Freezing & Refrigerating Showcases

[INQ. NO. 2104M03] SEKWANG C&H LTD., as a company specialized in manufacturing freezer & refrigerator showcases, has been supplying its products to local ice cream producers, food companies, and others for the past 27 years under the slogan of ‘simple and beautiful exterior and high-quality delivery.’
Many of its products are easily seen at large-sized marts, department stores, supermarkets, coffee shops, and so forth. SEKWANG C&H is currently leading the industry and is winning trust in terms of design and quality through deals with large-sized companies for many years.
It possesses unsurpassed technical prowess even compared with that of large-sized companies. Moreover, its status has grown to the extent that it could advance into overseas markets.

Freezing & Refrigerating Showcases

Freezing & refrigerating showcases manufactured by SEKWANG C&H have attractive, luxurious, and creative designs enough to easily motivate customers to purchase. Furthermore, their internal spaces are designed to efficiently store and display more products. In addition, they have low fraction defects and are reliable enough for customers to use as their main components (compressors, thermostats, etc.) are from renowned foreign companies.
SEKWANG C&H has established A/S centers nationwide to address customers’ complaints anywhere 24 hours per day and to maintain trust with its customers. By understanding the market and identifying customers’ needs, the company is developing and selling new products.
And, it is also planning to win the hearts of customers and to lead the future as an all-round maker related to freezer & refrigerator showcases by continuing to carry out researches and technical development.
SEKWANG C&H will continue striving for a better future by ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Smart EV

[INQ. NO. 2102M25] The nation’s only two-seater mini electric vehicle EV Z by Semisysco Co., Ltd. features a light and rigid body structure with smart design.
With such features, the EV is capable of safety and performance while providing a unique sensation that drivers have never experienced before.
The EV Z allows no restriction of driving both on highways and motorways. The driver-friendly charging options – fast and slow charging, home charging – and compact size, make it possible for drivers to easily and conveniently charge and park.
The owner of EV Z can receive various kinds of premium cutting-edge safety devices and convenience functions such as the new concept of digital key suitable for the ‘untact’ era, smart airbag, rear safety system, TPMS, ESC, ABS, etc., – along with maintenance benefits as a compact car and an EV.
The EV Z deserves to be considered the standard of mini EVs in Korea by delivering customer satisfaction beyond expectations – based on the capability it performs.

Smart EV

Micro-Electric Cargo Truck (D2C)
Semisysco’s latest micro electric cargo truck called D2C is recognized as one of the most reliable business partners – especially among those who seek to start a package delivery business.
As a front-runner of eco-friendly electric cargo trucks in urban areas, the D2C is a source of new engines optimized for SMEs – with the help of its unrivaled performance and superior practicality.
The D2C performs the best-in-class mileage of up to 107km with only one charging needed. This EV, having 100kg of large loading capacity, can deliver almost any necessities, and approach any destination the driver wants to deliver and access, respectively.
This deserves to be accepted as the most attractive microelectric cargo truck in the nation, considering that it is equipped with various types of advanced digital technologies – from heating and cooling air conditioning system, to rigid and unshakable monocoque body, HAC (Hill-start Assist Control), and rear detection camera.
Thus, the D2C is a smart, eco-friendly delivery solution that ensures four major factors – that potential new delivery business startups prefer – such as affordability, convenience, safety, and eco-friendly.

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EV Chargers & Charging Stations

[INQ. NO. 2102M24] The electric vehicle charger by the Korean company ecarPlug Co., Ltd. is the world’s first new-concept electric vehicle charger that controls, charges, and even pays with user’s smartphones. It is a unique brand that enables users to directly control EVs and pay charging fees by using smartphones.
Having envisioned that a cost-effective, but feature-rich EV charging station would contribute to expanding the EV charging infrastructure, ecarPlug developed the world’s first smartphone controlled EV charging stations − replacing the user interface built in the commercial EV charging stations with a user-friendly smartphone application.
The ecarPlug EV charging stations are convenient and offer various useful features including user-access authentication, mobile billing and payment through the user’s smartphone.

EV Chargers & Charging Stations

EV users can use their smartphones with the installed application as a remote controller for charging. The installed application provides information on the locations of charging Stations, and EV users can confirm the charging status. EV users can use the charging service by making reservations, available for both normal charging and off-peak charging.
Just one unit of ecarPlug EV charger can charge up to three EVs.
The ecarPlug EV charging station is conveniently available for both apartment housing and commercial buildings, thereby enabling residents to use it together and contributing to the solving of the allocation of exclusive parking space for EVs.

EV Chargers & Charging Stations

Since 2015, ecarPlug developed and provided various types of EV chargers in Korea with admirable cooperation toward advancing the growth of the nation’s EV infrastructure. ecarPlug focuses on development and supply EV charging system with new-technology and research for user-friendly charging service.
ecarPlug provides various types of chargers – including slow charger, fast charger, portable charger, socket charger, street lamp charger, etc.
ecarPlug works with famous domestic and foreign car manufacturers and charging service providers, thus contributing to the expansion of the nation’s EV-charging infrastructure, as an official service provider for the Ministry of Environment.
ecarPlug will continue to contribute to the growth of EVs and the related industry by introducing new concepts of electric charging and management service/system continuously based on its top-notch ICT capability. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Drilling Equipment

[INQ. NO. 2102M23] SUNGWON Heavy Machinery, as a leading manufacturer of drilling equipment, is seeking various innovative ways to raise global brand awareness of its products.

Please tell us briefly about your company
SUNGWON Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has been solely supplying drilling equipment under the brand name of “OROKIS” to overseas clients, gaining growing popularity – especially in markets in North America and Japan.
We are professionally pursuing a “One Stop Service,” through which it is possible to deliver the total process from order to specification consultation, supply and after-service. We are striving constantly to develop new competitive products – in order to reduce customers’ costs.
Currently, we are delivering top-quality products without fail to our customers. For ceaseless supply of top-quality products to our clients, we made it our policy to always use the highest-level raw materials.

SUNGWON Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

Could you please elaborate on your major export items?
We have been manufacturing various kinds of drilling equipment over the past two decades. Including augers manufactured with technologies accumulated over the past two decades, we are delivering globally highly competitive large-sized hammers and bits. Small-sized hammers and bits are drawing good responses in the Middle East region.

Do you have any innovative export strategies in the era of COVID-19?
First, we are carrying out proactive, regular customized marketing service activities with our current and potential customers. Secondly, we are proactively introducing our products through using SNS, discovering noteworthy application cases of our products, and thereby elevating the brand awareness of our products. Thirdly, we are seeking local sales in global markets through local entrepreneurs in various regions, and proactively identifying potential agency business in certain countries.

Drilling Equipment

Finally, please give any useful advice to potential overseas buyers
SUNGWON Heavy Machinery will value any feedback from our current and potential buyers. Even those small matters considered unimportant by some people will be given more attention than any global companies would do. In cases of receiving any claims on the supplied products, we are committed to resolving such issues within three days. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

OPTIMA STEAMER XE/SEII Industrial Steam Cleaning Machine

[INQ. NO. 2101M17] Established in 1991, SJE Corporation, Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer of industrial steam cleaning machines, under the brand name of Optima Steamer, not only in Korea, but also in overseas markets.
Optima Steamer is rated the best, and the most powerful industrial steam cleaning machine in the world.
To date, the company has exported Optima Steamers to more than 120 countries around the world and it has established worldwide distribution networks including a U.S. office.
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, people have been paying a lot more attention to sanitation and hygiene.

OPTIMA STEAMER XE/SEII Industrial Steam Cleaning Machine

Introducing SJE’s newest electric-powered steamer, the Optima Steamer XE/SEII
The new XE/SEII features a durable body design, an LCD display for a smart control system that makes maintenance and repair a breeze, wet or dry steam selection, larger water tanks with a visible level gauge, and a simple emergency stop button.
The new model’s high-efficiency heating system provides continuous rich and powerful steam during your work, ensuring powerful performance.

OPTIMA STEAMER XE/SEII Industrial Steam Cleaning Machine

The product’s advanced structure, which was designed by professional engineers of the heat exchanger and pressure vessel industries, ensures easy maintenance and good durability.
The new model’s automatic alarm and control features include automatic stop in case of water shortage, out-of-range pressure or temperature, and overtime pump running.
The new XE/SEII is a three-phase electric-powered model (05K, 12K, 18K, 27K, 42K) and it is ideal for multiple indoor uses including commercial cleaning, auto repair and body shops, conveyor belt cleaning, cleanroom maintenance, nursing home and daycare center sanitation, grease & oil stain removal, floors and equipment, food factories, other factories, animal holding facility sanitation, etc.

OPTIMA STEAMER XE/SEII Industrial Steam Cleaning Machine

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Construction Heavy Equipment & Undercarriage Parts

Designing & Manufacturing Construction Machinery Parts

[INQ. NO. 2101M16] Since its establishment in 2006, CETEC has specialized in designing and manufacturing construction machinery parts, especially excavator undercarriage parts.
CETEC has thus been contributing to the heavy equipment industry development in Korea by supplying its excellent quality and competitiveness to domestic and overseas customers, with its unique skills in the development of overseas parts in Korea.
In addition, CETEC seeks the happiness of family and neighbors with necessary technology for the world that promotes human safety and minimizes the impact on nature through smart mechanical equipment and organic modularization through creative parts.

Construction Heavy Equipment & Undercarriage Parts

Parts Business
CETEC has developed and manufactured heavy equipment sub-parts that are sensitive to market trends at the forefront of the parts market.
In particular, CETEC is moving beyond the Korean market to overseas markets based on its experience and technology that has specialized in ‘rubber track’ and ‘rubber shoe pad’ products suitable for small excavators produced by major manufacturers in Korea, Japan and the USA, in cooperation with DRB, which has the best rubber track production facility in Korea for the past 15 years.

Construction Heavy Equipment & Undercarriage Parts

Used Construction Machinery Business
CETEC is operating the Korean branch of MASCUS, a world-renowned online used equipment trading site that is attracting more attention in the ‘untact’ era, attracting systematic real-time data and securing external reliability and price competitiveness of equipment.
The company’s representative director Seok-ho Bae noted that CETEC’s highly experienced staffs effectively provide convenient and rapid one-stop import and export services to heavy equipment sales and purchasing customers at most contact points with domestic and overseas construction machinery customers – including transactions by specific demand groups such as used cranes.

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Aluminum High-Pressure, Die-Casting Products[INQ. NO. 2009M22] Daeyong Industry’s production parts include steering parts, inverters for EVs, engine parts (cam carrier, cam-cap, throttle body, EGR), transmission parts (valve body, solenoid valve) and essential steering parts, inverters for EVs, valve bodies, cam-cap ASM and throttle bodies.
The steering parts (housings, gearboxes, covers) manufactured by the company are now directly supplied to NSK. The process consists of super high-speed high pressure die-casting and machining, and customer requirements are for lightweight, mechanical products.
Inverters for EVs are directly supplied to Delphi Technologies, Hitachi Automotive. The process consists of super high-speed and high-pressure die-casting, machining, and sub assembly, and customer requirements are for cleanliness, particle size, leak requirement, thin-wall, and light weight.
Also, Daeyong Industry holds a patent on casting for heat exchangers. The process consists of casting and laser welding, which makes it possible to weld even 1mm wall thickness.
With these products, Daeyong Industry has been recognized for its superior technology by numerous customers and has been constantly growing as a reliable company offering high quality, reasonable prices, and delivery compliance to even exceed customer satisfaction.
Daeyong Industry has produced high-pressure Al die-casting for automotive parts and has shown outstanding growth with strict quality-control and excellent engineering since its establishment in 1983. Daeyong Industry has been recognized for its superior technology by global customers.
Daeyong Industry has proven itself as a global company by producing and supplying automotive parts to clients worldwide such as in North America (GM, DELPHI, NSK, HITACHI, EATON, ALLISON, etc.), Europe (BORGWARNER, VALEO, etc.), South America (GM, DELPHI), and Asia (NSK, WABCO KOREA, etc.). The company’s sales are export-oriented with 90% from the automotive industry alone.
In 2017, Daeyong Industry won the ‘Supplier of the Year’ award given by GM for its efforts to meet customer demand, as they require an ever-increasing standard of higher quality and more complete structure with lower costs.
Following this trend, DaeYong Industry is focusing on the growth of R&D and quality capabilities and has also acquired certifications such as IATF 16949, ISO 14000, and ISO 45001. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

An Emerging Leader in Semiconductor Chip Inspection in 1999, CSE Co., Ltd. takes pride in its top-level technologies in the semiconductor chip inspection field

Would you please give a brief introduction about CSE?
[INQ. NO. 2009M21] CSE, established in August 1999, is a company specialized in servicing, modification and refurbishment of those used one in manual, semi-automatic, full automatic 6”, 8” and 12” Wafer, Probe, Tester and GSI Lumonics Laser Marking among semi-conductor test equipment.
As much as 60~70% of manufactured products are being exported. Currently new equipment is under development and these items will be extended to testers and handlers, and whole process equipment. Besides, we ae now operating a 500 pyeong (1,653 m2) warehouse.

Would you please tell us about the main line product briefly?
In particular, the wafer probe for mass production is being used in the process to determine pass or failure of electric character in an individual chip at the post process of the semi-conductor chip production, and X,Y,Z and Theta axe are operating 24 hours a day in fully automatic mode.

The semiconductor tester determines pass or failure of a chip through output test by supplying the required electric signal when testing the electric character of the individual chip. GSI Lumonics Laser Marking is an American device that makes ID marking with laser on the wafer.

Is there any other specific information to be delivered to potential overseas buyers?
We are pursuing product quality, creditability, and customer satisfaction based on the experience of more than 20 years. Especially, we have confidence in our strong points having secured a number of specialized engineers, which enables continuous A/S and refurbishment. Our goal is to become a total solution company for semiconductor equipment corresponding to the needs of customers.

Is there any other specific point related to market exploring situation at present?
Recently, we have launched a strategy to promote our products and to build clients via non face-to-face events by opening an online exhibition. We are expecting steady growth in sales volume overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Control Unit for Air Compressor in 2001, DOTECH Inc. impressed the market with its new innovative product called the VSD+ series, which is still enjoying market popularity.
The VSD+ series is a new conceptual control unit, through the installation of a general industrial air compressor, maximizing energy efficiency by changing the control system (e.g. sequence) into inverter control-based Variable Speed Drive (VSD). Most of the existing compressors need to maintain power greater than 50%, although there is scarcely any air consumption in order to maintain starting stand-by status.
In other words, unnecessary consumption of energy is frequently unavoidable due to the limitations of technology. However, if VrSD+ is applied to the existing equipment, the operational efficiency can be improved significantly because such application can minutely control the RPM of compressors according to the real-time air consumption.

Particularly, if load operating time does not take long or load and no load operation alternate frequently in the field, energy-saving effects of up to 40% can be expected.
The product ensures up to 30-40% energy saving with inverter-based real-time control. The peak power reduction is possible by soft start/soft stop. The product guarantees stability through bypass mode support. This allows a simple installation process. It can be applied to various torque load devices including fans, pumps, blowers, etc.
DOTECH has been providing industrial temperature/humidity equipment and the product group of temperature/humidity controllers (HTX Series) for dehumidification of large ships.
It has also been supplying optimized various products and solutions in order to improve and maintain quality in various areas based on its unique technologies and accumulated experience in environmental measurement, and control areas for R&D and production process control of LCD, KGMP of pharmaceutical products, automobile components, and foods.
Based on a series of power technologies that have been cultivated by the company in the domestic environmental measurement field that had not been developed locally but depended on foreign technologies, the company extended its view to the unlimited global markets, and continues promotional activities (participation in overseas exhibitions and establishment of overseas subsidiaries, etc.) in order to provide bridgeheads to the markets of Chinese territories, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas.
All the employees strive to help the company be positioned as a leader in the domestic market, which will be the foundation for aforesaid overseas marketing. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Emerging as a Global Major Producer of Automotive Air Conditioning Parts Corp. has become a member of the leading group contributing to the global automotive industry through manufacturing of top-level ferrules, mufflers and IHX tubes since 2000.

Could you please briefly introduce your company?
Established in 2000, Wheel Corp. has specialized in manufacturing automotive air conditioning parts like ferrules (or coupling), mufflers and IHX tubes through the press molding and machining of aluminum pipes and round bars.

We are proud to have gained a foothold to increase our competitiveness in supplying of direct extrusion and injection of aluminum materials through the recent completion of our 2nd factory.
Our company has been maintaining sound business relationships with numerous global partners such as Hanon Systems, Hutchinson, ContiTech, Nichirin, etc. for a long time, while leading the domestic market.
We have been engaged in this business for a long time, not only with domestic customers but also with renowned global partners such as Hanon Systems, Hutchinson, ContiTech, Nichirin and so on. And so it was that we could become a not big, but emerging leading player in global market.

What types of products your company largely produces now?
Currently, we produce ferrules, mufflers and IHX tubes as major products – in order to meet the demands of our global customers.
Ferrule is a critical component to connect rubber hoses to aluminum tubes in the automotive HVAC system, and mufflers are used for reducing noise caused by refrigerants, and are used for improving the performance of air conditioners through increasing the efficiency in heat exchange mechanism through IHX tubes.
And also, we are now professionally engaged in manufacturing a varied line-up of aluminum products including coolant tubes, grooved pipes, etc. – as a move to fully meet the various market demands.

Any special messages you want to deliver to your current and potential buyers?
Through this issue of Korea Buyers Guide, we want to convey our deep gratitude to our valued global clients, hoping that our close relationship with you be long lasting – on a sustainable mutual growth basis.
We have no choice but to confess that our engagement for producing high-quality products that contribute to a more efficient and sustainable automotive industry have always been our prime goal and also a pleasant challenge.
We are committed to continuously striving to look ahead beyond our current vision for new products – in order for us to release exciting new products – through innovative thinking and new technologies like braze-less mufflers, high corrosion-resisting aluminum materials, etc.
Join us to be a business partner with Wheel Corp. Thank you! | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods