Grooved End Butterfly Valve with UL, FM[INQ. NO. 1809M01] By coating the disc with EPDM rubber ‘elastic body’ the restitutive power of this grooved end butterfly valve (BO-G310) between the valve’s body and rubber helps to maintain air tightness. A disc rotates 90 degrees to control the fluid in motion, maintaining high responsiveness under operations with low friction loss and low torque.
Fast operation is possible thanks to simplified opening/closing processes. This valve is applicable to control of low/high-pressure water. It is mostly used for firefighting pipelines and industrial water lines.
It is designed for use in fire protection systems where a visual indication is required as to whether the valve is open or closed. It has grooved inlet and outlet connections that are suitable for use with grooved end pipe couplings that are listed and approved for fire protection systems.
The supervisory switches transfer their electrical contacts when there is movement from the normally open or normally closed disc position during the first two turns of the hand wheel. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Hybrid Car[INQ. NO. 1807M30] KIA Motors Corporation recently released ‘The New K5 Hybrid’, a new model whose design was changed and safety and convenience were improved more than before.
According to KIA, ‘The New K5 Hybrid’ has a combined fuel economy of 18.0 km / ℓ (based on 16-inch tires), which is more fuel efficient than the previous model (17.5 km / ℓ). The lithium-ion polymer battery capacity increased by 8.6% from 1.62kWh to 1.76kWh, improving the driving efficiency so that the car can be operated only by electricity without fuel consumption. The design adopted the elements of ‘The New K5’ released earlier this year.
LED fog lamps with a horizontal layout, a three-dimensional bumper design and a new type of projection headlamp were added to the front section and a LED rear combination lamp was applied to the rear section, emphasizing dynamic images.
The sides are equipped with a hybrid-only wheel with minimal air resistance, an emblem exclusively for eco-friendly car (ECO-hybrid), and 17-inch aerodynamic wheels. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Set-top Type Navigation System[INQ. NO. 1807M29] Thinkware recently announced that it will launch ‘INAVI X3 Cube’, a set-top type navigation system compatible with both domestic and imported cars. INAVI X3 Cube is a set-top type navigation system that can use the INAVI navigation function as a genuine form through a set-top box installation and it can be installed if LCD is embedded in the car.
In addition, the related party of the company explains that INAVI X3 Cube is a product that can enhance the satisfaction of domestic and imported car drivers who have had a limited choice in navigation use by applying Extreme AR which is an augmented reality solution, extreme ADAS which is the latest driver assistance system used by largest users in Korea and INAVI Extreme Air 3D which is the real-world 3D map.
Extreme AR, an augmented reality solution embedded in INAVI X3 Cube, has enhanced the color expressiveness by applying HD camera and Sony Starvis image sensor and provides a clear image even at night as well as in daytime by adopting the night vision which raised the nighttime low light level by more than 100 times.
In addition, as functions such as warning of the rear blind zone, notification of lane change or departure, etc. were added, INAVI X3 Cube has enhanced intuitiveness for route guidance and information delivery function for safe driving.
The advanced driver assistance system has newly adopted the pedestrian detection warning that senses and notifies the driver of an unexpected situation such as a person jumping on the road or jaywalking when driving at a speed of less than 20 km per hour and the forward collision warning which has added the urban function that calculates the speed of your car and the front car in real-time in the low-speed driving of 30km or slower per hour in addition to the high-speed driving and notifies the driver of the situation to prevent collision. Thus, INAVI X3 Cube supports the largest level of functions such as existing lane departure detection systems, front-car departure alerts, traffic light change alerts, rapid-curb deceleration alarm systems. etc.
In addition, functions such as T-Link which is a telematics service, 3D map which has adopted new themes including nature, modern, cartoon, illustration etc., and HD DMB have been applied to expand the usability of the navigation system.
The related party of Thinkware explained, “As a product enhancing the usability of imported cars’ navigation system, INAVI X3 Cube can provide the drivers with flexibility to choose. It will become a product that can enhance users’ satisfaction with efficient and safe driving support like the HD augmented reality solution and the state-of-the-art driver support system as well as various infotainment functions.”
The basic price of INAVI X3 Cube with 64G will be KRW649,000 including an AR camera. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Car Black Box[INQ. NO. 1807M28] Thinkware has recently announced that it will launch INAVI QXD1500 which is a premium connected black box equipped with INAVI Connected, having the real-time communication interlocking function and INAVI QXD1500 Black Panther Edition which is a marvel collaboration model.
INAVI QXD1500 is equipped with an INAVI Connected function that enables you to check the status of your car in real time through a dedicated smartphone app. Through this, you are provided with such functions as real time notification of the parking impact. Parking impact notification transmits the image at the time of impact, vehicle location identification informing you of the location of the parked car and parking time, remote power control to turn off the black box when battery voltage is lower than the permissible level, and car information display enabling you to check the car information such as battery level and gas mileage.
High image quality is also delivered. INAVI QXD1500, which implements front and rear FHD image quality, is also equipped with Ultra Night Vision, a night image quality solution. Adopting Sony Starvis and Exmore R Image Sensor, the latest Ambarella A12A CPU and INAVI CTS technology, the product shows brighter and clearer image than conventional products in night environment by enhancing the low light level sensitivity of night.
The recording function was also enhanced at the time of the car parking. INAVI QXD1500 is equipped with a radar function that pre-records images for 10 seconds before and after the impact by sensing the movement of nearby vehicles, a low-power design that enables parking to be recorded for 3 or more times longer than the existing products, and parking impact recording, Time Lapse which enables images to be stored for a long time by recording two frames per second and Format Free 2.0 which does not require periodic memory formatting, thereby making it possible to record images stably even in case of long-time parking.
A cutting-edge driver assistance system is also installed to help prevent accidents while driving. In addition to the front-car departure notification system which helps the driver start after waiting for the light to change or stopping, the lane departure detection system which notifies the driver in case the car deviates from the lane suddenly while driving and the front collision warning system which notifies the driver when the distance from the front car is close while driving, INAVI QXD1500 is equipped with the urban front collision warning system which notifies the driver of collision risk by recognizing the safety distance from the forward vehicle even under a low-speed driving conditions of 40 km or less per hour, thereby detecting and notifying the driver of risks which could occur while driving.
INAVI QXD1500 Black Panther Edition, the third marvel edition, will be released at the same time. In addition to the character applied to the front of the product, by using black and metallic purple reminiscent of the Black Panther suits as exterior main colors, more distinctive appearance was materialized. Also, by applying each element to the operated software such as user interface, the marvel edition shows its own worthy features.
Thinkware explained, “INAVI QXD1500 is a product that can manage vehicle steadily with the real-time connected technology as well as high-end image quality of front and rear FHD and various functions. As both basic edition and the Black Panther Edition have been released simultaneously, providing drivers with a wide range of choice, we think this product will be able to satisfy the drivers with high functions and differentiation.”
INAVI QXD1500 consists of three kinds of packages – basic, marvel, and connected. The price of each package: KRW369,000 for basic package, KRW429,000 for basic connected package, KRW389,000 for marvel package, and KRW449,000 for marvel connected package based on 32G memory respectively; and KRW419,000 for basic package, KRW479,000 for basic connected package, KRW439,000 for marvel package, and KRW499,000 for marvel connected package respectively based on 64G memory. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Commercial Recycler of Food Waste[INQ. NO. 1807M08] JNH Company’s commercial recycler of food waste is able to keep the kitchen clean and hygienic by drastically improving decomposition speed and odor due to the adoption of the organic waste disposal method using carrier.
The commercial recycler of food waste has remarkably improved not only decomposition speed and odor problem, but also power consumption with the treatment method using the mid and high-temperature microorganisms. The food waste discharges can be used as compost because they have been judged to be suitable for by-product composting by the Agricultural Science Research Institute.
Easy to use, this product can help users reduce the disposal cost and burden caused by the increase of food waste disposal fee and solve the inconvenience of throwing food waste at a designated place.
Food waste discharges can be used as compost, helping reduce the environmental pollution. In addition, this product has an effect of creating a favorable view as you need not stack food, and you need not endure bad smell due to microbes and H/W structure that prevents odor. The related party of JNH Company said, “We will strive to become a global leader typically thinking about the environment by enhancing the competence of the existing business and pursuing continuous development through ceaseless R&D based on our technological prowess recognized in the world market and endless challenges.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

50 kW Stand-alone Hybrid Power Conversion System[INQ. NO. 1807M07] ELT Inc. an enterprise specializing in eco-friendly energy, recently launched a 50kW stand-alone hybrid power conversion system (PCS) that can establish a microgrid and energy storage system (ESS). Stand-alone hybrid PCS is a product that can comprehensively control solar power equipment, battery, and power generation system. PCS is a device that converts the power of ESS that stores electricity produced in the power plant. It can be applied to the establishment of microgrid or ESS systems in small areas such as islands so that they can be self-sufficient in electricity.
The PCS developed by this Company can be used for establishing microgrid of both AC and DC distribution system. It improved efficiency by removing the DC and DC converter of the diesel generator. It has the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) function capable of maximum power generation for solar modules. It also extends battery life and can supply power continuously even when communication is interrupted.
ELT plans to supply 50kW stand-alone hybrid PCS to domestic mountain or island areas requiring construction of a small microgrid. ELT is striving to secure its own business model, such as participating in the demonstration project of the energy independent island, in cooperation with Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO).
ELT is also carrying forward export to Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. Especially, we are actively working on the establishment of independent power supply infrastructure in overseas market based on the business experience acquired from the maintenance of solar inverters of KAKO New Energy, which is the global leader in design, procurement and construction (EPC) of the hybrid system in the Cobrador Island of Romblon, Philippine.
In the future, ELT plans to establish a solid position in the fields of microgrid establishment, hybrid power generation plant, commercialization of overseas distributed power supply, and energy independent islands.
In line with this, ELT plans to launch an upgraded, independent container power generation system that integrates solar, PCS, ESS, and diesel generators inside and outside the container.
CEO Yang Hee-won revealed his ambitions, saying “We have been recognized of our technological prowess and competence by participating in large microgrid and ESS projects both at home and abroad as well as 30 years of experience in electrical constructions. As a leading company in the renewable energy industry, we will possess efficiency and economy at the same time.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

TS (Time Stop) Quick Freezing System[INQ. NO. 1807M06] Could it be possible to maintain the natural taste of food with the frozen food? Usually, when the food is frozen, cell membranes are destroyed and as a result, the texture and taste of the food is significantly reduced. In the academic circles, after an experiment to maintain taste, color and flavor, researchers have found out that cells became frozen before bursting if they were rapidly frozen to a cryogenic temperature of -60°C. TS (Time Stop) quick freezing means freezing everything at supersonic speed like stopping time in order to prevent cell membranes from getting destroyed and ensure the same quality of fresh food after thawing. The biggest advantage of TS quick freezing is that it can complement the problems of existing frozen foods (taste, smell, color, etc., which are significantly inferior to fresh food).
If the frozen food is manufactured with the TS quick freezing system of Seilufreezeer, penetration of moisture into the object is minimized and the drip phenomenon is significantly reduced during thawing. Quick freezing is required for the sake of the quality similar to fresh food.
As the object is exposed to a cryogenic temperature of -50°C to -60°C, its cells freeze before bursting. Due to rapid freezing, moisture hardly penetrates into the object. In case of tuna, since it is frozen to a cryogenic temperature of -50°C to -60°C, there is almost no water penetration and the water molecules in the material do not move. Therefore, the cell membrane of the object is not destroyed. As the water molecules are thawed in the same state as that before freezing, the freshness, taste and flavor of the material will come back as they were. A frozen food will come back as a fresh food as it stands. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Cryotherapy Chamber[INQ. NO. 1807M05] Cryotherapy chamber recently released by Seilufreezer Co. Ltd., an enterprise specializing in the cryogenic freezing system, is composed of the freezing system. This product has such features as it can be easily used like a refrigerator or an air conditioner if only the power is supplied and, once the setting is completed, there is little maintenance and repair cost other than electricity bill.
This product promotes generation of endorphins by rapidly lowering the skin temperature, which is known to have effects such as recovery of vigor, diet, weight loss, skin care, and anti-aging. Therefore, it is expected to be used in various areas such as large fitness centers, body shape management shops, hotels, etc.
Mr. Jeong Yong-nam, Manager of Seilufreezer said, “This product is a cryocooling sauna where the whole body is exposed for a short time (within 3 minutes) in a cryogenic environment. There are only a few companies in the world, including some famous German enterprises, that have the technological expertise of generating the temperature of -110°C through electric supply. We have reached its current technology by virtue of steady research, and based on this technology, acquired the Health New Technology Authentication (HT) from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.”
He added, “Based on our high technological prowess, we are in the process of negotiating with foreign buyers from the US, Canada, Australia, etc. about exporting cryotherapy. Our product can be used in various fields such as Jeju Island’s tourist attractions, hotels, athlete’s village, etc. I think the customer satisfaction will become much higher if the cryotherapy sauna is accompanied by therapy experts”. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

5-axis Welding Robot[INQ. NO. 1807M04] Samjin Wel-Tech recently released the 5-axis welding robot, minimizing unnecessary functions and specializing in welding work.
It has established a welding machine brand named OMEGA Wel-Tech in South Korea and is now preparing to make a leap forward as a global enterprise extending to the overseas market.
CEO Bae Byeong-ho revealed his ambitions by saying that “Based on our high technological prowess, we will pursue perfection of our products and always do our best to maintain the top position in the field of welding machines and welding automation equipments.”
Currently, the company’s main targets are SMEs and enterprises of middle standing accounting for about 90% of domestic manufacturing industry. He confidently said that the company opened a new horizon in the field of the welding automation by reducing the price of its welding robot lineup by more than 50% compared to the existing makers and by realizing an user friendly interface.
Meanwhile, one of the most important features of its welding robot lineup is that teaching is very easy. The company’s welding robot lineup is sufficiently intuitive for users to be able to operate even only after one day of teaching, and the system can be turned ON/OFF anywhere in the world whenever Wi-Fi connected by using the Windows operating system. In addition, it also has a strong point in terms of maintenance such as checking the machine remotely. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

High Frequency Charger[INQ. NO. 1807M03] CHARBES is a high frequency charger from Dongeun Charger that is light, noise-free, and small for easy handling.
The CHARBES has energy efficiency of 90% and can save electricity cost in charging acid battery anywhere and everywhere.
The CHARBES can be carried onboard, mounted on or installed in forklifts or transport machine, over the spatial limits. The fast charging CHARBES (3~10hrs, or 5~11 hrs) can even charge batteries in case of blackouts, or by transformer if the main power voltage isn’t 220V. The charger can double cycle of batteries, and completely deoxidize sulfate formed during the charging process to maintain performance and extended life.
Dongeun Charger is specialist in the development, manufacture, and distribution of high frequency chargers, striving in precise analysis on chargers and batteries from other companies, to solve the problems of the existing products and create new technologies for next generation chargers. CHARBES has a vision of providing the most efficient and easy-to-use chargers to the world while keeping the environment safe. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods