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[INQ. NO. 2110M02] DAWOOMETAL is a company specialized in manufacturing faucets, considering the value of water important and thinking of the customer and nature together.DAWOOMETAL is currently … [Read More]

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Special Bolts

[INQ. NO. 2105M13] Since its founding in 1965, HWASHIBOLT IND.CO.,LTD. has focused on special bolts as a leading company in the … [Read More]

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Hydraulic Cylinders

[INQ. NO. 2106M11] SHINMYONG Hydraulic Cylinders Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and supplying … [Read More]


Eco-Friendly Water Tank

[INQ. NO. 2110M22] ECOCLEAR CO., LTD. is a company producing eco-friendly GRP water tanks for drinking water only and internal/external stiffeners used in such water tanks.GRP stands for glass fiber reinforced plastics, and it has the advantages of excellent corrosion resistance, light, and … [Read More]

Machine room-less Elevators

[INQ. NO. 2110M21] Anam Tech’s machine room-less elevators are based on EN-81 designs for the best safety.Unlike the existing elevators with machine rooms, its elevators have no machine rooms above the hoistway, to ensure efficient utilization of space and reduction of installation costs.Machine … [Read More]