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Circular Cutter

[INQ. NO. 2109M01] The patented circular cutter of DYSM uses a circular blade with enhanced durability. It can cut materials quickly and accurately over a long period of time, and can thus reduce … [Read More]

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Special Bolts

[INQ. NO. 2105M13] Since its founding in 1965, HWASHIBOLT IND.CO.,LTD. has focused on special bolts as a leading company in the … [Read More]

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Hydraulic Cylinders

[INQ. NO. 2106M11] SHINMYONG Hydraulic Cylinders Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and supplying … [Read More]


Multidisciplinary Hybrid Production Systems

[INQ. NO. 2109M25] Dynamic Motion Technology (DMT) leads Industry 4.0 and provides optimal solutions and excellent customer-specific quality maintenance and management services required by production sites. It is based on the core technology of industrial robots, and long-established on-site.DMT has … [Read More]

Polyurethane System & PU Foaming Machine

[INQ. NO. 2109M24] DAEJIN PHYSICS AND CHEMICAL’s polyurethane system, for automobiles, commercial vehicles and industrial air-cleaners, now under production, is available as a custom-made product satisfying 100% of a customer’s specifications through technology development based on 30 years of … [Read More]