Korea’s First Developer of Electromotive Water Pumps

201305m_10[INQ. NO. 1305M34] Today the release of various kinds of eco-friendly products explains the close relationship that exists between human-beings and the environment. The products that not only basically ensure high-performance, but also further guarantee no infringement of the surrounding environment are increasingly gaining popularity among global consumers, including with regard to automotives and their related components and parts.

The automotive industry also early started keeping pace with such trend releasing variety type of cutting-edge cars and accompanying components. Such trends in the
Korean market are being led mainly by some leading car parts enterprises.

Changwon-based GMB Korea is one of those that seek producing essential components for various kinds of ecooriented cars and export them to foreign markets – with
their own technologies. Based upon the accumulated technology over the past 10 years, GMB Korea is covering manufacturing of parts for a variety of eco-friendly cars including hybrid cars, electric cars, and hydrogen cars.

In 2010, GMB Korea has succeeded in commercializing electromotive water pumps for hybrid cars and electric cars. The electromotive water pump aims at cooling the
part items for hybrid cars and electric cars, heated by battery or electric current.

“We now command over 70% of Korea’s electromotive water pump market thanks to our long-accumulated and aggressively invested technologies. Surprisingly, we
currently maintain the position of the world’s No. 3 maker of the product in the worldwide,”said, Byun Jong-moon, president of the company.


When asked about the technological difference between the two water pumps, he explained: “While mechanical water pump which automatically operated by the engine’s driving force, the electromotive water pump works with the help of electricity and so it needs various advanced technologies including technology of semiconductor circuit and software technology for controlling the operation of impeller through sensing the temperature change, plus durability basically. For real-time checking of the temperature in each areas of vehicle, the communications technology is also vital. Large amount of already-made aggressive investment will ensure the technological leadership in not only domestic market, but also the foreign market.”

Further investment of more than US$10 million will be made in R&D for the motor section this year in anticipation of high-performance motors becoming an essential component of vehicles using electricity. Recently, the pioneering company developed electromotive water pumps applicable to hydrogen cars.

Established in 1979, GMB Korea has since specialized in manufacturing components regarding engines and gearboxes. Current flagship products include mechanical water pumps for gasoline&diesel cars, spool pumps that control oil flows for automatic transmission, handle joints that allow handles to be operated. GMB Korea dominates 40% of the domestic market for water pumps, and 70% of spool valves. The annual output of spool valve amounts to 25,000,000units, which is equivalent to 6million units of vehicles operated with 6-level gear.

“We currently maintain the status of the world’s no. 1 manufacturer of spool valves in terms of production volume, based on our long-accumulated technology. GMB Korea now operates overseas production factories in China and Thailand and maintains sales branches in the United States. Increasing the export destination from the current 25 nations to 50 by 2016 is our current target. Sales of up to US$700 million won are expected to be fully accomplished if our export drive maintains the normal pace as scheduled.



• GMB Korea Co., Ltd.
618, Ungnam-ro(Seongsan-dong), Seongsan-gu, Changwon,
Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
Tel: (82-55)263-2131
Fax: (82-55)261-1926
Website: gmb.co.kr

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