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  • Refrigerating & Air-conditioning Equipment
      [INQ. NO. 2303M01] Since its establishment in 1989, Weltem Co.,Ltd. has made every endeavor to enhance the competitiveness ofthe refrigerating and air-conditioning equipment sector based ontechnology and know-how accumulated over the past 34 years,and to secure a domestic and […]

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  • Hydraulic Cylinders & Valves
      [INQ. NO. 2303M11] The hydraulic cylinder of HipowerHydraulic Co., Ltd. can be applied to a wide range of uses […]

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  • Horizontality & Tightness Window System
    New Sliding Single Window, Hardware System with Perfect Insulation and Air Tightness[INQ. NO. 2207M16] CS Technology Co., Ltd. was established […]


  • Restaurant Equipment
    [INQ. NO. 2211M57] Shin Starr Presents, a pioneer in restaurant equipment design, uses technology and artificial intelligence to prepare high-quality, gourmet recipes at lower costs and with increased consistency. Its […]
  • Automotive Pressure Sensors
    ESC pressure sensor[INQ. NO. 2211M56] The pressure sensor developed by Daeyang Electric Co., Ltd. is used for the ESC system that controls the vehicle body posture and braking power when […]