Hyundai-Kia Motors Unveiled Solar Charging System Technology Motors heralded the era of the solar charging vehicle and accordingly disclosed the solar charging system technology recently. This is their will to gain an advantage in the competition for eco-friendly vehicles by extending mileage and reducing CO2 generation by commercializing the solar charging system technology using the light of the sun.
The solar charging system is being developed to support the main power. It increases fuel efficiency by charging not only eco-friendly vehicles including electric and hybrid ,but typical motor vehicles.
Hyundai-Kia Motors is developing 3 types of the solar charging systems, the 1st generation silicone-type solar roof, the 2nd generation translucent solar roof, and the 3rd body-type light lid.
The 1st generation solar roof to be applied to the hybrid model is a form of installing a mass-production silicone solar battery on the general roof. The 1st generation solar roof system can charge a battery approximately 30~60% a day depending on the weather and usage environment.
The 2nd generation translucent solar roof to be applied to the motor model for the first time in the world is a form of installing a translucent solar battery on the panorama sunroof as it is developed with transparent type and open-and-close type options, unlike the 1st generation solar roof, for customers who want openness.
For example, it is a method of securing transparency through a translucent roof panel and charging an internal battery, or an additional solar battery in a motor vehicle.
Lastly, the 3rd generation body-type light solar lid which is in the process of a precedent study to be applied to the eco-friendly model is a method of composing a solar battery as an all-in-one type on the lid
(bonnet) and roof steel plate of the car to maximize output.
The solar charging system consists of a solar panel, a controller, and a battery. In the solar panel, energy is generated as the sunlight is separated into an electron and a positive hole when it contacts the surface of the cell of a solar battery.
When a 100W solar panel is installed, 100W is generated per hour based on 1 Sun (noon in the summer, 1000 W/m2 deposits). In other words, it can store 100Wh energy when exposed to sunlight for 1 hour.
Hyundai-Kia Motor is currently putting spurs to the development of the 1st solar roof to apply it to eco- friendly vehicles to be released after 2019.
The researcher of the Environmental Energy Research Team that developed this technology explained that “it is expected that various energy generating technologies including the solar charging system will be connected to vehicles. Vehicles will be power stations actively generating energy, not machines that are just consuming energy passively. Now, the paradigm of car owners is switching from consumers to energy prosumers.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

ASEAN, Rising as a Promising Export Market for New Industries, Parts, and Materials has a population of 640 million, 12.5 times the population of Korea. The GDP growth rate of ASEAN from 2009 to 2017 is almost 5%. The proportion of the Korean exports to the Big 4 markets (China, U.S., EU and Japan) was 50.8% in 2017, decreased from 56.6% of 2007. On the other hand, the proportion of export to ASEAN increased from 10.4% to 16.6%.
ASEAN countries are rising as promising areas for export of new industrial products and parts/materials as they are intensively fostering the high-tech products, and the parts and materials industry of Korea.
In ‘Export Opportunities and Promising Items for ASEAN,’ which was presented by the Institute for International Trade of the Korea International Trade Association, electrical machines and parts in the field of new industry, machines and parts in the field of optical instruments, and parts, copper and aluminum materials, etc. are items expected to be exported to the ASEAN may be significantly more.
Increase of the local market share and stabilization of import demand, especially focusing on electric condensers, telephones, microphones, and printed circuits in the field of electrical equipment, reflectors, liquid crystal devices and laser equipment among optical instruments, and processing/crafting machines, machining centers for metal processing, and cold- formed processing machines in the machinery field are expected to help exports.
This report said that
“while the entire exports of Korea in the last year increased 1.6 times from 2009, the entire exports of ASEAN increased almost 2.3 times. Among them, exports to Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar (VIM), and Philippines (VIP) which have strong growth potentials increased 4.2 times and 3.8 times, respectively.”
It also added that “looking at it by item, exports of the new industry, including next-generation semiconductors, displays, high-tech new materials, etc., to ASEAN, VIM and VIP increased 3 times, 15 times, and 6.4 times, respectively. Korean companies evaluated Vietnam and Indonesia most highly in terms of export potential and investment advancement in the survey of the Korea International Trade Association.”
Jung, Gwi-il, a researcher of the Trend Analysis Center of the Korea International Trade Association emphasized that “the major countries of ASEAN have huge potential for the population and economic growth rate and are expanding political support for the industry of high-tech and parts and materials. Korean companies should realize ASEAN as a promising market for export of higher value-added items and accordingly, aggressively attack their markets based on the new industry and the field of parts and materials.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Hyundai Motor Launches New Avante Sport[INQ. NO. 1812M08] Hyundai Motor recently announced that the carmaker would launch the New Avante Sport with its dynamic design, powerful driving performance, and various advanced driving support systems.
The exterior design of the new model is sporty with an exclusive dark colored radiator grille, LED headlamps and rear lamps, single and twin muffler tips, and an 18-inch alloy wheel exclusive to the model.
The new model’s interior creates a powerful image with sports bucket seats, sports super vision clusters, a D-cut steering wheel, and a paddle shift among others.
In particular, the New Avante Sport is 50mm horizontally longer than the esisting Avante Sport, and 5mm vertically shorter than the New Avante, which accentuates its sleek image.
The new model comes in seven colors – polar white, sparkling metal, iron gray, phantom black, intense blue, fiery red, and golden flash. Golden flash is a special color that is not available with the New Avante.
The New Avante Sport is powered by a 1.6 gasoline turbo engine with up to 204 horsepower, up to 27.0 kgf•m torque, and features combined fuel economy of 12.0 km/ℓ (7DCT).
The new model is loaded with a variety of high-tech driving support systems and convenience features such as lane departure prevention, warnings about rear cross collisions and driver distraction and mistakes, and an air cleaning mode to the customers’ preference.
In addition, Hyundai Motor enhanced the uniqueness and merchantability of the model by adding a variety of sports-specific products such as engine performance, engine dress up, braking, dynamic, dynamic plus packages, and Tuix wheels, Hyundai Motor’s customized brand.
As for the price of the New Avante Sport, the MT Trim, 7DCT Trim and Premium Trim models are priced at 19.64 million won, 22.17 million won, and 23.65 million won, respectively. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Metal 3D Printer[INQ. NO. 1812M07] 3D printing is attracting attention as a core technology to restart the heart of the manufacturing industry. In traditional manufacturing, liquefied metal is placed in a mold which becomes a cast when producing one part, and that liquefied metal should solidify in the mold.
However, 3D printing prints an object three- dimensionally based on a digital three-dimensional blueprint file so it actually reduces costs and shortens the processing time. Because of these advantages, it has risen as ‘a thriving segment’ in the manufacturing circles.
However, what 3D printing should get through to create a synergy effect with industries of various areas is ‘a limit to materials.’ It requires durability and precision, second only to outputs made with the previous manufacturing methods. The width of material applications needs to be widened to catch up with this.
PROTOTECH unveiled the metal 3D printer of Desktop Metal (hereinafter, DM) at ‘Korea Metal Week 2018’ held in Kintex, Ilsan, for 4 days from October 30 under the supervision of Korea Trade Fairs Ltd.
Section Chief Choi, Ji-yoon of PROTOTECH said, ‘the 3D printer of DM which will be available from next year, adopted the new technology which was developed using a similar method to that of the FMD (Fused Deposition Modeling) method, which showed a limitation when applied to metal. This technology that makes metal powder and binder like clay by mixing them will make it difficult for the parts to be realized when the CNC is to be replaced.”
The chief also explained that ‘the metal 3D printer of DM is safe and easy to operate, so non-experts can use it easily.”
Another industry insider there said, ‘we cannot focus only on the good side of the new technology. The metal printer of DM uses a method of releasing the binder which had played the role of a glue before, so I’m not really satisfied with its precision. This is another task that the 3D printing community needs to work on.”
It is true that there are a lot of things to get through including the ‘reduction of time,’ ‘reduction of errors,’ etc. until 3D printing replaces the previous industry completely. However, concerned industries have been constantly evolving by making the metal parts lighter, improving their precision and diversifying materials through technological development. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Roll-to-Roll Equipment & Technology, Inc., possessing top-level technologies, produces secondary battery wide press equipment using roll to roll, roll to roll screen printer, equipment for separation membrane and slitting, production facilities for display optical films and composite sheets, manufacturing equipment for flexible printed circuit boards (FPCB) and multi- layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC), and in-line assembly equipment for VCM camera modules.
Roll-to-roll is equipment that coats, cuts, rolls, and winds a variety of materials by using rotating roll. This equipment is used to produce various items from film materials commonly used in daily life from A4 paper, to wallpaper, snack bags, and other essential items including secondary batteries, semiconductors, etc.
PNT’s equipment has proven its reliability enough to be now used in more than 200 global companies. PNT satisfies various types of customers by supplying products with superior efficiency and stable quality.


Lithium Ion Battery Sequential Both-Side Coater

PNT’s lithium ion battery coating machine can control coating thickness more accurately and uniformly by using the slot die coating system. In addition, by applying air floating & roll-supporting type to drying units, it can coat stably and fast. This machine also can control the slot die lip by receiving feedback from a densimeter.


Roll Press Machine

The roll press machine that PNT manufactures can reduces the thickness and increase the density of Al/Cu foil coated with electrode compound by using cooling and heating pressing roll.
In addition, it can adjust the temperature of pre-heating roll and press roll between room temperature and 150˚C. Moreover, PNT has the know-how to prevent wrinkles.


Battery Electrode Slitting Machine

People & Technology’s battery electrode slitting machine is suitable for electrode coated metal foil machining. Max 670mm of foil width is available and 2 ~ 8Kgf of tension is applicable at the maximum speed of 80m/min. Very little vibration is generated even during high-speed operation. When slitting, burr can be maintained within 10 micron. Especially, PNT has the expertise for slitting non-coated parts. In addition, a vision & high-speed label system (Speed: 60m/min/±25mm) can be installed with this slitting machine, according to customer requests.


Roll To Roll Dryer Machine

The roll to roll dryer machine is designed to minimize the remaining moisture of foil after coating & pressing by using heated-air dryer. Through PNT’s own technology, it can minimize the wrinkles in foil caused by sudden temperature differences, and accumulating the foil. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Quick Die Change & Quick Mold Change Systems GI is the industry leader of the Quick Die Change (Q.D.C) and Quick Mold Change (Q.M.C.) systems in Korea. CHEON GI’s main advantage over its competitors lies in its own development and production of main components (more than 90%) of the products and the control system. The company directly manufactures, assembles and installs them along with providing after-sale services. Therefore, some advantages of CHEON GI include production responsiveness, quality of products and aftersale services.
Ensuring the best possible quality and stability, CHEON GI designs product-specific automatic production lines to meet its customers’ demands in a timely and professional manner under any situation. GHEON GI is making continuous efforts with R&D of products to improve their quality. Also, after years of research and development, it has earned recognition both domestically as well as internationally. The company prides itself in its strong key values, “Quality Prevails and Customer First.”


Quick Die Change and Quick Mold Change Systems

The Q.D.C. and Q.M.C. systems specialize in changing the die or mold with high speed, precision and security in press, die casting and injection molding machines. These systems provide a complete solution to fixing, moving and changing the die or mold during the production process.
Quick Die Change system is very reliable since it has been designed and developed trigeminally for high functional efficiency, economical efficiency and safety in die exchanging operation of the press, injection molding machine, die casting machine, etc. Basic components include KY & GY type clamps, guide rollers, die lifters, control boxes and hi-lock units. CHEON GI provides various options to satisfy customers’ requirements with press specifications and work environment. The system is applicable to the machine tool processing field of automated machines as well as die exchanges.
Quick Mold Change System is designed for injection mold and casting machines. It can reduce time with die change and increase machine utilization rates. The system is composed of various components that endure extreme conditions such as high speed, vibration and high efficiency. Its performance is not limited for any purposes.
The change time even for a large die is reduced due to its automatic change type. Furthermore, the uniform clamping force protects the die and improves the precision of the product. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Agricultural Power Sprayers of Soil Machinery is one of the leading suppliers of agricultural power sprayers in Korea. Established in 2002, it is dedicated to the development of agricultural technologies, the registration of patented quality products, technical exchanges with farmers, product distribution, and direct production – the only way to enhance the quality of agricultural equipment and devices – with more than 20 years in sprouts cultivation and gardening industries.
Its sprayers are highly economical for spraying pesticide efficiently. Its range of agricultural power sprayers is well appreciated in the Korean and international markets for its features like longer life, efficient battery usage, durable motor, tank capacity, high-speed pump, light-weight, compact and portable construction. The company promises to be a quick service provider, like a 911 rescue team, between the direct manufacturer and customers with a wide range of sprout cultivation materials, gardening materials, irrigation and drip irrigation materials, a variety of plant nutrients and compact agricultural equipment.
Love of Soil Machinery is making round-the-clock efforts to incorporate the latest technologies and materials to ensure trouble-free spraying at the most economical price.
All-round products of agricultural instruments are professionally researched, designed, manufactured and quality-controlled by its experienced team.


Rachargeable Sprayer and Robot Sprayer

Rechargeable sprayer is a low noise charging power sprayer with its compact size for increased mobility and easy control. This is a multipurposed backpack-type sprayer, which is composed of a plastic tank (20L), DC motor, battery and charger. This weighs about 4.5kg.

Robot sprayer can move to the front, reverse, left and right direction with its instant on/off functions. This is a gasoline engine pumping system that can fulfill all kinds of disease control for fruits, vegetables and stockbreeding with superb spraying power that goes as far as 200 meters in distance without causing any adverse effects on the human body. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Special Bolts founded in 1965, HWASHIBOLT IND.CO.,LTD. has focused on special bolts as a leading company in the special bolts industry.
Recognized for its world-class technical ability and superiority in the special and engineered bolts industry, HWASHIBOLT IND. has participated in large-scale global energy projects including combined cycle power plants, nuclear power plants, and offshore plants in 22 countries over five continents, and enhanced the reputation of Korean bolts.
Based on its accumulated skills, HWASHIBOLT IND. is soaring as a global company. Currently, this company is supplying fastener products to domestic and foreign power plants (GE Power, Siemens, and Doosan Heavy Industries), three major shipbuilding companies (Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, Samsung, and Hyundai), and major oil companies including Shell, BP, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, and Total. In addition, HWASHIBOLT IND. is producing and supplying products tailored to meet the needs of its clients in compliance with various standards including ANSI, ASTM, ASME, GE, SIEMENS, DIN, KS, BS, and ISO.


Turbine Casing Bolts

These are supplied to many power plants in the country. Turbines are divided into two parts and connected with bolts. Many turbines require accommodating to high temperature and high pressures, and using the bolts produced by this company. The supplied items include THRU STUD, TAP STUD, COUPLING SET, DOWEL PIN, SLOTTED NUT, COVERED NUT, and ROUND NUT.
The major customers for these products include GE, SIEMENS, and MITSUBISHI.


Gas Turbine Rotor Bolt

This bolt is used to penetrate into and fasten the compressor discs of turbines rotating in high temperatures and high speed. It has the highest difficulty level amongst all turbine fasteners, so product safety and quality are very important.


Piping Bolt

This bolt is mainly used in the marine plant industry. As a close partner with leading heavy industries in the country, it has supplied many bolt products for a long time including FPSO, SUBMARINE, F-LNG, JACK-UP RIG, DRILLSHIP, and SEMISUBMERSIBLES (semisubmersible drilling rigs). The supplied products include STUD BOLT, HEX BOLT, HEX NUT, WASHER, and U-BOLT.


12-Point Screw

12-Point Screw has similar threaded configuration to hex bolts except the head unit. Depending on its service environment, it is designed to be used in higher loading applications by providing a larger contact area in the head unit. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Scaffolding Products Industrial Co., Ltd. has pursued active business in the domestic and foreign scaffolding markets since its establishment in 1993. Hochun Industrial produces scaffoldings customized for respective countries including those in North America, Europe, and the Middle East, and its superiority in quality has been widely recognized.



Frames, the company’s main products, are steel structures used in construction for temporary purposes.
Frames are largely divided into two broad types: drop- lock frame and snap-on frame. In addition to these, the company is making many kinds of frames.
The product is coated with powder paint, and blue frames (RAL 5013) and green frames (RAL 6012) are mainly sold according to consumers’ preferences. For the materials, they can also be made of Q235 and Q345 according to consumers’ preferences. During the manufacturing processes, the company’s specialized staff directly checks durability and tensile strength, the most important features in using the product.


Cross Brace

Cross braces are one of the essential items helping to support the frame firmly. The types of cross brace are divided into the punch-hole cross brace used for drop lock frame, snap-on cross brace used for snap on frames. All of them are being pre-galvanized (pre-plating method).
Frames and cross braces mentioned above are included in the basic composition of the frame set that consists of two frames, two cross braces, four screw jacks to adjust the height, and two flanks for foothold. On this set, operator would proceed with construction work. The set is assembled in the manner of rising from bottom to top and from 20 to 30 layers.
The types of screw jack are divided into electric and hot dipping according to plating method. Also, flanks are divided into aluminum flank and steel flank according to the material. And there is prop (support) as scaffolding product. Prop is to support the upper part of roof construction in building and being used in many construction sites. The color is designed according to consumers’ preferences.
In addition, Hochun Industrial is making various couplers that connect and fix steel pipes or H beams.
Also the company manufactures ringlock system(System scaffolding). This is commonly exported to North American construction sites. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Mineral Applied Steel Tiles Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in steel tile manufacturing and managed by a 2nd-generation roof tile artisan who has worked as a roof tile layer since 1970. The company’s overseas exports that started from 2003, have been growing constantly, and now its products are exported to over 20 countries worldwide including the USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Europe.
FEROOF’s main products are mineral (Italian basalt: rock dust) applied steel tiles. As stone particles are applied to the exposed surface of FeRoof’s steel tile, the tile is nature-friendly roof material. Moreover, it lasts longer and the installation is simpler. It is a high-quality product based on long history, know- how, and craftsmanship for the manufacturing of stone particles applied steel tile, gaining credibility all over the world, satisfying the needs of the global market with differentiated designs, colors, and materials, and leading new markets. The product comprises eight layers of coating and adhesion. This adhesive ability is the skill that can enhance the life and the reputation of the product.


Advantages Compared To Other Products

Given its surface area and roof covering area, it is considerably light and the handling and the construction is easy. Because the product is semi-permanent with mineral application, the durability is so excellent that it is very economical without a/s or repair work. This is a recyclable, eco-friendly product. Also, it is incombustible product that can prevent damage from fire or smoke.
The product demonstrates superior performance against natural disasters, such as hail, gales, and earthquakes. It also shows excellent performance against the sound of rain, vibration, and heat in summer season. Because it is a metal, there is no water infiltration. No need to worry about corrosion, as the company uses POSCO’s (the nation’s leading steel manufacturer) global standard products.
Because it consists of products highlighting fine view and natural beauty, you can select more broadly among various shapes and colors for harmonization with nature. Various types of steel tiles include RIO, DIVA, ZiSSEN, WOOD, VENETO, SLATE, and SLATE PLUS, and various accessories are available to add to these steel tiles. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods