Advanced Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures the vacuum roll-to-roll system for various industries such as window solar film, ITO touch film, LCD, solar battery, etc. Since its foundation in 2006, AT has been successful in providing heat treatment systems and in-line coating systems as well, including mass production machinery for displays, new regeneration energy, and electronic components. In Korea, its vacuum roll-to-roll system is considered to be the best in the industry. Customers can rely on AT quality approved by numerous certificates : ISO9001, Inno-biz Company, Promising Small Business, and so on.

Roll to Roll sputter system for the window solar film | TORI-1600

The system apparatus for depositing the high quality window solar



The system, window film deposition installation, is used to screen the rays of the sun(infrared rays, ultraviolet rays etc) for the building and automotive in use and is in a position to produce a single layer and multilayer with high-functionality.
•Film specifications : 1600mmW x 10,000M x 23um
•Power supply specification : 220 ~480Vac, 3 phase, 50 ~60Hz
•Plasma power supply : DC
•Deposition materials : Al, Ag, Cu, ITO
•Winding speed : 25M/min
•This system is possible to coat single layer and multi layer coating


If you want to know more information, please visit this homepage.- atvac.com

If you want to ask more imformation gobizkorea.com

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