Eutectic Cold Top

truc[INQ. NO. 1401M16] Launched in 1991, Jinsung Refrigerator has since then been professionally engaged in manufacturing refrigeration equipment and eutectic cold tops.

The company’s eutectic cold top is suitable for use in hot climates, where eutectic cold top vehicles for freezing storage can reduce fuel costs, environmental pollution and operational noise. With it, users do not need to operate a refrigerator attached to the car engine. When operating the refrigerator with AC power (220- 380V), the PCM (Phase Change Material) plate inside the cold top is slowly cooled down by -37°C, thus being charged with chill. While the vehicle is running, the stored chill is slowly emitted, thus stably keeping the interior temperature at an average -30~-20°C.

It is strongly recommendable for users wishing to transport frozen food, ice cream, seafood, etc. in hot climates. Thus, the refrigerator is operated regardless of the car engine’s operation. Given that high oil prices are increasingly becoming a major obstacle to normally operating businesses, the product is gaining a very good reputation among these industries.

The company is further seeking to broaden the existing giant global markets especially in the Americas and Europe. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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