Laser, Photo Etching, Electro Forming and CNC/MCT[INQ. NO. 1811M02] Youngjin Astech Co., Ltd., after established as Youngjin Special Precision in 1978, started metal etching as the flagship business followed by such main item as metal mask, photo etching, electroforming, jig, etc.
Youngjin Astech is the only company in Korea that produces and supplies various electronic components ranging from the design to manufacturing of related technology. Youngjin Astech succeeded in development and localization of the metal mask for the first time in Korea in 1987, supplied it to Samsung Electronics to be sold in domestic and international market.
In addition, on the strength of steady research and development and bold investment, it produces and supplies various key electronic components with major business such as the metal mask (laser, photo etching, electro forming, etc.), photo etching components, electro foaming components, jigs (SMT), etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Nonferrous Metal Casting Products[INQ. NO. 1811M01] Gapsan Metal’s casting materials are mainly used for the components playing a role of bearing on the friction part of industry-wide machine equipment such as steel manufacturing facilities, industrial machines (oilhydraulic press, forging press, extruding machine, injection machine, shearing machine, cutter, lathe for metal working, milling, winch for ship), components for ship, pot bearing for railway bridge, mold materials, plate for heat exchanger, components of hydraulic cylinder, etc.
Gapsan Metal possesses 4 electric furnaces (6-ton, 1.5-ton, 1-ton and 0.7-ton). Using the continuous caster, it produces materials of plate, rod and pipe (bush) by continuous casting method. It also possesses centrifugal casting machines (capable of producing 10 tons of unit weight). As for the production method, it is adopting the metal mold casting and sand casting. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

THINKWARE, Releasing Inavi Black Royal, Advanced Black Box

THINKARE has recently relased Inavi Black Royal, a 2-channel black box with a super FHD front and HD rear camera.


[INQ. NO. 1810M10] Inavi Black Royal provides the most optimized image resolution for driving and parking. The front camera with its super FHD 1296 pixels are far more superior to the FHD 1080 pixels, and applies Night Vision, an image enhancement solution that can effectively process low light level images obtained at night while driving or parking.
A variety of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are installed in the Inavi Black Royal, including the front vehicle starting alert which is useful when a driver is waiting for the lights to change, lane departure warning system, front collision warning system (FCWS), and urban FCWS which detects the safety distance and helps the driver avoid collision when driving at low speed of 30km or below
The Inavi Black Royal offers a number of features that improves driver convenience: fastboot solution – boots up the system within 3 secs; time lapse – saves images while parking at an interval of two frames per sec for extended recording; Format Free 2.0 – allows the user to view the recorded images on his mobile or PC without regular memory card formatting and additional image conversion, all significantly ensuring stability and convenience.
Additional useful features are available by the user’s choice including, the OBD2-Drive X for diagnosis, maintenance, and sharing of vehicle information such as detection of a car on an incline, the i-Volt Connected auxiliary battery for real-time vehicle battery check through a smartphone app, and the G-Mouse, an external GPS serving as a safe driver assistant by providing information on locations, speed, surface condensation, as well as speed cameras.
“Inavi Black Royal is an advanced black box with a super FHD camera, ADAS, and various extended features,” says THINKARE. “It offers a number of benefits to users through safe driver assistance and significantly improves convenience.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Electric Vehicle Automatic Recharging Robot

Samsung C-Lab developed ‘EVAR,’ an Electric Vehicle Automatic Recharging Robot, for the First Time in the Industry Circle.

[INQ. NO. 1810M09] An in-house venture of Samsung Electronics has developed an electric vehicle automatic recharging robot for the first time in the industry. With a robot, you need not touch the high-voltage recharging cable to charge the electric vehicle. There is no need to have a dedicated parking space for installation of fixed facilities. As it is made of waste batteries of electric vehicles left throughout the country, reuse value is also secured. It is notable how Samsung Electronics will commercialize this robot.
According to the industry, a C-lab engaging in the in-house venture development program of Samsung Electronics has recently developed ‘EVAR,’ an electric vehicle automatic recharging robot. EVAR finds by itself any electric vehicle that needs to be recharged, recharges it without human help and then returns to its original location. Its structure is similar to that of a home robot vacuum cleaner.
There existed similar types of recharger including the fixed-type recharging robot jointly developed by Volkswagen and Kuka and the mobile recharger developed by FreeWire of the USA. However, EVAR is the world’s first robot that finds and recharges the vehicle by itself without human help using the autonomous driving function.
In case of EVAR, all that the first driver has to do is to connect the exclusive adaptor to the vehicle charging port and then mount it on the front license plate. All the work is done just by giving a recharging order with a smartphone (NFC communication).
The robot that received the command searches the corresponding vehicle by recognizing the QR code at its own position, recognizes the license plate of the vehicle, and automatically recharges the electric vehicle. This robot is designed to perfectly match the vehicle charging connector and the robot charging port by applying the three-axis (XYZ) precision control algorithm at this time.
The adaptor mounted on the vehicle license plate plays a role of docking station connecting the vehicle with the robot.
EVAR moves at a maximum speed of 2 km/h. LIDAR and ultrasonic sensors are used to detect obstacles and movement routes. This robot is designed to stop immediately in the event of collision as the bumper located at its bottom is equipped with a push switch sensor.
After recharging is completed, the robot automatically returns to the separate recharging facility for recharging the battery built in the robot. The EVAR recharging output released at this time was designed in a slow speed (7 kW), but it is also possible to manufacture a medium-speed recharging robot of 20 to 30kW level. As it is manufactured to the standardized battery pack of the existing electric vehicle, the robot can be commercialized based on the waste batteries without any complicated application work. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Hankook Tire launches ‘Kinergy AS EV,’ a Tire Exclusively for Electric Cars[INQ. NO. 1810M08] Hankook Tire has recently launched Kinergy AS EV, a secondgeneration tire exclusively optimized for electric cars by improving low noise and driving capacity.
Electric cars have the features of no engine noise, a car body heavier by 10~20%, and high initial acceleration force compared with the internal combustion engine car.
Thus, in order to realize the best performance, the electric car absolutely requires an exclusive tire considering its characteristics. In case of the first-generation tire exclusively for electric cars, reduction of rotation resistance and abrasion resistance technologies were prioritized and, as a result, fuel efficiency and durability were improved. However, it failed to realize highspeed driving and riding quality, which are core performance requirements for operating an automobile.
Kinergy AS EV, launched after addressing such defects, has the features of not only realizing the ultra-low noise environment optimized for the electric car but also providing comfortable riding quality of the super-capacity car tire level, the best driving performance, and steering stability.
As the electric car has no engine noise, it is inevitable that the friction noise between the road surface and the tire becomes more noticeable. In order to realize a super-low-noise driving environment, Kinergy AS EV has maximized quietness by reducing the noise generated between the tire and the road surface and restrained the noise of specific frequency occurring at the time of driving through optimal pitch sequences, thereby applying various noise reduction technologies.
In particular, in order to realize the best driving quality, Hankook Tire minimized the deformation of tread blocks even during high-speed driving by selecting the Aramid hybrid reinforcement belt, which is the best material that can be applied to the tire and the high-load reinforcing structure exclusively for electric cars. As a result, Hankook Tire has provided elaborate handling performance and drastically improved steering stability by maintaining optimal grounding configuration.
In addition, Hankook Tire has improved the performance even on wet roads by applying a compound including resin extracted from needle leaf trees and vegetable oil and enhanced the driving stability by securing fast and agile handling and braking in all driving environments such as snow, rain, etc. At the same time, it restrained the tire slip phenomenon and minimized the wearing degree of tread directly contacting the ground in order to deliver the high output of the electric motor and strong initial acceleration to the road without loss.
A spokesperson for Hankook Tire remarked, “We plan to provide driving satisfaction as well as the best driving environment for motorists who prefer to drive electric cars based on our technological prowess and quality competitiveness leading the tire industry through launch of the second-generation, ultra-high performance tire exclusively for electric cars and integrating global technologies.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Hyundai KIA Motors Revives National Car by Launching Face-lifted ‘Avante•Tucson’ and Introducing New ‘K3’ and ‘Sportage the Bold’[INQ. NO. 1810M07] Hyundai Motors and KIA Motors are dreaming of reviving ‘the peoples cars’ this year by introducing face-lifted and fully-changed models of semi-midsize sedans and sports utility vehicles (SUVs).
According to the industry, Hyundai Motors has recently launched ‘The New Avante’ which is the face- lifted model of Avante (AD) released in September 2015.
The New Avante was inspired by ‘a jetliner that glides low like grazing the ground,’ creating an agile and dynamic design. The front part of the car has a strong and stable image, the rear part shows a stylish and sleek figure, and the interior looks three-dimensional and sporty.
As for the price of the New Avante including 3.5% of the individual consumption tax: KRW15.51 million for the smart stream gasoline 1.6 style based on application of IVT (KRW14.04 million based on MT), KRW17.96 million for Smart, and KRW22.14 million for Premium KRW17.96 million for diesel 1.6 style, KRW20.37 million for Smart, and KRW24.54million for Premium KRW16.17 million for LPi 1.6 style, KRW18.61 million for Smart, and KRW20.10 for Modern.
Hyundai Motors will hold a special exhibition for the New Avante on the 5th floor of Hyundai Motor Studio Seoul this month, providing customers with the opportunity to compare various colors, trims, specifications of the New Avante at a glance.
Also, until the 20th of this month, the ‘Block-type moving show room,’ which is a movable exhibition hall made like a block with a 5-ton truck, will visit customers, touring 23 regions nationwide from Seoul to Jeju.
Hyundai Motors will launch a mobile game with the New Avante being unveiled this coming November, and it also plans to launch the ‘New Avante Sports’ equipped with the gasoline 1.6 turbo engine and 7-speed DCT in the same month.
Earlier this year, KIA Motors also unveiled its ‘All New K3’ of the same class as the New Avante. This is the second-generation fullychanged model that has been renewed six years after launching the first-generation model in 2012, which is composed of four trims including Trendy, Luxury, Prestige and Nobless.
The all-new K3 was certified for the light-car-level fuel efficiency of 15.2km/l (based on the 15-inch tire) through the optimal combination of the smart stream G1.6 gasoline engine that KIA Motors applied for the first time and the smart stream IVT transmission. This is an improvement of more than 10% compared with the existing K3 model.
In this regard, KIA Motors also conducted a life fuel efficiency contest for 200 all-new K3 customers (selected among UVOequipped vehicles) at the end of last month. KIA implemented the nationwide contest for nine days and recognized the result only when the mileage exceeded 100km. As a result, the highest fuel efficiency recorded a whopping 31.2 km/l, and the average fuel efficiency of the top 50 was 20.8 km/l.
Both Hyundai Motors and KIA Motors are actively competing in their sales figures thanks to the popularity of their semi-midsize, face-lifted SUV models. As many as 4,148 units of Hyundai Motor’s Tucson were sold last month, an increase of 0.3% compared with the same period of the previous year, and 3,786 units of Sportage were sold over the same period, increasing by 33.5% compared with the previous year.
Hyundai Motor’s face-lifted ‘Tucson’ model has such features as a more refined and sporty exterior design, a powertrain with increased efficiency, the highest level of fuel efficiency in its class, and dynamic driving performance that can be felt in everyday life as well as in off-road situations.
In particular, as for the face-lifted Tucson, Hyundai Motors has expanded customers’ choices by operating the ‘Ultimate Edition’ which is a special model applying exclusive design and specialized specifications such as front and rear skid plates, side garnish, metallic silver outside mirror and door spot lamp, including a glossy black radiator grill.
‘Sportage The Bold’ of KIA Motors, launched last July, has the advantages of much easier connectivity services and convenience specifications, including sporty and robust exterior design, luxurious interior space, powertrain with high efficiency and gas mileage, and more enhanced driving safety.
package, KRW439,000 for marvel package, and KRW499,000 for marvel connected package respectively based on 64G memory. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Direct Current Power Supply for Electric Precipitators[INQ. NO. 1810M02] International Electric’s high-voltage direct current power supply for electric precipitators is composed of the outdoor transformer for rectifiers (T/R) and the indoor control panel. This T/R supplies the high voltage direct current voltage and current for electrostatic precipitation. The output voltage of T/R should be maintained as close to the ignition point as possible for efficient precipitation.
T/R is composed of the rectification part formed by single-phase half wave rectification including a transformer, a current limiting reactor and a fast switching diode. Everything in the oil tank is perfectly sealed and painted suitably for outdoors. The control panel accommodates everything required for protection and monitoring of a thyristor element and a high-voltage power supply. International Electric is manufacturing various transformers and transformation controllers based on the latest technology. The CEO of International Electric resolved, “We promise to be a leader of the world by strengthening our foundation as a global dealer more firmly in terms of technology, quality and productivity with constant research and development based on faith, without being satisfied with the technology development and growth we have been achieving so far, in the rapidly changing era of infinite challenge.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Passenger Ship Engines[INQ. NO. 1810M01] Hyundai Heavy Industries has successfully entered the passenger ship engine market for the first time in Korea. Hyundai Heavy Industries recently announced that it had supplied two HiMSEN engines for ship propulsion of 16,000 horsepower (Model No.: H46/60V) to the 33,000 gross tonnage RO-PAX ferry (passenger-cum-cargo ship) recently built by Hyundai Mipo Dockyard,
The engine supplied this time is a product which generates the maximum output among ‘HiMSEN Engines’ which are four-stroke medium diesel engines autonomously developed by Hyundai Heavy Industries. The optimal fuel injection has greatly reduced NOx emissions, and various eco-friendly technologies such as low vibration and low noise have been applied.
This engine passed the fatigue test and low load test consecutively even in rough sea environment of high waves during a trial run on the sea for five days last July, thereby proving its excellent and stable performance.
HiMSEN Engine developed in August 2000 has continuously diversified models and widened its market into engines for propulsion and power generation of vessels, onshore power generation, marine facilities, etc.
Though 500 engines were supplied for propulsion of small and medium vessels in the meantime, this is the first time it has been mounted on a passenger ship. More than 11,300 HiMSEN Engines were exported to 50 countries all over the world by the end of last August, occupying the first place with 20% of the world market share in the medium-sized engine sector.
Beginning with the supply to RO-PAX ferry this time, Hyundai Heavy Industries plans to launch a full-fledged operation in the passenger ship propulsion market. For this purpose, Hyundai is developing a new model of dual-fuel engine with improved output compared with the previous model aiming at completing it in the coming December. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Tractors[INQ. NO. 1809M02] KUKJE MACHINERY Co., Ltd. is supplying BRANSON tractors worldwide including to clients in Germany, France, Portugal, Australia, the Philippines and the local subsidiary in the USA. In particular, KUKJE MACHINERY supplies more than 500 tractors to Germany reinforced the service network in Europe with the establishment of a parts center.
KUKJE MACHINERY supplies various tractors ranging from 20 to 100 horsepower and is actively producing customized tractors according to the work situation of each country.
With its plan of launching a new tractor of high horsepower (75-95hp) in the second half of this year, it will be able to meet consumer needs all the better. It is producing the products becoming a great addition to farms with the quality as excellent as that of the Japanese products and at reasonable prices. Particularly, in the 50-horsepower tractors, the quality of its products is excellent. With operation of the on-line A/S system, the company can provide the parts instantaneously.
Since its establishment in 1968, KUKJE MACHINERY has been performing the leading role in farm mechanization in South Korea. Based on ceaseless development of technology and human resources, and enhancement of product competitiveness, the company is devoting all its energy into winning the hearts and minds of customers. Based on ‘Branson,’ its local subsidiary in the USA incorporated in 2003, the company is establishing itself as a global enterprise by exporting agricultural equipment worldwide including to clients in China and other Asian nations, as well as the USA and Europe.
KUKJE MACHINERY produces and supplies diesel engines ranging from 18 to 100 horsepower for the first time in Korea and exports them worldwide after obtaining the certification of TIER 4 which is the regulated value of EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) in the diesel engine sector. In terms of tractors, it provides its customers with products with various tractor lineups ranging from 21 horsepower to 100 horsepower. In addition, the company is equipped with a range of combine harvesters from 4-row to 6-row and has developed a diesel rice transplanter for the first time in Korea, leading the advanced culture of agricultural machines.
Recently, KUKJE MACHINERY has won the prize in the Korea Customer Quality Satisfaction Awards sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and has won the Gold Level Status Award for three consecutive years in the USA in the dealer satisfaction evaluation in the agricultural machinery. The company further strives to be excellent in manufacturing of higher competitive products both in quality and price. And also it plans to produce products used globally, and popular among users all around the world, thereby growing as an enterprise representing the world’s agricultural machinery industry. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Grooved End Swing Check Valve with UL,FM SCV, RCV grooved end swing check valves are compact and rugged swing-type units that allow water to flow in one direction and prevent flow in the opposite direction. This valve can be installed horizontally or vertically with the flow in the upward direction as well.
When the pressure at the 1st entrance is higher than the restitution force of a spring connected to a crapper, the crapper is pushed up away from the disc and then fluid flows through the gap between the disc and the crapper.
When the pressure at the 1st entrance is lower than the restitution force of a spring connected to the crapper, the spring’s restitution force makes the crapper press the disc, blocking the flow of fluid.
The valve’s body and pipeline can be connected using grooved couplings. It can be installed either horizontally or vertically depending on the flowing direction of fluid. Designed to minimize water hammer noises (sound caused when a fluid in motion is forced to stop or change direction suddenly) that may be generated when fluid flows backward. Functionally scalable design is adopted with a tapping boss installed on the body (a pressure gauge or connectors can be added). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods