Car engine interior coating material

[INQ. NO. 1703M38] Bulls One’s Power engine treatment reduces powerrobbing friction. Simply mix with engine oil every 10,000km and the protective film coats the engine’s interior for reduced friction, especially during cold starts. Bulls Power delivers safe, effective results. Previous extreme pressure additives generated environmentally harmful chlorine gas, corroded engine parts, and operated only at extreme pressures.

Teflon-based products do not mix effectively with oil and can restrict lubrication. Bulls Power has a synthetic oil base so it combines perfectively with modern oil formulas. Engine components like camshafts and crankshafts, pistons, and cylinders have been shown by certified tests to benefits from the addition of Bulls Power. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Fuel system cleaner

[INQ. NO. 1703M37] Bulls One’s “Bulls One Shot is an essential management product that maintains engine performance by removing carbon buildup. Changing the oil is an important component of car care but removing carbon keeps engines running like new. Incomplete combustion results in the accumulation of carbon throughout the full injection system, which reduces efficiency.

Bulls One Shot effectively removes this residue for greater output and engine power. Clean air intake valves boost performance and reduce engine smoke. Fuel efficiency was improved an average of 3.1% in 27 gas/diesel cars (tested by an official domestic institute) and 102 trucks/ buses (tested by some advanced local colleges including Hanyang).

Korea Research, an investigative institute for consumer opinions, found that 95% of people who used Bulls One products were satisfied with the results. Less engine noise but greater performance was reported by 78% of the respondents. A whopping 99% of consumers indicated their desire to purchase the products again. Moreover, high gas prices make Bulls One Shot a good investment in car care. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Movable air-conditioners[INQ. NO. 1703M32] Weltem has developed and produced air-conditioners and air-coolers for a control panel using its own technology since 1994 based on technology and know-how accumulated over the past 29 years since the company’s founding in 1989. All of its products have already acquired their high recognitions in the domestic cooler market.
Its affiliated research institute has been developing industrial HVAC products and strengthening the company’s competitiveness by adding to the manufacturing field with the long-term goal, “the first-class products in the world.
Movable air-conditioner is capable of powerful air-conditioning in workplaces where total air-conditioning is not possible and in places where high heat occurs. The water-cooled air-conditioner, not an air-cooled one, is produced for a kitchen in a restaurant.
Dehumidifier is a differentiated product that can solve problems of occurrence of corrosion/decomposition/congelation, bad odors and bacteria due to damp air in a large space such as a production and manufacturing line, a storeroom, a new building and a fitness center, in the summer season, or in a place using a underground space.
Air-conditioner for a control panel prevents a machine from breaking down by expending a machine’s life and with a dehumidifying effect by controlling malfunction of production facilities, shortening of a production machine’s life and occurrence of defect of a new product due to high heating of a high-performance controlling device.
Oil cooler prolongs a machine’s life and prevents from breaking down by controlling oil temperatures such as lubricating oil, cooling oil, hydraulic oil, cutting oil by a refrigerator and maintaining viscosity and lubricating characteristics of oil.
There are far-infrared oil heaters, carbon fiber electric heaters, far-infrared hot-air blowers and electric heaters. It is movable so anyone can use easily at anytime, anywhere regardless of location.
With new technological digital technology, it can be easily controlled with an automatic control function. It has a temperature controlling device that detects an indoor temperature and a safety device that prevents temperature overheat. It also maximizes heating efficiency by using a high-performance fan. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Centrifugal pump[INQ. NO. 1703M31] Handol Pumps’s API & ISO centrifugal pumps are applicable to the areas of nuclear power plants, energy industry, chemical industry, environmental applications, sea water treatment, industrial water supply, and other industrial purposes. With its varied and outstanding lineup, including high-pressure multi-stage pumps, API 610/ISO 5199 process pumps, hot water circulation pumps, vertical double-casing (Can) pumps, etc., Handol Pumps is further seeking better ways to satisfy the needs of its clients.
Handol Pumps is a leading company specialized in manufacturing API & ISO centrifugal pumps for power generation, oil & gas, chemical industries, etc. Equipped with a dynamic and thorough artisan spirit and a sense of mission for the pump technology in South Korea, Handol Pumps has consistently committed itself to designing and manufacturing pumps for a long time, aiming to provide “Overall Service for Pumps,” ranging from the basic engineering stage to the maintenance stage. With its accumulated professional expertise since its foundation in 1993, Handol Pumps is positioning itself as a leading company in the field, utilizing new pump technology and driven by the ambitious spirit of contributing to the related industrial areas. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Ashing system[INQ. NO. 1703M30] PSK’s flagship product, Supra V, is the latest generation of ashing system. With increased productivity, it is designed with the smallest footprint for 300 mm ashing systems. The system provides improved throughput, consistency, and increased precision, compared to existing previous models. The newly revised ferrite coupled induction plasma (FCIP) source offers enhanced processing capacity compared to microwave plasma, in which plasma damage has been significantly minimized.
A multi-source platform is designed for installing FCIP or point inductively coupled plasma (PCIP) depending on the user’s application purpose. PCIP can be used for both front-end and back-end applications. In addition to Supra V’s innovative process advancements, major improvements in the reliability of the system have been achieved through easier maintenance and field-proven customizable software.
In today’s ever changing environments, PSK will quickly adapt to changes and lead the industry by creating value toward a more sustainable and systematic growth. Furthermore, the company will continue to intensively invest in R&D in order to improve technological processes and deliver quality products.
In the past, the company has focused on asher processing and semiconductor equipment manufacturing. However, the vision and goal of PSK is to ultimately become the global leader in the overall device processing sector across all semiconductor processes by 2021. Currently, the company is focusing on the development of innovative technologies to lead the inevitable paradigm shift of the semiconductor industry. With an aggressive R&D investment strategy, PSK will continue to achieve breakthrough innovations in technology and develop new cutting-edge equipment. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Air release & vacuum breaker valve[INQ. NO. 1703M29] Prosave’s automatic air release valve series are specifically designed to meet the requirements of water utility systems, greatly improving supply and distribution system efficiency. Prosave places special focus on ensuring that its products meet all applicable standards and specifications prescribed by the industry. From the most complex of applications to the simplest, its automatic air release valve series performs with precision and accuracy to provide exact control of pressure, flow, level, and surge and pump control.
The air release valves, also called small orifice valves, are designed to automatically release small pockets of accumulated air from a pipeline while the system operates under pressure exceeding atmospheric pressure. And Prosave’s air/vacuum valves, also called large orifice valves, are designed to exhaust large quantities of air automatically during pipeline filling and to admit large quantities of air automatically when the internal pressure in the pipeline drops below atmospheric pressure.
Prosave’s combination air valves are also notable. They are designed to perform the same function as air/vacuum valves but, in addition, they will automatically release small pockets of air from the pipeline while under pressure, like an air release valve.

Prosave is always taking on new challenges and working as a pioneer to accomplish the unlimited possibilities of the newest technology for safety and environment protection devices of marine engines, petrochemicals, and on/offshore plants & desalination plants. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

High performance overlay metrology system for the 2X/1Xnm design[INQ. NO. 1703M28] Established in 2009, AUROS Technology is the world’s leading provider of overlay metrology systems in the semiconductor industry. With more than worldwide 80 employees and 60 R&D engineers, the company continues to focus on technical improvements and solid partnerships with customers.
In 2011 AUROS Technology merged with ERI Co., Ltd. which manufactured LED PSS inspection systems. Then, IMT Corp. was incorporated in 2012 as a subsidiary of AUROS Technology and succeeded in exporting OL-300n to Wuxi, China.
AUROS’s OL-600n, released in 2003, is an overlay metrology system with unique and innovative technologies. The system verifies the improper array of patterns during manufacturing process of semiconductors. Production of such equipment has allowed domestic firms to become less reliant on exports. AUROS received awards including ‘IR52 Jang Young Sil’ by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and ‘World-Class Products of Korea’ by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy.

AUROS’s OL-600n provides optimum performance for the 2X/1Xnm nodes. The systems offers enhanced precision, TMU (Total Measurement Uncertainty), and MAM (Move-Acquire-Measure) time, compared to the previous model of OL-300n. The system has also integrated EUREKA II, which is an advanced inline data analyzer that enables users to collect data of variation monitoring and analysis in a user-friendly manner. In addition, OL-600n has a smaller platform than OL-300n, which delivers increased utilization of fab space. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Hybrid dehumidifier, Hybrid dryers[INQ. NO. 1703M27] As a specialized company in airconditioning and dehumidification, based on the diverse experiences and accumulated expertise, Air-Tech Engineering developed the hybrid dehumidifier and twin rotor dehumidifier for dry rooms, etc. As a result, it could supply a superior energy-saving dehumidifier, an improvement on existing ones. With the purpose of the most effective dehumidification and economical cost, it has been developing and supplying energy-saving systems.
The company’s hybrid dehumidifier features a primary cooling dehumidifier with an evaporator and secondary desiccant with the waste-heat of the condenser, achieving energy-saving of more than 40%, achieving 200 sets of dehumidifier and sales of 16 billion.
The hybrid dryers from the company have more than 30% energy-saving and 20% drying time shorter than cold air dryers. The company seeks to export its products through various efforts and has acquired U.S. and Japanese patents. It is expecting to establish more than 20 units in Korea. The geothermal heat pump hot-air dryer from the company will be commercialized in 2017. In 2015, it has obtained the New Excellent Technology (NET) certification. It provides energy saving more than 50% and cooling effect (COP 2.0). These products will also be developed as export strategy products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Vacuum insulation panels [INQ. NO. 1703M26] S&P is specialized in manufacturing semi-non-combustible vacuum insulation panels reinforced with fiberglass. The company has been engaging in continuous research and has developed Super-vac, a thin panel with high heat-insulation performance.
It is committed to ensuring the highest quality of products through ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications while improving its creditability by receiving a number of certifications such as a Venture Firm Certificate, INNOBIZ Certificate, Company-affiliated R&D Center Certificate, Certificate of Female-owned Business, Certificate of Quality Certification, and Eco-friendly Architecture Materials Certificate.
Vacuum-insulation panels maximize the thermal insulation effect processed to reach an internal gas pressure of less than 1 mbar. Since the inside of the panels are vacuumed, they achieve a very low thermalconductivity while their aluminum skin reflects radiant heat. Their thermal-conductivity is lower than 0.003 W/mk whereas conventional insulation panels have a thermal-conductivity of from 0.31 to 0.045 W/mk. Vacuum insulation panels feature over 10 times the insulation-value and help save space with their thinness. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Oilless bearings and die & mold components[INQ. NO. 1703M25] Water-lubricated bearings are assuming increasing importance in the marine and pump industries because of the need to eliminate the pollution caused by oil and grease lubricated metal bearings and the desire to increase efficiency and reliability.
They alleviate the fear of pollution due to leaking seals and require no seals, and no oil or grease for lubrication, making these bearings environmentally friendly. Rubber bearings are one of the most popular water lubricated bearings widely used in industry. The rubber bearings can be found in many applications, including stern tube bearings on ships, submarines and small craft, hydroelectric power plants and pumps.
An oilless bearing is a self-lubricating bearing containing solid or liquid lubricants in its material. It is a solid lubricant bearing without applying oil in 21C environmental society. Since 1978, LuBo Industries has devoted itself for manufacturing and supplying oilless bearings and die and mold components.
No oil or grease is required. The self-lubricating features allow bearings to be used where oiling is difficult, expensive to implement and where grease/oil cannot be used. Excellent lubrication is achieved even under high loads at low speeds. Excellent wear resistance is achieved even under severe operating conditions, such as in heavy loads, low velocity, oscillating, and intermittent motions where formation of oil film can be difficult. LuBo Industries overseas network of offices includes China and Thailand, while the domestic network covers Changwon, Daegu and Ulsan. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods