Transmissions and axles [INQ. NO. 1610M17] Founded in 2002, Kum-A has been growing consistently by designing and manufacturing transmissions and axles for forklifts for Jungheinrich, a German company that has the third-largest market share in the global forklift market, and axial piston pumps and gear pumps for excavators for domestic as well as overseas markets. Kum-A intends to become a top-notch oil pressure part specialized corporation and to survive in the increasingly competitive market.

201610mm_page_087_03Transmissions and axles for forklifts that Kum-A produces feature wet disk brakes, compact design, low noise, easy maintenance, auto parking, extended brake life including brake cooling, control valves, safety brake blocks and emergency brake operation.

As for axial piston pumps for excavators from five tons to 45 tons, there are piston pumps for construction as well as industrial purposes. They are being very well-received both domestically and internationally with high levels of trust, and can be applied to required flows from 25cc to 400cc. Gear pumps for tractors and excavators feature lightweight and compact designs, single or tandem and long lifecycle with high efficiency. They can also be applied to required flows from 3cc to 30cc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Truck-mounted concrete pumps [INQ. NO. 1610M16] Established in 1996, Samil Heavy Industries has been specialized in manufacturing and delivering construction equipment to domestically and overseas market. It has grown into a leading company in the field in the area, overcoming the 1997 financial crisis.

Long years of accumulated steady reliabilities and attention from its customers make it possible for the company to continuously improve its presence and performance in the markets.

Samil Heavy Industries’ truck-mounted concrete pumps are being recognized as products that provide economic benefits for end-users, with advanced specifications and actual ability of performance. Currently, 11 kinds of truck-mounted concrete pumps’ booms cover the working range of from 24m to 50m with R&Z type for all the applications and X-type outrigger for stabilization.

They utilize a concrete pumping system with extreme power and convenience due to the closed circuit flow system operated by German Rexroth hydraulic pump with maximized efficiency and easy maintenance due to S-valve operation. They contribute to the reduction of operation cost by minimum wears by a regular and silent functioning.

Among these, two models lead the company’s overseas markets advance with many advantageous points. Featuring 64.4m in vertical reach, 60.6m in horizontal reach, 14.5m in unfolding height, and 65,000 kg in outrigger weight, Samil giant concrete pump SCP-6520XRZ5 performs the maximum pumping output of 225m3/h. SCP-6060 XRZ5 also boasts maximum pumping output of 225m3/h, with 59.5m of vertical reach, 55.9m of horizontal reach, unfolding height of 12.4m, and outrigger weight of 45,000kg.
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A Professional Company of Transmission Parts One Dream to One World NEOOTO is an expert manufacturer of an automotive powertrain parts driven by challenge, quality and customer trust.

201610mm_page_082_03Since its foundation in 1998, OTO has developed into the top automotive powertrain parts manufacturer in Korea through continuous and self-driven technical innovation with “autonomous management” as its basis.

For more than 15 years of supplying transmission parts to Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors, OTO has received top scores in assessments. OTO has a yearly production scale of 52 million units (5.5 million for completed vehicles). The company can fully produce any core transmission part with its full assembly line, including manual, automatic and continuously variable transmissions and DCT.

201610mm_page_082_10As main products, OTO produces Piston Clutch, Output Shaft, T/F Drive Gear, Speed Gear, Clutch Gear, Annulus Assembly. NEOOTO produces high-quality Helical Gear(Pinion Gear, T/F Gear, Diff Gear, Output Shaft), Ring Gear(Annulus Gear), Assembly(Diff erential Assembly, T/F Assembly)

World Class Quality Management At NEOOTO, its management policies are centered on quality as its top priority.

Its in-process inspection and measurement facilities are equipped with a variety of cutt ing edge precision measurement equipment. NEOOTO monitors all inspection results from incoming, in-process and fi nal inspections using SPC and QMS systems, and by forming a network between its partners and its clients, NEOOTO is able to provide real-time product quality information. NEOOTO realized defective rates14.9ppm in 2015. And based on this, NEOOTO scored 4.5 Star from Hyundai Powertech(Top 0.5%)

Expanding the logistics base OTO and NEOOTO are expanding the production base and the logistics base to Vietnam, India, and Czech Republic together with globalization of the domestic automobile industry. NEOOTO has gained its recognition as a global enterprise specialized in power trains through its top notch technology for handling the entire process from ordering to delivery of 4 large-sized gears to Hyundai Motors.
Bett er Future Ahead NEOOTO was selected as one of the World Class 300 and Specialized Global Companies by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy and the Small Business Administration in a ceremony in Seoul in June 2016. Thus, NEOOTO will be able to receive various kinds of support from the government such as for R&D and overseas marketing. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Providing Perfect Solution with Milling, Drilling, Threading and Special Tools Founded in 1982, YG-1 is one of the top leading cutt ing tool manufacturers in the world, producing end mills, taps, drills, inserts and other types of special tools. YG-1’s commitment to quality, reliability and striving for constant innovation has allowed the company to expand its market share and its partners’ global network to develop solutions for the mold and die, aerospace, power generation, electronics and automotive industries.

As one of the main leading tool manufacturers, YG-1 is dedicated to off ering a unique customer experience by delivering high-quality cutt ing tool solutions around the world. In order to be responsible and to off er adapted local solutions, YG-1 has developed a worldwide production and sales network including the Republic of Korea, where it leads the market, the Unites States, Canada, Turkey, China, Japan, India as well as more than 30 sales subsidiaries throughout the world and a distribution network that operates in more than 75 countries.

YG-1, A Maker of Various Types of Cutting Tools

X5070 made with special carbide material and YG-1 tailored coating for high-hardened steels between HRc45 and HRc70 off ers excellent surface fi nish in dry and highspeed machining. Also, the unique geometry and negative rake angle guarantee high abrasion resistance.

Dream Drills are the perfect solution for a wide range of customers’ needs. There are various applications for general purpose, high-feed machining, stainless steels, aluminum, CFRP, high-hardened steels and MQL machining. It guarantees higher productivity because basically center drilling is not required and powerful drilling is available.

Combo Tap’s unique patented design of the fl ank surface prevents overfeeding, thin thread problems. It shows excellent performance in various work materials both in blind and through holes.
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Dominating the Domestic Markets of Various Kinds of Safes As an ISO9001 certifi ed safe manufacturer in Korea, Bumil manufactures fi reresistant home safes, offi ce safes, fi ling cabinets, antiburglary safes and hotel safes. The company obtained certifi cates from well-known international certifi cation organizations such as the UL, JIS, SP and KS.

201610mm_page_076_03Products of Bumil Safe have been tested and approved annually in compliance with the stringent test methods by international certifi cation organizations such as UL, JIS, SP and KS. With proven reliability based on more than 50 years’ experience, Bumil Safe has a strong confi dence in the quality of its safes.

Fire-Resistant Homesafe is suitable for home and small business use. You may keep important documents, paper records and valuables in it. A convenient plastic tray is available to keep your items organized.

201610mm_page_076_10Filing Cabinet is specially designed to store important documents. With an excellent fi re resistance, a lock installed on the top of the drawer controls other drawers’ lock and unlock with a doublelock system. Lock options are provided for user’s diff erent purposes. This product is popular among government organizations, companies, banks and military units.

Platinum Anti-burglary Safe TL-30(UL certifi ed) is designed to give you the highest protection available for all forms of burglary. A solid 40mm casting of aluminum for torch resistance laced with solid carbide rods for resistance to drills saws and carbide cutt ing wheels. This special barrier material is provided on all six sides along to provide 105mm thick walls on all side including the top and bott om.

201610mm_page_076_13The door incorporates additional layers of steel and reinforced concrete for a total thickness of 160mm. The locking system is enhanced with a high-security, Germandesigned key lock and a digital lock. The locking system is further protected from penetration by a drill-proof steel plate imbedded with a ball bearing. Additional protection is added with a tempered glass plate re-lock system.

Fostering New Safety Culture

201610mm_page_076_07Starting out as a company specializing in safes and metal furniture, Bumil Safe quickly dominated the domestic market following its introduction of new and modern safes in society where the concept of a safe was practically unheard of. By introducing the concepts of “digital safes” and “intelligent safes” for the fi rst time based on the concept of a simple safe for keeping precious items, Bumil Safe recreated safes and fostered a new safety culture featuring the safe as part of secure and good living spaces.

201610mm_page_076_16Bumil Safe is unrivaled not only in fi reproof and anti-burglary safes but also in the general safe industry. Bumil Safe vows to realize its vision as the world’s best company in the safe industry by strengthening its competitiveness by increasing quality assurance activities and various management innovation activities. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

The Reliable Partner for Roofi ng Solutions With quality as its masthead, Roser stands out in the world. Mediocrity is not a term that Roser understands.

Over the past several years, the QC team of Roser worked to acquire ISO9001 certifi cation to enhance its other already impressive qualifi cations. From initial meetings with Roser to the completion of the job, Roser is a constant companion to ensure that its customers receive competent and thorough service.

Through ceaseless eff ort and meticulous work, Roser developed its brilliant technology for the benefi t of its clients. Roser’s Stone-coated Steel Roof is made of high quality Al-Zn alloy steel which is coated with high standard roofi ng stone granules. It has great long-term corrosion resistance in addition to an incredibly lightweight. It protects against various kinds of weather for people’s safety and comfort. Moreover, a wide selection of colors is available to suit its customers’ every need.
4 Premium Products that Can Enhance the Look of Roof with Elegant Design and Great Color Range

Roman Classic off ers a unique and distinctively beautiful roof for modern nobility like you and your family. Roman Classic, an elegant, romantic Mediterranean-style stonecoated steel roof, provides the aesthetic grace of the highest quality European tile combined with the distinguished merits of stone-coated steel roof. It creates the concept of a noble stone-coated steel roof.

Cleo is an elegant and romantic Mediterranean-style stone coated steel roof with a classic taste. Its classic aesthetic appeal and its unique coloration displayed a perfect harmony with the environment that will draw admiration from all homeowners.

With the beautifully fi nished two-tone color touch, StoneWood Shake adds premium wood grain design to your house. Stone Wood Shake is a world famous, unbelievably light-weight roofi ng system that can enhance the look of your roof with its elegant design and great color range.

StoneWood shake is designed and manufactured to withstand many kinds of severe weather such as extremely hot and cold temperature, strong wind, and heavy rain. The granulated stone clips on the surface give additional beauty and weather protection to your roof.

Piano Shingle is graceful roofi ng that adds a distinctive elegance and unique appeal to stylish homes with its bold surface appearance to give you the dimensional eff ect.

Piano Shingle has the heart of steel and an appearance that can blend naturally with all surrounding environment.

Unlike others, Piano Shingle has a unique double side overlapping advantage that fi ts perfectly for easy installation and less wastage of material. Piano Shingle comes with a wide range of rich colors to match your color preference for an ideal roof.
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Becoming a Leading Innovative Company in the Field of Gas/Steam Turbine and Thermal/Nuclear Power Turbo Power Tech has grown into a company specialized in centrifugal casting since 1979. Continuous special alloy development enables the company to be a leading expert in turbine components, especially diaphragms. It manufactures special alloy materials for turbine by centrifugal casting, forging and heat treatment.

And its ‘One Stop System’ that directs process from material to fi nal part (including machining and assembly) can off er more competitive price, lead time and the highest quality.

Being qualifi ed as World Class Product for seal ring and diaphragm, it’s earned authorized ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certifi cations. And it supplies them with its major turbine maker in Korea, Doosan Heavy Industries, to each power plant of KEPCO. It also exports 70% of its products to leading overseas energy companies such as Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Toshiba, GE Energy, etc.

Turbine Components and Diaphragms for the Future Energy Industry

Seal Ring is a mechanism to minimize the leakage of steam & gas between the rotor and diaphragms. The material of the system consists of copper alloy and steel alloy. The material goes through centrifugal cast, heat treatment and machining in one line. Seal ring shall be divided into packing rings and ring segments. The sealing devices maintain turbine effi ciency by preventing steam and gas leakage and vibration between the rotor and diaphragms to sustain steam balancing in the turbine generator unit.

The diaphragm is a key part of a steam turbine. It is assembled in a casing so that it directs inside steam of the turbine to a certain direction and rotates the blade assembled to the rotor, which has been induced to become stream.

Moreover, the turbine rotor is useful power by rotating a generator that the rotor is equipped with. Therefore, the contribution to the steam that has passed through the diaphragm rotates the moving blade to give a signifi cant impact on effi ciency and minimum vibration of the turbine.

The interstage seal is a key part of gas turbine. It is placed in the gas turbine’s stationary blade ring in the casing and minimize the leakage of gas. It is mainly composed of body, packing ring, baffl e plate, stud bolt and inconel spring.
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A Global Leading Manufacturer of Pipe Coupling Products Youngnam Metal Co., Ltd. is a reliable manufacturer of highest-quality steel pipe coupling products. Since 1986, the company has sold steel pipe coupling products in a wide array of industries including shipbuilding, civil engineering among others. The company was founded in May 1986. In February 1993, its products received the Type Approval from the Korean Register of Shipping and Det Norske Veritas. In October 1997, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd. awarded the company ISO 9002 certifi cation. In April 2003, the company set up a corporation in China.

YN-Coupling Joints, thanks to their great fl exibility and economy, are steadily replacing the fl anged pipe joints nowadays, from various industrial plants to vessels. These YN-coupling joints are not only to eliminate the welding costs, but also prevent any linear expansion and defl ection of the pipes by welding repairs. YN-Couplings are the easiest way to join and repair pipes of all materials.

They require no special tools or pipe-end preparation.

They are fl exible, lightweight and fi reproof and are used in shipbuilding, wastewater treatment, general industry and the construction sector. YN-Couplings come fully assembled and ready to install. A torque wrench is the only tool required to do the job. YN-Couplings are used to join and repair any plain end pipes or tubes including steel, stainless steel, ductile iron, FRP, PVC, CPVC, C900, concrete pipe, copper and CuNi piping.

Receiving Good Evaluations from Customers
Youngnam Metal has 30 years of experience in manufacturing stainless and plastic pipe couplings & pipe repair clamp joints. Its technical capacity in this fi eld has been highly evaluated by many customers and other parties concerned, not only for comprehensive applications but also for a signifi cant reduction in expenses.

201610mm_page_069_07These coupling joints not only save their users welding costs but also prevent any linear expansion and the defl ection of piping by welding repairs. Thus, in order to achieve the best reputation in this fi eld of piping connections, Youngnam Metal is rendering its best services to its clients and will make steady eff orts to produce bett er products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Bringing Innovation to Handrail Sterilization Clear Win focuses on the hygiene of escalators and moving walks, which have become an essential part of modern society. The company began to develop handrail sterilization equipment Clear Win, as using escalators and walkway handrails causes health problems such as various pathogenic diseases and viruses because they are used by thousands of people every day.

Clear Win aims to contribute to ensuring a hygienic environment by sterilizing bacteria and viruses just by simply att aching it to an escalator or walkway handrail. The product received ISO9001, ISO14001, CE and KC certifi cates and has no rival products as it is the fi rst such product developed in the world. Clear Win features a simple cover design. Its L-shaped cover can protect internal devices.

Its ultraviolet lamp sterilizes various types of bacteria that inhabit the handrail. The product is engaged with a fi xed frame of a handrail through pressure. The rotational motion of a handrail is used to produce electric power by Clearwin. The main body of the product is fi xed to the balustrade of the moving walkways. The torsion spring maintains constant pressure on the handrail.

The rear roller and the handrail’s rotational force generate electric power. Electric power is produced by the UV germicidal lamp and operates the display by the lighting circuit confi guration. The product is easy to use with lightweight devices, has a simple structure and boasts more than 17,000 hours of the germicidal lamp’s life.


Useful Device for Crowded Places

201610mm_page_067_03This product comes in handy in crowded places with escalators such as department stores, shopping malls, airports, hospitals and subway stations among others.

Department stores and shopping malls are gett ing bigger and more populated.

Customers therefore want a cleaner environment. The Seoul subway, for example, is used by fi ve million people per day.

Thus, subway stations are susceptible to the spread of disease and epidemics. But it is impossible to clean all of the handrails of escalators every hour due to labor shortages. In hospitals, bacteria and contagious diseases can be spread via the handrails of escalators. Airports are paying att ention to prevent travelers from spreading contagious diseases through the handrails of escalators. Clear Win can hold the key to making escalators at these places clean and germfree. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

A Leading Specialist in Industrial Valves with Many Years of Proven Capability DoTEC is a professional and specialist valvemanufacturing company with many years of proven track record. This mediumsized company is dedicated to designing, developing and manufacturing a wide range of superior quality valves and customer-oriented in off ering prompt service. Many products are manufactured by DoTEC and some, with in-house QC tests and certifi cation by its professional engineers, are trade items.

201610mm_page_066_03Its products are supplied locally and worldwide for new and upgrading projects in chemical plants, petrochemical and thermal plants, and oilfi eld and refi nery applications, both onshore and off shore. It is capable of providing timely technical solutions to meet customers’ specifi c applications and needs and will promptly att end to any urgent enquiry.

With its long-standing experience and in-depth engineering knowledge in valve manufacturing, it is committ ed to satisfying its customers in terms of quality, price, and delivery and after sales service.

Major Products – Ball Valve and Swivel Joint

Trunnion ball valves are blow-out proof and antistatic, using spring and small ball design, the ball and body from static bore stem. Th201610mm_page_066_09e static caused by the ball and seat friction are grounded to avoid fi re or explosion. The stem incorporates the blow-out proof design. The stem and body have excellent sealing performance with redundant steam seals and a graphite gasket on the gland plate. They also have cavity relief design and double lock and bleed.

The two seats in the trunnion mounted ball valve can isolate the inlet and outlet to implement the double block.

When the valve is closed, with both ends having pressure, the cavity and the bore can be blocked. The media in the cavity can be bled down by the operation using a pressure relieving device.

Top-entry metal seat ball valves have several features such as extension of scope for use, no leakage, roundness of ball, prevention of galling and stability of operating toque.

It is possible to use in fi eld of fl ow control and in condition of high-temperature and high-pressure that is impossible to ues by Tefl on Touch Ball Valve. And there is no leakage because seat is pressed to ball bydisc spring regularly all the time. Excellent roundness of ball by using lapping machine is developed to improve seal capacity. Also, surface of the valve is harder than common ball valves. This valve shows good effi ciency especially in separate line because there is no galling on surface by special treatment.

201610mm_page_066_07Swivel joints have been optimally designed for ball bearing race. This is considered as high pressure application. It is the best design for high twist stress and optimized heat treatment on ball race. The point contact is designed to reduce friction factor.

DoTEC’s products have smooth and round bore to prevent pressure drop through the structure stress analysis, optimize bending design and production.

The ball race area is to be implemented with special treatment for longer life cycle. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods