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[INQ. NO. 2205M13] DAHEUNG ENG. CO., LTD. was established in 1999 under the name of KTOP VALVE.
DAHEUNG ENG. manufactures and supplies stainless valves, bronze valves, cast iron valves, cast steel valves, industrial valves, and various other special products at the request of buyers.
Most of its products are manufactured under the standard pressure specifications of JIS, KS, and ANSI, and it can customize its products to customers’ requests.

The company’s main products are: general valves (gate, globe, angle, and swing check), control valve (safety and butt erfl y), marine speed doppler log (gate valve and unit), tank ball valve (FCTV, GBBTV, 3-way, hose, and wafer type), air vent head; fl ap check; surface valve, quick closing valve (EM’CY shut-off valve), storm valve (vertical storm valve and angle storm valve), POD(pressure-operated distribution) valve, and so on.

DAHEUNG ENG. has a comprehensive manufacturing system ranging from casting, machining, assembling, and manufacturing patterns ranging from simple to professional molds, based on rich know-how and sophisticated design related to valve manufacturing.
“We will pursue bett er quality with constant technology development and efforts, and we plan to become a future-oriented top-tier company that understands and satisfies customers best,” said the CEO of DAEHUNG ENG. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial Valves, the world needs special valves for many items in each field of advancement and specialization. General valves lack durability due to short lifespan and severe abrasion.
In particular, after finding out that there were no valves professionally developed for solid (powder) transport lines, Samsung Control Valve Company Limited. began research and development of dome valves and pinch valves from 2008.
Then, in collaboration with a domestic enterprise, it has updated and developed the products continuously with the field test (TEST-BED) for two years for its customers to maintain the products easily and quickly.

Dome Valve
Samsung Control Valve Company carried out the standardization of the components with 3D from the design stage in order to develop and produce the product at a low cost and also applied tungsten coating to valves.
While the existing valves can be used for about two months only, the life of the dome valve was verified to be 3~5 years or longer and production of the valve is available from 50A to 300A. This product can be applied to cement, ash of thermoelectric power plants, mining equipment, flour transport, and transport facilities for steel dust from steel mills.

Globe Control Valve
Globe control valve is a valve optimized for transport of gas, steam, water and liquid. PID control and on-off control are possible for its control mode, and the cast steel and stainless steel are the materials for production.
The standard of production ranges from 15A to 450A. This product is applied to the power plant, chemistry, foods, bio or gas facilities.

Pinch Valve
Pinch valve is optimized f o r t h e p i p e l i n e f o r controlling oil that contains slurry and for transporting powders. Materials that can be used for producing the valve include casting, cast steel, stainless steel a n d a l u m i n u m . T h i s product is applied to the slurry transport equipment of power plants, sewage treatment plants, mine facilities, paper manufacturing facilities, etc.
Samsung Control Valve Company dominates more than 90% of the domestic market at present and has been participating in overseas projects at the request of coal-fired power plants and EPC companies, resulting in US$400 million of indirect exports annually. By finding new buyers by participating in at least three exhibitions every year, it has expanded its export network to 14 countries or more. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial Valves its establishment in 1984, DR Valve Co., Ltd. has developed valves for power plants, valves for ultralow temperature, and valves for high temperature and high pressure through ceaseless R&D and standardized qualitycontrol systems, exporting to over 10 countries around the world, as well as selling in the domestic market. DR Valve supplies the best products to various industrial sites, such as refining and petroleum, chemicals, power plants, gas and LNG industry, desalination plants, ocean industry, environmental plants, etc.


Triple Offset Butterfly Valve (Butterfly Valve)

Butterfly valve has a simple structure, is easy to operate and widely used for flow path blocking and flow/pressure control. However, the disk surface of the valve is wider than that of other valves, and deflection of the disk is generated due to the working pressure. At this time, the disk is press-fitted into the seat ring like a wedge and, as a result, the operating torque is very high, causing a large impact sound and vibration when the valve is opened and closed.
In severe cases, the rotation axis of the valve may be distorted. In order to solve these problems, this product has a triple offset structure in which the shape of the disk is asymmetrical, so that when the valve is closed, the disk and seat ring is of the structure in line contact at the endpoint. Therefore, the airtight performance is excellent and there is hardly abrasion of the seat ring, which is a chronic problem of conventional products. The triple offset structure has drastically reduced noise and vibration resulting from high operating torque, which had been a problem in the conventional products, by dispersing the surface pressure acting on the disk surface in the system requiring high pressure (differential pressure) to the disk.


Easy V-Notch Ball Valve (V-Ball Valve)

The characteristics of the product are the flow control capability, which is an advantage of globe valves, and a simple structure that is a merit of ball valves. This product has solved the shortcomings of globe valves, which are expensive, relatively low flow rate, the cavitation phenomenon caused by the bent pipe and generation of noise and vibration, and the disadvantages of ball valves including sludge inflow between ball and body and seat ring breakage in the fluids containing fiber (paper pulp)-like sludge at the time of valve locking.
The Easy V-Notch Ball Valve has a seat ring installed on one side only, and the ball has a “V”-shaped notch to control the fluid to the EQ%. The shape of the “V” notch is designed to fit for the characteristics of fluids so that the control capacity can be changed according to such characteristics. In addition, due to the offset structure, the seat ring and the ball are in line contact at the closed end. Thus, the airtight performance is excellent and there is almost no abrasion of seat ring. As it is like a sharp cutter, “V” notch displays very favorable performance for use in fibrous piping lines like paper (pulp) line. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial valves

[INQ. NO. 1607M13] DoTEC is a professional valve with many years of proven track record.
DoTEC has been dedicated to design, develop and manufacture a wide range of superior quality valves. DoTEC has been performed its professional in service.
DoTEC’s ball valves(Side entry, Top entry, Floating, Trunnion) are used in installations for petrochemistry, chemistry, nuclear power, oil field and refinery domestically as well as internationally. Especially, metal sheet ball valve, which is the best quality with a patent, is used in high pressure and temperature conditions as its metal sheet ball valve is set with permissible leakage Class VI, not Class IV like other companies, and managed with even zero leakage in accordance with customers’ requests.

DoTEC’s swivel joint plays a role, sort of like a heart, to connect with hydraulic system of moving parts in airplane, vessel and truck with high pressure fitting with the degree of freedom as arm and jumper parts loaded or not loaded. A swivel joint has a link that swivels with dynamic water and air tightness. It can be applied to various industrial fields that use machines that move compressed air or oil pressure, and has been proven useful in equipment such as oil drilling and refinery. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial valves

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[INQ. NO. 1510M28] Prosave is a world class industrial valve manufacturer, specialized in manufacturing and supplying explosion relief valves for power plants, maritime plants and vessel plants. Prosave’s air release & vacuum breaker valve is mainly installed in power plants, water desalination plants, and maritime plants. Its main function is to control the air pressure in the pipe by releasing the air out of the pipe for the prevention of damage of the pipe and the pump. The product ensures surge and water-hammer protection, liquid overflow protection, and supply of high capacity venting for pipeline protection. It is supplied to leading conglomerates including Hyundai Heavy Industry.

Industrial-valves Prosave’s vacuum breaker valve is mainly installed in power plants, water desalination plants, and maritime plants. Its main function is to prevent damage by inpouring air in the atmosphere to pipes and tanks when it becomes a vacuumed state. It utilizes the latest technologies to provide protection against positive or vacuum over-pressure, prevent air intake, evaporative losses of product and help, and to eliminate odorous and potentially explosive vapor.

Prosave’s crankcase explosion relief valve is a valve that prevents explosion of a vessel’s diesel engine. It acquired product certification from MAN Diesel & Turbo, a multinational company based in Germany that produces large-bore diesel engines, and numerous classification bodies around the world and supplying them to the world’s major engine makers. This product’s benefits include perfect protection for fire explosion, quick opening and fully relieving pressure, and non-damaged stronger structure. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial valves

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[INQ. NO. 1510M27] Total Engineering produces order-made and semiorder-made valves corresponding to special specifications for various plants in over 20 countries since its establishment in 1992. Thanks to so many years of faithful commitment to meeting customers’ requirements, Total Engineering has gained a large number of partners including Daelim Industry, Samsung Engineering, LG Chemicals and Hyundai Heavy Industry in Korea and CTCI, HMC and TECNICAS abroad.

Currently Total Engineering is in the progress of such several global projects as Oman Sohar Refinery Improvement Project, Malaysia TNB Fast Track 3A Project, Saudi Arabia Rabigh Phase II Petrochemical Project, and Vietnam Thai Binh 2 Thermal Power Plant. Already Total Engineering carried out some global projects including India Haldia Project, Saudi Elastomer Project.

Industrial-valves_1 Currently, Total Engineering, for such global projects, manufactures various types of industrial valves such as ram piston valves (metal to metal seat type with no leakage, durability under high temperature, high pressure), knife gate valves (metal to rubber cushion of two ways usage), long knife gate valves (three sealing system – seat, packing, and bonnet), slide gate valves (no leakage, no dead space), diverter valves (open-close, change of direction function, filtration space, minimizing loss of pressure), self lapping valves (blade recovery function), change over valves (maintenance with open-close function of pipe line), blind valves (fluid-blocking function for maintenance to maintain process for a long time), and strainers (impurities of fluid filtering function in pipeline). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial valves

[Serial No. 2012-B-095]

Daeryoong Valve manufactures different kinds of world-class valves, especially for curing presses for tires, utilizing up-to-date precision processing and testing facilities, while gaining a high reputation from the global market.

Industrial-valves Among its current major flagship valve items are 3-way & 2-way piston valves, control valves, pressure regulator valves, lift check valves, 4-way piston valves, and pan check valves. The maker’s valves are normally installed in curing presses and are being specially used for manufacturing a high quality rubber and tire product, controlling fluids such as steam or water, nitrogen, air, etc.

The special technology for durability, design, is applied, and thus they ensure the users greater economic benefits compared to the existing similar ones in both at home and abroad market. The packing section of those products is significantly intensified to minimize leakages and to extend the life of valves. The SCS13 (Stainless Steel Casting) material is especially used for its sturdy and practical valves. The company’s 3-way & 2-way piston valves are capable of perfect sealing with the mounted disc ring made of PTFE. Two stem structures of those absorb the impact in the seat. Body and low seat flange of those valves are made of stainless steel. Shot peening process is applied to increase the lifespan of these valves.

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