Alternator Regulators

Alternator Regulators a specialized firm of automotive electronic products, Genon was established after being spun-off from Daewoo Group with the technological experience for a number of years on electronic components and human/physical networks as well. This creative company manufactures alternator regulators &rectifiers for automotives. Current hot export destinations include the U.S.A, Japan, Russia, Egypt, Australia, Venezuela, etc. This company has highly experienced engineers mostly with 20 years’ experience in the automotive manufacturing sector. And the majority of its engineers have once worked for Daewoo.

This company can provide various kinds of alternators, start motors, other auto parts especially for Korean-made cars. It has a whopping 250 kinds of alternator regulators. The alternator regulator regulates the output voltage of generators for constant proper level of automotive battery voltage and sends a warning to drivers in a time when the abnormality is occurred in the generator. Most of its products are for Korean cars, but some are also manufactured for Japanese and European cars.

The alternator rectifier changes the AC voltage generated in the automotive generator into the DC voltage to operate cars (Vehicle needs a rectifying process because the alternator makes alternating power). This product is applied at automotive generator for passenger and commercial vehicles. Now for Korean cars, 100types of alternator rectifiers are manufactured.

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