Hyundai and Kia one step closer to zero defect production based on smart tag system Motor Group has unveiled a wireless smart tag system to bring its car production a step closer to zero defects by further decreasing human intervention.

The smart tag can control a car manufacturing process in real time wirelessly and requires no need to manually check car types and specifications on the assembly line. Once installed, multiple accessory tools to monitor cars in production such as ultrasound sensors and barcode scanners are no longer necessary, allowing the company to save money, according to Hyundai. Real-time data collection is also expected to enable immediate responses to even a small error.

It is the first time the company is applying the smart tag system. The system was tested and validated at some plants of Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors and will soon be applied to all 34 plants around the world, transforming them into smart factories, Hyundai Motor Group recently announced.

The new technology developed by its production technology development center consists of a high-capacity memory, wireless chip and location-tracking sensor units. It has an embedded magnet, making it easy to attach the device on a steel chassis without tools.

The small-sized tag enables two-way wireless communication between a car on the assembly line and an array of production equipment, sending and receiving key processing information such as car type, shipment destination and stocking order to and from surrounding machines.

A wireless communication chip is thus integral to this system. It uses a frequency band unique to each plant, sharing car production and location data with in-plant equipment. All data are stored on a central server.

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Changwon International Automotive Industry Show 2017 (CIAIS 2017) 2017 Changwon International Automotive Industry Show, sponsored by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and hosted by the Korea Automobile Parts Association (Incorporated Association) and Samwoo International Co., Ltd. will be held in the Changwon Exhibition Convention Center (CECC) for three days from Aug. 30 (Wed.) to Sep. 1 (Fri.), 2017.
This exhibition will be held with a scale of 220 booths from 80 companies from 10 countries with various domestic/overseas automobile part products such as automobile OEM parts/materials and aftermarket parts/maintenance/repairing equipment/inspection equipment/facility, complete vehicles (electric vehicles/hydrogen vehicles/commercial vehicles), distribution, etc. In particular, it is the professional display exhibition of OEM parts materials and replacement parts (certifi ed products).
As of June, 2017, up to 20 overseas genuine buyers will be invited, and 12 companies from six countries including the USA, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, etc. were confi rmed for participation.
This exhibition, which is being held this year for the 2nd time, will be a perfect venue to grasp the latest trends of the automobile parts industry, and for technology exchanges and territorial cultivation. Here, in Gyeongnam, with the 2nd-largest size in the number of the companies in automobile parts, and possessing great potential as a new growth industry by being selected as a focused city for hydrogen vehicles, we hope you will discover the optimum business opportunity. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Koreas exports up 13.4% on year in May in longest winning streak since Dec 2011 Korean exports grew 13.4 percent on year to US$45 billion in May, extending a winning streak for the seventh straight month on the back of robust demand for electronics components and recovery in the global steel and shipbuilding markets. However, both growth and volume slowed from the previous months.

According to preliminary data by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy Thursday, the last time exports maintained growth for so long was in December 2011.

Out of 13 mainstay export items, nine grew. Semiconductor shipments surged 63.3 percent on year to reach an all-time monthly high of $7.99 billion. Solid-state drives that act as a replacement for hard disc drives were shipped in a record volume of $440 million in May.

However, exports of wireless devices plunged 37 percent despite the release of new smartphones by Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics.

Shipments to China rose for the seventh month in a row, gaining 7.5 percent despite the diplomatic row over the U.S. antimissile system deployment in Korea. Exports to the United States fell 1.9 percent due to sluggish performance in cars, car parts, and wireless devices. Exports to other areas all grew. Imports gained 18.2 percent to $39.1 billion, delivering a surplus of $6 billion. Overall, Korea has raked in a trade surplus for 64 consecutive months.

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Growing as an Innovative Leader in Global Parking Systems[INQ. NO. 1707M30] KOREA M.P.E. has been leading the trends in the global parking system market with “5SP,” a parking system utilizing innovative technology. Despite the Chinese challenges, it has been actively striving to advance into the Chinese market using a strategic approach. The following article, based on a oneon-one interview with the CEO of KOREA M.P.E., Park Hyun-gun, will provide interesting insights for related professionals in this field.

Please introduce our readers to your company and the driving force for its amazing growth

KOREA M.P.E. was started in 1994 with Japanese technology for mechanical parking facilities through technical cooperation. KOREA M.P.E. stands for Motor Parking Engineering. And I have been emphasizing that people using the 5P management concept can only succeed. These concepts are: positive attitude, passion, pride, patience and promise.
Successful people are usually good-natured, faithful to the basics, and helpful with 5P. Our company, KOREA M.P.E. has been growing as a strong enterprise and establishing itself in the domestic market, supported by the loyal interest and support of its clients. Therefore, we promise to meet their expectations with better productquality and service to repay their trust and interest. Also, we plan to make continuous efforts to grow as a trustworthy company by actively participating in social contribution activities, beyond merely seeking profits for the company.

Please tell us more about your major products

Under our slogan, “Dignity beyond quality,” we aim to become one of the top 2% of the companies of Korea. We are also growing steadily in the global market with differentiation for price, quality and reliability.
We have major parking systems such as elevator-type, plane to-and-fro-type and elevator-slide-type − designed, produced and maintained for mid- to large-markets. The characteristics of our innovative product, the 5SP parking system, are space-less, saving, simple & auto, safety and speedy & silent. Our cutting-edge parking facility, the 5SP parking system, will maintain the dignity and appearance of your building.
We are fully committed to becoming a company that can promote our clients with thorough craftsmanship and challenge spirit to pioneer the future. Our final objective is to be a global professional company that improves quality of life for all clients.

Please tell us about your major export and emerging markets

As for Asia, we export to Mongolia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Iran, and we design, produce and construct in accordance with ISO 9001 − even in Russia, Mexico and Ethiopia. We strive for the world’s best technology and service.
Currently, we pay our most attention to the potential of China among the Asian markets. Recently, we went to Jinan, Shandong province, on a business trip. The city is experiencing an increase of cars by 400,000 annually, and with population of 10 million, one household used to average 0.8 cars, but now one household has an average of 1.2 cars with the rapid increase of vehicle ownerships.
Even though China has approximately 300 parking-lot facility companies and more than 5,000 steel structure companies, there are very few top-class companies with competence, and with China’s huge size and its potential, it is still considered as a land of opportunity for development.
When setting up a business for a parking lot facility within China, one has to understand the domestic market of China, and there is a need for a strategy that maximizes final profits by creating the maximum number of orders despite small margins in consideration of the huge size of the Chinese market. The most important thing at this point is that the Chinese clients are satisfied and moved by the cutting-edge technology and service of KOREA M.P.E. To meet the rising expectations of Chinese clients, the facilities should be basically safe with low failure rate and be convenient for parking.

What is your management philosophy?

Even though people usually wait for opportunities, it is said that opportunities do not wait for people! Before we wait for opportunities, we have to build up our capabilities to tackle them. Therefore, this is why we need to focus on our work ever more.

Please tell us about your future vision and comments for overseas buyers and clients

After proclaiming Vision 2012 for construction of the parking business, the construction manager, CM for Free, gets in charge of construction management as an agent of the contractor. Therefore, the contractor, designer and construction manager form one team.
This method merely supplements the management capability of the contractor as a staff of the contractor. Not only have we registered patent No. 10-1365165, construction management method on Feb. 13, 2014, but we will also transferred six patented technologies related to our mechanical parking facility. To this end, we will continue with our flexible management to adapt to the ever-changing business environment through endless R&D and radical management innovation, with plans to kick off our overseas business advancement. We welcome the loyal support of our clients as we progress toward becoming a 21st -century global company. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

IONIQ Hybrid

Efficiently combining the driving power of a gasoline engine and an electric motor

[INQ. NO. 1707M29] IONIQ is where the future of mobility begins. With the world’s first line-up of hybrid, all-electric and plug-in hybrid variants, IONIQ brings you an all-new energy experience that matches your lifestyle.
Since the release of the 2016 IONIQ Hybrid and Electric, over 10,000 drivers have pioneered changes in daily living through the innovative energy of their IONIQs. Drive the IONIQ of your choice today, whether Hybrid, Electric, or Plug-in Hybrid, and experience a new lifestyle—the kind only electric energy, not a traditional internal combustion engine, offers.

IONIQ Hybrid travels 1,000km on a single tank

Efficiently combining the driving power of a gasoline engine and an electric motor, the hybrid model is equipped with an easily accessible next-generation powertrain. Not only highly efficient, the IONIQ Hybrid also provides sporty driving sensibilities through a multi-link suspension system and hybrid-specialized DCT. Relax and enjoy the thrill of dynamic driving blended with the impressive efficiency of electric energy.

The headlining for the rear seats has been improved for more spacious and comfortable seating. What’s more, the use of eco-friendly materials for the headlining, door trim panels, and other parts not only creates pleasing surfaces and textures, but also reduces unpleasant odors from the interior, creating a pure and clean experience.

The auxiliary battery has been removed and integrated into the high-voltage lithium-ion battery, creating more trunk space. Plus, the folding rear seatbacks allow multiple larger items such as a bicycle or a stroller to be stowed, making life more convenient.

IONIQ’s sleek exterior, coupled with an active air flap system, wheel air curtains, and other aerodynamic features, results in high fuel efficiency. Plus, the ECO-DAS system and the Driver Only climate control zone optimize energy use.

– Active Air Flap (external type): Through intelligent control of the air that flows into the radiator grille, the active air flap minimizes drag, while enhancing aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.
– 15-Inch Two-Tone Aero Wheel Covers & Michelin Tires: IONIQ’s low rolling resistance tires, specially designed in collaboration with Michelin, the global leader in tire technology, minimize running resistance and enhance fuel efficiency.
– Driver Only Climate Control: This allows control over the HVAC system for the driver’s seat only, reducing unnecessary fuel consumption and enhancing fuel efficiency.
– ECO-DAS (Driving Assistant System): Once the navigation system loaded with high-precision map data predicts a traffic slowdown, ECO-DAS informs the driver when to release the accelerator, thereby helping reduce unnecessary fuel consumption. Moreover, by predicting uphill and downhill slopes and by pre-charging or pre-discharging the battery accordingly, ECO-DAS maximizes battery use.

The low center of gravity design makes for stable driving, just as the multi-link rear suspension system enables the driver to enjoy dynamic handling. Experience the joy of next-generation driving delivered by our dedicated hybrid engine (Kappa 1.6 GDi) and DCT as well as the electric motor.

Multi-Link Rear Suspension System
The low center of gravity body, along with the multi-link rear suspension system, allows for stable and quick handling even around sharp corners, in addition to a stable ride and good traction on rough roads.

Dedicated Hybrid DCT
Optimized for the attributes of the engine and electric motor, our dedicated hybrid DCT has been newly developed to maximize the joy of driving while improving fuel efficiency through its characteristic quick shifting. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Light Commercial Electric Truck (PEACE)[INQ. NO. 1707M28] At the Seoul Motor Show, the electric truck PEACE was also introduced by Power Plaza, which advanced into the eco-friendly electric vehicle business as a next-generation growth industry in 2007. It succeeded in remodeling light commercial vehicles (0.5 ton, 1 ton) into electric vehicles in 2009.

Power Plaza developed a power pack structure by integrating the battery and inverter for PEACE and used an optimized design and light material, glass fiber, for its structure and secured the best stability by passing various tests.

Its maximum output is 26kW, maximum torque, 108Nm and loading weight, up to 500 kg. Also, it has a 17.8kWh lithium ion battery with 72 km of driving range on a single charge. The driving range, when nothing is loaded, can stretch up to about 100 km on a single charge and it lasts approximately four hours when fully charged.

Warranties for battery, drive motor and inverter last for up to 7 years or 150,000 km. Power Plaza provides lifetime service for EV components such as OBC, PDU, LDC, BMS, dashboard module, etc.

PEACE, unlike other electric vehicles, is equipped with manual transmission in consideration of climbing capacity and energy efficiency. When driving, the gear transmission is just like engine-operated cars and the safe driving speed is 80 km. PEACE is registered on the “Korea Online E-procurement System” for stable supply to public institutions.


<Performance & Specification of ‘0.5Ton PEACE`>

Performance    Range [km]    72
   Maximum Speed [km/h]    95
Specifications    Length [mm]    3,495
   Width [mm]    1,400
   Height [mm]    1,800
   Wheelbase [mm]    1,840
   Weight(kg)    830
Motor    Type    Induction motor
   Maximum Output [kW]    26
   Maximum Torque [Nm]    108
Battery    Type    Lithium-ion
   Capacity [kWh]    17.8
   Charging Time [h]    4
Other    Heating System    PTC Heater
   Loading Weight [kg]    500 | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Ultra-compact Electric Car (DANIGO)[INQ. NO. 1707M27] Daechang Motors recently launched an ultra-compact four-wheel-drive electric car, DANIGO, by completing its development and implementing road test driving. This is the first time that an ultra-compact electric car model for road driving has been introduced in Korea. Thus far, most of them were made in China, electric scooters, or remodeled electric cars.

The development of DANIGO was based on accumulated technology related to electric vehicles and expectations of higher demand for ultra-compact electric vehicles through cases such as Europe and Japan.

Oh Chung-gi, the CEO of Daechang Motors, established the company in 2010. This is the second establishment. Mr. Oh, also founded the display manufacturer, ‘Decktron’ and has led the company for more than 10 years to make it become an SME with annual sales exceeding 100 billion won. He sold his entire stake a few years ago and entered into the electric car market. As an engineer, he is confident that he will be able to compete with small and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs) in the field of electric cars.

The recently launched Danigo is small but offers sufficient space and minimized inconvenience. It looks very cute when viewed from any side, and its round shape is enough to draw attention of passers-by. ‘Danigo’ was developed with a focus on overcoming the disadvantages of the Renault Twizy of Samsung. While it is an ultra-compact electric car, it is equipped with an air conditioner inside the vehicle, as well as HAC function to prevent the vehicle from sliding back on hills when the foot is removed from the accelerator.

Danigo weighs a mere 450 kg, including battery. It has excellent battery and driving performance. As it is equipped with a 7.5 Kw motor, it has a maximum speed of 80 km/h. It is equipped with a cylindrical compact battery, exclusive battery management system (BMS) and battery display indicator (BDI). It is equipped with 560 LG Chemical’s latest 11.8Wh class (3.2Ah) cylindrical batteries (model name: 18650) with a capacity of 6.6kWh. It can be driven up to 100 km with one charge. It takes about one hour with a fast charging, while it takes 3.5 hours using a general 220V electric cord for home use.

Danigo occupies one-third of parking space compared to an ordinary sedan. It was the first ultra-compact electric car that is equipped with a rear camera to ensure convenience and safety when reversing or parking, and made airbag and ABS brake for options to meet the safety needs of customers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Presenting core technologies of the 4th indstrial reoltion at KOFAS 2017 Changwon 2017, which is the biggest automation system show in the Youngnam area, was held successfully from June 13 to 16 at CECO to promote creation of demand and expansion of exportation for smart factory, automation-related equipment, facilities and related equipment.

According to the Korea Association of Machinery Industry (KOAMI), (Chairman Jeong Ji-taek), a total of 174 companies from 18 countries participated in the exposition, which was hosted by Gyeongsangnam-do and Changwon city, and along with 19,800 visitors, it succeeded in achieving consultation contracts worth US$480 million.

Under its slogan, ‘Another World Experienced through Automation,’ the exposition could offer opportunities to experience and confirm core technologies of the 4th industrial revolution, such as automation equipment, control & measurement devices, metal working machines, 3D printers for mold & tool, and 3D laser measuring instruments.

A spokesperson for Sechang International, Inc., which showcased a conveyer system for smart factories, said “I could see how much interest there is out there for cutting edge automation facilities in the machine industry through this exposition.”

Moreover at this year’s KOFAS various events were held for visitors, such as ‘Export Consultation for Overseas Vendor Registration PICs,’ ‘Seminar for Smart Factory Establishment Strategy for Small & Medium Companies,’ ‘Machine Technology Seminar,’ and ‘Master Worker Invitational Lecture.’

Han Geun-seok, the manager of the exposition team at KOAMI, said “For the export consultation, we have invited vendor registration PICs from 15 overseas leading EPC companies to hold 1:1 consultations with 60 domestic companies to strategically focus on the Middle East, India and Japan as there is great demand for plant equipment and materials. Even in the following years, we will make efforts to uncover new products and technologies from Korea as well as overseas for the expositions to bring in cutting edge automation technologies that lead the machine industry and to focus on capabilities to secure potential buyers”. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

S. Korean businesses become less profitable due to faster rise in operating costs Korean companies delivered lower gross profits over the past five years despite a revenue increase mainly because operating costs outgrew sales, government data showed recently.

Annual sales totaled 5,311 trillion won ($466 billion) in 2015, up 979 trillion won or 22.6 percent from 2010, but operating profits fell by 11 trillion won to 349 trillion won. Specifically, operating costs jumped 24.9 percent to 496.2 trillion won, outpacing the 22.6 percent growth in sales during the five-year period, according to the data released by Statistics Korea.

The number of business entities across the country totaled 3,874,000 at the end of 2015, up 520,000 or 15.5 percent from 2010. The most common businesses were wholesale and retail business (1,015,000, 26.2 percent), followed by lodging and food services (711,000, 18.3 percent) and manufacturing (414,000, 10.7 percent).

The number of employees totaled 20,890,000 persons, up 3,240,000 or 18.4 percent from five years ago.

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International Material & Components Industry Show 2017 International Material & Components Industry Show 2017 will be held from September 13 to 15 at KINTEX, Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province. The exhibition, which covers all fields of materials such as metal, ceramics, chemical materials and machinery, electrical, electronics, and automobile components, has been the biggest marketing venue for the materials and components industry in Korea since it was first held in 2005. The exhibition has contributed to the expansion of both domestic and export markets.

IMAC 2017 focuses on enhancing the possibility of contract concurrence and export consultation through pre-demand survey of exhibitors. We plan to present special corners, such as the automation corner and the lightweight corner, and trends according to the trends in the material components industry. By establishing three exhibitions at the same time, it is expected to provide opportunities for Korean SMEs to activate the network and attract new customers.

In particular, this event will be held on the largest scale together with the “RoboWorld” exhibition, which is related to the robot & automation and the mobile and IOT exhibitions, and the “Global Mobile Vision.” Many companies are expected to participate in this exhibition.

International Material & Components Industry Show 2017 | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods