Charging Service

[INQ. NO. 2203M18] Korea Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Technology is an integrated electric vehicle platform service company that has developed advanced charging service integrated operation solutions based on standardized systems in the electric vehicle charging infrastructure market, providing stable charging services.
KEVIT’s EVC Integrated Operation Solution is based on the Charging Station Management System (CSMS) of Open Charging Point Protocol (OCPP). It provides various solutions in the electric vehicle charging technology and charging service fields. KEVIT is now growing rapidly with S/W capabilities in the charging infrastructure market.

Charging Service

Convenient Charging Service
KEVIT’s charging service is convenient because charging service is available through the mobile app without issuing membership cards. Last August, KEVIT was the first in the world to be certified with the highest OCPP security level for CSMS. As such, KEVIT is recognized as an EV charging infrastructure provider with the best IT technology in Korea.

Charging Service

KEVIT provides charging service for EV drivers. In addition, KEVIT manages consignment operation of EV chargers for workplaces, public institutions, and logistics. KEVIT Charging Service provides charging infrastructure for various areas. Using the mobile app, users can authenticate, charge EV, and pay charging fees. KEVIT CSMS provides various functions such as charging station and charging station management, monitoring, user management and usage fee settlement, and statistical management.

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‘Fast Mover’ of Korea’s EV Charging Infrastructure Platform

[INQ. NO. 2203M17] Jeju Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd., which developed the first private electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in Korea in 2012, has been a first mover that is leading a new paradigm by applying electric vehicle infrastructure and new renewable energy operation technology and software-based ICT technology to the existing electric power and energy industries.
Furthermore, it has been exploring various future industries including Energy Management Systems (EMS), energy operation system efficiency, and establishment of convergence electric vehicle charging stations, keeping pace with the times of smart grids and electric vehicles that have been receiving global attention.

‘Fast Mover’ of Korea’s EV Charging Infrastructure Platform

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Platform (JoyEV)
JoyEV is an EV infrastructure membership platform of Jeju Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. that developed the first private EV charging infrastructure in Korea in 2012. With the meaning of ‘Enjoy EV: Enjoyable EV Life,’ it uses a smile as a motif to declare its slogan, ‘Enjoy EV Life!’
JoyEV aims at creating a Korean version of the integrated EV lifestyle service membership platform by expanding its service to related platforms from EV charging infrastructure service.

‘Fast Mover’ of Korea’s EV Charging Infrastructure Platform

Convergence Electric Vehicle Charging Station using Sunlight Generation and ESS
The convergence electric vehicle (EV) charging station using sunlight generation and ESS, which is the realization of electric vehicles operated by the source of new renewable energy, is a new energy business model that is operated by converging sunlight, ESS (energy storage system) and an electric vehicle charging station. Unlike other existing businesses, it is contributing to the expansion of convergence EV charging stations led by private businesses as the first private investment business.
As the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy granted special regulatory exemption, JoyEV will construct convergence charging stations at the World Cup Station in Seogwipo, Jeju, and the bus turn-back station in Susan-ri, Aewol-eup, Jeju in March in Jeju, the city of electric vehicles. This business uses a method that stores electricity produced by sunlight generation in ESS, and then charges an electric vehicle with it right away. Jeju Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. handles the construction and operation of charging stations, and LG Energy Solution manages the construction of ESS and EMS (Energy Management System).

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Electrical Vehicle Charger Power Module

[INQ. NO. 2203M16] Y2Solution Co., Ltd. is a switched mode power supply (SMPS) manufacturing company with a 46-year-long history, founded in 1976. Y2Solution supplies switched mode power supply (SMPS) for premium TV including OLED TV of LG Electronics based on a Digilog circuit technique in which digital and analog are coupled.
Based on a SMPS technique accumulated while doing business with LG Electronics, the company has released its 35KW SMPS for fast charging for electric vehicles. With differentiated technology and competitiveness, the values on which the company is based are “respect for life,” and “improving quality of life.”

Electrical Vehicle Charger Power Module

The company’s power module, YEVCM35K-1000, performs a function supplying DC voltage required for charging a battery inside a charger by applying new power topology technology. It receives three-phase AC power and converts it into DC power, and DC/DC converter controls output voltage in accordance with the requirements for vehicle batteries. By applying Sic-based MOSFET, switching and conducting loss have been minimized (AC-DC power conversion efficiency 96% or more).
In addition, with very high-density design (20W/Inch³), it is designed in the same size as other companies’ 30kW products, so one-on-one replacement is possible, providing customers with application convenience.
Stable modular current-sharing is possible, and even if one of the modules is broken down by modularization of the power conversion unit, the other module can keep on operating so as to secure stability for customer use.

Electrical Vehicle Charger Power Module

It satisfies the charging requirements of batteries for global electric vehicles (150V~500V section: maintaining constant current mode 70A, 500V~1,000V section: constant power mode) and provides long life and high reliability (design securing enough margin, lifespan: min 50,000hr or more, verifying MTBF min 2,000,000hrs).
The strong point of the product is that customers can reduce the number of power module compared to 30kW level and reduce the volume and the cost. The range of output voltage is 150V to 1,000V, enabling various types of vehicles and a large output, which is 35kW level, contributing to improvement of charging speed.
While supplying electric vehicles, as travelable distance becomes greater and battery capacity is increased, Y2Solution is planning to significantly improve the performance of the power module by releasing a product that is ultra-high efficiency(97% or more) based on 35kW commercializing technology, 35W/Inch³ of very high-density, and 50kW of ultra-high-capacity.

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Two-seater Micro Electric Vehicle

[INQ. NO. 2203M15] CEVO Mobility Corp. spun off from CammSys, a renowned manufacturer of camera modules, was established in April 2021 with an aim to strengthen its expertise and independence in the EV business.
CEVO-C, the first two-seater micro electric vehicle launched by CammSys in 2019, surprised the market with its unique design and convenience, and achieved the No.1 market share in South Korea in 2020 and 2021 consecutively.

Two-seater Micro Electric Vehicle
Two-seater Micro Electric Vehicle

CEVO-C SE, the follow-up model released by CEVO Mobility, equipped with made-in-Korea lithium-ion battery, continues to gain popularity with its economic efficiency, styling design, and increased mileage.
With its compact size and excellent mobility, CEVO-C SE is also suitable for car sharing for short-distance trips, such as grocery shopping, food delivery, and commuting etc. Therefore, CEVO Mobility is accelerating the development of a separate car-sharing business using CEVO-C SE in Korea.
In the meantime, CEVO Mobility also aims to expand sales in domestic and overseas markets by adding four-seater passenger EVs and light commercial electric trucks.
CEVO-C is South Korea’s first self-developed two-seater micro electric vehicle and was successfully launched in 2019, causing a sensation in the market. Even after achieving the No. 1 market share in 2020, CEVO Mobility constantly tried to improve quality by reflecting customer feedback, and in 2021, CEVO Mobility launched a follow-up model CEVO-C SE with battery capacity increased by 2kWh, and the mileage increased by 13% compared to the previous model.

Two-seater Micro Electric Vehicle

Along with its stylish design, CEVO-C SE comes in four distinct colors: passion red, midnight blue, aqua blue, and lime green — and offers convenient features such as power windows, air conditioner, and electric door locks.
Also, the vehicle is equipped with booster and disc brakes based on the space frame structure, providing best-in-class safety features. Equipped with a 10.16kWh lithium-ion battery, the vehicle is optimized for short-distance travel for various purposes, such as commuting, shopping, last-mile delivery and leisure activities.

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EV Chargers

[INQ. NO. 2203M14] Since its founding in 2004, SPEEL Co., Ltd. has been working closely with its customers to provide them with great products.
With the company’s “quality-first” philosophy, it maintains its key to success through continued improvement and committing to its customers’ faith and trust.
SPEEL is supplying EV chargers by acting on the call by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Welfare to install multi-unit electric chargers. This is also in response to the market changes for increasing consumer demands in the eco-friendly age for higher fuel efficiency and need for reduction of fossil fuel usage due to serious air pollution caused by automobiles.
The motto of “Quality determines the fate of a company” is its absolute commitment, fulfilling its social responsibilities as a young and strong company and to be a best partner.
SPEEL specializes in design, manufacture and sales of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE, also known as chargers) since 2018.
SPEEL is one of the largest suppliers of full range of EVSEs from AC level 1 chargers to DC Fast Chargers (DCFC) in Korea, and has already deployed about 6,500 level 1&2 chargers and about 650 DCFCs throughout the nation.

EV Chargers

Quick Chargers (50kW, 100kW) / AC (7kW)
These quick chargers adopt ergonomic EV coupler designs. Automatic time-of-day LCD brightness control is possible.
A wide range of operational temperature and humidity conditions is ensured. The charging capacity limit depends on the delivered power. An emergency stop switch is installed for all models. LCD display with tempered glass and capacitive touch are basically installed.
Voice guidance is supported, and they are also equipped with a charge coupler sense function.
These quick chargers are of IP55 protection rating (KC mark certified) products. Anti-rust powder coating for case protection is applied.

EV Chargers

Quick multi-EV type (200kW, 400kW)
This type is capable of simultaneous charging of eight EVs on all four stations. Up to 200kW charging per vehicle is ensured, and it is a DC combo- charge type. Auto-height-control display for people with disabilities is available. Optimized space utilization with separated power-bank-module to dispensers installation is possible. Large LCD (20”+) screen with tempered glass and capacitive touch screen are respectively installed.
Voice user guidance and anti-rust powder coating case protection is applicable.

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7kW EV Home Charger

[INQ. NO. 2203M13] Established in 2007, after starting out as a leader in developing measuring instruments and measurement automation, Infinity Works has become recognized as a company that develops and deploys high-quality products with stability and accuracy, from which Infinity Works could advance to the ‘new normal’ of EV chargers.
As one of the exhibitors of CES in Las Vegas in 2022, Infinity Works has showcased the 7kW smart home charger, which has features of modern design with five different covers, micro-size smaller than A4-size — as well as competitive prices by using a smartphone application to manage and control the charger.

7kW EV Home Charger

Also, the 20kW portable charger that can be applied to the insurance company, EV showroom, auto-repair shop, etc. attracted keen interest from CES attendees, which has promoted the high technology of Infinity Works globally.
Infinity Works’ 7kW smart home charger has four distinctive characteristics compared to other general home chargers: First of all, it has a fantastic and modern design with five different cover colors for customer preferences. Also, customers can check charging status through the front LED-lighting display.
Secondly, the size of the main body is smaller than A4-size paper by 3D CAD design with a compact space that is designed by Infinity Works engineers.

7kW EV Home Charger

Thirdly, Infinity Works is proud of its competitive price with higher quality and performance. Infinity Works has achieved cost-minimization by single board design and quality-control through precise automatic inspection equipment. Also, the charger has adopted a smartphone application to monitor and check charging status, as well as to control charging power just by touching the phone screen.

7kW EV Home Charger

Finally, Infinity Works has acquired CE certification to export overseas and attracted strong interest from various attendees during CES in Las Vegas this year, where Infinity Works is seeking to further open its overseas markets, to achieve sales of more than 10,000 sets of home chargers this year.

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Organic Rice Cookies for Babies

[INQ. NO. 2202M17] Ayiyum Organic Rice Cake Tteokppong is a baby snack made by compressing rice cakes and puffing them with air pressure, which melts softly in the mouth for babies to eat comfortably. Made with 100% organic and natural raw materials while containing no artificial or synthetic additives it has acquired certifications including organic processed food and HACCP.
Tteokppong does not leave powder on the hands, so it can be eaten without sticking to the hands. About 6.5-7cm in length, it comes in a good size for babies to hold and eat by themselves. This product consists of White Rice, Purple Sweet Potato, and Spinach.

Organic Rice Cookies for Babies

Ayiyum Organic Rice Cookie Puffing Ring is a healthy rice cracker made by puffing domestic-produced organic rice with healthy fruit powder and additional nutrients. Made by puffing only with heat and air pressure without using oil, it is a mild rice cracker that can be eaten safely.
It contains gluten-free quinoa, which is high in protein and rich in omega 3 fatty acids that is good for brain activity, as well as calcium, which is important for the development of the baby’s skeleton and teeth, and vitamin C to help improve immunity. To provide a healthy and sweet taste, it contains organic agave syrup, which is low in calories and contains minerals and fiber, instead of sugar.

Organic Rice Cookies for Babies

Puffing Ring is a small ring-shaped finger food that babies can pick up and eat on their own. It comes in an ideal size for developing babies’ hand muscles. This product comes in Yellow, Orange, and Purple. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate

[INQ. NO. 2202M16] PGMEA (Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate, cas no. 108-65-6) varies according to the purity, but the general purity (99.7%) is a cleaning solvent for printer boards, a precision cleaning solvent, and a solvent for paint. High purity (99.95%) is used as a PR thinner for LCD substrates, and ultra-high purity (99.99%) is used as a PR thinner for semiconductors.
During the semiconductor process, PGMEA is used as a thinner in the RRC (Reducing Resist Consumption) process, which applies a thinner first before raising the PR during the photolithography process, and the EBR (Edge Bead Removal) process that removes the PR solution attached to the edge of the wafer. The use of lithography processes of less than 10 nm has been expanded and its usage is gradually increasing.
As the semiconductor manufacturing process is refined from 10nm -> 7nm -> 5nm -> 3nm -> 2nm, the distillation process and the impurity removal process have been developed to match the semiconductor microprocessing process to produce ultra-high purity PGMEA.

Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate

JAEWON INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has since its foundation in September 1987 at Yeosu Industrial Complex, been engaged in petrochemical and electronic material production, which requires high-standard distillation technology for value-added production.
JAEWON INDUSTRIAL deals with a large variety of the high-value petrochemical refining business and industrial grade alternative fuel production using renewable resources.
Equipped with an extensive capacity of storage tanks, JAEWON INDUSTRIAL is capable of offering professional logistics management services in a safe and fast manner, and the services include storage, load and unload service, and management of petrochemical products.
Ever since its establishment in 1987, JAEWON INDUSTRIAL has been making continuous investment in R&D and its facilities. JAWON INDUSTRIAL has thus completed the foundation of the world’s leading technology in purification technology of petrochemical and electronic solvent.
The president of the company commented, “We will provide the best-quality products to our valued customers in return for their sincere support through continuous technology development, strict quality control, and efficient production system.”

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Monomers for Polyimide (PI), Colorless Polyimide (CPI)

[INQ. NO. 2202M15] Aromatic Diamines and Dianhydrides which are used as raw materials for Polyimide are products with high purity of more than 99.9%. Polymide has excellent mechanical strength, chemical-resistance, weather-resistance, heat-resistance, superior thermal and chemical stability, and electrical properties such as dielectric behavior.
They are key raw materials of Flexible Printed Circuit Boards (FPCBs) for various electronic equipment, Tape Automated Bonding (TAB) for semiconductor mounting, and Heat Dissipating Sheet for IT devices. Polyimide is also used as insulating materials such as motors, electric wires and insulating materials in the aviation and space industries and increasingly used as a light, flexible polymer substrate material that can potentially replace the existing glass substrate in IT devices.

Monomers for Polyimide (PI), Colorless Polyimide (CPI)

Alicyclic Dianhydrides which are used as raw materials for Colorless Polyimide, are products with high purity more than 99.9% and low metal content at ppb level. Colorless Polyimide features superiority of Polyimide and transparency and is used as a flexible cover window which replaces a tempered glass for the multi-foldable, rollable IT devices.

Monomers for Polyimide (PI), Colorless Polyimide (CPI)

Korea PTG Co., Ltd., is a leading company in the field of C4 stream technology and currently produces highly purified Maleic Anhydride, 1,4-Butanediol and Tetrahydrofuran (THF) with its annual capacity of 30,000 MT, respectively.
Korea PTG also become a reliable partner of the spandex, polyurethane, and plastics industries thanks to its manufacturing capability for an annual production of 30,000 MT of Polytetramethylene ether glycol (PTMEG).

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World’s First Stainless Roll Compound Pipes for Drinking-Water Supply

[INQ. NO. 2201M16] This product is a drinking-water supply pipe made of stainless-steel pipe with extruded polyethylene sheath.
The side that comes in contact with drinking water is made of stainless steel, and the side that comes in contact with soil is made of polyethylene, so it is excellent in terms of hygiene and endurance. It comes in 50-meter-or-longer units reducing the number of joints, which makes it easier to install, reduces installation cost and time, and improves the water-flow rate.

World’s First Stainless Roll Compound Pipes for Drinking-Water Supply

This product is the world’s first stainless steel roll compound pipe of 20A-200A standard, which is available in straight pipe and roll pipe(In case of the roll pipe, 20A-150A).
Fifty-meter or longer roll pipes are manufactured in the factory, delivered to the field, straightened, and then installed.
Pressing and fusing of components is applied, and fusing force and water tightness are strengthened with the part dedicated to spol pipe (i.e., spol joint).
Water pressure is 6MPA (1h), and pull strength is 70N/10mm or stronger. Its insulation resistance, flatness and bending performance are respectively excellent. It also is strongly resistant against earthquakes higher than magnitude 7.

World’s First Stainless Roll Compound Pipes for Drinking-Water Supply

Kumkang, established in 1998, has been consistently manufacturing high-quality stainless-steel water tanks and SPOL pipes so that the tap water we drink can be stored and supplied cleanly and safely.
Kumkang has acquired more than 30 patents as a result of endless technological research and development.

World’s First Stainless Roll Compound Pipes for Drinking-Water Supply

Kumkang possesses not only citations from the President and the Prime Minister of Korea, but also numerous quality and performance certificates from public certification agencies, including the excellent procurement item certificate from the Public Procurement Service of Korea, New Excellent Product Certificate, and the performance certificate from the Small and Medium Business Administration of Korea.
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