Automotive Ladder Frame

Automotive Ladder Frame - Daebo IndustryDAEBO Industry has ever since its establishment been focusing its business capacity on contributing to enhancement of the lives of human-being through continuously releasing new automotive items and persistently elevating the quality of the products. This small but strong player in the nation’s automotive car market is considered one of the major manufacturers holding superior manufacturing technology of aluminum highpressure injection and processing. It has been posting approximately more than US $15 mil. sales on a yearly basis since 2008 through supplying its automotive parts, gas equipment, optical and electronic components, etc. to the nation’s top five mid-sized companies.

The Gyeongnam Province-based makers already started shifting its strategic destination in sales into potential foreign markets, with the existing domestic market getting tougher in completion mainly resulted from limited demands.

The automotive ladder frame is current its flagship item featuring employment of high-density and high-pressure in manufacturing process instead of preferring the existing common methods of using a cast iron and casting using gravity.

The product, which can be mass-produced with the high-pressure injection, features an excellent precision size and surface illumination density. Because of its lightweight material, it can considerably help increase the vehicle gas mileage, meaning that it can contribute to cost-saving in the era of high oil prices and to enhancement of product productivity.

With the function of getting rid of CO2, it is expected to play a meaningful role for the company to contribute to the protection of the Earth environment.



• DAEBO Industy Co., Ltd.

446-3, Yegok-ri, Chirwon-myeon, Haman-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
Tel: (82-55)587-8101~5
Fax: (82-55)587-8798

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