Global Electric Power Tech 2019 forthcoming Global Electric Power Tech 2019 will be held from May 29 to 31 at COEX, Seoul. This year’s exhibition will be composed of four major areas – electric power facility tech, LED light tech, electric power generation plant tech, and smart grid tech.
Driven by facing the fourth industrial revolution, we need to assess the demand for change for the future society. To efficiently and safely deliver electricity, in an environmentally friendly manner, we need to build an infrastructure and develop technology and create such market ecosystems as big data, IoT, ESS, ICT, AI, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, and so forth.
As the world is focusing on using energy more efficiently, “electric power industry” is becoming the hottest trend. With this energy trend, “Global Electric Power Tech 2019” is expected to represent a new trend for electricity and the electric power industry featuring the “International Energy New Biz & ESS Exhibition” and “International Hydrogen Industry Exhibition.”
“Global Electric Power Tech 2019”, the representative exhibition of the Korea electric power industry, is looking forward to your great interest and participation.
In the last year of the exhibition, 396 companies, with 598 booths including overseas buyers’ booths, from 16 nations participated. The exhibition was visited by a total of 36, 168 visitors from 24 countries. Among them, 1,853 came from overseas. For overseas buyers, a total of 44 companies from 19 nations achieved successful business results, playing a leading role in making the exhibition a more productive venue than ever before. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

S. Korea’s Trade Surplus with the United States Korea’s recent trade surplus with the United States declined amid the surge in oil and gas imports from the United States in order to stave off the issue of Korea’s balance of trade issue with the world’s largest economy.
According to the latest data from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE), the nation’s trade surplus with the United States decreased 22.9 percent to $13.8 billion in 2018 from a year ago, even though the bilateral trade increased 10.3 percent to a record high of $131.6 billion.
In the past year, S. Korea’s exports to the United States reached $72.7 billion, up 6.0 percent, which means that it is faster than the country’s overall annual exports gain of 5.4 percent in the year. For some major export players, shipment of semiconductors jumped 90.6 percent, machinery, up 32.4 percent, while petroleum products rose by 15.7 percent.
Auto exports to the United States, meanwhile, decreased 6.9 percent compared with a year earlier. Exports of mobile devices and rubber products fell by 6.2 percent and 2.2 percent, respectively.
The remaining export items from Korea comprised 2.9 percent of the U.S. market in 2018, remaining at an unchanged level over the past four years.
Korea’s imports from the United States grew by 16.2 percent year-on-year to $58.9 billion last year, mainly because of a sharp jump in energy imports to reduce the strong, consistent pressure from the Trump administration.
Last year, Korea’s imports of U.S crude oil skyrocked 520.1 percent compared with the previous year, natural gas by 179.2 percent, and liquefied petroleum gas by 50.3 percent. The global giant economy’s market share in the nation’s energy market reached 11.0 percent, outdoing Japan to become No. 2 seller.
The service area imports between the two countries rose by 7.2 percent year-on-year to $45.2 billion in 2017, the latest comparative data showed. S. Korea’s service exports in 2017 amounted to $14.9 billion, slightly up from $14.6 billion in 2016. Service imports from the United States expanded 10.3 percent year-on-year to $31.3 billion over the same period.
S. Korea’s service trade deficit with the United States grew in 2017 to reach $16.3 billion, and the deficit has increased 20.6 percent on average from 2012 to 2017. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Valves for Refrigerants PRECISION Co., Ltd. recently presented various kinds of highly competitive patented valves including QSV (Quick Service Valve), designed to prevent the loss of refrigerant, at HARFKO 2019.
KEEHA PRECISION designs and manufactures one-level upgraded valves used in refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment by applying patented technologies regarding prevention of refrigerant loss.
The QSV (Quick Service Valve) connects the indoor unit and outdoor unit, both of which are basically divided. Also,this valve is applicable to freezers and cooling systems. By operating the valve system, opening and closure of the inside flow passage is possible. And through a charge port, vacuum and refrigerant injections are possible. The most noticeable thing is that without recovering refrigerant, the maintenance for cooling pipe is possible. And this valve has a function of preventing the loss of refrigerant.
The company’s QSV controls the length of refrigerant pipe and it, is applicable to freezer and cooling systems. This valve, as a connected-style of valve, can swiftly block the possible loss of refrigerant. With stable function, it has been supplied to both domestic and overseas markets.
Established in 1987, KEEHA PRECISION has well been positioned as a professional company for molding design and manufacturing. As part of its eff orts to expand the background of the molding industry to the entire industry, the company has been accumulating technologies and know-how regarding optimized technology for molding design, technologies for ultra-precision operation and measurement. Also, KEEHA PRECISION, based upon trust from customers, has strived to endlessly satisfy its customers through developing innovative products.
KEEHA PRECISION also does its best to continuously pioneer productive overseas markets and seeks to secure trust in its products from its customers.
KEEHA PRECISION was designated as a promising tech company in 1999 and established a related institute and department to develop new technologies.
KEEHA PRECISION once entered the movable fi re pump business through technology transfer with other company and delivered its products to the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. (KHNP). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Web Browser System for the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Fields W, the nation’s first web browser system in the fi eld of air conditioning, can check and control real-time conditions of the site anytime, anywhere, on the base of the Internet without installing a PC.
In an environment where the administrator can’t reside and manage the environment, or a PC cannot be installed, Sysnet series − the optimal system for simultaneous data storage and surveillance control in a constrained environment − has been applied by the Rural Development Administration, NAVER, and Belimo, an actuator specializing company.
In addition, Sysnet X series, a conventional remote management program, is a professional monitoring system for refrigeration and air conditioning in the fi eld of industrial monitoring systems (BMS: Building management system). It is a solution that provides convenience to various users. In the case of Sysnet series, various communication protocols such as screws, unit coolers, chillers, air conditioners, thermo-hygrostats, and airconditioners are applied to the existing remote management program. It is possible to apply the necessary controller protocol without the need for an additional process of a controller.
Based on this diversity, Sysnet series can monitor the current state of the controller and alarms in real time. It has acquired HACCP certifi cation with its history management and graph function. It is applied to ICT business, and has become a solid solution leader. With the addition of convenient features such as confirming or sett ing up the equipment in SMS and smartphones, the demand by actual users is steadily increasing.
In addition to solutions, Systronics has also developed IAQ-06, a special sensor for environmental monitoring, and controller for special air-conditioning control and mushroom cultivation control controllers‒ based on steady R&D and know-how for many years in the controller fi eld. IAQ-06 measures temperature, humidity, Co2, VOC(Volatile Organic Compound), fine dust (PM10, PM2.5) for monitoring the atmosphere of high social interest and measures by alarm output and RS-485 communication.
Systronics participated in HARFKO 2019 to introduce Sysnet series, special cold and air-conditioning modules, and remote management programs. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial Motors Motor Co., Ltd. ensures high reliability of product quality and functions, based on elevator motor technology of all the industrial motors.
In recent years, Higen Motors has been producing high-performance products by acquiring elevator motor technology with inverters commercialized recently. In addition, the company produces stable high-quality motors by using automatic machines for parts processing. Meanwhile, the servo systems have built-in components including a high-output and high-torque motor, a drive that controls them effectively, and a high-resolution encoder that is essential for high-precision control.
Higen Motors manufactures motors and designs structures using low-loss materials to achieve high output with high efficiency and low electricity. In addition, the manufacturing process is managed in order to achieve low vibration, low noise, and high insulation performance and is also aimed to obtain high durability through improved processing precision.
In general, aluminum die-casting technology of rotors is very important for induction motors, and the motors produced by Higen Motors are manufactured by using a special casting machine for motors. The servo motor and servo drive undergo a lot inspection by using the specially designed inspection equipment to avoid any fault under various environmental conditions, while a high reliability is ensured through aging.
Higen Motors is a company that develops and produces controllers, servo drives, and servo motors that are the main components of robots. Although the company already supplies products to Korean robot producers, the demand is very low in reality. Like the servo market, the robot market in Korea has ended up in the arena of the struggle among the global players.
Under such circumstances, Higen Motors has advanced into the robot business based on its accumulated technology and product power and has set a new goal of improving competitiveness through vertical integration of products. The ultimate goal of Higen Motors is to become an industry’s giant to compete against Siemens and Mitsubishi in global markets as well as domestically through the diversification of collaborative robots, starting with Delta robots and 6-axis articulated robots.Higen Motors has successfully completed “Development of GMC based on Standardized Korea Open Source Motion System for Automated Manufacturing (KOSMOS)” – a project to develop an open-source-based motion control system supporting the PLC open standard, through organic cooperation with related organizations.

In addition, the company is currently engaged in research on extended control for general motion control and a variety of robot kinematics. Through such a series of technological development activities, Higen Motors plans to advance the core technology of automation and robot control composed of high-performance servo motor, sensor, servo drive, and motion control system. Higen Motors has been an eyewitness to the 54-year history of motor development and localization. Now, in the era of the 4th industrial revolution, Higen Motors plans to develop IT control technologies with intelligent motor and control technology as a core competency for future growth. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Turbo Blower a hard centrifugal type compressed-air production system with an impeller directly connected to a high-speed motor, NAMWON TURBOONE’s turbo blower effectively integrates air bearings suitable for high-speed rotation, inverters for variable speed, PLC, protection of components, and enclosure technology for noise reduction of compressors.
The high-efficiency design enables reducing power costs by 20 ~ 40% compared to conventional blowers, with air bearing and air-cooled application.
As an environmentally friendly product, with no lubrication system and almost no noise and vibration, this product improves the working environment of operators.
Adopting an air-foil bearing with no lubricant at all, this turbo blower does not need bearing exchanging work or periodic lubricating oil supply – only requiring the inlet filter to be cleaned and changed.
With its compact design, comparatively more lightweight than other ones, this turbo blower can be a solution that solves such matters as manufacturing cost and installation space. And this product allows the operators to move and install it easily.
Reduction of motor rotation speed, pressure, and temperature & flow rate is possible by controlling room computer, constant pressure operation, load / no-load operation function. This product can be controllable up to super-load operation. Automatic control of the blower is possible through surge prevention control. This product is fitted with a high-efficiency and high-efficiency motor.
By applying high-efficiency design and high-efficiency motor of the compression section, the overall efficiency is more than 66%. As this product adopts air bearing and direct connection technology, there is no contact between devices, so there is no need for low-noise sound insulation equipment of 75 to 80 db.
This turbo blower is a centrifugal blower in which suction and discharge are continuously performed by applying a non-contact air bearing. And self-vibration of the product is at zero level. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Hydraulic Power Packs Hydraulics is a manufacturer and distributor of hydraulic power packs based in Korea. As specialists in the hydraulic industry, its customers have confidence in the reliability of its products and its technical expertise.
Since its inception in 2003, JND Hydraulics has been a domestic industry- and market-leader while also experiencing strong growth in overseas markets due to its superior quality at competitive prices.
To remain as an industry-leader, this company continuously takes steps to further its technological development while pursuing the highest standards in product quality and service to its clients.
With a modular hydraulic power unit order system, each power pack can be tailored to specific job applications and requirements, as the company offers a wide range of hydraulic pump sizes, hydraulic motors, oil tank shapes, and valves. It also offers the option for horizontally or vertically mounted power units.
JND Hydraulics offers a wide range of single-acting or dual-acting AC- and DC-powered hydraulic power packs to serve your hydraulic needs. Some of applications used for its AC-powered hydraulic power packs include vehicle lifts such as 2-post or 4-post lifts, scissor lifts, and wheel alignment scissor lifts.
Its industrial applications can be found in dock levelers, elevators, table lifts, parking systems, recycling can presses, and shop equipment. Its DC power packs can be used as hydraulic power solutions for wing body trucks, man lifts, truck tail lifts, dump trucks, machinery, and material handling equipment, such as stackers, pallet trucks, and telescopic conveyor belts.

Box-type Hydraulic Power Pack
This box-type hydraulic power pack is designed to be optimized for wing body trucks and truck lifts. The power pack design is very compact and easy to maintain. A stainless steel cover is used to protect it from the external environment and improve durability. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial Induction Motors Motor developed smaller and lighter motors with aluminum for the first time in Korea in line with a trend where motors are becoming smaller and lighter and, feature nicer designs. Jungwoo Motor developed a premium (IE3) class motors.
Jungwoo Motor is active in developing new markets while participating in major overseas exhibitions regularly to make forays into overseas markets by expanding beyond the Korean market.
Jungwoo Motor is aiming at developing a customized motor market that can meet the various needs of customers rather than standard motors in which large companies are already engaged. CEO Kim Shin-ho explained the advantages of customized motors, saying that they can be tailored to customers’ needs by taking their needs into consideration.
Based on steady technological development, Jungwoo Motor developed a hoist induction motor for traction with a low malfunction rate by utilizing a small temperature rise. Moreover, a transverse hoist induction motor is easy to install even in small places, thanks to a built-in brake. Also, an induction motor for air conditioners with vacuum decreased by a dustproof device and a fan motor is a more economical than those of other products by adopting high-occupancy coils of stators. In addition, the company supports customized production according to usage and facilities
Jungwoo Motor is receiving positive responses about its products from Europe and Japan. The company is confident about the competitiveness of its products, because customized motors were more than twice as expensive as general motors due to the characteristics of the market.
Jungwoo Motor, which recently moved into a new 1,500-pyeong office building, is devoting itself to product research and development based on expanded production facilities, and doing everything it can do to manage quality by systemizing all processes from design to production, inspection, and post management.
Until now, the company has developed various types of industrial motors such as three-phase motors, single-phase motors, hydraulic motors, and explosion-proof motors.
A spokesperson for the company remarked, “We are enhancing our customers’ competitiveness with state-of-the-art industrial motors through technological innovation in the industry, which is becoming more advanced and sophisticated. We are prepared to go to any lengths to become a leader in the motor industry with perfect quality and stability.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial Bearings Precision’s cam followers can be effectively applied to static loads and heavy loads at low and middle high speed. Most of the elements such as shafts, rollers, needles and thrust washers are made of carbon chromium bearing steel.
The NA 49 and NKI series are basic bearings assembled with outer rings, cages with needle rollers and separable inner rings. These bearings can have heavy loads because the friction figure is much higher than ball bearings and can be subjected to high-speed rotations depending on the loads, because a cage assembly prevents friction between all of the needle rollers.
Furthermore, JMC bearings are suitable for many kinds of machines such as automatic machinery, cam working assembly, specialized machinery, transmissions for vehicles, printing machinery, air-pumps, electric clutches, hydraulic machines, etc.
The group of engineers at Jalman Precision specializes in bearings providing customers with solutions based on self-developed systems designed for quality improvement, discover new items, minimize defective products, and monitor in real time any quality abnormalities in order to satisfy the ever-varying and selective demands of customers.
The company provides services via a network in around 30 countries – playing a key role in the development of the machinery industry through environmentally friendly management and corporate philanthropic activities.
The company’s CEO Park Kyung-yoon commented, “Even though our global presence is not great, we retain our strong confidence. In fact, we are delivering our competitive products to more than 30 nations including those in Europe, the Middle East, Australasia, and Asia, as well as North, Central, and South America. Thus, we are steadily elevating our global brand awareness in global markets through such noticeable performance.”
Established in 1974, Jalman Precision has consistently made its advanced products such as needle roller bearings, rod ends, spherical plains, ball joints, LM stroke utilizing its self-developed technology. The company continues to produce rare kinds of bearings with competitiveness in terms of price, quality, design, durability, etc. To meet the demanding requirements from its valued clients in global markets, the firm is fully equipped with such arrangements as upgraded facilities and know-how. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial Touch Operation Panel (HMI – Human Machine Interface) Corporation, the professional developer, manufacturer and seller of HMI (Human Machine Interface, industrial touch screen controller), is always striving for advanced interface between human and machine in the global industrial era.
Through over 20 agents in the domestic market, and over 20 dealers in overseas markets, M2I Corporation develops and supports various solutions for industrial fields.
Moreover, M2I Corporation has ODM supply contracts with global major companies with its outstanding and satisfied quality, and has been selected as ‘MAINBIZ’, ‘INNOBIZ’, and ‘Great Work Place’ by the Korean government.
With the goal of becoming a global leading company, M2I Corporation has been especially focusing on how to manufacture and deliver advanced simple and safe products with differentiated services to its valued customers.
TOP (Touch Operation Panel) series helps users to achieve convenient automation in manufacturing systems.
You can confidently choose the TOP series as your main HMI system, as it has a long history and various field references all over the world.
Also no matter what you are currently using as automation, this versatile device interface can meet any of your needs.
For setting up your smart factory, TOP-R series will be your total and perfect solution for HMI.
TOP-R is a premium and high-end product, which has various interfaces with other convenient devices like keyboard, mouse, and printer.
TOP-RX is expected to replace the position of XTOP series, which are the main products of M2I Corporation. The same functions and powerful performance are also available in the TOP-R series. TOP-RW is recognized as the inheritor of the XTOP wide series, the most purchased series in the entire M2I history. This is priced at an affordable level, but delivers more superior performance than those of similarly priced products.
TOP-RH is wired or wireless handy–type HMI. A simple module change will make it either wired or wireless. In addition, 5Ghz wifi supports are available. TOP-PPC is a panel of the company. Fanless design is applied. Some competitive models (12, 15, and 19 inches) are available. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods