Industrial Reducers

Industrial Reducers Machinery specializing in reducer has developed reducers and precision gears that are used for steel manufacture, shipping, cargo working, shipbuilding, construction, generation of electric power, plant and heavy machinery for the last 30 years.

In addition, Woorim Machinery has outstanding technological strength in Gear Box and Pitch/Yaw Drie for wind power generation, mill reducer for steel manufacturing plant, engine gear and pressgear based on excellent know-how in design, development and productionof reducers and precision gears.

For industrial reducer, Woorim has concentrated on developing high performance and functional reducer coping with miniaturization trend – for steel manufacture, industrial equipment,cargo transporter, tower crane and excavator.

Woorim’s ability in technological design has led to series of continuously upgraded reducer models. This maker has comparative advantages over its competitors in such points as automated processing equipment, specialized assembly line and reliability verification equipment. And as the huge growth in the field of eco-friendly energy is expected in the foreseeable future, the maker is concentrating on the key ability to developwind power generation parts.

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