Automotive Air Purifier released its automotive air purifier ‘Air Rising Mini’ after completing two years of a research and development project. This product applied the so-called bridge filter and adopted its own module. It also acquired certifications of KC, FCC, and CE.
In a particular, the air purifier can be easily operated with only on/off and automatically senses the air quality and presents the current status as four colors. And the built-in bridge filter can be reused by cleaning it unlike the HEPA filter that cannot be reused.
Thus, it is economical for the user.
The president of the company remarked, “Our Air Rising Mini is the best product made in cooperation with domestic leading SMEs for each part of the product. We seek to elevate customers’ satisfaction with our strict quality control. The product provides the interior of the car and the offices with fresh air and gives an excellent interior effect to the surroundings with modern design.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Automatic Floor Cleaner B50, an automatic walk-behind floor cleaner, is easy to operate so that people of all ages can use it. When the waste water tank is filled with waste water, the sensor automatically stops operation of the suction motor and turns the warning lights on to minimize battery consumption.
As it is fitted with a sensor to control the amount of water used, you can use the equipment more efficiently. The brush and pad can be selected and are easily attached and detached, so pressure control is also possible depending on the unevenness of the floor. A complete suction and drying system ensures perfect cleaning performance on any floor.
It is the perfect cleaning equipment for various kinds of floor surfaces such as tiles, epoxy floors, etc., and it is suitable for warehouses, shopping centers, factories, hospitals, large restaurants, buildings, etc. The detergent is sprayed from the center of the brush to prevent it from being wasted, and the cleaner prevents the detergent from being spattered to the edge when the brush spins. The brush is attached and detached automatically without any separate tools, thus ensuring convenience.
It is equipped with a battery indicator lamp so that the amount of charge and residual quantity can be checked. The digital timer is embedded for checking the equipment’s use time, enhancing utilization of the equipment. By easily lifting the waste water tank up to 90 degrees, you can easily remove sediments, dirt, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Hyundai Motor Launches New Avante Sport[INQ. NO. 1812M08] Hyundai Motor recently announced that the carmaker would launch the New Avante Sport with its dynamic design, powerful driving performance, and various advanced driving support systems.
The exterior design of the new model is sporty with an exclusive dark colored radiator grille, LED headlamps and rear lamps, single and twin muffler tips, and an 18-inch alloy wheel exclusive to the model.
The new model’s interior creates a powerful image with sports bucket seats, sports super vision clusters, a D-cut steering wheel, and a paddle shift among others.
In particular, the New Avante Sport is 50mm horizontally longer than the esisting Avante Sport, and 5mm vertically shorter than the New Avante, which accentuates its sleek image.
The new model comes in seven colors – polar white, sparkling metal, iron gray, phantom black, intense blue, fiery red, and golden flash. Golden flash is a special color that is not available with the New Avante.
The New Avante Sport is powered by a 1.6 gasoline turbo engine with up to 204 horsepower, up to 27.0 kgf•m torque, and features combined fuel economy of 12.0 km/ℓ (7DCT).
The new model is loaded with a variety of high-tech driving support systems and convenience features such as lane departure prevention, warnings about rear cross collisions and driver distraction and mistakes, and an air cleaning mode to the customers’ preference.
In addition, Hyundai Motor enhanced the uniqueness and merchantability of the model by adding a variety of sports-specific products such as engine performance, engine dress up, braking, dynamic, dynamic plus packages, and Tuix wheels, Hyundai Motor’s customized brand.
As for the price of the New Avante Sport, the MT Trim, 7DCT Trim and Premium Trim models are priced at 19.64 million won, 22.17 million won, and 23.65 million won, respectively. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

‘Kinergy AS ev,’ a Tire Exclusively for First-Generation Electric Vehicles[INQ. NO. 1811M07] It is reported that Kinergy AS ev, a new product of Hankook Tire released at this time, has remedied various defects of the tire exclusively for firstgeneration electric vehicles, thereby realizing an ultra-low noise environment and providing a comfort similar to that provided by the tire for supercars.
The Sound Absorber Technology has been realized by applying polyurethane sound-absorbing foam to the inner lining of the tire. Here, the sound-absorbing foam disperses the external pressure evenly as well as effectively absorbs the road noise coming into the car.
As a test result of actually applying the Sound Absorber Technology, it was confirmed that the technology reduced the road noise (resonance) by 9.2dB to the maximum, enhancing the quietness of the electric car.
While existing electric car tires have shown poor performance at high speeds or driving abilities, Kinergy AS ev applies the Aqua Pine compound with resin and vegetable oil extracted from conifers. Characteristically, Hankook Tire’s unique technology of applying high silica content ensures agile handling and braking performance in all driving environments.
One strong point of the product is that application of the aramid reinforcement belt suppresses increase of the tire’s diameter caused by the centrifugal force while driving and shows the best handling and kinetic performance in various driving environments. Kinergy AS ev has applied the Extra Load (XL) by increasing the allowable load of the tire.
By applying an extra load, Kinergy AS ev has secured the load-bearing capacity enhanced by 75KG compared with the load index of standard tires and maintains the optimal supporting pressure in any driving environment such as during acceleration, turning, and braking.
As the large-capacity battery is applicable to the electric car instead of fuel, static electricity occurs frequently. However, Kinergy AS ev has applied the chimney rubber structure in the tire for discharging the static electricity flowing through the electric car to the ground surface so that the driver can enjoy comfortable and safe driving.
Wide and strong rib-typed shoulder blocks enhance the handling performance and prevent abrasion of tires, and the crossarrayed edges minimize the block strain and improve torsion. The dimple cooling system effectively dissipates the heat that is condensed in the tire tread due to high-speed driving. When the car is braked, this product minimizes the deformation of the block and maintains the ground plane to provide the best braking force. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Fine Digital Releases ‘Monster 7 Truck,’ a Truck-specific Navigation[INQ. NO. 1811M06] Fine Digital announced that it has recently released the Fine Drive Monster 7 Truck, a truck-specific navigation.
Fine Drive Monster 7 Truck is characterized by supporting customized guidance considering the specificity of trucks and the driver’s driving conditions.
In addition, this product is equipped with Atlan Truck 2, which is Mappers’ latest truck-specific map that has adopted the truck-specific function for the first time in Korea and enhanced the real-time communication service, to provide accurate directions.
Besides, this product leads the driver along the fastest route by reflecting the real-time traffic information through hotspot tethering and considering the data on road elements that affect operation such as limits of height and weight, etc. according to the truck information set up by the driver. You can also check the restriction time of truck driving or no entry zone of vehicles loaded with dangerous goods.
This product is also equipped with many functions for convenient and safe driving of the truck drivers who mainly work for long hours. When you use the highway mode, it provides detailed information on the service stations and rest areas for drowsy drivers based on the big data. When you search service centers, it preferentially recommends the service center appropriate for the truck that was set up at the time of searching.
In addition, it is equipped with the cutting-edge driver assistance system to provide information such as front vehicle departure warning, lane departure alarm, etc. It also boasts a high level of accuracy when you check the current location and search the destination through Turbo GPS 8.0 which is patented technology uniquely owned by Fine Drive.
Besides, this product supports HD DMB of high definition and high resolution free of charge. Equipped with Octa-core CPU and Android Lollipop, this product provides a prompt and stable environment and drivers can freely install the application, such as T Map, as they want. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Thinkware will Unveil INAVI Blue Vent ACP-10, an Air Purifier[INQ. NO. 1811M05] Thinkware recently announced that it will release INAVI Blue Vent ACP-10, a vehicle air purifier improving the air environment of the interior space of a vehicle.
INAVI Blue Vent ACP-10, having realized a simple design of the cup holder type, can be installed and used in a vehicle without a separate mount.
In addition, by measuring the interior air pollution of the car through the built-in sensor, this product conveys the information on good (blue color), normal (yellow color), and bad (red color) status through LED installed near the electric power source.
Various functions were applied for the optimal air purification. Quick air circulation is possible inside the vehicle with the round 360-degree omnidirectional air purifying system and a quadruple filter is applied to remove harmful substances.
In addition, this product filters harmful substances through the multi-stage filtration, such as the primary free net filter that blocks large foreign substances, the secondary free filter that filters out hair or thick dust, the tertiary HEPA filter that filters out ultra-fine dust or harmful substances of which the diameter is 0.3 micron or smaller, and the quaternary carbon filter that filters out volatile organic compounds, yellow dust, dust of daily life, etc.
The product also informs the driver of the information on when to replace the filter. Besides, depending on the situation, it can be operated in manual three-stage intensity control and automatic mode, thus creating a constantly refreshing interior environment of the vehicle.
A spokesperson for Thinkware explained, “Recently, as the air pollution has become worse, there is a growing need to improve the internal environment of vehicles, as well as houses. INAVI Blue Vent ACP-10 is a product that purifies the interior air of the vehicle through the quadruple filter function in addition to reasonable price and easy installment, and it will be able to enhance drivers’ satisfaction with the upgraded vehicle environment.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Paint Remover[INQ. NO. 1811M04] XENONDF’s E-CLEAN (PSW) can remove multiple layers of paint on the paint booth jig which have been completely hardened by the paint adhesives. It is a plant-based paint remover and paint cleaning fluid.
In case of the automobile paint booth jig, completely hardened multiple layers of paint can be removed using E-CLEAN which is a plantbased cleaning fluid. It is possible to remove paint efficiently and safely without masking the jig.
E-CLEAN can be a safe and efficient alternative of paint thinner. It is a foundation of the total system for application of removing paint on the surface of various jigs and components. It is also possible to use the total system composed of ideal equipment and know-how. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

ACV(Air Control Valve)[INQ. NO. 1811M03] Asia Magnetics’s ACV generates the back pressure required for controlling the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) ratio of automobile through precise throttling, controls the air flow for optimal control of the after-treatment system like DPF and De-Nox, and restrains the dieseling by blocking the air flow when the engine is stopped, thereby improving the emotional quality.


VSCA(Variable Swirl Control Actuator)

Asia Magnetics’s VSCA improves the mixing ratio of fuel and air by controlling the swirl generation of intake air through the linear control of the swirl control valve installed in the intake manifold in order to reduce generation of harmful exhaust gas.


Seat Slide Motor

Asia Magnetics’s seat slide motor,, installed in the car seat, moves the seat front and back. It helps the driver move the seat to the position that suits his/her body type and, when the driver get off the car, automatically restores the seat to the original position. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Laser, Photo Etching, Electro Forming and CNC/MCT[INQ. NO. 1811M02] Youngjin Astech Co., Ltd., after established as Youngjin Special Precision in 1978, started metal etching as the flagship business followed by such main item as metal mask, photo etching, electroforming, jig, etc.
Youngjin Astech is the only company in Korea that produces and supplies various electronic components ranging from the design to manufacturing of related technology. Youngjin Astech succeeded in development and localization of the metal mask for the first time in Korea in 1987, supplied it to Samsung Electronics to be sold in domestic and international market.
In addition, on the strength of steady research and development and bold investment, it produces and supplies various key electronic components with major business such as the metal mask (laser, photo etching, electro forming, etc.), photo etching components, electro foaming components, jigs (SMT), etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Nonferrous Metal Casting Products[INQ. NO. 1811M01] Gapsan Metal’s casting materials are mainly used for the components playing a role of bearing on the friction part of industry-wide machine equipment such as steel manufacturing facilities, industrial machines (oilhydraulic press, forging press, extruding machine, injection machine, shearing machine, cutter, lathe for metal working, milling, winch for ship), components for ship, pot bearing for railway bridge, mold materials, plate for heat exchanger, components of hydraulic cylinder, etc.
Gapsan Metal possesses 4 electric furnaces (6-ton, 1.5-ton, 1-ton and 0.7-ton). Using the continuous caster, it produces materials of plate, rod and pipe (bush) by continuous casting method. It also possesses centrifugal casting machines (capable of producing 10 tons of unit weight). As for the production method, it is adopting the metal mold casting and sand casting. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods