SCV (Submerged Combustion Vaporizer) & Fuel Gas Supply System

WONIL T&I Co., Ltd.[INQ. NO. 1311C10] Since established in June 1990, Wonil T&I Co., Ltd. ( has been engaged in producing and supplying various types of equipment for LNG receiving terminal and combined-cycle power plant. The company has been expanding its market to nuclear power, petrochemical, power generation, and marine & shipbuilding business areas.

Wonil T&I succeeded in localization of FGSS (Fuel gas Supply System) which is the essential part for combined-cycle power plant with its own technology. Currently, Wonil T&I is the only manufacturer in Korea and as a result of continually developing domestic and overseas markets, the company has been acknowledged as a reliable supplier by global leading engineering companies in the Middle East, USA, Germany, and Japan. In 2012, Wonil T&I signed $13 million contract for Fuel Gas Supply System with Calik Enerji, a Turkish company, too.

In addition, Wonil T&I also successfully localized in manufacturing high pressure equipment such as gas heaters, filters, debris filters, pig launchers & receivers for thermal plant, nuclear plant, petrochemical plant, LNG receiving terminal plant through continuous research and development. With competitive price and quality products, the company has been attained a high reputation in various fields of industries.

In particular, one of the main items for LNG receiving terminal is SCV (Submerged Combustion Vaporizer) whose technology has been transferred from Japanese Sumitomo Group and successfully localized in manufacturing in Korea and has been supplied to overseas markets including China, India, and the United States. They are expecting to export to the South America including Chile and Panama next year.

By intensively marketing in both domestic and overseas markets, the company’s turnover has recently been on a constant rise, recording 66 billion won in 2012 and 35.3 billion won in 2011. This year the figure is expected to surpass 80 billion won, the company’s highest ever.

Also, the company is expecting to win Export Award recording US$50 million this year. The company is targeting $100 million in sales in 2015. Constant R&D investment, drive to excellence, and powerful commitment to technology development is the driving force to make Wonil T&I stand out in the industry.
Lee Jung-been

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