Special Tires for Agriculture, Port and Construction


[INQ. NO. 2211M39] HUNG-A is Korea’s only special tire manufacturer, producing tires for agriculture, ports, and construction based on technical expertise and know-how accumulated over nearly 70 years since its founding in 1951.

HUNG-A manufacturers tires for tractors with excellent traction power, comfortable ride quality and durability, tires for loaders and dozers that are very durable to withstand abrasion, cutting and chipping, tires for dock equipment that can minimize deformation when moving high-weight cargoes, and tires for forklifts with long mileage and durability.

Their products are so excellent that leading domestic and overseas automakers select their products as original equipment.

Collaboration with global agricultural machinery and industrial equipment makers is underway
They are moving forward with a strategy to collaborate with CNH and BOBCAT, international manufacturers of agricultural machines and industrial equipment, as a new business in 2022.

Sales are increasing significantly in North America, mainly of agricultural tires, and exports, to various countries in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Oceania are also increasing.

From product design to complete product production can be done with own technology
Everything, from product design to complete product production, can be done with its own technology and various certifications requested from foreign countries can be also provided. Furthermore, assembled items can be provided after self-producing tires and wheels, so price competitiveness can be secured.

The CEO of the company explained, “We are realizing synergy management through systematic cooperation and win-win by expanding into various other areas, not only special tires for agriculture, port, and construction but also information and communication areas.”

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Temporary Materials For Construction


[INQ. NO. 2211M19] Hory Korea Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing temporary materials for construction since 2000, including system scaffolding, system support, Euroform, pipe support, table form, plastic form, clamp accessory, and so on.

System scaffolding (steel, STK700, Ø48.6*2.0thk)
System scaffolding is a temporary structure installed to provide a foothold for the construction workers. It consists of vertical and horizontal pieces. Its parts are standardized, so it is easy to assemble and disassemble. It is structurally safer than the general tube and coupler scaffolding. Hory Korea’s system scaffolding increases work efficiency because it is stronger (it is made of high-strength STK700 steel) and lighter (the thickness of the pipe wall is thinner).

System support (steel, STK500, Ø60.5*2.6thk)
System support is a construction material used to support the slab mold when building a concrete structure. It consists of vertical and horizontal standardized pieces, like the system scaffolding does, so it is easy and safe to assemble and disassemble.

Euroform, pipe support and system form
Hory Korea also manufactures Euroform and pipe support that can be useful for various construction purposes. Hory Korea developed the system form that adopted plastic panels for the first time in Korea to satisfy its customers.

Currently, Hory Korea is actively exporting its products to the USA, Russia, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Hory Korea strives to help its customers successfully complete their projects by providing installation drawings and technical support in addition to high-quality products.

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Light Construction Equipment


[INQ. NO. 2210M34] COPAZ Machinery Co., Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing various kinds of light construction equipment in the Republic of Korea, such as vibrating rollers, tamping rammers, plate compactors, power trowels, concrete vibrators, concrete & asphalt cutters, etc.

COPAZ is also available to manufacture new products according to drawings and samples with years of accumulated experience and technical capacity.

Products of COPAZ have been exported all over the world, to about 30 countries, gaining a good reputation and credibility from domestic and overseas companies for its technical know-how of 20 years.

Its priority lies with quality and durability of products as it produces 80% of parts itself and major parts are imported from Japan and Italy, which is why the company is highly reliable and trustworthy.

In order to keep up with developments in the international market, it is continuously strengthening its competitiveness and quality management system. It also maintains good relationships with overseas buyers, with its focus on manufacturing and exporting products on the site.

Its manufacturing facility and offices are located in Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea.

Vibrating Roller, Compactor and Vibrator
Diesel engine type vibrating roller is a small-sized double drum walk-behind vibrating roller.

It is applicable to compacting and maintaining various roads, expressway shoulders, sidewalks, parking areas, and sports field grass. It is especially suited for compaction of narrow areas, such as pipeline channels, drainage trenches, etc.

This machine has been designed to be highly versatile with minimum maintenance, fitting a wider range of utility-sized applications confronting contractors. Up to 90% of parts are made in Korea with Italian hydraulic piston pumps and motors, Japanese bearings & oil seals, and German safety washers. Therefore, quality and durability of products are high, with one-year warranties offered on most products and even two-year warranties on some machines. A/S is readily available as well.

Parts of ready-made goods come only from previously verified companies, and engineers with more than 16 years of experience assemble each machine to minimize defect rates. Also, replaceable parts are cheaper than those of other brands.

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Hydraulic Pumps & Motors for Excavators


[INQ. NO. 2210M17] Dongwon Construction Equipment Co. has been providing and exporting components used for construction equipment, especially including excavators, both to the domestic and overseas markets for more than 30 years.

Dongwon Construction Equipment, as a domestic distributor of HANDOK HYDRAULIC, is selling and exporting hydraulic pump assemblies and internal components, motor assemblies and internal components, gear pumps, regulators, and others, all of which are essential for driving excavators.

Dongwon Construction Equipment’s main products are essential parts used to drive excavators. Such products are applied to heavy equipment manufactured by HYUNDAI, DOOSAN, VOLVO, KOMATSU, VOLVO, CATERPILLAR, HITACHI, KOBELCO, etc.

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Construction Equipment


[INQ. NO. 2209M16] Shinyoung Co., Ltd. has ever since its founding in 1986 been manufacturing and producing small-sized construction equipment such as concrete vibrators, flexible pumps, plate compactors, portable rebar benders, and has been exporting these products, and thus continuously acquiring global recognition.

Shinyoung seeks to continuously extend its business scopes through studying and developing several kinds of equipment independently in order to meet customer’s various needs.

Concrete Vibrator Action Unit (“CVAU”)
CVAUs connected to a motor or an engine increase the density of concrete by removing the air bubbles therein and smoothen the surface of the poured concrete.

CVAUs offer the highest air bubble removal and surface smoothening performance and power operating at approximately 3,000 RPM, while their rotating parts strongly withstand erosion. They can be manufactured in different sizes (ø32, 38, 45 and 60) and lengths.

Portable Rebar Bender (SY-25S)
This product comes with a letter-type angle-adjuster that allows the users to accurately adjust the angle from 0 to 180 degrees. It comes with two angle-adjusters that allow the users to set two different angles and switch between them to save time. Also, it comes with an emergency stop switch for unforeseen events, which eliminates the risk of accidents.

SY-25S has handles on the front and rear of the product, which make it easy for two persons to transport it. Thus, it is a product appropriate for small spaces and processing factories.

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Machinery Drives Export


Even though two main export items are excluded, it is possible to maintain upbeat due to construction machinery which is proving to be competitive.

When we worry about the Korean economy, the words not removed at all are ‘the phenomenon of semiconductors’ sole lead.’ However, exports of May relieved such worries. Export growth rate increased by 12.5% YoY excluding shipbuilding and semiconductors (Excluding these two items, daily average export increased by 10%.).
It is machinery that drives export expansion following semiconductors, chemicals and oil refining. Machinery exports in May increased by 15.8% YoY, marking double-digit growth for two consecutive months following April (13.1% YoY). In particular, construction machinery is proving to be outstanding.
Experts predict that construction machinery exports will expand continuously. There are three reasons for such expansion of export:s First, the home ownership rate in the USA has rebounded in almost a decade. The actual demand seems to increase mainly among people in their 20s and 30s. In this process, the speed of new home sales growth is faster than that of the existing ones.
In addition, it was confirmed at the beginning of the year that the growth of housing transaction volume rebounded in China. Although the liquidity growth rate in the market is falling, the real estate market is by contrast improving.
Also, construction machinery exports have become more diversified. Exports of construction machinery increased in India and Eastern Europe as well as the USA and China.
Although the export growth rate is expected to decline in July and September due to the base effect, the overall export trend is positive in the second half of the year. Daily average exports excluding shipbuilding are on the rise, and daily average exports excluding shipbuilding and semiconductors reached the top of the graph.
Mr. Ahn Ki-tae, a researcher of NH Investment & Securities, said, “Since Korea is not a country with strong brand power in the consumer goods sector like Switzerland, so it tends to benefit from massive orders in developed countries. The pattern is that the global order increases when the inventory of manufacturing industry in the USA decreases and, in that context, Korea’s exports increase with a time lag.”
According to his explanation, the inventory ratio (inventory-to-sales ratio) of the U.S. manufacturing industry increased in early 2014, and Korea’s exports declined from the end of the year. On the contrary, the inventory ratio of the U.S. manufacturing industry decreased in early 2016, and Korea’s exports increased from the end of the year. There was a time lag of about one year.
Researcher Ahn added, “As the inventory ratio of the U.S. manufacturing industry is still on a downward trend, I maintain a positive outlook on Korea’s exports.”

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