City Exploration to the heart of Seoul, Jongno

Jongno 3(sam)-ga, Seoul ranked third in “The 49 coolest neighbourhoods in the world” for 2021, selected by the English travel magazine Time Out. What charms does this place, which draws the world’s attention and attracts an entire generation, hold? Jongno is the heart of Seoul, where Korea’s past and present, seniors and juniors, and retro and refined styles coexist.
Today, we’d like to explore the charming area of Jongno 3(sam)-ga!

Gwangjang Market, a Traditional Korean Market
Located in Yeji-dong, Jongno-gu, Gwangjang Market demonstrates the energetic daily lifestyle of Koreans. As Korea’s first permanent market with about 100 years of tradition, it houses numerous textile wholesalers and retailers of hanbok (traditional Korean clothes) material, curtains, and bedding. It has recently become more famous for its unique food street serving small gimbap, mung bean pancakes, and beef tartare. The savory aroma of food draws passersby into the market.

Taste of Korea at Gwangjang Market
When entering Gwangjang Market, you will easily find beef tartare restaurants. We highly recommend trying the “chopped live octopus and beef tartare” dish, a combination of beef tartare and finely chopped live octopus. This delicacy is characterized by the savory taste of egg yolk mingling with the soft beef tartare and chewy octopus. The dish’s Korean name, nakji tangtangi, originates from the sound of chopping (tangtang) octopus (nakji) with a knife.
Kkoma gimbap, highlighted in Time Out, is also known as mayak gimbap, literally meaning “drug gimbap,” because once you taste these addictive rolls with the mustard dipping sauce, you’ll never want to stop eating them. In addition, japchae, a combination of various vegetables, meat, and glass noodles, is a festive dish usually eaten on special occasions because of its complex and time-consuming cooking process. However, this delicious dish is readily available in Gwangjang Market for a reasonable price.
We also recommend mung bean pancakes (bindaetteok) and griddlecake with sugar filling (hotteok). While the griddle cake filled with sugar and nuts is a sweet dessert-like snack, the mung bean pancake, made with mung bean dough, green bean sprouts, and pork, is perfect for hungry tourists and best enjoyed with drinks. The latter has a long tradition and is the most popular food at Gwangjang Market.

Attractive Walking Spots along Seosulla-gil
Once you’ve appeased your hunger in Gwangjang Market, let’s discover more of Jongno’s hidden charms while digesting another delicacy! Seosulla-gil, the western stone wall road surrounding Jongmyo Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a beautiful walking spot with a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. Behind the stone wall, a large old tree’s verdant branches offer a shady resting spot in the summer and become tinged with autumn colors in the fall. While walking along the 800-meter-long road and observing the stunning scenery, you will pass by traditional crafts workshops, jewelry multishops, cafés, pubs, and other interesting shops where you can stop and rest at your leisure.

Strolling along K-Crafts Street
Do you know that the citizen identification tags and ornamental hairpins that appeared in Netflix’s popular K-zombie series “Kingdom (2019)” were made in a traditional handicraft workshop in Seosulla-gil? Also known as a K-crafts street, Seosulla-gil is home to many similar shops. We’d like to introduce you to Space 42, where you’ll find diverse jewelry crafts. This cultural complex offers various products from rising Korean jewelry designers. Its first floor has a jewelry multishop, while the second floor houses a lounge and experience booth where visitors can try their hand at making jewelry.

Enjoying Food and Drinks in Hanok
If you want to take a break from walking around Seosulla-gil, we advise you to visit Café Sasa for a delicious coffee or Seoul Gypsy for an alcoholic drink. Café Sasa, designed like a hanok, was featured in Time Out for its savory mugwort latte. In addition, the Seoul Gypsy, a remodeled 1950s hanok decorated in a unique pub style, boasts experimental microbrews and exotic dishes, including Vietnamese chicken and Thai salad.

Getting a Sense of Traditional Culture
The Seosulla-gil walking tour’s last course lets you discover the beauty of Korean traditions. Korea Saekdong Museum, featuring a traditional hanok-style and modern interior, displays Korea’s old clothing culture. The Korean word saekdong means “clothes with multicolored stripes.” The museum exhibits traditional wedding clothes and children’s clothes for celebrating their first anniversaries made of these colorful, striped clothes. In addition, you can purchase various modern accessories, such as mugs and pouches, made with the colorful stripe design in the museum shop.

Major Gourmand Alleys of the Newtro Culture
Jongno is home to numerous food streets, ranging from old restaurants in Meat Alley and Pocha Street to Ikseon-dong Café Street, which incited Korea’s newtro craze. Let’s explore these gourmand alleys that attract people of all ages, from seniors to hipsters!

Meat Alley Packed with Well-Established Restaurants
Many long-standing pork restaurants serving grilled pork belly and pork skirt are situated along Meat Alley, next to Jongno 3(sam)-ga Station, Exit 6. These old restaurants each have their specialties, and Tongdwaeji Jip, known for its huge cauldron lid–grilled pork belly, is no exception. Grilled pork belly, considered Korean soul food, has become a popular dish among foreigners and is listed in the Oxford English Dictionary. You can enjoy pork belly and kimchi grilled over a hot cauldron lid and wrap them in lettuce or perilla leaf. If you want to properly appreciate trendy Korean food culture, we recommend that you end your meal with fried rice made with kimchi and cheese.

Delicious Dessert in Ikseon-dong
Ikseon-dong Café Street is a popular place among the youth to find exciting desserts. The hanok café “Cheong Su Dang” is known for its delicious desserts, such as soufflé castella, which is made upon order, black sesame cake, and pour-over coffee made from millstoneground coffee. This café is also a famous photo spot thanks to its interior design. Its entrance is embellished with a bamboo lamp and stepping-stones, emphasizing Asian beauty, while its nature-friendly interior is decorated with moss and rocks.

Food Stalls at Night
If you walk toward Nagwon Arcade from Exit 3 of Jongno 3(sam)-ga Station on Subway Line 5, you will find food stalls lining the roadside. In Pocha Street, you can try Koreans’ favorite snacks, such as mussel soup, grilled chicken feet, grilled sea eel, and green onion pancakes, served with alcoholic drinks on a street table. Along with Gogi Alley, Pocha Street also came highly recommended in Time Out. If you want to experience Korean night culture, this is the perfect place to end your Jongno travels. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Trade of Goods between Korea and USA Soars to 169.1 Billion Dollars in 2021

Marking the 10th anniversary of the signing of the FTA between the two nations

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Korea-U.S. FTA. Trade of Goods agreement in 2011 before the ratification of the bilateral FTA, which stood at US$100.8 billion, and then soared to US$169.1 billion in 2021. This shows a 67.8% increase in trade within a decade.
For the United States, Korea accounted for 9.3% of trade of goods in 2011 before the ratification of the Korea-U.S. FTA. This figure rose to 13.4% in 2021, making Korea the second-largest trading partner for the Unites States. Korea’s exports to the United States were led by automobiles, automobile parts, petroleum products, secondary cells, refrigerators and synthetic resins, resulting in US$11.6 billion worth of trade surplus for Korea before the ratification of the bilateral FTA, increasing to US$ 22.7 billion in 2021.

Korea attracts the largest size of foreign direct investment (FDI) from the United States, and at the same time, the United States is the largest investment destination for Korean companies. After the ratification of the bilateral FTA, 22.3% of FDI to Korea came from the United States and a whopping 25.2% of Korea overseas investment went to the United States. Korea’s investments in the United States dramatically increased with a bulk of investment directed to the battery, semiconductor and e-vehicle sectors, which contributed to expanding production facilities in the United States and job creation. This also proved to be an opportunity for Korea, as Korean enterprises were able to expand their markets.
The Korea-U.S. FTA as a main contributor to strengthening cooperation in the supply- chain sector between the two countries deserves to be stressed.
Taking the semiconductor industry as an example, the two countries were able to establish a strong valuechain based on each other’s respective strengths. The United States, with its excellence in semiconductor designing on top of a foundation of a stable source of investment, and Korea, with its strengths in the manufacturing sector, established a strong value chain. A similar example can be witnessed in the battery industry sector.

Korean battery production companies and the American automobile companies are engaged in joint investments. This resulted in establishing mutually beneficial cooperative relations between Korea and the United States. It enabled Korean companies to gain a competitive edge compared to other rival countries by securing large-scale clients in advance and allowed American automobile companies to secure a stable source of battery supply.
Aside from these examples, bilateral cooperation based on the contract manufacturing organization (CMO) of medicine and medical supplies amid the Covid pandemic developed into a vaccine alliance, which is seen as another example of solidifying the supply chain.
The report released by the Korea Institute for International Trade (KITA) says, “Based on a stronger cooperative economic partnership with the signing of the Korea-U.S. FTA and expanded trade and investment, Korea rose to become a core partner in terms of supply chain for the United States.” It also added, “A strengthened cooperation in the supply chain sector between Korea and the United States is becoming ever more apparent, especially in core industry sectors, including the semiconductor, battery and pharmaceutical product sectors. The reorganization of supply chain based on mutual trust is gaining greater attention as the two countries experienced a series of supply chain crises triggered by the confrontation between the USA and China and the Covid pandemic.”
Yu-jin Lee, the head researcher at KITA, forecasted, “Future trade agreements will go beyond allowing greater access to each other’s markets and will focus on solidifying alliance from the perspective of economic security.” The researcher also said, “The United States is recently stressing solidarity with its allies and partners as the United States proposes the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF). Korea should thus consider ways on how it can utilize the cooperative relationship between Korea and the United States made possible by the FTA between the two countries, and link it with discussions on new regional economic security alliance.” <Source: KITA> | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machines

[INQ. NO. 2205M21] In 1984, Komas Co., Ltd. launched its business specializing in industrial packaging peripheral and later, became the first and best manufacturer of industrial thermoforming vacuum packaging machine in KOREA.
SANVAC® is the manifestation of their principle, “Our machines for reliable and durable performance”. The 2003 prototype is operating still and it will continue its operation in the coming years.
Its dependability comes from pragmatic design, strong frame of qualified stainless steel from POSCO, high-end partial parts inside and assembly by skillful technicians.
Quality has already been verified for decades in KOREA

Over the years, Komas has been growing up with representative food-processors from Korea like CJ Cheiljedang, Dongwon F&B, Hansung Enterprise, Harim, Sajo Daerim, etc. Re-orders are increasing from their experience and confi dence.
SANVAC® is more than the ordinary in performance, durability and optional functions Komas customizes the machine in terms of size, functional option and capacity according to buyer’s requirements. For example, buyers can designate one mode between ‘flexible packaging’ and ‘rigid packaging’ on the biggest model. ‘Rigid packaging’, here, refers to instant thermoforming mechanism without premade trays, capable of 1000 micron of PET or PP film.

It can also customize MAP (Modifi ed Atmosphere Packaging) and/or Liquid Packaging system on both types of packaging.
Komas has developed its own labeling machine and liquid-filling machine. It will offer you a one-stop solution of packaging, liquid-filling and labeling. Buyers are free from compatibility or warranty issues which may arise among diff erent manufacturers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Scaffolding Products

[INQ. NO. 2205M20] Hochun Industrial Co., Ltd. has been active in the domestic and international scaffolding markets since its establishment in 1993.
Hochun produces customized scaffoldings for many countries including those in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. And its superiority in quality of its products has been widely recognized.

Frame, one of the main products of Hochun, is a steel structure that is used in many construction fi elds. It is used frequently due to the ease of assembly and utilization.
Hochun makes many kinds of frames. But generally, the Drop Lock and Snap On types are the most popular in many fields. In making frames, the company complies with international standards. Especially, its QC focuses on precision and care, material contents, welding parts, and surface treatment, etc.

This is a useful scaff olding item for building construction. Ringlock consists of three main components: Standard (Vertical); Ledger (Horizontal); and Brace (Diagonal). The advantage of ringlock is that it is easy to assemble and disassemble, and above all, it also has high fl exibility to lock using pins in different angles. Accordingly, this system is useful in many construction areas: building construction, shipbuilding, and energy plants, etc.

Screw Jack
Hochun is proud of its screw jack, widely used in the scaffolding area. When you install some scaffold structure, screw jack acts as a sturdy pedestal. The nut of Screw Jack controls the height of the structure.
The company’s screw jack has high quality, so it has received KCS certification for its screw jack every year. This KCS certification is issued by a Korean government agency, KOSHA.
In addition to these items, the company handles many kinds of scaffolding items; coupling pin, cross brace, guard rail, aluminum plank, coupler, bridge leg (side walk), multi prop and rolling tower, etc.
For customers’ needs, specialized staffs in the company ensure checking of important features of the items during the manufacturing process, including durability, tensile strength, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Commercial Dishwashers

[INQ. NO. 2205M19] PRIME’s dishwasher basically guarantees energy-saving and powerful washing. PRIME provides optimized products for customers to efficiently use them.
By using highly efficient heat-exchanging technology, its products minimize the consumption of electricity needed to heat up dishwashing water or to dry wet dishes. Thanks to highly efficient pump motors and specially manufactured high-pressure washing nozzles, its products have increased washing power by 30% compared with other existing ones while consuming less electricity.

It is all possible to manufacture and install various lines of dishwashers including hood-type dishwashers, undercounter dishwashers (glass washers), rack-conveyor-type dishwashers and flight conveyor dishwashers into a number of forms and combinations customized to users’ kitchen conditions.
As all dishwashers produced by PRIME are powered on by the simple operation of switches, anyone can use any of its products easily and simply.
PRIME is a professional company that provides customers with convenience and perfect washing based on experience built up over many years, and new technologies.
The company off ers a wide range of options meeting the needs of customers through various types of product models used for narrow kitchens of small-sized restaurants, medium & large-sized restaurants, premium restaurants, schools, hospitals, industries, hotels, resorts, franchised restaurants, amusement parts, officetels, military camps, public organizations, cafeterias, and so forth.
As a leader in advancing kitchen environment, PRIME is focusing on researching technologies and developing products in various ways so as customers can experience its creative innovations. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Mineral Applied Steel Tiles

[INQ. NO. 2205M18] FEROOF Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in steel tile manufacturing and managed by a 2nd-generation roof tile artisan who has worked as a roof tile layer since 1970.
The company’s overseas exports that started from 2003, have been growing constantly, and now its products are exported to over 20 countries worldwide including the USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and countries in Europe.
FEROOF’s main products are mineral (Italian basalt: rock dust) applied steel tiles. As stone particles are applied to the exposed surface of FeRoof’s steel tile, the tile is nature-friendly roof material.

Moreover, it lasts longer and the installation is simpler. It is a high-quality product based on long history, knowhow, and craftsmanship for the manufacturing of stone particles applied steel tile, gaining credibility all over the world, satisfying the needs of the global market with differentiated designs, colors, and materials, and leading new markets.
The product comprises eight layers of coating and adhesion. This adhesive ability is the feature that can enhance the life and the reputation of the product.
Advantages compared to other products given its surface area and roof covering area, it is considerably light and the handling and the construction is easy. Because the product is semi-permanent with mineral application, the durability is so excellent that it is very economical without a/s or repair work. This is a recyclable, eco-friendly product. Also, it is an incombustible product that can prevent damage from fi re or smoke.
The product demonstrates superior performance against natural disasters, such as hail, gales, and earthquakes. It also shows excellent performance against the sound of rain, vibration, and heat in summer season. Because it is a metal, there is no water infi ltration. There is also no need to worry about corrosion, as the company uses POSCO’s (the nation’s leading steel manufacturer) global standard products.
Because it consists of products highlighting fine view and natural beauty, you can select more broadly among various shapes and colors for harmonization with nature.
Various types of steel tiles include RIO, DIVA, ZiSSEN, WOOD, VENETO, SLATE, and SLATE PLUS, and various accessories are available to add to these steel tiles. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

WiFi Filter

[INQ. NO. 2205M17] WIDU’s WiFi Filter is short for Wide Fiber Filter, which is “pull/rotation fiber filtering equipment” used to improve the water quality of purification facilities, sewage treatment plants, wastewater plants and re-circulated fi lteration facilities by utilizing the fiber filter media with activated carbon added inside the strainer.
To get the equipment started, the fi ber fi lter media inside the strainer is pulled up and rotated, to control the pores and subsequent fi ltration, and then the backwash processes are repeated automatically.

When proceeding with filtration, the fiber filter media is compressed to shrink the size of the pores in a way of filtering out the suspended solids in the raw water. When reaching the set pressure and time, the backwash is started to wash out the suspended solids that are attached to the fi ber filter media by using backwash water and air.
The use of the fiber filer media that is embedded with activated carbon is also able to remove simple suspended solids and improve not only turbidity, but also some colors.
Depending on the changes in the filling rate of the filter media and thickness of the fiber, the efficiency of the filtration and backwash can be enhanced.
As the backwash air chamber is placed inside the strainer, it is possible to blow the backwash air out evenly.
When proceeding with the backwashing process, the backwash air from the bottom of the fiber filter media is evenly emitted, resulting in enhancing the efficiency of the backwashing process.
By adding variety to the pores of the fi lter media through compression and relaxation processes when doing the filtration and backwash, the efficiency of the filtration and backwash is outstanding.
The filtering equipment can be manufactured in both compression and gravity types.

The filtering equipment is excellent in terms of performance and it is simple to do the backwash with only a small amount of backwash water needed. In addition, the filling rate of the fiber filter media can be adjusted and the fi lter media can be manufactured and replaced with ease.
Thanks to the simple internal structure, the equipment is easy to maintain and is effective in reducing costs as it needs only a minimum area for its installation. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger

INQ. NO. 2205M16] LHE’s plate heat exchanger consists of heat transfer plates for exchanging heat, gaskets that seal the fl uid fi xed and movable covers, fluid inlet & outlet port nozzles, carrying & guiding bars and tightening bolts.
The key element of the plate heat exchanger is a hydraulically-pressed metal plate with a thin rectangular plate, gasketed at the edges.
Several heat plates are overlapped to form a single pack and bolted between the fixed and movable covers. The gasket installed on the heat plate prevents the mixture of the two fluids and leaks out of the plate pack to the surroundings.

Each pair of adjacent heat transfer plates forms a channel and hot fl uid and cold fl uid fl ow within that channel. While two fl uids pass through the channel hot fl uid transfer some of its heat energy to cold fl uid in the other channel through the thin plate. As a result, it reduces the temperature of the hot fl uid and increases the temperature of the cold fluid.
LHEBloc’s main component is the plate pack, panels, panel gaskets, upper & lower heads, columns and support.
LHEBloc is manufactured by inserting a welded plate pack into a rigid rectangular frame secured with bolts and has the advantage of providing a large heating area even in a very small space. The frame ensures mechanical strength while also insolating the fl ow paths of the two fluids.

If necessary, each flow path is fitted with a welded or detachable baffle. Four side carbon steel panels with nozzles attached have pipe connections and the panels can be lined with the same material as the heat plate. The plate, baffle and panel liner are made of stainless steel, titanium, etc. A pair of heat plates is welded along both ends.
The spiral heat exchanger is made of two concentric channels in which spacer pins are welded to create the gap of the channel. In order to meet the customer’s requirements and operating conditions, channel spacing and channel width are determined, and the overall flow rate allowable pressure drops, and the particles contained in the fl uid are considered. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Hydraulic Parts

[INQ. NO. 2205M15] ALFA TECH Co., Ltd. specializes in hydraulic parts for earthmoving equipment. Its headquarters are located in Seoul and it mainly supplies hydraulic parts to equipment manufacturers and the after service market. ALFA TECH has grown significantly over the years and continues to improve and expand.
ALFA TECH has been a reliable and professional supplier to Doosan, Hyundai & Volvo for a long time. Currently it supplies parts for not only equipment produced in Korea, but also for international companies such as Hitachi, Komatsu, Caterpillar, JCB, Kobelco, Liebherr, etc.

In 2019, ALFA TECH successfully launched its own brand ‘MOTROS’ in order to trade its hydraulic technology in the international market. Motros is a composite word for ‘Motion + Control + System’. In other words, motros covers the entire hydraulics system that controls machines by hydraulics.
Its parts are widely used in various industries such as earthmoving equipment, vessels, industrial equipment, agricultural machines, etc. The company believes that these hydraulic parts produced under the name of Motros can make your machines and life work more efficiently.
Its manufactured main products are fi nal drives, slewing motors, reduction gears, & main pumps. They are presented as below:

Final Drive
ALFA TECH’s final drive is compact with integrated reduction gear and multi-functioning valves. Advanced technology reduces power loss and ensures smooth start & stop. Also, the company has improved its overall mechanical efficiency for the best operation. It is now growing in popularity as the best OEM final drive in the world.

Slewing Motor
ALFA TECH’s slewing motors are fixed displacement axial piston motors for slewing applications. Integrated reduction gears and multi functioning valves can absorb pressure and shocks when the motor stops. This high technology ensures the machine works with high performance.

Main Pump
ALFA TECH’s main pump is designed to satisfy the marine, mobile and industrial markets where a medium/high pressure variable displacement pump is required. The company’s main pump has been selected as an OEM pump for world machinery proven for its high quality.

Reduction Gears
High-quality reduction gears can improve motor’s performance. ALFA TECH’s reduction gears guarantee precise operation and full performance of machines. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Restaurant Equipment

[INQ. NO. 2205M14] Shin Starr Presents, a pioneer in restaurant equipment design, uses technology and artificial intelligence to prepare high-quality, gourmet food at lower costs and with increased consistency. Its autonomous kitchen technology assists in the preparation of authentic Korean recipes.
SPACE+ Technology™ is a spatial technology platform created by Shin Starr Presents. It improves the cooking process, food quality, and preparation effi ciency. SPACE+ uses its proprietary robotic and network technologies to create a fl awless autonomous kitchen and food preparation system.
The AutoWok can prepare a wide variety of menu items, including stir-fry, soups, and sauces. The AutoWok powers its ‘Cook-en-Route’ success. Since AutoWok’s launch in August 2020, company’s customers have greatly benefited from its advanced design and cooking features.

Notable highlights of the AutoWok include preprogrammable menus and cook settings, high efficiency induction heating system, auto-serving, and auto-cleaning features. Later this year, company plan to release its first mobility optimized SPACE+ cooking technology, the AutoWok 2.0, which will become the cornerstone for Shin Starr Presents’ Autonomous Mobile Kitchen. Shin Starr Presents is building the world’s first autonomous cook-enroute Korean BBQ and fried chicken truck powered by Space+ Technology™.
Gongdori Kitchen™, its first commercial restaurant brand, launched in the Gangnam district in Seoul, Korea, in Aug 2020. This location not only operates as a restaurant but also an antenna shop where the company’s proprietary autonomous kitchen technologies and food (menus) are tested and validated.
MintPig™, its second commercial restaurant brand, launched at the central business district of Omokgyo in Seoul, Korea, in May 2021. MintPig is a delivery and take-out focused QSR brand which serves Boonsik – Korean soul food. Boonsik consists of three menu categories including stir-fry, deep-fry, and steam which is generally prepared through simple and repetitive cooking processes. MintPig incorporates Shin Starr Presents’ AutoWok and AutoFryer (to be installed in 2022) which autonomously cooks a variety of Boonsik menu items both effi ciently and effortlessly.
Gongdori Kitchen™ KBBQ Truck & JustMade ChickTruck™ are two, app-connected cook-en-route food truck brands that cook Korean BBQ and Korean-style fried chicken respectively while en-route to your desired delivery location. The food trucks will require only a single driver who will be responsible to drive the truck according to the set destination much like your ride-sharing transportation services. Order allocation and all cooking processes are autonomously carried out by the mobility optimized SPACE+ kitchen system installed on the truck. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods