Back-up Alarm

Back-up Alarm[INQ. NO. 1311C06]Komex Electronics Corporation (, headed by Mr. Lee Youl-gi, won the 52nd Trader of the Month in recognition of making the recent export achievements in the global market.

Komex Electronics Corporation specializes in manufacturing and exporting various types of back-up alarms, GYRO sensors, engine shut-down controllers and rotary position angle sensors for excavators and forklifts.

Highly recognized by its clients, the company’s flagship export product, back-up alarm works as a safeguard that prevent safety-accidents at an industrial site by beeping when a heavy vehicle is reversing. After Komex succeeded in developing back-up alarms and sensors with its own technology, the company provides them to Korea’s leading heavy equipment makers, including Doosan Infracore, which has led the Chinese excavator market for a seventh consecutive year. With the up-to-date technology and perfect quality, Komex has made a significant contribution to the growth of the excavator and forklift business of Korea.

Komexwon the $5 million Export Tower Award in 2008, and it further strives to ensure superior quality of by complying with quality and safety standards such as ISO9001, 14001 and CE. The company also succeeded in developing a made-in-Korea engine shut-down controller, which was previously imported to satisfy the domestic demand. In 2011, the company supplied all of its engine shut-down controllers to excavator and forklift makers in Korea with the substitution import effect worth 5 billion won a year.

In line with its good reputation in the market, the company’s main clients include global heavy equipment makers, including Doosan Infracore, Hyundai Heavy Industries and Volvo Trucks Korea. In a bid to find new buyers, the company has regularly kept participating in international fairs held at home and abroad.

Main Products
EPOS (Electronic Power Optimizing System): Engine & hydraulic control according to load change, protection against overload, out-of-order signal display, engine output optimization
Engine control motor: GYRO sensor helps for navigation and guidance of equipment.
GYRO SENSOR: Ensures safety by ringing alarm when the equipment inclines at more than given degrees. It is mainly
Lee Youl-gi

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