Fan Filter Units

Fan Filter Units its foundation in 1989, Wonbang Tech has achieved constant growth and development in the mechanical facility industry with its top-notch technology and outstanding quality. The company has strived to make every effort to provide customer satisfaction and better service for its customers based on the philosophy of “Be recognized by our customer as the best supplier.” As a result of these efforts, Wonbang has accomplished many projects successfully such as, “STMicroelectronics & STATS ChipPAC Singapore,” “Samsung Semiconductor, LCD & SDI,” “Hynix Semiconductor,” “LG Display & SILTRON,” “OCI,” “SK E&C,” “SK Innovation,” “Intel Vietnam,” etc. The company’s vision is to be a ‘Global Company’ in the mechanical facility engineering industry field.

In the semiconductor, LCD and biotech industries, the manufacturing factories require clean rooms. Clean rooms remove pollutants such as fine dust particles produced during the manufacturing process inside. The polluted air circulates via fans. The circulation process can remove most of the pollution mixed in the air.

Compared to other clean room systems, the company’s F.F.U. Clean Room system is more convenient for airflow distribution and alteration control. In later stages, more pressure is formed in the Fab section to prevent pollutants from flowing inside. Accordingly, most large-scale semiconductors, LCD, and PDP factories completed after 2000 use the F.F.U. Clean Room system.

The F.F.U. system is composed of an aluminum case, motor-fan, filter and controller. The standard normalized sizes are 1200mm x 600mm and 1200mm x 1200mm. Nonstandard sizes are also available upon request. The case is mainly made out of aluminum. Rolled plate and anodized aluminum cases are also available upon request. The filter varies with the cleanliness class of the clean room.The F.F.U. motor is one of the most important parts to keep the blades rotating for airflow. There are two different types: AC and BLDC. The BLDC motor is a brushless DC motor that eliminates the mechanical contact between sites, such as the brush and commutator.

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