Coil Springs[INQ. NO. 1708M19] Pungsan Techwin has been contributing to the development of the mechanical and automobile industries of Korea for nearly 30 years since its foundation in 1988 as a specialized company in springs. Having acquired ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TS 16949, Pungsan Techwin exports spring materials, products, manufacturing equipment and technologies to Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and South America with global competence, besides also manufacturing and supplying excellent quality of various springs domestically.
Currently, Pungsan Techwin meets market demand for various types of coil springs. Compression spring is the most widely used spring that functions when pressure is applied. Compression spring includes various special springs such as wave and arc spring, etc. Torsion spring can be processed in many complex forms and is useful when working-distance is very short with narrow space. Extension spring is useful for long-distance function with two hooks at ends, which make return action easy. And it is widely used after compression springs. Wire spring can be designed in complex and various forms, customized by designers, and is used in various forms such as linking lever, pin, clamp and clip.
Pungsan Techwin is currently devoting itself to developing sustainable new technologies and new methods of manufacturing, not to mention research and development of generic techniques, to secure global quality and technology level. Especially, it conducts R&D activities with a focus on foundation technologies in nonautomobile fields, such as electronics and IT, for business expansion. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Cold Forging Products[INQ. NO. 1708M18] Taechang Forging was established in 2005 as a company that preprocesses cold forging of automobile parts. Since then, it has grown into a company that specializes in cold forging with its entire staff working hard to this day to win the hearts of its customers with their complete satisfaction.
Based on the basic philosophy that a company can consolidate superior competitiveness with only technology, quality, and price in this era of infinite competition, Taechang Forging plans to continue to largely invest in the R & D of its own research center, work with passion, and take up challenges to further grow into a world-class company.
Taechang Forging mainly produces tripod housing of automobile steering mechanism parts, as well as gears and packings of gearbox parts. Taechang Forging equally specializes in cold forging, filming, and lubrication, and produce radiation parts. Taechang Forging mainly produces c-v joint along with tripod housing & spider and outer race & inner race and cage as detailed parts. Tripod housing conveys driving power from transmission to spider, and again, to outer race through drive-shaft. The outer race conveys the driving force from the drive-shaft to the inner race, and again, to outer race to tires. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Hydraulic Cylinders[INQ. NO. 1708M17] HIMC Co., Ltd., which started out as Haein Precision Manufacturer in 1987, has produced various kinds of industrial machine parts such as automobile parts, agricultural machine parts and elevator parts. Since it was appointed as an OEM manufacturer for Dongyang Mechatronics, (now known as DY Power) in 2006, HIMC has been making hydraulic cylinders used in construction machinery including excavators, forklifts, high place operation cars and skid loaders.
In 2013, HIMC acquired its quality class authentication (A-Class) from Hitachi in Japan and passed a production quality authentication test by Komatsu. HIMC also makes hydraulic cylinders for agricultural machines such as tractors, combines and rice planting machines, not only for construction machines, and it make 10,000 pieces of over 110 kinds of products each month. In addition, HIMC moved to a larger facility in the Masan Free Trade Zone in June 2016, growing continuously.
HIMC now makes various hydraulic cylinders including arms, booms, buckets, dozers, rams, outriggers, lifts, tilts and side shift cylinders. By making its products with a self-made SRB (skiving roller burnishing) machine, their durability is bett er than existing products and they have a high-powered work performance. HIMC makes tubes with a maximum inner diameter of 250 mm, a maximum length of 3000 mm, and a maximum test pressure of 750 kgf/cm2. HIMC want to be a true partner that satisfi es various customer business needs by developing and providing customized products, even in small quantity, that match the customer’s design and machine conditions as well as producing and providing global standard products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Hot Forging Products[INQ. NO. 1708M16] Saewon Metal Inc. has been accumulating technology and know-how as a specialized company for hot forging since its foundation in 1995. It has been producing mainly auto parts, as well as parts for vessels and industrial machines.
Currently, Saewon Metal Inc. is exporting to the U.S.A, Mexico, Poland, Singapore, Germany, etc., as its technology gains increasing global recognition. Major facilities include its 750 ton press, 1350 ton press, 1600 ton press, 2500 ton press, 3000 ton press, and 3500 ton press, as well as other processing facilities.
Saewon Metal Inc. produces components using the OEM method including various product groups with its specialization in production of wing bushing and connecting rod. Wing bushings are used as parts of propellers and exported to Singapore after complete processing by the company.
Connecting rods require weight lightening as they connect the engine piston and the crank axis. So their mechanical strength should be high and inertial force small to respond to various kinds of loads. Currently, the entire production quantity of connecting rods is being exported to Iran. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Environment-friendly Auto Parts[INQ. NO. 1708M15] Samjung Odyssey was established in 2011 with a business aim to improve the distribution flow for rapid response of cold forging and development for the machining of metals and mass-produced supply, based on the founding intention of “Production Process Rationalization and Effective Management Maximization through the Vehicle Parts Manufacturing Process Module.”
Samjung Odyssey currently mainly produces such advanced environment-friendly auto parts(cold forging) as steering parts(pinion shaft, drive shaft, output shaft, various shafts), air conditioner parts(compressor assembly long bolt and various bolts), etc. In 2011, Samjung Odyssey has begun its exports including export of auto parts to Four Seasons Div. S.M.P in U.S.A. In 2014, Samjung Odyssey was registered as the secondary partner for Kdai. Samjung Odyssey plans to increase production competiveness and maximize the clients’ profits with high quality, reasonable prices, timely delivery, and advanced technique to ensure a bright future for the client and itself. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Radiators[INQ. NO. 1708M14] SamMyung Machine Ind. Co., Ltd. has since 1979 developed, manufactured, and supplied a wide range of automotive radiator, inter cooler(or charge air cooler) and oil cooler. As the result of focusing on research and development to manufacture products of automobile heat exchangers, SamMyung is a promising export SME which has the best technical skills in the country and can produce automotive heat exchangers like radiators, charge air coolers and oil coolers, etc.
SamMyung has made utmost efforts to grow as a specialist with its incomparable technical and manufacturing facilities. SamMyung plans to increase production competitiveness and maximize the customers’ profits with high quality, reasonable prices, timely delivery and advanced technique to ensure a bright future for the customers and themselves. Its major customers are Hyundai/Kia Motor and HVCC(Hanon Systems). And the company is also exporting radiators with its brand name, SORICS.
SamMyung’s radiators are highly recognized, with proven know-how and skills for Nokolok Brazing Furnace. Their B-type welding tubes get better durability and performance. Also they have an excellent radiating. Inter coolers significantly increase performance resulting in high engine power, low fuel use and have improved emissions control.
SamMyung has continued to improve the capacity of the most compact combustion engine with heat conductivity and excellent durability. Its oil coolers have excellent transmission cooling and radiating. They can be applied to all kinds of passengers cars and commercial vehicles. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Connector Housings[INQ. NO. 1708M13] Daemyoung Co., Ltd. has been developing and manufacturing precision injection mold and injection molding products with all its capacities since 1988, and is growing as a global manufacturer of the world’s best quality parts with these core technologies.
Based on development of domestic electronic and automobile parts, Daemyoung Precision supplies connector molding and parts to the Eastern European market, and by tapping into new markets such as North America through eco-friendly parts development for automobiles and semiconductor equipment, it is growing by preparing for customer diversification and the future through exportation.
Daemyoung’s various kinds of non-waterproof connector housings are used for parts that do not need to be waterproof inside a vehicle. They are connector housings that are used to connect different wiring harnesses.
Daemyoung’s waterproof connector housing is used for parts that require waterproofing outside a vehicle, such as engine room and door, etc. It is developed to unite harnesses with solidarity. The company’s junction block housing is a case that loads fuses, relays, and units for circuit connection. The case has a structure that distributes electricity of battery and generator to electronic and electric systems of the whole vehicle. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Battery Management System[INQ. NO. 1708M12] MS Tech Co., Ltd. specializes in producing mold press parts. It has produced precise progressive molds, manufactured press parts, barrels and performed laser welding. With unification manufacturing system, it has the competitive edge in both the price and quality. Since its establishment in 2000, MS Tech has gained a variety of experiences on mold development and production. MS Tech has manufactured parts of electron gun, MGT, cell phone, earphone, flash light, 2nd battery, car battery, car seal note pad and more.
Among the company’s notable items, BMS (Battery Management System) is a product that maintains optimal condition for batteries by continuous monitoring, and includes measurements for precise battery level, forecast in replacement time, and pre-detection of malfunctioning batteries. The BMS can be used in effective management of efficiency and safety of secondary batteries in electric vehicles, e-bikes, and ESS (Energy Storage Systems). MS Tech will expand its range of automobile instruments by producing BMS cases, activating distribution of automobile components, and continuous production activities.
Since its establishment in 2000, MS Tech has walked the road of challenges with creative innovation and continuous development, strengthening its competitiveness by developing a talented group of human resources with the best techniques and creativity who produce high-tech and credible products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Manufacturing Specially Equipped Vehicles and Trucks – 124 types of Certified Vehicles[INQ. NO. 1708M11] Fine Motors Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 by gathering manpower who had worked in the related fields of specially equipped vehicles. Based on solid technologies, it has thus been able to develop 124 types of certified vehicles including a compost-scattering vehicle and customized vehicles with functionality and efficiency for each different purpose. Its main vehicles include those for fueling, water supply, a special tank lorry, an arm roll truck and cleaning vehicles such as a honey wagon and a refuse cart. Besides these, it has developed and manufactured construction vehicles such as general and special dump trucks and special vehicles including a water cannon vehicle, a fumigator truck and a cattle truck.
Fine Motors Co., Ltd. has been able to earn the ISO 9001, an INNOBIZ company certificate, Export top company award, as well as an employment top company certificate and firefighting administrative development award from the Minister of Safety and Administration. By completing its registration with UNGM and SAM, the company is now preparing a stage to supply vehicles to the international agency and the U.S. Federal government and extending its export market.

Water Cannon Vehicle, Firefighting Vehicle and Fueling Vehicle

A water cannon vehicle enables installation of nozzles on left and right sides of the vehicle that can shoot and reach a minimum range of 60 meters, and a mixture of water with teargas, dye or firefighting foam. Bulletproof processing is possible for windows as well as engine to protect the passengers and vehicle, and bulldozer installation is also possible to disperse demonstrators and to protect the vehicle from street wastes. All specifications can be customized to meet clients’ needs.
There are various kinds of firefighting vehicles, including rescue vehicle with equipment for on-site activities, pump vehicle for firefighting, ladder vehicle to help firefighters to access tall buildings, and a water tank vehicle that supplies water to pump or ladder vehicles. Also, it manufactures integrated command vehicles that can control all the vehicles and situations and other firefighting equipment vehicles for various disastrous situations. Again, all specifications can be customized for clients’ needs.

Fueling vehicles can carry fuel and refueling for other vehicles. They are widely used for military, police and airports. It is possible to adjust tank-capacity for various purposes and other specifications as well. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Auto Parts for Worldwide Prominent Carmakers[INQ. NO. 1708M10] Since its establishment in 2003, KC Co. Ltd., has recorded double-digit sales growth every year through strengthening competitiveness and innovating technology. KC Co. Ltd., established a research institute in June 2007, which has helped to achieve both high quality and competitive price.
The products of KC are recognized in the automobile market for their excellent quality. Therefore, they have been provided for worldwide prominent carmakers such as Delphi, Visteon and Valeo.
KC manufactures various compressors ranging from HS type to KC & DCS type. For example, the CVC & VS type compressor can be installed in many sorts of cars, featuring commercialized clutch and mount design.


It improved the function of variable compressors, which makes operation smoother and reduces the fuel consumption rate by up to 7-14%. OEM parts include main holder, lug-shift, guide valve, collar, chain roller, CAM shaft, OEM parts, fan clutch, finger control, lever shift, lug shift and piston. As for casting products, there are swash plate type, fork shift, crank case, cylinder liner, HUB, ROTOR and valve guide | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods