Indoor-Pollution Prevention Devices

Air Max Air Curtain
[INQ. NO. 2206M09] Air Max Air Curtains are installed on both sides of the entrance and discharge strong airflows in both directions, from left to right and from right to left. These curtains block airflow between the indoors and outside of the building.
It prevents micro-dust and harmful germs from entering the inside of the building. When cooling or heating buildings, unnecessary energy loss can also be prevented. It blocks the inflow of not only dust and odors but also small insects such as flies and mosquitoes. It also shuts off micro-dusts that adhere to the bodies of people entering the building. It sterilizes the indoor environments of building by using UV LED lamps. Only three seconds are required for a clean environment.

Any Clean Mat
Any Clean Mat blocks harmful substances. It automatically absorbs micro-dust, sand, and bacteria that adhere to shoes in the way that a vacuum cleaner does. It also sprays high-performance disinfectant to provide clean indoor air. Made of STS material featuring strength and durability, it can be used for a long time.
Although the initial cost can be a bit burdensome, maintenance is easy and simple with low-cost. Thus, in the long-term it will certainly deliver higher dust-removal effects at lower cost than carpets or sticky mats.
When a person approaches and steps on the mat, a sensor detects his or her movement, and operates the system. So, just walking on the mat blocks the entry of harmful substances.
Made of STS304 stainless steel, which is resistant to external impact and corrosion, it can be used for a long time without problems even in snowy or raining environments. It is easy to operate, and the dust-collecting box and disinfectant solution can be easily replaced without tools.
It not only blocks harmful substances such as fine dust, bacteria, and viruses from outside but also creates a comfortable indoor environment through disinfection/sterilization. Just three seconds are required for a clean environment. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Single/Three-Phase Solid Automatic Circuit Recloser

[INQ. NO. 2206M08] Entec’s single/three-phase solid automatic circuit reclosers (EPRIS/EPR-1, EPR-2, EPR-3) are designed for the application in overhead line and substation for voltage classes up to 15.5kV, 27kV, and 38kV, respectively.
The operating mechanism uses a permanent magnetic actuator that guarantees high reliability and maintenance free operation. It uses vacuum interrupters encapsulated in epoxy bushings for arc quenching, thus eliminating the need for insulants such as oil and gas.
The bushings are made of Hydrophobic Cycloaliphatic Epoxy (HCEP) that provides excellent insulation performance even under harsh climatic environments and in polluted areas.
The recloser tank and control cubicle are made of stainless steel, which has strong endurance against hot, humid, dusty, or corrosive environments.

The recloser is supplied with a complete microprocessor-based controller (ETR300-R or EVRC2A-NT) including metering, monitoring, recording, and communication functions.
The recloser has been fully type-tested by accredited laboratories such as KEMA, CESI or KERI according to the international standards ANSI/IEEE C37.60 and IEC 62271-111.
Entec’s vision is to become a leading company in the field of medium voltage switchgear and distribution automation through active research and investment.
Entec has been steadily supplying its products to the Korea Electricity Corporation (KEPCO) and is recognized for its quality and technology. Its products are being exported to more than 50 countries, it is continuing to expand its global business.
Entec’s solid insulated technology for environment friendly applications is especially well known for its superb quality. With ENTEC’s innovated development and outstanding production processes, the company ensures that both overhead line and underground line electrical equipment have a high level of interruption durability. ENTEC has been a no. 1 contributor to safe and reliable power substation and distribution line systems in Korea.
Ceaseless commitment and rising to the challenge while seeking new technologies will make ENTEC the most successful electric power company in the world. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Substation Total Diagnostic System

[INQ. NO. 2206M07] The substation total diagnostic system from Yousung Instrument and Electric Co., Ltd. prevents breakdowns in advance by comprehensively analyzing acquired information online from a number of sensors for partial discharge, dissolved gas, bushing diagnosis installed in transformers and GIS, and the operation information collected via the SCADA system.
It runs multiple diagnostic functions as a single program and real-time, trend analysis works to check substations’ overall state.
Furthermore, the substation total diagnostic system has a convenient maintenance function in case of failure with individual system configuration and uses IEC 61850 communication protocol. Various diagnostic techniques and libraries to improve diagnosis rate are also available.

GLU products have two different configurations, which are UHF partial discharge and CB operation characteristics. Partial discharge features an installed UHF sensor (500MHz~1500MHz) enabling the user to make decisions on over five types of partial discharge. Data analysis of PRPS and PRPD with library update and measurement data learning function is also possible.
CB operations have a trip / close function with coil current from 0 to 5A and open/close contact function. UHF partial discharge system of MLU (transformer) uses a window sensor and a drain valve sensor (300MHz~1,800MHz).
It can make decisions on over six types of partial discharge and contains all the functions that GLU has. Furthermore, MLU has a dissolved gas analysis system, OLTC monitoring function and bushing diagnosis function with less than 0.2% of error rate.

During system runs, the single line diagram shows the location of sensors installed at substations, diagnosis state and communication state with symbol. The substation total diagnostic system shows the location and state of the sensor, diagnosis results of current facility in detail and shows the event history, alarm history and trend, check with details on users’ preferences by various menu channels.
Monitoring events and alarms are possible and selected events display the state by vector diagram.
Measuring value of gas type and indicating the abnormal state are also possible by using the dissolved gas analyzing menu channel.
Finally, the substation total diagnostic system shows a trend graph for each item so that the user can see the change of the transformer state at a glance over a period of time.
Yousung Instrument & Electric, founded in 1989, develops key components of the electric power industry including incoming panels, distribution panels, relays, substation automation systems, and condition monitoring systems that are essential for the construction of next-generation electrical grids with green smart technology.
Quality optimization through the development of high-end technologies, process rationalization and continuous investment in equipment and facilities are the main driving forces of the rapid growth of Yousung. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Permanent Magnet Double Exciter Control Synchronous Generator

[INQ. NO. 2206M06] Suntech Co., Ltd., has been concentrating on production and R&D of rotary equipment since 1996. Suntech strives to satisfy customers with optimal performance and quality by combining its development of design and production technology of industrial generators, and the technological prowess it has accumulated over the past 26 years.
The permanent magnet double exciter control synchronous generator produced by Suntech is mainly used as a prime or standby generator by public institutions. It is a generator capable of high-efficiency power transfer that can provide the excitation electricity of the excitation rotor to the main rotor of the main generator unit directly by cable (Patent No. 10-1531932).
The double-structure exciting current control applying the permanent magnet improves the efficiency of the generator.

Durability against external factors is improved by separating the power line from the main output terminal. The electromagnetic force of the main field is generated by a permanent magnet to improve power-generation efficiency.
The main field output according to the fluctuating load is controlled by the exciter output to supply fast and stable voltage. By controlling the exciter output applying the permanent magnet through a cable, control stability and reliability are improved. High efficiency is maintained without a permanent magnet in the main rotor by optimization of a permanent magnet.

This generator is a prime/standby power source used independently for a long time, of which the electrical quality is clean. As its power-loss is small due to high efficiency, this product offers great fuel savings. Therefore, it is applied to places requiring a lot of cost in power supply due to lack of electricity infrastructure, such as islands, mountain refuges, disaster areas, or new town construction sites not yet connected by the Korea Electric Power Corporation — or to places operated on a long-term basis for stable power supply, or to places that require temporary power backup.
Suntech seeks to provide the best-quality products to customers with a mindset that customer satisfaction is its top priority. It is investing in development of unrivaled technology and equipment required for generator production, and aims to become a value-creating enterprise with ceaseless change and innovation. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Electrolytic Capacitors

[INQ. NO. 2206M05] Samwha Electric is a global company specializing in Electrolytic Capacitors. It is continuously promoting global business for future industries by providing and expanding optimized products that can use energy more efficiently in order to realize “a value creation company for humanity and the environment.”
With the recent increase in demand for eco-friendly, high-value-added products, Samwha Electric is expanding its business to Korean and overseas customers in a wide range of fields such as 5G communication, eco-friendly cars, medical devices, LEDs, robots, IoT, wind power, solar power, ESS (energy storage system), and smart home appliances.

In particular, it has been supplying its own brand GREEN-CAP to the EDLC (Electric Double-Layer Capacitor) market worldwide for several years and is expanding its business area.
In addition, Samwha Electric, which launched a conductive polymer hybrid electrolytic capacitor used in electric vehicles and 5G communication equipment, is drawing attention in the electronics market, which is leading the future with Korea’s excellent technology.
Samhwa Electric is exclusively supplying products optimized for high-performance data center dedicated SSDs jointly developed with customers. This is an SSD-only product, and by applying the original technology secured by Samhwa Electric, it has secured manufacturing technology using core materials developed in-house, and is participating in the development of a new next-generation SSD model.
By establishing a global marketing network of five sales subsidiaries in Germany, the USA, China, Thailand, and India in major overseas countries, with 15 major offices in each country, it is possible to satisfy customer demand stably and quickly.
In line with the increase in demand for eco-friendly vehicle infrastructure and eco-friendly power due to the expansion of environmental regulations in the future, Samwha Electric continues to be a leader in electrolytic capacitors. To this end, it is leading the development of products that meet the next-generation trends based on applied technologies and technological innovations centered on the R&D center of the headquarters. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Electrical Enclosures & Devices and Energy Management Systems

[INQ. NO. 2206M04] BMT is a KOSDAQ (Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) listed company that offers electrical enclosures & devices and energy management systems.
BMT has successful records in both the domestic public sector and the private industrial sector for global construction projects. With efforts toward becoming a total solution company that contributes to a “Smarter, Safer, Greener World,” BMT continues its R&D and differentiates its offerings.

Compact Switchboard
BMT’s compact switchboard is a safety-enhanced and compact-structured switchboard based on its own patented technology (“Extended Assembly Busbar”). The compact switchboard reduces volume and busbar by more than 40% and 10% respectively, thereby maximizing the practical space use of the electrical room and reducing construction costs.
The features for improved safety and convenient operability/expandability provide additional advantages. The compact switchboards are certified to KERI Type Tests, K-Mark, and Excellent Product (by Korean PPS).

Metal Case Switchgear
BMT’s MCSG is a switchgear where each compartment is divided by metal partitions, thereby minimizing the spread of internal arc/explosion to peripheral devices and achieving the highest level of safety and reliability.
BMT’s patented technology (“Metal clad switch gear with high arc-resistivity) strengthens the structural design of its MCSG (Metal Case Switchgear), thereby enhancing its safety while saving installation space. BMT’s MCSG has undergone fulltype testing including internal arc testing in accordance with IEC 62271-200 standards.

Smart Distribution Boards
In addition, BMT offers smart distribution boards that are differentiated by adding an energy management system (EMS) to conventional distribution boards. The advantages of BMT’s smart distribution boards are: power quality management and energy savings; safety control to prevent accidents; and convenient installation and maintenance.
In 2021, BMT’s Energy Management Solution Division registered its patent for an ADR (Automated Demand Response) System and was awarded the Grand Prize in the Energy Solution Sector at a Smart Factory Award Event. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Load Break Switch & Surge Arrester

[INQ. NO. 2206M03] Dong Yang EEC Co., Ltd., established in 1998, has focused on developing line-protection switches for the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), beginning with inspection of the KEPCO distribution line protector.
As a result, Dong Yang EEC has become one of the few companies in Korea to have developed eco-friendly products such as epoxy insulated load break switches (pad mounted), polymer lightning arresters with lead wire, and eco-friendly pole mounted switches, as well as pad-mounted SF6 gas insulated load break switches, pole-mounted load break switches and automatic sectionalizing switches.
In addition, by establishing an R&D center, Dong Yang EEC ceaselessly strives to implement strategic policies and achieve quality-system assurance.

Eco Load Break Switch (LBS)
This was designed to improve the defects in the SF6 gas insulated load break switch and to enhance electric power distribution lines. Eco LBS consisting of cycloaliphatic epoxy material, is designed to be an explosion-free product, unlike SF6 gas insulated LBS with low gas pressure condition.
Eco LBS pursues not only the protection of the environment but also overcomes its fatal disadvantages. Eco LBS uses a vacuum interrupter and enhanced its switching capability, as well as eliminating any possibility of explosion by adopting the solid dielectric method. In addition, it is free from periodic gas leaks and gas refilling tests.

Polymeric Housing Surge Arrester
This product is a kind of overvoltage limitation. When overvoltage occurs, the voltage between two terminals of the surge arrester does not exceed the designated value, thus ensuring that the electric apparatus avoids damage caused by overvoltage, and thus enables the system to return to normal condition rapidly.
Dong Yang EEC’s polymeric housing surge arrester is a gapless-type that uses a ZnO element with excellent non-linear resistance coefficient characteristics.
With the ZnO element, the operation characteristics for multiple lightning and multiple surge, and anti-pollution features have been significantly improved. In addition, operating duty is available under a large current corresponding to discharge to withstand current rating. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

EV Chargers

[INQ. NO. 2205M11] Established in 2006, ModernTec Co., Ltd. is engaged in producing EV-chargers, providing EV-charging services, and manufacturing robot systems & machine tool control systems. ModernTec strives to lead the market based on its core values of “Technical Skills” and “Quality Control.”
According to the International Energy Agency, the number of EVs on the roads globally will surpass 125 million by 2030. This forecast creates demand and opportunities for the deployment of EVs.
ModernTec is developing innovative and effi cient charging devices for EVs.
ModernTec developed RACS (Robot Arm Charging System), a fully automated smart charging solution suitable for the charging systems that have become more sophisticated.

To meet the needs and demands of the growing numbers of EV users, ModernTec’s AC/DC chargers for EVs off er high performance, and low maintenance.
ModernTec off ers an eff ortless home-charging experience. Its modular design and simple interface make electric vehicle charging and installation easier than ever before.
The ModernTec 1.5-gen distributed charger delivers up to 240 or 360 kW of power.
ModernTec’s EV charging system is perfect for fast charging at on-the-go locations. Its secured and user-friendly design makes it suitable for any environment and electric car. Plus, with smart power management capabilities, you can operate multiple stations at a low-cost and in an energy-effi cient manner.
ModernTec 2-gen distributed charger adapts to your business needs thanks to its fl exible architecture that delivers up to 360kW and 480kW of power. Now you keep your customers coming back to your location by off ering ModernTec’s fi rst-class charging experience. Plus, you can also take advantage of smart charging features to maximize your charging operation revenue.

Generation and gender, and cable management are important issues for users and devices safety. The RACS system does not require people to be involved or precise parking. Two cameras analyze parking state and the car-inlet location and then be fully automated charging process. Via ISO 15118, ModernTec can match with EV protocol to make the inlet open and close as well as activate the plug-and-charge system.
ModernTec is advancing yet further by securing the capability to develop advanced technologies and improving the structure of the production environment.
The president of the company noted, “We are one step closer to becoming a trusted company that solves any diffi culties of customers together by utilizing our technology and experience. Moderntec can help you take advantage of the growing number of electric vehicles hitt ing the streets. Whether you operate a parking facility, multifamily residence, workplace, healthcare facility, educational institution, airport, or just about any other business, we will help you create an EV readiness program that drives you into the future.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Charging Platform for EVs

[INQ. NO. 2205M10] Pluglink Inc. is a Charge Point Operator(CPO) focused on deploying charging infrastructures particularly within mass residential complexes(mainly apartments). It is also the only CPO to join the K-RE100 initiative committed to deliver renewable energy to EV owners. The company targets to provide convenient charging experiences where EV users enjoy easy, safe, and reliable charge points.
In response to the global transition to electric vehicles, South Korea is setting up EV charging points mainly driven by government subsidies. Amid the national commitment to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, Pluglink is aggressively scaling up to set up charging infrastructure through external financing.

Many CPOs based in South Korea require online registration and card ordering procedures which harms the EV user experiences. Pluglink on the other hand, eliminates all unnecessary steps and allows the required procedures to proceed through the mobile application. Pluglink users benefit from 1 minute to register, 30 seconds to connect EV with the charging point via QR code reading and automatic payment once charging is completed. The mobile application focuses to make owning an EV even easier through pioneering solutions aimed to provide a seamless charging experience.

Pluglink’s charging infrastructures are suitable for apartment complexes as they are equipped with a ‘dynamic load balancing’ function which allows for efficient distribution of limited power supply across multiple vehicles. This minimizes the burden on the current electricity grid of the building and thereby enables the deployment of more charging stations within each building.
Pluglink visions to accelerate the transition to carbon free mobility. Emissions from the transportation sector accounted for approximately 13.5% of South Korea’s total Carbon emission in 2018. Therefore for EVs to be truly aligned with green initiatives within the transportation sector, Pluglink offers EV users to not only charge their vehicles with renewable energy but also integrate sustainable mobility into their existing lifestyle. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Battery Pack Cases for EVs

[INQ. NO. 2205M09] DONGHEE is an automobile parts leading company that develops and produces eco-friendly products, electrical device products, suspensions, fuel tanks and pedals of automobile parts for the past 50 years.
DONGHEE is developing and producing battery pack cases that can store electric energy needed for electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles using electricity as a power source.
Due to the weight of these battery packs, battery pack cases require high durability when installed in vehicles. They also separate and protect battery packs from external harmful environments that can occur while driving and play a role of attaching and supporting various electric devices around them.

DONGHEE, furthermore, is developing and producing LWR case products, exclusive for electric trucks and electric freight cars, that can protect batteries of electric vehicles from outside moisture and shock and play a role of covers that can be attached to vehicles.
At this point, DONGHEE has set up global production bases in Russia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the USA, and Mexico. In the car assembly area, it is assembling and producing light passenger cars including Morning, Ray and Niro and developing used car circulation and service business.

DONGHEE is developing its business with a motto of providing better value to customers, as an eco-friendly company that focuses on future-oriented researches by developing new technology and managing quality according to changes in the auto industry paradigm, and respects nature and people. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods