Factory Automation System

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910M17] Sechang International Co., Ltd. has successfully localized conveyor system, the first move in Korea.
Since its establishment in 1988, the company has been made its utmost efforts for R&D, and thereby obtaining complete level of technology. The technology the company is holding contributes to the increased productivity and the cost-saving of the client companies.
The factory automation system the company produces can be manufactured depending on the exact sizes that each customer wants. The system is expected to exert superior performance if it is applied to a place where the precise transferring of products is required such as production line of electronics devices, production line of automotive parts, etc.


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Motor Integrated Inverter

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910M16] Nara Samyang Reduction Gear’s motor integrated inverter was developed with its own technology. It is an optimal industrial solution that ensures highest-level performance.
This product is optimized for logistics transport system. It is easy to install. Also, with NFC tag, the mobile control of the product is possible. With compact design, the company minimized the size of it compared to other companies’ products.
Since the company’s start-up of 1967, Nara Samyang Reduction Gear has contributed to the country’s industrial prosperities by localizing reduction gear’s development and production, and has been leading the country’s reduction gear market while expanding its business area to high-end products related to mechatronics, electric vehicle, and defense industries and acquiring the most local market share.

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Smart Autonomous Driving Robot

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910M15] Inatech’s Mobile Industrial Robot (MIR) is a smart collaborative autonomous driving robot used at logistics transport sites. Through an ultrasonic sensor and a 3D camera, the robot is able to move by understanding changing information and predicting routes and situations surrounding it.
The new model MiR1000 can pick up and transport heavy loads and pallets up to 1,000kg, and its advanced AI features allow it to identify a wide range of obstacles while working.
The robot can move among people and obstacles safely and efficiently. In addition to lifting, customers can order customized top modules. It has a friendly interface that can be used by users even without programming experience.

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Electric Gripper

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910M14] INA ORIENTAL MOTOR CO., LTD., a leader in small precision motors, pursues customer satisfaction with various product lines and quick customer responses.
The electric gripper “EH Series”, which combines the new rack pinion mechanism of INA ORIENTAL MOTOR with the AZ Series can adjust sensitive gripping adjustment and grasping as people do with their fingertips.
By adjusting operating currents by one percent, workers can finely adjust gripping force and the gripper can approach returned objects at a low speed. The gripper can securely hold and align objects which can be easily deformed or scratched.
In addition, its compact size (91 × 46 × 48.5mm) and its light weight (380g) enable installation in various directions, contributing to the miniaturization of devices.

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Orest Painless Massage Chair Made In Korea

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910M13] Orest started from the Life Science Division of Duckil Industry, the world’s No. 3 supplier of switches for automotive electric seats for automobiles. Based on 25 years experience in supplying technology and quality in automotive parts, Orest is the only Korean company that produces massage chairs through steady R&D and state-of-the-art production facilities.
Orest Massage Chair is a Korean-made massage chair produced through more than 25 strict quality control systems in automation lines in Korea.
Orest’s OR-8000 model is a premium massage chair that can provide 4D massage, automatic body recognition, state-of-the-art voice recognition, three-stage weightlessness, calf scrub massage and lower body fatigue care with rollers.
The OR-5000 model has a 3D massage function that protrudes a massage ball 7 centimeters for effective massage on the neck and shoulders. It is an all-in-one massage chair with the best performance in its price range.

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All Electric Left & Right Tube Bender

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910M12] SOCO KOREA is the world’s largest manufacturer of machinery for the tube processing industry. SOCO has trained and nurtured a team of professional design engineers, working closely with its customers to understand their needs and expectations. This allows SOCO to continue developing, changing, and creating new customer-oriented machinery and equipment.
The new SOCO CNC tube bender combines Draw + Roll + Dual Direction Bending way technology. It is equipped with Left and Right Bending Technology for maximum flexibility and minimal interference. And it is also equipped with 7~10 electric CNC axes. The “U type” pipe bender is especially suitable for complex parts and shapes, such as automotive headrests, fuel lines, healthcare and fitness.
SOCO’s all electric tube benders are all equipped with DGT technology, a worldwide SOCO patented bending system that ensures the most efficient and stable bending process, offering the highest accuracy and repeatability in draw and roll bending. It includes built-in SOCO proprietary pipe bending software and operation interface, with an Industrial PC (IPC) + Touch Screen, Bending interference and Collision simulator and many other software features.
It is easy for programming to set up a part in the same way as a single direction bend. soco tube bender i2(intelligent interface) software has automatic springback compensation and built-in Internet connection for remote troubleshooting.

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Next-Generation Collaborative Robots

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910M11] The M-Series of Doosan Robotics leads the next generation of collaborative robots with safety, dexterity, flexibility, and ease of use.
Maximum safety is ensured with the industry’s highest level of collision sensitivity provided by high-tech torque sensors on all six joints and global certifications (ISO mark, NRTL, CE, KCs).
Human-like dexterity is displayed with force and compliance control based on the torque sensors to perform meticulous operations impeccably.
Easy usability allows inexperienced users without engineering backgrounds to set up a simple process within 20 seconds by utilizing the ultra-intuitive Teach Pendant. The five-button direct teaching unit, Cockpit, guarantees ease of use with direct control.
Flexibility is demonstrated with a load capacity of 6 to 15 kilograms and working radius of 900 to 1700 millimeters, enabling the Doosan robot to adapt to diverse applications. Doosan Mate is also comprised of various industry-leading partner products for customers to tailor their solutions. The state-of-the-art controller supports the latest communication interfaces for maximum compatibility with other equipment. Based on all the above and more, customers can select the best solution with Doosan Robotics’ aspiration for perfection.

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Flow-line Equipment

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910M02] Sandong Metal Industry Co., Ltd.(SMI), established in 1998, is a leading manufacturer and exporter focusing on flowline equipment for the oil & gas industry.
SMI has acquired multiple API certificates including API 6A, 16A and 16C, and ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004. Its products are also compatible with major brand items. The company’s management policy is centered on enhancing quality with the goal of 100ppm fault and on-time delivery with customer satisfaction as the top priority.
SMI’s major products include manifolds, plug valves, choke valves, integral fittings, adapters, swivel joints, pup joints, cementing hose loops, hammer unions, trunnion ball valves, etc.

SMI’s manifolds are designed and manufactured according to customers’ requirements, to include 4, 5, 8 or 9 valve manifolds.


Plug Valves
SMI’s plug valves are suitable for a variety of high-pressure applications such as fracturing, cementing, acidizing, etc.

Hub Clamp
SMI’s hub clamps are made with appropriate forged materials to specific pressure ratings, and are made in accordance with API 16A specifications.

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Process Fired Heater

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910M09] Youngkwang Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing customized heating furnaces based on API 560. In addition to the best manufacturing technology, the company also supports 3D and 2D designs based on its basic design and has experiences to build almost any type of furnaces such as ethylene crackers, hydrogen reformers, gas heaters, crude oil heaters and thermofluidic heaters. Youngkwang designs, builds and supplies all kinds of furnaces to customers, in particular, the petrochemical, oil and gas industries.

Pressure Equipment

YOUNGKWANG has been supplying top-quality pressure equipment for many years and earning strong trust from customers around the world. The company supplies equipment such as heat exchangers, separators, storage tanks, towers and columns through the best technology and quality certification management. The company is confident that it will be able to maintain continuous, cooperative relationships with customers.

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Industrial Agitators

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910M08] At this exhibition of ADIPEC 2019, Hado will showcase a side-entry mixer and a mud agitator.
Hado’s side-entry mixer has an application for oil storage tanks. It features a simple gear drive for durable power train, and a mechanical seal for easy maintenance.
Hado’s mud agitator features the super-mix series impeller of high mixing performance and is applied for drilling rigs. It is useful to save energy loss and to operate safe mechanical running.
Additionally, the agitators are also available for large size vessels, long mixing shafts, high viscous fluid, reactors, etc. Hado’s aggitators are made only in Korea.
Hado Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of industrial agitators over the past 43 years. Hado offers super-mix series impellers and various mixing solutions on liquid-liquid mixing, liquid-gas mixing, liquid-solid mixing, liquid-solid-gas mixing, and high viscous fluid.
Hado has the advanced facility such as large size test tank. Hado has acquired the certifications of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.

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