High-Precision Transmission & Clean Rack & Pinion (CRP)

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911M13] This product of SEJINiGB Co., Ltd. is a precision reducer of less than 1 arcmin which realizes high precision, high rigidity, light weight, and a wide reduction ratio, and can be applied to various industrial automation sectors.
Examples of its applications include articulated collaborative robots, indexing systems, digital printers, MC magazines, high performance antennas, and armored vehicles to transport K10 ammunition (defense industry).
The XQ Power series is a high-precision, high-rigidity and acceleration/deceleration power transmission system and can realize a wide range of reduction ratios.
The CRP Series is a rack and pinion that moves straight and can run at high speed (10m/s) with no lubrication.
SEJINiGB is awaiting feedback from various users. The company is making endeavors to keep every customer happy by combining technology, products and services nicely. In addition, the company is devoting itself to development and research with a sincere attitude to grow into the world’s best speed reducer manufacturer.

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Strip/Coil, Bar/Rod, Wire

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911M12] Elyon Industry is all about providing metal products and supplies to 200 customers in 30 countries. Its spirit is “Purpose & Passion” and its principles are “Proactive, Prompt and Precise.”
Available products are strips, coils, sheets, bars (solid, hollow, profile bar), wires (round shape, flat shape, profile shape) with copper, copper alloys, stainless steels, carbon steels, and some special metals.
Elyon Industry’s strengths are smallest possible MOQ, speedy & punctual delivery, and one package with different materials.
These metal products are used for the electric/electronic, automotive, shipbuilding, and construction industries.
Based on these features, Elyon is exporting products to Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, etc., with a subsidiary in Germany and sales offices in Vietnam and Thailand.

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Gear, Gearbox and Slewing Bearing For Heavy industries

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911M11] Kyungin Gear is one of the leading Korean gearmakers supplying gear units, gearboxes and slewing bearings.
The company’s products are used in many heavy industrial areas such as press machines, cement mills, steel mills, power plants, etc.
With its continuous investment in

manufacturing facilities and engineering, Kyungin Gear has a series of the world’s top-grade facilities with highly experienced engineers. This has led the company to achieve consistently innovative development in the international gear market and it currently exports its goods worldwide.
Established in 1967, Kyungin Gear has continuously sought to discover matching markets and buyers and thus finally recorded sales of $5 million and received the Export Tower award from the Korean government in 2013. Such performance was attributable to the establishment of its own an exclusive department for R&D and the active introduction of new technologies of some advanced countries.

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Band saw machine / Circular saw machine

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911M10] WOOYOUNG INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is producing a number of products based on know-how and services it has built up so far. The company is manufacturing machines used for various sectors and providing them to a number of overseas companies based in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.
As for the band saw series, it produces various types in size. The company provides a full range of small-to-large-sized band saw machines even to cut aluminum only. The gantry is capable of cutting 2500mm steel at the most and saving time thanks to its precise and faster cutting process.
The company’s circular saw machines are able to cut materials with a diameter of 10mm ~ 230mm and to secure economic feasibilities through residue-reducing devices.
In addition, the company has placed various automated lines and robots to stay in line with the current trends in manufacturing machines. The company has acquired ISO 9001, CE and other certifications as well.

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Coolant Pumps

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911M09] A-Ryung Machinery’s coolant pumps mostly applied to machine tools are mainly used to cool down processed objects when cutting and grinding them and then to scatter and flow down cut chips or to wash out such objects. They are divided into self-priming, submerged, high pressure and large liquid types.
A-Ryung Machinery, established in May 1976, is growing in line with the development of machine tools and seeks to satisfy its customers by providing reliable and better products. We are the first company in Korea to develop oil lubrication pumps and coolant pumps dedicated to machine tools and to provide them to renowned machine tool manufacturers home and abroad.

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Welding & Cutting Accessories

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911M08] Since its founding in 1995 in Korea, Hanto Co. has been manufacturing welding and cutting accessories and consumables in Korea, which is home to the world’s seven largest shipyards and world-class construction companies for more than 20 years.
The company developed a welding contact tip that is harder and longer lasting than other products by applying a forging manufacturing method to chromium zirconium copper (Cu-Cr-Zr).
In addition to torches for air plasma cutting and related consumables, the company manufactures torches and consumables (electrodes, nozzle and etc.) for gas plasma cutting to supply competitive parts and consumables in terms of prices and quality to consumers who use related products, resulting in a wider choice for consumers.

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VMECA Magic Vacuum Gripper

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911M07] VMECA’s Magic Gripper is a collection of different vacuum components that simplify the assembly of vacuum grippers and EOAT. Each vacuum gripper can be supplied in kit form or completely assembled and customized to your own requirements as a very easy, simple, but perfect vacuum solution.
Magic Gripper is assembled using an interface plate with aluminum profile with integral air supplies for vacuum and release. Four differentsizes of vacuum generator are available in the new series, all with options for M6 or M8 locknuts to suit the relevant profile.

The body of the generator adapts neatly to our hugely popular Magic Suction Cups which conveniently clip over without the need for any tools. The selection of magic suction lips has been increased to encompass a much wider range of surfaces and textures, making some of the more difficult materials achievable.
Mostly Magic Gripper can be used for various markets and industries – packaging, wood, metal, plastics, robotics and many other factory automations. VMECA’s Magic Gripper gives endless combinations in a simple lightweight design, super-efficient at a very competitive price.

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Cutting Tools

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911M06] DYC CO., LTD. is a cutting tools manufacturer from Korea. DYC manufactures both HSS (High Speed Steel) and carbide cutting tools.
DYC manufactures many kinds of end mills, drills, countersinks, counterbores, cutters, reamers, deburring tools, aerospace cutting tools, and so forth.
DYC also manufactures customized special cutting tools for client’s needs. DYC has twopatents in the cutting tool field.
DYC’s products are very good quality products because DYC has been producing cutting tools using top-quality raw materials.
Also DYC has been using many good CNC machines such as Saacke (Germany), ANCA (Australia), TTB (Switzerland), STRAUSAK (Switzerland) to produce the best cutting tools.

DYC has a laboratory for tool development and QC department for quality control. DYC exports tools to Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, India, etc.
DYC ensures good quality and offers competitive prices.

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Industrial Chemical Aerosol

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911M05] NAMBANG CNA has specialized in manufacturing chemical aerosol products used industry-wide since its establishment in 1980. NAMBANG CNA is able to complete the whole process on its own from making liquid to gas filling in aerosol cans with its subsidiaries which are NABAKEM and NAMBANG FC.
With the brand name ‘NABAKEM,’ NAMBANG CNA has focused on only one field so that it was ablet to become the No.1 leading company for chemical aerosol in South Korea.
NAMBANG CNA has a varied product line range: anti-rust agent to make metal surface’s good condition last a long time without corrosion; mold release agent to help mold in die-casting to maintain its status; lubricant to decrease friction between two surfaces; coating for PCB insulation coating; cleaner for sticker remover, PCB cleaner and paint-remover; rust remover from minor rust to stainless scale remover; and specialized products such as products for welding and power plants.
These aerosol cans are a necessity for MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) in all industrial areas.

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Mechanical Seal / Metal Bellows

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryMechanical Seal

[INQ. NO. 1911M04] This product is a sealing device that prevents the leakage of liquid or gas while rotating. It is an industrial machine component essential for all rotary machines that require sealing while pumping and rotating. It is applied to pumps that transfer fluids or gases, automobiles, power plants, ships, rockets, and compressors.

Metal Bellows
Bellows are used in extension joints that require strong durability and where shrinkage and expansion steadily repeat. It maintains high flexibility and is widely used in high-tech industries such as semiconductors and display equipment, aerospace, medical, automotive and high-tech defense industries.

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