Textile Machine


[INQ. NO. 1305M04] Dong Won Roll’s textile machine being marketed globally under the brand name, “Textile Calendar,” is equipment that helps generate gloss from various materials such as textile, paper, leather, etc. by using heat and pressure.

The manufacturer has perfected precise production narrowing the difference between both ends of ‘Heating Roll’ within ±2 degrees. Designed so as to fully withstand high temperature, it thus ensures strong durability. It is also made to be very resistant against water and humidity through waterproofing.

The company is well-known as the first manufacturer in Korea to develop and commercialize such kinds of textile machine for textile, paper, film, and non-woven fabric. Over the past 41 years of manufacturing experience, Dong Won Roll has been gradually diversified its business portfolios into ultrasonic bonding machines and cutters, functional non-woven fabrics, etc. in a steady cooperation with advanced players in global markets – in order to keep pace with speedily changing trends of its customer enterprises’ needs and further lead the market.



• Dong Won Roll Co., Ltd.
374-12, Samsan-dong, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Korea
Tel: (82-32)516-7973 Fax: (82-32)516-7975
Website: dongwonroll.com

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  1. Shankari says:

    Textile machineries are used specifically for each textile departments. Like wise textile replacement spares and belts are also manufactured for various processes. Such machinery spares are available in India with affordable cost.

  2. salamat says:

    hai how are u . plz send me information ab korean comfort . plz reply me .

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