Water Quality Monitoring – BL PROCESS

No one can deny the importance of water. It takes over 70% of the earth and is a vital element for all living things including the human race. Even our body needs it to stay healthy, so we drink water every day. However, industry and technology keep moving forward while giving off plenty of pollutants. They destroy the natural environment and even threaten lives. People feel the need to conserve nature and work hard to find various ways to get rid of, especially, water pollution. Water monitoring systems are one of them.

In 2007, BL PROCESS started its business as an exclusive dealer for Germany’s BRAN+LUEBBE. Since then, the company has distributed online monitoring devices to a number of industries and government agencies along with providing monitoring solutions to such as plants and semiconductor makers. And BL PROCESS is preparing to leap as a manufacturer in the future based on years of experiences and technologies. Multiple certificates prove its quality services, and also its track record and reference lists on the website are putting utmost trust into customers. People are anticipating the production of relevant parts and monitoring system from BL PROCESS.

BL PROCESS is ready all year around to offer its best total online monitor solution and maintenance. Main business applications are water quality monitoring, potable water monitoring, water treatment control & effluent water monitoring, and boiler water monitoring. The company offers a wide variety of online analyzers for many specific purposes.

One of them is called “The PowerMon Ionometer”; a versatile online measuring instrument can monitor diverse parameters (e.g. oxygen, pH, redox, conductivity, etc.), and many other sensors can connect to it. The highest possible data transfer and its touch screen interface help users operate and maintain easily.
For more information, you can visit blprocess.co.kr/main/main.html

If you want more information about ‘Water Quality Monitoring’, please contact us.


  1. I’m sure that water polution will be one of the largest problems in the next decades the humanity will be confronted with. It is promising that companies are focussing this topic. Do you know if this business is successfull and expanding?

    • Thank you for the comment. In my opinion….although there are a variety of options that I can consider about this problem, I think this industry is promising and this business is expanding in the next decades.

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