Aluminum Brazing Machine

Aluminum Brazing Machine as one of world’s leading companies for brazingand soldering technology and automated systems, SK Brazing is now selling brazing machines and manual brazing equipment to over 40 countries. This
company offers a complete range of brazing and soldering services including materials, automation and technical expertise. SK Brazing has designed automation solutions for most industrial applications – from simple shuttle machines to complex, fully automated systems incorporating robotics, material handling, etc.

SK Brazing has designed a very special aluminum coil brazing machine that makes it possible to avoid the orange peel crack phenomenon and erosion issues commonly found on brazing of aluminumU-bends coils. This company’s technology sets a new standard in aluminum brazing technology. SK Brazing has built several types of gas flame brazing/soldering machines for brazing of aluminum U-bends for heat exchangers, like including a slat conveyor type and a pallet free flow conveyor type. These machines have three-stage flame control functions and memory control of flames trength, conveyor speed, burner height, burner width & degree, as options.

Also, this company can incorporate a barcode-reading capability upon the customer’s request. And this maker also offers an aluminum coil for manufacture header brazing machines, manual brazing equipment like the Torch Man (a hand-held intelligent personal digital torch kit), manual induction brazing equipment and much more. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods


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