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  • Water Chiller
    [INQ. NO. 2208M01] After it started a freezer equipment business in 1985, DAEHO COOLER Co., Ltd. became a professional refrigerator manufacturing company in 1993. Since its transformation, the company has been accumulating a vast amount of experience in providing excellent […]

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  • Horizontality & Tightness Window System
    New Sliding Single Window, Hardware System with Perfect Insulation and Air Tightness[INQ. NO. 2207M16] CS Technology Co., Ltd. was established […]


  • Cluster Hammers
    [INQ. NO. 2208M41] TOP DRILL’s cluster drill consists of a robust canister fitted with TOP DRILL TM hammers. These hammers utilize specially designed drill bits. Hammers fitted with these bits […]
  • Foldable Parking Bollards to Block Vehicles
    [INQ. NO. 2208M40] A bollard is a stake-shaped road safety facility that is mainly used to block vehicles from entering and to secure the safety of pedestrians. Out of many […]