Eco-friendly Parts Washer

ifp2[INQ. NO. 1303M18] ILWOO Tech, a promising new venture in the area of automotive parts washers, has proudly presented a new concept of eco-friendly automotive parts washer, dubbed “KHP-V37”.

It features a non-open type washing method, which prevents the harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC) from moving into the atmosphere, so that it can contribute to not only a significant decrease of air pollution, but also the protection of working employees from various kinds of hazardous substances generated in the process.

The product is equipped with renewable bio-ceramic filters, which utilizes loess and plastic clay that contain large amounts of microorganism eating volatile organic compounds;it thus can effectively block the possible occurrence of air pollutions. Employing new concept of filter, it allows the operator to considerably save on operating costs.

The sealed form of its structure is also a positive aspect in preventing pollutants’ emissions and providing a totally safe working environment.

It can increase the recovery rate of waste solvent solution by 30%, compared to the existing open-type automotive parts washers. Moreover, it boasts outstanding cleaning performance in winter, compared with the conventional open-type auto parts washers, with equipped solvent heater supporting such function.

ILWOO Tech retains patents in bio ceramic filter, VOC flow circuit system and won approvals of technology receiving an award by the Office of Patent Administration.

The maker applied bio filter technology into air purifiers and successfully commercialized it last year. The air purifier designed compact and beautifully is intended to be used in homes, offices, etc.

ILWOO Tech president Kim, Sung-il said ”We even developed a new air purifier “V-Innovation” for semiconductor factories. Currently most of the local industrial fields related to high-tech adopt Japanese-made air purifiers. We have definite price competitiveness over them – Japanese products cost a whopping 200million won to operate one unit of air cleaner(plus cost needed in operating of clean room facility, but our product only costs 50million won due to our advanced VOC(Volatile Organic Compounds) removal mechanism. Now some leading Korean and Japanese companies are positively considering the adoption of our products.”

“Our VOC removal technology can be applied at waste water treatment plants and there are companies asking for exclusive contracts with us,” Kim added.




Kim, Sung-il

• ILWOO Tech Co., Ltd.
Rm. 507, Hanyang Univ. BI B/L, Sa-dong,
Sangrok-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel: (82-31) 400-3754
Fax: (82-31) 400-3755

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