Bipedal Humanoid Robot[INQ. NO. 2003M10] HUBO is Korea’s first bipedal humanoid robot, developed by KAIST. With the help of Rainbow Robotics, HUBO2 became the world’s first humanoid robot platform to be commercialized. It was purchased by the world’s leading research institutes (MIT, Google, etc.) as a research platform.
HUBO2 is equipped with a lightweight robotic arm with six axes of freedom. With its lightweight, compact & agile design technology, HUBO2 can be used for various motions.
HUBO2 is a globally known biped robot platform. Related engineering products, including DRC-HUBO, HUBO-ARM, HUBO-HAND, HUBO-Q (fast mobile platform), sensors, motor drivers, and real-time controllers, have also been developed.
Rainbow Robotics focuses on providing more convenient and productive working environments by building robots that can coexist & cooperate with people across various fields. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Vacuum Sealer[INQ. NO. 2003M09] This is a stand-type vacuum sealer, so it can be recommended for any place without a table to put the machine on. The body except for acrylic chamber cover is stainless steel so as be very durable.
Through the acrylic chamber cover, the process of packing can be seen. The digital control microprocessor makes setting very easy.
The sealing bar can be easily detached and attached and there are no electricity wires exposed inside the chamber, making it convenient for cleaning.
INTRISE Co., Ltd. is one of the leading exporters and manufacturers of nozzle-type vacuum and gas flushing packaging machines, vacuum sealers.
The company’s AIRZERO vacuum sealer is a new-concept packaging machine with many merits, compared to chamber-type packaging machines. AIRZERO vacuum sealer does vacuum-pack directly into the inside of the packing envelope by using a nozzle stroke. So, the work is completed very quickly. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Tablet Counters[INQ. NO. 2003M08] VICOB VC-100 is a vision inspection counting machine that can check on every single piece of product subjected to 100-percent vision inspection with single tablet reject prior to filling.
With Countec’s patented hybrid technology that combines the functions of tablet counting machine and vision inspection system, VICOB realizes the vision for a better, more ideal counter through ultra-high resolution cameras, tilted revolving disc tablet feeding with servo driven rejecter gate.

The VC-100 is capable of processing high-speed product inspection data through twin feeding channels. Vibratory feeders are replaced by a tilted revolving disc that guides the products to a circumferential edge and directly to the vision counting zone. Fast acting reject gate enables single tablet reject instead of removing the entire container from the conveyor. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Four-Side Sealing Packing Machine[INQ. NO. 2003M07] This four-side sealing packing machine is so easy to control the temperature and so forth that it can be easily used even by a beginner. It is possible to fit normal control.
This 4-sided automatic packaging machine is used for packing powders, granules, and all liquid ducts. It is manufactured with the regulated component parts, which will make it easy for you to exchange the component parts and use them.
As it is possible to control the weight and speed while manufacturing, not only can the user be provided with better convenience, but also the manufacturer can be provided with an enhanced manufacturing environment.

By using the air-shaft as the packing sheet hanging shaft, you can change the packing sheet in an easier way when changing the packing sheet.
As it is composed of a simple and solid operating device, the life of this machine has been extended while the hindrance rate of this machine has been minimized.
Every part is equipped with a security-cover, to ensure a safe working environment. This machine is used for sugar, coffee, soup, ginseng tea, drugs, and various powders. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Rotary-Type Auto Packing Machine[INQ. NO. 2003M06] The AR-60P rotary-type automatic packing machine can be used by selecting the products in forms of powder, granule, solid substance, liquid type, semi-solid substance, etc., which can be filled to be packed as you want.
In case the packing paper is not normally supplied, the process of filling and sealing is stopped by the detection device so that wastage of paper can be reduced.
The AR-60P rotary packing machine is composed of 8 to 10 equally divided sections, and the tongs that hold the paper makes the sealing exact and beautiful.
As all component parts of this product are regulated, you can use them conveniently when the component parts need to be exchanged.

This is a sanitary type which makes it possible for the hopper and hose to be equipped and unequipped so that the washing job can be easy.
AUTOPACK KOREA is specialized in manufacturing auto-packing machinery for innovative performance enhancement. The company meets its customers’ needs by realizing one-stop service from world-class technology to production and delivery while intensifying efforts for continuous R&D. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Sachet Packaging Machine[INQ. NO. 2003M05] SOLPAC’s advanced SP-101 is a fully automatic vertical 4 side sealing machine. This ensures continuous motions. This has 4 to 12 lane configurations. This performs PLC control with touch screen operations. It is advised for the operator to choose from all servo motors or electro-mechanical drives.
This machine is used for coffee, powders, granular, sugar, salt, pepper, drink mixes, protein powder, tea, seeds, powdered/granulated medicine, etc. This packaging machine has robust design and reliability and requires low maintenance cost.
This proves well its high productivity on an application basis. It delivers flexible filling style and filling accuracy. It enables multi-lane production with extra-wide film. Moreover, it has a user-friendly touch screen interface. All product contact parts are made of stainless steel 316. This enables filling and feeding system synchronization.

For decades, the company has supplied more than 1,300 machines around the world. The company builds heavy-duty structures with sophisticated internal controls for lifetime durability. The continuous-motion roller-sealing system enables consistent quality at high speed. Precise parts fabrication and assembly technique guarantees trouble-free reliability.
Robust machine structure allows the machine to run faster with multilane operation using extra-wide film. The highest efficiency in conjunction with productivity and speed is achieved by inverter speed control. The machine is flexible in running with various types of heat-seal films to satisfy the strictest requirements of food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.
Special and dedicated filling methods should always be considered in order to handle different characteristics of products, and the company is competent in achieving the best results from the thousands of the company’s application experiences. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Carton Corner Labeler[INQ. NO. 2003M04] Sanho Machinery’s advanced carton corner labeler appeared to be highly impressive, based upon the aspect that this adopts mature embedded control systems, so that the operation of the machine is very stable and it can reach high-speed production.
A top pressure belt is installed in order to ensure stability of cartons when labeling and to improve labeling accuracy. This is particularly for light and small boxes applicated for light and small boxes.
Its own operating system employs touch-screen controls, which are simple, practical and efficient. And verifying label is optional.
Established in 1984, Sanho Machinery has mainly been producing labeling machines, inkjet printers, and laser makers, and furthermore it seeks to develop more upgraded kinds of all of its products. The company obtained ISO 9001 certification and its labeling machines are products certified with CE mark. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Automatic Linear Scale[INQ. NO. 2003M03] Green Pack’s automatic linear scale is a product specialized in weighing and packing. This product adopts easy-to-clean design in feeding & weighing parts so cleaning is completed in less than five minutes
This ensures precise weighing accuracy due to the damping control method, which reduces product supply. This can minimize product damage by the vibrate feeding method. Stable weighing procedure is possible by a micro-computer control method. The installed memory bank enables to save various applications. The automatic memory set allows the scale back to operate normally by pressing ‘ON’ in 10 seconds after turning the power off when any problem occurs. The small footprint design is used for the linear scale.
Green Pack offers its customers a wide selection of affordable packaging machinery and provides value in the systems offered through robustness of construction and competitive pricing. Thus, the company can operate in better working environments in addition to making sure that their projects meet their desired goals.
Furthermore, its mission is to make its customers feel a part in preserving our nature and environment with its packaging machinery, which reduces energy usage and costs by increasing efficiency and minimizing waste. From unparalleled product-quality to on-time delivery and satisfied customer service, Green Pack is committed to excellence. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Vacuum Sealers[INQ. NO. 2003M02] GV-series vacuum sealer GV-35E is a desk-type vacuum packer that can work without an air compressor. It can thus be used in locations where an air compressor cannot be used. It can be applied in a variety of industries such as IT, and BT.
A new electronic method without air compressor uses a geared motor and a solenoid.
304 SUS case and a vibration-free concept is applied, which can be applied to 100 class CR.
Most functions with state-of-the art digital controllers in Korea are incorporated in the product.
The process of the machine is composed of sealing, vacuum (three modes), gas charging (four modes), and 25 preset memories.

As this is a sophisticated, compact model, it is easy to handle. It is equipped with an innovative vacuum pump with low noise and low vibration, achieved by installing a high-performance external vacuum pump. It is widely used, from the food industry to the bio and electronic industries. The safety design is comprehensive enough to fully meet the standards of advanced countries. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Stand-type Vacuum Packer[INQ. NO. 2003M01] Gasung Pak’s vacuum sealer is a stand-type vacuum packer with an air compressor that operates the product by supplying power and air pressure. It is a portable product and the most popular high-quality model. This is applicable in a variety of industries such as IT.
As a best seller product, this has a most popular and competitive composition and specification. It is easy to use with most functions with a state-of-the art digital controller in Korea – sealing, vacuum (three modes), gas charging (four modes), and 25 preset memories.
This is easy to operate and rapid work (analog and digital controller selectable). The powder-coated frame or stainless-steel frame selectable. This has all-in-one structure with cover and frame -strong body and luxurious appearance. This is widely used from foods to electronic appliances and medicines. The high-quality parts are produced by well-known makers. Safety design is comprehensive enough to meet the standards of advanced countries
In 1999, Gasung Pak CO., Ltd. has successfully and fully localized the production of nozzle vacuum sealers and registered patents for the product in Korea and Japan and acquired CE certification as well. Having laid the foundation for the advance of the nozzle vacuum sealer overseas, the company has started to make inroads into the overseas markets in the second half of 2001 and focused on the promotion of its own image and products by exhibiting them to packing-related fairs. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods