System Window

System Window - SONUSYSSonusys’s EVITZ is a window that has applied the rail concealment system and made a ground-breaking improvement to the indispensable performances of windows such as insulation, water-tightness, air-permeability, inside-wind pressure, condensation prevention, etc. as well as to the exterior(design), by using the rail cover to conceal the exposed bottom rail and creating a bottom frame with a clean plane structure.

The strength such as the fine quality of aluminum and durability has remained while maximizing the insulation effect by using the heat blocking insulation bar (polyamide).

The fourfold air-permeability structure of the rail concealing system and TPV gasket, and the appliance of specially developed air-permeability components produces an excellent sealing and effectively blocks the air leakage and noise and creates a quiet and pleasant interior space.

It is the world’s first terraced plane structure system that automatically drains the rainwater in the window frame to the outside, and one can experience the nation’s best water-tightness performance and beautiful design.

It is strongly resistant against htyphoons with fierce winds since a forced breakaway of the rail covered door is structurally impossible. It is safe since it is only removable from the inside and it is the nation’s only sliding product that can be applied to super high-rise apartments.

The window is always clean since the dust, insects, and foreign substances are automatically cleaned when the rainwater is automatically drained to the outside.The remaining sediments take one wiping to be cleaned. It can be used lifelong through a single choice.

System Window-SONUSYS
The maintenance management is very easy since the corresponding part can be replaced when there is a damage of the window frame due to a shock or careless usage. The product can be used semi-permanently and is also economical.

“For our original business aim of becoming a front runner in leading the future culture of windows and doors, we at Sounsys are ceaselessly making our utmost efforts,” the president said in a confident tone.

The company’s comparatively latest HR-System Window once drew keen attention especially among local customers, which featured both beautiful appearance and high performance along with outstanding practicality.




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