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  • Low-temperature Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizers
    [INQ. NO. 2207M01] HMTS-142D is a pass-through, low-temperature hydrogen peroxide sterilizer designed for the Central Sterile Services Departments with a need for an isolated clean room. The automatic sliding door allows for easy loading and increases productivity. This model features […]

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  • Horizontality & Tightness Window System
    New Sliding Single Window, Hardware System with Perfect Insulation and Air Tightness[INQ. NO. 2207M16] CS Technology Co., Ltd. was established […]


  • IoT Device for the Prevention of Car Accidents
    [INQ. NO. 2207M11] ROPE Inc. has become the first in the world to commercialize the ‘BATON SOS’ service, which is an AI-based e-Call system that plays an innovative role, under […]
  • Automobile filters
    [INQ. NO. 2207M10] LAFIEN (Lado Filter Engineering) Co., Ltd., as a manufacturer of various filters for cars, has become a leader in the filter-manufacturing sector based on its technology developed […]