Hydraulic Fittings

Hydraulic Fittings
https://korean-machinery.com///inquirySamwon Tech is a technology leader in the design and manufacture of hydraulic fittings in Korea. Research and development is its number one priority to set the standard in the manufacture of hydraulic fittings and hydraulic components. Also it is a global manufacturing and design company with state of the art facilities located throughout the world.

Currently, the company has strategically positioned itself to handle all its customers’ global requirements through its ISO-9000, ISO-14000 and TS16949 certification. It exceeds all global quality and environmental standards to bring the finest quality products to its customers. Hydraulic fitting is the part to connect pipe, hose, or internal combustion engine in hydraulic machines, devices, etc. It is combined with ends of the pipelines or hoses to flow hydraulic fluid.

Samwon Tech mainly has produced hydraulic fittings for high pressure which is used in heavy construction equipment (ex. excavators, backhoe, loaders, cranes), industrial vehicles (ex. forklift truck, dump trucks), military equipment (ex. armored vehicles, tanks), agricultural machinery, etc. Hydraulic fittings can be classified according to its shape or raw material. There are Straight type, Elbow type, Tee type (T-shaped), Cross type (cross-shaped), etc. by shape and the material of carbon steel or stainless steel fittings, brass fittings, etc.

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