Low temperature plasma sterilizer

Ever since 2007, Renosem has provided its state-of-theart product, “Low temperature plasma sterilizer” as a local market leader by utilizing its own developed sterilization process technology.

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry With years of intensive experience in developing and producing a full range of plasma sterilizers, Renosem has served its customers in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and laboratory sectors. It focuses on offering innovative solutions for the CSSD. This sterilizer is designed with a special emphasis on user-friendly design, and competitive quality.

By using it, operators can conveniently and easily sterilize highly sophisticated, heat-sensitive surgical instruments. In its manufacturing process, such major competitive points as state-of-the-art plasma technology, user-friendly and efficient design, wide-touch screen with cycle information & parameters, and spacious rectangular shape chamber are prioritized.

Low-temperature-plasma-sterilizer Such impressive features ensure enhanced productivity, competitiveness and client’s optimum safety and economicality satisfaction. Renosem is gaining keen attention from clients in 35 nations including Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Denmark, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Russia, and Poland.

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