Ceramic Seal Discs

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryShinhan Ceramic’s ceramic discs work excellently in the ceramic cartridge for sanitary fittings, with more than 500,000 cycles of use, without any problems.
The company’s SCC seal discs in oxide ceramics show no measurable wear when used on all kinds of levers and mixers with turning mechanisms.
In the material properties of ceramic seal discs, density plays an important role as it is related to the wear. The raw material refined by spray dryer is foamed by multiple foaming presses.
The permanent flatness and smoothness of the disc faces guarantee excellent sealing performance. The special characteristics of SCC Alumina(SP-96) sealing and control discs are the pocket-shaped pores in the sealing faces, which act as lubricant reservoirs and guarantee a uniform lubricant film for easy operation. Tests proved that even after 500,000 cycles of use, SCC cartridges showed no problems in normal function.
The single lever mixer containing the SCC seal disc allows maintenance-free operation for its lifetime. The twin-lever mixer containing the SCC seal disc shows no measurable wear in operating for 500,000 cycles.
The excellent sliding properties of oxide ceramics are an assurance of trouble-free functioning and good durability.
As industrial awareness of advanced materials increases, the number and variety of application areas of engineering fine ceramic is expanding rapidly. Shinhan Ceramic receives growing demand every year from various industrial fields because engineering fine ceramics have such excellent properties as heat resistance, light weight, insulation and super hardness.
The company’s holding engineering fine ceramics include ceramic tubes, surge arrester tubes, metallized products, and shafts & bearings for pumps.
Shinhan Ceramic produces metallized components offering multiple alloy combinations. Many types of ceramics are amendable to the additions of metallized coatings. Alumina ceramics are inert and therefore are highly resistant to chemical attack. In addition, ceramic is almost unaffected by water, solvents, salt solutions, and molten salt. The corrosion resistance of high alumina ceramics is generally for superior metals and plastics.
Based on its accumulated expertise in developing more than 30 types of products, Shinhan Ceramic was the first to develop a water-saving cartridge in South Korea, which it is now mass-producing. Moreover, it manufactures different cartridges and other faucets in cooperation with Japanese faucet companies. It will continue its efforts to further gain high-class technical expertise in the area of ceramics to study and develop new products that meet customers’ needs.
Shinhan Ceramic first opened a new division for the development of the fine ceramic industry based on its advanced technology and accumulated expertise.

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https://korean-machinery.com///inquirySP SYSTEMS has been designing, manufacturing, and supplying industrial gantry robots and the logistics systems for factory automation, based upon customer demand. In particular, SP SYSTEMS has won an order for an automation production line operated by a turn-key method for 24 hours and successfully delivered it to the customer, thus gaining recognition for high reliability from the client company.
Currently, SP SYSTEMS mainly produces linear modules, track motion systems, and automation systems. The company’s linear modules include one axis linear module, two axis linear, three axis linear, and wireless linear modules. These linear modules based on the standardized linear guide system can handle various loads from 10kg to 400kg.
As the company’s track motion systems, two models – F series(floor) and O series (over) are being manufactured according to customers’ needs.
SP SYSTEMS provides optimal processes and solutions for logistics automation and manufacturing process automation.
SP SYSTEMS carried out more than 30 projects annually. Over the past 30 years, this company completed 1,500 projects successfully.
Major customers include Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors, Hyundai Wia, GM Korea, Samsung, LG, etc. Now this company operates three overseas branches – SP QINGDIO, SP HONGKONG, and SP USA.
As part of its efforts to strengthen its capability over growing levels of its customers’ demands, SP SYSTEMS, in 2017, established Seoul R&D Center and the third factory for the secondary cell battery. In 2018, SP SYSTEMS was chosen as ‘Supplier of the Year, 2017’ by Hyundai Motors Group.
SP SYSTEMS makes its best efforts to meet customers’ satisfaction based upon its own SP spirit –Super Progression, Super Performance, and Super Profession.


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360-degree Omni-directional Dash Cam

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryHEXHIVE has been consistently committed to the development of superb quality car dash cams, since its founding in 2010. Through intensive investment in R&D, the company has consistently listened to customers’ demands, thereby fully meeting their expectations. Currently the company offers three major product models, some of which are being exported to Denmark, Sweden, etc. Also, business negotiations are underway with some partners in Japan, the United States, and Europe, raising expectations for more exports in the near future.

FIOR 360 Bike Dash Cam
With a QHD class of high-definition, the product employs GPS rendering “monitor moving routes and time” This dash cam is basically for cyclists and motorcyclists to monitor all directions without blind spots simultaneously. This product can be used for sports & leisure activities and various kinds of extreme sports that require helmets including skiing, snowboarding, etc., as a 360-degree action cam.

FIOR 360 Car / Premium Dash Cam
This dash cam nables drivers to fully prepare for side accidents and prevent theft within the vehicles by monitoring 360-degrees (inside & outside of the vehicle) with only one unit. This product has been exclusively developed for taxis and will contribute to prevention of various types of safety accidents, including violence by passengers toward taxi drivers.
In the case of monitoring the inside of the car, passengers sitting in the rear seat can choose to set the recording mode at the privacy mode, thus recording only the front side of the view without being exposed to the camera, thus maintaining their personal privacy. This product is considered “the most effective dash cam” in that it can cover insurance for side accidents that comprise 40 percent of all traffic accidents.
With the video stored in a cloud server through LTE, 4G network, drivers can check the condition of their cars anytime and anywhere and cope with any abnormal situations, including any external impact, theft, etc., by receiving a message informing them of any emergency situations on a cell phone.FIOR 360 Home Camera
This is a multipurpose 360-degree IP camera that can be used for such various purposes as home security, baby and senior care, pet care, store supervision, etc. By storing an image through a cloud server, users can monitor their home anytime and anywhere via a cell phone. This product supports various functions including sound-recognition, interactive services, multi-user viewing, smart-tracking, alarming of emergency situations, etc.

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Precision Parts

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryJUNGSU TECH CO., LTD. prides itself on being a precision parts engineering company that provides clients with the highest satisfaction along with the best quality and punctual delivery, using its outstanding machining process technology.
Now JUNGSU TECH manufactures three major precision parts – MMW sensor modules, lower arms, and lower arms. JUNGSU TECH’s MMW sensor module is made by combining various materials and at various angles, and is one of the key components. Through module engineering, the company got the chance to make jigs for schools and research centers engaged in developing new technologies domestically.
The company’s lower arm is a product that has variable height and angle according to road impact and steering device operation. This blocks vibrations to improve comfort.
The company’s sealing wheel is designed to be used in making PE separating envelope to separate the electrode in the battery into a cathode plate and an anion plate. This product is a localized form of a UK product produced for Delco Co., Ltd. In the process of this product, precision machining, heat treatment, and surface treatment are applied.
JUNGSU TECH has been recognized for its technology through the localized development of import parts, and has contributed to the growth of its clients by offering auto parts manufacturers a solution to improve cost-saving manufacturing processes and thus helping them cultivate their capabilities. JUNGSU TECH will continue its efforts to share its growth with clients.
JUNGSU TECH develops new process technologies with commitment and passion, and it will use all its capabilities to develop the products and technologies that clients need through fast data collection and changing its approach where needed.
JUNGSU TECH has formed alliances and partnerships with other companies across various fields to improve service quality, and will become a company trusted by clients by enhancing its integrated capabilities through continuous new technology development and management innovation.

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Cutting Tools

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryWOONAM GIGONG Co., Ltd. is a specialized cutting tool manufacturing company founded in 2005. With its own professionals, this company manufactures various fields of cutting tools such as precision machinery, heavy equipment parts, automobiles parts, and ship component parts. It has since developed into a company that supplies the highest-quality services to customers.
This company provides superior quality of specialized cutting tools including special steels, automobiles parts, ship parts, heavy equipment parts, carbon parts, etc. Thus, this company supplies advanced cutting tools that meet the change in industry circles, enabling the customers to maximize their own values.
WOONAM GIGONG operates specialized departments for sales management, tool business, processing business, and research laboratory and makes attempts for technology development and increase of product quality through participation of some important government-led projects.
WOONAM GIGONG produces hard metal tools as major products. It manufactures special cutting tools that meet the needs of its customers along with standard-type of drills and end mills.
WOONAM GIGONG designs and manufactures special cuttings required for processing tools and process development, depending on the variation of the things that needs to be processed: shape processing; processing for certain things that are difficult to cut; and technology development that can decrease the abrasion speed caused by the use of high-density materials.
Moreover, in line with the things that are difficult to cut, this company leads the way in the cutting tool industry circles by studying variations in the processing of cutting tools depending on tools’ materials, shapes, and coating methods.

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Photovoltaic Power Charger

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryENERHARVE Co. Ltd. was incorporated in 2018 and designs and manufactures products related to green automobile technologies and energy.
ENERHARVE recently released a USB-type photovoltaic power generator for vehicles and is developing stirling engines and solar blinds. Furthermore, ENERHARVE studies and develops permanent energy source essential for an energy exhaustion era.
This company’s USB-type photovoltaic power generators, unlike the existing photovoltaic panels featuring large size and broad width, are easy to install anywhere by using its self-developed photovoltaic panel, thinner and longer than other products, and can charge and use the produced electricity via a USB-type terminal.
This photovoltaic panel can reuse the abandoned but still useful energy by being installed on a dashboard in vehicles and can be used in situations where there is a need for power by being installed in places where sunlight is plentiful and when users are enjoying outdoor camping or trip.
This product can be conveniently used in some countries with shortages of electricity. It can produce electricity without restriction of place by being installed in any places where electricity is required. This product is a so-called new concept green energy product.
ENERHARVE is a late starter, but is actively seeking to pioneer potential business partners. While seeking customers, this company is striving to develop productive models that would lead the company to a new stage for growth.
These days, ENERHARVE also emphasizes listening to feedback from the existing customers and markets in order to reflect such inputs in developing its next models. The company considers potential foreign users as major players who can accompany it in a process of development and growth.


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Glycol Water Heater and Unit

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryThis is a system for protecting surrounding structures (especially, the hull) from the fragility problem caused by liquefied natural gas (LNG) of cryogenic condition (-162˚C). It is mainly applied to cargo holds of LNG vessels and provided as a unit for heat exchangers, mixing tanks, pumps, etc.
MYTEC exports more than 60% of its products to overseas customers. Beginning as a specialized manufacturer of shipbuilding equipment, the company survived the recession in the shipping industry caused by the global financial crisis based on its experience, performance, and technology in various business environments and product development.
MYTEC further developed through its management experience in the industrial, plant, and nuclear sectors and prepared for a substantial business diversification by entering the industrial and power plant, nuclear power plant, and offshore plant industries, while performing steady sustainability management.
MYTEC is maintaining a constant operating rate of over 60% through continuous growth of sales and development as a self-perpetuating business according to changes in the external environment, and strategies to achieve economy of scale. In addition, it continues to expand its business to become a global heat exchanger solution provider by securing over 40% of overseas customers through global investment in technology development for LNG fuel supply, transportation, storage systems, etc. and through forceful marketing activities.

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https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryThis vaporizer, made of stainless steel, is designed/manufactured ranging from the low pressure to high pressure (350 bar) to suit the system. It is used for natural gas fuel engine systems and regasification systems for vaporizing the liquefied natural gas, thereby playing a vital role in supplying natural gas, and they are mainly used in LNG vessels and both offshore and onshore plants.







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Heat Exchangers

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryMYTEC Co. Ltd. is a leading heat exchanger solution provider that designs, manufactures, supplies, and exports heat exchangers for shipbuilding, marine construction, power generation, and nuclear power plants. Since its establishment in August 2003, MYTEC has been registered in all shipyards in Korea and has been producing and providing high-quality products.
MYTEC’s product line consists of heat exchangers, pressure vessels, industrial structures, and modules and packages. The heat exchanger is composed of a shell and tube heat exchanger, a plate heat exchanger, and a fin-type heat exchanger, etc. The pressure vessel is composed of a pressure vessel, tank, a pulsation damper, etc. MYTEC’s customized heat exchangers are all designed, manufactured, and supplied through optimized design technology to the specifications required by customers.
In particular, MYTEC designs and exports its specialized heat exchangers as follows in the fuel system part and the supply system part of eco-friendly gas energy (LNG):

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Environment Monitoring Equipment

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryDongil Green Sys Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing TMS for atmosphere, TMS for water quality, and Gold mates, with related technical services since its establishment. With accumulated know-how, Dongil Green Sys performs consulting services targeting integrated overall environment systems. This company aims at increasing its presence in markets by consistently upgrading its competitiveness focused on its expert technological background.

TMS for Atmosphere
This product is a monitoring system for integrally monitoring the atmosphere designed for increasingly complicated atmosphere environment yearly, including pollution and water conditions. This is an automatic monitoring system and employs latest technology so it performs high-precision automatic monitoring operations.
It is regularly upgraded for advanced functions including full automatic sensitivity correction function, compounding function for standard gas, checking function for self-movement, etc., and this TMS system thus carries out highly reliable analyses for monitoring data.
The monitored data can be delivered through on-line, telemeter, etc. and processes information swiftly, daily and monthly. This TMS can be widely used including installation on vehicles exclusive for moving observation and used monitoring of indoor air quality.

TMS for Water Quality
This TMS is a system available for all-time ceaseless monitoring of anytime variable polluted status, caused by weather conditions including eutrophication in environmental zones (river, lakes, etc.), and pollution matter in water sources.
This TMS integrally controls monitoring of sources of pollution, supervision of discharging of waste water and thus ensures high reliable monitoring. And it is designed to carry out long-time of ceaseless and safe monitoring with competitive functions including automatic cleaning. This product can thus be widely utilized.

Gold Mate
The produced crude liquid processed by this product was certified by the American FDA and Japanese Department of Health and Human Services, as a substance harmless to the human body. The produced crude liquid is easily decomposed by sunlight and general air so that it has no harmful effects on the environment.
Moreover, it has strong sterilizing power against influenza, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and food poisoning bacteria so that common home can use it for disinfection and deodorization. As it does not emit any toxic substance and pungent smell at all, it does not affect the original taste of certain food. This product thus deserves to be called eco-friendly manufacturing equipment for hypochlorite water to be used in general water.

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