Mineral Applied Steel Tiles

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryFEROOF Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in steel tile manufacturing and managed by a 2nd-generation roof tile artisan who has worked as a roof tile layer since 1970. The company’s overseas exports that started from 2003, have been growing constantly, and now its products are exported to over 20 countries worldwide including the USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Europe.
FEROOF’s main products are mineral (Italian basalt: rock dust) applied steel tiles. As stone particles are applied to the exposed surface of FeRoof’s steel tile, the tile is nature-friendly roof material. Moreover, it lasts longer and the installation is simpler. It is a high-quality product based on long history, know- how, and craftsmanship for the manufacturing of stone particles applied steel tile, gaining credibility all over the world, satisfying the needs of the global market with differentiated designs, colors, and materials, and leading new markets. The product comprises eight layers of coating and adhesion. This adhesive ability is the skill that can enhance the life and the reputation of the product.


Advantages Compared To Other Products

Given its surface area and roof covering area, it is considerably light and the handling and the construction is easy. Because the product is semi-permanent with mineral application, the durability is so excellent that it is very economical without a/s or repair work. This is a recyclable, eco-friendly product. Also, it is incombustible product that can prevent damage from fire or smoke.
The product demonstrates superior performance against natural disasters, such as hail, gales, and earthquakes. It also shows excellent performance against the sound of rain, vibration, and heat in summer season. Because it is a metal, there is no water infiltration. No need to worry about corrosion, as the company uses POSCO’s (the nation’s leading steel manufacturer) global standard products.
Because it consists of products highlighting fine view and natural beauty, you can select more broadly among various shapes and colors for harmonization with nature. Various types of steel tiles include RIO, DIVA, ZiSSEN, WOOD, VENETO, SLATE, and SLATE PLUS, and various accessories are available to add to these steel tiles.

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Automatic Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine

https://korean-machinery.com///inquirySince established as Kookdo Synthetic Corporation in 1984, PACKSKO CO., LTD. has strived to become a leading manufacturer of stamping machines, leveling machines, desiccant cutting machines, cup sealers, and packing machines.
With customers encouragement and a concentrated mindset of creating better automatic forming packing machines, PACKSKO sets its sights on achieving the localization of foreign machines and the automation of packing machines. While playing a small but important role in profit-making for the loyal customers, there were many difficulties along the way.
PACKSKO’s automatic thermoforming vacuum packaging machine forms its own containers without separate packing containers, fills the product, and processes sealing and vacuuming (gas, liquid) automatically. This has many advantages compared to products manufactured by other companies.
Its stainless-steel-used thermoforming vacuum packaging machine is attractively designed and allows easy cleaning. Using a vacuum pump manufactured by a famous European maker, the packing machine maintains its reliability.
This machine minimized failure time in the system and maximized convenience with Korean and multi-language menu. This prevents corrosion and transformation in electric and machine parts. This is able to pack various products. This is able to maintain the freshness of packaged foods and the regular capability of the forming machine (mold).
This extends the effective period of foods and encourages the customers to purchase. This contributes to preventing transformation and transmutation in packing form.
Vacuum packing products by this product include meat, fish, poultry, agricultural products, salted and pickled foods, various processed vegetables, processed beans, instant products, pharmaceutical products, various apparels and accessories, various teas, food powders, electric & electronic components, various cosmetic containers , medical appliances (syringe), disposable needles, and blood donation packs.
Now, PACKSKO is outperforming other multinational companies, taking first place in domestic market share, and also investing much to publicize the product and find new markets through participating in various specialized exhibitions and export conferences in order to advance into overseas markets. Encouraged by customers’ support, PACKSKO will
advance vigorously until it achieves its goal of becoming the world’s top-ranking company in the market of automatic forming vacuum packing machines.

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Concrete Reinforcement Materials

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryConRepair Co.,Ltd. has produced waterproof & crack repair & reinforcement materials on concrete structures and supplied to the domestic market ever since its founding in 1994.
In addition, starting from export incorporated in overseas construction by domestic large constructers in the early stages, ConRepair is now exporting its products to many countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia.


Grouting Injection Pump

These are component-type high-pressure injection pumps manufactured to fill epoxy resin and polyurethane foam into water leaks or crack areas. It is simple to operate, durable, and designed to replace consumables easily. Because of its compact size, especially, it is commonly used in repairing various concrete structures and reinforcement.

This product is a high pressure one component type automatic injector powered by electric motor. It is easy to carry and use at the site because of its light weight & compact design. Easy cleaning and maintenance are possible. And the exchange of the piston can be easily made.


Injection Packer

This is an essential product to inject polyurethane and epoxy into water leak or crack areas in concrete structures. It is a high-pressure injection packer, with strong durability and excellent backflow preventive function. This product is designed for easy installation and easy finishing work.
The length of this product is extendable by adding 40mm aluminum bodies.

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Various Kinds of Hydraulic Breakers

https://korean-machinery.com///inquirySince its establishment in 2004, Ace Hammer Co., Ltd. developed its brand in the local market, and soon its products were mostly welcomed by overseas customers. Despite its humble beginnings, when the company started to export its goods on an OEM basis, its reputation has slowly spread in the global market. Currently, Ace Hammer has enjoyable relationships with its valuable customers based on trust.
The company shares its interests with its customers, and it is ready to expand its business with new clients overseas. Its vision is based on global performance in trust. And its strategies include optimized business structure, maximized competitiveness and reliable production system.


ACE Hydraulic Breaker

Ace Hammer manufactures various kinds of hydraulic breakers – top type,box(silenced) type, side type, backhoes loader type, and skid steer loaders type. The company also provides standard accessories for hydraulic breakers and other attachments, such as crushers, shear beam cutters, quick coupler pullings / pushing types, demolition grapples, compactors, shear straight cutters, etc. These products are characterized by their great strength such as superior power & efficiency, reliability, extended durability and simple application & easy maintenance.
As for superior power and efficiency, extended piston stroke power and positive alignment are some of the features along with maximized energy transfer to chisel efficiently. They come with long-life guarantees as the products are made with protected threads and multi-phase heat treatment. They are tested before shipment. Excavators are protected with excellent power to weight ratio, reduced vibration, unique suspension and minimized oil flow interruption.
They are manufactured with high-quality alloy steel for extended durability. Also, they come with precision welding breaker holder and wide diameter tool with dust- protection lip shields debris. Simple valve design is for simple application and easy maintenance. Tool bushing is engineered for quick & easy replacement.

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ERV, HRV and Low Profile Duct System

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryJungSang E&T is specialized in ERV, HRV and lowprofile duct system for air movement components of HVAC, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system. Its products will appeal to many customers who need high air- quality of HVAC system.



JungSang E&T acquired its first CE certification related to Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) in Korea since the act on obligatory ERV installation in 2006. As we spend most of our time indoors, it is very important to have good indoor air quality with the ERV system. The stale air flows through a duct and transfers its heat to the plates above and below. Unused fresh air streams in through separate ducts on the other side of the plates. It takes up the heat and is available as warm supply air.
Saving energy by using energy recovery is not only cost- effective and environmentally friendly, but also healthy fresh air is provided constantly without having to keep opening windows. Stale air with humidity, toxins and odors are extracted from the kitchen, bathroom and toilets via design valves to the heat exchanger in the ventilation unit.
The company’s air-to-air heat exchangers, made of corrosion resistant aluminum, are installed within the air- handling units and ventilators to recover heat energy. Its airtight structure prevents cross-contamination of air, making it ideal for providing clean and safe HVAC in buildings such as medical facilities, laboratories, clean rooms and swimming pools.
All models are made in Korea. The plate heat exchanger consists of an exchanger housing and recovery cube that is made of aluminum foil fins for heat transfer, corner sections, a bottom and a cover made of galvanized painted or stainless steel.
In addition, the company carries various product sizes for low-profile duct and gets credit for its high quality. They maximize fan performance while available in three sizes to suit a large quantity of air with low resistance at a low noise level.

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Rubber Dam & Pocket Dam

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryYooil Engineering. Co., Ltd., a company that creates eco- friendly hydraulic space, introduced rubber dam technology for the first time in the country, utilized such technology in river purification, irrigation, preventing river desiccation, preventing backflow, reservoir spillway, creating recreational waterfronts, flood management, and small & micro-hydro power plants. The company does its utmost to secure water resources and to realize new paradigms in hydraulic space.
Yooil Engineering possesses technical abilities for pocket dams, tuff booms, and ANP gates that can provide fundamental measures to prepare against climate change, flood and drought damage as well as to protect river environments.
The company contributes to the world’s water resources by achieving the biggest performance among domestic movable weir companies and exporting rubber dams for the first time in the country.


Rubber Dams

Rubber dams can be used in various applications including small & micro-hydro power plants as well as river purification, irrigation, preventing river desiccation, preventing backflow, reservoir spillway, creating recreational waterfronts, and flood management, and contributing to create safe and clean rivers.
Based on skills and experiences accumulated over the past 20 years, Yooil Engineering has completed more than 250 projects in and out of the country, and has shown the biggest construction performance among domestic companies.
Its cutting-edge water level detection system in the rubber dam controls water levels, measuring upper stream water levels in real time and raising or lodging automatically if the water level differs from the usual operational level.
Rubber dams that provide excellent durability can be operated safely even in extreme terrain or weather conditions. Because the height and length are adjustable unrestrictedly, it creates new hydraulic space in rivers with flawless index and contributes to create safer and cleaner rivers.


Pocket Dams

Pocket dams are the best disaster preventive application that can replace sandbags. They can be installed quickly for fast response in urgent situations caused by localized heavy rain, and they can be utilized in various ways including diverse usage such as a trench wall for irrigation or water resource related construction, preventing diffusion of pollutants, and temporary pools for recreation.
It can be installed or uninstalled only with a few people in flowing water without special tools and can be used as a temporary but stable dam in any terrain. As this product is made of strong PVC coating polyester manufactured by domestic technology, it can be reused almost indefinitely for long periods.


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Used Buses and Used Bus Parts

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryUBE Motors Co., Ltd. is an export company specialized in exporting used buses and used bus parts. As the No.1 supplier of used buses since 2015, it has been working with numerous buyers from 16 countries around the world.
UBE Motors leads exports in the rapidly changing market, informing the world of the excellent quality of Korean used buses and used parts, searching for vehicles that buyers want, and making information transparently available to potential buyers through photographs and videos.
UBE Motors has faced many challenges and changes in the past. However, it has overcome many challenges with its accumulated know-how, varied experience and many networks in this market. These are the company’s most valuable assets and competitive advantages.
Korea’s used buses have gained huge popularity in Pan- Asia, like the Philippines, Thailand, Mongolia and Myanmar for their high quality and competitive prices. The company is looking forward to exporting to Africa, Central and South America, like Nigeria, Sudan, Chile and Costa Rica.


Hyundai Universe Prime 2007Y Bus

This is a year 2007 model of the Universe Prime manufactured by Hyundai. The overall color, brown & white, provides a luxurious image with good color harmony, compared with existing buses.
It comes with a total of 47 seats including the driver’s seat and the assistant’s seat.
It measures 12,050mm in length, 2,495mm in width and 3,340mm in height.


Hyundai E-county Longbody 2007Y Bus

This is a year 2007 model of the E-county Longbody manufactured by Hyundai. The overall color is ivory. It has a total of 25 seats including the driver’s. There are two doors for this model.
It measures 7,080mm in length, 2,035mm in width and 2,755mm in height.

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Solid Surfaces for Kitchen & Bath

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryEstablished in 2002 as a BMC/SMC material manufacturer, World BMC Co., Ltd. has steadily grown to become a global supplier of solid surface goods and materials.
All of the BMC/SMC materials manufactured by World BMC are UL certified and can be used as raw materials in various applications including building supplies, heavy electrical equipment, BLDC motor casings, and much more.
In 2008, after constant research and development, World BMC successfully developed CMMA, the world’s first and only eco-friendly BMC manufactured without any inclusion of hazardous glass fibers.
With the introduction of CMMA, World BMC has since expanded its business from a raw materials manufacturer to become a solid surface building materials producer as well. Today, World BMC’s products are well received by the construction industry in the Middle East and Southeast Asia as well as the Americas.


CMMA Solid Surface

CMMA (Compound Methyl MethAcrylate) is a brand of World BMC’s proprietary, eco-friendly solid surface. The product line (Acrylic and Polyester Hybrid Solid Surface) includes all molded and ready-made goods, ranging from countertops, to sink bowls, vanity tops and wall and floor panels.
Unlike the slow and labor-intensive conventional solid surface materials where flat sheets of material are formed manually by trained personnel, CMMA is molded into shape by a hydraulic press, thus eliminating the need for manual labor. This product is therefore perfectly suitable for standard-sized mass production.


MMA-100 Solid Surface

MMA (Methyl MethAcrylate)-100 is a 100% acrylic solid surface brand designed and manufactured by World BMC. MMA-100 product line comprises sheet material goods, so it can do custom fabrication. Acrylic solid surfaces’ reliability and usefulness is evident in this product, having the largest share in the solid surface market.
Due to relatively smaller pores on the surface compared with natural stones, acrylic solid surfaces are hygienic and resist bacterial and fungal growth. This is an ideal interior solution for both luxury homes and commercial applications.


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Piping Material, Strainers and Valves

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryLB & PCK Co., Ltd. has been involved in piping material supply for the field of oil&gas, petro chemical, power plant, water treatment and mining industry over two decades.
LB&PCK is specialized in strainer(Casting & Forged), filter, pipe & fitting and valves as well.
LB&PCK consists of well-tained staff and skilled qualified engineer who always consider clients’ satisfaction as their first priority.


Strainers, Filters, Valves, Transformers, Pipes and Flanges

First, LB & PCK has simplex basket strainers, duplex basket strainers and Y-strainers for industrial strainers.
Strainers are used to protect valuable or sensitive equipment in systems that are meant to be shut down temporarily.
They meet the international standards, ANSI and DIN, and are qualified for the use of the product design, meeting EN 10204 3.1 or 3.2 performance. T-strainer for angle flow type is installed at 90 degrees. The cylindrical element housed in the body can be taken out to the horizontal center line by removing the cover.
The filter is an air pollution control device that removes particles out of air or gas released from commercial processes or combustion for electricity generation.

Designed to turn the flow of liquid through pipes on and off, the valve is also helpful in controlling the flow of pressure through pipes. The ball valve is a valve with a spherical disc which controls the flow through it. It usually rotates 90 degrees to open and close.
The transformer is applied to a single-phase, high- efficiency transformer that is used for 22.9kV, 3 phase 4 wire multi-ground distribution system.

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Rebar Bending & Cutting Machine

https://korean-machinery.com///inquirySteady technical development and thorough quality- management from ZIONPRECISION CO. are being performed through self-research and development focusing on product development and provision of rebar processing machinery.
ZIONPRECISION also provides advanced processed rebar products to domestic and overseas construction markets through new product development, and plans to expand the export market for rebar bending machines and cutters to Southeast Asia.
The company expects that this will lead to the development of market channels for heavy equipment parts and solar tracker-slew drive.
For its rebar cutter and rebar bending machine, which are the export items being processed since 2018, the company is expecting the ripple effects of much attention and recuperative powers in the current Indonesian market.


Medium and large-sized Rebar Bending Machine

The company’s medium and large-sized rebar bending machine is used for HD 10-42 rebar and manufactured to be suitable for general and integrated construction.
Its automatic type allows very simple and easy use, not interrupted by electric power, serviceable even with residential 220V. As it can make two types of different angles, the working time can be saved, and the foot switch allows easy and convenient use.


Medium and large-sized Rebar Cutter

For the medium and large-sized rebar cutter, the blade can be used on four sides due to cutting-edge heat treatment and it is very safe with one-touch type, pulling the handle to cut.
Also, the lifespan is long as the inner gear is sealed; noise and abrasion is small as the oil is circulating during rotation; and it is designed not to be overloaded In addition, because it is oil type, adhesion can be solved by pressing the crank even when using after long time storage. The motor is not exposed to rain or snow as it is placed inside the rebar cutter.

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