Various Types of Light Construction Equipment Machinery Co., Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing various kinds of light construction equipment in Republic of Korea, such as vibrating rollers, tamping rammers, plate compactors, power trowels, concrete vibrators, concrete & asphalt cutters, etc.
COPAZ is also available to manufacture new products according to drawings and samples with years of accumulated experience and technical capacity.
Products of COPAZ have been exported all over the world, to about 30 countries, gaining a good reputation and credibility from domestic and overseas companies for its technical know-how of 20 years. Its priority lies with quality and durability of products as it produces 80% of parts itself and major parts are imported from Japan and Italy, which is why the company is highly reliable and trustworthy.
In order to catch up with the development of the international market, it keeps on strengthening its competitiveness and quality management system. It also maintains good relationships with overseas buyers, with its focus on manufacturing and exporting products on the site.
Its manufacturing facility and offices are located in Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea.

Vibrating Roller, Compactor and Vibrator
Diesel engine type vibrating roller is a small-sized double drum walk-behind vibrating roller.
It is applied to compacting and maintaining various roads, expressway shoulders, sidewalks, parking areas, and sports field grass. It is especially suited for compaction of narrow areas, such as pipeline channels, drainage trenches, etc.
This machine has been designed to be highly versatile with minimum maintenance, fitting a wider range of utility-sized applications confronting contractors. Up to 90% of parts are made in Korea with Italian hydraulic piston pumps and motors, Japanese bearings & oil seals and German safety washers. Therefore, quality and durability of products are high, with one-year warranties offered on most products and even two-year warranties on some machines. A/S is readily available as well.
Parts of ready-made goods come only from previously confirmed companies, and engineers with more than 16 years of experience assemble each machine to minimize defect rate. Also, expendable parts are cheaper than other brands. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Auto Parts & Auto Lubricants in 1994, Paul Trading Corp. is a young company possessing strong potential and characteristics.
Centering on the company’s representative and president, Junhee Nam, its staffs are each placed in charge of different items and roles. Everyone at Paul Trading maintains an industrial mindset of “give priority to the customers” as the core of the enterprise. Therefore, a large majority of new customers continue with their deals, building relationships based on trust and confidence.

New & Used & Rebuilt Hyundai, Kia, Ssangyong Engines / Used Auto Parts
The company has operated its own auto junk yard named “Goodbyecar Recycling Corp.” (8,000m²) and so supplies new & used & rebuilt engines such as D4BB, D4BH, OM662, etc. from Hyundai, KIA, Ssangyoung and Daewoo, and keeps used parts in good working condition.

GS Kixx Lubricants
GS Kixx Lubricants are derived from flexible production of Group II and Group III base oils and provide premium quality for various needs of lubricants.
As parts of the effort to provide premium quality products, Kixx Lubricants built many state-of-the-art lubricants blending plants as well as introduced quality control systems such as ISO9001/14001, QS 9000 and ISO/TS 16949. GS lubricants are provided to the Korean government and various global companies including Volvo Equipment, Samsung Electronics, Hyundai & KIA Motors, LG Chemicals, POSCO, Hyundai Heavy industries, Doosan Infracore as OEMs. Kixx Lubricants are certified by MB (Daimler Chrysler),BMW, Siemens, Alstom, etc.

Kixx PAO1
This premium engine oil is made 100% from PAO with cutting edge technology.
Kixx PAO 1 is a premium performance, multi-grade motor oil formulated from selected synthetic base fluids and race proven additive technology. It can be used in passenger car engines and light truck gasoline engines and passenger car diesel engines under all operating conditions. It is optimized to provide complete engine protection plus ultimate performance.

Performance Standards
– 0W-30 : API SN/CF, ACEA A5/B5-12, C2-12
– 0W-40 : API SN/CF, ACEA C3-12,
BMW LL-04, MB 229.31/229.51, VW 502.00/505.00 Recommended | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Steel Pipes a Consistent Production System in the Automotive Industry
Since its foundation in 1976, JESCO Co., Ltd. has been responsible for providing one of the automotive industry’s axes to establish a consistent production system (slitter + Jo Hall (Hall) + cutting, etc.) with a sense of duty.
Currently, JESCO is recognized as a manufacturer of ERW small diameter pipes with high tensile strength and high Mn. Under the company’s motto, “Let’s become more accurate, more modest, and more honest,” JESCO has been striving to secure the best quality in local as well as overseas markets.
The company is now devoting itself to establishing a global infrastructure to provide clients with the best products such as refrigerant small diameter steel pipe (Φ 4.0 m/m) for electronics and aluminum header pipes for the automotive and electronic fields. The company wants to communicate with its customers for its development on the basis of challenge, innovation and creative mindset.

Producing Steel Pipes for Headrest, Steering Wheel, Gas Pipe, etc.
JESCO produces steel pipes that support headrests and seat frames in automobiles mainly, such as seat handles and power steering, along with airbags, fuel and gas pipes. The products meet the needs of its customers in various sizes of pipe production.
Based on computer-controlled systems, their minimum tolerance control is adjusted, according to customers’ requests. The company uses a nipple filter to minimize inner bead and warrants its products with two-colored thermometer based on high reliability for welding abilities.
Including low and high hardness, a wide range of production line is available. With constant tests using the Eddy-Current tester, quality criteria are continuously increasing along with maintenance management to produce high-quality products.
The company leads small diameter automotive pipe fields with its know-how and technical skills proven and demonstrated over 37 years in the market. Its R&D staffs comprise 10% of the workforce, while the company invests more than 2% of the annual turnover in research and development. The R&D team is involved in research planning, management, product design, mill tubing technology, reliability estimation, and verification. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Flexible Sprinkler Hose with Fittings Flex Co., Ltd. has been growing in the Korean industrial equipment industry such as building, firefighting, environmental (anti-noise and anti–vibration) equipment and plants based on steady efforts and customer trust, since the company was established in 1991.
The company has earned trust and gained good responses from customers at home and abroad by producing and selling excellent industrial equipment such as bellows, flexible joints, expansion joints, water hammers, sprinkler heads and hoses among others.
In particular, certification organizations and customers around the world recognize the quality of Youngjin Flex products as its flexible sprinkler hose set for firefighting received the UL, FM, LPCB, VdS, and CNBOP certifications, and the UL organization certified its sprinkler head. In 2018, the company is sharpening its competitiveness through continuous product development such as the FM certification of sprinkler hoses for clean rooms.
Flexible sprinkler hoses are materials for fire extinguishing equipment used for the early suppression of fire. It is an expansion joint pipe that connects firefighting pipes and sprinkler heads in sprinkler facilities. This product saves company labor and production costs. The product is so flexible that it comes in handy in the field. The material of the bellows is STS. The STS passed the test by the Korea Fire Institute and received the UL, FM, LPCB, VdS and CNBOP certificates. The product was developed based on Youngjin Flex’s R&D center’s 20 years of know-how, and features excellent performance.
Its design pressure is 14kg/cm2 (200 psi). STS304 is used for the tube material. The tube is 0.3mm thick. The tube can be 700, 1000, 1200, 1500 and 1800 mm long, depending on what customers order.
In March 2018, the hose for clean rooms received the FM certification. Customized sprinkler flexible hoses can be produced upon request in addition to standard ones. In addition to flexible hoses, the company also produces sprinkler heads. Its sprinkler heads include upright, pendent, sidewall, flush, dry pendent, and sight glass union types. Of these, the upright and pendent type passed the UL certification tests.
Youngjin Flex won a $10 million Export Tower Award by KITA (Korea International Trade Association) in December 2018, contributing to the nation’s accumulated growth of exports in the year.
Youngjin Flex is highly recognized not only for its excellent product quality, but also for its quick deliveries and customer satisfaction. The company is currently seeking long-term business partners. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Stainless and Plastic Pipe Couplings Pipe Repair Clamp Joints Metal Co., Ltd. has 31 years of experience in manufacturing stainless and plastic pipe coupling & pipe repair clamp joints. Its technical capacity in this field has been highly appraised by many clients, not only for its comprehensive applications, but also for saving expenses.
The YN-coupling joints, because of their great flexibility and economy, are steadily replacing the flanged pipe joints nowadays, from various industrial plants to vessels. These YN-coupling joints not only eliminate welding costs, but also prevent any linear expansion and deflection of pipes by welding repairs.

Grip Ring Coupling, Multi Flex Coupling and Repair Clamp Hinge
YoungNam-couplings are the easiest way to join and repair pipes of all materials. They require no special tools or pipe-end preparation. YN-Couplings come fully assembled and are ready to install. A torque wrench is the only tool required to do the job. YN-Couplings are used to join and repair any plain-end pipe or tube including steel, stainless steel, ductile iron, FRP, PVC, CPVC, C900, copper and CuNi piping.
YoungNam grip couplings join plain-end pipes with axial restraint. YoungNam grip coupling provide pull-out resistance in excess of the couplings rated working pressure. Whether for pressure or suction lines, thick or thin wall pipe, YoungNam grip couplings are installed quickly, safely and economically.
Due to the unique design of the teeth, anchoring effect is progressively increased as internal pressure increases. The engagement of the teeth into outside surfaces of the pipe provides for electrical conductivity across the pipe joint.
YoungNam repair hinge is a split in half coupling and open split version of Multi flex, offering all the YoungNam repair hinge benefits, plus being able to make repairs to service pipelines.
With YoungNam repair hinge coupling, leaks due to faulty weld joints, pitting holes and short cracks can be temporarily or permanently repaired with minimal down time. The split gasket design can be wrapped around the pipe and installed without pipe disassembly. When used to join pipe ends, YoungNam repair hinge coupling provides the same flexibility features as multi-flex design.
YoungNam repair hinge couplings require the pipes to be axially restrained. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial Bearings BEARING CO.,LTD. was established as a company specializing in production of auto parts and industrial bearings in March 1975.
Manufacturing of industrial special bearings requiring high technology has enabled this company to initiate a new start. This corporation especially focuses on making quality products through technical cooperation with sophisticated foreign companies with emphasis on the continuous development of required technologies and innovation of management.
This is accomplished through the integrated efforts of all the members of this company in order to expand into advanced technology fields of auto parts and special bearing industries.

Forklift Truck Bearings for Mast
The mast roller bearings are used in heavy duty and shock loading to the Guide Roller during the vertical movement.
And it is designed as a suitable structure for forklift Mast. A deep groove ball bearing made of special applications.
The load capacity is 0.5ton (1100 lb) ~ over 25ton (55,110 lb) for forklift mast.

Angular Contact Ball Bearings
Angular contact ball bearing is developed to be used in the travel device (driving motor), designed for crawler machines such as excavators, drilling machines, cranes etc. This bearing is characterized by its capacity of high load, moment, low rotating speed and oil lubrication.

Agricultural Machinery Bearings
Agricultural machinery bearings are used widely in light disk harrows, medium disk harrows and heavy duty disk harrows, diggers, press wheels of seeders, combines, etc. As the bearings are used in the earth, this requires very good seal. The company’s excellent triple lip seals make the bearing work freely, ST series bearing is incorporated one piece triple lip seal bearing and two o-ring and high strength zinc plated steel plate, one piece design make this unit convenient to be used and maintained, with good dynamic alignment, protecting the harrow from being damaged in bad conditions and extending its life. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Hydraulic Breakers in 2004, Ace Hammer Co., Ltd. developed its brand in the local market, and soon its products were mostly welcomed by overseas customers.
Despite its humble beginnings, when the company started to export its goods on an OEM basis, its reputation has slowly spread in the global market. Currently, Ace Hammer has enjoyable relationships with its valuable customers based on trust.
The company shares its interests with its customers, and it is ready to expand its business with new clients overseas.
Its vision is based on global performance in trust. And its strategies include optimized business structure, maximized competitiveness and reliable production system.

ACE Hydraulic Breaker
Ace Hammer manufactures various kinds of hydraulic breakers – top type, box (silenced) type, side type, backhoes loader type, and skid steer loaders type. The company also provides standard accessories for hydraulic breakers and other attachments, such as crushers, shear beam cutters, quick coupler pullings / pushing types, demolition grapples, compactors, shear straight cutters, etc. These products are characterized by their great strength such as superior power & efficiency, reliability, extended durability and simple application & easy maintenance.
As for superior power and efficiency, extended piston stroke power and positive alignment are some of the features along with maximized energy transfer to chisel efficiently. They come with long-life guarantees as the products are made with protected threads and multi-phase heat treatment. They are tested before shipment. Excavators are protected with excellent power to weight ratio, reduced vibration, unique suspension and minimized oil flow interruption.
They are manufactured with high-quality alloy steel for extended durability. Also, they come with precision welding breaker holder and wide diameter tool with dust protection lip shields debris. Simple valve design is for simple application and easy maintenance. Tool bushing is engineered for quick & easy replacement. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Permanent Magnet Double Exciter Control Synchronous Generator Co., Ltd., has been concentrating on production and R&D of rotary equipment since 1996. It strives to satisfy customers with optimal performance and quality by combining development of the design and production technology of the industrial generator and the technological prowess accumulated over the past 20 years.
The permanent magnet double exciter control synchronous generator produced by Suntech is mainly used as a prime or standby generator by public institutions and it is a generator capable of high-efficiency power transfer that can provide the excitation electricity of the excitation rotor to the main rotor of the main generator unit directly by cable (Patent No. 10-1531932).
The double-structure exciting current control applying the permanent magnet improves the efficiency of the generator.
Durability against the external factors is improved by separating the power line from the main output terminal. The electromagnetic force of the main field is generated by a permanent magnet to improve power-generation efficiency.
The main field output according to the fluctuating load is controlled by the exciter output to supply fast and stable voltage. By controlling the exciter output applying the permanent magnet through a cable, control stability and reliability are improved. High efficiency is maintained without a permanent magnet in the main rotor by optimization of a permanent magnet.
This generator is a prime/standby power source used independently for a long time, of which the electrical quality is clean. As its power loss is small due to high efficiency, this product has high fuel savings. Therefore, it is applied to the places requiring a lot of cost in power supply due to lack of electricity infrastructure, such as islands, refuges in the mountain, disaster areas, or new town construction sites to which the system of Korea Electric Power Corporation is not connected, or to the places operated on long-term basis for stable power supply, or to places that require temporary power backup.
By launching the product through R&D of the eco-friendly, high-efficiency generator for providing clean electricity to customers and saving energy in times of high oil prices, Suntech plans to advance into a first-class enterprise in the global market.
Suntech wants to provide the best quality products to the customers with a mindset that customer satisfaction is its top priority. It is investing in development of unrivaled technology and equipment required for generator production and aims to become a value-creating enterprise with ceaseless change and innovation. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Dies and Mold Bases Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 1987 as a joint venture between Silla Corporation (Korea 60%) and HIROTEC (Japan 40%). With its specialization in making dies and mold bases, the company is one of the best stamping tool (press die) manufacturers in Korea. Its global reputation has been established in the automotive industry as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of press and molding dies with refined machining technology developed over the past 33 years.
Its main business is manufacturing stamping tools for the automotive industry with many sales references for various global customers including Renault-Nissan, PSA, Maruti- Suzuki, Honda etc., and Tier-1 clients including Gestamp, Hirotec, ITCA, etc. In Korea, the company deals with Hyundai, KIA, Renault Samsung, SSangyong and GM Korea.
In addition to its experience and know-how of 30 years, it has recently upgraded its facility with a 2.5K ton T/O press, a high-speed milling machine and a 3D laser scanner to meet different high standards of clients. Moreover, it is the most specialized stamping tool manufacturer for aluminum parts in Korea.

Stamping Tool (Press Die) for Automotive Skin Panel and Structure Parts
Pictures for automotive skin panel and structure parts are shown below.
Seventy percent of its sales revenue comes from projects for foreign customers. It is very good at co-operating with foreign customers. If you are looking for a reliable partner for stamping tools, Silla Engineering will be there for you. It will satisfy you with long-time experience, good quality, on-time delivery and reasonable price without fail. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Aluminum Circles, Sheets & Coils aluminum sheet produced by Saint Enterprise Co., Ltd. can be used for manufacturing all kinds of aluminum cookware, parts of electronic goods such as back panels of LCDs, LED PDP, cases for mobile devices and mobile phone batteries, auto parts such as EV battery cases, ECU cases, engine covers, heatproof plate of mufflers, and various other industrial uses.
The aluminum extrusions including profiles and tubes are used in the fields of electronics, construction, transportation, automotive parts, plant conveyor and equipment, heat exchangers, solar energy industry, etc. In particular, they provide excellent capability and competitiveness for machining extrusion parts such as CNC milling.
The 1000 Series, applicable to utensils, decoration, reflecting plates, printing plates, and heatproof plates, is easy to process and weld, resistant to rust with high conductibility of electricity, heat, and low strength.
The 3000 Series is applicable to utensils (F/P, inside of rice cooker), aluminum cans, materials for interiors and exteriors of buildings, and mobile phones.
The 5000 Series, applicable to soundproof walls, materials for interiors and exteriors of buildings, and parts of electronic tools, is easy to process and weld and offers superior soundproofing.
The 6000 Series, applicable to IT equipment & facilities, motor materials, and automatic equipment, is easy to process, resistant to rust, featuring superior surface treatment.
The 9000 Series, applicable to kitchen utensils, features milky surface after anodizing and improved the strength.

Saint Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a joint venture of DaeHo AL, a company famous for superior aluminum circles, sheets, coils and aluminum extrusions at home and abroad. The company exports to Panasonic, Hitachi, Sumitomo, Toyota, etc. in Japan and other countries including China, Taiwan, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Myanmar, Australia, Columbia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Canada, Thailand, Iran, and Ethiopia.
Total annual sales are over US$170 mil.with a total area of the property about 20,000 sq-meters with 220 employees. Many overseas enterprises have already been appreciating the superior quality of the company’s aluminum products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods