WiFi Filter


[INQ. NO. 2205M17] WIDU’s WiFi Filter is short for Wide Fiber Filter, which is “pull/rotation fiber filtering equipment” used to improve the water quality of purification facilities, sewage treatment plants, wastewater plants and re-circulated fi lteration facilities by utilizing the fiber filter media with activated carbon added inside the strainer.
To get the equipment started, the fi ber fi lter media inside the strainer is pulled up and rotated, to control the pores and subsequent fi ltration, and then the backwash processes are repeated automatically.

When proceeding with filtration, the fiber filter media is compressed to shrink the size of the pores in a way of filtering out the suspended solids in the raw water. When reaching the set pressure and time, the backwash is started to wash out the suspended solids that are attached to the fi ber filter media by using backwash water and air.
The use of the fiber filer media that is embedded with activated carbon is also able to remove simple suspended solids and improve not only turbidity, but also some colors.
Depending on the changes in the filling rate of the filter media and thickness of the fiber, the efficiency of the filtration and backwash can be enhanced.
As the backwash air chamber is placed inside the strainer, it is possible to blow the backwash air out evenly.
When proceeding with the backwashing process, the backwash air from the bottom of the fiber filter media is evenly emitted, resulting in enhancing the efficiency of the backwashing process.
By adding variety to the pores of the fi lter media through compression and relaxation processes when doing the filtration and backwash, the efficiency of the filtration and backwash is outstanding.
The filtering equipment can be manufactured in both compression and gravity types.

The filtering equipment is excellent in terms of performance and it is simple to do the backwash with only a small amount of backwash water needed. In addition, the filling rate of the fiber filter media can be adjusted and the fi lter media can be manufactured and replaced with ease.
Thanks to the simple internal structure, the equipment is easy to maintain and is effective in reducing costs as it needs only a minimum area for its installation.

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Portable Electrical Precipitator

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1803M04] Various hazardous substances which occur in industrial sites are a social issue because they pollute the environment and have a great impact on operators’ health.
Based on its establishment philosophy, AIRTECH 21 has sought to constantly research to produce excellent precipitators and satisfy customers with differentiated service, and as a result, it has become a competitive company among various companies already occupying the market.
Portable Electrical Precipitator produced by AIRTECH21 Co., Ltd. is a dust collector that can automatically diffuse the compressed air inside the cartridge filter to completely eliminate the fine particles. The filters are easily removable without using a flynut. Its exclusive design realizes phenomenal wind volume and wind pressure as well as high efficiency and low noise.
Displaying the dust accumulation status on an analog or digital differential pressure gauge, it notifies the user when to replace the filter. The dust box installed on the bottom of the main body can be easily detached with one touch, allowing the user to re-collect dust and raw materials.
AIRTECH 21’s multi-purpose precipitator can be applied for various usages as it can collect different kinds of dusts, wet process, dry process, fume, gold and silver works, etc. It operates the motor stably by releasing oil and moist inhaled through the intake into the side section not passing the motor part. It can be easily assembled because internal and external covers are disassembled by just opening a one-touch lever when cleaning.
Durability of the product has been increased by mechanical design, and with the practical structure, it has a competitive price compared to the capacity of other products. Damage to the turbo-type impeller is prevented by a detachable chip. It can be cleaned with ceramic coated filter for a long time.
Now, AIRTECH 21 is developing technologies such as high-efficient filters, highly advanced precipitation methods, etc. and exports various products to different countries for the first time in Korea. Also, it retains patents, utility models, registration of design, CE certificates, ISO certificates, etc.
AIRTECH 21 is committed to being a company that is reliable and creates new values through steady development of technologies and consistent management innovation. AIRTECH 21 is producing the best precipitators based on a philosophy of a clean and safe operational environment without harmful substances as the foundation for the health of individuals and social harmony.


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Car Filter – Lafien

Cabin FilterA car is constructed with many small or big parts. Each of them independently plays a vital role in allowing a car to hit the road. Unless they are all working in close coordination with each other, a vehicle eventually breaks down. Some of these important parts are filters. They are essentially blocking foreign objects from interfering with mechanism in a car. If they fail, a driver will face lots of mechanical failures or even life threatening ones. Korea’s Lafien as a filter maker wants to prevent the misfortune from taking place.

Since it began its first operation in 1975, the filter specialist has been dedicating its years of expertise and technology to make the finest auto spare parts for oil, air, cabin air, and fuel filters available at affordable prices. Its reputation in the market has grown to enable supplying products to Korea’s major car makers such as Hyundai and Kia and Japanese ones as well. With skillful talents and the latest production facilities, Lafien’s future is bright on the global stage.

Lafien deserves its claim as a “Filter expert”. The firm can offer varied types of auto filters. For major filter products, Lafien’s cabin filters are for Toyota models, and its air filters are adopted by several well-known car manufacturers like Hyundai, Kia, Isuzu, and Mitsubishi. For oil filters, these items are numerous, and their customers are mostly global car makers both in Asia and Europe. Also there are fuel and industrial filters available. More product information can be found at ladofilter.koreasme.com.


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Automotive Filters

Automotive Filters - Doyang FiltersDoyang Filters started exporting its flagship auto part products to foreign markets upon establishing its organization for business. Based upon such moves, the venture begun exporting its auto components to South American markets in 2008 while diversifying its line-up for foreign markets. By founding its Seoul office, it strengthened its local drive. In 2011, the company has acquired ISO 9000 quality system certification.

The company’s first debut in the main local auto part-related exhibitions was made finally at the 2011 KOAA Show, where it made an impressive performance carving its presence among many viewers including some earnest foreign visitors. The latest striking move for foreign markets was made through partaking in MSMS 2012 held in August.

The participation at upcoming AAPEX2012 is expected to facilitate its advancement into foreign markets paving a road for American markets. As of now, Doyang Filters is exporting its high-class automotive filters and related parts to more than 20 nations including the EU, Asian countries, and South American nations. The filter family processed at the company consists of air filter, cabin filter, oil filter, and fuel filter. Battery and brake are also ready for their foreign orders and applications.



• Doyang Filters Co., Ltd.

95-5, Dopyeung-ri, Choweol-eup, Gwang-gu, Korea
Tel: (82-31)797-5876
Fax: (82-31)797-5894
Website: nomisfilter.com

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