Eco-friendly Care Mat[INQ. NO. 1807M12] Due to global climate change and rapid industrial development, our surroundings are exposed to harmful environmental substances. Particularly in South Korea, we need to pay special attention as our health can be damaged by harmful substances, such as yellow dust, fine dust, smog from China, super viruses, murder mites, fine dust of heavy metal, carcinogens including radon that can enter our bodies through the mouth or be brought into buildings from outside by contaminated shoes or clothes.
In this context, U-CARETECH Co. is capturing the limelight in the industry by recently having introduced a breakthrough, the new-concept and eco-friendly ‘U-Care Mat’ in order to block harmful substances at the source and improve the harmful environment.
U-Care Mat is an innovative product that can prevent various harmful substances from entering through the entrance door. Unlike conventional mats, when human access is detected through a photo sensor, the motor installed in the mat is operated and a hole is opened in the part on which the user steps and sucks in the air around the bottom part of shoes, etc. Then, this product collects fine dusts and harmful substances through the filter in the control box and sterilizes them with ultraviolet rays.
U-Care Mat, having obtained KC Certification for the first time in the industry, is strong and durable (the triple structure of upper, middle and bottom plate), and the mat height for it is low and the edge slope is gentle. This product is manufactured with user safety as a top priority.
In particular, in order to reduce noise drastically and to maximize the suction power of the mat bottom, we maximized the suction efficiency by minimizing the contact area of the mat’s upper plate (completed the design registration in 2014). In order to minimize the residues of the top plate and give a neat finishing touch, we injection-molded the end tip of the hose, thus making the hose connected easily and conveniently.
Especially, for protection against an emergency such as a fire, U-CARETECH applied the luminescence line to the ball of the top plate for emergency induction in dark conditions. (Currently the only such product in Korea) Because of the ball characteristics of the mat, static may occur. By using the ball containing antistatic agent, U-Care Tech has considered the consumer’s health as a top priority.
This product consists of a control box and mat. The mat sizes come in five basic types and two directional types range from 600 to 1,000mm and additional orders are available. Especially, the U-Care Mat has the highest efficiency because it exerts strong suction force even to the corner of the maximum size.
U-Care Tech is in the process of launching the mat for family use in addition to commercial mats currently on sale and is leading the technology-intensive global care industry with high technological prospects and growth potential. Jae-un Shin, president of U-Care Tech remarked, “The environmental problem of air pollution will be more serious in the future. We will introduce only the best products leading to solutions of environmental problems through continuous research and development.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Cleaning Equipment of Refrigerant Pipes[INQ. NO. 1807M11] It has been announced that a cleaning technology capable of using the existing refrigerant pipes without replacement has been developed.
Bumsuk Engineering has developed a cleaning equipment of refrigerant pipes for the system air conditioner which can use the recovered refrigerant as a cleaning agent.
R22 was the refrigerant of system air-conditioners (multi-conditioners, heat pumps) installed before 2010 in residential complexes, large office buildings, public institutions (schools, libraries, etc.). In cases where an outdoor unit using R22 refrigerant is replaced with a new one using R410a refrigerant, as the existing refrigerant pipe is embedded in a wall or a ceiling, it is often reused as it is without cleaning.
When you use R410a refrigerant for the outdoor unit of newly replaced system air-conditioners, be sure to clean the inside of the already installed refrigerant pipes before reusing it as refrigeration oil or other contaminants are attached to the inside of the pipes.
In the conventional cleaning method, pipes are cleaned by connecting the recovery system and regenerator separately even in case of using either chemical cleaning agent (solvent cleaner) or existing refrigerant. However, mineral oil or residues of acid content existing in the oil cannot be eliminated even by vacuum cleaning over three times; and mineral oil, moisture and acid content are not eliminated even after vacuuming for one week, thereby causing problems such as damage of the compressor.
A spokesperson for Bumsuk Engineering explained, “As all new system air conditioners (outdoor units) use HFC series R410A or R407C (partially imported goods), synthetic oil is used for refrigeration and, as a result, contaminants are generated while the mineral oil passes through the existing pipes. Such contaminants can clog the refrigerant circuit or damage the compressor.”


Eliminating impurities by more than 99%

The cleaning equipment of refrigerant pipes developed by Bumsuk Engineering is a single piece of equipment combined with the functions of recovery and regeneration capable of recovering and regenerating the existing refrigerant and uses the recovered refrigerant as a cleaning agent.
A spokesperson for Bumsuk Engineering added, “We obtained a patent for ‘Cleaning equipment for refrigerant pipes in air-conditioners and its cleaning method’ by automatically controlling pressure, temperature and electronic valve with technology of inside of pipe cleaning by using the refrigerant (R22) recovered from the removed system air-conditioner. The patented refrigerant pipe cleaning equipment is a technology-cum-equipment that removes more than 95% of impurities such as oil attached to pipes by cleaning 40 meters of pipes connected to indoor unit for about 20 minutes.”
It is possible to extend the service life of the outdoor unit by eliminating the cause of its failure through cleaning when the equipment is replaced with a new one. By reusing the pipes, you can expect saving of installation costs and work time as well as reduction of waste. Especially, as the cost for removing the refrigerant pipes installed in both the outer and inner walls and the roof is not required and the pipes are reused, you can reduce costs drastically. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Ultra-precision Spectroscopy[INQ. NO. 1807M10] Dongwoo Optron Co., Ltd., has established in 1989, succeeded in the localization of ultra-precision spectroscopy in 1998. Based on the development/manufacturing experience of optical instruments for many years, we succeeded in developing the Flue Gas Analyzer in 2007 a first in Korea. Over the past 10 years, Dongwoo Optron has delivered more than 460 sets of products to facilities including incinerators, petrochemical processes, and paper mills across the country, including five major power generation companies in South Korea. As a result of continuous efforts and investment to improve the quality and enhance performance, Dongwoo Optron has become the leading flue gas analyzer manufacturer in the nation and is leading the localization of flue gas analyzer and monitoring system.



DGA-X is a product that analyzes multi-pollutant (NOx, SOx) gasses from industrial boiler chimneys and reduction facilities or chemical process of air-pollution emissions. The method of the product is by inserting the probe and detector directly into the chimney/duct where the gas flows and measuring the gas concentration inside the chimney/duct. This product has a feature of fast reaction speed and does not require a separate preprocessor, thereby making it easy to install and use.
As for the measuring method, an optical mode is used in a large amount of gas and continuous measurement. SO2 and NOx contained in the emissions have an absorption band in the region of 200 to 300 nm of ultraviolet rays. It uses the Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) based on the Beer-Lambert Law which has combined the Beer Law that the absorbance is proportional to the concentration of the absorbed substance as the emissions have the absorption band of ultraviolet rays and the Lambert Law that the absorbance is proportional to the thickness of the absorption layer. It extracts the interference components between the gases by separating the gas component, the dust and the signal on the optical path among the optical signals inputted to the analyzer by replacing the optical path corresponding to the standard gas or the reference path with a mathematical algorithm.



DST-X is a chimney gas measuring instrument of continuous sampling type, which is a continuous automatic measuring instrument for measuring components of emissions from a chimney. Its principle is analyzing the gas which absorbs energy in the ultraviolet (UV) region by utilizing the UV light source. In general, it measures concentration of the sample gas by injecting the sample taken from the chimney in the extractive (continuous sampling) method with the sample probe into the gas cell of the measuring instrument through the pretreatment system.
It has adopted the method of analyzing the gas type and gas concentration by using ultraviolet rays of 200~400 nm region. DST-X has applied two measurement methods of both nondispersive and dispersive methods simultaneously. By selecting non-dispersive light in the first step and separating the light in detail by dispersion in the final step, it minimized the effect of interference gas, thereby improving the accuracy of measurement. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Submersible Aerator[INQ. NO. 1807M09] KISAN Machinery Inc., a specialized manufacturer of submersible equipment, producing submersible pumps, submersible agitators, submersible aeration devices, blowers, diffusers, and various other kinds of pumps.
KISAN Machinery Inc. exhibited a submersible aerator, a vortex pump for wastewater and sewage, etc. in the International Exhibition on environmental technology & green energy held recently, showing its own expertise. The KAQU type submersible aerator that was operated first-hand in the exhibition hall sucks in air using self-suction power formed at the perimeter of the impeller due to the centrifugal force of wastewater and sewage generated by rotation of the impeller directly connected to the motor. The sucked air is mixed with water in a guide vane and a gas-liquid mixed flow is discharged. In the guide vane, high oxygen dissolution efficiency is obtained by gas-liquid mixing, stirring convective effect and micro-bubble generation.
Characteristics of this product are that it can be used in connection with the air supply tube, used for stirring and supply of air, and excellent in the oxygen transfer ability due to its highly efficient design. This submersible aerator is applicable to sewage, aeration of wastewater treatment plants and aeration of septic tanks of industrial factories.
In case of the submersible vortex pump for wastewater and sewage, the impeller is especially designed in the swirl type, thus preventing water from getting clogged or swirled.
In addition, as the impeller is of the swirl type, the pump has a long service life due to few frictions with various sewage and filth. This pump is suitable for drainage of residential, industrial and urban wastewater, drainage of rainwater or spring water, and intake of agricultural water.
And the horizontal (reducing gear) submersible agitator (KAHG) rotates at low speed (300rpm), thereby extending the bearing life. It can treat up to 2500cp if it is directly connected to motor and up to 5000cp in the case of reducing gear. This submersible agitator is suitable for agitation of high-density liquid, agitation for saving electric power, agitation for preventing precipitation, agitation of living wastewater treatment tanks, destruction of floating matters and prevention of precipitation.
Since its establishment in 1996, KISAN Machinery Inc. has been growing as a specialized submersible equipment manufacturer with world-class competitiveness based on ceaseless challenges and bold investment in new technology development. The company is registered as Excellent Joint Brand (pumpro) including many patent certificates, presidential citations and various awards due to new technology development. It is a trusted company that was certified with KS B 6321, which is a Korean industrial standard, together with ISO 9001 which is the international quality standard. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial Motors[INQ. NO. 1803M10] In the field of factory automation systems that have significant line-operating losses and risks, motor quality and reliability are the most essential requirements. Therefore, a good motor is supposed to have fine electrical characteristics such as torque, power, and efficiency, and should have smooth rotation as well as durability. In particular, motors that are carefully applied to the main types of factory automation such as robots, are required to be compactness, high-efficiency precision, and high responsiveness with high energy-density.
Based on elevator motor technology of all the industrial motors, Higen Motor Co., Ltd. ensures a high reliability in product quality and functions. In recent years, Higen Motors has been producing high-performance products by acquiring elevator motor technology with inverters commercialized recently. In addition, the company produces stable high-quality motors by using automatic machines for part processing. Meanwhile, the servo systems have built-in components including high-output and high-torque motor, a drive that control them effectively, and a high-resolution encoder that is essential for high-precision control.
Higen Motors manufactures motors and designs structures using low-loss materials to achieve high output with high efficiency and low electricity. In addition, the manufacturing process is managed in order to achieve low vibration, low noise, and high insulation performance and is also aimed to obtain high-durability through improved processing precision.

In general, aluminum die-casting technology of rotors is very important for induction motors, and the motors produced by Higen Motors are manufactured by using a special casting machine for motors. The servo motor and servo drive undergo a lot inspection by using the specially designed inspection equipment to avoid any fault under various environmental conditions, while a high reliability is ensured through aging.
Higen Motors is a company that develops and produces controllers, servo drives, and servo motors that are the main components of robots. Although the company already supplies products to Korean robot producers, the demand is very low in reality. Like the servo market, the robot market in Korea has ended up in the arena of the struggle among the global players. Under such circumstances, Higen Motors has advanced into the robot business based on its accumulated technology and product power and set a new goal of improving competitiveness through vertical integration of products. The ultimate goal of Higen Motors is to become an industry’s giant to compete against Siemens and Mitsubishi in global markets as well as domestically through the diversification of collaborative robots, starting with Delta robots and 6-axis articulated robots.
Higen Motors has successfully completed “Development of GMC based on Standardized Korea Open Source Motion System for Automated Manufacturing (KOSMOS)” a project to develop an open source based motion control system supporting the PLCopen standard, through organic cooperation with related organizations. In addition, the company is currently engaged in research on extended control for general motion control and a variety of robot kinematics. Through such a series of technological development activities, Higen Motors plans to advance to the core technology of automation and robot control composed of high-performance servo motor, sensor, servo drive, and motion control system. Higen Motors has been an eyewitness to the 54-year history of motor development and localization. Now, in the era of the 4th industrial revolution, Higen Motors plans to devote itself to developing IT control technologies with intelligent motor and control technology as a core competency for future growth. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Various Types of Industrial Couplings[INQ. NO. 1803M09] Korea Coupling is a specialized market leader of power transmission components, and founded in 1992. Korea Coupling has supplied high-quality and valued products to various industries such as mining, paper, food industries, chemical, steel and cement mills.
Korea Coupling’s products are mainly used for hydraulic machineries, pumps, blower fans, conveyors, and cranes, as well as for general power driven industrial equipment.
Korea Coupling manufactures various types of industrial couplings. The taper grid couplings are compact size of shaft-to-shaft couplings. They can handle torque capacity due to high strength hardened alloy steel construction. They deflect torsionally for normal shock or vibratory loads. They each have capacity for misalignment without producing detrimental side loads. They are designed with a trapezoidal cross-section and are tempered for spring hardness. They can increase in strength rating and provide reserve strength for a longer part life. They allow easy fitting of trapezoidal grids into the slots of the hub and short time for installation.
KCP wire drum coupling is also among its hot lineups. It is designed for installation in the drum drive of crane or conveying systems. It is available to be used in difficult and rough operating conditions. It absorbs pressure stress caused by the high torque and radial loads resulting. It effectively prevents the danger of roller and bore breakages as it produces dramatically lower stress.
For years, Korea Coupling has made many attempts to tap into the EU market through the Korea Pavilion organized by the Korea Association of Machinery Industry at Hannover Messe, the world’s largest machinery exhibition in Germany since the effectuation of the Korea-EU FTA. Through participation in this exhibition, Korea Coupling was able to understand development trends in high-value-added machinery, industrial equipment, equipment and system components of German companies, and furthermore, could catch up on future technology trends for the convergence of industries.

The management philosophy of Korea Coupling is creating and providing the best engineered power-transmission products to its valued partners, and seeking new domestic and global markets by offering higher standards of performance. Korea Coupling consistently does its utmost to produce and improve the best value of its products and services. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial Induction Motors[INQ. NO. 1803M08] Jungwoo Motor is aimed at a customized motor market that can meet the various needs of customers rather than standard motors in which large companies are already engaged. CEO Kim Shin-ho explained the advantages of customized motors, saying that customized motors can be tailored to their needs by taking customer needs into consideration.
Based on steady technological development, Jungwoo Motor developed a hoist induction motor for traction with a low malfunction rate by using a small temperature rise. Moreover, a transverse hoist induction motor is easy to install even in a small place thanks to a built-in brake. Also, an induction motor for air conditioners with vacuum decreased by a dustproof device and a fan motor is more economical than other products by adopting high-occupancy coils of stators. In addition, the company supports customized production according to usage and facilities.
Meanwhile, Jungwoo Motor, which developed smaller and lighter motors with aluminum for the first time in Korea in line with a trend where motors are becoming smaller, lighter and feature nicer designs, is increasing its competitiveness by making all products lighter with aluminum and making them smaller according to technological trends.
In addition, in compliance with the regulations on the efficiency management of equipment to be applied in October of next year, Jungwoo Motor developed a premium (IE3) class motor industrial motors the production and sales of the existing high efficiency (IE2) industrial motors.
Jungwoo Motor is active in developing new markets while participating in major overseas exhibitions regularly to make forays into overseas markets by going beyond the Korean market.
CEO Kim remarked that Jungwoo Motor is receiving positive responses about its products from Europe and Japan. The CEO was confident about the competitiveness of his products, because customized motors were more than twice as expensive as general motors due to the characteristics of the market.
Jungwoo Motor, which recently moved into a 1,500-pyeong new office building, is devoting itself to product research and development based on expanded production facilities, and doing everything it can do to manage quality by systemizing all processes from design to production, inspection, and post management.

Jungwoo Motor, which develops and produces industrial motors, was established in 1998. Until now, the company has developed various types of industrial motors such as three-phase motors, single-phase motors, hydraulic motors, and explosion-proof motors.
“We are enhancing our customers’ competitiveness with state-of-the-art industrial motors through technological innovation in the industry, which is becoming more advanced and sophisticated,” CEO Kim said. “We are prepared to go to any lengths to become a leader in the motor industry with perfect quality and stability.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial Bearings[INQ. NO. 1803M07] Jalman Precision has since 1974 been manufactured state-of-the-art products such as needle roller bearings, rod ends, spherical plains, ball joints, LM stroke by using self-developed technology. The company continues to produce rare kinds of bearings with competitiveness in terms of price, quality, design, durability, etc. To meet the demanding requirements from the valued clients of global markets, the firm is fully equipped with such arrangements as upgraded facilities and knowhow.
The maker’s cam followers are main players that lead the company’s overseas drive. They can be effectively applied into static loads and heavy loads at low and middle high speed.The most elements such as shafts, rollers, needles and thrust washers are made of carbon chromium bearing steel.
The NA 49 and NKI series are basic bearings assembled with outer ring, cage with needle rollers and separable inner ring. These bearings can have heavy loads because the friction figure is much higher than ball bearings and can be subjected to high speed rotations depending on the loads because a cage assembly prevent from friction of each needle rollers.
Furthermore, JMC bearings are suitable for many kinds of machines such as automatic machinery, cam working assembly, specialized machinery, transmission for vehicle, printing machinery, air-pump, electric clutch, hydraulic machine, etc.

The group of engineers from Jalman Precision specialize in bearings providing customers with solutions based on selfdeveloped systems designed for quality improvement. They discover new items, minimize defective products, and monitor in real time quality-abnormalities in order to satisfy the ever-varying and exclusive demands of customers.
The company provides services via a network in around 30 countries across the world, playing a key role in the development of the machinery industry through environmentally friendly management and corporate philanthropic activities.
Park Kyung-yoon, CEO of Jalman Precision, explains, “Although our sales volume is still small, we are exporting to around 30 countries including those in Europe, the Middle East, Australasia, and Asia, as well as North, Central, and South America and successfully positioning ourselves in the global market. We put our heart and soul into each product we produce.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Couplings[INQ. NO. 1803M06] Woo Jin Industry has since its establishment in 1991 been focused on producing various rollers for industry, rollers for financing machinery, office equipment, and flexible couplings by using polyurethane materials.
Especially, the company’s recent flagship couplings MAX DYNAMIC® and MAX FIELD®, respectively made of made of polyurethane, have been being exported to over 28 countries and they have been well received in overseas markets by acquiring ATEX (II2GD c T5) CE certification.
Woo Jin Industry’s Max Dynamic ® is the company’s current flagship product and is designed for facility protection for prevention of twist, impact, and abrasion. This coupling allows very simple replacement and maintenance without any oil or grease. Very simple replacement is possible without the separation of motor or connector on the related line due to its simple structure. It is possible for the dissimilar connection and assembly with the same hub. It is polyurethane-based product for good water and chemical resistance. It boasts the highest-level flexible elasticity on run. It creates less noise than existing ones.
This coupling is applied at such various places as agitators, blowers, compressor, conveyors, cranes, hoists, elevators, fans, generators, pumps, food industry, pulp & paper mills, rubber industry, steel industry, textile mills, aggregate processing cement, etc.
Woo Jin Industry is committed to becoming a company making constant efforts toward providing products of the best quality and to creating a clean global environment as well. Woo Jin Industry aims at establishing global networks in an attempt to fully meet the demands of promising global markets. Until now, Woo Jin Industry placed its emphasis on elevating its local presence through satisfying partner companies’ demands based on its own technology and related services. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Precision Measuring Instruments[INQ. NO. 1803M05] MSOTEK is a specialized R&D center specializing in the development and manufacture of high-precision measuring instruments based on sensors and optical inspection & measurement technology. The company provides more reliable quality-assessment data through the analysis and management of measurement systems by experienced sensor- and optical-inspection technicians. In particular, MSOTEK is trying to hit its straps to launch products and search for new R&D sectors since moving into a new headquarters in Daejeon in 2012.
MSOTEK possesses various technological capabilities and is able to inspect and repair parts used in the field. Especially, industry experts are saying that since its establishment in 2009, MSOTEK’s sensor technology and optical technology, which have been secured through steady technology development, have been widely applied in the field so contributed greatly to the further development of display and semiconductor industries. Its space measurement devices (MCT-Series) and broken glass detectors (GBDR Series), which are the main products of MSOTEK, are highly convenient and economical management equipment and have been gaining in great popularity in the industry.
MSOTEK develops and manufactures semiconductor-related precision measurement equipment. Its main product, the Plasma Vertical Precision Measurement System (MCT-1000) is the only semiconductor-related precision measurement equipment produced in Korea and has superior performance compared with products of Taylor in the USA, dominating the world market.
The MCT-LCD Series is used for contact-leveling measurement of display CVD thin film deposition equipment. There are the wired MCT-1000 series and the wireless MCT-2000 series. 5CH and 9CH are adopted as channels. This series minimizes the influence of external noise and has the function to automatically stop overload and features high precision. This series also boasts a convenient user interface of the HMI. The MCT-SEM Series is designed to measure the contact leveling of semiconductor CVD film deposition equipment. The wireless MCT-4000 Series belong to the MCT-SEM Series. There are 200mm, 300mm and 450mm models. The MLL Series is used as a tool for specifying laser flatness. The MLL Series features high accuracy and an automatic analysis function. This series also has an automated analysis function. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods