Agricultural Tractor[INQ. NO. 1907M04] KUKJE MACHINERY, with its inception in 1968, has been positioning itself as South Korea’s representative agricultural machinery maker over the past 50 years. With its goal of “Improvement of the level of human-beings’ lives through machinery,” the company has been engaged in manufacturing and selling of agricultural machinery including tractors, combines, rice-planting machines, etc. and industrial engines.
KUKJE MACHINERY strives always to meet users’ diverse needs with various line-ups ranging from compact tractors (below 30-horsepower) to medium-and large-sized ones. Among them, KUKJE MACHINERY produces its most popular product known as the “5025 Cabin tractor,” based on the fact that the model has been gaining the highest reputation among the existing similar ones, in terms of completeness.
This model comes with state-of-the-art audio and radio systems, and provides the drivers with broader front and back views, ensuring that the model can provide the operators with the most efficient working environment in a comfortable environment. KUKJE MACHINERY promises it can be a best partner for your business when you make your decision for the product. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Fermenter[INQ. NO. 1907M03] Fermentec, a company established to help extend production facilities for the many biotech (BT) companies founded in Korea since the IMF crisis, has been receiving favorable responses domestically and internationally based on technology accumulated in Korea.
Since Fermentec received international acknowledgement after receiving an order from the biotechnology support center of FORMOSA Group, the largest company in Taiwan, in 2002, it has been producing and installing many systems for Korean pharmaceutical firms. Based on the technology it uses to produce and supply precision fermentation facilities for domestic and foreign bio companies and pharmaceutical companies, Fermentec makes chemical reactors and products related to liquid seed culture mediums.
Fermentec’s medium-scale and small-scale pilot fermenters are good for producing high-value precision fermentation goods or research. Pilot fermenters that are designed and produced to ASME standards to satisfy international standards cause no corrosion or abrasion, minimize material quality degeneration through delicate processing, and are produced after being approved as pressure vessels that are safe in high-temperature and high-pressure situations.
The compact pilot fermenters can be installed in narrow spaces of research rooms, and can be easily operated and maintained and repaired due to their automated systems and proper arrangement of devices. They have adopted the highest-standard controllers to secure precise control and reliability of operation data, and their control program of the highest technology in the industry guarantees improved results. Fermentec’s spirit of putting customers’ safety first is reflected in the control systems and the multiple safety systems adopted for their vessel parts. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Packaging Sealers and Wrappers[INQ. NO. 1907M02] Established in 2006, K-PACK Co. Ltd. has been manufacturing various kinds of packaging-related products including bag sealers and wrapping machines, vacuum sealers and band sealers and bag closing machines (Twist tie machines).
K-PACK is seeking to expand its productive markets based on its success in the local market to the global market, backed by its long experience in the packaging industry.
As a leading company in this field, the company believes that it can give its valuable customers lasting satisfaction with its guarantees in terms of competitive price, superior quality, and excellent service.
While keeping up with the rapidly changing market conditions in which product quality is highly emphasized, the company assures its potential customers that it will concentrate its all efforts to be remembered as a leaders in the 21st-century packaging industry through the continued investment in development of products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Livestock Blood Recycling Equipment[INQ. NO. 1907M01] NANUM Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in recycling of livestock’s blood in an eco-friendly way. It is well-known in Korea with technology that enables blood protein to be decomposed as high-quality natural amino acid by using an enzyme rather than using chemicals. By using the natural amino acid produced by such a process, this company manufactures fertilizers, feed additives, and bioactivity materials and exports recyclable equipment to foreign markets. NANUM is about to contribute to the improvement of global soils and water-quality.

NANUM’s livestock blood recycling equipment is a facility that produces a high-quality natural amino acid liquid fertilizer in an eco-friendly way by recycling a livestock’s blood. With one ton of blood, NANUM produces up to 1.3t (organic farming) to 1.5t (multi-purpose) of high-quality amino acid liquid fertilizer, producing approximately 400 tons yearly. This is what it called the world’s first full-automatic system and can be easily operated by just one operator. It is cost-effective including low electricity cost. It requires about four months to be installed.

The company’s high-quality natural amino acid liquid fertilizer is made from livestock’s blood that was decomposed by using an enzyme. This fertilizer contains plenty of natural amino acids and various kinds of minerals, all of which crops love to absorb. It is officially recognized for its outstanding effectiveness in the cultivation of crops, and is being exported to China, Vietnam, and Myanmar. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Cryogenic Liquid Gas Cylinder in 1996, HanbeeCryo Co., Ltd. is the only company in S. Korea to produce cryogenic liquid gas cylinders (LGC) for over 20 years. HanbeeCryo only produces the cylinders that pass the inspection (Code KGS AC 213 & 416) according to the prescribed inspection items by the Korea Gas Safety Corporation ( KGS).
HanbeeCryo’s cryogenic liquid gas cylinder is a product used for storing and carrying industrial liquid gas that nears about 200-degrees below zero. Now it is widely used for various industrial sites such as shipbuilding, automobiles, electronics, foods, and medical, etc.
This product has superior durability and insulation (maintaining for five days in a situation of full charging of liquid gas in cylinder). And this product has an easy structure to overhaul. All of these features explain why the existing customers

still prefer to use the company’s products. There are three categories of products – cryogenic liquid gas cylinders, fuel cylinders for LNG vehicles, and customized products – that are now manufactured.
HanbeeCryo has been supplying the LGC with economical prices by diversifying the specifications of the desired products according to the needs of the consumers by capacity and pressure by the R&D and management based on advanced techniques since its establishment. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Battery Recovery System Inc. launched its business career by releasing a battery recovery system on the market in 2009. This company has been supplying the battery recovery system to 86 countries over the past decade, gaining a good reputation from global customers.
The battery recovery system MCS is an all-in-one device for high-capacity charging, and it is an IT power apparatus with latest ICT technologies related to the maintenance, diagnosis, and recovery of batteries.
MCS’s battery recovery process is so fully automated and controllable by its software program that swift recovery is ensured. If user uses their own battery with BMS technology, the user can analyze the battery to the cell unit.
With no necessity for a separate setting, MCS operates with a single click of the motion button and then a suitable operation is carried out. The status of the battery is displayed with various kinds of graphics so that the user can easily check whether the battery is in a poor condition. The control program for Windows on a PC is automatically upgraded once the Internet is connected. Also, this is always maintained as a latest program. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machines in 2008, DCSENG has been manufacturing its S-Cutter, made exclusively for pipelines. For the first time as a late starter in Asia, DCSENG has been recognized for its quality and ability to compete with advanced European products.
DCSENG has produced and supplied a comprehensive selection of pipe cutting machines that can be customized to suit all clients’ needs, regardless of the size, thickness, and material of the pipes.
Semi-automatic cutter S-500 is a cutter that adopts the world’s first ‘pipe rotation cutting’ method. It enables you to cut and bevel the pipes that have O.D ranging from 16mm to 510mm.
While the existing cutter cuts the pipes turning around the pipes, this cutter was intended for pipes rotating around to be cut. This superior technology well explains how this late starter could win such a high reputation in industries.
Unlike the existing manual cutters, DCSENG’s handless semi-automatic cutter S-150 was developed to be safely and conveniently used. Also, it allows not only more precise cutting but high-quality cutting and beveling on a regular basis. S-150 can cut from 0.5mm to 12mm thick, and it enables you to cut and bevel the pipe from O.D 6mm to 170mm. DCSENG has developed the most cost-effective manual cutting machine S-LT Series and it can cut and bevel the pipes from O.D 6mm to 220mm.
Currently, DCSENG has founded a branch office in Japan, China, Vietnam, Russia, Singapore, and Thailand. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Medical Coating System Corporation is the world leader in thin film spray coating, microdispensing and micromixers. With BioMedical Engineering (BME) as its main market, the company is carrying out many projects and tasks in the BME field. Noanix’s products are basically custom-made, with appearance, program control, fluid supply and nozzle to satisfy user specifications. Noanix holds a unique position in the microfluidics field of thin film spraying with top-quality brands.
SoniCoater is a coating device for various types of drug-eluting stents (DES) such as peripheral blood vessels, non-blood vessels, and cardiovascular. Ultrasonic nozzles can be used to minimize spray drop size to leave a uniform coated surface. The world’s first ultrasonic nozzle with a frequency of 220kHz enables a precise coating. It is run by a generator that automatically controls the frequency and voltage for spraying in accordance with the characteristics of the coating agent. Various types of ultrasonic nozzles can be selectively applied according to the size of the object.
This product is exported to various countries including the USA, Germany, Italy, and China and is delivered directly to customers or through branches and agencies overseas. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Looseproof Fasteners’s LOCXELL is a kind of looseproof fastener that is made after inserting permanent magnets in the flanges of bolts and nuts. It prevents the nuts and bolts from being loosened by any vibration and impact in the absence of fastening.
This looseproof fastener is very convenient for workers’ fastening and unfastening operations compared to the existing looseproof products. It can be reused, giving economical benefits to users.
This is a high-tension (over 8T) product. Currently this company produces M16~M30 levels of products. The customized larger products (over M33) are also manufactured.
Recently, these products are being delivered to the nation’s railway-related cooperation as railway parts. It also gained significant results from an experimental application at a wind plant in Korea.
Findmold Co., Ltd. is aiming to expand its application for securing of structures including railways, heavy equipment, steel towers, which are exposed to vibration ― for ensuring safety. Established in 2012, Findmold has been largely involved in manufacturing of aluminum profiles products. Recently, the company released a looseproof fastener called LOCXELL with a mission of contributing to a safer society. Currently, Findmold is striving to develop new technologies and products including higher grade looseproof fasteners. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

DC High-Voltage Relays Tech Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in DC high-voltage relays. The company designs, manufactures and supplies the core components for the electrical and electronics industries. Established in 1998, YM Tech has been developing and supplying DC relays, latch relays, EV relays, military-purpose relays, etc.
As a technology-intensive inno-biz company of Korea, YM Tech has acquired various relevant certifications such as ISO 9001 and UL. Furthermore, it received the 2006 Innovation Award, the 2011 Excellent SME Biz Award, and acquired IATF16949 auto parts plant certification in 2018, thereby demonstrating its advanced technologies.
YM Tech has recently released various models of the highly competitive EVH series products – EVH400, EVH500, and EVH 600. All of these models are made with an excellent sealing system.
The compact-sized, EVH series products are suitable for energy-storage systems and charging stations for electric vehicles, etc. They feature high electrical durability and high short-circuit durability. The EVH series are main contactors to connect the battery systems to electric vehicles. And they can be used at the charging stations for electric vehicles, battery storage systems, and PV inverters. With their attractive features, it is expected that they could steadily increase their share in global markets. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods