Ballast Water Treatment System[INQ. NO. 2009M20] TECHCROSS Inc., which was established in the KIST venture complex in 2002, started the land wastewater treatment business after developing a disinfection system using self-developed electrolysis technology.
Since then, the IMO enacted the Ballast Water Management Convention (BWM Convention) in 2004 to prevent destruction of the marine environment by harmful microorganisms in ballast water. TECHCROSS Inc. thus developed the ballast water treatment system by grafting the existing electrolysis technology to ballast water and obtained a basic approval for it in 2006 for the first time in the world.
TECHCROSS Inc. has been setting records such as succeeding in the installation of an explosion-proof product for the first time in the world, and of developing the VLCC product for the first time in the industry, and conquering the global market with excellent product performance and installation know-how. It obtained a type approval from USCG in June 2018, the first in Korea which is expected to become a new solution for the continuing long-term recession in the marine equipment industry.
ECS (Electro-CleenTM System), the ballast water treatment system developed by TECHCROSS Inc., treats microorganisms in ballast water using the electrolysis principle. In other words, it electrically sterilizes seawater directly at the same time it flows into a ship and passes through an electrolysis chamber. At this time, as seawater passes between electrodes in the chamber, it is disinfected by three different disinfection methods, disinfection by a potential difference, disinfection by radicals generated momentarily by an electrochemical reaction and chlorine contents, generated at the time of electrolysis, remaining in the ballast water tank and blocking regeneration of microorganisms. Through these, disinfection can be done more perfectly.
ECS not only has excellent sterilizing power but is also compact in size, which makes it easy to install in a confined space. It has low power consumption and saves operating time and cost because it satisfies emission standards with just one treatment when ballasting.
Above all, TECHCROSS Inc. has the unique advantage of having more sufficient knowledge and experience in the industry than anyone else as the company entered the business as soon as the market for ballast water treatment was formed.
Recently, TECHCROSS Inc. developed an indirect treatment system besides the treatment system using a direct electrolysis method, and maintained a systematic AS service system to quickly respond to customers’ enquiries related to the approval and product operation.
In addition, the company is striving as a total solution provider in the ballast water treatment system industry, to establish training centers with actual products installed at major hotspots worldwide, or opening regular training programs, or developing educational materials to increase the crews’ understanding of the product. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Automatic Parking System Parking System)
[INQ. NO. 2009M19] Shin Woo UBiCos is a company recognized in the Republic of Korea for helping to resolve parking problems with its various parking system models.
Based on its accumulated experience, the company upgrades the quality of a building with its built-in parking systems.
Shin Woo UBiCos’s vertical-type parking system maximizes space usage efficiency because 76 cars can be parked in three parking areas using the system. A lifting speed of up to 125m/min. shortens our operation time for storing and releasing a vehicle.
By mounting a turntable for advance, storing and releasing, even a beginner can easily park and retrieve a vehicle, allowing you to select the position of an exit, depending on site conditions.
Depending on the type of building, installation is possible using multi-floor cart type, universal type, stacker type, puzzle type, or standalone tower-type. Given an accessing method, each lower, middle and upper section can be freely chosen.
The company’s multi-floor cart type parking system can be extended according to the dimension of the underground space or above-ground space. It has a large variety of applications, from 10 cars to hundreds of cars, thus making it easy for large-scale facilities. It transports cars through the individual operation of a cart and a lift of each level. Also, it has a faster entering and exiting time.
A built-in turntable facilitates easy advance, storing and releasing. Since integrated management through a computer or a touch screen is possible, the total operation can be seen at a glance and thus is very convenient.
Shin Woo UBiCos’s universal type can increase parking efficiency several times better than a self-parking type, because the entrance (exit) is fixed in one place. It is suitable for a building that can accommodate from 10 to 40 vehicles, enabling a two- to six-stage multi-layered facility.
Depending on the form of a building and other location conditions, the top and bottom construction of the turntable is possible, and the choice of an entrance (exit) is easy.
Depending on an entrance (exit) position, it is divided into the top stocking type, the direct stocking type, and the middle stocking type.

Building customer-oriented parking systems
Since its establishment in 2002, Shin Woo UBiCos has constantly been focusing on building customer-oriented systems and service delivery, while improving its core competence in the development of specialized and differentiated control systems.
The dawn of the 21st century will no longer mean 24 hours. In this era where concepts of time and space are disappearing, Shin Woo UBiCos will continue to pursue quality management and customer satisfaction as its mission to grow as a 21st-century leader with its top-notch systems and services. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Multidisciplinary Hybrid Production Systems[INQ. NO. 2009M18] Dynamic Motion Technology (DMT) leads Industry 4.0 and provides optimal solutions and excellent customer-specific quality maintenance and management services required by production sites. It is based on the core technology of industrial robots, and long-established on-site.
DMT has successfully introduced a wider range of automated systems with high-speed, high-precision, and high-load robust durability with its own patented technology.
DMT mainly produces five models of its gantry robot system, and over 50 models of its gripper system & tool changer with its own patented technology. The DMT linear motor available in six product models has excellent functions such as high-precision, high-response, and high-speed operation with a structure without magnetic force in the stator. It is a proprietary patent technology and cost-effective with its non-magnetic structure, unlike other linear motor brands. This linear motor can be applied to various manufacturing environments.
Finally, the field responsiveness is also excellent, in that it is available in various product lines including process-optimized multi-joint robot systems suitable for multi-species, small-volume manufacturing methods that have changed under the 3D process and the 4th-industrial revolution.
In recognition of quality and durability, domestic automobile manufacturers Hyundai, GM Korea, Renault, and machine-tool makers Hyundai Wia, Doosan Heavy Industries and SMAC, were supplied with the gantry system 1st automation band.
For overseas markets, DMT has been recognized for quality by supplying its system to Nissan, Renault Motors, Guangzhou Motors, and Toyota Motors in China.
Also, DMT supplies its systems for engines and mission processes in the Chinese automotive market in collaboration with LG MAZAK, and supply clients in Japan, India and Brazil in the global market.
The various robots developed by DMT are competitive in performance, service and price, and are gaining trust from various parties by supplying factory automation systems to various production sites. In addition to developing high-functionality of existing technologies, DMT focus on the optimal multi-joint robot for small-volume production, and electric grippers that serve as end effectors of robots.
In the robot industry, ‘Challenge and Creative spirit’ is very important as DMT’s slogan. DMT will be the best partner for the the company’s robot industry development, and innovative technologies to help it stand out as a recognized global robot brand company globally. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

P2F (Passenger to Freight) Conversion Program[INQ. NO. 2009M17] Kencoa Aerospace Corporation has been awarded a 17-year contract for providing aircraft parts for Passenger-to-Freighter Conversions with ST Engineering. Demand for the conversions of A330s/A321s is expected to be about 430 units and 423 units for A330s through 2037.
Main products are frame/beam, window plugs, flood grid and cargo door.
To expand machine capacity, Kencoa invested in installing five axis long-bed machine (see picture3), with a maximum length of up to 20m, and acquired capability to deal with extrusion parts like Strap (5m long) and seat rail (6m long) in the home.
Kencoa Aerospace is a global company with two locations in Korea, as well as one in Georgia and the other in California. In addition, Kencoa Aerospace has distribution hubs & sales in strategic locations both in Korea and around the Asia-Pacific, and the USA.
Kencoa Aerospace is a tier 1 vendor of Lockheed Martin where the company is a part of F-22, F-35, C-130, and F-15, F-18 programs. Locally in Korea , the company partnered with KAI and KAL.
Kencoa Aerospace is in great standing with best quality and on time delivery ratings.
Kencoa Aerospace was awarded as a Lockheed Martin’s Elite Supplier. This was given to their top suppliers awards in 2017. Also, Kencoa is a Boeing Performance Excellence Award winning supplier. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

DTH (Down the Hole) Hammer[INQ. NO. 2009M16] This mechanical hammer is operated by compressed air. The upper part is connected to a drill pipe from the rotary head of the drilling machine, the lower part a bit. It is a critical item to the efficiency of drilling.
As the most efficient tool for the rock drilling, the piston which alternately moves up and down at 1200 – 1800 times/min, in cylindrical housing hits a bit connected to the drill pipe.

Button Bits
While hammer hitting, the button bit transmits energy directly to the rock base and accomplishes its function of cracking. Its bottom is round and embedded with tungsten carbide inserts which look like buttons. The upper part is shaped like a cylinder and finished with uneven spool lines for convenient connection to the hammer.

Drilling rig
This is a complicated machine for drilling. It is equipped with a drilling system of rotating pressure and separation, a drainage system for discharging broken rock pieces and sludge, accessories like a winch and a clamp for operating the drill string, and hydraulic installations for self-moving and the motor (or power supply).
Its capacity and system vary according to drilling environment and usage.

Water Hammer
CSI’s water hammer is operated by high-pressure water from a water pump instead of high-pressure air from many compressors.
So, it can save energy and other resources dramatically.
Furthermore, CSI’s water hammer is designed to protect the environment by using water from the recycling system. It also needs no lubrication oil for hammering, so there is no need to worry about water and soil pollution because of oil sludge.
As a manufacturing company specialized in drilling equipment and tools, CHANG SHIN INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd. has been exporting its products to more than 40 countries.
Its services include designing every module needed for drilling works, producing, marketing, changing parts, consulting, and maintenance & repair. This is what helped the company secure exclusive competitiveness in the drilling industry.
One of its R&D projects is developing a state-of-the-art drilling system as a new application of DTH drilling.
Equipped with high technology and competitiveness in both the domestic and global markets, CHANG SHIN INTERNATIONAL takes pride in supplying good-quality drilling products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Engine Oils[INQ. NO. 2009M15] IL SHIN IND Co., Ltd. is a trading company with clients in 50 countries around the world, including the United States, the Middle East, and Africa.
Handling products include engine oil (S-oil’s lubricants), car spare parts (brake pad and other), batteries, and accessories.
In addition, IL SHIN IND maintains active sales activities by holding more than eight booths each year at special exhibitions such as ones in Dubai, Istanbul, and Frankfurt.
S-oil, established in 1976, produces and supplies a wide range of high-performance products to run systems in an efficient and stable way and to respond to various market demands by following continuous changes and developments.
S-oil has acquired much experience in lubricant development by supplying a wide range of products such as engine oil, and gear oil to leading automakers including Hyundai-Kia motors, GM Korea, Renault sam sung motors, Toyota Lexus, etc. for 30 years.
Moreover, S-oil has 44.7k B/D Lube base oil production capability – world’s no. 2, as well as 1850k TPX production capability-world no. 3, 669k B/D crude oil refinery capability-word no. 6 in 2019.
Above all, S-oil’s principle is to “Live Together” and always think about how to serve the customers’ needs.
IL SHIN IND strongly hopes its clients will continue enjoying using S-oil lubricants for PCMO, MTO. Marine Industrials, etc.
IL SHIN IND participates in various exhibitions every year in Dubai, Turkey, China (Shanghai), Germany (twice a year), and others such as “Automechanika”, AAPEX, and other exhibitions, in order to explore the latest trends and promote its handling products.
For existing customers in Vietnam and Iraq, IL SHIN IND puts out advertisements on radio and cable TV broadcasts, supports local sales representatives with signboard set-up costs, and holds promotion events with customers.
IL SHIN IND continues to improve on any inconveniences and to maintain communication by visiting and having meetings with customers at least once a year through more than 40 overseas trips every year. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Oil Purifier[INQ. NO. 2009M14] SUNG KYUNG CO., LTD. produces only the eco-friendly oil purifier brand KASS Oil Purifier, contributing significantly to preventing pollution and to saving energy by recycling wasted oil for the past 28 years since the company was established in 1992.
The KASS oil purifier plays a significant role in prevention of environmental pollution and energy saving together with enhanced productivity by extending those exchange periods of various oils to more than seven-times longer and increasing machine life expectancy, saving electricity by 7%, and preventing machine problems.
KASS oil purifier performs precision filtering of foreign material and moisture. This purifier transforms the disposed waste oil to usable oil of NAS 5 ~ 9 cleanness (New oil: NAS 8 cleanness).
SUNG KYUNG was nominated as a venture business company in 2006, and it has registered a domestic utility model and patent, while acquiring international certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, ROHS, and CE in 2010.

End users of its product are widely spread all over the industrial fields which is using various oils, such as car makers, shipyards and part production plants, injection machines, machine press, steel mills, construction heavy equipment, fire power plants, forging, paper making, cement makers, shipbuilders and other industries.
SUNG KYUNG’s product is applicable to hydraulic oil, gear oil, heat treatment oil, OT oil, turbine oil, compressor oil, cleaning oil, oil for freezer, insulation oil, spindle oil, transmission oil, combustion oil, electricity discharging process oil, and various other oils.
Major clients include Samsung Corning, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Doosan Heavy Industries, LG Electronics Co., Ltd., Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea National University of Transportation, Incheon International Airport, Poongsan Corporation, Korea Plant Service & Engineering, Korea South-East Power Co., (used by 60% of domestic power plants) and 200 more companies.
Currently, SUNG KYUNG is exporting to the USA, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and six other countries. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Polyurethane System & PU Foaming Machine[INQ. NO. 2009M13] DAEJIN PHYSICS AND CHEMICAL’s polyurethane system, for automobiles, commercial vehicles and industrial air-cleaners, now under production, is available as a custom-made product satisfying 100% of a customer’s specifications through technology development based on 30 years of export experience in this field.
Besides, the company is providing quality raw materials to clients all over the world through stable and steady raw material supply by way of a representative contract with the Korea BASF.
The company can provide whatever technological specification of the filter compound molding (semi-rigid foam) a customer may require based on years of export experience, and can arrange any production to be ready within a week thanks to our updated facilities for prompt delivery of the product to a customer.
The company provides any specification that meets a customer’s requirements by blending the quality raw material from the Korea BASF with our unique technology, and offer lots of advice on raw material supply and production line to filter manufacturers around the world.
The company’s products are now being supplied to global automobile parts companies like MANN+HUMMEL, MAHLE, LEEHAN after passing their rigid and high-quality standards, which gives a good indication of the technology and quality of its products.
The company’s PU foaming machine is manufactured in a circulation method of two pure liquids, polyol and isocyanate, and all of the PU foaming machines are available for precision control (selection of hot and cold control) of an individual liquid temperature in a feed stock and curing agents, and are providing high efficiency in mixing by using the mixing head with the company’s unique specification.
The company’s PU foaming machines are equipped with the haight metering pump of Baker Manufacturing Co. of the USA for chemical (Urethane), and it adds one more set of the feed stock tank, so it can make a product in another color. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Plasma-Cutting Spare Parts[INQ. NO. 2009M12] TAEWON PRECISION COMPANY, established in 1994, specializes in manufacturing cutting consumables and accessories using plasma and gas and producing various types of cutting and welding equipment and materials, 100% locally produced.
Its main customers include Korea’s top-three shipbuilders: Samsung Heavy Industries, Hyundai Heavy Industries, and Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery.
The company also owns a local subsidiary in Japan, doing brisk business, and supplies products made in Korea to large Japanese dockyards.
The company’s plasma-cutting products provide stable quality with moderate price compared to Japanese or European products, and they are thus popular due to their outstanding price competitiveness.
In particular, it is noteworthy that their quality is recognized so highly that the company supplies through OEM to Japanese and German brands that comprise the absolute majority in global market share.
The company itself produces and supplies not just key products including electrodes, nozzles, and insert caps, but also most of the consumable parts used in plasma-cutting machines including torches, marking powder, and cables.
Its products are designed for 100% compatibility with Japanese, American and European products.
Moreover, the company possesses dozens of intellectual property rights resulting from research and development through the company’s own research center for government certification.
TAEWON PRECISION COMPANY is a small but strong company, while most of the companies producing plasma-cutting parts are major global companies.
Accordingly, the company can supply products customized according to individual customers’ requirements within a short time, which is the outstanding feature of the company. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Pipe Couplings & Pipe Repair Clamp Joints[INQ. NO. 2009M11] YOUNGNAM metal Co., Ltd. has 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of stainless and plastic pipe coupling & pipe repair clamp joints.
The company’s technical capacity in this field has been highly appraised by many of our clients and other parties, not only for the comprehensive application, but also for significant cost savings.
The YN-coupling joints, because of their great flexibility and economy are steadily replacing the flanged pipe joints nowadays from various industrial plants to vessels.
These YN-coupling joints are not only designed to reduce welding costs, but also to prevent any linear expansion and deflection of the pipes caused by welding repairs.

GR-S, GR-L(Pipe connector with axial restraint)

The YOUNGNAM’s grip couplings join plain end pipes with axial restraint. YOUNGNAM’s grip couplings provide pull-out resistance in excess of the couplings rated working pressure.
Whether for pressure or suction lines, thick or thin wall pipe, the YN-GRIP-couplings are installed quickly, safely, and economically.


RCH-S, RCH-L Repair Clamp Hinge Type Couplings

The YN-repair hinge is a split-in-half coupling, and an open-split version of multi flex, offering all the YOUNGNAM’s repair hinge benefits, plus being able to make repairs to in-service pipelines.
With the YOUNGNAM’s repair hinge coupling, leaks due to faulty weld joints, pitting holes and short cracks can be temporarily or permanently repaired with minimal down time.


FPC-GR-S Fire Protect Cover Grip Type Coupling

Fire protection cover grip ring pipe couplings FPC GR-S (DN20-DN350) withstand fire better than regular couplings. Couplings are suitable to be used with metal pipes and are suitable for engine room applications on ships. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods