Electronic Scales

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1912M11] TMT Engineering Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, is an electronic scale and balance specialist, dominating in market presence in the field of local digital scale engineering, including its related market based on its accumulated technical know-how.
TMT Engineering’s electronic scales have special functions. With just one unit, multiple and simultaneous networking are available, conveniently applicable to diverse industrial sites because the main body, controller, external display and printer are all synchronized with radio.
There is no restriction on space since a radio signal reaches within a 100m radius. Depending on the type of controller, data-saving, and radio transmission are available on some products. These functions are TMT’s specialized technologies.

Axle Load Scale (portable truck scale)
With the potable axle load scale of TMT Engineering, you can exactly measure the weight of a whole vehicle without restriction of the number of axles. The existing embedded- type products have certain restrictions in terms of installation cost and location.
But this portable-type axle load scale can be easily installed anywhere and used without restriction of location. Weighing in-motion is available, including weighing without motion.

Crane Scale
TMT Engineering’s crane scale provides you with an optional weighing solution, suitable for diverse industrial sites in application of a swivel hook with higher safety, solid design and high-end specification.
With the differentiated wireless network technology of the company mounted, wireless interlocking with the peripheral is also available.
Incorrect weighing due to visibility restriction can be prevented during work in higher locations, or for weighing large-sized cargo.


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Industrial Sensors & Indicators

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1912M10] Since starting its business in 1998, Sensor System Technology (Sensys) has been growing as a steadily special company for pressure sensors.
Sensys is renowned as a leading company of Korea, faithful to its mission to provide superior pressure sensors, level sensors, temperature sensors, and digital indicators to various industries. Sensys strives to make its customers happy and is committed to continuing its efforts toward research and development.

The SMA(EX) model features an explosion-proof (Ex nAnC IIC T6) structure, and the diaphragm is made of STS316L which can be used for fluids. It has a microprocessor built-in and LED display and analog output (1~5, 0~5, 0~10VDC) and 2-CH. It is a compact product with integrated pressure sensor, indicator and switch.

The SIG model feadtures explosion-proof (Ex d IIC T6) and water-proof (IP67) is idle for a danger area and at the place is required to be waterproofed. With 4-1/2 digit backlight LCD, it can not only display up to ±19999 but also is visible in a dark place. Such functions as analog output, relay output and RS-485 communication, pressure unit convertor and scale adjustment can be utilized with a variety of controllers.

PCA is designed for high-precision measurement and consists of a ceramic pressure cell. PCA is made of PTFE, the component material that can be used against corrosion and it has no inner seal part. These specifications are corrosion proof and apply to various control equipment.

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Milling Tools

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1912M09] Established in 1992, MEGA PLUS DONGJIN CO., LTD. strives to meet the demands of its customers in the design, development and production of solid carbide tools.
The company is confident that its products are recognized for No. 1 quality in Korea for high speed and high hardened machining.” This reputation has been achieved through its long experience with job shop machining and technology development since the year of 1992.
The company’s products are being supplied to major automobile components machining companies, and precision die and mold machining for automobile, semiconductor, mobile phones and PCB base plates. And it recently started focusing on dental milling tools in order to satisfy the requirements of its customers since 2011.
Its products are supplied to over 30 companies that can be compatible with their CAD/CAM machines.
The company will strive for even higher quality and technology for its products to meet customers’ demands, and will pursue globalization with the superior quality of its products.

It can be used in machining of mobile molds, electronics molds, semi-conductor parts, auto-parts. The tool life is so long that unattended automation is possible.

As designed by left hand flute, chip will be evacuated to front side and the product can do a guide during the process.
So it is excellent in straightness, tolerance and surface roughness. It is suitable for guide hole machining of mobile molds, electronics molds and auto-parts molds.

It can make holes without a centering process. And by making short chips, it can be used for deep hole-making with high speed and long tool life.

CAD/CAM Dental Milling Tools
The company has been striving to meet the requirements of its customers since 2011. Its products are supplied for over 30 companies that can be compatible with their CAD/CAM machines.

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Push-in Fittings & PU Tubes & PU Spiral Hoses

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1912M08] KOREA PNEUMATIC CO., LTD. is one of the leading manufacturers of push-in fittings, polyurethane tubes, PU spiral hoses, nylon tubes and teflon tubes in Korea.
Korea Pneumatic’s advanced production equipment and long experienced professional engineers provide powerful support for the high quality of the products and its KPC brand products have been widely recognized by many customers and achieved a high reputation in the global markets.
Korea Pneumatic is looking for reliable wholesalers, faithful overseas agents, and exclusive distributor in the field of the pneumatic industry.

Push-in Fittings
The company’s push-in fittings are easy to fit into pneumatic tube with only one touch. Tubes and joints are completely joined by inserting the tube and they are also easily separated by pressing down on the sleeve without any tools.

PU Tubes
The company’s PU tube is appropriate to multiple purposes of piping for air, water, and chemical.
This has properties of superior anti-pressure, anti-vibration, anti-rust, anti-heat, and anti-chemical.
This product’s light weight and softness enable to increase the productivity of piping works.

PU Spiral Hoses
The company’s PU spiral hose has light weight, which makes piping works easier. Superior mechanical particularity is ensured and its anti-impact is also superior. This product is for industrial robot and air compressive tools.

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Industrial Power Transmission Components

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1912M07] KOREA COUPLING CO., LTD. was founded in 1992 and is a specialized industrial power transmission components manufacturer. It has been supplying high-quality, innovative, and valued products to various industries such as mining, paper, food, and marine industries, chemical, steel and cement mills.
It has developed innovative production process which is based on the automation system. All production quality control is managed under ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification. RoHS is certified for environmental and acquired DNV-GL certification for marine industries.

Steel Flex Rigid Production Lines
Steel flex rigid production lines are compact size of shaft-to-shaft couplings that can handle high torque and speed capacity. They are able to deflect torsionally when subjected to normal shock or vibratory loads, so they are able to handle changing load conditions and free to rock, pivot, and float.
These coupling types accommodate angular misalignment, but do not accommodate parallel displacement of shaft.

Elastomeric Production Lines
Elastomeric production lines are advanced, and innovative material selection allows for a higher capacity of torque and speed. Moreover, they are non-lubricated so lack of the need for lubrication lowers recurrent maintenance costs, material-flexing couplings constructed of a specially formulated material designed for maximum durability, strength and fatigue resistance.
The flexible elastomeric products provide excellent shock-absorbing properties that reduce vibration and tensional oscillation. By isolating vibrations between machines and motors, workplace noise emissions are considerably reduced, greatly improving the workplace environment. In addition to mechanical isolation, the products ensure perfect electrical isolation between shafts, removing an important cause of bearing failure.

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Stainless Steel Profile Wire and Bronze & Brass Casting

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1912M06] Since it was established in 2007 in Ilsan (close to Seoul, and Incheon International Airport), JM STEEL Co., Ltd. has been achieved the enormous growth by its constant effort during this relatively not very long period.
JM STEEL is specialized specifically in billet, slab, ingot and wire rod as raw material and also in wire and wire rope, spring, screw shaft and mesh.
Now, JM STEEL is expanding its business also to the field of other consumption goods that are produced by subsidiary companies which JM STEEL supplies with the source material.
With this circle, JM STEEL assures the quality due to the reliable material and manufacturing progress.

Stainless Steel Profile Wire
It has highly corrosive resistant, good ductility, long lasting and good tensile strength, minimizes maintenance cost. Besides, to meet the specific requirement of various industrial sectors, they can be manufactured in different shapes such as flat, rectangle, oval, triangle, tear drop, diamond, hexagonal, half round, etc.
In addition, these stainless steel profile wires are also available in annealed condition, ensuring that they are hard or ductile as per the specific requirements.

Bronze & Brass Casting
With superior corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, hardness and electrical conductivity, it is used as parts for worm gears, bearings, bushings, sleeves, hydraulic cylinders, rollers for paper manufacturing, general machines and motors. It is possible to work with sizes requested by customers.
JM STEEL’s products are high quality and have competitive pricing. JM STEEL can manufacture various kinds of products in small quantities. That’s why it’s possible to make custom orders.
All of its products are used for auto, machinery-related parts, construction equipment parts, building materials parts, electronic equipment parts, medical equipment parts and household goods.

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Hydraulic Accessories

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1912M05] FLOWFORCE is one of the global-leading companies in the field of hydraulic accessories that produces accumulators, air-oil coolers and water-oil coolers. The applications are in the fields of industrial machinery, steel & machine tools, special purposed vehicles, mining & agricultural machinery, shipbuilding & offshore and renewable energy applications.
The core business objectives and philosophy of FLOWFORCE is to promote customers’ value and increase their profits by providing high-quality products and technical service in accordance with the industry specific requirements of markets.

FLOWFORCE’s accumulator makes use of the difference in the compressibility of N2 gas and a liquid (hydraulic fluid). It is good to be used for hydraulic systems, hydraulic equipment, and other machinery that utilizes fluids can enable the accumulation of pressure.
The main functions are storing energy under pressure, dampening pump pulsation & flow fluctuations, absorbing hydraulic shock and improving system efficiency.

Air Oil Coolers
It is key to prevent unnecessary losses through maintaining the ideal temperature. Selection of insufficient heat exchange coolers and improper operation management of oil raises a risk of excessive energy consumption and operating maintenance costs.
The main applications are industrial hydraulic systems, heat recovery, lubrication systems, factory automation, gear boxes, hydraulic winches, construction machinery, wind power and renewable energy applications.

Water Oil Coolers
As a global market leader, this tube bundle type of oil cooler that FLOWFORCE designed is for the purpose of high cooling-capacity and differentiated design-concepts compared with traditional coolers.
This new type of FST series is also suitable for industrial, seawater and special fluids with high temperature and pressure in any certain conditions that enhance your system in terms of cooling performance by managing your system oil and lifecycle.

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Hydraulic Chuck

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1912M04] Hydraulic chucks are ideal tool holders for machining processes that require high accuracy such as drills, reamers, ball mills, end mills, diamond reamers and grinding tools. With a wide variety of tool diameters and projections to fit any application, they are also available for simultaneous fit systems and all other major interfaces. Hydraulic chucks are the perfect tool holder for high precision machining in automotive, aerospace, medical, and die & mold.

Shrink Fit Chuck
Shrink fit chuck is commonly used for roughing and finishing and it handles even hard work with strong torque and shows high efficiency. Also, it has quickly changing tools from easier dismantling.
Shrink fit chuck is an excellent tool for fast processing, so it can holds the balance even in 25,000 RPM.
Even in this condition, its progress result’s error range is under 0.003mm.
Shrink fit chuck is shaped 3-degrees taper, so it reduces the heating and cooling times for the above tasks.

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Cutting Tools

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1912M03] DYC CO., LTD. is a cutting tools manufacturer from Korea. DYC manufactures both HSS (High Speed Steel) and carbide cutting tools.
DYC manufactures many kinds of end mills, drills, countersinks, counterbores, cutters, reamers, deburring tools, aerospace cutting tools, and so forth.
DYC also manufactures customized special cutting tools for client’s needs. DYC has two patents in the cutting tool field.
DYC’s products are very good quality products because DYC has been producing cutting tools using top-quality raw materials.
Also DYC has been using many good CNC machines such as Saacke (Germany), ANCA (Australia), TTB (Switzerland), STRAUSAK (Switzerland) to produce the best cutting tools.
DYC has a laboratory for tool development and QC department for quality control. DYC exports tools to Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, India, etc.
DYC ensures good quality and offers competitive prices.

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ANH Structure Co., Ltd. is emerging as a new leader in aviation, automotive, shipbuilding and general machinery industry

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryDelivering design solutions for high-level structures’ design analysis

Located in Jinju Innovation City, the political, economic, and industrial hub of the western part of South Gyeonsang Province, ANH Structure has become a promising company in Korea by providing outstanding solutions in design, analysis, tests, and product development based on core engineering technologies in the heavy industry sector. The following is an interview with the CEO of ANH Structure.

Please introduce your company briefly

[INQ. NO. 1912M47] ANH Structure Co., Ltd. is located in Jinju, the Innovation City of South Gyeongsang Province designated by the Korean government. Founded in 2013, the company now has about 160 researchers, including Ph.D. degree holders.
ANH Structure provides excellent solutions in design, analysis, testing and product development based on core engineering technologies in the aerospace, automotive shipbuilding, offshore plant and other heavy industries.
ANH Structure’s business areas are structural design & analysis by the ANH Design Center, aircraft parts manufacturing by the ANH Manufacturing Center, tests and evaluations by the ANH Test Center, electronic control systems by the ANH System Development Center, unmanned aerial vehicles by the ANH UAV Center, airplane repair and maintenance by the ANH Repair Center. These centers offer total engineering services.

Would you tell us about your flagship products?

ANH Structure provides design solutions to analyze structures and design with its rich know-how accumulated through domestic and international projects in the aviation, automobile, shipbuilding and general machinery sectors. The main projects include the design of the A350-900 and 1000’s wing ribs and the KF-X’s FWD/MID/AFT fuselages, the KSLV-ll’s composite propulsion tank. Besides, ANH Structure is engaging in various development projects such as the development of special mission equipment for drones and multi-copters for disasters and social security and composite lightweight economy-class seats for large civil aircraft.

What is the status of your company’s exports?

To date, our company has not exported our products yet. But ANH Structure has been developing the automatic Tungsten InertGas (TIG) Welding System and Process since 2016 to secure technology to manufacture parts for the A320SL TIPCAP aircraft.
ANH Structure acquired the National Aerospace & Defense Contractor Accreditation Program (NADCAP) for the first time in the world in the field of automatic TIG welding in order to supply parts for the A320SL TIPCAP aircraft and registered as a partner of Airbus and Korean Air.
Moreover, ANH Structure is discussing cooperation with Haeco, an aircraft interior specialist, and Safran, an aviation engine and security solution provider, through the development of composite lightweight economy-class seats for large civil aircrafts.

Is there anything you want to say to foreign buyers?

ANH Structure is currently preparing to take off to grow into a comprehensive system company that can design, manufacture and test products and provide after-sales services in the aircraft sector.

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