TRS(TnSRaschel System)


[INQ. NO. 1305M02] TRS manufactured by TNS operates electronically thus giving operators benefits in terms of design management, environment improvement, and space utilization. As it was developed to resolve the quality matter caused by such specific conditions as chain assembly process, chain abrasion, and mechanical limits, it thus ensures maximized operating effect with minimized cost.

The up to 15,000 courses of supported design manufacturing capacity leads to savings of significant amounts of labor and time.

Featuring a 15-inch screen, it supports a function of correcting designs, along with four-language service of English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. The Windows XP-based Operating System and a function of compensating for automatic blackout are other features.

Since 2002, the maker has developed a textile automation program with its own technology and dominated the domestic market. Such moves have been consistently continued to advance into potential export markets. Currently, as many as 1,000 units of the embroidery system are delivered to overseas markets.



• TNS Co., Ltd.
1702, Sangyuck-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea
Tel: (82-53)384–1702
Fax: (82-53) 384-1904

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