Beginners’ Guide to: Dongdaemun is a top attraction that is constantly crowded with international visitors! Tourists who visit this area typically only spend an hour or two here, but there are so many things to do or see that you may even spend an entire day exploring. Some of the most representative attractions found in this area include the nation’s first designated treasure, Heunginjimun Gate, the all-time favorite Cheonggyecheon Stream, as well as the notable landmark of this district, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP).
The area of Dongdaemun is bigger than most tourists know and thus, several hidden attractions are often left unexplored. Read on for our very own one-day guide for first-time travelers to have a productive time in the Dongdaemun district!

Heunginjimun Gate & Dongdaemun Seonggwak Park
Heunginjimun Gate is the official name but due to its position on the east side of the outer wall of Seoul Fortress, it is also commonly referred to as Dongdaemun Gate. At that time, four large gates and four small gates were built in the Seoul Fortress surrounding the city. The four main gates (East, West, South, North) each had a Hangeul character attached, indicating benevolence, righteousness, propriety, and wisdom respectively. The east gate of the fortress was formerly named ‘Heunginmun Gate’, but was later changed to ‘Heunginjimun Gate’ with an addition of the Hangeul ‘ji (지)’ which was added to invigorate good energy.
Heunginjimun Gate is the largest gate in Seoul, surpassing even Sungnyemun Gate. It has a semicircular ongsung (a small wall built in front of the gate for complete protection) that differentiates it from the other fortress gates.
There is an uphill road behind the Heunginjimun Gate and it leads to the Dongdaemun Seonggwak Park. Due to the strong presence of other tourist attractions, as well as the small scale of the park, visitors to this area tend to miss out this hidden gem. Here at the park, you can catch a bird’s eye view of Dongdaemun where one can observe a harmonious blend of Korea’s traditional architecture with the modern skyscrapers.
▶TIP) Enjoy night views from Dongdaemun Seonggwak Park
Dongdaemun Seonggwak Park is especially known for its nightscape. Enjoy a spectacular night view of the soft lights glowing from Heunginjimun Gate, along with the vibrant lights emitted from the modern buildings in the background. In particular, the headlights from the countless cars passing on the roads below somehow create an even more dynamic atmosphere.

Cheonggyecheon Stream
Cheonggyecheon Stream flows through Jongno-gu and Jung-gu districts. It is an all-time favorite leisure place for anyone to rest or simply hang out with friends in the heart of the capital.
Though Gwanghwamun is the main entrance to Cheonggyecheon Stream, visitors may also get to the stream from Dongdaemun Station. There are a total of 22 bridges that cross over Cheonggyecheon Stream, with the bridge in Dongdaemun being Ogansugyo Bridge. The bridge is located at the spot of the previous Ogansu Gate, where five streams flowed out of the old capital. Due to urban development, the old gate can no longer be seen, but its memory lives on in the name of the bridge.

Dongdaemun Shopping Complex•Dongdaemun Shopping Town & Pyounghwa Fashion Town
Fashion and shopping are two of the most highly associated words with Dongdaemun. The area was designated as Dongdaemun Fashion Town Special Tourist Zone in 2002 and it gives a completely different vibe from typical shopping malls. Here at Dongdaemun, visitors may enjoy a unique experience of both traditional flea markets, as well as modern shopping complexes.
Although international tourists tend to visit the modern-style shopping malls, Dongdaemun Shopping Complex and Pyounghwa Fashion Town are also highly recommended. Visitors may experience a different vibe from usual shopping, and feel a sense of the traditional flea market instead. Dongdaemun Shopping Complex mainly sells fabric, buttons and other similar materials while fashion-related goods and commodities can be found at Pyounghwa Fashion Town.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)
The landmark of Dongdaemun, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) was designed by world-renowned architect, Zaha Hadid. The DDP is shaped like a swirling spiral, representing the dynamics of Dongdaemun Fashion Town.
The most outstanding feature of DDP lies in its curves and atypical architecture. Neither straight lines nor right angles can be found in the entire structure. There are seven floors (three basement levels and four aboveground levels), but astoundingly, the floors are not exactly distinguishable from the outside.
The structure itself is not only unique on the outside but is also full of fascinating attractions on the inside. The complex is convenient and makes exploring enjoyable as it is divided into four segments namely ‘Art Hall’, ‘Museum’, ‘Design Lab’ and the ‘Oullim Square’. The park next to the DDP is installed with 25,550 LED roses that make a beautiful scene at night. It’s the perfect location for a romantic date night.
▶TIP) Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market exclusively on Fridays & Saturdays
Do not miss out on the exclusive Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market. The night market is ongoing until the last week of October, on every Friday and Saturday from 6pm to 11pm. Visitors can enjoy various street foods and even unique fashion shows directed by young designers!

Dongdaemun Night Market (Sebit Market)
As the sun goes down, a night market appears behind Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Street stalls with yellow tents spring up in a row and the place begins to come alive after 11 pm. In the past, this scene was often referred to as “nota,” a compound word formed from ‘noran’ (meaning ‘yellow’ in Korean) and ‘tawol’ (‘tower’ pronounced in Korean), since the market scene is located in front of Doosan Tower. Recently, the name was changed to Dongdaemun Sebit Market.
At the entrance of the Dongdaemun Sebit market, you will be greeted by a cute owl mascot, followed by a row of seemingly countless street stalls selling a wide assortment of items. Besides shopping, you can also enjoy diverse street food for a late-night snack such as gimbap, tteokbokki, and sundae.

* This column was last updated in March 2018, and therefore information may differ from what is presented here. We advise you to check details from the official websites before visiting.

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Enjoy Cultural Arts in Seoul! fans of performance and visual arts, here is an all-in-one guide to the representative cultural art centers in Seoul! If you have spare time in your schedule or just need a break from touring around the city, consider visiting a performance hall or an art museum. Diverse performances and arts will not only present you with memories, but will surely nourish your soul!

From Gugak to Opera! Enjoy Diverse Performing Arts!

Theater representing Korea, the National Theater of Korea

Established in 1950 as Asia’s first national theater, National Theater of Korea presents diverse performances spanning over Korea’s traditional arts, ballet and opera performances. World renowned performance groups and organizations from overseas often hold performances here as well. The theater is composed of Haeoreum Theater, the main hall; Daloreum Theater, a smaller theater; Byeoloreum Theater, with a customizable stage; and Haneul Theater, an outdoor stage.
National Theater of Korea is especially popular among tourists due to its location near Namsan Seoul Tower and Myeong-dong. The theater is also easily accessible via taxi or on foot since it is only 1.5km away from Namsan Seoul Tower and 3km away from Myeong-dong Station.
▶Address: 59, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (more info)

Opera House at Seoul Arts Center

Seoul Arts Center offers world-class theater facilities. The center holds cultural art events in a multitude of genres throughout the year. The signature building of the center is the Opera House, with its unique architectural design. The Opera House stages all kinds of performances, holding on to the true essence of performance arts. In addition to the Opera House, Seoul Arts Center is home to a concert hall, Hangaram Art Museum, Hangaram Design Museum, and Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum.
▶Address: 2406, Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul (more info)

Seoul’s Multi-complex Culture Center, Sejong Center

Korea’s unique traditional architecture is merged with modern design to create the grand yet elegant appearance of Sejong Center. Sejong Center holds a variety of performances of diverse genres including traditional Korean, classics, and even crossovers. The main theater, Grand Theater, has a wide stage equipped with the largest pipe organ in Asia. Sejong Center is a popular attraction among tourists as it is located across from Gwanghwamun Square and Gyeongbokgung Palace.
▶Address: 175, Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul (more info)

Enjoy Modern and Contemporary Arts!

A stranger to the arts? Stop by National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art!
With the slogan “Art museum in everyday life,” the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) in Seoul is loved by locals for its display of artwork in addition to being an aesthetic resting spot. The biggest characteristic of this attraction is its consistent admission fee. In contrast to other art museums where prices differ depending on special exhibitions, MMCA offers a combination ticket with access to all exhibitions and video displays. MMCA is recommended to be added into your itinerary since it is located at the entrance to Samcheongdong-gil Road, near Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace.
▶Address: 30, Samcheong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul (more info)

One-stop destination to beautiful architecture and art! Seoul Museum of Art

The building of Seoul Museum of Art, which was once used for the Supreme Court, is highly recognized for its splendid modern image after undergoing renovation. Featured exhibitions are not limited to traditional arts, but include a wide range of media including architecture, films, music, fashion, handicraft, and even works that do not belong to any specific genre. The museum also features non-Western artwork, such as those from Africa and Latin America. If you are visiting Deoksugung Palace, consider adding Seoul Museum of Art to your schedule as they are located right next to each other.
▶Address: 61, Deoksugung-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul (more info)

Pleasant sight of contemporary artwork at Hangaram Art Museum in Seoul Arts Center

Located inside Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Art Museum features various plastic arts. It consists of six exhibition halls and an art shop. Most featured exhibitions are based on modern art, making it easier for youths to approach the world of art. Often visited by people watching performances at Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Art Museum makes it comfortable to explore with pleasant, open-style exhibition halls.
▶Address: 2406, Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul (more info)

More Info

▶ Seoul Tourism Website: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian)
▶ 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Photo credit: Korea Tourism Organization, National Theater of Korea, Seoul Arts Center, Sejong Center

* This column was last updated in January 2018, and therefore information may differ from what is presented here. We advise you to check details from the official websites before visiting.

The above article is courtesy of VisitKorea, the official website of the Korea Tourism Organization ( | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

VisitKorea App, Korea’s Smart Travel Manager a trip to a new country can be overwhelming, and Korea is no exception. The more you search, the more confusing it becomes! What are some must-visit attractions? What have you already looked at? How do all your selected attractions fit together into a well-made itinerary? The answer to all of these worries is simple: take a deep breath, relax, and download the VisitKorea mobile application! The VisitKorea app provides information on attractions before your trip, maps and nearby attractions based on GPS while on your trip, and a record of all the things you saw and did to show off afterwards. Download it now to get your exciting journey to Korea started!

New Features

The Korea Tourism Organization first unveiled the English VisitKorea mobile application in 2011, followed by separate Japanese and Chinese apps in 2013. Late in 2019, the three apps were combined into one, allowing users to obtain the same consistent information regardless of language, as well as switch to a preferred language with ease at any time.

A new feature of the updated app is the My Trip section, adding a sense of adventure and achievement to your trip. The My Trip feature is divided into three distinct functions: Save Trip, On Trip, and Take Trip. Save Trip allows users to manage and save attractions they are interested in. On Trip uses GPS signals to track and record the user’s trip itinerary on a real-time basis. Take Trip gives experience points to users for visiting attractions that are listed on the 100 Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Korea.

① Pre-trip: Plan with SAVE TRIP
Check attraction information sorted in 10 different categories for each region of Korea, and save necessary information through the SAVE TRIP function. Easily gather information about desired attractions and make a travel itinerary in one step.

② During trip: Record using ON TRIP & TAKE TRIP
The VisitKorea app provides personalized travel information based on the current location by analyzing the user’s selected preferences and big data. Users can increase the fun and excitement of their trip with the TAKE TRIP function, earning stamps by visiting geo-fenced attractions such as the 100 Must-visit Tourist Spots in Korea.

③ Post-trip: Review ON TRIP
Look back on the timeline cards saved through the ON TRIP feature, as well as add more photos and story cards. Experience a new way of traveling by reminiscing on your trip memories.

Standard Features

One of the biggest advantages of using the VisitKorea mobile app is receiving personalized recommendations based on your personal settings. Using an analysis of big data, the app picks out attractions and information that may be of interest, based on the users selected preferences, nationality, gender, and age range.
Users can also find nearby facilities and directions through the map feature. The About Korea section provides important information, including currency exchange rates, public transit information, and emergency contact numbers, such as the 1330 Korea Travel Hotline and international embassies, for a safe and convenient trip.
Another benefit of using the app is the increased number of discount coupons as compared with what is available on the VisitKorea website. In today’s eco-conscious world, not having to print copies is a big win! The app has basic tour courses for each region, which are a great starting point for absolute true beginners to Korea.
both nearby office workers and tourists. Sansuyu (cornus fruit) flowers, canola flowers, and plum blossoms welcome spring as they bloom along the 11 kilometer-long stream, while a line of white fringe tree flowers offer an excellent sight by decorating both sides of the nearby walking path.

• Search “VisitKorea” in Google Play or the App Store

* This column was last updated in December 2019, and therefore some information may differ from what is presented here. We advise you to check details before visiting.

The above article is courtesy of VisitKorea, the official website of the Korea Tourism Organization ( | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Spring Blossom Paths in Seoul Blossom Paths in Seoul

With the arrival of spring come beautiful blooming flowers, including cherry blossoms, forsythias, and azaleas. Even in Seoul, a large city filled with skyscrapers and cars, there are places to enjoy the sight and scent of spring blossoms. If you are eager to discover a different side of Seoul, visit some of the following parks to be greeted by blossoming spring flowers.

Seoul’s Central Park, Seoul Forest

Recognized as one of Seoul’s premium city parks, a magnificent sight of giant cherry blossom trees can be found at Seoul Forest. Visitors to the park are welcome to enjoy a light walk or a picnic under the gently fluttering cherry blossoms. Don’t miss your chance to see deer and observe butterflies at the Ecological Forest while at the park.

Cheerfully colorful, Children’s Grand Park

Starting from the entrance, Children’s Grand Park is filled with blossoms of all kinds, from deep pink azaleas to tulips of all shades. The park is one of the most stunning parks during springtime when the large cherry blossom trees are in full bloom. In addition, other attractions such as the zoo and the botanical garden found within the park offer more to see, making the park a perfect picnic spot. Snacks for sale can be found at every corner and full meals are also available at the park’s cafeteria.

Straight out of a fairy tale, Seokchonhosu Lake

Every spring, Seokchonhosu Lake boasts a splendid view of approximately 300,000 cherry blossoms and wild flowers in bloom. In particular, the sight of Lotte World appearing to float in the middle of Seokchonhosu Lake creates a fairy tale-like picture. The annual Seokchonhosu Lake Cherry Blossom Festival is also held here, offering various events and programs for visitors to enjoy.

Closest to the sky, Haneul Park in World Cup Park

Haneul Park, located within World Cup Park, offers amazing views of the city as well as beautiful flowers and interesting sculptures. Man-made structures and facilities are limited within the park, as it was formed as a restoration project to preserve the ecological environment. Visitors are recommended to prepare a few drinks and snacks in advance before visiting. Colonies of forsythias can be found along both sides of the trekking paths, creating the mood to enjoy spring to its fullest.

A romantic getaway, Noeul Park in World Cup Park

Noeul Park offers a pleasant sight of forsythias and royal azaleas in early spring and changes its colors to lovely shades of purple around May to June when the irises are in bloom. In addition, the metasequoia tree-lined path is often sought-out by couples as the trees that stretch down both sides of the walking path create a romantic mood perfect for a relaxing stroll. The park is also famous for its sunset view, with many visitors coming in the late afternoon hours.

Peaceful flowers, Seoul National Cemetery

The cherry blossoms cultivated at Seoul National Cemetery resemble willow trees with their branches hanging down towards the ground as they age, giving one an image of a waterfall of flowing flowers. Although Seoul National Cemetery is popular for its fascinating cherry blossoms, other spring blossoms such as forsythias and fringe trees serve as welcoming sights. In addition, the annual Seoul National Cemetery Spring Blossom Event is held every April, offering various entertaining and educational programs.

A pleasant walking path, Samcheong Park

Located in the center of Seoul, Samcheong Park is well-loved by the local community due to its convenient location and various facilities nearby, including cultural centers and restaurants. Thanks to the scenic view the walking trail offers, many visitors are drawn to the park to enjoy the sight of cherry blossoms and forsythia flowers, as well as the refreshing spring atmosphere. After taking in the beautiful blossoms, stop by Samcheong-dong Café Street!

Representative attraction of Seoul, Cheonggyecheon Stream

Located at the center of Seoul, Cheonggyecheon Stream is a top tourist attraction that serves as a relaxing space for both nearby office workers and tourists. Sansuyu (cornus fruit) flowers, canola flowers, and plum blossoms welcome spring as they bloom along the 11 kilometer-long stream, while a line of white fringe tree flowers offer an excellent sight by decorating both sides of the nearby walking path.


* This column was last updated in February 2019, and therefore information may differ from what is presented here. We advise you to check details before visiting.

The above article is courtesy of VisitKorea, the official website of the Korea Tourism Organization ( | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Hydraulic Attachment[INQ. NO. 1912M46] DAEMO Engineering Co., Ltd., meaning ‘an upright example,’ is a hydraulic attachment company representing Korea with constant research on products and a thorough product quality management system. DAEMO Engineering is also a global company that manufactures and sells attachments with the best performance, necessary in quarries, mines, construction sites, resources recycling sites and public enterprises, and exports to about 60 countries around the world. DAEMO Engineering participated in BAUMA China held in Shanghai, China from November 27 to November 30, 2018 with the biggest booth in the Korean Pavilion.

Alicon Breaker
It is the representative premium breaker brand of DAEMO Engineering Co., Ltd. It is lighter and has a higher striking power than previous products. It also improves the durability of the entire breaker by newly designing and improving not only its main components but also its subsidiary components. Due to this, the overall maintenance costs are reduced significantly. It has excellent structural rigidity because a through bolt is heat-treated before being assembled autonomously. It also has an extremely low failure rate because it goes through a 2-step cleaning process and a lot test before assembly.
Auto grease replaces regular grease refill work to maximize efficiency under any working environment and a low-noise function which will resolve difficulties of midtown construction can be added. It can be also manufactured to attach various forms of brackets that customers want so it can be easily applied to different working environments, working angles and devices.
Furthermore, it provides the highest level of efficiency through an anti-blank fire system that can protect the entire durability of its internal components and the breaker by stopping the blow at a point that a chisel cannot strike properly, and a 2-step stroke valve (TPC) that can control a strike to a desirable speed depending on the workload.

It is the recycling scrap attachment of DAEMO Engineering Co., Ltd., representing Korea. They have a wide range of product line-up to satisfy the needs of various customers. DAEMO Engineering is also manufacturing two types of products, a guide type and a non-guide type, to have the best productivity under any working environment.
Having higher crushing strength than other companies is a great advantage of this product group. To secure not only power but also work stability and durability, Hardox 400 with strong wear resistance and Hardox HiTuf materials with improved tensile strength are used for blades.
Moreover, as a speed-up valve which has a wide opening width and a fast open-and-shut speed is built in so it displays great productivity when treating large H-beams, I-beams and scrapped ships, each part of the cutter can be compatible, maintenance costs can be reduced, and can be easily replaced. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Premium PVC Hoses[INQ. NO. 1912M45] Sejong Flex has since 1982 grown into a company with the highest competitiveness and specializing in manufacturing PVC hoses based on its technology and experience accumulated over a long period of time.
The company’s skilled engineers produce the Sejong Flex’s PVC hoses, so the quality of all of its products is fully assured. Customer satisfaction is the first priority, as the quality PVC hoses are supplied at reasonable prices at the right time.
Sejong Flex is a company developing day by day with dedicated staffs and customers’ loyal support and will devote itself to moving forward even more energetically. Sejong Flex always listens to the opinions of the customers using Sejong Flex’s products and will realize mutual growth with customers.
Currently, Sejong Flex exports to more than 50 countries with perfect PVC hose production backed up by constant R&D, and the ongoing training of production staffs.
Customer satisfaction and trust are the first priority of the company. Sejong Flex understands that mutual growth with customers can be realized by supplying quality PVC hoses at reasonable prices at the right time through investment in the state-of-the-art facilities and the optimized control of production.

Various Kinds of Premium PVC Hoses
Various kinds of Sejong Flex’s premium PVC hoses use 100% original PVC raw material from LG Chem, Hanwha Korea. The premium PVC hoses are: high pressure spray hose; high pressure air hose; twin hose; lay flat hose; spring hose; grit hose; clear braided hose; garden hose; duct hose; heavy duty suction hose; standard duty suction hose; heavy duty clear suction hose; drain hose; and clear hose. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Transmission & Transaxle for Fork Lifts[INQ. NO. 1912M44] A transmission and a transaxle are key components of a forklift.
Kum A Powertech’s products use the power of an engine to operate a forklift.
It is possible to easily control and maintain them with high power and transmission oil only without gear oil.
Kum A Powertech Inc. reduced their sizes and made then more convenient to maintain by taking into account the forklifts’ working environments which are usually narrow places.
The technology-intensive products are exported to Jungheinrich, Germany. From 2019, Kum A have been supplied to Doosan forklifts.

Piston Pumps
Piston pumps mounted on heavy machinery such as excavators are a source of power to generate hydraulic pressure, enabling heavy machinery to work.
Kum-A Powertech’s piston pumps are currently exported to China, Turkey and Indonesia. They create hydraulic oil pressure by using some power from the engines. Therefore, the company can make good-quality products at lesser costs.
Gear pumps
Gear pumps for agricultural machinery such as tractors and rice planting machines and combines work in the same way.
Kum-A Powertech with an advantage over its competitors in terms of price and quality is currently supplying gear pumps to satisfy customers through Daedong Industrial, a Korean company.
Kum A Powertech Inc. manufactures and exports transmissions and axles for forklifts, piston pumps for excavators, and gear pumps for agricultural machinery. Currently, the company is globally building its reputation by exporting products to Germany, China, Indonesia, India, Turkey, and the UK.
Globally active Kum A Powertech’s strength lies in its original technology and differentiated expertise in areas ranging from design to production. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Metal Raw Materials (Bar/Rod, Strip/Coil, Wire)[INQ. NO. 1912M43] Elyon Industry Co., Ltd., established in 2007, is a professional exporter of metal materials.
The company is now exporting to 250 corporate customers in about 30 countries with the vision of securing 300 corporate customers by 2020 and the mission of becoming a stepping stone connecting its customers and their end clients.
Elyon is putting the 3P Principle (Proactive, Prompt, and Precise) into practice, which reflects its own principle to think and move quickly and accurately to satisfy customers.
In addition to the headquarters in Korea, Elyon Industry has a branch in Germany and agents in Thailand and Vietnam. By continuously developing the overseas markets, the company has posted 7.8 billion won in sales in 2018.
The company has three major business divisions. First, the Raw Material Business Division zeroes in on bars/rods, strips/coils and wires made of copper, copper alloy, stainless steel and carbon steel. The products go mainly into electrical and electronic parts and automotive parts.
Second, the Oil & Gas Business Division specializes in parts for heat exchangers and pressure vessels.
Third, the Construction Material Business Division, a new division, deals in exterior materials for buildings such as color coated stainless steel sheets and handrails.
Lastly, as part of its future business, Elyon has recently launched new product lines including metal powder, rare metallurgy products, ceramics & coating, and high performance alloy products such as inconel, hastelloy, and monel.
Especially for metal powder, its available materials include Magnesium, Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum and other special metals. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Construction Equipment for Concrete Movement and Pumping[INQ. NO. 1912M42] Established in 1996, Samil Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. has specialized in manufacturing and delivering construction equipment domestically and to overseas markets. It has grown into a leading company in the field, overcoming the 1997 financial crisis.
Long years of accumulated steady reliability and attention from its customers make it possible for the company to continuously improve its presence and performance in the market.
Samil Heavy Industries manufactures various kinds of construction equipment for concrete movement and pumping such as truck-mounted boom pumps, towed-type trailer pumps, placing booms for high-story operations, and mix truck for transporting concrete.
The pump for concrete pumping operates machinery by using oil pressure. There are three ways of operations by oil pressure to operate equipment with each advantage and disadvantage point.
Most companies manufacturing concrete pumps possess technology that enables manufacturing of only one system among three operating systems, but Samil Heavy Industries obtained technologies for manufacturing all three operating systems. Thus, Samil Heavy Industries has technologies that make it possible for it to fully supply the exact system each customer wants.
Samil Heavy Industries has been professionally manufacturing concrete pumps over the past 20 years.
And the company has recently started manufacturing highly competitive concrete mix trucks, both in terms of quality and price.
Samil Heavy Industries has since 2001 been exporting concrete pumps to 23 countries including those in Africa and the EU, as well as Australia, Canada, Russia, Vietnam, Brazil, etc. and provided its parts to 31 nations.
Only four companies including Samil Heavy Industries among 13 domestic companies manufacturing concrete pumps in South Korea currently can manufacture boom manufacturing (boiling making for steel structure) with 100 percent own technologies.
Samil Heavy Industries is the only company that has experience of exporting technology for the related products in the domestic industry circle (GCL, India).
Samil Heavy Industries is preparing to invest in diverse infrastructure (human resources, materials, capital, etc.) in order to develop the technology of 3D printer concrete pumps, and eagerly seeks to develop high-quality parts using special materials as well. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Facilities used in Cement Plants, Steel Mills and Forge Shops[INQ. NO. 1912M41] Kolyu Precision, established in 2002, is an enterprise manufacturing and repairing the facilities used in cement plants, steel-making mills and forge shops. Kolyu Precision manufacture support rollers, polycom rollers, hammer crushers, front walls, roller bodies, etc., which are the facilities for pulverization of limestone and production of cement products. Products are made to order and can also be repaired.
Kolyu Precision provide products and repair services to such companies as Lafarge Cement and Holcim Cement of Malaysia and Indonesia, TASEK of Malaysia, etc. and also has entered the markets of Thailand and Vietnam to supply cylinder heads, tie rods, shafts, etc.
The segment for producing bloom of the steel-making facilities requires proper cooling and pulling force as it generates high stress. Particularly, the product of Kolyu Precision is designed for easy roll exchanging and fueling as it has fewer deformations due to sufficient cooling function and also has large pulling force, thereby helping enhance the productivity. We manufacture fixed sectors, pinch rolls, oscillating frames, molds, etc.
Kolyu Precision is also producing the main cylinder of the 3,000-ton and 5,000-ton hydraulic forging press for forging shops. In addition, based on its rich experience and technology, the company produces a standardized, economical and lightweight industrial reducer (Gear Box).
The vacuum booster pump realizes the function of vacuum, self-priming and pressurization using the rotary piston pump that sucks and compresses by a rotating triangular rotor and it has been developed by Kolyu Precision and the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute. This product has such advantages as discharging liquid quickly and easily and enhancing the pump efficiency due to less friction loss.
Kolyu Precision has a system covering the range from design to production based on its belief that “Quality is productivity.” Achieving competitiveness at reasonable prices, delivery and quality based on excellent technological prowess, Kolyu Precision exports its products to the markets of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.
Since 2017, Kolyu Precision has developed a high-performance pump in collaboration with the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute and is producing pumps with vacuum & self-priming & booster with maximum functionality.
In order to enhance its its core competencies through active and creative management and grow into an enterprise that is full of love and gratitude along with our customers, all of its employees are constantly striving to create new technologies. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods