Exercise Machines for Rehabilitation

https://korean-machinery.com///inquirySUNGDOMC’s SP series of exercise machines for rehabilitation are products that enable rehab patients to exercise manually as well as automatically, and they are easily convertible between automatic and manual operation. The range consists of various kinds of exercise machines for upper and lower body exercises.
As a representative model of the SP series the company manufactures, SP-1100 is designed for both the upper and lower body exercises. The user can adjust exercise time, resistance value, direction of rotation, speed, etc., and the 7-inch monitor supports screen touch control. In case of the patient having a spasm or spasticity, it stops and automatically reverses to relax the muscles and automatically shuts off if the muscle spasm or stiffness continues.
The SP-1100 has been certified as a class ll medical device and has obtained various certifications including CE, UL, and FDA, and is being briskly exported to overseas customers.
SUNGDOMC started out as a manufacturer of fitness equipment in 1996, and since 2011 has expanded to manufacturing medical rehabilitation equipment. The company exports rehabilitation equipment to 28 countries including those in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America. Last year, SUNGDOMC introduced an ergonomically designed rotating handle, and is currently developing new products with the function of game, group exercise and network control.

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Ice Makers

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryDAEYEONG E&B’s latest ice makers produce the most clear crescent-shaped ices with a hundred percent stainless steel evaporator which is immune to rust, stains, or corrosion ‒ unlike other brands’ nickel plated copper evaporators ‒ and automatically drains remaining water at the bottom of the water tank to keep producing clear and hygienic ices.
Also, the ice machines offer the easiest cleaning function by clicking just a button on a smart digital control panel which has multiple features and functions.
Established in 1981, DAEYEONG E&B has been a leader in the global market with advanced technology and quality in the fields of commercial refrigeration. With its know-how in manufacturing, the company has provided its customers with quality services and earned trust under its brand named ‘Lassele.’

Now, in the new global era, DAEYEONG E&B is launching the state-of-the-art engineering businesses through future-oriented and innovative technological development. Also, it will respond to its customers’ needs by producing low-energy and low-carbon products. In addition, to expand its overseas markets including America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, and Japan, the company is determined to boost its overseas sales while maintaining excellent quality and price competitiveness.

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Centrifugal Humidifier

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryFaran Industry’s centrifugal humidifier has various space usages (on-wall), and it is easy to carry by its handle. This product has a problem-free simple structure and ensures high-durability. It shows good features for chemical disinfection & deodorization. This product deserves to be briskly used for electronics, textiles, tobacco factories, low-temperature warehouses, and mushroom cultivation.Users need to set it up horizontally to control the water level. The connecting wire needs to be long enough for use. Users should have the water tank checked and cleaned periodically. If there is no humidification, users need to turn the power off and check the water level. If water overflows, operators need to turn the water tap off and check the float valve.Under the motto of Realization of Dreams with Courage and Wisdom, Faran Industry has striven for the past 10 years to serve the national interest by exporting the best quality products and maintaining the highest standards of service, based on strong international competitiveness deriving from its special corporate objectives: culture, strategy, planning and management. Faran Industry is committed to becoming one of the global leading companies in its field in this century.

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Portable Air Conditioners

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryWeltem’s portable air conditioner features the so-called “spot cooling” for large areas where cooling of entire areas is impractical like factories, open areas, etc. These conditioners are much more economical to provide cool air to people or material directly, rather than entire cooling. This product also provides a “room-cooling” function for closed areas to control the temperature of the area.
This product employs a convenient digital controller, the use of which is very convenient and easy. This controller is equipped with many functions including self-diagnosis adjusting airflow, remote control, and auto restart. The condensation tank can also be installed in a portable air conditioner to store the water that comes out from exchanging of heat. The sturdy castors are installed in the air conditioner, featuring anti-corrosion, and made with high strength material. These castors are convenient self-fixing devices.
Weltem’s portable air conditioners are being used in IT environments, industrial kitchens, hospitals, laboratories, multiple factory offices, multi-work stations, vessels, sports rooms, military use-tents, and aircraft hangars.

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Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryInstalling a compact brazed plate heat exchanger leads to an 85~90% reduction in the volume and weight of a shell-and-tube exchanger of the same capacity.
Features of high working temperature (+185C), high working pressure (180kg/cm), low working temperature (-160C), and low working pressure (2×10-5 Torr, vacuum) are available.
A brazed plate heat exchanger is made of stainless steel AISI 316L in order to withstand tough demands. The compact and smooth surface and design makes it easy and cost-effective to insulate.
Since its founding in 1985, Dongil Brazing Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the plate heat exchanger and D-MAX boiler. All employees are certified technical masters, engineers, and technicians and working hard with pride to produce world-best products. The R&D center spares no effort for R&D. The plant produces the best quality products. The offices around Korea provide perfect sales plans and A/S to give customers complete satisfaction.

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New Antibacterial Flexible Hose

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryDaehan Flexible Duct Hose Co., Ltd. has introduced new antibacterial flexible hose that can improve air quality by applying advanced hygiene technology to the flexible hose field. Nanocomposite ions and cationic micro-particles with antimicrobial properties are contained in polymer capsules.
This product exhibits such competitive effects as safe antibacterial activity, strong antifungal activity, powerful deodorizing function, long-lasting antibacterial performance, and strong odor elimination.

Click-type SUS Clamp
The click-type SUS clamp is an innovative band that uses a click-locking system to easily overcome the inconvenience of the belt and matrix of the existing bands. Not only is it quick to use, but it also provides convenience that can be used freely in one size or smaller size, especially in the case of a simple disposable band.
It can be easily used for second fastening with a screwdriver after first fastening by the click-type or snap-fastening method, so that it can be widely used in any field where fastening is required such as automobile machinery and piping work as well as band tightening application for duct construction. Moreover, it is solid. This product is a patented product that won the prize of the Korean Intellectual Property Office in the invention patents of the Republic of Korea in 2010. It has patents pending patent in the United States, Europe and Japan.

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Electronic Gas Saver

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryDaegyeong Techwin’s DGTW electronic gas saver reduces cost, enhances safety, and improves convenience of welding work.
The user does not need to control the torch valve during brazing and soldering. You have to only ignite the torch when you start work and hang up the torch when you finish your work.
Automatic stopping of the gas supply is possible in the case of a power failure. The company’s gas saver is free from gas leakage, mechanical breakage and is maintenance-free because solenoid valves and precise electronic control devices are adopted.
DGTW gas saver saves the cost of machinery within one month for the people who do not have a gas saver or have an out of order gas saver, and within one year for people who have a conventional mechanical gas saver. And the gas saver is a digital gas saver that is made for beginners to standardize the flame by attaching a digital pressure sensor.
Daegyeong Techwin strives to meet the needs of customers through the development of new technology and the introduction of advanced technology. In addition, Daegyeong Techwin has established a Welding R&D Lab in order to improve productivity, quality and competitiveness. Owing to its efforts regarding continuous research and development for its customers, Daegyeong Techwin has been nominated as a venture company and has become a specialized company in brazing and pipe.

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Turbo Blowers

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryGumsung Poongryuk’s turbo blower AA series has much higher wind-pressure than turbo fans, and is used when air-volume is in the three percent ratio of static pressure.
This series is used for air transportation, sending of various types of gases. And manufacturing of products having wind pressure of more than 800mmAq is possible, upon requested by customers’ orders.
GTF-B9 series has higher static pressure than turbo fans so that it is usually used at the wind-pressure from 200mmAq to 500mmAq. This turbo blower is widely preferred for forced ventilation for boiler, force-induced air blow, dust collection, and dust elimination.
CTF-C is most suitable air blower in dealing with a great deal of air or gases in the wind-pressure condition of more than 100mmAq to 250mmAq. The impeller of this model has no strain in terms of fluid mechanics and intensity at all, so it can be operated in high-speed. And as it ensures high efficiency in its operation, it deserves its good reputation among operators. This model is used at various types of dust collectors, chemical factories for gas transmissions, iron mills, and various other industrial fields.

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Air-conditioners for Home Use

This product senses small changes in the room temperature and controls the temperature to create the best indoor environment for physical activity.
It demonstrates outstanding sterilization performance by using a special patented copper- coating technology. Cooling fins are the main culprits when it comes to the build-up of bacteria and mold inside air-conditioners. The copper coating, however, helps sterilize these cooling fins, which are hard to clean because of limited access.
When the user turns the air-conditioner on, the sliding auto door on the air vents opens smoothly, and when the user turns the unit off, the door closes again. The sliding auto door helps prevent dust infiltration of the system and adds a more high-end feel to the design. This air-conditioner uses dual ventilator fins and it can be adjusted freely depending on the position of the user.

Wall-mounted type

Kiturami-Bumyang Air Conditioning’s wall-mounted type air-conditioner is equipped with a nano silver antibacterial filter. The nano-sized fine silver particles in the pre-filter mesh utilize the high antibacterial properties of silver to remove bacteria and mold floating around in dust particles.
The auto operation function regulates the air-conditioner’s operation mode and wind volume automatically according to the room temperature. The ergonomically designed wireless remote control with an LCD screen helps the user turn the air-conditioner on or off at specific times with the touch of a button. The indoor sensor detects and diagnoses the operational status of the air-conditioner in advance, and displays the status on the display screen to make it easier for the user to notice any malfunctions.
The ‘capacity-switching method control’ technology, which enables the air-conditioner to detect indoor temperature conditions automatically and operate at 30%~120% capacity, helps the user respond to various indoor conditions proactively.
When the Discomfort Index rises because of extreme humidity in the rainy season, the dehumidification function keeps humidity at appropriate levels. This makes the dehumidification function a very effective feature that can help maintain a pleasant indoor environment and prevent the spread of diseases caused by mold. It is an economical way to remove moisture while keeping the room temperature at desired levels.
This operates on ‘High’ at first, then gradually reduces wind volume over time (system is set to increase indoor temperature by approximately 1 degree C per hour). This eliminates any concerns regarding air temperature, even if the user keeps the air-conditioner on for prolonged periods, and helps the user enjoy a good night’s sleep even if the outside temperature remains high at night.

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Cooling Towers

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryKIMCO’s EX/MEX series cooling tower is a cross-flow cooling tower. This is an innovated system that covers a large capacity in compact type. The existing standard cross-flow cooling tower system has the following disadvantages: the dead area where the cooling water passing through the fill material is deflected to one side. It is due to the speed of the air being sucked and not being cooled.
However, the high-efficiency fill material of the EX/MEX series of the cooling tower system is patented through the extraordinary technology, and does not have any disadvantages.
The usage of a PVC cellular type drift eliminator and wide mounting space reduces drift to less than 0.002%. Additionally, it is the least drift type among the cooling tower systems with having low probability of legionella propagation.
To maximize heat exchange efficiency, a separate distribution device is installed on the top of the fill material. Designed as a compact cooling tower, it features light weight of the high-performance cooling tower. And it has maximum capacity of 1200 CRT per cell.
As a double cross-flow type cooling tower, this allows maintenance and repair during the operation. The access door is designed for easy access, and is built efficiently for inspecting and cleaning. Also, immediate repair is possible if defects occur on the driving side.
Ultraviolet protection coating is applied to the fill material to minimize the hardening phenomenon. Therefore, it does not interfere with the related system (main equipment, pump, piping) due to breakage.
Also, the CKL model does not cause contamination of cooling water through the absence of direct contact with external air.
Coolant circulation coils of copper or stainless steel free the cooling tower from oxidation or other corrosion. Since the coils are installed on both sides of the fan, plume abatement operation is possible under the low plume abatement or low-load temperature driving, and when the coil’s sprinkling water is not on one side. The optimal arrangement of fan, filler, and coil eliminates the air flow’s dead area, and improves its efficiency.
CKL series is an enclosed cooling tower system for when conditions are sensitive for contamination or if there is a need for continuous operation throughout the year such as: semiconductor equipment, computer rooms, emergency power plants, etc. All of CKL’s enclosed models are the cooling tower systems that are certified by STD-201 of CTI.

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