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[INQ. NO. 1305M11] A vacuum packaging machines manufacturer Gasung Pak, established in 1992, has been manufacturing a variety of models of nozzle-type vacuum gas filling packaging machines.

Even after having succeeded in localization of its nozzle-type vacuum gas filling packaging machines in 1997, the company has been consistently devoted to making technical progress.

Gasung Pak’s vacuum packaging machines are being used in a wide range of industries such as semiconductors, displays, fine chemicals, bio chemicals, general consumer goods, food and agricultural products.

The company received certifications of ISO9001, ISO 14001 as well as the CE mark. With such technological advancement, it started to export to overseas markets.

In 2004, the company established a branch office in China, and has been expanding markets in the USA, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, theUK, Japan, Taiwan and France. Gasung Pak introduced three new products: two types of vacuum sealers and impulse sealer.The vacuum sealer (Eco-35E) is a pneumatic type with ejector vacuum pump ensuring high performance and durability with highly reasonable prices. It recently applied to digital controllers for easy operation with built-in operational functions of sealing, vacuum and gas flushing and three memories.

The company’s touch screen vacuum sealers(EV-45E & GVD-45E) are manufactured with a newly developed vacuum pressure control system, sealing temperature control system and touch panel with multi languages support (Korean, English, Chinese, etc. ). The temperature-control impulse sealer (ISAT-350-10) is also equipped with a newly developed up-to-date digital controller – in order to ensure stable sealing quality even in long hours of work and to have a high-quality packaging.


201305m_05Since opening its R&D center, Gasung Pak developed a jumbo size plastic sealing machine (3M) in 2006. Also, they succeeded in developing a new type of electric-powered vacuum sealer in 2007. Further, the company has developed a highspeed and accurate temperature-controlling impulse sealer in 2008, and a new type of vacuum sealer in 2009.

The company’s nozzle-type vacuum gas filling packaging machines are an electrical motor driven type, which has no mechanical jamming if the operator’s hand interrupts the operation between the press bar. The products use a digital controller that provides customers more accurate performance and abundant information as well as makes fine-tuning possible.



• Gasung Pak Co., Ltd.
506-12, Yeolmi-ri, Shilchon-eup, Gwangju, Gyunggi-do, Korea
Tel: (82-31)769-5445
Fax: (82-31)761-0660
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