Polyolefin Elastomer “Lucene”

Polyolefin Elastomer “Lucene”
https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryPolyolefin Elastomer is ethylene alphaolefin copolymer produced by LG Chem using unique metallocene polymerization catalyst and solution. It is well-known as an impact modifier for plastics with outstanding performances for compounded products. LG Chem’s Lucene has an excellent mechanical strength, balance between toughness&stiffness, outstanding curing for foaming. And such features as lower crystallinity, impact-resistant at low temperature, and lower-cost solution are adding strong arms for this solution to raise its global presence significantly. Now the Middle East, Africa, Europe, CIS, Asia, China are major business partners of this solution.

In the petrochemical business, LG Chem’s advantage in the cost-competitiveness enables itself to enlarge total revenue of the premium products. LG Chem has increased the profitability through expanding the key businesses such as Solution Styrene Butadiene Rubber(SSBR), Super Absorption Polymer(SAP), Metallocene PE. Furthermore, it has launched the Kazakhstan project, fully utilizing the highly cost-competitive ethane gas, to strengthen its global presence.

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