Control Unit for Air Compressor in 2001, DOTECH Inc. impressed the market with its new innovative product called the VSD+ series, which is still enjoying market popularity.
The VSD+ series is a new conceptual control unit, through the installation of a general industrial air compressor, maximizing energy efficiency by changing the control system (e.g. sequence) into inverter control-based Variable Speed Drive (VSD). Most of the existing compressors need to maintain power greater than 50%, although there is scarcely any air consumption in order to maintain starting stand-by status.
In other words, unnecessary consumption of energy is frequently unavoidable due to the limitations of technology. However, if VrSD+ is applied to the existing equipment, the operational efficiency can be improved significantly because such application can minutely control the RPM of compressors according to the real-time air consumption.

Particularly, if load operating time does not take long or load and no load operation alternate frequently in the field, energy-saving effects of up to 40% can be expected.
The product ensures up to 30-40% energy saving with inverter-based real-time control. The peak power reduction is possible by soft start/soft stop. The product guarantees stability through bypass mode support. This allows a simple installation process. It can be applied to various torque load devices including fans, pumps, blowers, etc.
DOTECH has been providing industrial temperature/humidity equipment and the product group of temperature/humidity controllers (HTX Series) for dehumidification of large ships.
It has also been supplying optimized various products and solutions in order to improve and maintain quality in various areas based on its unique technologies and accumulated experience in environmental measurement, and control areas for R&D and production process control of LCD, KGMP of pharmaceutical products, automobile components, and foods.
Based on a series of power technologies that have been cultivated by the company in the domestic environmental measurement field that had not been developed locally but depended on foreign technologies, the company extended its view to the unlimited global markets, and continues promotional activities (participation in overseas exhibitions and establishment of overseas subsidiaries, etc.) in order to provide bridgeheads to the markets of Chinese territories, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas.
All the employees strive to help the company be positioned as a leader in the domestic market, which will be the foundation for aforesaid overseas marketing. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Emerging as a Global Major Producer of Automotive Air Conditioning Parts Corp. has become a member of the leading group contributing to the global automotive industry through manufacturing of top-level ferrules, mufflers and IHX tubes since 2000.

Could you please briefly introduce your company?
Established in 2000, Wheel Corp. has specialized in manufacturing automotive air conditioning parts like ferrules (or coupling), mufflers and IHX tubes through the press molding and machining of aluminum pipes and round bars.

We are proud to have gained a foothold to increase our competitiveness in supplying of direct extrusion and injection of aluminum materials through the recent completion of our 2nd factory.
Our company has been maintaining sound business relationships with numerous global partners such as Hanon Systems, Hutchinson, ContiTech, Nichirin, etc. for a long time, while leading the domestic market.
We have been engaged in this business for a long time, not only with domestic customers but also with renowned global partners such as Hanon Systems, Hutchinson, ContiTech, Nichirin and so on. And so it was that we could become a not big, but emerging leading player in global market.

What types of products your company largely produces now?
Currently, we produce ferrules, mufflers and IHX tubes as major products – in order to meet the demands of our global customers.
Ferrule is a critical component to connect rubber hoses to aluminum tubes in the automotive HVAC system, and mufflers are used for reducing noise caused by refrigerants, and are used for improving the performance of air conditioners through increasing the efficiency in heat exchange mechanism through IHX tubes.
And also, we are now professionally engaged in manufacturing a varied line-up of aluminum products including coolant tubes, grooved pipes, etc. – as a move to fully meet the various market demands.

Any special messages you want to deliver to your current and potential buyers?
Through this issue of Korea Buyers Guide, we want to convey our deep gratitude to our valued global clients, hoping that our close relationship with you be long lasting – on a sustainable mutual growth basis.
We have no choice but to confess that our engagement for producing high-quality products that contribute to a more efficient and sustainable automotive industry have always been our prime goal and also a pleasant challenge.
We are committed to continuously striving to look ahead beyond our current vision for new products – in order for us to release exciting new products – through innovative thinking and new technologies like braze-less mufflers, high corrosion-resisting aluminum materials, etc.
Join us to be a business partner with Wheel Corp. Thank you! | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Manufacturing the World’s Highest-Level Geared Motors has ever since its establishment in 1979 been solely engaged in manufacturing AC and DC small-geared motors.

Could you please briefly introduce your company?
Based on our determination to manufacture the world’s best geared motors, GGM has grown steadily into a strong enterprise that has a small but important presence on the global stage; and our company has been recognized as a Global Hidden Champion by the Small and Medium Business Administration for its success in supplying geared motors with low noise, high efficiency, high strength and price competitiveness both domestically and globally (50 countries all over the world), thanks to our continuous technical developments and sound investments.

Would you tell us more about your geared motors?
The geared motor is a key part that is used in all industrial automation products such as game machines, medical devices, automatic doors, refrigerators, vending machines, and so forth.
BLDC motors that operate with frictionless circuits, small AC / DC geared motors, and many other compact planetary gearheads are also available.
We develop and supply various high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers through our affiliated research institute’s development of more items, based on our accumulated experience in the production of small geared motors.

Do you have any further message for your valued customers?
We will reward our customers’ loyal support through the unified efforts of all staffs by supplying the highest-quality services including unlimited responsibility over the products supplied to customers. Moreover, we will invest great efforts in further technology development in order to contribute to a better quality of life for everyone. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Core Barrels[INQ. NO. 2005M06] TaeSung Co. is a leading manufacturer of exploration drilling equipment for Korea and the surrounding region since 1980. Taesung is specialized in the production of high-quality impregnated diamond core bits, reaming shells, core barrels, casing, drill rods, and more.
Taesung’s Core Barrels are made of raw materials of best quality appropriate for drilling, so they have excellent lifespan and quality and are currently being exported to various countries such as Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, etc.
Now there are many types of these barrels produced by the company – single tube core barrels, double tube core barrels, triple tube core barrels, and wire line core barrels.

The single tube core barrels are generally used to increase the collection rate of cores on an even ground. They cannot be used at the ground that can be easily collapsed or eroded by the circulation water.
The double tube core barrels are made of double tubes (outer tube, inner tube), and circulation water passes through the gap between the tubes and is not touched by the collected cores. They are not suitable to be used for the geological strata where core collection is difficult due to uneven strata with many cracks, coal beds, and soft layers. Also, they play a role of increasing the core collection rate.
The triple tube core barrels have almost the same structure with double tube core barrels, but tubes for the core case are built inside the inner tube.
The inner tube can be easily removed from a core case tube along with the cores taken into the inner tube.

It is a product that is made to collect the fresh cores without disruptions from the weak ground or broken layers where core collection is difficult with normal double core barrels.
The wire line core barrels are used to hoist the rods during the drilling and core collection works by the bits of Core barrels or at the time of bit changing.
The greater the depth of the hoisting works, the more becomes the number of the rods and the weight of the rods as well as the cost, time, and labor of works. In order to solve these problems, wire line core barrels have an inner tube that is fitted inside the outer tube, and hoist the inner tube onto the ground within the hole by use of wire rope. If you use this core barrel, the number of hoistings of the rods is reduced, and accordingly this is the most reasonable core barrel especially for the drilling of cores from deep layer.
As a long-lasting No.1 supplier in Korea over the past 40 years and a preferred supplier to many other countries, Tae Sung is committed to supplying its clients with only the best-quality products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Cast-resin Transformer[INQ. NO. 2005M05] Cast-resin transformers are becoming more popular due to strict environment regulation and increased concerns over fire explosion. Enertech Co., Ltd. has developed and manufactured cast-resin transformers for 15 years to cope with market demand. Cast-resin transformers meet the highest environmental, climatic, and fire-behavior standards as certified by CESI for climatic class C2, environmental class E2, and fire-behavior class F1. High level of quality was also verified through type tests performed by KEMA.
The maker manufactures cast-resin transformers for a wide range of infrastructural and industrial applications such as buildings and residential developments; plants to drive electric motors; underground stations; cranes at seaports, on board ships or offshore platforms.

Enertech’s Cast-resin Transformer has succeeded in combining the advantages of oil-filled and conventional dry-type transformers, which are fabricated with an epoxy resin. The windings are completely embedded under vacuum conditions. This casting method makes it possible to ensure void-free epoxy penetration of both the inner layer and turn-to-turn insulation.
The cast coil with epoxy resin with non-flammable characteristics has a self-fire-extinguishing performance, to be free from a fire caused by electrical sparks.
The cast coil with epoxy resin with high electrical and mechanical strength is manufactured in a robust structure against an electro-mechanical force occurring during short circuit, external impacts, and abnormal vibrations.
The cast coil with epoxy resin has an enhanced dielectric strength and does not suffer from the deterioration of dielectric property due to humidity and the aging effects of insulating materials, even after a long term without maintenance.
Compact size and lightweight type can be embodied by designing and manufacturing the coil by casting in a high vacuum using epoxy resin and insulating materials with good dielectric strength.
The cast coil with epoxy resin has a high thermal time constant factor, and it can thus endure much higher overloads for a short period of time.
Low-loss and low-noise are embodied through the optimal compact design using silicon steel of low-loss and good-insulating materials.
The cast coil with epoxy resin does not suffer from the deterioration of an insulating property due to humidity and moisture, so it is easy to inspect and maintain a transformer including the coil.
Founded in 2003, Enertech has been providing energy-saving products to the global market. The enterprise is supplying power distribution transformers, ESS (Energy Storage Systems), and power-savers, and they are recognized as excellent products in technology and performance. Its products are used in buildings, factories, schools, hospitals, data centers, shopping malls, and so forth. In the technology sector, it has obtained 15 patents and these differentiated technologies are always performing better than its competitors in the market. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Aluminum Die-casting Automotive Products[INQ. NO. 2004M06] Daeyong Industry has produced high-pressure Al die-casting for automotive parts and has achieved outstanding growth with strict quality-control and excellent engineering since its establishment in 1983.
Daeyong Industry is recognized by global customers for its superior technology.
Daeyong Industry has established itself as a global company by producing and supplying automotive parts to clients all over the world such as North America (GM, DELPHI, NSK, HITACHI, EATON, ALLISON, etc), Europe (BORGWARNER, VALEO, etc), South America (GM, DELPHI), and Asia (NSK, WABCO KOREA, etc). The company’s sales are export-oriented with 90% from the automotive industry alone.

In 2018, Daeyong Industry won the ‘Supplier of the Year’ award by GM for its efforts to satisfy customer demands. Its customers require an ever-increasing standard of higher quality and more complete structure with lower costs. Following this trend, Daeyong Industry is focusing on the growth of R&D and quality capabilities and has also achieved certifications such as IATF 16949, ISO 14000, and ISO 45001.
Its products include engine parts (Cam carrier, Cam-cap, Throttle body, EGR), Transmission parts (Valve body, Solenoid valve), Steering parts, Inverter for EV, and valve body, cam-cap ASM, throttle body, steering parts, and Inverter for EV.
Valve bodies are directly supplied to GM, Borgwarner, Eaton, and Allison. The process consists of super high speed die-casting, and machining and customer requirements are inner porosity, particle, leak, anodizing, tight machining requirement or customer machining.
Daeyong Industry has achieved quality score of valve body casting as 0PPM, based on Y2015~Y2018.
Cam carrier is directly supplied to GM. The process consisting of super high speed die-casting, machining, and sub-assembly and requirements includes bolting, particle, leak, mechanical property.

Inverters for EVs are directly supplied to Delphi Technologies, and Hitachi Automotive. The process consists of super high speed, high pressure die casting, machining, and sub assembly and customer requirements are targeted at cleanliness spec- particle size, leak requirement, thin-wall, and light weight.
With these products, Daeyong Industry has gained recognition for its superior technology from numerous customers, and has been constantly growing as a reliable company offering high quality, reasonable prices and delivery compliance to even exceed customer expectations. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Box Former for Big Boxes Hi-Tech, since its foundation in 1984, has been growing into a company that manufactures and installs packaging facilities including casers, sealers, case packers, setup machines and robot palletizer systems.

[INQ. NO. 2003M11] Daehyun Hi-Tech now manufactures various types of box formers, exclusively for big boxes.
The box former is used for forming large-size boxes. It is useful for boxes for such products as LCDs, bidets, softener, etc. For this machine, the combined forming method of Pin Pick-up and Vacuum methods is adopted. The low error occurrence rate is ensured due to precise folding and prevention of shaking.
For this product, a box feeding unit is installed with three rows and a screw-feeding method that is excellent for feeding large boxes. It comes equipped with a folding board for the bottom flaps. A wide folding board is used so that big size flaps can be folded easily; it can also be used for medium sized boxes. Height adjustment using a button is available. Instead of a handle, a vertical position switch is installed to set the height value of boxes using a geared motor.
Daehyun Hi-Tech, since its foundation in 1984, has been growing into a company that manufactures and installs packaging facilities including casers, sealers, case packers, setup machines and robot palletizer systems that establish auto logistics packaging system, through continuous management innovation and improvement of talent and technology-centered capabilities.

Following the company motto of new faith, creativity and trust of the customers, Daehyun leads the best technologies and quality stability while making continuous investments in extending facilities and new technology development.
By not dwelling on the present but researching and developing new technologies and establishing efficient production and a stable and organized system, the company considers values and satisfaction of its customers as its priorities.
The president of the company said, “We will try our best to become a company that makes every member grow through his/her work, promotes new challenges and passion and creates happy workplace, all of employees at Daehyun care for the customers to meet their needs for customer which ultimately lead to happiness of our customers.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

ANH Structure Co., Ltd. is emerging as a new leader in aviation, automotive, shipbuilding and general machinery industry design solutions for high-level structures’ design analysis

Located in Jinju Innovation City, the political, economic, and industrial hub of the western part of South Gyeonsang Province, ANH Structure has become a promising company in Korea by providing outstanding solutions in design, analysis, tests, and product development based on core engineering technologies in the heavy industry sector. The following is an interview with the CEO of ANH Structure.

Please introduce your company briefly

[INQ. NO. 1912M47] ANH Structure Co., Ltd. is located in Jinju, the Innovation City of South Gyeongsang Province designated by the Korean government. Founded in 2013, the company now has about 160 researchers, including Ph.D. degree holders.
ANH Structure provides excellent solutions in design, analysis, testing and product development based on core engineering technologies in the aerospace, automotive shipbuilding, offshore plant and other heavy industries.
ANH Structure’s business areas are structural design & analysis by the ANH Design Center, aircraft parts manufacturing by the ANH Manufacturing Center, tests and evaluations by the ANH Test Center, electronic control systems by the ANH System Development Center, unmanned aerial vehicles by the ANH UAV Center, airplane repair and maintenance by the ANH Repair Center. These centers offer total engineering services.

Would you tell us about your flagship products?

ANH Structure provides design solutions to analyze structures and design with its rich know-how accumulated through domestic and international projects in the aviation, automobile, shipbuilding and general machinery sectors. The main projects include the design of the A350-900 and 1000’s wing ribs and the KF-X’s FWD/MID/AFT fuselages, the KSLV-ll’s composite propulsion tank. Besides, ANH Structure is engaging in various development projects such as the development of special mission equipment for drones and multi-copters for disasters and social security and composite lightweight economy-class seats for large civil aircraft.

What is the status of your company’s exports?

To date, our company has not exported our products yet. But ANH Structure has been developing the automatic Tungsten InertGas (TIG) Welding System and Process since 2016 to secure technology to manufacture parts for the A320SL TIPCAP aircraft.
ANH Structure acquired the National Aerospace & Defense Contractor Accreditation Program (NADCAP) for the first time in the world in the field of automatic TIG welding in order to supply parts for the A320SL TIPCAP aircraft and registered as a partner of Airbus and Korean Air.
Moreover, ANH Structure is discussing cooperation with Haeco, an aircraft interior specialist, and Safran, an aviation engine and security solution provider, through the development of composite lightweight economy-class seats for large civil aircrafts.

Is there anything you want to say to foreign buyers?

ANH Structure is currently preparing to take off to grow into a comprehensive system company that can design, manufacture and test products and provide after-sales services in the aircraft sector. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Valves for Refrigerants PRECISION Co., Ltd. recently presented various kinds of highly competitive patented valves including QSV (Quick Service Valve), designed to prevent the loss of refrigerant, at HARFKO 2019.
KEEHA PRECISION designs and manufactures one-level upgraded valves used in refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment by applying patented technologies regarding prevention of refrigerant loss.
The QSV (Quick Service Valve) connects the indoor unit and outdoor unit, both of which are basically divided. Also,this valve is applicable to freezers and cooling systems. By operating the valve system, opening and closure of the inside flow passage is possible. And through a charge port, vacuum and refrigerant injections are possible. The most noticeable thing is that without recovering refrigerant, the maintenance for cooling pipe is possible. And this valve has a function of preventing the loss of refrigerant.
The company’s QSV controls the length of refrigerant pipe and it, is applicable to freezer and cooling systems. This valve, as a connected-style of valve, can swiftly block the possible loss of refrigerant. With stable function, it has been supplied to both domestic and overseas markets.
Established in 1987, KEEHA PRECISION has well been positioned as a professional company for molding design and manufacturing. As part of its eff orts to expand the background of the molding industry to the entire industry, the company has been accumulating technologies and know-how regarding optimized technology for molding design, technologies for ultra-precision operation and measurement. Also, KEEHA PRECISION, based upon trust from customers, has strived to endlessly satisfy its customers through developing innovative products.
KEEHA PRECISION also does its best to continuously pioneer productive overseas markets and seeks to secure trust in its products from its customers.
KEEHA PRECISION was designated as a promising tech company in 1999 and established a related institute and department to develop new technologies.
KEEHA PRECISION once entered the movable fi re pump business through technology transfer with other company and delivered its products to the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. (KHNP). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Web Browser System for the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Fields W, the nation’s first web browser system in the fi eld of air conditioning, can check and control real-time conditions of the site anytime, anywhere, on the base of the Internet without installing a PC.
In an environment where the administrator can’t reside and manage the environment, or a PC cannot be installed, Sysnet series − the optimal system for simultaneous data storage and surveillance control in a constrained environment − has been applied by the Rural Development Administration, NAVER, and Belimo, an actuator specializing company.
In addition, Sysnet X series, a conventional remote management program, is a professional monitoring system for refrigeration and air conditioning in the fi eld of industrial monitoring systems (BMS: Building management system). It is a solution that provides convenience to various users. In the case of Sysnet series, various communication protocols such as screws, unit coolers, chillers, air conditioners, thermo-hygrostats, and airconditioners are applied to the existing remote management program. It is possible to apply the necessary controller protocol without the need for an additional process of a controller.
Based on this diversity, Sysnet series can monitor the current state of the controller and alarms in real time. It has acquired HACCP certifi cation with its history management and graph function. It is applied to ICT business, and has become a solid solution leader. With the addition of convenient features such as confirming or sett ing up the equipment in SMS and smartphones, the demand by actual users is steadily increasing.
In addition to solutions, Systronics has also developed IAQ-06, a special sensor for environmental monitoring, and controller for special air-conditioning control and mushroom cultivation control controllers‒ based on steady R&D and know-how for many years in the controller fi eld. IAQ-06 measures temperature, humidity, Co2, VOC(Volatile Organic Compound), fine dust (PM10, PM2.5) for monitoring the atmosphere of high social interest and measures by alarm output and RS-485 communication.
Systronics participated in HARFKO 2019 to introduce Sysnet series, special cold and air-conditioning modules, and remote management programs. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods