Looseproof Fasteners

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryFindmold’s LOCXELL is a kind of looseproof fastener that is made after inserting permanent magnets in the flanges of bolts and nuts. It prevents the nuts and bolts from being loosened by any vibration and impact in the absence of fastening.
This looseproof fastener is very convenient for workers’ fastening and unfastening operations compared to the existing looseproof products. It can be reused, giving economical benefits to users.
This is a high-tension (over 8T) product. Currently this company produces M16~M30 levels of products. The customized larger products (over M33) are also manufactured.
Recently, these products are being delivered to the nation’s railway-related cooperation as railway parts. It also gained significant results from an experimental application at a wind plant in Korea.
Findmold Co., Ltd. is aiming to expand its application for securing of structures including railways, heavy equipment, steel towers, which are exposed to vibration ― for ensuring safety. Established in 2012, Findmold has been largely involved in manufacturing of aluminum profiles products. Recently, the company released a looseproof fastener called LOCXELL with a mission of contributing to a safer society. Currently, Findmold is striving to develop new technologies and products including higher grade looseproof fasteners.

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DC High-Voltage Relays

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryYM Tech Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in DC high-voltage relays. The company designs, manufactures and supplies the core components for the electrical and electronics industries. Established in 1998, YM Tech has been developing and supplying DC relays, latch relays, EV relays, military-purpose relays, etc.
As a technology-intensive inno-biz company of Korea, YM Tech has acquired various relevant certifications such as ISO 9001 and UL. Furthermore, it received the 2006 Innovation Award, the 2011 Excellent SME Biz Award, and acquired IATF16949 auto parts plant certification in 2018, thereby demonstrating its advanced technologies.
YM Tech has recently released various models of the highly competitive EVH series products – EVH400, EVH500, and EVH 600. All of these models are made with an excellent sealing system.
The compact-sized, EVH series products are suitable for energy-storage systems and charging stations for electric vehicles, etc. They feature high electrical durability and high short-circuit durability. The EVH series are main contactors to connect the battery systems to electric vehicles. And they can be used at the charging stations for electric vehicles, battery storage systems, and PV inverters. With their attractive features, it is expected that they could steadily increase their share in global markets.

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PB pipes and Fittings

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryEstablished in 2003, Aikang is, with its own DOTORI brand, leading the nation’s PB pipes and fittings markets for water supply and hot water pipes.
As the company’s PB pipes and fittings are made with Polybutylene, they have strong resistance to any levels of temperatures and pressures and ensure longer lifespan. The push-fit piping method is used and so they require no separate tools, meaning that it is efficient for shortening of the operational period. The PB pipes have strong corrosion resistance and are free of any bad effect of electrolytes.
Currently, they are widely used as piping material for mineral waters in foreign nations. As non-poisonous raw material, Polybutylene is widely used for water supply. As it has high elasticity, the PB pipes are hardly exposed to damage and breakage caused by various external shocks.
Aikang devotes its utmost efforts to supplying high-quality piping materials. In 2011, Aikang established an overseas branch office in Jakarta, Indonesia, creating better opportunities for advancing into the Asian market, bolstered by the steadily growing size of the Korean market.


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Hydraulic Breaker & Excavator Attachment

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryNEOBUZZ Demolition Tools Co., Ltd. is a Korean company specializing in designing, manufacturing and selling hydraulic breakers & excavator attachments. It exports to as many as 30 countries including those in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America and CIS.
NEOBUZZ Hydraulic breaker delivers strong impact power, excellent stability & durability, easy maintenance and compatibility.
NEOBUZZ Hydraulic Breaker type includes Silence (Box) type; Top (open) type; Side type; Backhoe Loader type; Skid Loader type.
NEOBUZZ provides a full line of Mini breaker NB10 (for one-ton excavator) and Large breaker NB500 (for 60ton excavator).
NEOBUZZ Demolition Tools is always open-minded to all opinions of customer’s, and has been developing through listening to customer’s feedback. The fast-growing Korean company in earthmoving business also strives be in a leading position through continuous research & environment ally friendly unit development with its mission in mind for customer’s satisfaction.

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Snow Makers

https://korean-machinery.com///inquirySnowtech Co., Ltd. constantly studies a specific technology of snowmaking. Its snowmaking technology accumulated through ceaseless R&D has become firmer and more widespread, and it is advancing worldwide.
Snowtech has developed and succeeded in localizing its snowmaking machine applying its own technological prowess for the first time in Korea, which was previously a wasteland for snowmaking technology. In addition, after starting out in the “the snow business” in 2000, which was something new at that time, Snowtech has been retaining its business history and now is gaining recognition for its business implementation capability and technological prowess. While the existing concept of “snow” was earlier confined within a limited framework, such as winter/mountain recesses, we concentrated on the realization of snowmaking technology that can move and expand people’s perceptions of snow to the four seasons/ urban areas, by breaking the stereotypes of temperature and space. As a result of such research and development, Snowtech has developed the all-weather snowmaker capable of producing real snow throughout the year and Snowtech the Ice Magic Snowmaker making snow even at normal temperatures, thereby leading the snowmaking technology that is becoming competitive in the global market. Also, Snowtech just has developed the Home Snowmaking Machine enabling anyone to easily make snow, even in the home garden. It is a snowmaker that enables the general public to enjoy the snow more enjoyably than ever before. Snowtech thinks that ‘Snow is the most beautiful romance with which God has provided mankind.’ We will become an enterprise striving all the more to develop a valuable snowmaking technology harmonizing provision of nature and person.

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360-degree Rotational Excavator’s Arm

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryByeok Gang Industry Machine is adding new vitality to the heavy equipment attachment market with its recently manufactured new-concept excavator arm. It is recognized as the first such product in the industry.
The excavator’s arm rotates 360-degrees so that the worker can carry out work in any direction that the operator wants it to do. By using the existing attachment without a rotor, the excavator’s arm can be free of rotational devices to be attached on each part, thus ensuring economic feasibility and weight lightening.
The existing arm with one structure was divided into two arms and was then integrated with a 360-degree rotational device. Through these procedures, this excavator’s arm could obtain reliability of the rotational device by decentralizing of the centre of gravity.
While the existing excavators can only be operated by up and down movement in two-dimensions in terms of their own structure, this excavator’s arm can operate in 360-degree directions by being fitted with a rotational device in the middle of the excavator’s arm itself. As the attached equipment is rotated, the excavator’s arm can carry out works in various degrees of works. The operation’s efficiency and range are both increased. It offers significant cost-reduction effects on labor and fuel-saving.
Established in 2002, Byeok Gang Industry Machine has focused on producing industrial machinery by establishing advanced equipment facilities.

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Measurement Devices

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryDACELL Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells a variety of measurement devices including robot sensors, torque sensors, load cells, displacement meters, digital indicators, and push-pull gauges, etc. In particular, based on the accumulated technological know-how developed over the past 30 years, the company develops and produces a wider range of models of load cells (from 100g to 1,000ton). It was also the first to develop and manufacture torque sensors in Korea.
Also, DACELL deals with various types of load cells for testing of automotives. Recently, it has been developing and selling robot sensors used for collaborative robots(Cobot). The robot sensors are now mass-produced to be sold widely.
DACELL holds the technology for various sizes of testers for load cells and torque sensors – up to 10,000 KN load tester and torque tester testing up to 200,000KN-m − in order to produce various kinds of load cells and torque sensors. Through testing of high load sensors, the company elevates reliability, thereby satisfying customers’ needs.

For meeting its customers’ demands, the company develops and manufactures load cells and torque sensors for special purposes. Recognized for its quality products, DACELL exports them to over 40 countries including the UK, Russia, Turkey, Portugal, Morocco, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Syria. DACELL will make its efforts to unveil higher quality load cells and torque sensors.

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Roll-to-Roll Equipment

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryPeople & Technology, Inc., possessing top-level technologies, produces secondary battery wide press equipment using roll to roll, roll to roll screen printer, equipment for separation membrane and slitting, production facilities for display optical films and composite sheets, manufacturing equipment for flexible printed circuit boards (FPCB) and multi- layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC), and in-line assembly equipment for VCM camera modules.
Roll-to-roll is equipment that coats, cuts, rolls, and winds a variety of materials by using rotating roll. This equipment is used to produce various items from film materials commonly used in daily life from A4 paper, to wallpaper, snack bags, and other essential items including secondary batteries, semiconductors, etc.
PNT’s equipment has proven its reliability enough to be now used in more than 200 global companies. PNT satisfies various types of customers by supplying products with superior efficiency and stable quality.


Lithium Ion Battery Sequential Both-Side Coater

PNT’s lithium ion battery coating machine can control coating thickness more accurately and uniformly by using the slot die coating system. In addition, by applying air floating & roll-supporting type to drying units, it can coat stably and fast. This machine also can control the slot die lip by receiving feedback from a densimeter.


Roll Press Machine

The roll press machine that PNT manufactures can reduces the thickness and increase the density of Al/Cu foil coated with electrode compound by using cooling and heating pressing roll.
In addition, it can adjust the temperature of pre-heating roll and press roll between room temperature and 150˚C. Moreover, PNT has the know-how to prevent wrinkles.


Battery Electrode Slitting Machine

People & Technology’s battery electrode slitting machine is suitable for electrode coated metal foil machining. Max 670mm of foil width is available and 2 ~ 8Kgf of tension is applicable at the maximum speed of 80m/min. Very little vibration is generated even during high-speed operation. When slitting, burr can be maintained within 10 micron. Especially, PNT has the expertise for slitting non-coated parts. In addition, a vision & high-speed label system (Speed: 60m/min/±25mm) can be installed with this slitting machine, according to customer requests.


Roll To Roll Dryer Machine

The roll to roll dryer machine is designed to minimize the remaining moisture of foil after coating & pressing by using heated-air dryer. Through PNT’s own technology, it can minimize the wrinkles in foil caused by sudden temperature differences, and accumulating the foil.

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Quick Die Change & Quick Mold Change Systems

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryCHEON GI is the industry leader of the Quick Die Change (Q.D.C) and Quick Mold Change (Q.M.C.) systems in Korea. CHEON GI’s main advantage over its competitors lies in its own development and production of main components (more than 90%) of the products and the control system. The company directly manufactures, assembles and installs them along with providing after-sale services. Therefore, some advantages of CHEON GI include production responsiveness, quality of products and aftersale services.
Ensuring the best possible quality and stability, CHEON GI designs product-specific automatic production lines to meet its customers’ demands in a timely and professional manner under any situation. GHEON GI is making continuous efforts with R&D of products to improve their quality. Also, after years of research and development, it has earned recognition both domestically as well as internationally. The company prides itself in its strong key values, “Quality Prevails and Customer First.”


Quick Die Change and Quick Mold Change Systems

The Q.D.C. and Q.M.C. systems specialize in changing the die or mold with high speed, precision and security in press, die casting and injection molding machines. These systems provide a complete solution to fixing, moving and changing the die or mold during the production process.
Quick Die Change system is very reliable since it has been designed and developed trigeminally for high functional efficiency, economical efficiency and safety in die exchanging operation of the press, injection molding machine, die casting machine, etc. Basic components include KY & GY type clamps, guide rollers, die lifters, control boxes and hi-lock units. CHEON GI provides various options to satisfy customers’ requirements with press specifications and work environment. The system is applicable to the machine tool processing field of automated machines as well as die exchanges.
Quick Mold Change System is designed for injection mold and casting machines. It can reduce time with die change and increase machine utilization rates. The system is composed of various components that endure extreme conditions such as high speed, vibration and high efficiency. Its performance is not limited for any purposes.
The change time even for a large die is reduced due to its automatic change type. Furthermore, the uniform clamping force protects the die and improves the precision of the product.

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Agricultural Power Sprayers

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryLove of Soil Machinery is one of the leading suppliers of agricultural power sprayers in Korea. Established in 2002, it is dedicated to the development of agricultural technologies, the registration of patented quality products, technical exchanges with farmers, product distribution, and direct production – the only way to enhance the quality of agricultural equipment and devices – with more than 20 years in sprouts cultivation and gardening industries.
Its sprayers are highly economical for spraying pesticide efficiently. Its range of agricultural power sprayers is well appreciated in the Korean and international markets for its features like longer life, efficient battery usage, durable motor, tank capacity, high-speed pump, light-weight, compact and portable construction. The company promises to be a quick service provider, like a 911 rescue team, between the direct manufacturer and customers with a wide range of sprout cultivation materials, gardening materials, irrigation and drip irrigation materials, a variety of plant nutrients and compact agricultural equipment.
Love of Soil Machinery is making round-the-clock efforts to incorporate the latest technologies and materials to ensure trouble-free spraying at the most economical price.
All-round products of agricultural instruments are professionally researched, designed, manufactured and quality-controlled by its experienced team.


Rachargeable Sprayer and Robot Sprayer

Rechargeable sprayer is a low noise charging power sprayer with its compact size for increased mobility and easy control. This is a multipurposed backpack-type sprayer, which is composed of a plastic tank (20L), DC motor, battery and charger. This weighs about 4.5kg.

Robot sprayer can move to the front, reverse, left and right direction with its instant on/off functions. This is a gasoline engine pumping system that can fulfill all kinds of disease control for fruits, vegetables and stockbreeding with superb spraying power that goes as far as 200 meters in distance without causing any adverse effects on the human body.

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