Metal 3D Printer[INQ. NO. 1812M07] 3D printing is attracting attention as a core technology to restart the heart of the manufacturing industry. In traditional manufacturing, liquefied metal is placed in a mold which becomes a cast when producing one part, and that liquefied metal should solidify in the mold.
However, 3D printing prints an object three- dimensionally based on a digital three-dimensional blueprint file so it actually reduces costs and shortens the processing time. Because of these advantages, it has risen as ‘a thriving segment’ in the manufacturing circles.
However, what 3D printing should get through to create a synergy effect with industries of various areas is ‘a limit to materials.’ It requires durability and precision, second only to outputs made with the previous manufacturing methods. The width of material applications needs to be widened to catch up with this.
PROTOTECH unveiled the metal 3D printer of Desktop Metal (hereinafter, DM) at ‘Korea Metal Week 2018’ held in Kintex, Ilsan, for 4 days from October 30 under the supervision of Korea Trade Fairs Ltd.
Section Chief Choi, Ji-yoon of PROTOTECH said, ‘the 3D printer of DM which will be available from next year, adopted the new technology which was developed using a similar method to that of the FMD (Fused Deposition Modeling) method, which showed a limitation when applied to metal. This technology that makes metal powder and binder like clay by mixing them will make it difficult for the parts to be realized when the CNC is to be replaced.”
The chief also explained that ‘the metal 3D printer of DM is safe and easy to operate, so non-experts can use it easily.”
Another industry insider there said, ‘we cannot focus only on the good side of the new technology. The metal printer of DM uses a method of releasing the binder which had played the role of a glue before, so I’m not really satisfied with its precision. This is another task that the 3D printing community needs to work on.”
It is true that there are a lot of things to get through including the ‘reduction of time,’ ‘reduction of errors,’ etc. until 3D printing replaces the previous industry completely. However, concerned industries have been constantly evolving by making the metal parts lighter, improving their precision and diversifying materials through technological development. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Eco-friendly Gas Insulated Switchgear for Electric Railway[INQ. NO. 1811M08] KEREC (Korea Electric Research Engineering Construction Co., Ltd.) is planning to become a total engineering company by expanding its business to the field of heavy electric machinery manufacturing. KEREC, having started as a company specialized in engineering such as design, supervision and construction of railroad, has carried forward diversification of its business model into heavy electric machinery manufacturing, such as distribution board, switchgear, etc. from years ago.
Recently, KEREC has completed development of KE-29GIS, an ecofriendly gas insulated switchgear for electric railways, which minimized the filling volume of sulphur hexafluoride, and now is taking the lead in the market in earnest. This product is a device used for the sectioning post and auxiliary sectioning post for the power supply system of the electric railway, power plant, substation, etc. The characteristic of this product is that as it is embedded in the metal enclosure such as circuit breaker, disconnecting switch, etc., the stability of the facility is secured.
KEREC plans to discover new markets by participating in a tender of Korea Rail Network Authority from the latter half of this year. In particular, as broadscale projects of improvement and repair are anticipated to be ordered due to deterioration of the railway facilities, the utilization rate of KE-29GIS is expected to be even higher.
Seong-Oug Lee, President & CEO of KEREC, commented, “Expectations are high due to the situation where safety and environment are being emphasized and SOC-related improvement and repair orders are being expanded. Demand is likely to increase more if related businesses such as the North-South railway project get started in earnest.”
At the same time, the 25.8kV eco-friendly switchgear under development is also noteworthy. This product, planned to be completed next year, is expected to become a stepping stone for KEREC to advance into the overall electric power industry, including KEPCO projects.
KEREC’s efforts to expand into heavy electric machinery were affected by the recession in the electric railroad engineering sector. In recent years, the electric railway sector has been slowing down due to overall reduction of the business. Therefore, KEREC has selected the heavy electric industry as a sector in which it can combine the technologies and capabilities accumulated in the engineering sector.
CEO Lee explained, “We are a professional company owning as many as 20 professional engineers and doctors of engineering rarely in the industry. I thought that there will be enough chance of winning if we combine the experiences accumulated for the time with the manufacturing business.”
In addition, KEREC is planning to be reborn as a total engineering company in the electric power field by considering advancement into the new, renewable energy and energy storage system (ESS) as well as heavy electric machinery. Research and development of a microgrid combining the distributed power sources such as photovoltaic and wind power with ESS is now underway, and the outline of the project is expected to be unveiled by the end of next year. CEO Lee said, “We aim to become a total engineering company by expanding our business range into the heavy electric machinery manufacturing based on our technological prowess in the electric railway. We will contribute to development of the industry with continuous technology investment and training of human resources.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Dae Gyeong Ace Tech Started to Lead S. Korean Green Car Industry[INQ. NO. 1807M32] Dae Gyeong Ace Tech is one of the most competent company that can design and manufacture precision press and injection molds, electronic and electricity components, connectors, and sockets.
Dae Gyeong Ace Tech always works for the maximum profit of the customers. This company conducts wide range of R&D activities in partnership with universities like the Chonnam National University, Chosun University, and Sunchon University, etc., as well as variety of research institutes like the Korea Photonics Technology Institue, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, and Korea Electronics Technology Institutes, etc.
Dae Gyeong Ace Tech’s R&D sectors includes automobiles, next generation electronic devices, electric cars, and clean diesel vehicles, committing itself to the development of quality components in close relationships with relevant governmental organizations like the SMBA and contributing to the development of local community.


R.O.V (Roll over valve)

Roll over valve is a functional valve that suppresses formation of pressure and negative pressure in the fuel tank by releasing excessive HC gas to the outside. The R.O.V blocks fuel leakage into combustion engines when the vehicle is tilted or turned over.



Terminal Assembly

Terminal assembly is a kind of thermal assembly insert molding product that connects to the electrode from the alternator in automobiles and internal combustion engines, or to diodes of rectifiers, to convert AC to DC.


Regulator Housing (Insert molding)

Regulator housing (insert molding) can make molded products by integrating plastics and other components (metal, cables, and PCBs, etc.) within a mold to make high value-added products that has properties of metal and plastic.
Dae Gyeong Ace Tech is also the manufacturer of automobile components for after-market. Halogen lamp line-ups include H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H10, H11, H13, H16, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9011, 9012, 800 Series, with clear(standard, long life, heavy duty), coating(super white), and yellow lamps. Dae Gyeong Ace Tech also manufactures variety of filters (oil/air/cabin filters), shock absorbers, and water pumps. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Autonomous Driving Platforms & Services[INQ. NO. 1807M31] SpringCloud was founded in 2017 as a developer of autonomous driving platforms and services. With more than 10 years of experiences, know-hows, and technology in the field of automobile, SpringCloud is about to face a new challenge of autonomous driving platforms and services. In cooperation with the Infobank, a listed company in KOSDAQ, a SpringCloud is developing infrastructure for autonomous driving services and working with BlackBerry in Canada for security in autonomous driving. Recently, a SpringCloud entered into an exclusive national sales agreement with NAVYA, a French specialist in autonomous and electric shuttle buses and taxis, as the 1st step of autonomous driving services.
Based on their progress, SpringCloud is planning to select a section of motorway to operate autonomous driving shuttles in universities, hospitals, resorts, and theme parks for the general public, and will apply the services to numerous sectors, in cooperation with other companies, universities, and local governments via SpringGo Alliance.
Moreover, SpringCloud will provide a wide range of autonomous driving services from training and technical development to service operations by providing experience & demonstration services for autonomous driving shuttles, and will promote the autonomous driving for public services like rent-a-car and deliveries. In the 2nd phase of the plan, SpringCloud will establish a consortium for development of autonomous driving shuttle buses in South Korea, localizing the manufacture of the autonomous driving shuttle buses. SpringCloud will face the challenges of autonomous driving, construction of a smart city, public shuttle bus services for the vulnerable in public transportation, unmanned deliveries, and rent-a-car services, creating value via innovation and cooperation.
SpringGo C is a mobility platform for autonomous driving vehicles. The platform enables not only the conversion of production vehicles, but also the autonomous driving of variety of mobility, including the autonomous driving shuttle buses, carts, trucks, ships, special vehicles, and drones. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Emerging as the New Leader in Korea’s Electric Car Market[INQ. NO. 1805M25] Semisysco is a semiconductor and display equipment manufacturer that was established in 2000 with three founders. It produces related equipment such as plasma diagnostic equipment, glass substrate inspection equipment, and flexible organic light emitting diode (OLED) inspection equipment. This equipment is supplied to major Korean IT companies such as Samsung Electronics, LG Display, and SK Hynix as well as exported to countries including the UK, the USA, and France.
Semisysco started its electric car business last year and established an electric car factory in Sejong City for the first time in Korea in May last year. The city has been selected for being the multifunctional administrative city accommodating the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MoLIT), the Ministry of Environment (ME), and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE). Sejong City also has the highest population inflow of all cities in the country, and is close to many areas, while being an emerging city.
Semisysco’s lineup includes D2, a two-passenger compact car, U4, a four-wheeled micro freight car, and R3, a three-wheeled vehicle. The D2 travels up to 150km, the highest mileage on a single charge among the micro compact EVs available in Korea. It is equipped with an air conditioner and heater to suit the climate of Korea and has acquired L7, the European safety certification for microcompact cars. The R3 and U4 have the same vehicle structure and dynamics as a regular automobile and have an advantage of 25 to 30% uphill gradability.
Although it is not possible to disclose specific figures for pre-orders for the D2 received last year, the number of orders and the actual purchase rate are positive. The R3 and U4 are also aiming to launch in May and June this year, respectively.
Semisysco focuses on micro-compact models. The reason is that the micro car is a suitable model for the Korean environment and can also avoid competition with other big auto manufacturers. The advantages of a micro car include smallness in size, affordability, and free from the shortage of EV-charging infrastructure.
Since releasing the D2 in February, Semisysco started to yield profits in the electric car business. Currently, the model is manufactured by Zhi Dou (ZD), an electric car manufacturer in China. However, Semisysco plans to shift it to “Made in Korea” in the near future. The company has had this vision since it entered the electric car business. Semisysco expects its break-even point at about 200 units per year as of now. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

HVAC Modules[INQ. NO. 1803M14] The automobile is a highlysophisticated machine and the rate of change in today’s vehicles is accelerating as more electrical and electronic componentry is introduced.
As an expert in the field of automotive thermal management, Hanon Systems plays an important role in the supply of solutions that not only deliver cabin comfort and enhance powertrain efficiency, but also can maintain optimal operating temperatures for these devices.
The HVAC module is the central air distribution component in an automobile’s air conditioning system. It takes filtered outside air and controls the airflow rate, air temperature and humidity. By delivering this conditioned air to outlets, the module is able to rapidly cool, heat and dehumidify the vehicle’s cabin environment. To address the demands of today’s marketplace, Hanon Systems applies its long history of HVAC design and manufacturing to offer a suite of solutions that satisfies an increasing range of requirements by global automakers to optimize performance, improve fuel efficiency and ensure the occupant’s sense of comfort and cleanliness.
Hanon Systems’ award-winning triple-zone HVAC is a single module that enables vehicle occupants to independently control the temperature, direction and strength of airflow in their immediate proximity in order to create an individualized cabin comfort experience for the driver, front seat and rear passengers.
Its unique and compact design reduces overall weight and material cost by up to 18 percent compared to other multi-zone solutions, and improves packaging in the engine compartment to enable more available space in the vehicle cabin.
Hanon Systems’ flat HVAC is designed to make the best use of space in the engine compartment, and this revolutionary design can be placed in the floor panel, under seats or at the side of the vehicle. By completely redesigning the HVAC form, vehicle designers can now explore new ways to create additional space in the vehicle cabin to create a more comfortable experience for passengers.
The company’s sliding door HVAC is also competitive, which is designed to reduce the overall size and weight of the HVAC by integrating multiple revolving doors that control the temperature and direction. By reducing the HVAC installation space, a larger buffer space can be created to enhance the frontal crush zone, thereby improving safety in the event of vehicle impact. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Emerging as a Global Leader in Air Compressor Energy-saving Controllers

Maekyung Buyers Guide conducted a personal interview with Dotech’s CEO Duk-Nam Choi who outlined the ongoing active expansion of the company in global markets.


Please tell us about your company and its driving force of growth

Dotech Inc. specializes in manufacturing refrigeration and airconditioning equipment, controllers and sensors for environment measurement equipment including refrigerators, thermo-hygrostats, air conditioners, air compressors, heat pumps and clean rooms. Dotech exports to more than 40 countries across the world as well as the domestic market while supplying around 200 kinds of products to related companies at home and abroad.


Please explain your main products

Dotech seeks to provide a fine-grained product lineup based on its built-up specialty areas. Dotech’s exceptional advantages include specialized product groups such as HUVAC & R equipment, air compressors, clean room facilities, and differential pressure sensors with temperature and humidity. In particular, the customization service of Dotech developing and providing tailor-made products to reflect consumers’ requests further enhances the our competitiveness.
Dotech’s products comprise a number of series, as it aims to produce exclusive products optimized for the equipment to be applied rather than products for general purposes with run-of-the-mill performance. The increase in the number of its products reflects the increased manpower and costs in all areas including development, production, and management. Still, Dotech sticks to small quantity batch production for the benefit of its customers through segmentation of the product lineup to address the customers’ various requirements as a strategy to react to market conditions to provide efficient and stable products for various business environments.
In addition, Dotech is currently dedicating itself to developing products by focusing not only on performances but on other factors such as designs in consideration of consumers’ preferences. As a result, Dotech has successfully launched products differentiated from existing domestic counterparts, such as HTX500, a high-performance explosion-proof transmitter, and HPX1000, and flush-type differential pressure transmitter with temperature, humidity, and dew point. Concentrating also on the development of energy-saving product lines that emerged as a part of government policy, Dotech has developed VSD +, an energy-saving control device for air compressors, receiving positive response from the manufacturing industry as well as gaining international acknowledgment for its technological contribution.


What are your major export markets and emerging markets?

As the manufacturing industry becomes more sophisticated, the demand from global markets for highperformance control- and measuring-equipment is exploding. In line with this trend, Dotech has invested heavily in expansion into overseas markets based on its technology accumulated in the domestic market and has been supplying products to more than 40 countries around the world. As a result, around 20% of annual sales amounting to KRW4 billion are achieved in overseas markets. Dotech plans to increase its global sales by 50% in the future by strengthening its international marketing. To this end, the company is engaged in various marketing activities such as participating in major international exhibitions and utilizing online marketplaces around the globe.


Do you have any future plan and one last message for your foreign buyers and customers?

Dotech’s products attract affl uent foreign buyers at various international exhibitions. Therefore, Dotech is actively engaged in overseas marketing, while developing exclusive products for global markets that are equipped with only core functions at reduced prices. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Brake Pads, Fine Blanking Products[INQ. NO. 1801M12] Finetro, a leading brake pad-specialized company that takes the lead in the prevention of car accidents and aims for a safe driving culture was established in Euiyeong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do in 2006 and has grown into a representative company that produces safe and excellent parts for brakes with a focus on fine blanking products, breaking pads and lining products.
Finetro, which has been steadily investing in research and development since its inception, acquired a SQ certificate in 2008, ISO and TS certificates in 2010 and received a venture business certificate in 2010. The company was named an INNOBIZ technological innovation-type small enterprise in the same year. The registration of a patent on a brake pad in 2012 allowed Finetro to grow into a company that seeks innovative brake pads, which are the center of automobile parts.
Brake products are automotive parts that play an important role in ensuring the safety of consumers only when they can exhibit perfect braking force under any operating conditions. Finetro’s brake pads boast a significant improvement in dust and noise and superior quality that increases braking power and wear resistance at reasonable prices.
Moreover, Finetro’s fine blanking products has cleaner sheared surfaces than power press products and no obliquity. They also have the excellent flatness of adhesive surfaces. So, the company offered products devoid of quality defects compared to existing products. Especially, by maximizing antirust effects and adopting the excellent oxy-nitriding method which is not the previous zinc galvanizing method which is toxic, Finetro taking the lead as an eco-friendly company as the company is applying antirust effects which prevent pollution and enable the products to withstand external environmental conditions which are much more severe conditions than those of salt spray tests for 500 hours.
“We are making efforts to publicize our products in the A/S market on our own and getting closer to consumers by expanding our nationwide distribution network,” said Ha Dae-ho, managing director of Finetro, which is expected to grow into a leading company that can ensure the safety of consumers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

A Professional Maker Of Local Ventilation Systems[INQ. NO. 1711M07] The following article is a personal interview with Cheongwoo C&T’s CEO.


Please tell us about your company and the reason for your strong growth

Cheongwoo C&T is an expert manufacturing local ventilation system that purifies harmful substances emitted from laboratories, soldering worksites, hospitals. Currently, our company operates state-of-the-art production facilities in Ansan, a suburb near Seoul.
We are manufacturing and offering seven types of products: arm hood, flexible hose, local ventilation system for desk, movable local ventilation system, small-sized dust collector, and movable dust collector.
Our company’s major clients are Samsung, LG, Kolon Pharmaceutical, National and Public Universities, hospitals and others. We are planning to cooperate with more overseas companies to introduce the local ventilation system that is formulated for the customer’s convenience, safety- oriented design and properly priced to target the global market.


What are your key products?

The local ventilation system has been recognized for its high performance in quickly emitting or purifying the polluted air generated in specific locations such as laboratories and worksites. The compact-sized local ventilation system for desks is sold solely in South Korea.
The flexible hose has two types-desk and mobile type, and can be moved to a specific location with flexible mobility. It minimizes the consumption power by using BLDC motor and consumers can easily replace the filter ─reminded by the alarm that informs the specific time to replace the filter.
The products that our company manufacturers are under strict quality management, SO9001 and ISO14001, and are delivered to customers after passing a rigorous quality test. Additionally, our products are KC patented, and proven by advanced technology and excellent quality. The CE & RoHS certifications are required for expanding into the European market. Lately, our company is exporting the products to Vietnam, China and Thailand actively conducting overseas marketing by participating in global exhibitions and expanding its market frontiers in order to promote our products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Automobile Repair Equipment

The Leading Runner in the Domestic Market


[INQ. NO. 1710M13]

Starting the development of wheel alignment systems

Samhong Engineering started out as a company that distributed and sold electronic equipment for automobile repair in 1992. The beginning of its business was marginal, but after having realized that domestic automobile repair devices were lagging behind so much that Korea had to depend on importation, the company started to develop wheel alignment systems domestically for any Korean to use.
Initially, Samhong Engineering went through a lot of trial and error, but it vigorously pursued quality improvement and product stabilization despite criticism from the domestic automobile repair equipment market, all the while developing wheel alignment systems for comfortable and stable driving, which also eventually prolongs the lifespan of tires.


Bringing the importance of wheel alignment systems for heavy duty trucks and buses into focus in the domestic market

Also, by starting to develop wheel alignment systems for heavy duty trucks and buses in 1999, for the first time in Korea, Samhong Engineering was able to bring the importance of wheel alignment systems for heavy duty trucks and buses into focus, even in the domestic market. With this, domestic automobile manufacturers began to replace imported wheel alignment systems with the company’s products, of which it is especially proud, because the company was able to prevent the outflow of foreign currency through localization and importation replacement effects.


Eventually developing 3D camera type wheel alignment system purely by Samhong Engineering’s technology

The company eventually developed 3D Camera type-wheel alignment system-SMART CARPER brand 825, 818, 810 models with her own technology for precise measurement and the maintenance cost down by applying High-quality Camera( 5M Pixel, GigE type, made in Germany) & High-quality camera lens(5M Pixel, made in Japan) for maximized & optimized performance.
The customers can apply its CCD-725 & CCD525 for passenger car & light commercial car, CCD-325 for heavy commercial car(heavy duty truck), as well.


Occupying 50% of the domestic market share

Now the company has 50% or more of market share in Korea ; Hyundai Motors, KIA Motors and TATA-Daewoo, HANKOOK Tire, KUMHO Tire, NEXEN Tire, SK Speedmate, GS Oasis, etc. Especially, wheel alignment system for heavy duty trucks have been used in all of Hyundai Car Service Centers for commercial vehicles in Korea.
Also, Samhong Engineering is making continuous eff orts to promote excellence of Korean products in Southeast Asia and 20 other countries around the world to secure its exportation network.
Samhong Engineering was determined to develop and manufacture easy-to-use automobile repair devices with its company spirit that customers are the owners of the company. The company promised it will consistently move forward with the mindset that customers are fi rst and foremost, and it will believe their growth equals the growth of Samhong Engineering. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods