developed a hoist induction motor for traction with a low malfunction rate by using a small temperature rise. Moreover, a transverse hoist induction motor is easy to install even in a small place thanks to a built-in brake. Also, an induction motor for air conditioners with vacuum decreased by a dustproof device and a fan motor is more economical than other products by adopting high-occupancy coils of stators. In addition, the company supports customized production according to usage and facilities.
Meanwhile, Jungwoo Motor, which developed smaller and lighter motors with aluminum for the first time in Korea in line with a trend where motors are becoming smaller, lighter and feature nicer designs, is increasing its competitiveness by making all products lighter with aluminum and making them smaller according to technological trends.
In addition, in compliance with the regulations on the efficiency management of equipment to be applied in October of next year, Jungwoo Motor developed a premium (IE3) class motor industrial motors the production and sales of the existing high efficiency (IE2) industrial motors.
Jungwoo Motor is active in developing new markets while participating in major overseas exhibitions regularly to make forays into overseas markets by going beyond the Korean market.
CEO Kim remarked that Jungwoo Motor is receiving positive responses about its products from Europe and Japan. The CEO was confident about the competitiveness of his products, because customized motors were more than twice as expensive as general motors due to the characteristics of the market.
Jungwoo Motor, which recently moved into a 1,500-pyeong new office building, is devoting itself to product research and development based on expanded production facilities, and doing everything it can do to manage quality by systemizing all processes from design to production, inspection, and post management.

Jungwoo Motor, which develops and produces industrial motors, was established in 1998. Until now, the company has developed various types of industrial motors such as three-phase motors, single-phase motors, hydraulic motors, and explosion-proof motors.
“We are enhancing our customers’ competitiveness with state-of-the-art industrial motors through technological innovation in the industry, which is becoming more advanced and sophisticated,” CEO Kim said. “We are prepared to go to any lengths to become a leader in the motor industry with perfect quality and stability.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

2018 Automotive Weight Reduction Technology Fair

Next-generation Car Technology Innovation at a Glance!

In this era, where next-generation green technologies are in the limelight worldwide, a lot of attention has been paid to technologies focusing not only on the emission of carbon dioxide but also on promoting efficiency.
Under the slogan, “In pursuit of innovation of next-generation automobile technology,” the 2018 Automotive Weight Reduction Technology Fair was held at Kintex II, Ilsan Korea, from February 7 to 9, welcoming auto-industry insiders and workers.
Opening its doors for the third time this year, this exhibition presented a variety of latest technologies for the next generation of the automotive industry ranging from lightweighting processing technologies and molding equipment such as carbon fiber composite materials, fiber reinforced plastics, lightweight classes to various analysis and inspection equipment and software technologies.
During the exhibition, the Materials Machining System Fair was also held featuring light metals, processing equipment, and industrial 3D printers. Also accompanied was the Korea-EU Automotive Lightweighting Technology Advancement Forum attracting a lot of visitors.
In this exhibition hosted by the MICE Forum and conducted by the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) Composite Technology Research Center, Frank Henning, Vice-President of the Fraunhofer ICT, a German research institution for chemical technology, and LuIse Karger, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, delivered presentations on the subject of advanced technologies and global trends for automotive lightweighting, heralding a new paradigm.

In addition, the Engineer Open Technology Seminar was held in the exhibition hall, providing an opportunity for sharing information among companies that developed new products and new technologies.
An exhibition official explained, “The 2018 Automotive Weight Reduction Technology Fair was a meaningful event where one could see lightweighting materials and equipment such as carbon fiber composite materials, fiber reinforced plastics, lightweight classes that attract worldwide attention all at one place. It will make this exhibition that leads the development of automotive lightweighting technology at home and abroad and upgrades itself year after year.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

SETEC Evolving into Seoul’s Cultural Hotspot Beyond Merely an Exhibition and Convention Venue (Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention) is a major convention center in Seoul, Korea, which has served as a premier business platform for new growth engine industries and settlement business of the Seoul Metropolitan Government by providing various opportunities for successful business.
Run by Seoul Business Agency (SBA), SETEC has grown as a specialized exhibition center with the aim of fostering Seoul’s strategic industries by hosting a wide range of related trades shows, expos, and events.
SETEC, located in Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, consists of three exhibition halls with a total area of 7,948 square meters and subsidiary facilities such as organizers’ offices, waiting rooms for VIPs, support office, and press room.



With easy access to public transportation, SETEC is the ideal venue for hosting various kinds of events

With easy access to public transportation such as the subway and the benefit of an entire one-floor exhibition space, SETEC has a great reputation for hosting large-scale events smoothly.
With its three exhibition halls, SETEC ensures a variety of space uses, while the adjacent Yangjae Stream provides visitors to the exhibition with a new experience making it an environmentally-friendly exhibition center along with access to nature in the heart of the metropolitan area.



As a reliable partner for SMEs, SETEC provides various kinds of support for enterprises

SETEC hosts more than 80 expos and events in such diverse fields as architecture, baby goods, franchise and IT businesses, attracting 7,400 SMEs on average annually. SETEC is involved in not only helping SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) increase exports and find new overseas markets but also in providing marketing support.
The conference room that can accommodate 120 people is located on the second floor separately with three exhibition halls on the first floor so that it can be the perfect location for conducting related seminars concurrently during exhibitions.


SETEC wins first prize in recognition of its outstanding brand differentiation, quality, and loyalty

SETEC was awarded the first prize in the exhibition & convention section in the 13th Korea Prestige Brand Awards, held on March 23, 2017. This is another splendid achievement following its winning the first prize in the exhibition & convention section in the Korea Master Brand Awards four years in a row from 2013 to 2016. This has given SETEC another opportunity to be recognized as a flagship exhibition and convention center of Seoul.
SETEC also plans to briskly develop its own trade shows and offer further support for exhibitions of public benefit as a business partner of SMEs, with the goal of becoming a place for Seoul citizens to utilize at the same time.
SETEC has achieved a superior track record with the highest operating rate among the exhibition and convention centers in Korea by handling the organization systemically in terms of flexible manpower management and custom-tailored service since it was taken over by KOTRA in 2005.
For promoting exploration of new markets for SMEs and vitalization of the MICE industry, SETEC focuses on fostering new exhibitions in the higher value-added fields such as culture & arts, Hallyu (the Korean Wave) and beauty industries and offering differentiated services through specially planned exhibitions and joint organization of various exhibitions.
Moreover, it is working on promoting diverse exhibitions of public interest, serving as a venue for ordinary citizens to enjoy as well.


Major Exhibitions in 2018 | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Korean Exhibition Industry Maintains Its Fame As a “Golden Goose” exhibition industry, often referred to as a “Golden Goose,” is attracting worldwide attention. Korea’s MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions) industry also seeks to revitalize the exhibition industry through a project plan to expand the infrastructure such as the construction of the COEX Jamsil and the 3rd KINTEX exhibition center.
Combined with cultural heritages accumulated over thousands of years and exciting modern attractions, state-of-the-art convention facilities and affordable accommodation, Korea’s MICE industry makes the country one of the fastest emerging MICE destinations in the world.
According to the results of the Korea Exhibition Industry Statistical Survey (2016) published by the Association of Korea Exhibition Industry (AKEI) on September 28, 2017, a total of 568 exhibitions were held in Korea in 2016. The average number of exhibitors was 151 and the average number of visitors was 13,388. This indicates an increase in the number of exhibitions, average exhibition area, and average number of visitors compared to 2015. In particular, the number of exhibitors increased. In addition, the domestic organizers’ overseas expansion showed a significant increase compared to that of previous years. The total sales of the industry in 2016 totaled KRW3.454 trillion, exceeding the KRW 2.11 trillion of the flourishing film industry in Korea.

