Cold Rolled Steel Resources Co., Ltd., is a Korean based international trading company, which has been incorporated for about 20 years and much experience in iron and steel products and as marketing agent of related machinery & engineering services. The company’s iran and steel products include:

– Steel Sheet & Coils, Galvanized, Pre-painted, Tin Plate
– Steel Pipes, Tube, Steel Bars, Angles, Channels, Rails
– C.H.Q. Wires, Bearing Steel Wires, Ropes, Cables

The company’s corporate philosophy is to do the very best for the clients with sincerity, and to improve both the quality of business and life. Hanmi Resources will do everything possible to ensure the success of your business, so that we can continue to work together for an extensive time.



JIS G 3311 (Carbon, Alloy, Tool Steel)
ASTM A 109, ASTM A 366, ASTM A 619, ASTM A 620,
BS 1449/1, BSEN 10130-91, BSEN 10131-92
DIN 1624-87, DIN 1623/2-86
ISO 3474-86 (CR 1/2/3/4), ISO 5954-84(CRH 50/60/70)
Australia/N.Z. AS1595 NZCC NZCE, CA-2SE/CA55NE

– Commercial quality is used for simple bending, forming or drawing, and has a wide range of uses for automotive, home appliances, building and civil works and base metals for various kinds of pre-painted steel products.
– Drawing quality is used for better than the commercial quality, it’s high formability is used for automotive panels, audio-visual equipment and other heating apparatuses.
– Deep drawing quality is used for the parts of complicated and severe forming products, mainly for the automotive front panels and rear fenders. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Commercial and Industrial Steamers[INQ. NO. 1801M11] SJE Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of Commercial and Industrial cleaning machines. SJE was established in 1991 in Busan, Republic of Korea. It had started importing and selling industrial high pressure washers from Europe to Korea. Shortly after starting its business, SJE had become a leading company in the industry.
In 2002, the company targeted the market for steam cleaning machines. With dramatic increase in its sales amount, SJE has developed to launch Korean steam cleaning machines and released Optima Steamer Series in 2004. SJE has been conducting R&D on the steam cleaners with expertise and technologies learned from years of experience. The excellent quality of its products meets customers’ needs over 177 countries around the world.
SJE is currently targeting global promising markets with its latest models of steamers – diesel steamers, electric steamers. Diesel steamers-Optima XD, Optima DM(DMF)- are equipped with a diesel burner and generate steam within 2min. The equipped boiler runs consistently and energy-efficiently. The burner with heat-efficient double layer maximizes heat transfer and minimizes fuel consumption and emissions. With their mobility, optima brands are suitable for mobile cleaning operations.
Electric Steamer Electric steamers – Optima XE, Optima EST, Optima SE II- are electric-powered steamers and can be a professional exterior and interior as car wash machines. They are ideal for the wine & brew industry, sanitizing its facilities. In addition, Optima brands can be used for sanitization of food processing equipment without chemicals.



SJE’s diesel steamers and electric steamers consume a fraction of water, wasting no water. They ensure clean washing even for hard-to-reach areas. The sanitization without chemicals is possible. They are potable, enabling the users to more easily and swiftly use them than existing other brands. They ensure more versatile applications. They are used for such diversified applications as car wash, auto repair shop, winery, brewery, kitchen, restaurant, food factory, hospital, healthcare service, weed removal, and public health service.
SJE promises it will commit itself to continuously research and develop more advanced commercial and industrial steamers to meet the growing, various levels of customers’ needs around the world for many years to come. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Special Bolts and Related Parts

Used in Various Fields such as Offshore Plants, Power Generation Industry and Petrochemical Industry

[INQ. NO. 1801M10] For half a century since its foundation in 1965, Hwashinbolt has grown into a leading company in the special bolt industry, keeping pace with Korea’s rapid economic growth. Since its inception, the company has been focusing on special bolts. Hwashinbolt is making every effort to satisfy its customers and create value.
Recognized for its world-class technology and potential in the field of special bolts, Hwashinbolt is participating in large-scale global energy projects in 22 countries in five continents, including combined-cycle power plants, nuclear power plants and offshore plants. Hwashinbolt is preparing to take off to grow into a global company based on accumulated technology.
Hwashinbolt produces special bolts and parts used in various fields such as offshore plants, the power generation industry and petrochemicals. Specifically, the company is also producing structural bolts steam turbine casing bolts such as tap studs, slotted nuts, eccentric pins, etc. and secure various materials according to various needs such as high temperature and high pressure characteristics or corrosion resistance among others.

Hwashinbolt produces the best products not only with general materials but with special materials (Inconel, Duplex, Hastelloy, Monel, etc.) that are difficult to come by in Korea. Almost all specifications from M3 to M190 apply to most items. Its products are exported not only to five major domestic power generation companies but to overseas companies such as GE, MHPS, Simens, Alstom and Toshiba.
Hwashinbolt currently supplies bolts and nuts to major Korean and foreign power generation companies such as GE, Siemens and Doosan, Korea’s three leading heavy industries (DSME, Samsung and Hyundai) and global oil majors such as Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, Chevron and Total. The company is also actively responding to customers’ changing needs by producing products that meet various standards such as the ANSI, ASTM, ASME, GE, SIEMENS, DIN, KS, BS and ISO. Hwashin bolt is committed to serving as a reliable partner for its customers based on continuous research and development and strict quality control. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial Special Valves[INQ. NO. 1801M09] Since its establishment in 1992, Total Engineering Co. has been committed to localizing valves. In particular, the company has been contributing to the development of the Korean valve industry by localizing various special valves that were imported. They won the Presidential Commendation for the development of excellent capital goods at the end of last year through the localization of a ram piston valve.
In the early 1990s, there were many valve makers in Korea at the time, but special valves requiring high technological power were all imported. Therefore, Sung Hae-jin, CEO of Total Engineering started his business in 1992 with a partner with long experience and know-how in the valve industry with the aim to localize special valves that Korea had to import with domestic technology”.
Since the establishment of Total Engineering, thanks to the company’s steady efforts, its products and technologies were gradually recognized and the company was able to register itself as a vendor for Daelim Industrial. As a result, the company became able to supply its products to large companies such as LG, Samsung, GS and Hyundai. In 1995, Total Engineering succeeded in localizing and commercializing various special valves including a ram piston valve, one of its flagship products. During this period, the company acquired an ISO 9002 certificate in 1999 and an ISO 14001 certificate in 2005 through constant efforts to improve quality. In 2007, it established a second factory to cope with increasing orders. Since then, Total Engineering transformed itself into a joint-stock corporation in 2011 and since then, has been growing steadily.
According to President Sung, Total Engineering produces various special valves such as knife gate valves, ram piston valves, diverter valves, tank bottom flush valves, self lapping valves, change-over valves, blind valves, 3-way ball valves and strainers. Among them, a double knife gate valve is one of the representative gate valves, mainly used for transfer lines for ash and slurry from mills at power plants. There are three types – metal-to-metal seats, metal-to-rubber cushion seats and metal-to Ptfe-seats. Total Engineering also holds a patent for long knife gate valves.
Next, ram piston valves are installed in reactors that involve a main process for production of petrochemical products, and are manufactured to transport petrochemical products from inside reactors and collect samples. This ensures perfect sealing even at high pressure of 1,500LB or more and requires a high level of technology to completely shut off gas. For this reason, only a small number of companies in the world can supply ram piston valves to major markets and Total Engineering is rivaling these companies in the global market.
Finally, blind valves allow maintenance and repair work by completely blocking the flow of fluid. This product features a structure to minimize fluid resistance and design and production to withstand high pressures. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

New Super-Plastic Steel Material

Expected to Be Applied to Machining Hard-to-Manufacture Parts of Complex Shapes

The National Research Foundation of Korea (KRF) recently announced that a research team led by professor Lee Young-kook (Yonsei University) developed a new super-plastic steel material that is economical and relatively easy to produce.
Recently, shapes of components used in various industrial fields such as automobiles and aircraft have become increasingly complicated, and it is necessary to mold and assemble such hard-to-machine components of complicated shapes. In order to overcome these disadvantages, much attention is being paid to super-plastic steel materials and moldings that can create parts of complex shapes through a single process.

So far, various super-plastic materials have been developed but are difficult to commercialize. Zinc and aluminum alloys have low strength after molding. Raw materials for nickel and titanium alloys and stainless steels are expensive, and high carbon steel has a problem of a complicated manufacturing process.

The research team successfully developed an ultra-fine, medium manganese steel material with an elongation rate of up to 1341%, using medium manganese steel actively studied recently.

The researchers used medium manganese steel with manganese (6.6%) and aluminum (2.3%). This alloy can produce fine grains which are important prerequisites for a super-plasticity phenomenon due to a difference in the distribution of manganese and aluminum when undergoing heat treatment after a rolling process.

In addition, the research team conducted a tensile test at a temperature range of 650°C to 900°C, and found that the elongation rate was up to 1,314% at 850°C and rose over 300% at 650°C, a relatively low temperature.

The super-plastic medium steel material developed in this study is economical compared to conventional super-plastic stainless steel and high carbon steels because small amounts of manganese and aluminum go into the material and can be manufactured using a conventional steelmaking process. In particular, medium manganese steel has an advantage of easily forming crystal grains of several hundred micrometers to several micrometers, which are important for super-plasticity.

“We anticipated that this research will make it easier for various industries to manufacture parts of complex shapes difficult to mold, while requiring high strength by using new super-plasticity steel materials with excellent cost-cutting effects,” Professor Lee said. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Couplings, Clamps[INQ. NO. 1801M08] Founded in 1995, Jung Woo Coupling, a small company, manufactures couplings and clamps to connect pipes. However, the company has been recognized as a small but strong company in exporting to 35 countries including Japan, the USA, the UK, France, Norway and Australia.
Couplings connect two pipes and are mainly used for the installation of pipes. Clamps are used to fix or overlay pipes on other pipes for maintenance purposes. Couplings and clamps are recognized as products that can replace existing cumbersome and difficult piping connections such as welding. If a user only locks bolts on couplings and clamps, the user can easily connect pipes, thereby saving the user work time and cost.
Couplings and clamps can be used in a variety of industries including shipbuilding, power generation, chemical, petroleum, housing, and construction. Couplings and clamps are already widely used in Europe such as the UK and Germany, but not in Korea.
For this reason, Jung Woo Coupling is known as the best manufacturer in the field of couplings and clamps in Korea. “With only one or two companies producing pipe couplings and clamps in Korea, our company feels a sense of responsibility as a leading company in Korea,” remarked Yoo In-tae, CEO of Jung Woo Coupling. “In particular, we are proud of the fact that we are recognized around the world as we have invested in research and development over the past 16 years.”

Jung Woo Coupling has concentrated its research efforts on improving quality and technology since its establishment. The company registered four utility models by applying their own technology to foreign products. As an example, Jung Woo Coupling improved the compression of saw teeth of pipes’ connection parts of couplings to prevent leaks and improve connection strength.
In addition, the company made products that can be used only for straight pipes available for “ㄱ-shaped” pipes, and enhanced product performance so that pipes made of different materials can be connected. That is to say, they made installation work easier by developing assembly-type couplings that connect large sewer pipes that pass through cities and small sewer pipes for homes.
Compared to this technology, Jung Woo Coupling products are about 30% cheaper than those of overseas major manufacturers. Jung Woo Coupling secured cost competitiveness through quality management by reducing cost through quality certification and reducing expenses incurred in the production process. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Thermostatic Coolers[INQ. NO. 1801M07] Seyang Mechatronics is specialized in producing products for process improvement devices such as air cooling devices, vortex system products based on compressed air (vortex tubes, vortex cool tools, vortex CNC coolers, vortex CNC mechanical thermostats, vortex air cool jackets) and vortex warm tools, vortex high thrust jets, vortex air conveyor vacs, vortex air curtains, vortex air flow bars, vortex air vacuum suction, and vortex air suction guns.
Vortex Air Cooling Oil Jet, recently introduced by Seyang Mechatronics, does not use the existing electric control method. The product protects tooling wear and equipment lubrication and lubricates powerful mist cooling for machined objects and tools by spraying mist of cooled air and lubricating liquid at the same time from vortex tubes with compressed air at factories.
Vortex Air Cooling Oil Jet is capable of spraying lubrication mist using the oil venture-type method for spraying vortex tube cold air and fluid flows, protects workpiece materials, machining tool and maintain the high quality of machined products as sprayed mist of cutting oil is immediately cooled off with cold air (max -30°C) from vortex tubes.
Seyang Mechatronics also introduced the Vortex Cabinet Thermostatic Cooler that features heat control and thermal protection inside a control panel and an electronic control panel. It protects against external dust and pollution and can better function on lines with air cleaning facilities.
Vortex Cabinet Automatic Thermostat Cooler can always keep the inside of a cabinet and electronic components clean and quiet by sending out heat generated from inside a control panel, as it is hermetically attached to the control panel and maintaining proper temperature with cold air discharged from the cooler.
As a company that meets tough quality standards required by corporate customers, Seyang Mechatronics always aims to become a company that does its best. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Electric Welders[INQ. NO. 1801M06] SUNJINWELD CO., LTD. has been a professional welding machine manufacturer in Korea for more than 30 years.
It mainly produces Inverter CO2 welders, Inverter TIG welders, Inverter ARC welders, PLASMA cutters, S.C.R CO2 welders, and GOUGING, etc.
Also, it has obtained many certifications, including ISO 9001:2008, and is a Incheon Quality Recommend and Venture Business. The company strives for continuous quality control through establishing an R&D Center.
It is constantly exporting to many countries in Asia, the Middle East, etc., as well as supplying large domestic companies due to its excellent technology and price competitiveness.


Inverter CO2/MAG Welder

It is ideal for high-speed welding as its arc starts smoothly and it solves problems of burn back.
As it reduces spatters significantly by using the ferrite core, it shortens the spatter removal time after welding.
It makes automation matching easy, improves arc stability by improving the wave pattern control characteristic and maintains a not-disconnected constant arc even when the arc length changes.



Inverter TIG Welder

Work using the 75m torch cable is available as it uses high frequency PCB. It is best for fillet welding and double metal welding. It realizes wide-range welding from thin plates to thick plates (0.3~8mm). D.C. MMA welding is also available.
It can also weld stainless steel, soft steel, copper, titanium, low alloy steel, chrome, aluminum, etc.


Inverter Arc Welder

It makes on-site welding convenient as it has excellent portability with micro-size and ultralight weight. It has excellent safety by adopting the circuit preventing electric shock and overheating and protecting the power supply. It is economical with its power-saving design. It also has high utilization with excellent heat protection efficiency.
Most metal welding such as soft steel, alloy, stainless steel, cast iron, etc. shows excellence. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Steam Cleaner[INQ. NO. 1801M02] SJE’s steam cleaner is a leading brand in the world and is loaded with a CPU-integrated and fully automatic control system. A quintuple safety device is provided to enable users to use the steam cleaner safely. People can use the cleaner anytime and anywhere without restrictions. Its humidification control can control the amount of moisture. Two steam valves can be used at the same time. Automatic/manual water supply is possible.
The steam cleaner features working pressure of up to 9.5bar and can inject 300cc to 1200 cc of steam per minute. Its preheating time is only three minutes, while its power consumption is 0.3KW, and the water tank and fuel tank can hold 17 liters of water, each. Fuel consumption is 0 to 4 liters per hour. It weighs 91.5 kg which was set through optimization. Its dimensions are 765 x 500 x 775 (mm).
In addition to the abovementioned product, SJE produces and sells 13 different steam cleaners to meet the needs of potential users in various places. They are enjoying immense popularity in the global market, too. SJE is maintaining its strong market recognition at home and abroad by steadily investing in developing new models. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Air Compressor Energy-saving Controller VSD+ Series[INQ. NO. 1801M04] Dotech Inc. specializes in controllers for the field of environment measurement and refrigerating and air-conditioning, stands out in the energy-saving solution market starting with the industrial air compressor energy-saving controller VSD+. The inverter controlling type that minutely controls the number of rotations of the compressor motor with a frequency is one of the qualified energy-saving technologies that are being rapidly introduced to home appliances. The air compressor that the inverter technology is applied from this perspective has been more widely used these days in the global market due to its high performance and energy efficiency.
However, though it is rarely used in Korea because for industrial air compressors, it accounts for more than 30% of the entire energy expenses of the site and replacing with the air compressor due to energy consumption and energy efficiency is burdensome in terms of the financial side, as well as the site operation aspect. Dotech’s VSD+ is the product that can be a groundbreaking solution to these problems.


Introducing the energy-saving controller

As industrial energy can be used more inexpensively than general energy, in the industrial equipment design, energy consumption was not considered important even until a few years ago. However, as problems related to energy overconsumption and environmental destruction become an issue worldwide, the industrial equipment market started to show increased interest in energy-saving equipment. Dotech understood market demands early and has coped with it from a long-term perspective. Products developed in recent few years are being manufactured as an energy-saving type based on Dotech’s own precision control technology. In particular, the product that receives attention among energy-saving controllers of Dotech is the air compressor energy-saving controller VSD+ series. The air compressor is a device consuming the most electricity in the general manufacturing facility. The key point of the high efficiency air compressor is the compressor control applying the inverter. It is a qualified energy-saving technology with rapidly increasing usage in the air compressor field as well as the refrigerating and air-conditioning field.



The VSD+ series is receiving attention

It can save power consumption significantly by properly adjusting the number of rotations of the motor of the air compressor suitable for the usage of compressed air by controlling the inverter. The VSD+ series is the outer mounted controller maximizing energy efficiency by changing the control type (Y-△) to the inverter control oriented VSD (Variable Speed Control) type by installing on the general industrial air compressor. Because most existing air compressors cannot control the speed of the internal motor, it cannot avoid unnecessary energy consumption as it is operating at almost 100% output regardless of the usage of air to maintain the mobility stand-by status. On the other hand, if applying the VSD+, the device’s operation efficiency can be increased significantly by finely controlling the number of rotations of the compressor according to the usage of air in real-time. In particular, for the fields where no-load operating time is long or load and no-load operating is working frequently in turn, up to energy can be saved up to 30~40%. Calculating the annual electricity rate for the case of operating the 100-horsepower air compressor for 8,000 hours after installing the VSD+, approximately KRW 19.7 million and 19,008 ton CO2 (based on 75kW, load factor 60%, electricity charge KRW 120) can be saved compared to pre-installation. It can succeed in killing many birds with one stone, including reduction of electricity charges, extension of life of major parts, reduction of CO2, etc., by removing unnecessary operation of the device. Under ordinary circumstances, the installation fee can be recovered in 1~2 years with energy-saving costs.


Based on 100-horsepower compressor (75kW), load factor (60%), operation (8,000hours) and electricity charge (KRW 85)


Competitiveness of Dotech and VSD+

One of the most important advantages of Dotech is high customer reliability. In fact, there have been no exchange and refund compensation cases until today since the product was released and on sale. It means Dotech provides the best production environment by analyzing data of a company’s energy consumption precisely. The biggest advantage of installing the VSD+ on an old device, compared to a new device with the inverter applied, is that it does not need to replace a device. If replacing an old device with a new device because of energy consumption, losses can occur not only in the price of the product itself but also in various parts. The VSD+ is an innovative solution that can reduce the purchase cost, as well as resulting losses, by increasing energy efficiency of the existing facility to the level of the new device while maintaining its status unchanged. Development of the VSD+ is more meaningful since more than 80% of domestic manufacturing sites operate old devices. As the VSD+’s energy-saving examples in the manufacturing site goes viral now, it is receiving a lot of attention from the industry. Furthermore, Dotech was awarded the 2016 National Sustainability Management Grand Prize (national sustainability management technological innovation sector) and the 2016 Korea Small to Medium-sized Business Grand Prize as the excellence of its energy-saving technology gained recognition. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods