Impregnated Diamond Core Bits SUNG Co. is a leading manufacturer of exploration drilling equipment for Korea and the local region since 1980. Tae Sung is specialized in the production of high quality impregnated diamond core bits, reaming shells, core barrels, casing, drill rods and more.
Tae Sung produces diamond products of any size and any standard. South Korea has a very long history in mining and geology and its diamond products have been adjusted to meet the challenges of the Korean hard and extremely hard formations. Its impregnated diamond bits have proven track record and they drill with better penetration rates compare to other competitive products.
Bits are attached to the foremost part of the Core barrels to be used in direct drilling of the ground, and play the most important role among the equipments that are used in drilling. There are many types of bits classified and used according to the purpose of drilling or ground conditions, and the bits are also different in their material, shape, and performance.
So, it is economical and highly effective in drilling works to use the proper bits after full understanding of the characteristics of each bit. Diamond core bit is used for the drilling of hard rocks, and metal bit is normally used for the ground or soft rocks. Impregnated core bit is normally used in case core is needed, while noncore bit is used if core is not needed. However the drilling efficiency and economic feasibility increase if core bit is used while core is not needed.
Taesung’s impregnated diamond core bits can reach up to the global quality level. In Korea, rocks are generally very strong. Its bits have an excellent drilling rate at strong rocks as they have been adapted to such hard and strong rocks. Bits can be diversely produced in any sizes and specifications that are needed. Drilling speed of the impregnated core bit is very excellent comparing with those of other companies. Large size diamond with the strong matrix is used for soft rocks. Medium size diamond with the matrix of medium strength is used for the rocks of medium strength. Small size diamond with soft matrix is used for strong rocks.
As a long lasting number one supplier in Korea over the past 39 years and a preferred supplier to many other countries, Taesung promises to supply you with the best quality products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Automating Die & Mold Change System GI is a company that manufactures typical rapid mold changers in Korea. The advantages of CHEON GI’s rapid mold changer include functionality, economic feasibility, and safety. First of all, the ‘functionality’ provides highly durable and various systematical components.
It can withstand even poor operating conditions such as high speed, vibration, high temperature, and humidity, and its outstanding functionality is not limited when it is used for various purposes. Also, adapting the automatic changing method, it can change a large mold within a few minutes, reducing the changing time and enhancing economical effects.
Moreover, by adapting a non-touch clamp and mechanical lock clamp design, it can eliminate problems such as dangerous manual operation or mold drop, and is equipped with mutual safety controller to maximize the operator’s safety.
Its types include various high functional products: Hi Clamp KY type recommended for large mold or a workplace that requires high levels of safety; Hi Clamp TK type applicable to medium and large injection molding; AFSY type whose safety and functionality are recognized in large press; Hi Clamp GY type suitable to home types that can be safely mounted on press molds; Hi Clamp TM type and Hi Clamp GS type suitable to standardized molds.
Also, different from its rivals, CHEON GI produces, processes, assembles, installs, and follows up directly more than 90% of products. Therefore, checking ability for production, product quality, and follow-up can be counted as the strengths of CHEON GI.
CHEON GI is dedicated to constant product technical research & development and quality improvement. In addition, its quality is praised not just in Korea but also through trading with overseas companies. CHEON GI will make every endeavor to satisfy customers from their point of view under the management philosophy of customer satisfaction. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Screen & Filtration Systems its establishment in 2001, Will Screen & Plant Co., Ltd. has designed directly screen and filter processing systems where “V” shape stainless steel profile wedge wire was applied based on long-term research and development, provided customized manufacturing, and received high praise from domestic and foreign companies in respective industries.
Will Screen & Plant has secured technical competitiveness such as having company research facilities and possessing various screen facility patents through constant technical development; on the other hand, it is operating an efficient management system and assuring the quality according to ISO international certified standards.
Will Screen & Plant’s screen and filter system products are being used broadly in various industries, and they have a wide variety of types and items because all of them are customized production, so they may be somewhat unfamiliar to the public. However, you may understand this company’s products easier if you consider all of the products as screening parts or installations for raw material filtration process or water treatment and the company as a manufacturer that provides screening solutions for plant process technology.



Screens are used as a semi-permanent part in industrial process equipment and broadly used in various industries; used and installed in the petrochemical industry mainly with chemical products such as catalysts, media, and molecular in reactor pressure vessels; and applied to sludge filtering processes or filter products in the water treatment industry.



This company is not just producing screen parts but also designs, manufactures, and supplies processing systems. Although there are many types of industrial filters, the main items of this company are auto backwashing filters and cartridge filters, and the company supplies various screening equipment for raw material filtration process and water treatment, specially in Refinery plants, EPDM plants, coal/nuclear power plants, desalination plants and LPG/LNG Plant so on.


Water & Wastewater Equipment

Drum Screens, Mechanical Bar Screens, Sieve Screens, Intake Screens, and Well Screens are typical sewage/waste water disposal equipment, all used as water treatment equipment filtering residue (sludge). Each product has a different design according to its purpose and use thus there are various models that are customized and manufactured by customer request and need. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Fiber Filter its founding in 2016, WIDU has achieved impressive growth by emphasizing a number of managerial priorities for client satisfaction and services as a brand new company.
WIDU has been striving to focus on R&D for fiber filtration technology. With its technical experience and capability as well as its unflinching spirit of devotion to the clients, WIDU aims to be a leading company in the field of water environment with the distribution of high quality fiber filtration products to the global market.
WiFi filter is an abbreviation for Widu fiber filter. It is a “pull or rotation-type fiber filtration device” that uses fiber material with active carbon inside a filter to improve water quality of water purification plants, sewage treatment plants and wastewater plants.
This fiber filter controls filtering gap and backwash gap through compression or relaxation by pulling and rotating the medium inside the filter. Water is filtered by pulling fiber hanging at the top and bottom and compressing it through rotation.

When the water level or pressure reaches the preset value, compressed fiber is relaxed and rotated to enlarge the gap. Air and backwash water are introduced at the same time through the bottom of the fiber medium for backwashing. Fiber medium that contains active carbon can partially improve colors in addition to removing SS and removing turbidity. Filtration and backwashing efficiencies are improved by varying the filling factor of medium and thickness of fiber.
This fiber filter can be used in filtration facilities to utilize water for waterfront areas and used at advanced sewage and wastewater filtration facilities. It is designed for water purification facilities for villages in developing and poorest countries. It is designed for filtration facilities to remove suspended solids for the circulation of processed water. It is adopted at filtration facilities for reuse systems. It is also popular for use in recirculated filtration facilities for farms and cooling water. It is also used in other places that require removal of suspended solids. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial Bearings BEARING CO.,LTD. was established as a company specializing in production of auto parts and industrial bearings in March 1975.
Manufacturing of industrial special bearings requiring a high technology has enabled this company to initiate a new start. This corporation especially focuses on making quality products through technical cooperation with sophisticated foreign companies with emphasis on the continuous development of required technologies and innovation of management. This is accomplished through the integrated efforts of all the members of this company in order to expand into advanced technology fields of auto parts and special bearing industries.


Forklift Truck Bearings for Mast

The mast roller bearings are used in heavy duty and shock loading to the Guide Roller during the vertical movement. And it is designed a suitable structure for forklift Mast. A deep groove ball bearing made of special applications. The load capacity is 0.5ton (1100 lb) ~ over 25ton (55,110 lb) for forklift mast.


Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Angular contact ball bearing is developed to be used in the travel device (driving motor), designed for crawler machines such as excavators, drilling machines, cranes etc. This bearing is characterized by its capacity of high load, moment, low rotating speed and oil lubrication.


Agricultural Machinery Bearings

Agricultural machinery bearings are used widely in light disk harrows, medium disk harrows and heavy duty disk harrows, diggers, press wheels of seeders, combines, etc. As the bearings are used in the earth, this requires very good seal. The company’s excellent triple lip seals make the bearing work freely, ST series bearing is incorporated one piece triple lip seal bearing and two o-ring and high strength zinc plated steel plate, one piece design make this unit convenient to be used and maintained, with good dynamic alignment, protecting the harrow from being damaged in bad conditions and extending its life. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Hydraulic Attachments International Corporation specializes in manufacturing various ranges of hydraulic attachments to be mounted on any kind of excavators. IK International’s main products include crushers, (demolition) shears, pulverizers and vibro hammers (pile drivers). IK International also offers a total solution for Korean heavy equipment as customized service since it is the leading company with its own global marketing capabilities combined with engineering services.


Vibro Hammer (Pile Driver)

Vibro hammer is a kind of hydraulic attachment used to drive piles (poles) into soil to provide foundation support for buildings or other structures. Low maintenance costs are possible compared to cranes. Superior mobility is available for narrow spaces.Using excavator oil, it requires no extra power source. It rotates 360 degrees and the proven high quality rubber absorbs vibration. The special bearing can endure high-speed rotation.


Multi Crushers

Multi crushers are hydraulic attachments designed to reduce large rocks into smaller rocks, gravel, or rock dust. They are fitted to an excavator for demolition work in the field of construction or reconstruction. Top class crushing power has been applied to the crusher and proved its power by exporting a number of units. To improve lifetime, Hardox Steel has been used for part of the main body and jaw. Operating efficiency has been upgraded by simple jaw change for steel cutting and secondary demolition. One pin type is available.



Pulverizers are a kind of hydraulic attachment commonly used in demolition work to break up large pieces of concrete. It is called a second crusher since it is used for making smaller pieces after using a crusher. Durability has been extended by using Hardox steel plate for major abrasion areas. A protective cover is fitted to protect the cylinder from possible damage during operation.



IK International has been exporting for more than 15 years over the world and it has been provided by not its own brand but OEM contracts (with many reputable companies, attachments brand in Korea, overseas suppliers, etc.). Through knowhow and experience in the field of construction and the mining industry, its products already were proven as quality products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

The 11th International Green Car Korea Closed in Great Success with more than 17,000 Domestic and Foreign Visitors

The Largest in Scale Ever with over 480 Booths and 236 Exhibitors from 22 Countries

This exhibition, which introduced cutting-edge products such as autonomous vehicles, IoT, smart appliances, etc. targeting the 4th industrial revolution era, including ecofriendly cars for the future, was held on the largest scale ever with more than 480 booths with 236 exhibitors from 22 countries.
Particularly, in the business talk with buyers invited by KOTRA, a total of 573 cases of consultation were held, worth US$2,486million (equivalent to KRW2,754billion) and it was estimated that contracts worth about US$70 million (about KRW80 billion) will be realized in the future.
In particular, during the period of business talks, MOUs between overseas buyers and domestic companies have been actively promoted. You Friend, Ltd. signed an MOU with A.J-Rubber Trading Co., Ltd. of Japan for technical cooperation and joint marketing in the development of waterproof buckled safety belts.
MOUs for job creation as well as product export were prominent. Koam Innovation concluded a strategic MOU with Honam University for job creation and agreed to implement the Airport Operation Project together, of which the main contents include training airport operation experts of parts, batteries, machines, etc. related to special vehicles including the electric forklifts used at airports and help them into jobs.
Various exhibits helping people predict the future trends were evaluated as a big achievement of this exhibition. Spring Cloud of Korea showed the future technology by providing the driving service with ARMA, a self-driving bus exclusively developed by themselves; and Navya, which is a French autonomous car manufacturing company. Meanwhile, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Seonam Regional Division exhibited the smart car, an integration of EV-based smart mobility element technology. Like these, the future autonomous smart car based on the eco-friendly automobile such as EV, parts and articles of eco-friendly automobile and eco-friendly electronic parts were exhibited, attracting the keen attention of visitors.



Successful hosting of International Conference on Advanced Automotive Technology (ICAT)

In addition, the International Conference on Advanced Automotive Technology (ICAT) was successfully held under the theme of “EVer Green! (EV: Electric Vehicles)” at the Kimdaejung Convention Center from July 5 to 6 during the period of the 2018 International Green Car Exhibition.
ICAT 2018 was co-hosted by the Automobile Research Center of Chonnam National University, BK21, Honam University, University of Ulsan, Korea Automotive Technology Institute, Gwangju Institute of Green-Car Advancement, Kimdaejung Convention Center and Gwangju Convention & Visitors Bureau and sponsored by Gwangju Metropolitan City, the Korea Tourism Organization and the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers. ICAT is a conference that has come to be expanded and held as a specialized convention of the Gwangju region since 2015 from the previous “International Symposium for Next-generation Automobile Technology” held by the Automobile Research Center of Chonnam National University since 1995.
Lectures were delivered by 13 electric vehicle experts of automobile research centers of universities, research centers, and automobile manufacturers; and auto parts suppliers from seven countries including Korea, the USA, France, Poland, the UK, Japan and Thailand. Following the keynote speech by Mr. Jean-Marc Desvaux, Executive Vice President of Easy Mile, a developer of autonomous bus named EZ10, 13 speakers from Korea and abroad gave various lectures on policies and technologies related to the present and future of electric cars and autonomous cars, including “The Future of Electric Energy and Automobiles” (by Director Choi Tae-il of the Korea Electric Power Corporation), “Hyundai Motor’s Electric Vehicle Development Status and Strategy” (by Parts Head Kim Chung of Hyundai Motor Company), and “Electric Vehicles in the Logistics Industry” (by CEO Hong Yo-seop of Koam Innovation).
In addition, a junior session was prepared where rising professors, researchers and graduate students, who are the heroes of the local business and the future automobile industry, presented papers including 10 oral presentations and 41 posters.
Mr. Choi Byeong-cheol, President of the Automobile Research Center in Chonnam National University, remarked, “ICAT 2018 is a venue of information exchange for experts of electric car research and industry to understand the development and flow of the cutting-edge technology and predict the future. Especially, through co-hosting with International Green Car Korea, I expect ICAT 2018 will bring more vitality to “the Eco-friendly Auto Parts Cluster Development Project” of Gwangju City.”
This Exhibition is evaluated to have had positive ripple effects on Gwangju City for starting in earnest the Eco-friendly Auto Parts Cluster Project, and transforming the local enterprises from the traditional industries to the knowledge-based high-value industries in accordance with the recent trend where the auto industry is changing from internal combustion engine cars to electric cars. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Digital Sticker Multi Blade Die-cutting Machine Inc., a Korean venture company established in July 2004, is a globalized enterprise that produces and distributes machines for printing/post process, providing various products and solutions in the visualization and digital printing market.
Valloy has been established by marketing and digital imaging specialists having more than 10 years of experiences in the areas of marketing and development for various digital solutions including software, imaging device, machine, assembly, consumables, board and sign printing used in the advertisement market, fabric printing, interior decoration and label/packaging.
DUOBLADE F, Valloy’s Digital roll-to-roll, multi-blade die-cutting machine, cuts the label by moving two blades simultaneously with the high-speed servo motor in order to supplement the slow speed which was an endemic problem of the conventional blade die-cutting machine, thereby enabling works at a cutting speed more than three times higher than other products on the market. In addition, if you set two cutting pressures for each blade as required, this product can perform the kiss-cut and the full-cut simultaneously by adjusting the pressure automatically according to the pressure setting application value of the cutting line. Also, the cutting error is 0.1mm, enabling a very precise cutting.
In addition, equipped with a high-capacity automatic feeding system, this product supports the unmanned production process by stably feeding up to 1,000 sheets of maximum 360mm (W) x 840mm (H) size paper and a vacuum suction rubber roller and an air brush are installed to prevent paper jamming due to static electricity during the media transportation.
The gap between the cutting heads is automatically adjusted by the touch screen operation, and the paper collection box supported by the advanced shock absorber can be folded to save space while not operated. DUOBLADE F is the first high-speed, high-capacity commercial label cutting machine exclusively for cut sheet, boasting a cute cubic shape suitable for office with the size of a washing machine.
DUOBLADE F, which can be used with most of the super A3 printers like offset printers or XEROX in the situation that supply of roll-to-roll label printers is insufficient on the market, is the optimal solution for the customers who want production of custom stickers or label sheets. Therefore, this product claims customers’ attention both at home and abroad. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Construction Equipment & Components Corporation is a leading exporter of secondhand and new construction equipment.
Equipment it provides includes excavators, wheel loaders, truck cranes, crawler cranes, dozers, crawler drills, concrete pumps, dump trucks, crushers, concrete batching plant, cement-block making plant, and so forth. Sungsan is supplying equipment to worldwide famous brands including Doosan, Hyundai, Volvo, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Tadano, Kato, Liebherr, Demag, and Kobelco.
Also, Sungsan is providing rollers, idlers, pumps, teeth, valves, and filters together.
Since it started international business in 1991, Sungsan has gained much experience in providing high-quality superior construction equipment at competitive prices, and will respond to all inquiries.


Excavators are used in construction sites mainly to excavate ground or transport excavated soil, and there are two types: the crawler type and the wheel type. Its work capacity depends on the bucket size and the equipment weight, and it is used diversely from 0.1CBM to 10.0CBM in bucket size and from 1 ton to 200 tons in equipment weight according to the site conditions. Furthermore, a braker that excavates rocks or a clamp that holds heavy stuff can be mounted instead of a bucket for use in other purposes.



This equipment is used in work sites to lift or take down stuff, and comes in truck type and crawler type. Truck type can be divided by working conditions into rough terrain, all terrain, and truck crane mounted on a truck. Its work capacity depends on lifting weight and moving distance (boom length). Lifting weight varies from 1 ton to 3,000 tones, and usually 20~200-ton class isused in work sites. Boom length varies from 10 meters to 500 meters, and usually 20~100-meter class is used.


Dump Trucks

This special vehicle is designed to be tilted backward when the bottom of the bed is lifted so as to handle the load on the vehicle at one go. This truck loads and transports gravels, sand, coals, wastes, and the like, its load capacity is vary from 1~200 tons, and usually 15-ton and 25-ton classes are being exported. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Oil Purifier Kyung System has accumulated technology in hydraulic machinery of major facilities in industrial sites. Sung Kyung System takes as its corporate philosophy the major premise that it produces excellent products matching customer needs, strengthens external competitiveness of its customers, and creates added value based on honesty and workmanship.
Sung Kyung System has since its foundation supplied KASS oil filters in hydraulic machinery, playing a pivotal role in the domestic industry, contributing to productivity improvement and environment preservation.



This is a by-pass type oil purifier with its own oil pump embedded in the oil cleaner. As with no pressure loss, it is widely used for attachment to all kinds of equipment or movements. Reasonable purification control is possible with unmanned operation reservation. This oil purifier determines the replacement time of an element and maximizes the filtering efficiency by adopting a control valve. Easy cleaning and replacement in a short time is possible for the open type suction strainer.

With the adoption of the dust proof gauge, you can check accurate pressure, contamination state, and accurate replacement time of an element. Easy oil transfer is possible with the adoption of a drain valve. Efficient purification care is possible by recording purification time. The distinctive specifications are custom-made.


Filter Element (F-180)

This filter element is specially made by the unique KASS-specific engineering method with the strictly selected pulp, purely vegetable cellulose fiber containing a lot of hydrophilic hydroxyl.
Metal wear powder, carbon, oxide, water, dust, and various foreign substances produced or flowing in during machine operation, pass the upper side of the element and the 110 mm filtering layer, contaminants over 0.1 micron and water eliminated by deep filtration and adsorption. Air tightness created by the inflow oil in the interlayer of filter papers forming the element on the roll, blocks passage of the oil through layers.
Contaminated oil passes the filtering paper and flows down to the bottom. While oil is flowing down to the bottom, numerous repetitive filtrations completely clean contaminants and water. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods