EV Chargers and Charging Sharing Services

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryKlinelex Co., Ltd., established in 2014, manufactures EV chargers and develops charging sharing solutions for EVs. The EV charger, also known as EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment), comes in two types – the AC charger (slow speed) that supplies AC electricity to OBC (AC/DC converter) mounted in vehicles; and the DC charger (medium- and high speed) that provides DC electricity to vehicles’ batt ery packs.
Klinelex once accomplished the domestic No. 1 position in the sales of AC chargers while recording an accumulated 10,000 units of sales last year. Such remarkable performances were based upon the fact that the maker was a holder of some advanced technologies including microminiaturization, IoT communication, etc. and thus realized mobile phone easy payment, smart multiple charging, etc.
In 2019, Klinelex plans to add the smart multiple charger and DC charger to its product portfolio and secure the product technical skills in order to cope with the challenging service area of all the electric motored vehicles including kick boards, scooters, passenger cars, buses, etc. Also, Klinelex plans to to enter the overseas market this year based on its proven technology in the nation.


Subminiature Charger (KL60)

This subminiature charger is a product made utilizing its integrated technology. Weighing only 1.5kg, this product can be used for versatile purposes including personal, public, smart multiple charging, etc. This supports NBIoT, Zigbee, Ethernet, LTE, etc. RF card, smartphone apps, and the Ministry of Environment’s roaming are available for accreditation.
Three types of tubes – 2, 5, and 7 – are available for outlet socket and thus can charge all the electric motored vehicles. As it has subminiature size, it can be conveniently used as a wall-mounted product, thus allowing for easy maintenance.


Smart Multiple Charging Station

This smart multiple charging station is a control technology that enables the distributing of electric power loads to be used without increasing the electric equipment capacity in buildings and apartment parking lots when the use of EVs increases rapidly. Klinelex leads the smart charging technology that controls the charging schedules of multiple chargers by using IoT communication technology and smartphones.
Developed in collaboration with LH Corporation, this technology displays synergy eff ects by being incorporated into the company’s subminiature charger (KL60). As EVs increase swiftly, the introduction of this smart multiple charging station is expected to become an essential solution for those who facing various problems at workplaces and home including problems with parking lots, charging opportunities, etc.

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https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryCAMMSYS Corp. will launch a new concept of its Micro EV called CEVO-C, as the first among the CEVO series to be released. The CEVO-C, an assembly of basic technologies, is the first and only Micro EV conforming to the domestic law on manufacturing Micro EVs. The CEVO-C would be a perfect solution for those who want safe and enjoyable driving.
With the specially applied design optimized for urban environments, the CEVO-C can fully drive in narrow streets, allow easy parking in spaces that apparently seem to be difficult to park in, and permits the passengers to conveniently board it. Moreover, it has an air conditioning and heating system and enables driving in a comfortable environment over four seasons, creating a special attractiveness itself. This EV is enough to be called an optimized vehicle for urban drivers who drive about 40km per day on average for commuting. Requiring only three hours of charging, the CEVO-C can drive up to 100km, allowing urban drivers to enjoy city life. Drivers can expect to enjoy more unique moments in their daily lives with this EV.
The unique silhouette and vivid colors of the CEVO-C suggest the future for which the Micro EV is aiming, drawing keen attention of many people. The maximized wide windshield for openness, the smartly completed front lines, and the headlamps resembling agile eyes give a dynamic and sporty sensitivity to drivers. The balanced ratio of adding stability to the small body allows the driver to feel the delicacy in design. The combination of colors maximizes creating a trendy appearance to all parts that draw the attention of passers by. This EV enables the driver to enjoy a colorful daily life that stands out from that of other drivers.
Based on the upgraded functions and performance, and applied advanced technology, the CEVO-C has a more optimized system for safety than the existing Micro EVs. In particular, it has a capability of driving up the poorest condition steep roads in South Korea. And it has an algorithm for a hill start to assist on steep roads and thus eliminates potential risks in advance.
Also, this EV’s frame was formed with high tension steel plate for customers’ safety and the vehicle’s weight reduction. The EV’s balanced display of the driver’s seat and the front passenger seat of the EV make it the only such EV in South Korea, allowing the driver to take pleasure in driving fully. Thus, this Micro EV offers more differentiated value than any other Micro EVs.

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Charging Infrastructure Managing System for EVs

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryJeju Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. is a company involved in applying to the existing electricity and energy industries various electric vehicle (EV) infrastructures, management technology on new renewable energy, and software-based ICT technologies, thereby leading the shift toward new paradigms in the industries.
Recently, however, Jeju Electric Vehicle Service is challenging into various areas including smart grid that is likely to be realized in the near future, in line with emerging hot issues of climate change and energy security, electric vehicles-related products such as energy management systems, efficient management systems for new renewable energy, charging service platform for EVs, and battery pack for EVs.
Jeju Electric Vehicle Service covers all the services related to EVs including chargers for EVs, charging infrastructure, maintenance, exclusive call centers for EVs, membership service business, etc., and thus aiming to be a total service provider for EVs.
Jeju Electric Vehicle Service has accumulated considerable empirical and managing experience linked with smart grid, EVs infrastructures, charging algorithms, and new renewable energy on Jeju Island where carbon-free movement is heading toward the targeted year of 2030.
Jeju Electric Vehicle Service, based on such performance, was selected as chosen provider by the Ministry of Environment for installing public EVs chargers nationwide, and further seeks various ways to contribute to the sustainable growth of EVs infrastructures.


The charging infrastructure managing system for EVs managed by Jeju Electric Vehicle Service provides functions for managing charging infrastructure including status information on chargers, authentication on the use of charging, calculation on the charged volume, etc.
As a professional company specializing in the charging infrastructure for EVs, Jeju Electric Vehicle Service supplies customers with consulting services for the maintenance of charging infrastructure. Moreover, Jeju Electric Vehicle Service unified the data on the history of its maintenance and provides customers with technology that makes it easier for the customers to operate charging infrastructure.

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Charging Station for EVs

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryHaving envisioned that a cost-effective, but feature-rich EV charging station will contribute to expanding the EV charging infrastructure, ecarPlug developed the world’s first smartphonecontrolled EV charging stations − replacing the user interface built in the commercial EV charging stations with a user-friendly smartphone application. The ecarPlug EV charging stations are convenient and offer various useful features including user access authentication, mobile billing and payment through the user’s smartphone.
EV Drivers can use their smartphones with the installed application as a remote controller for charging. The installed application provides information on the locations of charging stations. EV Drivers can confirm the charging status. EV Drivers can use the charging service by making reservations, available for both normal charging and off-peak charging.
Just one unit of ecarPlug EV charging station can charge up to three EVs. The ecarPlug EV charging station is conveniently available for both apartment housing and commercial buildings, thereby enabling residents to use it together and contributing to the solving of the allocation of exclusive parking space for EVs.
ecarPlug guarantees the safety of the EV charging station in use. ecarPlug provides product protection class IP44. Also it has certificated KC(Korea Certification). For this station’s safety, a stop button is attached for emergency. Established in 2015, ecarPlug develops and supplies EV charging stations in Korea.
Including acquiring the related patent for this charging method in 2013, ecarPlug leads what it called the “home charger era” by enabling the charging of EVs in personal parking lots just as each person charges their mobile phones. The company further researches and develops in order to produce more convenient and higher-quality EVs chargers, based on the fact that within a few years, EVs would dominate more than 50 percent of the overall vehicle production despite the fact that the current popularization level of EVs still remains relatively low.
For the recently developed technology, ecarPlug’s EVRang is a new brand by which users can directly control EVs and pay charging fee by using mobile phones. And it enables the charging of multiple units of EVs simultaneously with only one unit of charger, thereby giving economical benefit and resolving the difficulty in securing of parking lots. And also, this solution is a convenience-maximized product with several impressive advantages including user self-payment, charging status checking, charging history searching, etc.

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Charging Station

https://korean-machinery.com///inquirySIGNET EV INC. has since 2011 been supplying EV chargers to globally renowned car makers including Hyundai, Kia, BMW, VW, Ford, Honda, etc. In 2017, the company has proved it has the world’s highest level technology by acquiring an accreditation of CHAdemo protocol 1.2 version for both large output charging and simultaneous charging.
SIGNET EV’s EV charger has a module-type power conversion unit and thus allows easier maintenance than other companies’ chargers. This is not nearly exposed to the danger of being shut down even when one module remains broken because the remaining modules still operate as they did before. In recent years, as vehicles’ battery capacity and mileages respectively increase, the increasing demand for higher capacity charging system is becoming a growing trend. In line with this trend, the company has already finished developing an ultra-large output charging system (about 350 kW class) and further obtained UL accreditation.
This charging station is what is called the dispenser type of future charging systems that can replace the existing gas stations. Already, until April, this year, this charging station was supposed to be installed on highways and downtown locations in the United States. Also, unlike other existing companies’ charging systems, it is considered in designs for all maintenance activities to be carried out in an open condition of the front door only. Designed to be far slimmer than the existing models, this can be installed at the wall side by being attached, and thus giving more benefits in the management of parking lots.
This charging system also supplies the most efficient charging services for those who are engaged in businesses of car rental, taxi, buses, etc. by automatically charging two vehicles in order and simultaneously charging (called power-sharing technology) of two vehicles in which electricity is divided in the highestefficiency, together with the contribution to the basic role of charging infrastructure.

Moreover, this company has the world’s first-developed V2V charger by which charging between two vehicles can be performed and now supplies emergency charging service for discharged vehicles on the road by using Hyundai IONIQ.
SIGNET EV is proceeding with what is called a microgrid type charging station demonstration project incorporated with the ESS system and renewable energy. In particular, this micro-grid type charging station started to receive great attention as an active-type power management charging station that consumes the power stored at ESS in peak time when the electricity fee is most high and uses electricity from an electrical grid.

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Smart EVs

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryEstablished in 2000, Semisysco, Co., Ltd. is a semiconductor and OLED solution company. Since its KOSDAQ IPO listing in its eleventh year in 2011, Semisysco has completed a smart EV lineup based on world-class technology and expertise, preparing for a second advance as an eco-friendly electric vehicle powerhouse.


Smart EV D2 (A perfect micro e-mobility that has already been certified in Europe)

D2 was the fourth best-selling electric car in the world in the first half of last year following Nissan Leaf, Tesla model S and model X. The D2 sold more than 50,000 models in Europe and China. In Korea, it is getting popular quickly as a next-generation means of transportation that fits the travel distance and purposes, e.g. for commuting, deliveries and public service.
In particular, the environmental protection effect and delivery and logistics transportation capability of D2 were recognized, and it was supplied to post offices as part of the government’s MOU project for popularization of environmentally friendly delivery systems. Currently a total of 30 D2 models are operated as mail delivery vehicles in post offices nationwide.
The D2 is rated as closest to a passenger car among the micro e-mobility models sold in Korea. As it comes with a lithium polymer battery (17.3kWh) with a capacity about double that of vehicles in the same class, it can run up to 150km. Compared to general micro e-mobility that can run 80km on one charging. It has nearly double the range.
As the winters are cold and long in Korea, micro e-mobility models are not very useful if they do not have a heating system even though they have good convenience features. But the D2 is the only micro e-mobility now on the roads in Korea that has a cooling and heating system.


Smart EV R3 (Personal electric vehicle R3 that has been optimized for the urban road environment)

R3 is a reversed-three wheeled electric vehicle made with domestic technology in the Semisysco Sejong Plant in the Sejong Future Industrial Complex. It is rated as the icon of the environmentally friendly short-range mobility model and delivery free from worries about emission of polluting particulate matters. With excellent power of 18.8HP, it can be driven stably on a 30% slope (about 16.7°). It is a perfect substitution for conventional small means of transportation, such as motorcycles and bicycles, and it can run 60km on one charging, and be charged with domestic 220V.

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Electric Vehicles

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryBeijing Motors Korea was established in 2016 as the South Korean Branch of Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd., acquiring exclusive rights for distributing its electric vehicles in Korea.
Beijing Motors Korea has plans to produce Korean-made EVs with its own technology within three to four years by establishing its own manufacturing factories in South Korea.
In the preliminary stages, Beijing Motors Korea is currently involved in various activities that are expected to help its business positioning from current importer into net exporter in global markets.
In 2019, Beijing Motors Korea has a plan to first release electric low floor buses in the nation’s medium-sized bus market, and then it will introduce the electric passenger car EU5 and the highperformance electric car SUV EX5. Those cars have the world’s highest level performance, showing mileage of over 500 kilometers with only a single charging.
Beijing Motors Korea was determined to expand the supply of commercial trucks which are in relatively short supply in South Korea, targeting independent businessmen and company customers. With comparatively lower maintenance costs than internal combustion engines, they are expected to be popular among customers.
Beijing Automotive Group’s electric trucks features high competitiveness in price compared to those of EVs in the nation, with a little gap in quality. Beijing Motors Korea will target the medium- and small-sized truck market. These electric trucks deliver superior stability and performance. These trucks are expected to be impressive electric trucks popular among the nation’s buyers, especially the growing number of small businesses affected by the economic slowdown.
In fact, as of 2016, there were 140,000 units of these trucks sold. They are suitable for short-distance driving, and they can be developed into more optimized and functional types. Beijing Motors Korea plans to supply optimized trucks depending on each purpose in use.
Beijing Motors Korea had the electric bus FOTON AUV to be first sold in Gangneung City among the brands of Beijing Automotive Group, which made a trial run during the PyeongChang Olympics. Persistent efforts are now being made to advance into the South Korean market.
Beijing Automotive Group is a company that established Beijing Hyundai in China in collaboration with Hyundai Motors.

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One-Stop Total Solution for EV Charging

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryEstablished in 2016, Daeyoung Chaevi Co., Ltd. has completed an integrated charging solution for electric vehicle users ‒ from electric charger manufacturing to installation, management, after-sales service, data management and power trading. It is the only one in Korea and the second in the world. From the 3kW mobile charger, 7kW slow charger, 50kW fast charger, and to 100, 200, 400kW high-speed charging facilities, the company was recognized for its ability to manufacture all kinds of chargers and for its installation and operation capabilities.
Over the past years, there has been impressive growth covering 70% of the nation’s highway charging stations. The company has set up a separate software lab, responded to the B2B market, and developed software for its own operations management. The control center in the company can simultaneously check the condition of the charger, check for abnormality, management of member information, and payment, so that it can immediately respond to any inconveniences encountered by customers.



The mobile charger does not require a charge-only parking area and is easily carried and easy to charge anytime, anywhere. If you insert it in the outlet, you can charge and pay by mobile phone, so called in a way of plug & pay.



Outstanding usability and beautiful design tailored to customer preferences. Daeyoung Chaevi produces various types of slow chargers depending on the charging type and the simultaneity of charging, from the wall-mounted to the stand-alone home charger types. Users can select their desired type that best suits their living environment. Its slow chargers provide perfect compatibility.



The High Power Charger can charge at a super charge rate within 4 to 10 minutes depending on the battery capacity of the vehicle. Fast chargers made by Daeyoung Chaevi feature a variety of interfaces to accommodate a wide array of vehicles and guarantee ease of use. By offering the three interfaces of AC fast charging, CHAdeMo, and DC combo, it ensures compatibility with an extensive range of cars made by domestic and renowned international carmakers. The company has also invented a mechanical apparatus for positioning each vehicle properly while charging. Such design enables women and elderly drivers to easily handle charge guns.

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Greetings from the Chairman of KEVA


KEVA will be Leading the Development of S. Korea’s EVs Industry to the Highest Level in the Global EVs Market.


Electric Vehicles (EVs) are considered the very best eco-friendly transportation mode these days, basically featuring pollution-free and technologically most stable among eco-friendly transportation means commensurate with the new era.

The current global automobile markets are facing an era where the international standards on environment and the basic conditions for purification of transportation means are being respectively intensified.

Fully meeting such conditions, various concepts of EV models are, with a significant decrease of comparative disadvantages against the existing general vehicles, being mass-produced in increasing numbers.

Recently, there have been growingly positive perceptions on EVs not only in advanced countries but also in South Korea. Moreover, it is so meaningful that this trend is spreading more widely, and thus promoting the growing necessity for EVs.

The Korea Electric Vehicle Association (KEVA), an affiliated organization of The Ministry of Environment, is composed of more than 50 member companies who are largely involved in the manufacturing of electric vehicles, batteries, chargers, charging services, electric vehicles parts, etc. KEVA carries out mediation and communication among the related governmental organizations. And also it performs the roles as cooperator and helper among the related industries. Thus, KEVA contributes to leading the development of South Korea’s EVs industry into the highest level in the global EVs markets.

There are numerous difficult issues to resolve in such related various areas as trade, environment and safety, horizontal industrial cooperation, etc. in the global EVs markets. KEVA was thus determined to try to have such pending issues well resolved through active steps.

KEVA will do its best to solve such challenging issues by enhancing the professionalism befitting the rising status of South Korea in the global electric vehicles industry.

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Light Commercial Truck

https://korean-machinery.com///inquirySince 2007, Power Plaza has entered the ecofriendly electric vehicle business as a next-generation growth industry and successfully converted 0.5-ton and 1-ton commercial vehicles into electric vehicles in 2009. PEACE, an electric vehicle modified and supplied by Power Plaza, has been developed in a power pack structure that integrates a battery and an inverter. Adopting the designs optimized for vehicle structure and glass fiber, a lightweight material, this model has passed various tests, securing the highest safety.
PEACE features a maximum output of 26kW, maximum torque 108Nm, and load weight of up to 500kg. It is also equipped with a 17.8kWh lithium-ion battery, and the mileage on one charge is 72km. The empty vehicle mileage is up to 100km for one charge and a full charge takes around four hours.
The batteries, drive motors, and inverters carry a 7-year or 150,000 km warranty, while the electric car parts produced by Power Plaza including OBC, PDU, LDC, BMS, and dashboard module come with a lifetime warranty and free repairs.
Unlike ordinary electric vehicles, PEACE is equipped with a manual transmission in consideration of gradability energy efficiency. The gear shifting while driving is the same as that of a regular engine vehicle and the safe running speed is 80 km. PEACE is registered in the e-shopping mall run by the Korea ON-Line E-procurement System in order to ensure stable supply to public institutions.

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