Sealing System

[INQ. NO. 2011M03] SJ TECH Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, and has been manufacturing the seals for oil cylinders and pneumatic pressure cylinders.
All products of SJ TECH are tested according to the ISO certification standards and QS quality management system before they are delivered to customers.
The Seals Business Division of SJ TECH has been making a huge investment in R&D to develop patented high-performance seals for all types of construction machines.
SJ TECH is supplying its products to prominent global companies, including Volvo, Doosan, Hyundai Construction, and Parker Hannifin (a heavy equipment company).
SJ TECH’s sealing system includes piston seal, dust seal, rod seal, buffer seal, wear ring, DU bush, o-ring, rotary seal (low friction), etc.

Battery Pack & BMS
SJ TECH Co., Ltd. provides various types of battery solutions for automobiles and ESS through its in-house, one-stop R&D solution.
SJ TECH’s E-Mobility Business Division manufactures battery packs for large companies (such as Yakult (8,000 or more electric carts) and Yamaha (20,000 or more units)), lightweight automobiles and golf carts. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Seismic Separation Joint

[INQ. NO. 2011M02] Loop-type seismic separator, FLEXTECH SSJ (SSJ: Seismic Separation Joint), from SEUNG JIN IND, CO.,LTD. is designed to accommodate seismic movement. It protects piping systems and their facilities by absorbing the vibrational displacement from the impact of earthquakes.
FLEXTECH SSJ was designed with technology of multi ply bellows and multi layer wire braid, which reinforces the strength of seismic movement against high pressure of any direction generated by earthquakes.
FLEXTECH SSJ meets the technical standards of design and quality required by international certification bodies such as FM, UL and KFI. It also passed seismic verification tests from SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance), a global testing organization. This demonstrates its integrity and reliability has been verified.

FLEXTECH SSJ is convenient to apply according to the installation environment of the product. There are U-Loop and V-Loop type, and various end connections can be applied depending upon interference of surrounding facilities at the time of installation.
FLEXTECH SSJ is also designed with general steel pipes and stainless-steel pipes. It was certified with displacement absorption amount of earthquakes dividing into ± 50 mm, ± 100 mm, and ± 200mm, which greatly maximize the choices of users.
SEUNGJIN a leading manufacturer of metallic flexible piping solutions based on corrugated hoses (bellows) in Korea. SEUNG JIN has four business divisions.
The company produces sprinkler joint systems for fire protection industries, flow control systems for valve industries, expansion joint systems for flexible piping industries, and explosion-proof flexible conduits for hazardous applications.

Its products have been certified according to ISO9001, ISO14001, KS, and KGS standards for domestic use and other authorities such as UL/ULc, FM,LPCB, VDS, RINA, ABS, and BV for international markets.
SEUNGJIN exports its products to over 22 countries including Australia and India, which are its main markets. SEUNGJIN is now establishing a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Water Chiller

[INQ. NO. 2011M01] After it started a freezer equipment business in 1985, DAEHO COOLER Co., Ltd. became a professional refrigerator manufacturing company in 1993. Since its transformation, the company has been accumulating a vast amount of experience in providing excellent service and gathering many references for installing refrigerators.
DAEHO COOLER offers various refrigerator models, and all of them are highly durable, can precisely control the temperature and are highly efficient.

The products of DAEHO COOLER guarantee energy reduction and low electricity consumption through optimized quality, and demonstrate optimized cooling capacity in various industrial areas.
Because the refrigerators of DAEHO COOLER come in compact exterior design and with casters, they can be easily moved to their locations for installation.
Customers can easily and conveniently use the refrigerators of DAEHO COOLER because these refrigerators feature a simple control method and safety alert function.
Because DAEHO COOLER can manufacture and supply refrigerators that satisfy any specification required by customers, its refrigerators can be applied to the following industrial areas:

The refrigerators of DAEHO COOLER are used for general manufacturing plants that manufacture materials for medicine and cosmetics; automotive parts; semiconductors; display; paper; plastics; textiles; ascon; chemical agents; food; printing; and photographs.
The refrigerators of DAEHO COOLER are widely used by the general machine manufacturing industry, such as CNC lathes; machining centers; cutters; benders; injection molding machines/extruders; vacuum/rubber molding machines; press; laser machines; packaging; semiconductors; medical equipment; mixers; oil pressure machines and machining tools.
They are preferred even by aquariums, swimming pools, and saunas. They can be custom-manufactured and are currently adopted by various industries for their cooling systems. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Automotive Internal Combustion Engine Parts

[INQ. NO. 2010M01] LK Precision Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in mechanical machining of automotive parts. Founded in 1997, it achieved KRW 15.4 billion in sales in 2019.
LK Precision processes its products using the CNC lathe. LK Precision processes various materials, including steel, non-steel metal, aluminum, etc.
Major products of LK Precision are the parts needed for fuel pumps, regulators and BLDC motors, and LK Precision also manufactures some 30 other parts for internal combustion engines.
LK Precision also manufactures some 20 types of high voltage terminals for electric vehicles.

LK Precision established a smart factory in 2019, which received the SQ quality certificate from Hyundai Motor Company. The smart factory of LK Precision can manufacture all types of parts with its various CNC processing facilities.
LK Precision hoped to expand into the overseas market this year, but unfortunately all overseas expansion plans are currently put on hold because of COVID-19.
With regard to the company’s expansion plans for Japan, a potential Japanese customer of LK Precision was reviewing an estimate of LK Precision, but the process was suspended.
The product that was being negotiated with a potential Japanese customer was a precision-processed printer part. LK Precision sent its product catalog to another potential customer in the U.S. and is waiting for a feedback at the moment.

LK Precision will strive to deliver its best-quality products to its customers at the lowest price and assure that its customers will enjoy the benefit from LK Precision’s products by strictly warranting its product quality.
LK Precision will satisfy its customers using its CNC mechanical machining experience and know-how it accumulated over 23 years. LK Precision would like to inform its potential customers that it has 72 CNC lathes and various quality inspection facilities. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Optical Capsule Screening Machine[INQ. NO. 2009M05] The optical capsule screening machine (model: VIM-100), manufactured by Changsung Softgel System Ltd., provides 100,000 capsule screenings (assuming less than 5 movable types & single layer printing) per hour.
This optical capsule screening machine screens out distorted appearance, different size, bubble, print error, smear, color difference, and damage. It can make 360-degree capsule verification by itself. Condition verification of print-outs is available through this optical capsule screening machine. This product features low noise operation.
Thanks to rigidly controlled manufacturing, this optical capsule screening machine can be used in narrower spaces compared to similar products of other manufacturers.
Being the leader in the manufacture of soft capsule encapsulation machines, accessory units, and other related support equipment, Changsung Softgel System Ltd. will continue to develop state-of-the-art softgel encapsulation machines, and to provide viable technical solutions that will lead to the best performance at clients’ manufacturing sites.

For supplier information, please contact: Tel: (82-2)558-5608 

E-mail:, | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

UV Printing Machine[INQ. NO. 2009M04] The UV printing machine (model: UVP-120), manufactured by Changsung Softgel System Ltd., provides 120,000 capsule printing per hour. This printer can be used whether the capsule is dry or not.
This printer can print out without restriction by the size and shape of its capsule without additional tools or zig changes. It can print out any movable types or logos.
Since it does not use ink containing raw animal by-products, it is suitable for customers who do not use such ingredients for moral or religious reasons.
Since its foundation in 1972, Changsung Softgel System Ltd. has been the No. 1 manufacturer and supplier of softgel manufacturing machines in Korea, and globally as well, continuously bringing innovative solutions to the market.

For supplier information, please contact: Tel: (82-2)558-5608 

E-mail: , | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Food Waste Decomposition Machine[INQ. NO. 2009M03] ENIC, with its brand ECOVIM, retains domestic and foreign patents and various technology certifications for food waste disposing machine in the thermal dehydration system.
ENIC is an environment specialist venture company manufacturing eight different disposing capacity of food waste disposing machines for restaurants, from small ones (30kg) to large ones (1,300kg).
ECOVIM turns organic waste – food garbage – into more than 85% of weight reduced and less than 5% moisture content powder in the thermal dehydration system with a low-cost energy source without producing odors, and then works under an automatically set operating condition according to its appearance and input volume.
Final by-products are thermal dehydrated at over 80˚C temperature, and decomposed and then turned into stabilized and hygienic resources like fuels or feedstuffs or organic compost without any micro- organism or bacteria through sterilization.
This machine itself runs under the automatically set operating condition according to its appearance and input volume without additional time setting.
It is an energy-saving system without heat loss by using an indirect heating in a deductive electricity supply method to heat transfer oil and by using an air circulation method recycling the waste heat.
Almost no odor is produced from this deodorization system in a complex structure of both the physical method, using the air recycling and the chemical reaction based on the high-density catalyst of multi-layer structure.
The excellence of ENIC’s technology has been appreciated since 2005, after starting export to Japan. ENIC, from 2008, keeps growing steadily piling up export achievements to various countries such as the USA, South America, France, the Middle East, Australia, and Sweden. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Lubricating Anti-rust[INQ. NO. 2009M01] L-503 of FILLTECH AEROSOL Co., Ltd. with excellent lubricating effect quickly dissolves the adhered and rusted areas at home and industrial sites, neither causing any headache nor fatigue.
It can even be used for an extended period of time on site, thanks to its odorless high purity gas.
As it uses non-chlorinated solvent, it does not damage or corrode on plastic, paint, rubber, fabric, and electric wire. The foldable nozzle in stainless steel removes concerns, and provides

efficient handling in a narrow untouchable space. This product’s volume is 360ml and one box contains 24 cans.
FILLTECH AEROSOL Co., Ltd., established in June 2001, is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of various aerosol products, quasi drugs, industrial goods, household items, and cosmetics in OEM & ODM, refillable liquid type sterilizers to those well-known customers both locally and overseas. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Load Break Switch[INQ. NO. 2007M03] BH SYSTEM’s BR-10 series switch control connected to a load break switch can be installed in a medium voltage distribution network. The switch control, through the built-in voltage and current sensors of the LBS, performs monitoring of distribution networks, fault detection, auto-sectionalizing, and load shedding functions. Furthermore, utilities, by using separate communication networks and automation system, can remotely monitor and control the equipment.
The LBS is installed together with the recloser, and through subdivided fault section detection and separation, minimizes power outage sections.
These are the most vital pieces of equipment together with the recloser when it comes to improving supply reliability among customers and building automation systems.
The load break switch for overhead lines is divided into SF6 or solid insulated type depending on the insulation method.
Also, it is divided into motorized type (operated by electrical signal) and manual type (operated by the operator).
The motorized LBS is equipped with voltage and current sensors to monitor distribution networks.
The LBS is structured to be operated by a driver with a single spring, and has constant opening and closing times.
For the SF6 insulated type, materials with excellent electrical properties are used at the tulip type contact point, and thus, high mechanical and electrical operation characteristics, and stability are achieved.
The load break switch is used for load shedding to maintain the power quality at the point of the branch lines or customers.
This product is able to connect the two lines at the normally open point. This switch is for an open loop network, but can also be applied to a radial network, which has an alternate source.
BH SYSTEM was founded in 2004 by its core engineers, who have a great deal of experience in the distribution automation field. Based on its extensive experience and specialized technology, the company focuses on controls for distribution automation or distribution network protection, as well as systems related to these controls.
BH SYSTEM strives always to ensure customer satisfaction by reflecting their requests and supplying more technologically advanced products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Air-Pollution Control Equipment[INQ. NO. 2007M02] Established in 1995, WOOYANG ENG CO., LTD. has positioned itself as a specialized company for manufacturing of air environment pollution preventive facilities and equipment, all of which purify such various types of air pollutants as dust, fine dust, mist, fumes, odors, etc.
Currently, WOOYANG ENG has more than 300 standard products developed based upon over 30 domestic and international patents and supplies to more than 30 countries customized various dust collectors that its clients want.
Also, WOOYANG ENG does always its best in order to supply the highest-quality products and services related – including not only striving for increasing of product quality through introducing ISO9001 and ISO 14001 but also seeking to maximize customers’ satisfaction.
The current major products are: dust collectors; wet/dust collectors with water vortex system ; cyclone dust collectors; electrostatic precipitators; carbon adsorption towers, central vacuum dust collectors ; fume collectors ; oil-mist collectors ; vehicle exhaust gas collectors ; scrubbers ; deodorizer with water vortex system ; and central vacuum cleaning systems. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods