Aluminum Brazing Filler Metal

[INQ. NO. 2102M14] Sun Kwang Brazing Filler Metal Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum filler metals for the brazing industry, and is now producing not only normal aluminum filler metals, but also special filler metals for joining dissimilar metals.
Sun Kwang Brazing Filler Metal has recently developed special rolling sheet used for battery cooler brazing of electric vehicles (EVs).
Sun Kwang Brazing Filler Metal is actively contributing to the electric battery market by developing more usable materials, in line with the global trend of EV development.

Aluminum Brazing Filler Metal

SKA series
The company’s SKA series are products of a mixture of aluminum powder and flux that are intermingled in a standardized ratio that fundamentally solves the problem of excessive or insufficient flux, which is the main cause of brazing defects in the brazing process

Aluminum Brazing Filler Metal

Filler Rolled Sheet (SU-TC150R)
SU-TC150R filler rolled sheet is a newly developed brazing material that is customized for recent trends in the electric battery market, and it is highly praised by electric battery cooler manufacturers from all over the world these days.

Aluminum Brazing Filler Metal

Ring (SKA-TB200)
SKA-TB200 is the perfect solution for manufacturing electric battery heat sink, which is widely used by European car makers including Volvo and Yellow London Taxi.
The size of the ring is customized according to the needs of its valued clients, who are highly satisfied with them.

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South Korea’s 1st Private EV Charging Infrastructure

[INQ. NO. 2102M13] Jeju Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 as a Korea’s first private EV charging infrastructure provider.
Jeju Electric Vehicle Service is a company that has been advancing new paradigms by applying software-based ICT technology to the existing power and energy industries.
In line with both smart grids that are emerging rapidly all around the world and the electric vehicle era, it has presented new challenges for a variety of future industries – including EMS, the operation of new energy, and the establishment of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

South Korea’s 1st Private EV Charging Infrastructure

EV Infra Membership platform (JoyEV)
JoyEV is the ‘EV lifestyle service platform’ of Jeju Electric Vehicle Service, which established in South Korea as the first private EV charging infrastructure in 2012.
This includes the slogan ‘Enjoy EV Life’ with a smile motif, meaning ‘Enjoy EV: Happy EV Lifestyle Service platform.’
JoyEV seeks to become a Korea-style EV integrated lifestyle service platform brand by developing products and services related to EV charging services and extending them to platforms.

South Korea’s 1st Private EV Charging Infrastructure

Jeju Electric Vehicle Service’s specific business areas include recharging EVs through the authorization of a membership card, convenient services for EV operation, running EV infrastructure operation centers, management of integrated information on EV infrastructure, maintenance of EV chargers, operation of a 24/7 EV call center, and operating EV infrastructure tailored for each region throughout the nation as an acting agency.

South Korea’s 1st Private EV Charging Infrastructure
South Korea’s 1st Private EV Charging Infrastructure | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

EV Chargers

[INQ. NO. 2102M12] ULVAC KOREA, Ltd., based on the vacuum technology accumulated over the past several decades, is spreading its wings, mainly into the charging infrastructure business, together with the first electric taxi supply project in Seoul and Daegu in 2015 and the Jeju Smart Grid National policy Project in 2010.
ULVAC KOREA is now supplying chargers to various customers such as those EV purchasers, public housing facilities, public organizations, and almost all kinds of facilities – having devoted itself to winning its customers’ trust, and to investment in a future that everybody dreams about with advanced technology, safe products, and services.

The first Korean dual cable 7kW charger (UK-NC7W-TCE)
This charger has a futuristic slim design. It was chosen as a Good Product Design by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE). Its customer-oriented, convenient interface is an attractive selling-point in drawing customers’ attention. This is a product that has already acquired KC, European EV/ZE Ready Certification. It also corresponds to a network system.
The charging cable is available for all kinds of EVs in the domestic market. This product comes in two versions – a wall-mounted type and a pedestal type. The standard of charging system is IEC 61851. The waterproof rating is IP44.
The pedestal type is 312 (W) X303 (D) X1,500 (H) in size, weighing 21kg. The wall-mounted type is 312 (W)X511 (D) X175 (H), weighing 11kg.

The first Korean dual cable 7kW charger (UK-NC7W-TCE)

A 100kW Charger adopting the domestic standard (UK-QC100ST)
This charger is available for on-the-spot payment with non-membership credit cards. An intuitive UI configuration is applied. The LED color changes depending on the charging status.
The energy-balancing function is added to the charged quantities when charging two vehicles simultaneously. The real-time check is available for status information through its app.
This is a KC-certified product. For charging, this utilizes two cables – CCS1 and CCS2. The pedestal type of this is 1,000 (W) X700 (D)X1,790 (H) in size, weighing 200kg.

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EV Chargers

[INQ. NO. 2102M11] POWERCUBE KOREA CO., Ltd. is an electric vehicle (EV) charging service provider.
Since its establishment in 2007, under the slogan “Change the History of Human Electricity Supply,” POWERCUBE KOREA has been aiming to grow into a global enterprise in the EV charging and service sector by building innovative and efficient electricity charging infrastructure and developing solutions.

EV Chargers

Fixed Electric Vehicle Charger (E-BOX-MS)
It is available either in stand type or wall type. Charging capacity is 7Kw. For payment and charging service, LTE communication and APP use is available.
Such useful things for efficient charging service as vehicle sensing sensor (patent applied for), power recovery handle (patent applied for), and charging cable (cable length:7m) are basically supplied.

Fixed Electric Vehicle Charger (E-BOX-MS)

Smart Mobile Electric Vehicle Charger (EV-LINE2)
Using IoT technology and smartphone APP, it is possible to check charging information – including charging amount, charge rate – in real time.
This charger allows operators to minimize installation costs by utilizing general power-outlets (220V, etc.) without the need for additional floor space.
There are no restrictions on time and place for charging. Charging capacity is 3Kw. RFID authentication prevents power from being stolen.
The instructions on how to use this charger are simple: Insert the plug into the power socket, have the charging handle recognized; start charging according to voice guidance; and last of all, disconnect the charger upon finishing the charging.

Smart Mobile Electric Vehicle Charger (EV-LINE2)

Vehicle Charger (SSC2, SC2, smart power-outlet for electric charging-only)
This charger replaces the existing general power-outlet (220V, etc.). The capacity is 3Kw. This vehicle charger can be used in parallel with a mobile charger. RFID authentication prevents power from being stolen. And SC2 can be measured (built-in legal meter).

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Fast, Advanced EV Chargers

[INQ. NO. 2102M10] Established in 1987, JoongAng Control Co., Ltd. is a leader in the development and manufacture of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
JoongAng Control has been advancing the EMS-connected charging platform business as an integrated solution for charging electric vehicles based on the automatic building control technology.
JoongAng Control has a variety of chargers from 7kW AC chargers to 30kW, 50kW, 100kW, 200kW and 400kW high power DC chargers. JoongAng Control is striving for technology development and top quality and production for the electric vehicle charging business.

Fast, Advanced EV Chargers

Distributed High- Power Charging System
JoongAng Control has recently developed a distributed high-power charging system, a power bank with a charging stand. It is possible to expand the capacity by adding a power module inside the power bank.
It is also possible to select a connector. It is a kind of distributed power charging and simultaneous charging system. This system boasts far increased space utilization, and has acquired high efficiency (94%) certification.

Distributed High- Power Charging System

DC Charger (200kW, 100kW, 50kW, 30kW)
JoongAng Control’s advanced DC chargers support multiple standards – CCS1, CCS2 and CHAdeMO. This has a simultaneous charging fa unction. The payment options are multiple – RFID, NFC, etc. With a 24” wide LCD touch screen, it enables the operators to use it far more conveniently than other similar products.
For maximizing user experience, customizable user interface is built-in. Daylight readable touch screen display is available. And also, customer-specialized contents support is available.

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One-Stop Total Solution for EV Chargers

[INQ. NO. 2102M09] Since the company was established in May 2016, Daeyoung Chaevi Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturing-based operator with integrated “One-Stop Total Solutions” for EV charger manufacture, installation, management, operation, and A/S under its own brand, “CHAEVI.” And its main businesses are EV charger manufacturing, charging service, and operation from 2016, located in Daegu, South Korea.
Daeyoung Chaevi developed EV charging facilities including 7kW slow chargers to 50kW, 100kW and 200kW fast chargers and 400kW ultra-fast charging facilities through technology, operating systems based on OCPP, a global standard.
As the operation system based on the global standard OCPP is also built with its own technology, the accumulated delivery performance in the public market including the Environment Ministry currently occupies 70% of the Korean market.

Public Wall-Mounted Charger
Outstanding usability and beautiful design is tailored to customer performance.
Daeyoung Chaevi produces various types of slow chargers depending on the charging type and the simultaneously charging from the wall-mounted to the stand-alone home charger types.
Users can select their desired type that best suits their living environment. Its slow charger provides perfect compatibility.

Public Wall-Mounted Charger

Fast Charger
The product line-ups for fast chargers are from 50kW, to 100kW and 200kW chargers.
Fast charger has outstanding usability & beautiful design and by offering the three interfaces of AC fast charging, CHAdeMo and CCS1/CCS2, it ensures compatibility with an extensive range of cars made by domestic and renowned international car makers.

Fast Charger

Ultra-fast Charger
The ultra-fast charger can charge at a super charge rate within 4 to 10 minutes depending on the battery capacity of the electric vehicle.
Ultra-fast charger made by Daeyoung Chaevi features a variety of interfaces to accommodate a wide array of vehicles and guarantee ease of use.
This charger has been verified through extensive tests with global car makers such as Porsche, Audi and Hyundai.

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EV Parts

[INQ. NO. 2102M08] Daejoo Kores Co., Ltd. has been a progressive partner with the automotive industry as a company specializing in extruding and machining aluminum for automotive parts since 1972.
Daejoo Kores produces items such as battery housing & battery module case, for EVs, bumper beams, roof racks, guide rails, and swing doors based on its special technology and accumulated know-how of aluminum extrusion.

Development of the world’s first exclusive platform for EVs
Daejoo Kores has recently jointly developed the world’s first exclusive platform for EVs called “Battery Frame” with LG Energy Solution after more than two years of development, and started mass-production and mass-supply for Jaguar I-Pace from 2018. Based upon such performance, the Battery Frame is positioning itself as one of the representative standard platforms for global EV makers.
Daejoo Kores has grown into one of the global top-level companies based on its research capacity in the areas of aluminum materials and extrusion – in terms of thermal resistance required in an era of EVs, design optimized for lightening, and the ability to interpret.
With such R&D capability it has acquired, Daejoo Kores has been successfully mass-producing and mass-supplying various types of battery cases to Volkswagen since 2019.

EV Parts

Daejoo Kores secured price competitiveness in global markets, which surpasses the level of customers’ expectations – backed by its superior R&D ability in the field of energy-saving devices. It is exporting the aluminum cases of energy-saving devices to prominent global customers in the United States, Japan, etc. through LG Energy Solution.
Daejoo Kores recorded US$140Mil. in annual sales and US$50Mil. in annual exports in 2019, respectively, following US$120Mil. in annual sales and US$43Mil. in annual exports in 2018.

Supplying various kinds of aluminum material-based EV parts to global top-level car makers
Daejoo Kores is delivering its various types of EV parts made with aluminum material – sidesill, bumper beam, etc., essential parts adopted for lightening of eco-friendly vehicles – to business spots of Hyundai-Kia Motors, both domestically and overseas.
Daejoo Kores considers customer satisfaction to be the first priority through continuous development of technology based on the motto, “Supply with more valuable products and service to satisfy customers.”
Daejoo Kores pursues customer satisfaction continuously through its upgraded system of quality management meeting the standards of ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO/TS16949. Daejoo Kores has the mind of customer and technology to be foremost to meet the various customer needs of high level as a global company. Daejoo Kores promises that it will do its best to lead the automotive industry and give the feeling of satisfaction to customers.

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EV Chargers

[INQ. NO. 2102M07] Since its founding in 2004, SPEEL Co., Ltd. has been working closely with its customers to provide them with great products.
With the company’s “quality-first” philosophy, it maintains its key to success through continued improvement and committing to its customers’ faith and trust.
SPEEL is supplying EV chargers by acting on the call by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Welfare to install multi-unit electric chargers. This is also in response to the market changes for increasing consumer demands in the eco-friendly age for higher fuel efficiency and need for reduction of fossil fuel usage due to serious air pollution caused by automobiles.
The motto of “Quality determines the fate of a company” is its absolute commitment, fulfilling its social responsibilities as a young and strong company and to be a best partner.
SPEEL specializes in design, manufacture and sales of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE, also known as chargers) since 2018.
SPEEL is one of the largest suppliers of full range of EVSEs from AC level 1 chargers to DC Fast Chargers (DCFC) in Korea, and has already deployed about 5,000 level 1&2 chargers and about 500 DCFCs throughout the nation.

EV Chargers

Quick Chargers (50kW, 100kW) / AC (7kW)
These quick chargers adopt ergonomic EV coupler designs. An automatic time-of-the-day LCD brightness control is possible.
A wide range of operational temperature and humidity conditions is ensured. The charging capacity limit depends on the delivered power. An emergency stop switch is installed for all models. LCD display with tempered glass and capacitive touch are basically installed.
Voice guidance is supported, and they are also equipped with a charge coupler sense function.
These quick chargers are of IP55 protection rating (KC mark certified) products. A technique of anti-rust powder coating case protection is applied.

EV Chargers

Quick multi-EV type (200kW, 400kW)
This type is capable of simultaneous charging of four EVs. Up to 200kW charging per vehicle is ensured, and it is a DC combo- charge type. Auto-height-control display for people with disabilities is available. Optimized space utilization with separated dispensers is possible.
Large LCD (20”+) screen with tempered glass and capacitive touch screen are respectively installed.
Voice guidance is available to use, and anti-rust powder coating case protection is applied.

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EV Charging Infrastructures

Supplying the world’s best EV charging infrastructures
[INQ. NO. 2102M06] Electric energy as a next-generation eco-friendly energy source solves various environmental problems caused by the use of fossil fuels.
Signet EV has acquired various patents through continuous research and development related to electric energy charging.
Charging system improvement and product development are in progress, based on technology, and building infrastructure for eco-friendly electric vehicle charging on the global stage.

350kW High Power Charger
Signet EV has a fast charging solution which provides 350kW charging at a high speed.
In recent years, as vehicles’ battery capacity and mileage, respectively, have been increasing, there is growing demand for higher capacity charging systems.
Since Signet EV has an outstanding technical research group, the company has already finished developing a high-power charging system and obtained UL accreditation.
Signet EV’s 350kW charging system has a module-type power conversion unit that allows easier maintenance. It is not exposed to the danger of being shut down even when a module remains broken, because the remaining modules still operate as they did before.
This charging station has been installed on highways and downtown location across the USA.

EV Charging Infrastructures

Micro-grid EV Charging Solution
EVs have two-thirds fewer carbon dioxide emissions than gasoline vehicles. But CO2 has still been emitted from manufacturing EVs and generating electricity by coal. But in the case of using renewable energy, we could meet the zero emission targets during driving and charging EV.
When considering smart EV charging stations, Signet EV aimed to enhance energy efficiency. And the company sets the energy cycle ‘Generate renewable energy – Storage in ESS – Consumption for EVs.’
ESS was an essential part of this solution. And Signet EV designed and developed ESS using reusable EV batteries.
The micro-grid type charging station started to receive great attention as an active-type power management charging station that consumes the power stored at ESS in peak time when the electricity costs are the highest and uses electricity from the grid.

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Niro EV

With a unique and progressive style

[INQ. NO. 2102M05] Niro EV was born with a unique and progressive style conveyed by a nifty radiator grille with geometric patterns, edgy LED DRLs, and LED headlamps and wheels that project a high-tech look.
Niro EV sets another record in innovation with a futuristic style, best-in-class cargo capacity and intelligent safety technology.
Cutting-edge features, such as a dial-type Shift by Wire drive selector and 6-color mood lighting, boost the pleasure of driving with a futuristic touch and added convenience.
Electronically-controlled transmission and dial-type SBW make vibration-less e-shifting a cinch, requiring minimal effort and movement.

Niro EV

A sleek and modern supervision cluster conveys unique aesthetics while thoughtfully designed storage spaces provide exceptional convenience.
For navigation, the 8” electrostatic touch screen with a wide viewing angle renders outstanding visibility and maneuverability. Diverse connectivity options, such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, give access to key smartphone functions through the AVN. In addition, UVO’s advanced, connected car services, such as remote control, safety, and security services, can be voice-operated through Kakao i, Kakao’s integrated AI platform’s server-based voice recognition service, and information about music being played can be accessed through SoundHound’s music server.

Niro EV

Drivers can rely on autonomous, cutting-edge smart technology for dependable safety. Drivers automatically controls vehicle speed to maintain a safe distance from the car in front while driving on a highway. Conveniently helps steer the car and reduces the burden of having to accelerate and decelerate continuously while driving on a congested road or highway.
Optimized EV technology and high capacity batteries make highly efficient, enjoyable driving a reality. Battery can charge up to 80% in 54 minutes with a fast charging system, making long distance trips and last-minute charging a non-issue. Niro EV’s powerful 204 hp (engine-equivalent) motor delivers an electrifying driving experience.

Niro EV

EV’s best-in-class luggage space and convenient split-folding rear seats support a relaxed and easy-going SUV lifestyle. Convenient seat variations, such as 2nd row 6:4 split-folding, offer diverse means to customize space according to the number of passengers and size of load. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods