Automatic Binding Machine

Binding Machine[INQ. NO. 1403M07] In 1983, ShinsTech has started its business as a specialized distributor of banking and office business machinery and it has continuously propelled its strategic business plan of expanding its presence into global markets through manufacturing high-quality products. In order to secure the best competitive power, stable quality and convenient use, it has continuously invested on R&D and as a result of it, it could obtain lots of patents and quality marks from home and abroad especially in the area of compact strapping machines.

Keeping in mind that the basic goal in its business is to produce the highquality products, the company has been placed its most high emphasis on improving the process quality in designing and manufacturing.

Now the maker is producing automatic binding machines and automatic strapping machines as its strategic products for the export market. For automatic binding machines designed to bind multifarious things and 100 pcs bills without any damage, especially paper band and film band are applied in their respective use purposes. The YL-300F automatic binding machine is a patented mechanism for tape feeding and is a heat-sealing system. Through its upgraded process, such notable functions as automatic temperature control, auto/manual operation, etc. are added. Basically, the model uses only 30mm film tape, accepts only one-size tape. No odors are emitted during the binding process, which is also of one of its conspicuous advantages. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods