Manufacturing the World’s Highest-Level Geared Motors has ever since its establishment in 1979 been solely engaged in manufacturing AC and DC small-geared motors.

Could you please briefly introduce your company?
Based on our determination to manufacture the world’s best geared motors, GGM has grown steadily into a strong enterprise that has a small but important presence on the global stage; and our company has been recognized as a Global Hidden Champion by the Small and Medium Business Administration for its success in supplying geared motors with low noise, high efficiency, high strength and price competitiveness both domestically and globally (50 countries all over the world), thanks to our continuous technical developments and sound investments.

Would you tell us more about your geared motors?
The geared motor is a key part that is used in all industrial automation products such as game machines, medical devices, automatic doors, refrigerators, vending machines, and so forth.
BLDC motors that operate with frictionless circuits, small AC / DC geared motors, and many other compact planetary gearheads are also available.
We develop and supply various high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers through our affiliated research institute’s development of more items, based on our accumulated experience in the production of small geared motors.

Do you have any further message for your valued customers?
We will reward our customers’ loyal support through the unified efforts of all staffs by supplying the highest-quality services including unlimited responsibility over the products supplied to customers. Moreover, we will invest great efforts in further technology development in order to contribute to a better quality of life for everyone. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Snow Makers[INQ. NO. 2006M01] Established in 2000, Snowtech Co., Ltd. has been committed to developing various kinds of advanced snow makers, both for domestic and overseas markets.
It recently developed and succeeded in localizing its snowmaking machine applying its own technological prowess for the first time in Korea, which was previously a wasteland for snowmaking technology.
In addition, after starting out in the “snow business” in 2000, which was something new at that time, Snowtech has been building up its business history and is now gaining recognition for its business implementation capability and technological prowess.
While the existing concept of “snow” was earlier confined within a limited framework, such as winter/mountain recesses, the company has concentrated on the realization of snowmaking technology that can move and expand people’s perceptions of snow to the four seasons/ urban areas, by defying the stereotypes of temperature and space.
As a result of such research and development, Snowtech has developed an all-weather snowmaker capable of producing real snow throughout the year, and the Ice Magic Snowmaker making snow even at normal temperatures, thereby leading the snowmaking technology and becoming competitive in the global market.
Also, Snowtech has recently developed a home snowmaking machine enabling anyone to easily make snow, even in one’s home garden. It is a snowmaker that enables the general public to enjoy snow more entertainingly than ever before.
Snowtech constantly studies specific technologies of snowmaking. Its snowmaking technology accumulated through ceaseless R&D has become firmer and more widespread, and it is advancing worldwide.
Snowtech, since its first successful exports to Russia in 2008, has continuously expanded its export markets into Australia, the Netherlands, the UK, and Brazil in 2015.
Snowtech has even concluded a branch office contract with a partner in Saudi Arabia in 2013 in a move toward pioneering the Middle East market.
Snowtech believes that ‘Snow is the most beautiful romance with which God has endowed humankind.’ It aims to become an enterprise striving all the more to develop valuable snowmaking technology harmonizing the interests of nature and people. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Enjoy Cultural Arts in Seoul! fans of performance and visual arts, here is an all-in-one guide to the representative cultural art centers in Seoul! If you have spare time in your schedule or just need a break from touring around the city, consider visiting a performance hall or an art museum. Diverse performances and arts will not only present you with memories, but will surely nourish your soul!

From Gugak to Opera! Enjoy Diverse Performing Arts!

Theater representing Korea, the National Theater of Korea

Established in 1950 as Asia’s first national theater, National Theater of Korea presents diverse performances spanning over Korea’s traditional arts, ballet and opera performances. World renowned performance groups and organizations from overseas often hold performances here as well. The theater is composed of Haeoreum Theater, the main hall; Daloreum Theater, a smaller theater; Byeoloreum Theater, with a customizable stage; and Haneul Theater, an outdoor stage.
National Theater of Korea is especially popular among tourists due to its location near Namsan Seoul Tower and Myeong-dong. The theater is also easily accessible via taxi or on foot since it is only 1.5km away from Namsan Seoul Tower and 3km away from Myeong-dong Station.
▶Address: 59, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (more info)

Opera House at Seoul Arts Center

Seoul Arts Center offers world-class theater facilities. The center holds cultural art events in a multitude of genres throughout the year. The signature building of the center is the Opera House, with its unique architectural design. The Opera House stages all kinds of performances, holding on to the true essence of performance arts. In addition to the Opera House, Seoul Arts Center is home to a concert hall, Hangaram Art Museum, Hangaram Design Museum, and Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum.
▶Address: 2406, Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul (more info)

Seoul’s Multi-complex Culture Center, Sejong Center

Korea’s unique traditional architecture is merged with modern design to create the grand yet elegant appearance of Sejong Center. Sejong Center holds a variety of performances of diverse genres including traditional Korean, classics, and even crossovers. The main theater, Grand Theater, has a wide stage equipped with the largest pipe organ in Asia. Sejong Center is a popular attraction among tourists as it is located across from Gwanghwamun Square and Gyeongbokgung Palace.
▶Address: 175, Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul (more info)

Enjoy Modern and Contemporary Arts!

A stranger to the arts? Stop by National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art!
With the slogan “Art museum in everyday life,” the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) in Seoul is loved by locals for its display of artwork in addition to being an aesthetic resting spot. The biggest characteristic of this attraction is its consistent admission fee. In contrast to other art museums where prices differ depending on special exhibitions, MMCA offers a combination ticket with access to all exhibitions and video displays. MMCA is recommended to be added into your itinerary since it is located at the entrance to Samcheongdong-gil Road, near Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace.
▶Address: 30, Samcheong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul (more info)

One-stop destination to beautiful architecture and art! Seoul Museum of Art

The building of Seoul Museum of Art, which was once used for the Supreme Court, is highly recognized for its splendid modern image after undergoing renovation. Featured exhibitions are not limited to traditional arts, but include a wide range of media including architecture, films, music, fashion, handicraft, and even works that do not belong to any specific genre. The museum also features non-Western artwork, such as those from Africa and Latin America. If you are visiting Deoksugung Palace, consider adding Seoul Museum of Art to your schedule as they are located right next to each other.
▶Address: 61, Deoksugung-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul (more info)

Pleasant sight of contemporary artwork at Hangaram Art Museum in Seoul Arts Center

Located inside Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Art Museum features various plastic arts. It consists of six exhibition halls and an art shop. Most featured exhibitions are based on modern art, making it easier for youths to approach the world of art. Often visited by people watching performances at Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Art Museum makes it comfortable to explore with pleasant, open-style exhibition halls.
▶Address: 2406, Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul (more info)

More Info

▶ Seoul Tourism Website: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian)
▶ 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Photo credit: Korea Tourism Organization, National Theater of Korea, Seoul Arts Center, Sejong Center

* This column was last updated in January 2018, and therefore information may differ from what is presented here. We advise you to check details from the official websites before visiting.

The above article is courtesy of VisitKorea, the official website of the Korea Tourism Organization ( | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Core Barrels[INQ. NO. 2005M06] TaeSung Co. is a leading manufacturer of exploration drilling equipment for Korea and the surrounding region since 1980. Taesung is specialized in the production of high-quality impregnated diamond core bits, reaming shells, core barrels, casing, drill rods, and more.
Taesung’s Core Barrels are made of raw materials of best quality appropriate for drilling, so they have excellent lifespan and quality and are currently being exported to various countries such as Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, etc.
Now there are many types of these barrels produced by the company – single tube core barrels, double tube core barrels, triple tube core barrels, and wire line core barrels.

The single tube core barrels are generally used to increase the collection rate of cores on an even ground. They cannot be used at the ground that can be easily collapsed or eroded by the circulation water.
The double tube core barrels are made of double tubes (outer tube, inner tube), and circulation water passes through the gap between the tubes and is not touched by the collected cores. They are not suitable to be used for the geological strata where core collection is difficult due to uneven strata with many cracks, coal beds, and soft layers. Also, they play a role of increasing the core collection rate.
The triple tube core barrels have almost the same structure with double tube core barrels, but tubes for the core case are built inside the inner tube.
The inner tube can be easily removed from a core case tube along with the cores taken into the inner tube.

It is a product that is made to collect the fresh cores without disruptions from the weak ground or broken layers where core collection is difficult with normal double core barrels.
The wire line core barrels are used to hoist the rods during the drilling and core collection works by the bits of Core barrels or at the time of bit changing.
The greater the depth of the hoisting works, the more becomes the number of the rods and the weight of the rods as well as the cost, time, and labor of works. In order to solve these problems, wire line core barrels have an inner tube that is fitted inside the outer tube, and hoist the inner tube onto the ground within the hole by use of wire rope. If you use this core barrel, the number of hoistings of the rods is reduced, and accordingly this is the most reasonable core barrel especially for the drilling of cores from deep layer.
As a long-lasting No.1 supplier in Korea over the past 40 years and a preferred supplier to many other countries, Tae Sung is committed to supplying its clients with only the best-quality products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Cast-resin Transformer[INQ. NO. 2005M05] Cast-resin transformers are becoming more popular due to strict environment regulation and increased concerns over fire explosion. Enertech Co., Ltd. has developed and manufactured cast-resin transformers for 15 years to cope with market demand. Cast-resin transformers meet the highest environmental, climatic, and fire-behavior standards as certified by CESI for climatic class C2, environmental class E2, and fire-behavior class F1. High level of quality was also verified through type tests performed by KEMA.
The maker manufactures cast-resin transformers for a wide range of infrastructural and industrial applications such as buildings and residential developments; plants to drive electric motors; underground stations; cranes at seaports, on board ships or offshore platforms.

Enertech’s Cast-resin Transformer has succeeded in combining the advantages of oil-filled and conventional dry-type transformers, which are fabricated with an epoxy resin. The windings are completely embedded under vacuum conditions. This casting method makes it possible to ensure void-free epoxy penetration of both the inner layer and turn-to-turn insulation.
The cast coil with epoxy resin with non-flammable characteristics has a self-fire-extinguishing performance, to be free from a fire caused by electrical sparks.
The cast coil with epoxy resin with high electrical and mechanical strength is manufactured in a robust structure against an electro-mechanical force occurring during short circuit, external impacts, and abnormal vibrations.
The cast coil with epoxy resin has an enhanced dielectric strength and does not suffer from the deterioration of dielectric property due to humidity and the aging effects of insulating materials, even after a long term without maintenance.
Compact size and lightweight type can be embodied by designing and manufacturing the coil by casting in a high vacuum using epoxy resin and insulating materials with good dielectric strength.
The cast coil with epoxy resin has a high thermal time constant factor, and it can thus endure much higher overloads for a short period of time.
Low-loss and low-noise are embodied through the optimal compact design using silicon steel of low-loss and good-insulating materials.
The cast coil with epoxy resin does not suffer from the deterioration of an insulating property due to humidity and moisture, so it is easy to inspect and maintain a transformer including the coil.
Founded in 2003, Enertech has been providing energy-saving products to the global market. The enterprise is supplying power distribution transformers, ESS (Energy Storage Systems), and power-savers, and they are recognized as excellent products in technology and performance. Its products are used in buildings, factories, schools, hospitals, data centers, shopping malls, and so forth. In the technology sector, it has obtained 15 patents and these differentiated technologies are always performing better than its competitors in the market. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Spherical Plain Bearings[INQ. NO. 2005M04] The spherical plain bearings made by HS BEARING CO., LTD. have an inner ring with a sphered convex outside diameter and an outer ring with a correspondingly sphered but concave inside surface.
Their design makes them particularly suitable for bearing arrangements where alignment movements between shaft and housing have to be accommodated, or where oscillating or recurrent tilting or slewing movements must be possible at relatively slow sliding speeds.

The company’s mast roller bearings are used in heavy duty and shock loading to the guide roller during the vertical movement. It is designed as a suitable structure for forklift masts. Deep groove ball bearings are made of special applications. The load capacity is 0.5ton (1100 lb) ~ over 25tons (55,110 lb) for forklift mast.

HS BEARING has specialized in manufacturing of high-quality auto parts and industrial bearings since 1975. Manufacturing of industrial special bearings requiring high technology has enabled this company to initiate a new start. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Synchronizing Generator[INQ. NO. 2005M03] This is a generator that has been developed for energy efficiency and improvement of energy quality. It is the most eligible for providing power.
The fuel burden is low, regardless of the operation time. Guaranteed for the functionality and life-expectancy of the equipment.
The exciter with a permanent magnet does not require continued power supply. Hence, it has higher efficiency than a normal generator. Also, harmonic waves produced by the generator do not fly into the control system. Therefore, stable control is possible.
It changes control objective value according to the exciter feature. Hence, it is possible to control precisely the conventional AVR control system.
Suntech has specialized solely in generators for 20 years. The maker has been devoting its best efforts toward developing and researching a more credible generator for the convenience and safety of its customers.
Suntech has developed an independent control technology by resolutely breaking conventional concepts of the generator. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Three-way Control Valves[INQ. NO. 2005M02] Samsung Control Valve Company’s three-way control valves are generally used either to mix flowing medium or to divert one medium into two outlet flows, and are often used when fluid temperature is to be adjusted through heat exchange.
Mixing-type valves can also be used for diverting service when both the valve size and pressure differential are small.
However, the mixing type is more suitable when the valve size is larger than 3” and the pressure differential is also considerable.

The actuator employed is a multispring-type, small-sized, high-output diaphragm motor with an extremely simplified operating mechanism. Samsung Control Valve Company dominates more than 90% of the domestic market at present and has been participating in overseas projects at the request of coal-fired power plants and EPC companies, resulting in US$400 million of indirect exports annually. By finding new buyers through participating in at least three exhibitions every year, it has expanded its export network to 14 countries or more. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Hydraulic Breaker[INQ. NO. 2005M01] DOWIN International’s T-series hydraulic breakers are very powerful and productive thanks to the cylinder-embedded control valve system.
DOWIN’s T-series breakers are designed to harmonize the long piston stroke with a nitrogen cushion on the top of the piston, creating less shock and vibration than competing breakers.
The superior quality alloy steel provides excellent durability and longer life. The box-type breaker was developed to minimize noise during operation, with the use of sound-absorbing materials and noise-reducing frame design, features that are very useful in the job sites in urban areas. DOWIN’s T-series provides a variety of selections with 14 diversified models.

DOWIN is being recognized as one of the fastest-growing Korean companies specializing in hydraulic breakers and excavator attachments. DOWIN is very proud that its sales revenues of hydraulic breakers have been growing rapidly, more than 30% every year since 2005, which was realized by its strategy of ‘the best quality and competitive price.’
With its leading technology and customer-oriented corporate culture, DOWIN will continue to make the most efforts to become the No. 1 hydraulic breaker company. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

VisitKorea App, Korea’s Smart Travel Manager a trip to a new country can be overwhelming, and Korea is no exception. The more you search, the more confusing it becomes! What are some must-visit attractions? What have you already looked at? How do all your selected attractions fit together into a well-made itinerary? The answer to all of these worries is simple: take a deep breath, relax, and download the VisitKorea mobile application! The VisitKorea app provides information on attractions before your trip, maps and nearby attractions based on GPS while on your trip, and a record of all the things you saw and did to show off afterwards. Download it now to get your exciting journey to Korea started!

New Features

The Korea Tourism Organization first unveiled the English VisitKorea mobile application in 2011, followed by separate Japanese and Chinese apps in 2013. Late in 2019, the three apps were combined into one, allowing users to obtain the same consistent information regardless of language, as well as switch to a preferred language with ease at any time.

A new feature of the updated app is the My Trip section, adding a sense of adventure and achievement to your trip. The My Trip feature is divided into three distinct functions: Save Trip, On Trip, and Take Trip. Save Trip allows users to manage and save attractions they are interested in. On Trip uses GPS signals to track and record the user’s trip itinerary on a real-time basis. Take Trip gives experience points to users for visiting attractions that are listed on the 100 Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Korea.

① Pre-trip: Plan with SAVE TRIP
Check attraction information sorted in 10 different categories for each region of Korea, and save necessary information through the SAVE TRIP function. Easily gather information about desired attractions and make a travel itinerary in one step.

② During trip: Record using ON TRIP & TAKE TRIP
The VisitKorea app provides personalized travel information based on the current location by analyzing the user’s selected preferences and big data. Users can increase the fun and excitement of their trip with the TAKE TRIP function, earning stamps by visiting geo-fenced attractions such as the 100 Must-visit Tourist Spots in Korea.

③ Post-trip: Review ON TRIP
Look back on the timeline cards saved through the ON TRIP feature, as well as add more photos and story cards. Experience a new way of traveling by reminiscing on your trip memories.

Standard Features

One of the biggest advantages of using the VisitKorea mobile app is receiving personalized recommendations based on your personal settings. Using an analysis of big data, the app picks out attractions and information that may be of interest, based on the users selected preferences, nationality, gender, and age range.
Users can also find nearby facilities and directions through the map feature. The About Korea section provides important information, including currency exchange rates, public transit information, and emergency contact numbers, such as the 1330 Korea Travel Hotline and international embassies, for a safe and convenient trip.
Another benefit of using the app is the increased number of discount coupons as compared with what is available on the VisitKorea website. In today’s eco-conscious world, not having to print copies is a big win! The app has basic tour courses for each region, which are a great starting point for absolute true beginners to Korea.
both nearby office workers and tourists. Sansuyu (cornus fruit) flowers, canola flowers, and plum blossoms welcome spring as they bloom along the 11 kilometer-long stream, while a line of white fringe tree flowers offer an excellent sight by decorating both sides of the nearby walking path.

• Search “VisitKorea” in Google Play or the App Store

* This column was last updated in December 2019, and therefore some information may differ from what is presented here. We advise you to check details before visiting.

The above article is courtesy of VisitKorea, the official website of the Korea Tourism Organization ( | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods