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Exercise Machines for Rehabilitation

SUNGDOMC’s SP series of exercise machines for rehabilitation are products that enable rehab patients to exercise manually as well as automatically, and they are easily convertible between automatic … [Read More]

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Ceramic Seal Discs

Shinhan Ceramic’s ceramic discs work excellently in the ceramic cartridge for sanitary fittings, with more than 500,000 cycles of … [Read More]

Chungbuk, Korea

Livestock Blood Recycling Equipment

[INQ. NO. 1907M01] NANUM Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in recycling of livestock’s blood in an … [Read More]


EV Chargers and Charging Sharing Services

Klinelex Co., Ltd., established in 2014, manufactures EV chargers and develops charging sharing solutions for EVs. The EV charger, also known as EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment), comes in two types - the AC charger (slow speed) that supplies AC electricity to OBC (AC/DC converter) mounted in … [Read More]


CAMMSYS Corp. will launch a new concept of its Micro EV called CEVO-C, as the first among the CEVO series to be released. The CEVO-C, an assembly of basic technologies, is the first and only Micro EV conforming to the domestic law on manufacturing Micro EVs. The CEVO-C would be a perfect solution … [Read More]