KEPCO Plays a Catalytic Role in Exporting Korean Power Equipment to Cambodia

KEPCO Signs MOU for an Export Demonstration Project with Local Companies in Cambodia and Domestic SMEs.

Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) has served as a stepping stone for advancing into the market for power equipment in Cambodia in cooperation with domestic SMEs.
Recently in Cambodia, KEPCO signed an MOU for an export demonstration project with Best Partner Co. (BPC), a Cambodian power supply company, and Icel E&C, a demonstration project agency, as a pilot project to export Korean electric equipment to Cambodia.
The Export Demonstration Project is designed to install the quality products and systems developed for KEPCO and SMEs through coordinated R&D and demonstrate their suitability for the local environment to win export contracts.
This export demonstration project is a stand-alone microgrid (MG) power supply solution that utilizes solar power and batteries simultaneously based on the energy self-sufficient island project that KEPCO has promoted for many years. Starting with the demonstration project of the Cambodia stand-alone microgrid system, it is expected that an export contract worth about US$4.6 million will be signed for installation in 100 locations in Cambodia in 2019 and beyond.
Icel E&C is scheduled to install three independent MG systems consisting of 16 kW photovoltaic system and 2600AH batteries for power supplies used in mobile phone base stations in Cambodia.
Hwang Kwang-soo, Director- General of the Export Cooperation Department at KEPCO, attended the MOU signing and explained, “We hope that this project will improve the overall performance of electric power facilities in power stations in Cambodia by using high-quality Korean equipment. I also wish Cambodia and Korea have a long-lasting partnership.”
“KEPCO’s power technology is the best in the world,” remarked Paul Sabandi, president of BPC in Cambodia, adding, “We hope that KEPCO and Cambodia will maintain continuous exchange and cooperation through this project.”
Starting with this MOU, KEPCO is expecting to sign an agreement for export demonstration projects with Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), the only electric utility company in Malaysia and also the largest publiclylisted power company in Southeast Asia, and Indonesia Electric Power Corporation Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), an Indonesian government-owned corporation providing electricity distribution. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Precision Measuring Instruments[INQ. NO. 1803M05] MSOTEK is a specialized R&D center specializing in the development and manufacture of high-precision measuring instruments based on sensors and optical inspection & measurement technology. The company provides more reliable quality-assessment data through the analysis and management of measurement systems by experienced sensor- and optical-inspection technicians. In particular, MSOTEK is trying to hit its straps to launch products and search for new R&D sectors since moving into a new headquarters in Daejeon in 2012.
MSOTEK possesses various technological capabilities and is able to inspect and repair parts used in the field. Especially, industry experts are saying that since its establishment in 2009, MSOTEK’s sensor technology and optical technology, which have been secured through steady technology development, have been widely applied in the field so contributed greatly to the further development of display and semiconductor industries. Its space measurement devices (MCT-Series) and broken glass detectors (GBDR Series), which are the main products of MSOTEK, are highly convenient and economical management equipment and have been gaining in great popularity in the industry.
MSOTEK develops and manufactures semiconductor-related precision measurement equipment. Its main product, the Plasma Vertical Precision Measurement System (MCT-1000) is the only semiconductor-related precision measurement equipment produced in Korea and has superior performance compared with products of Taylor in the USA, dominating the world market.
The MCT-LCD Series is used for contact-leveling measurement of display CVD thin film deposition equipment. There are the wired MCT-1000 series and the wireless MCT-2000 series. 5CH and 9CH are adopted as channels. This series minimizes the influence of external noise and has the function to automatically stop overload and features high precision. This series also boasts a convenient user interface of the HMI. The MCT-SEM Series is designed to measure the contact leveling of semiconductor CVD film deposition equipment. The wireless MCT-4000 Series belong to the MCT-SEM Series. There are 200mm, 300mm and 450mm models. The MLL Series is used as a tool for specifying laser flatness. The MLL Series features high accuracy and an automatic analysis function. This series also has an automated analysis function. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Deep Learning-Based Artificial Intelligence Changes Autonomous Vehicle Technology Landscape recently, only a small number of companies with expertise in high-priced specialized sensors and the automobile industry could implement autonomous navigation technology. High technological and financial barriers formerly allowed only ICT giants and a small number of companies in the automobile industry with capabilities for long-term investment and technology development to take the initiative in the development of autonomous driving technology.

In fact, a single car used in the early days of Google’s development of autonomous driving was priced at about 170 million won. The price of a LIDAR sensor used as the core sensor of the car stood at 80 million won. In addition, about 170 staff members brought in mainly from automakers spent more than four years in R&D to develop a self-driving vehicle.

However, these high technological barriers are being broken down by artificial intelligence, especially deep learning. Companies that implement self-driving technology using deep- learning have been emerging rapidly over the past two years, particularly in Silicon Valley.

Unlike previous autonomous driving technology, which was implemented by automobile experts using a rule-based approach, these companies implement autonomous driving technology in a process as if people improved driving skills by repeating drives based on deep learning. A small number of developers are implementing autonomous driving technology in a very short time by using low-cost, general-purpose sensors rather than expensive ones.

In addition, the rapidly evolving artificial intelligence technology is expected to be applied to autonomous navigation and will accelerate the revolutionary change of technology competition in the future. Leading research institutes in the field of autonomous navigation are already conducting studies to integrate the latest research in artificial intelligence such as reinforcement learning, relational networks, and transferring intelligence into the development of autonomous navigation technology.

Especially, as these researches realize a process where artificial intelligence learns, reasons, and forecasts in a way similar to that of human beings, when applied to autonomous driving technology, it will be possible to develop a car that runs by thinking and judging like a human being.

In academia and the start-up world, autonomous driving technologies based on deep learning have already been introduced one after another. With innovative cases taking place every year, experts in the fields of artificial intelligence and deep learning, not experts in the automotive industry, are integrating their research into the automotive field and presenting their technology.

In particular, these companies are announcing their technologies as open sources and they are accelerating technology through researchers’ participation and competition. This method differs greatly from technology competition among major companies in the automobile industry which have developed technology through the development and internalization of their own technology.

Automakers that have adhered to existing methods are also responding to the new technology paradigm by rapidly securing their deep-learning capabilities. Major automakers with OEM systems such as Daimler, VW, and Toyota have been rapidly introducing external technologies by investing in and acquiring start-ups related to deep learning since 2016. Internally, they have also invested heavily in developing their own technologies by setting up AI-specialized research centers. In particular, GM and Ford are responding to technological competition where they have been lagging behind their rivals by acquiring or investing in self driving start-ups based on deep learning with more than one trillion won in investments each.

“The core of autonomous technology competition has already started to move to deep learning. Artificial intelligence experts in the field of deep learning are rapidly implementing autonomous navigation technology with low-cost general-purpose sensors. Most companies are also developing autonomous navigation technology based on deep learning and competition in the automobile industry is expected to focus on securing competence in artificial intelligence field and securing driving data in the future,” said Lee Seung-hoon, a researcher at the LG Economic Research Institute. “This is because the technological quality of AI based on machine learning such as deep learning will be determined by data collected more diverse driving environments and the utilization of learning processes.”

In addition, he said, “Companies such as and Tesla that have already recognized the importance of securing actual driving data have already gathered driving data from millions to hundreds of millions of kilometers and are using them in self driving learning processes. It is expected that when the autonomous driving market is full-fledged, technology gaps between companies with such data and advanced intelligence and those without them in the beginning of the market will be very large and it will be a big challenge for latecomers to narrow such gaps,” Lee added. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Commercial and Industrial Steamers[INQ. NO. 1801M11] SJE Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of Commercial and Industrial cleaning machines. SJE was established in 1991 in Busan, Republic of Korea. It had started importing and selling industrial high pressure washers from Europe to Korea. Shortly after starting its business, SJE had become a leading company in the industry.
In 2002, the company targeted the market for steam cleaning machines. With dramatic increase in its sales amount, SJE has developed to launch Korean steam cleaning machines and released Optima Steamer Series in 2004. SJE has been conducting R&D on the steam cleaners with expertise and technologies learned from years of experience. The excellent quality of its products meets customers’ needs over 177 countries around the world.
SJE is currently targeting global promising markets with its latest models of steamers – diesel steamers, electric steamers. Diesel steamers-Optima XD, Optima DM(DMF)- are equipped with a diesel burner and generate steam within 2min. The equipped boiler runs consistently and energy-efficiently. The burner with heat-efficient double layer maximizes heat transfer and minimizes fuel consumption and emissions. With their mobility, optima brands are suitable for mobile cleaning operations.
Electric Steamer Electric steamers – Optima XE, Optima EST, Optima SE II- are electric-powered steamers and can be a professional exterior and interior as car wash machines. They are ideal for the wine & brew industry, sanitizing its facilities. In addition, Optima brands can be used for sanitization of food processing equipment without chemicals.



SJE’s diesel steamers and electric steamers consume a fraction of water, wasting no water. They ensure clean washing even for hard-to-reach areas. The sanitization without chemicals is possible. They are potable, enabling the users to more easily and swiftly use them than existing other brands. They ensure more versatile applications. They are used for such diversified applications as car wash, auto repair shop, winery, brewery, kitchen, restaurant, food factory, hospital, healthcare service, weed removal, and public health service.
SJE promises it will commit itself to continuously research and develop more advanced commercial and industrial steamers to meet the growing, various levels of customers’ needs around the world for many years to come. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Electric Welders[INQ. NO. 1801M06] SUNJINWELD CO., LTD. has been a professional welding machine manufacturer in Korea for more than 30 years.
It mainly produces Inverter CO2 welders, Inverter TIG welders, Inverter ARC welders, PLASMA cutters, S.C.R CO2 welders, and GOUGING, etc.
Also, it has obtained many certifications, including ISO 9001:2008, and is a Incheon Quality Recommend and Venture Business. The company strives for continuous quality control through establishing an R&D Center.
It is constantly exporting to many countries in Asia, the Middle East, etc., as well as supplying large domestic companies due to its excellent technology and price competitiveness.


Inverter CO2/MAG Welder

It is ideal for high-speed welding as its arc starts smoothly and it solves problems of burn back.
As it reduces spatters significantly by using the ferrite core, it shortens the spatter removal time after welding.
It makes automation matching easy, improves arc stability by improving the wave pattern control characteristic and maintains a not-disconnected constant arc even when the arc length changes.



Inverter TIG Welder

Work using the 75m torch cable is available as it uses high frequency PCB. It is best for fillet welding and double metal welding. It realizes wide-range welding from thin plates to thick plates (0.3~8mm). D.C. MMA welding is also available.
It can also weld stainless steel, soft steel, copper, titanium, low alloy steel, chrome, aluminum, etc.


Inverter Arc Welder

It makes on-site welding convenient as it has excellent portability with micro-size and ultralight weight. It has excellent safety by adopting the circuit preventing electric shock and overheating and protecting the power supply. It is economical with its power-saving design. It also has high utilization with excellent heat protection efficiency.
Most metal welding such as soft steel, alloy, stainless steel, cast iron, etc. shows excellence. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Water and Sewage Products in 1996, Mirae Industry manufactures a variety of water and sewage products, and construction materials. The maker holds more than 70 patents and certifications. To respond to the rapidly changing environment, Mirae Industry set its aim to be a leading company in the field with a new growth strategy and an efficient management system.
The company’s new product Grease Trap is a device that filters FOG (Fat, Oil, and Grease) discharged from restaurants and kitchens. When the wastewater produced in the food treatment process passes through this Grease Trap, it separates the grease using buoyancy created by the difference in oil and water density.
The air-intake hole in the cover facilitates the flow and separation of running water. The user can adjust the airintake amount according to the circumstances. The sight glass on the cover helps the user to know when to separate the FOG, which prevents overflowing. Locking levers on the edge of the cover ensure the cover is fixed strongly on the body. The cover is detachable using the levers. Inside the cover, there is rubber ring attached. It blocks the occurrence of inner gas and removes odors from the product. The filter in front of the outlet strains the debris like food waste.
With corrugated rubber packing at the inlet and outlet, there is no leaking problem. Also it helps the builder to work in a simpler way. As all of the material is reinforced plastic, the product is strongly protected against impact and damages. Unlike stainless products, there is no corrosion and rust, and it is thus semi-permanent.
There are existing competitive products including the Height Adjustable Inspection Chamber, Height Adjustable Catch Basin, which all commonly called “manholes.” The two products’ appearances have round-shaped bodies. They can be located underground and are effectively designed to withstand any kinds of toil pressure. They permit height adjustment and can be easily connected to pipes with the help of watertight packing on both sides where water passes. Thus, they do not permit leakage of water at all.


Ceaseless, Stable Investment in R&D

The company has patents for nearly all products it invented. The company shows its strong performance through acquiring eco-friendly product certifi cations. And it was chosen as a technology innovation company.
The company conducts everything from product development, to molding manufacturing, injection molding, using only its own technologies and know-how accumulated over the past 20 years. The company is capable of swift testing and production of new products, and it is thus investing four percent of the yearly sales amount in R&D development. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Heat-Resistant Steel Casting Special Steel was established in October 1989, under the name of Chunheung Casting Co., Ltd. And on August 1, 1997, the name of the company was changed to YS Special Steel along with its production items from FC to carbon steel and stainless steel. Currently, it casts mainly special steel to make machine parts, valve, pump, heat resistance castings, Recently, YS Special Steel has been exporting heatresistant steel, manganese steel and chrome steel to Japan, which are products used for heat-treating furnaces, incinerators, continuous casting facilities at steel plants and mills. Main customers in Japan include JMC, KURIMOTO and FUJICAR. The company has been implementing a management policy which targets quality first, customer satisfaction first, maximizing productivity and right reward and punishment to build a system for zero defect, 100% on-time delivery, no change in technicians through 365 days, as well as a 100% accident-free record.
As of 2016, R&D investment was 6.8% with export ratio up to 26% compared with total sales. In particular, the company has completed a confidential agreement and vendor registration with “company”, which is a North American plant company with 150 years of tradition, in the process of R&D business under overseas purchase conditions. In fact, the company is focusing on R&BD (Research & Business Development) with advanced countries and domestic conglomerates, instead of mere R&D, to be able to commercialize the advanced technology in the real market. Through a stable IP R&D roadmap, the company excludes development of overlapping technologies and focuses on becoming a base material core company.


Heat-Resistant Steel Casting

YS Special Steel produced heat-resistant steel to meet various purposes as it has corrosion resistance, hardness, breaking strength and low inextensional deformation at high temperature. The company has delivered heat-resistant steel to Kurimoto, Samsung-ENG, JMC in the form of grate bars, grate plates, end blocks, scrapers, liner blocks, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Various Kinds of Motors[INQ. NO. 1709M03] Established in 2001, Mnyx is a specialized manufacturer of DC motors and BLDC motors and supplies motors for ATMs, offices and medical devices.
The company actively conducts R&D based on expert experience and know-how in the field of DC motors to satisfy customers’ requests with quality and price.
Over the DC motor, the motor rotates due to the interaction of the permanent magnet and the electromagnet when the power is supplied through the carbon brush and the commutator.
The company aims to become a leading company in DC motors based on customers’ trust and satisfaction.
Regarding the company’s BLDC motor, it is a motor created after installing an electronic rectifier and eliminating the mechanical contact parts (carbon brush, commutator, etc.). The motor’s features low noise, high power, and semi-permanent life.
In 2012, Mnyx acquired certifications of ISO 9001, Fan Heater TUV NRTL. In 2013, the company succeeded in registered a patent regarding Rotary Solenoid. In 2014, it succeeded in registering as a subcontractor with LG CNS, becoming a leading company in the field in the nation. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Producing Alternator Regulators and Rectifiers with Confidence[INQ. NO. 1708M22] Genon manufactures alternator regulators and rectifiers for automotive, and currently exports to 36 countries including the USA, Japan, Russia, Egypt, Australia, Venezuela, etc. Its engineers have more than 20 years of experience in the fields of R&D, manufacturing and automotive in Korea. This is why it can provide various kinds of alternators, starter motors and parts for cars.
The alternator regulator in the aftermarket will be undergoing more changes over the next five years than what it has over the past 50 years since the products such as COM type, RLO type, RVC type, LIN/BSS type are emerging.
Genon has developed them already after a lot of trial and error tests. For this reason, it provides all customers with a two-year warranty while other companies have only less than one-year warranty.

The Most Representative Products to Hit the International Market

Alternator regulators apply for 12V and 24V charging systems with a wide range of operating temperatures, from -45°C to +135°C. A self-compensating thermal circuit with custom setting voltage as well as custom package design is available. They are multi-functional with HIC & ASVR types, including LRC function, faulty warning and protection.
Alternator rectifiers also apply for 12V and 24V charging systems with press-fit type zener diode. Alternator die-cast and extrusion-type heat sink are available with welded connection to the stator wire.
Genon produces test systems for alternator regulators and rectifiers as well. The test systems for alternator regulators are classified into mono and multi function regulator test system. They have a gauge analysis tool and a process capability analysis tool. Also they are equipped with a complex system dut board and kelbin matrix board. Test system for alternator rectifier is alternator rectifier ASM test system. Zener and avalanche type diode tests are available with programmable super power and V/I source. Testing usually takes only six seconds. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Stick Boom Crane[INQ. NO. 1708M03] Established in 1979, Kanglim, based on hydraulic equipment manufacturing technologies, has been specializing in manufacturing various kinds of top-quality cranes and special vehicles. Kanglim delivers them to both domestic and overseas markets and contributes to the elevation of the development of local hydraulic technologies.
Among Kanglim’s several major cranes, the Stick-Boom Crane is designed to perform safe loading and unloading of heavy-weight cargo in high and wide working ranges. Also, it provides powerful hoisting capacity, maximized working height and high working speed based on remarkable durability, convenient operation and safety design. It is used for construction work. Now the maker has about 26 kinds of stick boom cranes.
Based on accumulated experience and know-how, Kanglim strives always to respond to customers with best-quality products. Furthermore, Kanglim is heavily investing its R&D efforts into developing advanced products related to future key areas of the environment, logistics, safety, construction machinery. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods