Aluminum Extruded Parts

[INQ. NO. 2207M14] Rinno Aluminum Co., Ltd. was established in 1988 and is located in Ulju-gun, Ulsan, which is a 15-minute distance from the international port city of Busan. The company is now exporting aluminum extrusion products to the USA, Canada, Japan, and other nations.

Based on its experience the company (established in 1988) has garnered regarding aluminum alloy extrusion businesses, Rinno Aluminum’s extrusion products are made of 100%-reusable eco-friendly aluminum alloy materials (lightness with one-third of steel’s specific gravity; high strength; and high corrosion resistance) that are considered as steel substitutes in various industries.

Thanks to such features, the weight of a structure utilizing aluminum-extruded materials is light − making it easier for workers to do their construction jobs, and shortening the time needed for completing the construction. The high corrosionresistance enables the material to last longer than other steel-based counterparts.

By using aluminum alloys as core materials and through the extrusion process (making it possible to form complicated shapes in comparison with rolling, casting and forging processes; and to create a considerable number of the same product) utilizing three extruders (two 7” extruders and one 5” extruder), Rinno Aluminum is manufacturing parts used for cars, trucks, buses and trains; as well as components for electronic devices, cable trays used for shipbuilding and plants; and parts used for solar power structures and many other industries.

By making continuous investments, the company is able to carry out extrusion, drawing, heat treatment, solution heat treatment, cutting/ CNC/MCT machining, chamfering, cold forging, module assembly, inspection with CMM, UTM and shape-measuring instruments and packaging on its own so as to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices in a timely manner, and speedily respond to customers’ complaints. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Greetings from the Chairman of KEVA

KEVA will be Leading the Development of S. Korea’s EVs Industry to the Highest Level in the Global EVs Market.


Electric Vehicles (EVs) are considered the very best eco-friendly transportation mode these days, basically featuring pollution-free and technologically most stable among eco-friendly transportation means commensurate with the new era.

The current global automobile markets are facing an era where the international standards on environment and the basic conditions for purification of transportation means are being respectively intensified.

Fully meeting such conditions, various concepts of EV models are, with a significant decrease of comparative disadvantages against the existing general vehicles, being mass-produced in increasing numbers.

Recently, there have been growingly positive perceptions on EVs not only in advanced countries but also in South Korea. Moreover, it is so meaningful that this trend is spreading more widely, and thus promoting the growing necessity for EVs.

The Korea Electric Vehicle Association (KEVA), an affiliated organization of The Ministry of Environment, is composed of more than 50 member companies who are largely involved in the manufacturing of electric vehicles, batteries, chargers, charging services, electric vehicles parts, etc. KEVA carries out mediation and communication among the related governmental organizations. And also it performs the roles as cooperator and helper among the related industries. Thus, KEVA contributes to leading the development of South Korea’s EVs industry into the highest level in the global EVs markets.

There are numerous difficult issues to resolve in such related various areas as trade, environment and safety, horizontal industrial cooperation, etc. in the global EVs markets. KEVA was thus determined to try to have such pending issues well resolved through active steps.

KEVA will do its best to solve such challenging issues by enhancing the professionalism befitting the rising status of South Korea in the global electric vehicles industry. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Eco-friendly Gas Insulated Switchgear for Electric Railway[INQ. NO. 1811M08] KEREC (Korea Electric Research Engineering Construction Co., Ltd.) is planning to become a total engineering company by expanding its business to the field of heavy electric machinery manufacturing. KEREC, having started as a company specialized in engineering such as design, supervision and construction of railroad, has carried forward diversification of its business model into heavy electric machinery manufacturing, such as distribution board, switchgear, etc. from years ago.
Recently, KEREC has completed development of KE-29GIS, an ecofriendly gas insulated switchgear for electric railways, which minimized the filling volume of sulphur hexafluoride, and now is taking the lead in the market in earnest. This product is a device used for the sectioning post and auxiliary sectioning post for the power supply system of the electric railway, power plant, substation, etc. The characteristic of this product is that as it is embedded in the metal enclosure such as circuit breaker, disconnecting switch, etc., the stability of the facility is secured.
KEREC plans to discover new markets by participating in a tender of Korea Rail Network Authority from the latter half of this year. In particular, as broadscale projects of improvement and repair are anticipated to be ordered due to deterioration of the railway facilities, the utilization rate of KE-29GIS is expected to be even higher.
Seong-Oug Lee, President & CEO of KEREC, commented, “Expectations are high due to the situation where safety and environment are being emphasized and SOC-related improvement and repair orders are being expanded. Demand is likely to increase more if related businesses such as the North-South railway project get started in earnest.”
At the same time, the 25.8kV eco-friendly switchgear under development is also noteworthy. This product, planned to be completed next year, is expected to become a stepping stone for KEREC to advance into the overall electric power industry, including KEPCO projects.
KEREC’s efforts to expand into heavy electric machinery were affected by the recession in the electric railroad engineering sector. In recent years, the electric railway sector has been slowing down due to overall reduction of the business. Therefore, KEREC has selected the heavy electric industry as a sector in which it can combine the technologies and capabilities accumulated in the engineering sector.
CEO Lee explained, “We are a professional company owning as many as 20 professional engineers and doctors of engineering rarely in the industry. I thought that there will be enough chance of winning if we combine the experiences accumulated for the time with the manufacturing business.”
In addition, KEREC is planning to be reborn as a total engineering company in the electric power field by considering advancement into the new, renewable energy and energy storage system (ESS) as well as heavy electric machinery. Research and development of a microgrid combining the distributed power sources such as photovoltaic and wind power with ESS is now underway, and the outline of the project is expected to be unveiled by the end of next year. CEO Lee said, “We aim to become a total engineering company by expanding our business range into the heavy electric machinery manufacturing based on our technological prowess in the electric railway. We will contribute to development of the industry with continuous technology investment and training of human resources.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Eco-friendly Non-slip Products for Stair accidents can occur due to slippage on the edge of the stairs or an incline that is necessarily stepped on when walking. Therefore, a separate structure is needed to prevent slippage, and in this situation, non-slip pads or stair non-slip is used.
Donho R&D’s ceramic non-slip is a proprietary product made of ceramic (emery) and aluminum pad, applying its patented technology of the compressing method with thermal fusion and is an eco-friendly product which does not use adhesives.
Unlike the conventional PVC non-slip or tape-type nonslip, as its product does not include colorants or adhesives containing volatile organic compounds, poisonous gas is not generated in the event of fire. In addition, despite of long time use, the product’s color does not change nor deteriorate, so that it can be used semi-permanently.
In many cases, conventional non-slip tape, brass non-slip, and/or PVC non-slip are installed on the stairs or an incline. As the above-mentioned non-slips are poor in durability, they have the disadvantage that their initial performance deteriorates remarkably due to the dropout or abrasion over time. Non-slip tape is a product using the adhesive component which is compromised when exposed to the sunlight or in the open air for a long time, and as a result, its performance deteriorates drastically. PVC or brass nonslip also becomes ineffective due to abrasion or dehydration of the embossed portion which plays the role of non-slip as time goes by.
Donho R&D uses bonding materials instead of abrasives or adhesive materials that have the anti-slip function and apply an eco-friendly method that does not have any separate coloring process, thereby providing a semipermanent anti-slip performance. Based on this patented technology, our company directly produces the Art Nonslip, Fluorescence Ceramic Non-slip, and Luminescence Ceramic Non-slip with a width of 60mm (flat type), front foot length of 30mm (¬ character type) or 72(74)mm, and front foot length of 30mm (¬ character type).
Art Non-slip is the most basic product and is suitable for stairway passages (school, subway, etc.), pedestrian overpass, and deck. Fluorescence Ceramic non-slip is a product that placed the fluorescent material directly on the frame. It provides excellent visibility in a low-light environment as well as an anti-slip function, making it suitable for a space where children and elderly people mainly walk. Luminescence Ceramic non-slip is a product made for induction function in the event of power failure or fire by adding the luminescence function when the light is off and where there is a blackout. It is suitable for stairs in subway stations, hospitals, concert halls, and passage routes for evacuation purposes. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Eco-Friendly Functional Construction Materials Inc. is a company for functional eco-friendly construction materials and established in 2014. INECO keeps trying to develop functional Eco-friendly indoor finishing materials, purify various environment harmful substances created from indoor space and create healthy and beautiful spaces using natural materials.
IECO block, a functional eco-friendly indoor finishing material, is a product that can make the environment of indoor spaces healthier and more beautiful with Ecofriendly features and convenience functions utilizing the functionality of natural porous substance.
First, the product helps to maintain pleasant and healthy space through humidity control. It absorbs moisture through micro holes on the surface in high humidity, while maintaining optimum humidity in the space by releasing moisture in low humidity. In addition, it improves environmental conditions that cause mold or mites in high temperature and humidity state. Second, it adsorbs harmful substances such as volatile organic compounds in space, disassembles and purifies the substances autonomously to create healthy space.
Moreover, the company won the grand prize in 2017 Korea Health Industry Award (in the fi eld of environmental diseases prevention) for the first time in the construction material industry, thereby proving its functionality. Third, it absorbs unpleasant smelling ingredients from indoor spaces to get rid of odors. Fourth, as an additional convenient function, it relieves stress and enhances immunity utilizing natural essence, and performs access blocking function instead of killing mosquitoes. In addition, it passed the A1 class test for fi re resistance, which is stricter than class 1 nonflammable materials, and the emission of radiant matters like recently highlighted Radon is hardly found (Radioactivity index based on Environment Product Declaration is 1.0, while that of IECO block is 0.043).
IECO product improved convenience in living by enhancing durability and mechanical properties through fusion with new material carbon fiber (about five-times more than existing functional materials), and suppresses secondary injury caused by fragments, as it does not produce any debris from product damage. It is a naturefriendly product that can be used in facilities for our family and children who will socially save our future, and offices, welfare facilities, hospitals, and hotels where many people spend most of their time.
INECO Inc. has received a lot of attention from overseas and concluded MOUs with nine countries (Kuwait, Japan, Vietnam, the USA, the UK, Germany, Mexico, the Philippines, and Australia). In order to prepare for its worldwide expansion, INECO Inc. is working on sampling processes for Nigeria, Singapore, China, Japan, Latvia and it is the USA, and trying to win export contracts. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Eco-friendly Care Mat[INQ. NO. 1807M12] Due to global climate change and rapid industrial development, our surroundings are exposed to harmful environmental substances. Particularly in South Korea, we need to pay special attention as our health can be damaged by harmful substances, such as yellow dust, fine dust, smog from China, super viruses, murder mites, fine dust of heavy metal, carcinogens including radon that can enter our bodies through the mouth or be brought into buildings from outside by contaminated shoes or clothes.
In this context, U-CARETECH Co. is capturing the limelight in the industry by recently having introduced a breakthrough, the new-concept and eco-friendly ‘U-Care Mat’ in order to block harmful substances at the source and improve the harmful environment.
U-Care Mat is an innovative product that can prevent various harmful substances from entering through the entrance door. Unlike conventional mats, when human access is detected through a photo sensor, the motor installed in the mat is operated and a hole is opened in the part on which the user steps and sucks in the air around the bottom part of shoes, etc. Then, this product collects fine dusts and harmful substances through the filter in the control box and sterilizes them with ultraviolet rays.
U-Care Mat, having obtained KC Certification for the first time in the industry, is strong and durable (the triple structure of upper, middle and bottom plate), and the mat height for it is low and the edge slope is gentle. This product is manufactured with user safety as a top priority.
In particular, in order to reduce noise drastically and to maximize the suction power of the mat bottom, we maximized the suction efficiency by minimizing the contact area of the mat’s upper plate (completed the design registration in 2014). In order to minimize the residues of the top plate and give a neat finishing touch, we injection-molded the end tip of the hose, thus making the hose connected easily and conveniently.
Especially, for protection against an emergency such as a fire, U-CARETECH applied the luminescence line to the ball of the top plate for emergency induction in dark conditions. (Currently the only such product in Korea) Because of the ball characteristics of the mat, static may occur. By using the ball containing antistatic agent, U-Care Tech has considered the consumer’s health as a top priority.
This product consists of a control box and mat. The mat sizes come in five basic types and two directional types range from 600 to 1,000mm and additional orders are available. Especially, the U-Care Mat has the highest efficiency because it exerts strong suction force even to the corner of the maximum size.
U-Care Tech is in the process of launching the mat for family use in addition to commercial mats currently on sale and is leading the technology-intensive global care industry with high technological prospects and growth potential. Jae-un Shin, president of U-Care Tech remarked, “The environmental problem of air pollution will be more serious in the future. We will introduce only the best products leading to solutions of environmental problems through continuous research and development.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

The 11th International Green Car Korea

Everything about green cars from finished cars to parts and services is set be displayed.

The 11th International Green Car Korea will be held from July 5 to 7 at the Kim Daejung Convention Center in Gwangju. Hosted by the Gwangju Metropolitan City and co-conducted by the Kim Daejung Convention Center, Gwangju Green Car Promotion Center, Korea Trade- Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), and Korea Auto Parts Association, the International Green Car Korea is Korea’s representative event leading the development of the eco-friendly automobile industry and the 4th Industrial Revolution. Everything about eco-friendly automobiles from finished cars to auto parts, automotive application components, infrastructure, and services, will be on display in the exhibition.
International Green Car Korea, Korea’s first green car exhibition, has introduced the theme “Green Car” for the first time in Korea. It is the only one among the automobilerelated exhibitions in Korea that has acquired the official label “UFI Approved Event” from the Union Des Foires Internationales (UFI), a global association of the exhibition industry, and certified as an international exhibition by Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE). Accordingly, it has been selected as a promising exhibition that will lead the Korean automobile industry this year.
The eco-friendly green car industry has now moved beyond optional to essential. This is supported by the fact that the number of cars, which had been less than 1 million units 10 years ago, is now rapidly growing to 2.62 million units, in line with COP(Conference of the Parties)21 and the environmental policies of each nation. The International Green Car Korea will give a powerful glimpse of the present state of Korean and overseas technology trends, environmental regulations, and eco-friendly vehicles.
This year, the International Green Car Korea will see participation by the UK’s Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), along with its member companies as well as eco-friendly vehicles and parts makers such as KOMEL, an electric motor manufacturer from Poland, as well as the Flying Car Association, which will showcase manned drones, a future transportation, and the member companies; the Gwangju Aftermarket Auto Parts Council and member companies that manufacture and supply automobile parts to the market to provide performance enhancement and stability of auto parts; MPS Korea specializing in electric commercial vehicles; APRO that specializes in the production of automotive parts and lamps; Earthtech, a battery recycling company that recycles energy storage system (ESS) for waste batteries from electric vehicles; Protec EMS, an electric charger supplier; and AutoLine, which produces and distributes eco-friendly automobile products.
In addition, it will draw participation by research centers in domestic universities as well as companies. In addition to those companies, the research centers in Korean universities including KAIST’s Wireless Power Transfer Research Center, Eco- Friendly Vehicle Human Resources Development Project based on ICT Convergence in Chonnam National University, Linc Plus Project in Chosun University, Environment-friendly Energy Car Research Society in Konkuk University will present new ideas to lead the future automotive industry.
In addition, the newly introduced “EV Trend Zone” will show the trend of eco-friendly finished cars, displaying Hyundai Motor’s hydrogen car Nexo and Kona EV, an electric vehicle, Kia Motors’ 2018 Kia Soul EV and Niro EV, GM’s Chevy Bolt EV, 2018 Toyota Prius c, and BMW i3 will be on display. This will be a meaningful opportunity to meet and compare various eco-friendly vehicles such as electric cars, hybrid cars, and hydrogen cars at the same time.
In particular, thanks to the reputation of the exhibition, which has been growing year after year, there will be various business, academic, and other events including B2B meetings with about 100 leading foreign buyers invited by KOTRA, a co-organizer, and Korea Auto Parts Association as well as the International Conference on Advanced Automotive Technology (ICAT 2018), a conference focused on electric vehicles that will provide a glimpse of trends in relevant academic and industrial circles around the world under the theme “EVer Green,” and the Hyundai Motor Hydrogen Electric House, where visitors can experience everything about environment-friendly alternative energy of the future.
You can get a glimpse of the global trend of the green automobile industry at the 11th International Green Car Korea that will lead the city development project of eco-friendly car parts, which is the national industry promoted by the Gwangju Metropolitan City. For participation, please contact Kim Dae-jung Convention Center’s Event Planning Team on 82-62-611-2211.



  • Finished Vehicles (Eco-friendly Vehicles)
    • Electric cars, hybrid cars, clean diesel cars,
      specially equipped cars, tuning cars, etc.
  • Auto Parts
    • Smart auto parts, rechargeable batteries
      and batteries, motors and reducers,
      clean diesel parts, etc.
  • Auto Accessories
    • Fuel-saving devices, exhaust reduction
      device, eco-friendly tuning goods, etc.
  • Infrastructure and Services
    • Green car sharing, fast and slow chargers,
      technical certification, etc.
  • Automotive electric parts
    • ECU system, software, image sensors for
      autonomous vehicles, automobile
      semiconductors, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Automated eco-friendly grating system

[INQ. NO. 1407M09] Dae Sung Tech.’s eco-friendly grating system is designed to block the occurrence of environmental pollution caused by rust.

1407M09 Manufactured using new materials, it features lighter weight, easy transportation and superior construction. Other conspicuous features of the product include such improved high endurance as impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance and semi-permanent lifespan.

The cover and inner gate of the automated grating system open and close according to water flow, ensuring that the inner gate closes when needed and preventing external water overflow even when water has reached the upper part of the drainage area. The grating system also automatically opens when water pressure is high and closes once water has been drained to an acceptable level, making the system easy to manage. The automated grating system which is a pollution-free one has successfully passed the government’s heavy metal not to generate pollution from the corrosion of metallic components. When it is not in operation, the system is automatically closed to prevent insects and unpleasant odors from being emitted. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

For Your Working Safety

1405M31[INQ. NO. 1405M31] People often put too much emphasis on working hard, and too little on working safety. In particular, those who have factory or field jobs risk a lot. In Korea, Young Urethane stands ready to address the issue.

Launched in 1993, Young Urethane is eco-friendly; the company cares about people’s health and the environment. Thus it has invested in various green businesses for years. There are several registered patents which have to do with recycling polyol waste and producing related products. Another patent is pending: foam filled fender. Young Urethane’s Safe Mat gives good elasticity on the working sites. This ergonomic polyurethane floor mat is designed to relieve workers of fatigue followed by long hours of work.

As a result, their productivity increases. There are four different types for different occasions; for example, Safe Mat-E with excellent anti-static function is suitable for the semiconductor or electronic industry, while Safe Mat-S is for the place where moisture and oil are present. Young Urethane also offers Polyurethane Elastomer, Roller Coating, Polyurethane Foam, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Eco-friendly High Place Agricultural Operator

Agricultural Operator[INQ. NO. 1403M28] Technology helps us survive. The evidence is clear; feminine has become very rare today.

Thanks to agricultural machines, mass production has been possible, and farmers are happy. And SungBoo Industry keeps them happy in Korea with its latest inventions : Eco-friendly Electric High Place Operation Car.

It is Korea’s first electric high place operation car, SB-7000. Its main duty: helping farmers’ difficult tasks by lifting them up as high as 4.7 cm.

SB-7000’s easy control panel does not require special skills to operate. Defying potential dangers, the unit is built with safety measures: Emergency Shutdown, Power Shutoff, and Safety Bar. Maximum load is 250kg.

Once charged fully , the model can run for 2 to 3 days straight. For running and driving systems, it has Motor 2EA Independent Drive Running (Caterpillar type) and Motor-driven Hydraulic Unit (Perpendicular Rising type).

SungBoo offers another model : SB-8000 which is a boom-type electric high place operation car. The other units are multipurpose corn threshers, auto changers, and screw-type grain containers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods