High-speed auto door

[Serial No. 2014-B-039] Operating four overseas branches and two factories, KAD develops and manufactures high-speed auto door on the basic of its independently developed automatic control technology and accumulated know-how in various fields.

High-speed-auto-doorhttps://korean-machinery.com///inquiry The so-called KAD high-speed auto door is designed for fast opening and closing, allowing people or equipment to move quickly through. It helps to maintain a clean environment by blocking dust, insects and so forth from outside. Major models of KAD series are basic, self-repairing, slim, and high speed type. Basic type increases the effect of protection against wind using a wind-bar. Besides, it draws attention as a desirable product for sanitation by blocking dust completely using mounting brushes.

Self-restoring type, designed to minimize the damages and repair cost from outside impact. In the event of breakage or derailment caused by a vehicle, the door fixes the problem automatically by rising up and down. It offers outstanding performance with proven reliability, widespread availability, excellent service, and a minimum of maintenance costs. While commanding the largest market share in Korea, KAD is gradually elevating its export volume, mainly to Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand.

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