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Brazing Furnace

[INQ. NO. 2204M02] Brazing furnace is being used for consecutive brazing treatment by spraying flux into parts contained in vehicles, and electronics — such as aluminum, copper, etc. – in an inactive … [Read More]

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Charging Infrastructure Maintenance for EVs

[INQ. NO. 2204M06] LOGISYS CO., LTD. is the leading company in EV-charging infrastructure maintenance in Korea.LOGISYS is the only … [Read More]

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Charging Service

[INQ. NO. 2203M18] Korea Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Technology is an integrated electric vehicle platform … [Read More]


Marine Engines

Inboard & Generator Engines[INQ. NO. 2203M12] Korea R&D’s marine engines have models ranging from 69 Hp to 320 Hp, and provide optimal custom-developed engines. Its inboard engines and generator engines are suitable for consumer use.Korea R&D’s marine engines deliver excellent … [Read More]

Double-Layered Waterproof Lining Panel (STS+LDPE)

[INQ. NO. 2203M11] BOKJU CO., LTD. has committed itself as a leading company in the water industry to seeking solutions for supplying clean and healthy water safely.BOKJU has acquired various international certifications and has gained recognition for its technical skills and quality by developing … [Read More]