Car Infortainment

[INQ. NO. 1407M21] Infortainment is a newest telescope word for the information equipment such as navigation and the entertainment equipment like car audio. Recently, DS International successfully developed the car infortainment with the best performance and affordable price applying the newest technology. It can play the Full-HD(1080p) such as MKV file, accommodates the Hi-Fi audio format such as FLAC, APE, and WAV file, and supports the Slide Touch Interface supported in various models of smart phones for the recent user’s needs.

800MHz Core CPU and Window CE 6.0 OS are basically employed. The service area supported by the system are: GPS(real 3D Map), Digital TV(dual DMB and TPEG), Digital touch screen(800 x 480), PIP, Bluetooth(A2DP, Hand Free), DVD, USB, SD, RADIO, AUX, Rear Camera, Steering wheel remote control, Wallpaper, Calendar, etc.

1407M21 Furthermore, the product supports the DIS(Driving Information System) together with connecting the OBD. Currently, the company is on track to develop a new additional technology that supports the Smart Mirror System together with connecting the smart phone.

Established in 2002 for the development and manufacture of automobile electronics equipment, DS International has contributed to supplying its highest-class flagship items with superior quality and competitive prices to local buyers, achieving its business goal of becoming one of leading local companies in the nation’s car audio market

Now, the company is aggressively knocking the global market with its state-of-the-art car audio and infortainment. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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