Stone-coated steel roof tile

Established in 1978, Roser has initiated development of steel roof in Korea and now it commands 80% of domestic market and is ranked in the second position in the sale of steel roof as of 2013. Based on 36 years of experience in the manufacture of roofing tiles and building exterior materials, Roser has kept releasing new products on a yearly basis while fully satisfying the needs of global markets and continuously increasing the commanding ratio of the global markets.

Stone-coated-steel-roof-tile’s roofing system’s representative brand, “Stone Wood Shake,” as stone-coated steel roofing tile, is now at the center of its paradigm in the production of steel roofs. The globally widespread popularity of the roofing system comes from unbelievable features, which include enhancing the appearance of a customer’s roof with its elegant design and great color range.

The stone wood shake is designed and manufactured to withstand all kinds of most severe weather such as extremely hot and cold weather, strong wind, and heavy rain, and it particularly shows strength in resisting corrosion with nine noticeably applied layers of protection: six on the surface and three on the underside. With only six times lighter weight than existing roofing tiles, stone wood shake does not add further dangerous weight to the house at all. Workers can easily handle it, as it is nearly free from the danger of being broken by mistake by workers. Moreover, the roofing tiles are a symphony in various colors making buildings more elegant and luxurious.

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