For convention and exhibition organizers, as well as business travelers, this month’s Korea Buyers Guide covers major exhibition centers in Korea and how they are being better-equipped for international conventions and exhibitions. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Changwon International Automotive Industry Show 2017 (CIAIS 2017) 2017 Changwon International Automotive Industry Show, sponsored by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and hosted by the Korea Automobile Parts Association (Incorporated Association) and Samwoo International Co., Ltd. will be held in the Changwon Exhibition Convention Center (CECC) for three days from Aug. 30 (Wed.) to Sep. 1 (Fri.), 2017.
This exhibition will be held with a scale of 220 booths from 80 companies from 10 countries with various domestic/overseas automobile part products such as automobile OEM parts/materials and aftermarket parts/maintenance/repairing equipment/inspection equipment/facility, complete vehicles (electric vehicles/hydrogen vehicles/commercial vehicles), distribution, etc. In particular, it is the professional display exhibition of OEM parts materials and replacement parts (certified products).
As of June, 2017, up to 20 overseas genuine buyers will be invited, and 12 companies from six countries including the USA, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, etc. were confirmed for participation.
This exhibition, which is being held this year for the 2nd time, will be a perfect venue to grasp the latest trends of the automobile parts industry, and for technology exchanges and territorial cultivation. Here, in  Gyeongnam, with the 2nd-largest size in the number of the companies in automobile parts, and possessing great potential as a new growth industry by being selected as a focused city for hydrogen vehicles, we hope you will discover the optimum business opportunity. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

‘Plastics Industry Meets Mold Industry’


March 12-16 2013, KOPLAS ‘the platform of the Plastics & Rubber Industry’ will be held with Int’l Korea Mold & Die show(INTERMOLD KOREA)!

Outstanding plastics and rubber products, raw materials, and technologies will be gathered together with leading brands from around the world to be displayed under one roof. The organizers Korea E & Ex Inc. and Korea Plastics Processing Machine Industry Cooperative will host KOPLAS 2013 from March 12 to 16, 2013 for five days at KINTEX exhibition center in Goyang, South Korea, supported by government organizations.

Since 1981, KOPLAS 2013 has been 22 editions and will be held concurrently with International Korea Mold & Die Show(INTERMOLD KOREA 2013), as well as the Heating, Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Fluid Exhibition(HARFKO Show 2013). Hosting three shows in one location will form a golden bridge between Korea and the global market in these industries as it generates international business with professionals and buyers. It will be the best opportunity to step forward as a representative show in Asia.


Korean plastics have integrated with the advanced IT and eco-friendly technologies. It helps the developments of technologies and products. KOPLAS brings you the latest innovations and the most sophisticated plastics technologies. Also, more than 40,000 visitors will be joining the show and the organizers expect more than 300 companies from 20 countries all around the world. It will grow as a hub exhibition of plastics and rubber equipment in the Northeast Asian region and play an important role in creating new environment and technologies of this sector.

Main Exhibits of KOPLAS 2013 will be Raw Materials and Auxiliary Materials, Semi-finished and Finished Products, Processing Machinery, Post Processing Machinery, Molds and Dies, Ancillary Equipment, Parts and Meter, Test and Measuring Equipment as well as Packaging and Printing Machinery, thus offering more diverse products and technologies for buyers and distributors.

pim2KOPLAS 2013 in KINTEX is all set to be one of its best shows ever, with a fantastic line-up of exhibitors presenting the latest and best in new technologies for the world’s plastics &rubber equipment and services. The organizersanticipate mutually rewarding development with the top IT industries in Korea.

Useful conferences and seminars are planned to be held at KINTEX Conference Center to promote the exchange of new information and technologies. The conferences will be organized by individual exhibitors and associations as well as the KOPLAS secretariat. It is intended to promote the spread of excellent plastics technologies here in Koreaand showcase the current trends of the plastics market in Korea.

If you want more information about ‘KOPLAS’, please contact us. | Blog Magazine of Korean electronics, brands, and goods